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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  April 18, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. let's begin with the breaking news. the manhunt for the facebook killer is over. police say steve stephens killed himself in erie, pennsylvania, after a tip. the police officers found him in this local restaurant parking lot and then there was a police chase. stephens was found in the original area that his cell phone was picked up by a cell tower.
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but for nearly 48 hours, authorities scrambled to find him after he randomly killed robert godwin, this grandfather of 14, who was on his way home on easter sunday from a meal with his family. stephens then posted this video to his facebook page. moments ago, godwin's daughter told cnn over the phone she wishes the search of course ended differently saying, quote, all i can say is that i wish he had gone down in a hail of 100 bullets. with me now, deborah feyerick, special cnn correspondent. deborah, beginning with you, so he's dead. but for 48 hours, police had no clue where he was. what do they do now as far as retracing? >> that's interesting because even as early as this morning, they had no indication as to where he might be. 400 tips came in all across the country. initially there were 911 calls in philadelphia, sightings in
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texas. they didn't know early this morning. around 11:00, they got a tip that they were waiting for from erie, pennsylvania, that a white ford fusion was found in the parking lot of a local mcdonalds. pennsylvania state police responded and stephens apparently fled, a short pursuit, a chase, and that's when the car was stopped effectively and he shot himself. it appears he did not open fire on other police officers who were there. once he was pulled over and discovered, he shot himself. and one of the big questions, brooke, is where was he during the course of 48 hours. we're getting word that he may have been in a casino. now, in the original facebook page that he had broadcast, basically, he had said that he lost everything. he was out of options. he had lost his money and that he had been gambling. so whether that was a clue, authorities were in that area and searching hotels but he may have very easily turned off his
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cell phones and simply looked for a place to lay low, lay quiet. what we know now is that investigators are in that area and looking inside the vehicle and trying to determine his exact wherebabouts. he said that he killed people before mr. godwin and also that there may have been a larger spree after that. it does not yet appear that that's the case but police and investigators want to rule everything out. they are going to go back and retrace his steps and see if he was in communication with anyone in the erie, pennsylvania area. >> that's the investigation piece of it. then there's the whole facebook piece of it. facebook has been in a bit of trouble after the video remained on facebook for about two hours after this gruesome shooting. the ceo, mark zuckerberg, held a meeting and responded to this just moments ago. >> our hearts go out to the family and friends of robert
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godwin sr. and we will do all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening. >> my question to you, mary ann, from a legal perspective for facebook, what do they need to own with this? >> facebook has a lot to answer for here because this isn't the first time, by any means, we've seen a violent act perpetrated on facebook or using facebook. for facebook to continually say we're going to work on it, we can do better, is really not an adequate response. they have to think hard about the products that they are making available to all of these people and think really, really hard about the negative consequences that are clearly going to be a product of those particular platforms before they roll them out to the public. >> i read a piece in "the washington post" where you were quoted and you talked about the whole facebook live feature. there's a possibility of showing thousands and millions of people that you're doing it.
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when it comes to facebook live, i don't think it's a solvable problem. why? >> the entire part of facebook live is when someone wants to post something, they can do so. no matter what it happens to be, whether it's a gang rape or suicide or homicide, there won't be any way to keep it from people's views. the best way is to flag it and maybe bring it down within a certain period of time but we all know that by that moment this could have gone viral and could have been on a hundred different sites at that point. if we want to make sure people don't turn their cruelty into something like performance art, it's going to be a problem to wrestle with long before there was a launch and rollout and any of the other issues. it should have been dealt with long before the product was introduced. >> we will be hearing more from zuckerberg. deb feyerick, thank you.
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in meantime, we are moments away to see president trump arriving in wisconsin. one of the so-called plu wablue states that crumbled on election night in mr. trump's favor. he will be there visiting the headquarters of a tool manufacturing company. we're also told he'll sign an executive order making it more difficult for guest workers to get visas for jobs. but his credibility is taking a massive hit. let me show you some numbers. this shows the president's poll numbers dipping 17 points when it comes to whether people think he will keep his promises. first, let's go to kenosha, w h wisconsin, and jeff zeleny.
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>> reporter: brooke, the president will be coming here in the next hour and this is his first visit to wisconsin since taking office back in january and they are trying to make the point that he is trying to fulfill some of those campaign pledges to hire american and buy american. he will be signing an executive order here. we're at an iconic manufacturing center of a brand that was born in wisconsin and it's a u.s. company. one thing that's clear that he will not be doing is signing legislation. we are in speaker paul ryan's legislative district here south of milwaukee. as the 100-day mark of this presidency approaches next week, the white house knows that it is short on accomplishments. there are more executive orders piling up than pieces of actual legislation. but that said, the president
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will be coming here to sign this executive order making the point that he is still sending his administration this directive to change the number of visas, to limit the number of visas for guest workers coming into the area. this falls short of the things he promised when running for president that he would sign actual laws to do this. but brooke, the white house is definitely aware of that gallup poll and other polls out there. that's one of the reasons he's actually traveling. one of the ways for the president to get up his poll numbers and approval ratings is to leave washington, to travel and make his sales pitch, if you will, across the country. so he's doing that just once this week on his schedule. it's been one of the surprises of the presidency, mr. trump not traveling as much as he said he would. but he'll be here in wisconsin making that executive order to hire american and buy american. again, one of those campaign
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pledges that we heard so much about. brooke? >> jeff zeleny, thank you. and thank you to our affiliate there. and there you can see air force one about to land. let's dig deeper into the gallup numbers that jeff alluded to. you can see some of these numbers. the president is down seven points as a strong leader, down seven points for bringing about needed change. down six points for honest and trustworthy. joining me is carol lee. i don't recognize you without the white house behind you. and a financial expert informer wall street and executives. carol, on these gallup numbers -- and i've got the lift in front of me. clearly his credibility is taking a hit? >> yes, it certainly is.
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and he'll keep his promises people had increasingly don't trust that he will do what he said he was going to do. this is problematic to have these sorts of numbers. it's interesting that he's choosing to leave the white house and get out in the country. we have not seen him do that a lot at all. >> people love him out and about in the crowds. >> and you can get stuck in the white house once you take office. president obama a number of times would get frustrated and his aides try to get him out in the country. we'll see if he does more of this. he hasn't engaged in the country the way people thought he would. >> so he will momentarily. we'll talk about that and what kind of effect that will have on him. let's talk about tax returns. this is a day where people are
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talking about tax returns. you saw this during the show, the white house being asked about this yesterday, will the president ever release his tax returns and the white house deflecting. you hear from chuck schumer, "if he doesn't release his return, it's going to make it much more difficult to get tax reform done." they are tieing it to tax reform even those these are two separate issues. this is really about posturing, isn't it? >> i couldn't agree more. at this point, all it is is posturing. the secretary treshly caasury c and that's why the stock market rose yesterday. when it comes to tax reform, we're not going to get an aggressive tax policy by the end of august. that was an aggressive timeline to start. right now, if anything, the
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jockeying is, because as you mentioned earlier, everything has been about the executive order. folks are talking about what we call a candy option, which is did we spur some kind of stimulus, maybe tax cuts, not tax reform since we haven't had tax reform since 1988 and really for the first time in quite some time there's talk that maybe the border adjustment tax is off the table. that brought in a trillion in revenue and maybe they are willing to face a rise in deficits if they can spare economic growth. we're seeing a lot of jockeying. everyone is in a rush to get taxes and health care done. we need to have pragmatic discussions before we know what that looks like.
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>> the last person to get the president to release his tax returns is a bunch of democrats screaming about it. am i wrong? >> i don't think that's going to work out. let me move on to the discussion with president erdogan. there's been a far-reaching and almost democracy squeezing referendum over the weekend. we remember the coup that happened last summer and this is a way for erdogan to say you can't do this to me, give me stronger powers and other world leaders said we need to be cautious. you have the president of the united states calling up erdogan and congratulating him for this. >> even the republicans on capitol hill are raising questions about this saying we need to look at this closely. dedon't know exactly what it
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means. but they have decided that they will deal with erdogan in a different way meaning that they were going to accept certain things, that he wasn't moving towards democracy and there was a crackdown and increasingly willing to accept that because he's such a key ally. >> in syria? >> and iraq. and you can see this administration moving in that same direction but embracing him is not going well with folks at the state department. >> carol lee, thank you. >> thank you. >> alexis glick, thank you very much. coming up, you say brianna, i say brianna. hillary clinton's closest aide apparently mixed up her first big interview on the campaign trail. we'll talk to both of these ladies about the revelations from this new book. also ahead, what could be the first real verdict of the trump presidency? why the president is stepping up insults on a young democrat in
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welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. a tell-all on the 2016 presidential election. this new book "shattered: inside hillary clinton's doomed campaign" from jonathan allen and amy parnez reveals a campaign manager going rogue and internal leaks and an apology to president obama on the night of her loss. but there is a mix-up involving our very own brianna keilar. she was offered the first national television interview. this was in the midst of the private server scandal. there was a mix-up involving yahoo news and biana and brianna keilar. i'm lucky enough to have these two gals with me, brianna and bianna.
11:20 am
i know you giggle but it's also serious stuff. how did this -- i was in your apartment when you got the call that you got the interview. >> that's right. first off, is it bianna or brianna. which don't get confused with people that often but we do get confused with each other. >> it's just a letter. the letter "r". >> but it rhymes. >> it's an occupational hazard. >> so the book talks about how hillary clinton had expressed an interest in her interviewer being bianna and as that transmitted to the press team, it was lost in translation and ended up being brianna. as i understand it, though, because i checked with a top former aide on the clinton campaign, what happened was there was a press strategy laid out by the press team and aside from it being cnn and me, it was the idea that people who were the beat reporters on the trail kind of day in and day out as
11:21 am
hillary clinton had not given an interview for some time and was looking for a way to get into that, she was going to interview with each other beat reporters starting with brianna. this was sent to approval for hu huma abedin. >> because you have a connection? >> i'm not brianna. i had no idea this was going on. >> i found out when i was reading the book because i'm interviewing the author. i just saw you on friday on your show and i had no idea this was taking place. it's the story of my life. it happens all the time that my name gets butchered. >> you would have, could have had the interview. but if i may, watching your interview -- >> it was a fantastic interview. >> it would have been a fantastic interview if bianna
11:22 am
had done it. you've interviewed a lot of people around hillary clinton so it would be a logical choice. >> it's indicative to the bigger problem that her entire campaign was plagued with. if this had been the biggest issue her campaign had, they wouldn't be sweating it today. there's a lot of internal disconnect. who felt they could be upfront with her about certain issues and in a normal campaign especially of this size and magnitude, i don't think something like this would have happened. >> let me ask you one other nugget about the speech. this is on election night. the book details how president obama talked to her twice that evening to get her to concede. this is while she pushed back against aides who had advised her to inject bitter politics into her concession speech. "other people will criticize him. that's their job. i had done it. i had lost. that was my last race."
11:23 am
so does this explain some of the confusion on that last evening going into the concession speech? we didn't see her until the next mo morning. >> we had expected to see her. john podesta came out and said she would not be coming out and we'd be handling it in the morning. you can clearly understand the emotional wreck that she was back at the hotel where she was staying and watched all of this continue to unfold but this entire campaign reflected in this book at least details how it's always been a game of catch-up, how she would learn from her mistakes back in 2008 and constantly felt herself having to play the role of defense in this campaign as opposed to being ahead of her opponents, both bernie sanders and then obviously donald trump. >> and we understood her to be -- you can imagine the shock. even just covering it. we were completely shocked by an outcome that was unexpected by practically everyone, including donald trump. the crux of the book really gets
11:24 am
to whose fault is it for why she lost. all of the folks supporting her, and even some who weren't, were turned around by her loss. and the authors really seemed to come to the conclusion that despite a lot of finger pointing which happens in a situation like this, that original sin even before her campaign started with the way she set up her e-mail server, the months of struggling to explain that. and even now you'll talk to them and they say they don't think that compares, especially in light of the questions about russian involvement. she really struggled and we saw that in the interview, the brianna/bianna interview. >> it also shows the frustration that she had about not connecting with voters and she's constantly asking her aides, why am i not getting through to the
11:25 am
obama coalition? is it social issues? is it guns is it the water issue in flint? a lot of the focus should have been on economy and trade. >> does she own it or is it deflected? >> i've seen more now in recent interviews where she obviously has owned it the day after when she gave her concession speech as well but you really for the first time get to see internal details and the discussions being held throughout this campaign and i think even now they are probably still have reflections about it. >> bianna, brianna, thank you so much. i appreciate it. and he is young, he has celebrity support and he's become a target of president trump's. voters are deciding the fate of a young democrat. also ahead, a controversial call. the president congratulating a world leader for ex pending his
11:26 am
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here we go. let's talk georgia. the political spotlight on this southern state. a special election happening today to fill the congressional seat left open by tom price. it's historically gone to the republicans for the past 38 years. but 30-year-old democratic jon ossoff hoping to win that seat. but not if the president can
11:31 am
help it. president trump said, "democrat jon ossoff would be a diss aast in congress". >> if you don't vote tomorrow, ossoff will flood or country with illegal immigrants. >> jon ossoff well aware that president trump is paying close attention to this race. >> well, i appreciate the president's interest in the race, although he's misinformed with respect to my priorities. this race is about local economic issues and values that unite people in the community in georgia before it's about the national political circus. everyone is looking for national implications but all politics is local. >> randy evans is with me from georgia and senior adviser to newt gingrich's presidential campaign. and he represented tom price
11:32 am
during his election in this sixth congressional district. and he can understand how tough it can be to run as a democrat. he lost to tom price in 2012. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> randy, first to you, since you go back with speaker gingrich for years and years and years. you know georgia. this district has been turned blue for nearly four decades. to the republican, you know how we say in the southwest, bless your heart? >> yes, i do. >> are you worried? >> not really. we have 11 republican candidates in the race. this district is a republican district. it will stay republican by the time the special election runoff is over. the only thing that's caused anybody a little bit of heartburn, if you will, is the fact that there is a solid consolidated democratic base and you've got never trumpers there and the combination of the two makes you pay closer attention to the race but at the end of
11:33 am
the day i think he'll end up in the 40s and you'll have a candidate emerge among the republicans and the republicans will then consolidate around their nominee. >> on the heartburn note, jeff, let's talk about this 30-year-old and i mean no offense to him and obviously his undeniable rise, the base is fired up. but could it have been nearly any democrat? you know, he's getting all this money, all of these celebrities are flocking to help him out. isn't this bigger picture? this is the republicans that vote against trump? >> not entirely. i've met all five of the candidates and i like them all and they are all qualified candidates. i think jon is the most qualified. he's got very relevant policy and washington experience. and i think he's energizing the base. it's not just that it's an anti trump vote. if you look at the election we had in november, hillary lost by one point. we stand a very good chance of turning this district blue.
11:34 am
>> randy, whoever ultimately the republican is in this race, would that person want the president's help? >> i think you would want every vote you can get. you couldn't get jon ossoff's vote but you'd want every other vote that you can get and i think you would get the president and i had lunch today with governor diehl. i think you'll see the entire republican establishment come together combined with all of the republican voters to make sure that -- >> randy, really the question is, do you want president trump. we've seen him tweet and heard the robo call. do you want him really, you know, having a voice in this election, speaking up on behalf of the republican? >> absolutely. you heard from jon ossoff at the beginning of your show, brooke. the democrat strategy is to make it a localized, nonnationalized election because on a national agenda on a national scale, democrats lose. donald trump represents the national agenda and we want him
11:35 am
to be out front supporting our nominee. so, yes, i would want donald trump to be actively involved. >> jeff, tell randy why you disagree. >> well, i'm actually hoping that donald trump is involved because any time he opens his mouth, he energizes the democratic base. this isn't a national election. donald trump is wrong on health care, on so many other fronts. yes, this could be a national election and we would be willing to take it that way. but it's also a local election about jobs in the sixth district in georgia. >> jeff, for all of the people who don't live in the sixth district of georgia, the insa incessant phone calls, nothings on the door, tell me what it's like today. >> i haven't gotten a lot of phone calls, though i've made a bunch of them. and the stuff in the mail from john and the republicans, i'm
11:36 am
really hoping that jon takes this tonight because if we have to go two more nights in this election, it's going to get old. >> brooke, every day the mailbox is full. it is republicans who are doing a fphenomenal job and they havea propensity to vote for republican candidates. >> if in the end it doesn't work, from newt gingrich's perspective, what do you think he would say if this seat goes blue? >> i talked to him on the way over. he'd be really disappointed. he's on his way to georgia. he's looking forward to the opportunity to endorse the republican nominee as we head toward the runoff. >> randy evanses, jeff, thank you.
11:37 am
polls close at 7:00 p.m. word from the pentagon that the u.s. will conduct tests in a move involving north korea. details ahead. also, president trump will speak at a plant in wisconsin. we'll take you to it live as soon as it happens.
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we are following breaking news. we've learned that the pentagon is preparing to test its ability to shoot down missiles launched out of north korea after north korea's failed attempt to launch a missile over the weekend. barbara starr is all over this for us. barbara, tell me about these tests. what will they involve? >> brooke, actually, these are very long-planned tests, part of
11:43 am
a program by the pentagon to try and determine that it can shoot down incoming missiles from either north korea or iran. but both of these upcoming tests in may, just next month, are taking place in the pacific. very much an effort to test u.s. missile defenses against the north korean threat. again, long plan but perhaps timely. one of them will take place at sea. a navy ship will test an upgraded missile with a better warhead, with a bigger booster to see if it works and this will be important because it means they can strike a north korean missile from a longer distance away. a second test in may will test the ability to protect the u.s. homeland. there will be a test of something called the ground-based interceptor. they are going to test fire one of them and see if it can hit a
11:44 am
target at a very long-range over the pacific ocean simulating a north korean intercontinental ballistic missile attack. this is a program that's had a number of failures. only about a 50 to 60% success rate. they want to get this program squared away and have it be much more successful to protect the u.s. homeland that it really is right now. timely, nonetheless. >> as you said, this happens end of next month. barbara, thank you at the pentagon. coming up next, serious questions surrounding ivanka trump's dinner with the chinese president after she was awarded three new trademarks for her company on the very same day as that meeting. and minutes from now, we have our eyes on wisconsin at president trump is getting ready to speak there. buy american, hire american. we'll take that for you live, coming up. hey allergy muddlers
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ivanka trump and her
11:49 am
business empire is coming under scrutiny because cnn is learning that her company was awarded lucrative provisional trademarks from china. and as the associated press first reported, they were granted on the very same day that she and the first lady dined with the president of china at mar-a-lago earlier this month. with me now, emily jane fox, cnn contributor and writer for "van f tea fair" and larry noble with campaign legal center, also a former attorney. good to have you on. first, what do we know about that day, conversations at dinner and then the trademark news? >> so, by all accounts, from her own instagram account and reports that we saw, it was a very lovely, friendly day with her father was hosting the president of china. they welcomed the first lady of china there and all sat down for
11:50 am
dinner together and then we learn now that her company was granted three preliminary trademarks. now, she's stepped down from the day-to-day operations from her brand and has put the assets into a trust that's controlled by her brother-in-law and sister-in-law. she's not the one filing for these trademark requests but t optically this is not a way to suggest that there's no conflict of interests there. >> she can say over and over again that she's didvested but it's her brand, right? >> right. it's her brand. she's not divested. she's put it in a trust run by her family and she's going to get the profits and get everything back when this is all over. it does clearly create an appearance of a conflict of interest. these aren't the only trademarks she's gotten from china or other countries. when it's announced that her
11:51 am
company has additional trademarks from china, you have to wonder if there's a connection. it raises suspicions. and if you're in china and have to make a decision, whether you're really going to want to upset the trump family, even though she's technically separated from the company for the time being. so this is all part of what i think of as the trump business. in some ways, they are treating the governor as a subsidiary of the trump businesses. they keep going ahead with what they were going to do before. they are ramping it up. an interesting thing is, her business is doing much better now than it had prior to becoming president. >> really? that's interesting. larry, we keep breezing through this notion of trademarks. but what does that mean in terms of her business? >> she'll have the exclusive right for the i'm he is that are trademarked. she'll be the only one to be able to use the trump name in china. and that's why these trademarks are so important. they are worth a lot of money, especially in countries like
11:52 am
china where there's been trademark problems and they've gone around the world, as all businesses do, and trademark their brand and the trump brand is the brand she's trademarking as the trump name is a president of the united states. but it's worth a tremendous amount of money for them because it protects their interests and their products when they put them for sale. >> and in addition to the china dinner and trademarks there, emily, we had talked once upon a time, very early on, when shinzo abe came by and she met with him and there was a business interest in japan? >> there was a licensing agreement that they were working on at the time. look, this is a business that has its roots all over the world. she has applied for patents and has trademarks pending all over the world in a number of different countries. the issue is not with one
11:53 am
specific country or dinner at mar-a-lago. the issue for her business will keep popping up over and over and over again as she sits in with all of these leaders coming to visit her father at the white house. >> emily jane fox, thank you very much. good to see you. and larry noble, thank you very much as well. >> thank you. >> on all things ivanka trump. speaking of her dad, though, moments from now we'll see president trump there in kenosha, wisconsin, signing this executive order. we'll take it live as new poll numbers suggest his credibility is taking a hit perhaps. will he rally this crowd in kenosha? we'll listen in. we'll be right back. at's why yo. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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and we continue on. i'm brooke baldwin.
11:58 am
you're watching cnn and live pictures out of kenosha, wisconsin. big american flag there. we're waiting to see the president of the united states touting his buy american, hire american policies. we'll take you there in one second. first, i want to pass along a new development today in the nationwide manhunt for the murder suspect who posted his killing on facebook. it is now over. police say steve stephens killed himself in erie, pennsylvania, as they closed in on him. stephens was found in the same area where authorities had initially said his phone was picked up by a cell tower. cleveland's police chief has more on how the search ended about two hours from where the murder took place. >> at approximately a little after 11:00 today, pennsylvania police officers received a tip that the vehicle that we were looking for, the white ford fusion, was in a mcdonald's
11:59 am
parking lot near erie, p.a. those officers responded. the vehicle fled from that area. there was a short pursuit in which the vehicle was stopped. as the officers approached that vehicle, steve stephens took his own life. >> his victim, 74-year-old robert godwin, grandfather of 14. he had just finished his he's steer me easter meal when stephens approached him. godwin's daughter said, "all i can say is that i wish he had gone down in a hail of 100 bullets." police are looking for possible connections in erie, pennsylvania, and whether someone helped him avoid police. the facebook ceo expressed his condolences adding that the company will work to prevent tragedies from going viral. >> our hearts go out to the family and friends of robert
12:00 pm
godwin sr. and we have a lot of work and we will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening. let's move back to wisconsin there. live pictures of the podium where we'll see the president momentarily. this is a blue state but remember this was the blue wall. it turned red during the election. he's talking about american manufacturing while cracking down on employer who is try to use cheap foreign labor. this is a piece of his new executive order which he is about to sign there which should help push the president's buy american, hire american agenda. the president is touring the headquarters in kenosha and in a couple of minutes he'll give a speech. let's go straight to jeff zeleny at the head quarters of snap-on tools. what do we expect from the president and also