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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  April 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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and thank you for joining us. don't forget you can watch outfront any time any where. just go to cnn go. good evening, thank you for joining us. polls have closed in a congressional election that could deal a blow to the president depending on how it goes tonight. also you'll find out how the uss "carl vinson" -- the trump investigation centers on that dossier that was compiled by a former british intelligence officer on the subject. as you know, cnn has not reported on the contents of the dossier because we have not independently verified them. the fbi gave credence to certain parts of it to give authority to his secret wiretap.
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so what have you learned? >> reporter: well, anderson, u.s. officials tell cnn that last year the u.s. intelligence used a dossier as part of a justification to get a warrant to secretly monitor carl -- as one of the sources of information that the bureau has used to defend or to support its investigation. this includes approval from the secret court that oversees the foreign intelligence surveillance act known as fisa, to monitor page's communications. the fbi and the justice department would have had to present probable cause that he was acting as an agent of a foreign power, mobile engaging in foreign intelligence gathering for a foreign government. comey and other fbi officials would have had to sign off on
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this. they have since said that he had limited interactions with a campaign as a volunteer. >> so how surprising is it that this was done? >> it's quite surprising, comey's -- u.s. intelligence agencies to try to distance themselves from that dossier. a u.s. law enforcement and intelligence officials have repeatedly said that u.s. investigators did their own work, separate from the dossier to support their findings that russia ftried to meddle in the 2016 u.s. elections in favor of donald trump. >> he would not have been aware that this was happening, correct? >> reporter: right, he probably would not have been. but you'll recall that page has been investigated before, as part of a russian spy ring including interactions that he had with one of the alleged
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russian spies. pai page denies he knew these were russian agents. page says he took a trip independently, that he expressed his own views and overall, he has disputed anything was illegal in his interactions with the russians. he sent us a statement that reads in part, i look forward to the privacy act lawsuit that i plan to file in response to the civil rights violations by obama administration appointees last year. the discovery process will be of great value to the united states as our nation hears testimony from them under oath and we zee disclosure of the documents. pa >> should also point out carter page when i interviewed him said he did get permission from the trump campaign, he didn't mention who he got permission
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from to travel to moscow and give that speech and he also met with several people. joining us to talk about it is our panel. philadelph phil, let's start with you, you've been with the fbi, you've been with the fisa courts, what did the fbi have on trump besides this dossier? >> i don't think this takes us a great deal forward, if you're going to go to a fisa court, that judge is going to -- you're going to go in with intercepts, directly from the russians with the national security agency would have picked up. you might have even sources, i want someone who i can identify who's directly in contact with you. if you contrast that with what we have here, a former british officer has an informant in moscow, maybe with a sub
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informant, passing that information up to the fbi, that's a game of phone that goes three or four links down the chain, the court is not going to look at that and the department of justice would not look at that as an important source of information in this case. >> what it means is that the fbi had a number of things they could present to the judge, this unverified dossier was a minor part of it perhaps. >> knowing what we know about the fisa court and how, any judge, these are serious judges that push back pretty hard when you come to them with a warrant. it suggests to me they either had corroborating information from that information in the dossier, or they had something that lent it credence. >> and phil you agree with that? >> absolutely. if you've got a department of justice attorney, he's got a reputation for years in the fisa
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court. he doesn't want to have the judge to say get out of here and then go in tomorrow a. >> we do know from other reporting that the fbi has looked into the allegations in that dossier and did confirm some stuff and not other stuff. maybe that was part of that process. >> in order to obtain a fisa warrant in the first place, the fbi would have had to present probable cause that carter page was participating in intelligence gathering for a foreign government, right? >> the fisa court rarely turns down his applications, it's less than 1%. it's not probable cause like we state in the constitution, the fourth amendment of probable cause of a crime, it's probable cause that you could be a foreign agent. it's a standard that's easy to meet. i certainly agree that this
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would not do that. this is a city quite frankly that is awash in russian money, there's so much russian money on capitol hill with both democratic and republican operatives and surprising the ruble isn't accepted at mcdonald's. there's a lot of russian and chinese money in this city. so when i read in report, it doesn't distinguish him in terms of potential criminal conduct, was he an agent of russia or was he perhaps a convenient conduit to the trump campaign. these are questions that are not answered by this evidence. your point is a good one, is there still a live torpedo in the water that's not in this dossier. >> it is interesting that part of the problem for the trump administration is donald trump himself did say carter page was one of his five national security advisors early on at a
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time when he was under pressure to name somebody. you would think if there had actually been some vetting, maybe they would have rethought naming him, but clearly, it points to just the kind of, i don't know if chaos is the right word that was in the transition team at the time, they were just desperate. >> if you remember, most of the national security community came out against him and wrote a letter saying that they, you know, not only were they not endorsing him, they were coming out to oppose him, so he had this hodgepodge of a few people, and it's unclear how instrumental they really were to the campaign. the trump campaign says he wasn't that instrumental, he was a volunteer, he wasn't someone who was actually paid on the campaign. but the thing about the dossier, the only part of the dossier that's relevant would be the allegation that he was there on behalf of the trump
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administration, having conversations, quid pro quo conversations about sanctions and business opportunities. so if it's brought up in any context, does it suggest that the court bought that? >> it suggests to me, as anderson was saying earlier, that the fbi had something before hand that led director comey, after the embarrassment of the admission on hillary clinton, to come out again, as the fbi never does, and say they had a case open. they had their own independent investigation, and came out and said maybe there's a bit or two here, but it was not the primary source. >> but it may not have been the primary source, but -- >> assuming they included it in the fisa package. >> if carter page, we know according to carter page, he says the trump campaign cleared it for him to go to moscow, it was very possible that page was
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bragging in moscow, saying he had been in meetings with donald trump, he was using the russian term for the word meeting, and the rally that thousands of people were in that we all saw on television. but he never actually met with the president. but isn't this just a case of a guy who was in the campaign, but he wasn't essential, just kind of bragging in moscow about his connections to the campaign? >> you know, i don't think it does. and let me -- a name that occurred to me tonight, and of course the other side of the story is that you've got people on the republican side saying that the obama administration was spying on the trump campaign. believe it or not, the name that flashed into my head tonight was james mccord, and for those who don't remember the name, james mccord was one of the original watergate burglars, after his conviction, he was a minor figure as it were.
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he sent a letter to the judge saying he was pressured to do a, b, and c and it eventually led to the resignation of president nixon. in this case, carter page is coming forward with a lawsuit which he has said tonight he's going to definitely pursue, if you think as a number of republicans do, that there is a conspiracy, was a conspiracy of the obama administration to look into this -- >> part of carter page's lawsuit is that he is claiming hate crimes against him saying that the hillary clinton campaign was against him because he was a man. we don't know if he has attorneys or can afford attorneys. >> i grant you all that, i'm saying that once you start that -- >> actually, that's not much of a threat, when i read that statement, he's going to run smack dab into military and state secrets privilege, i've
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litigated that painfully over the years. it's not like a civil case where you can go into discovery and find out who said what to who in an office. all of this is coming out of the most secret court, in some of the most classified areas of the governments, he's going to hit the state secrets privilege. he's going to find it very hard to get information. >> one of the things interesting about carter page is that he is desperately now trying to reposition himself as a victim, as a traitor, not as someone who's committing treason doing bizarre stuff, but he's a hero of american privacy, he's somehow going to go out here and expose all these terrible things that have happened. the problem is that this particular move makes no sense. if in fact the obama administration was going to spy on these people, shouldn't they have said something before the election? the part of the story that they continue to spin that makes no sense is, why would the obama
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administration go to all this trouble to spy on this campaign, to violate their privacy, do all these terrible things and then just say nothing until donald trump won? the whole thing is bizarre. >> the independent commission, let's get to the bottom of it. to wax tom cruise, i want the truth. i can handle the truth. >> where do you see this going? >> look, jeffrey has a good point about an independent commission which could get this all out on the table and i think the senate and house are going to go their best to get some of these facts. >> those who don't want an independent commission say it just takes too long, you got to get people clear, you got to get them read up, this is going to take months to go through. >> i just read an article in new that the three witnesses on the democratic witness list that's been agreed to with the republicans in theory at least, carter page,
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roger stone and paul manafort, so we are going to hear from carter page -- >> susan rice? >> what i reported is all names on the republican list are obama officials, all the names on the democratic list are trump campaign officials who are related to the russian hacking campaign. so the rudemocrats want to investigate putin's intelligence service, the republicans want to investigate obama's intelligence service. we'll bring you the latest up to date in just a moment. also how a carrier battle group which was meant to sent a message to north korea, instead wound up heading south, literally heading south. details ahead. (de♪p breath) (phone ringing)
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. polls have closed tonight in georgia six congressional districts including atlanta. tom price won it last fall by more than 20 points. the seat has been safely republican for decades. but the one running to replace price is jon ossoff. if he clears 50%, he wins out right.
5:19 pm
if not, it goes to a runoff. in any case, democrats are treating this as a chance to try to send a national message and the president's been following it closely sending out dozens of tweets, today posting, republicans must get out and vote in georgia 6. david, how much should we or shouldn't we read into tonight's results? >> let me assure you, anderson, even if jon ossoff wins he's not going to win by 70%. so that number is going to go down. this district has portions of three counties that touch it. this is just the early and absentee vote from dekalb can, a big democratic county overall, we would expect knowing that the democrat reporting did quite well in the early vote, it actually is one of the things
5:20 pm
that started giving republicans pause and concern about this race. we expected him to have this early lead. i would not read much more into it than that. his number is going to come down, it is likely that the republicans did a bit better perhaps on election day voting. we'll see as the night goes on as more numbers come in. >> we talked about this yesterday, newt gingrich held this district for 30 years, trump won it by 1 percentage point. >> this is a district that republicans salivate over, because they think this is precisely the kind of distribute they can flip in 2018 and maybe take back control of the house. and you look at this district that david was talking about, it's more diverse, it's higher educated, it's wealthier, and it's younger. and all of those things put together are a nice target for the democrats. i mean having said that, they have a young, inexperienced and unexciting candidate here, but
5:21 pm
who's got 8 million $8 million million of mostly outside money behind him because they also know how symbolic this would be, of course if they were to win. >> it does say a lot about the fact that president trump has taken a personal interest in the election, just tonight he tweeted, just learned that jon ossoff doesn't even live in the district, republicans get out and vote. he's also aware of how a loss could work. >> he probably just learned that since the national congressional campaign committee have been pushing that back for a long time. but you are right, it look like donald trump is placing a bet here that oss orks oroff is goi come just below and he can come out and say, hey, republicans, i helped keep him under 50%, let's
5:22 pm
go to the runoff now, i can help you win that as well. >> no one has to tell donald trump that this is really about him. and he believes it's about him and in many ways it is about him. because this is high profile, it's a district that he really won by just 1%. hillary clinton won in that district, it was the first time a democrat won that district since jimmy carter. so, you know, i do think that he understands that everybody's going to extrapolate here. >> he does, but i think also, jon ossoff the democrat, as much as he has raised money like you said on that democratic fervor, on that democratic energy, he's campaigning heavily because it's a heavily republican district. he's careful not to do all frump bashing, some of his advertising definitely geared toward trump bashing to make his base enthusiastic. but much of it is about cut
5:23 pm
wasteful spending, get government working again, a message that has nothing to do with donald trump. >> and the hss secretary who they're trying to replace won by 62% of the vote. he's got to walk a really fine line here as do the republican candidate. >> do we have a sense of when we might know the results here? >> that's a great question, as soon as they count them is really the answer. my sense is we're starting to see them trickle in now, my sense is over the next hour and a half or so, we will probably see where this is going, and remember, we may know that it's headed to a runoff, let's say, before we know necessarily who the republican candidate might be. so there are different pieces of tonight. the first threshold is does jon ossoff look like he's going to be below 50%, and if so, who does he face in the runoff? where in the world is the
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tonight the uss "carl vinson" is not where everyone expected to be. the white house made a big show of ordering it to the sea of japan last week in the wake of north korea conducting missile tests. here's what president trump said on april 11. >> we are sending an armada, very powerful, we have submarines, that are very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier, that i can tell you, and we have the best military people on earth. and i will say this, he is doing the wrong thing. >> talking about kim jong-un. that same day white house secretary sean spicer drove home the fact that the white house armada was headed to the sea of japan to send a message to north korea. >> when you see an armada going
5:29 pm
forward like that, it's almost always in every instance a huge deterrence. >> it turns out the uss "carl vinson" was not heading to the sea of japan. the facts came to light after the navy posted a photograph showing the "vinson" near tunisia on saturday. how did this happen? whether it was miscommunication, or intentional misleading, what is the administration saying? >> reporter: let's look at the bottom line here, the u.s. navy always knows every day where all it's aircraft carriers are, right? so they had announced that this carrier group was going to head north. the implications standing in the air from both the white house and the pentagon was it was going toward the korean peninsula to be a deterrent, to be a show of force, it was never
5:30 pm
going to have any offensive capability really against a north korean threat. but not so fast, the carrier stop stopped long the way, did a number of preplanned exercises with australia jn forces, was hundreds of miles away from where everybody thought it was in that show of force. does it make a difference attend of the day? it doesn't change the military calculation, but if they were trying to message north korea, perhaps that message falling a bit flat, because it's taking that carrier a while to get anywhere near there, it's expected to be there by the end of the month. anderson. >> it perhaps makes a potential enemy not believe when the u.s. says -- >> a message can deteriorate into something not all that factual, the president calling it an armada, when is the last
5:31 pm
time the u.s. navy called itself an armada. and the carrier, this is a president who said he didn't want to signal what his military months are. not only did he talk about a carrier, he talked about submarines going along with it. and he talked about the submarines being stronger, more powerful, if you will, than an aircraft carrier. that's an extraordinary statement in public from a president. submarines are generally covert, they engage in covert action, they are able to spy on north korea, their communications, their intelligence, really extraordinary, for a president who didn't want to signal his months, signaling them, not getting them exactly right and also putting out a covert asset like a submarine was on the way. want to talk more about this with senior military and diplomatic analyst admiral kirby? admiral kur by, how do you know
5:32 pm
or don't know this is happening? >> i think there's been a little bit of a misunderstanding of exactly what was said and why. the pacific command was very clear that the carrier strike group was going to move towards or near korean waters, but they never said when, and they wanted to get this exercise done with the australians, as a matter of fact they curtailed the exercise, accelerated the start date so they could move the vinson and other ships up north. they were pretty open and honest about this. i believe it was between the pentagon and the white house in terms of filling in those kinds of details, it's easy when you see something of a statement when they say we're going to send the vinson to the waters off of korea, to think that's going to happen immediately. when ships are deployed like this, there's lots of other things they need to do and they want to knock this out as quickly as possible. >> is it possible that the
5:33 pm
president and the press secretary did not understand what was going on? because they were talking about it. >>. i know they were, and frankly so was the pacific command, they put out the fact that the ship was going to those waters, i don't think it was fully understood up the chain of command what the schedule looked like, leaving singapore, heading up to australian waters. i don't know exactly where the breakdown was, but i think that was where the breakdown was, not that anyone lied or tried to mislead. not that they were not going to get into the north korean waters, just what it was going to do in between. >> what message do you think this sends to north korea? do you think it has an impact? >> i think it's certainly an embarrassment that it was ant clear cut move in rapid fashion as to what was conveyed. the bigger message is that we
5:34 pm
have a strong naval presence here and we're not afraid to exercise it and operate it where we need to. and clearly they got that message, because as you saw, they acted quickly and vigorously as to any suggestion that the carrier strike group was going to be off their coast. coming up, there's breaking news tonight that bill o'reilly may be out of fox news after his latest sexual harassment claims, a source says that exit talks are under way. we'll talk about that nec. we are sikhs
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. breaking news tonight, bill o'reilly may be getting ready to leave fox news. a source tell s cnn that exit talks are under way between fox and o'reilly's representatives. o'reilly has denied all the sexual harassment accusations. another source says that o'reilly harassed her for months while she worked at fox. one woman says she lost a job at fox because she rejected
5:39 pm
o'reilly's advances. joining me now is cnn media correspondent brian stelter, and cnn media analyst bill carter. brian, what are you learning? >> that there will be a board meeting on thursday, involvng the murdocks, the men who control 20th century fox. and by the end of the week, we'll know if bill o'reilly is going to be back on the air or not. there's clearly a sense inside fox that this is coming to a conclusion quickly and that o'reilly is unlikely to come back to his program. nothing's official until we hear it from rupert murdock or his sons. o'reilly is a -- it's crazy that o'reilly wouldn't be helming his show on fox. and that advertiser boycott, those advertisers abandoning his show, all of that adding up to a
5:40 pm
situation that's untenable for the murdocks. >> if it's true that o'reilly is on the way out, it shows how important ad dollars are when push comes to shove. is this just about ad dollars or the atmosphere inside fox? >> you have fox worrying about getting access to sky tv in eveni england. i think it's extraordinary, but i think the pressure on fox has just mounted to an incredible degree, almost an unbearable degree, because even if they're to bring o'reilly back, people are not going to let up. people are picketing outside the building, i don't know how they get out from under this, and another woman adding to the mix, it just goes on and on, the drip, drip of this, and they feel like they have to get out from under it. >> the new accusations that are being made, your client says that this occurred back in 2008? >> yes, she says that she was a clerical worker back in 2008,
5:41 pm
she did not work directly for bill o'reilly, she worked for a different broadcaster, she said he treat ed her very, very well. she said that bill o'reilly would call her hot chocolate, she's african-american, she found that very offense. he would leer at her, at her cleavage, at her legs, he would say yeah, baby. he would make comments about her after she got off the elevator. she told me about this eight days ago, we talked to three witnesses who corroborate back in 2008 she told them, she would come home from work and tell them that bill o'reilly was sexually harassing her. by the end of the time she was there, she was very depressed and it was taking a toll on her.
5:42 pm
>> there was a hot line people could call, they could raise objections, that's the obvious question, was anything said at the time? >> i talked to a fox news employee today, i want to call the hot line, i don't have the number. the reason i have the hot line, is because i had another case against fox news. so we called the hot line, and again today, with my new accuser, she and i together called the fox news hot line. so i want to thank fox news for that invitation to call the hot line and i hope other women who have been harassed call the fox news hot line. you know, i want to say while i can be a little sarcastic about it, this is very, very difficult for the women. you know, i spent yesterday and today with a new accuser. she was very stressed, crying,
5:43 pm
she couldn't eat, she couldn't sleep. this is very hard on women. and that's why i'm doing all of this at no charge. these two women are not asking for a penny, they're doing it because this is about accountability, enough is enough, stop hurting women, stop damaging women's career, stop inthreatening women that if they don't sleep with you that you'll end their career. >> this is obviously something the board is considering, what would it say about fox news, about the culture there? >> it would say one thing that o'reilly has tremendous lawyers, he's got lawyers lined up with him tonight who are saying there's a left wing smear campaign happening trying to tear him down, those people would be fighting with fox to remove him. there's this contract, this legal language, fox believes it can if it wants to remove o'reilly right away.
5:44 pm
>> they renewed his contract a short time ago? >> but that new contract has what fox says is more leverage against o'reilly, an easier way to remove him now that there's new allegations against him. but fox has prided itself on not being like everything else, about not bending to pressure. his sons do not like the stain that they feel is being placed on their brand. >> for fox news, as brian was saying, a while ago, it would have been inconceivable that bill o'reilly would not be on fox news, the amount of money that he's made for that company, the amount of time he's worked there, the ratings that he gets, but in tv, no one is in dispensable. bill o'reilly is going to have a new gig, as i understand i mean
5:45 pm
we're all ultimately expendable. and i include myself in that as well. >> i do think fox has really had one signature star from the beginning. >> right. >> it's bill o'reilly. this is really a remarkable situation to have your signature star. and i think the one thing that's maybe under appreciated here, is that the fox audience is not going to like this, they're not going to take well to this, that it looks like fox is giving in to what they think is a feminist plot or a left wing plot to get rid of their favorite broadcaster. i think they'll be a backlash of sorts. i mean fox will plug in some other star, but the audience might not like that they caved into this kind of pressure. >> president donald trump has been support ty of bill o'reilly, saying that he doesn't think o'reilly did anything wrong. >> my phone is ringing off the hook and we're not going to stop
5:46 pm
until we get accountability. >> in the latest statement that i saw from o'reilly's attorney, as brian mentioned, he's making allegations that this is a left wing plot, that there's a political organization behind this. are you being funded by some left wing political organization that is out for bill o'reilly? >> if only, anderson, my clients are not asking for a penny, i am not charging any of my o'reilly accusers. i flew out here on my own nickel. and mr. o'reilly's attorney is being highly paid for defending an accused serial harasser. the search is over for the man police say posted video on facebook after having killed a 74-year-old grandfather in cleveland, how the search ended next. ♪
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the search for a murder suspect who posted video of the crime on facebook is over. police say the suspect killed himself in pennsylvania after a police chase. he was wanted for the murder of robert godwin. gary tuchman reports on how it all ended. >> reporter: the man who murdered 74-year-old robert godwin is in the white car being trailed by police in erie, pennsylvania, about 100 miles
5:51 pm
east of cleveland. >> units, psp is behind a white ford fusion on buffalo road heading out of wesleyville into erie. >> reporter: this video captured by a local business's surveillance camera. police ended up ramming his car with one of their vehicles. instead of surrendering, he shoots and kills himself. >> i want to officially announce that the search for steve stephens has ended. >> reporter: how was he caught. an employee as a mcdonald's was his undoing. >> the employee that was working at the time recognized him or thought -- noticed the car was ohio tags on it and it was a white fusion. took his money and he pulled to the next window. she stepped out of there and called the state police right away. >> reporter: the killer ordered chicken nuggets and french
5:52 pm
fries. >> told him it would be a minute for the fries, which it wasn't. he didn't want to wait, which was fine. he took his six piece and didn't want money back and headed out on to buffalo road. the mustninute he turned right buffalo, the state police were behind him. >> reporter: there was suspicion he might be in erie because of a ping from his cell phone in the area. >> as far as the pennsylvania state police, we had no knowledge of a ping. >> reporter: a more solid lead, this casino where he had been seen. this statement issued before he was located. >> the gentleman has been here on property one time so far this year based on his play. >> reporter: where the murder happened in cleveland, a woman witnessed the killer getting away and feared for her safety. >> i feel a little better. i'm think eing he might come ba
5:53 pm
and terrorize everybody, so i feel better. >> reporter: the fear is lessened. the sadness for family members of robert godwin is not as they prepare for his funeral. authorities do not think stephens killed anybody else despite his saying on facebook he did. the potential for more violence from him over because of the quick thinking of a mcdonald's employee. >> i'm very proud of my staff and how they handled it. >> gary joins us. you say authorities don't think he killed anybody else. is that possibility going to be actively investigated? >> reporter: absolutely. law enforcement want to make sure they're not missing anything. they have extra forensic evidence. they have his vehicle. they have his weapon. they're going to be interviewing people. they want to find out, for example, if anybody harbored him over the 45 hours between the time he committed murder and the time he committed suicide. i do want to mention that mr. godwin will be laid to rest this saturday. >> our thoughts are with his
5:54 pm
family. i talked to two of his daughters last night. they are extraordinary people. another incredible note to the story. i spoke with two of his daughters, a son-in-law who talked about what an mazing man he was. in the midst of their pain, they said they forgave the killer. watch. >> he taught us about god, how to fear god, how to love god and how to forgive. >> yes. >> each one of us forgive the killer, the murderer. >> you do? >> we want to wrap our arms him. >> we absolutely do. we don't -- i honestly can say right now that i hold no -- >> no animosity. >> in my heart against this man. >> extraordinary to say that. they met with the killer's former girlfriend at her request we understand today. the on the video the suspect posted on facebook, the killer made robert godwin say the name of his former girlfriend. said it was her fault that he
5:55 pm
was about to kill mr. godwin. today she met with the godwin's family, his daughter says they hugged and cried together. she told she was sorry and they told her they didn't blameler h at all. the fbi investigation into russian meddling into the election and connection to trump associates. what we learned tonight next. moms know their kids need love, encouragement and milk. with 8 grams of natural protein, and 8 other nutrients to provide balanced nutrition. moms know kids grow strong when they milk life. with all the things you'll provnever learn from a book. expedia. everything in one place, so you can travel the world better.
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we're topping this hour with breaking news. a special house election with potentially national impact. john ossoff, a front runner right now with 38% reporting, he is leading several rivals with 60.6% of the vote. if he finishes tonight with 50% or more, he avoids a runoff and does send a message to republicans nationally, including the president. we will update you throughout the hour and throughout the night on cnn. we also have a significant new development in the trump russia investigation. it centers on the dossier compiled by a former british intelligence officer on the subject. as you may know, cnn has not and will not be reporting on the contents of the dossier. we never have because we have yet to verify it. however, we do have new reporting that suggests the fbi
6:00 pm
gave credence to certain parts of it to seek the authority for a secret wiretap. evan perez did the reporting for us. evan joins us now. what have you learned? >> u.s. officials tell cnn the fbi used a dossier of allegations of russian tied to donald trump's campaign as part of the justification to get approval to secretly monitor carter page. fbi director james comey cited the dossier in some of his briefings to congress in recent weeks as one of the sources of information that the bureau has used to support its investigation. this includes approval from the secret court that oversees the foreign intelligence act to monitor page's communications, to obtain court permission to target page, the fbi and justice department would have to present probable cause he was acting as an agent of a foreign power. comey and other