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tv   New Day  CNN  April 19, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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thanks to the international viewers. for you "cnn newsroom" is next. and then in the next hour, we have all sorts of other breaking news. right now. we have defied the odds. we have shattered expectation. >> this is an energized democratic party. >> the president injecting himself in the race. >> on june 20th, we keep the sixth district red and kick a little ossoff. >> america first. you better believe it. it's time. it's time. right? >> of his big three priorities weath we don't see moment. >> it is nothing more than a campaign slogan. >> we will have legislative victories in the near future. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota.
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>> good morning. welcome to "new day." we will have more on the breaking news that former new england patriots player and convicted murderer aaron hernandez has killed himself in jail this morning. we begin this hour with major story in politics. a wake-up call for republicans in a deep red state. democrat jon ossoff coming from a couple points from an outright direct t victory to fill the house seat open by tom price. ossoff needed 50% of the vote. >> he will compete in a run-off election in june against the second place finisher republican karen haundel. the race is seen by many as a referendum on president trump. he claimed victory although the democrat got almost 50% of the vote. a lot at stake on day 90 on
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trump's presidency. we have it covered. joe johns at the white house. >> reporter: chris, call it a window on the mid terms or wake-up call for republicans although they side stepped what could have been a humiliating moment in a ruby red district in georgia. democrats not able to come up with the votes to get the candidate all the way over the finish line. >> you ready to flip the six? >> reporter: the closely watched special election for georgia's sixth district headed for a run-off. after new comer democrat jon ossoff fell short of the win in a district held by republicans since 1979. >> there is no doubt this is already a victory for the ages. >> on june 20th, we keep the
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sixthi district red and kick a little ossoff. >> reporter: ossoff faces off against karen handel in a contest seen as a referendum on the president trump presidency. president trump taking credit for the results. hailing a win despite the ossoff strong showing. tweeting, despite major outside money, fake media support and 11 republican candidates, big r win with run-off in georgia. glad to be of help. the president was invested in the election in a number of tweets and recording a robocall to urge republicans to get out and vote. >> ossoff will raise taxes and destroy health care and flood our country with illegal immigrants. >> reporter: president trump beat hillary clinton in the republican stronghold by 1% last november.
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compared to mitt romney's des si decisive victory in 2012. despite democrats pumping $8 million in ossoff's campaign. this comes as executive order that the president signs. >> we will protect jobs and put america first. >> reporter: there trump touting successes of the presidency. >> no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days. >> reporter: the president is expected to appear today with the new england patriots them on the super bowl victory. that meeting coming on the same day that the patriots former tight end and convicted murderer aaron hernandez committed suicide behind bars. back to you. >> true. very mixed situation there.
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joe johns. thank you very much. let's bring in analyst david gregory and editor a.b. stoddard and white house reporter for the journal eli stokos. great to have you on, eli. trump raises his hand. we got it done. glad i was involved. how do you grab victory with the jaws of defeat with the nobody democrat? >> this is a ruby red republican district in georgia. democrats are excited to get out and vote. you expect that. given the trump presidency and all of the enthusiasm he has engendered among opponents. this is also a soft under belly of the republican party of the
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trump coalition. this is a district that is not strong for him. he relies on working class whites. it is a district where republicans make hay. democrats still are vulnerable from the attack from president trump and others in the district. they are liberal. they will raise taxes. they will increase regulation. it will be total liberal government. there are still a lot of republicans out there who may be soft on trump, but they don't want to put a democrat in there. >> a.b., explain how this is a referendum on president trump when this district was won by one point during the presidential election. it is not trump town. >> right. mitt romney and tom price did better. 23 points for price and romney in 2012 in the district.
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that means as david mentioned, more educated and non trump republicans. really this is a concern for republicans and for trump because 2018 elections matter next year. if there is a record of division and a lack of cohesion and they can't get through repeal and replace obamacare and they have trouble k50eeping the governmen open. they have a lot of tests. if you look at the june 20th run-off date. how apathetic will republicans be? they look at trump leading the unified republican government and the republicans can't get their act together in congress and the majority they waited for years to have with the republican at the helm in the white house? if they can't produce, republican voters will have something else to do on june 20th. that is the open for the democrats. although karen handel the republican is favored to win the
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run-off. i believe that today. we don't know what it will look like on june 20th. will trump republicans come out if they still love him next november? that is the height among the concern. >> eli, let's bounce to a different topic. the democrats can't stop talking about the dossier report that cnn has out there that evan perez and team reported that it was used something to help get a fisa warrant on carter page. a lot of it is debunked. a lot cnn would not touch. michael cohen was identified as traveled somewhere in the dossier. it wound up being false. are the democrats right torepor? >> i don't know if they should pin their hopes on the russian news or dossier. it is a story that continues to
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swirl around the situation and create a distraction and questions for all republicans on capitol hill. what you will see is a national ra race. if turn oout is the same, jon ossoff will only need two points in june. it is a race about trump. it is because of trump. glad to be of help. he is the reason they had to pump $5 million in the end to put republican turnout up to the point to prevent him the outright win. i think whether it is the russia story or the administration hasn't checked off too many top accomplishments in the first 90, soon to be 100 days, that is something republicans are going to have to contend with over the next year until we go into next
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november and the campaign season. >> eli, you did so well with that answer. we want to put you on the spot. here is what donald trump said about first 90 days and his accomplishments. listen to this. >> no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days. that includes on military, on the border, on trade, on regulation and law enforcement. we love our law enforcement. >> eli, true or false statement? >> false. donald trump has not accomplished more than anybody else. by february of 2009, obama had gotten congress to sign a $770 billion stimulus package. donald trump likes to say he inherited a mess, but inherited a congress in his control. hasn't moved the ball. governed through executive order. the president is obsessed with
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the media construct of the first 100 days benchmark because he watches television. he is planning an event around that to tout all of the things he accomplished. at the top of the list is number one the confirmation of neil gorsuch. that was done by mitch mcconnell. the most establishment republican in town. this is donald trump the anti-establishment firebrand who would come to washington and drain the swamp and change the way things worked. not yet. >> david gregory. >> i think neil gorsuch was an important accomplishment. it fights against the grain a bit. establishment choice, but conservative choice. as well as being well regarded within the legal community. i think that was a strong move. no doubt mitch mcconnell paved the way for it. the president's legacy will be benefitted from the court. i think eli is right. you look at the first 90 days.
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you come out of the box, president obama had exigent circumstances. here by the emphasis of the administration going for health care first repeal when he did not have the party together and not going for something like a tax cut or infrastructure. something within the wheel house of the conservative movement and republican party was ill advised. the moves on the travel ban ill advised. he has to make a argument about how well he is doing. if we put all this together and a.b. saying donald trump has to produce results. republicans have to produce something. you hear paul ryan. they cannot act like they are in the minority. they have to produce something. will democrats make an argument that is an ideological argument about the role of government and the way that republicans did against democrats back in 2010 against president obama or will they just run on you have to be against trump.
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you see the limits of that even in a district like georgia. >> a.b., let's look at the data in terms of what mr. trump accomplished so far. he signed 24 executive orders which are more than president obama. whom donald trump used to criticize mightily for signs executive orders and doing that end run around congress. about the same, i believe -- well, no more than predecessors. in terms of executive orders. he signed a lot of presidential memorand memorandum. obamacare. not yet. building the wall. incomplete. that travel ban. that was considered a fail. stopping tpp. yes. filling supreme court seat. yes. that was complete. the tax plan. incomplete.
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labeling china a currency manipulator. not yet happened. how do you rate? >> i think we are all used to hearing trump say that what he has done is the greatest thing that ever happened. hillary clinton was the most corrupt candidate to every run. health care he will come up within january before the inauguration. he said it would be the cheapest and most simple and best care ever. this is a salesman who talks this way. i wasn't surprised to hear it yesterday. the comments at the snap-on tool factory in wisconsin, you could hear him scratching at how he needs to get healthcare reform done because he needs to get money out of it. that's why they put it first. although the sequencing is not politically attractive and appealing. they had to do it because they are trying to find money from that to have a deeper tax cut when they go after tax reform and not make that move of a
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deficit spender. they are in the trap. you heard him say if we get health kacare approved. we need approval. tell your members and lawmakers we need approval. we have to move on to tax reform. he knows he can talk about gorsuch and lots of executive orders. 64% decrease in crossings at the border. dakota pipeline. keystone. this lasts a few months. people who voted for trump have to start feeling change. they want a tax cut and they want to know what is going on with health care. they want something better. that is what you can hear in the comments. he knows like the members of congress, he has to get points on the board. >> a.b., thank you. strong point. you can hear the president chiding people to go after congress. he had to be careful about tone. eli, thank you for joining the show. david gregory, as always. coming up in the next hour, we talk to the republican
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candidate karen handel. she made it out of the morass. over a dozen republicans trying to get georgia's sixth gop spot. she has it. and we will get reaction on what that race means from the democratic national committee chair tom perez. we are following breaking news. former nfl star and convicted murderer aaron hernandez taking his life behind bars. we have all of the breaking details for you.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> all right. the massachusetts department of corrections confirming to cnn that convicted murderer and former new england patriots star tight end aaron hernandez committed suicide in prison early this morning. we have early start anchor dave briggs joining us with breaking details. dave, you covered this team. aaron hernandez. tragic story. the worst of it for odin lloyd's family. another pain. >> this is a bad guy to the core. not to be sympathetic. there were executives that knew they were drafting a bad guy.
4:21 am
gang affiliations and drug. he was a tremendous talent, but bad guy to the core. massachusetts officials say hernandez was found dead in his cell at 3:05 a.m. hernandez was rushed to the hospital and declared dead just after 4:00 a.m. officers say hernandez hung himself with the bed sheet attached to the window sill in the single unit sell in the general population. hernandez tried to block the door so officers could not enter the cell. hernandez's suicide comes five days after acquitted on a 2012 double murder in boston which was a drive-by. inconsequential because he was serving a life sentence for the murder of the semi pro football player odin lloyd. some feel, chris, that was more of an execution. this was not a guy that got
4:22 am
caught up with the wrong group. he is survived by his daughter. she is 4 years old. she was in court last week. seemed broken up to see her dad. i reached out to several players on the patriots team. current and former. needless to say, none has reacted. i know these guys. they all knew him. he was a bad difficulguy. had a safe house away from his normal house when he played for the patriots. they don't hand out $5 million contracts for anybody. they had a lot of faith. bob kraft is said to have been duped by hernandez. they will be asked about aaron hernandez and what the team knew then and did they look the other way. could they have done more to reform this bad character? they will have to comment on it. tom brady knows him well and bob
4:23 am
kraft and bill belichick. >> you make the right point. this is always a mixed bag when an athlete does something terrib terrible. you have sympathy of what he did on the field. it pales in comparison to the family of odin lloyd. how good he was to the family. for him to be killed the way he was. >> totally. i don't follow it as closely as you. of course, that gripped the nation. odin lloyd sent texts. he knew the situation and tried to get out of it. he knew hernandez was going to do something terrible. it is chilling. >> it is known to admitted to committing crimes to odin lloyd. it was worried he would snitch. odin lloyd knew something was coming. >> it was his girlfriend's brother, odin lloyd. >> right. some say it was triggered by
4:24 am
lloyd spilling a drink on him. an unhinged young man. 27 years old. >> dave, thank you very much for all of your reporting. bring us developments as you get those. coming up next, we have a cnn exclusive. vice president telling our dana bash what he is most proud of as the trump administration closes in on 100 days in office. nologys reliabd. at safelite, we stand behind our work... because the ones you love, sit behind it. (parents whisper jingle) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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vice president mike pence ones hon his way to indonesia this morning. before leaving for japan, he spoke to the troops on "uss ronald reagan." he talked about presidnt trump and in an exclusive interview with cnn's dana bash. she joins us live. tell us about your sit-down, dana. >> reporter: alisyn, vice president pence has been consumed in the public way with north korea and nuclear crisis as he has been in asia and south korea and dmz and in japan. while he has been here behind
4:29 am
the scenes on his plane and hotel room and motorcade, he has been working the phones, we're told, to try to help the president come up with a plan that could allow one of his promises to be fulfilled soon. that, of course, is to repeal obamacare. we talked about that and more. take a listen. >> mr. vice president, a lot of people supported the president and you because they like the fact he was explicit. the u.s. would stop being the world's police officer. we have seen strikes in syria and afghanistan. you talking tough vis-a-vis north korea and holding out the possibility of military strikes with or without china's help. what do you say to voters back home who say wait a minute, this is not what i signed up for? >> i say to voters that president trump is a man of his word and he's the kind of strong
4:30 am
leader to pursue vital national interests of the united states of america. has demonstrated an ability and willingness to use force where necessary. the president's decision to launch cruise missiles into syria to the very air base that launched the horrific chemical attack against men, women and little children was the right decision. the american people know it. it has been heralded across the world community. some would like to see a greater american involvement in the syrian conflict. the president made it clear. we had a response to that horrific attack that was measured and it was focused. the president's going to continue to be focused in syria where he said he would during the campaign. that is on hunting down and destroying isis. >> i want to turn and look back home at some things happening domestically in the u.s.
4:31 am
the president said that the administration is going to have a big win soon on health care. that you have been working it although you are thousands of miles away to try to take healthcare reform, obamacare repeal over the finish line. how is it going? >> president trump made it clear the first priority of the congress should be to repeal and replace obamacare. while it was clear that little more than a month ago, congress wasn't ready to do it. we never relented eed in our commitment to keep that to the people. people were told to keep their doctor if they wanted to and the cost of insurance would go down. we have seen every promise of obamacare broken. >> are you going to keep your promise to repeal it? >> as determined. i'm very confident in the days ahead we will see congress come together and take that important first step to repeal and replace
4:32 am
obamacare with the kind of healthcare reform that president trump has envisioned. >> getting votes is imminent? >> we will see. i will tell you, we are very encouraged at the discussions that are taking place among members of congress and the president remains personally and directly engaged in the discussions. make no mistake about it. this administration's in the promise keeping business. we will continue to work with the congress until we keep the promise of repealing obamacare and replacing it with the kind of health care system the american people deserve. >> yesterday was tax day. will you buck the example of your boss and release your own taxes? >> well, during the course of the campaign, we released our taxes. >> you will continue to do that as vice president? >> as i told you, it was a short read. we're a family of modest income. i expect we'll continue that
4:33 am
tradition. the president will make his own decision about how to handle that issue. the really good news on taxes is that as we move forward in this congress, president trump is committed to reducing taxes across the board for working families and small businesses and family farms. >> we are almost at the 100 day mark. 100 days of the trump administration. obviously you have some big accomplishments. neil gorsuch on the supreme court. rolling back some obama regulations. are you frustrated that you haven't been able to do more like the big promise that you've been making for election after election to repeal obamacare and others? >> i couldn't be more proud to be a part of the administration that hit the ground running on day one. as we approach that 100-day mark, the american people are going to be able to look back
4:34 am
and see in the presidency of donald trump a determination and to put into practice all of the things he campaigned on. rolling back an avalanche of regulations that have been not only waging war on american energy, but really on american jobs. keeping his promise to appoint a justice to the supreme court and in the tradition of the late and great antonin scalia. driving forward to repeal and replace obamacare. and putting together a team and cabinet that i think has inspired and given confidence to people around the country and frankly around the world. i think at the 100-day mark, i think people will conclude what i concluded. that is president donald trump is off to a great start. the best is yet to come. >> all right. dana, let us ask you, you spent a lot of time with the vp over
4:35 am
the last few days. what do you make, not of the political, but personal pence and trump? how closely do they seem coordinated? what did you get out of that? >> reporter: well, obviously personally they could not be more different. we have known that since day one of the partnership. the political partnership. you know, spending time with mike pence up close and personal. it is a reminder of how different they are. they do seem to talk pretty regularly. some of the speeches that the vice president gave he came out and gave the standard fare for vp. i bring you the greetings of the president of the united states. at other times, it was abundantly here they talked. he told us they talked on the phone before he came out to an event or of course as we were on air force 2 headed to the korean peninsula when north korea launched the failed missile test. they do have, i think, a pretty
4:36 am
constant communication. i don't know it is anything like obama and biden. that was probably the closest in modern history. closer than you think given how different the two men clearly are. >> dana, thank you for reporting. thanks for sharing your sit-down. president trump is pushing a buy american and hire american pledge. will his executive order he just signed help the economy? there is a down side to it. we'll discuss that next. can we at least analyze customer traffic? ill can we push the offer online? brian, i just had a quick question. brian? brian... legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. you're saying the new app will go live monday?! yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes.
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in just a few moments i will
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be signing a buy american and hire american executive order. we are sending a powerful signal to the world we're going to defend our workers and protect our jobs and finally put america first. >> all right. you see it there. president trump signing executive order directing federal agencies to follow slogan buy american, hire american. will it help the economy? let's discuss with stephen moore. distinguished visitor from the heritage foundation. and also joining us is anthony chan. managing director at chase. the first part of this, buy american, hire american, to spend a period of evaluating how to do it. it doesn't force anybody to do anything. mr. chan, sounds great to the
4:41 am
american voter and working man and woman. great. what is the economic impact of something like this that we have seen over time? >> chris, you are right. it does sound great. everybody would love for u.s. companies and u.s. government to buy american each time. one of the things that concerned me is that when you do something like this it raises the possibility that other countries around the world will also start to say maybe they should buy their own local product. keep in mind, more than 10 million jobs in the united states are supported by u.s. exports and if other countries certainly hurt u.s. jobs.n - another factor, it is not clear we have enough supply to be able to meet the demand that the government has. in that case, the prices will start to rise and the government will actually end up paying higher, not lower prices. that would be another major concern out there. then the quality.
4:42 am
if there is another product around the world that is better and we decide to buy american product, we have quality issues. these are problems i think that cannot be ignored. >> i see stephen shaking your head. a lot of write-ups i have seen in this, it came down to cost. construction is already expensive. this will raise it x or y. that will hurt the infrastructure plan. is this a situation where president trump is saying i don't care about construction companies getting it at the cheapest cost. i want to put americans first. >> that is a good question. i buy american. i don't know about you. if i see two products about the same price, i do look for the american label. i would rather employ somebody in michigan, ohio or california or new york rather than mexico city or china. that is every individual's prerogative. if they want to buy american. i sure do. when it comes to the government, i would make a couple of points. look, what trump is talking
4:43 am
about if two contracts come in and about equal in terms of the price charged, on balance, choose the american contractor. this idea that while the other countries retaliate. a lot of the other countries already do that. they buy theredomestic products. i understand the argument. i'll very -- it is a valid argument. if you buy american and it is more expensive than buying european or asian countries, that is making the deficit higher. it will make the contracts more expensive. i think there has to be a balance. >> stephen, what about the hypoc hypocrasy issue? they don't score as highly as it could. we know this year, if you want to put up the numbers in terms of looking for foreign workers in places that are not necessarily skill specific, this year, there has been a notable
4:44 am
reduction. 78 visas requested. he has made a number of them since 2001. what should the president do about it? >> i cannot speak about the president's personal business practices. on immigration, if a company needs workers to do a project and people want to come to this country to work, i don't have a big problem with that unless they are under cutting americans. as i said earlier -- do you ever look for the american label when you buy things? >> i do, but i have the blessing of not being that price sensitive. there are people who look at it and say the american one is expensive. the quality is not there to mr. chan's point. it is not as simple as equal choice. >> i get that. i'm a free trade guy. i get the argument about why it is often times beneficial to buy things made in other countries. i am saying this and trump is saying this.
4:45 am
if you have two things roughly the same price. why not buy the thing that is build in ohio? >> i hear you. mr. chan, it is your point. it is not always apples to apples. >> i don't think anybody would argue as american if there are two products and same price and quality, would you choose the american product? nobody will argue about that. the problem i have once we start going down this road it opens the possibility for greater discrimination. we love it when americans buy american products. 95% of all of the consumers in the world, guess what? they live outside of the united states. if we start to send a strong message that we're going to discriminate against products around the world. when our products go out of the united states, we will face the same discrimination. i know stephen isdiscriminate. they will discriminate more. the s&p 500, 50% of the revenue
4:46 am
of the s&p 500 come from overseas. can you imagine if our u.s. companies in the s&p 500 will face increased discrimination? 50% of the revenue is at risk. that is not a small matter. >> one thing you have to take in account is if the government buys a service from american company, it will mean more jobs for americans. those americans will pay taxes. they will not have to go on unemployment and things like that. there are costs associated with not buying american for the government as well. i think we're in jegenera general agreement here. if something is higher quality and lower cost from mexico or china, of course, the government should get the best deal. this is what trump is saying. the interest of american workers as well. >> gentlemen, i love the dialogue that has to marry the economic realities with the political pressures as well.
4:47 am
you do it well for us on "new day." thank you, stephen and mr. chan. alisyn. thank you. bill o'reilly is under fire at fox news. will he no longer be on fox news after the sexual harassment claims against him? one newspaper is raising questions this morning. that's next. whoa, this thing is crazy. i just had to push one button to join. it's like i'm in the office with you, even though i'm here. it's almost like the virtual reality
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the wall street journal has a bombshell headline that reads fox is preparing to cut ties with bill o'reilly. the network of course has seen dozens of companies pull their ads from to reilly's show as the sexual harassment claims pile up. a source tells cnn that his fate will be announced by the end of the week. joining us now with his latest reporting is the host of reliable sources. we also have cnn senior reporter, dillon buyers. it is shocking how fast things have happened at fox news. what is your latest reporting on
4:52 am
what is going to happen to bill o'reilly. >> there is a board meeting tomorrow. at that point, his fate will be discussed. probably by the end of the week as you're saying we will know whether he's coming back or not. essentially every source we have, the one thing everybody has in common they don't believe bill o'reilly will come back to the show. we shouldn't rule out anything because fox is full of surprises but bill o'reilly is clearly on the way out. >> and on the flip side on the timing part is that the criticism is there's been a culture in place for a long time and these cases against bill o'reilly have been coming out consistently for a long time. is that true? what do we know about the critical mass of allegations against bill o'reilly? >> well, these allegations, like you said, have been coming out for some time. these allegations go back longer than a decade.
4:53 am
and i think it's important to reiterate that fox news and its parent company were aware of many allegations because they were involved in some of the settlements and paid some of the settlement money to some of bill o'reilly's accuser. that was $13 million in settlements to five women who accused him of sexual harassment or verbal accuse. the question for the her docks who sit at the top was what kind of company do we want to be and how legitimate are these accusations against bill o'reilly? i think what happened is there was so much public pressure and so much public out cry. there was obviously that flight of advertisers and meanwhile, you know, rue pert her dock slowly but surely is handing this company over to his sons who have a bigger
4:54 am
understandability. the former chief executive could no longer sit at the top because of the sexual harassment allegations against him. >> i don't know, ryan. at one time this could have been unthinking. when i say at one time, i mean monday. this is their biggest star. he's the golden goose. he makes so much money and he is the face of what fox news has stood for. he's wildly popular. but i guess -- you tell me if this is wrong -- that they've learned that if roger ails can lose the money, if megan kelly can exit and they don't skip a beat and ratings go up, no one is invincible. >> some of the tricks of the trade were started by bill o'reilly 20 years ago. that kind of brash arrogant style that he has, it's been
4:55 am
parodied by everybody. everybody knows bill o'reilly. he is fox and fox is bill o'reilly. but you're right. there is a sense bigger than any single person, especially now more than ever. glen beck in the 2010s. they replaced it with a panel show. megan kelly left in january. the ratings have held up very well. so even bill o'reilly is replaceable. but he is a profit engine and i don't think anyone at fox would expect they will bring someone in and do just as well. president trump said a couple of weeks ago he supports bill o'reilly. we know trump loves to turn on fox news at night and watch before bed. i wonder if we're going to hear from the president on this. there is a lot of elements to this. >> and then you get to bill o'reilly's defense. his lawyer put out a statement saying that this is a very profound conspiracy of the far
4:56 am
left to bring him down. >> yeah. and that's not terribly dissimilar from the defense put out by roger ails. it is essentially saying, okay, fine, i'll go, but i don't acknowledge any wrongdoing. in the case of bill o'reilly being an on air personality, he has an enormous following. he could take some of that following with him. he will continue to write books and sell books, and he will do just fine financially. the loss of bill o'reilly could be more consequential for fox news than the loss of ails and i say that because he is an on camera personality, because he is the most watched personality on cable news and fox news doesn't have a bench. they don't have a bill o'reilly in waiting. the question is who do you bring in for him? >> the point is you don't need a bench because if the brand is
4:57 am
that big -- and i take your point that bill o'reilly is more of a come moddy. but if your brand is that big, do you need a bench? if you could put in carlson, then you could put anybody in. >> you know, like you said, bill o'reilly is a brand. look, a lot of these viewers are not going to have anywhere else to turn. they like that sort of hyper partisan at times combative programming. they're likely to stay with fox news. can they match his numbers, though? that's the question. and therefore can the new most
4:58 am
provide the same advertising revenue. >> might help to have some woman in prime time. right now the network only has white guys in prime time. if he does leave at the end of the week and does not come back from vacation. it is going to be significant for women and women's groups in this country that even the conservative cable news channel in this country did not standby a man accused of sexual harassment. >> interesting, right. >> you know, look, they didn't standby him. >> but it had been going on inside the network for a long, long time. >> thank you very much. >> all right. we're following a lot of news, including the latest on the breaking news about former patriots player and convicted murder aaron hernandez. he has killed himself in prison. let's get to it. >> this is already a victory for the ages. >> it really does shake the republican party into a fearful place about what donald trump means for their electoral
4:59 am
process. >> keeping this seat in the hands of a republican is far bigger than any one individual. >> confusion over the whereabouts of the uss vincent. >> under president trump's leadership we will be strong again. >> aaron hernandez committed suicide behind bars. >> he was serving a life sentence. >> the victims in the story of aaron hernandez, the family of to din lloyd and to din lloyd himself. >> this is new day. >> good morning. welcome to your new day. it is wednesday, april 19th. up first republicans getting a wake up call in deep red georgia. john ossoff almost got 50% of the vote. he got 48%. so close to winning the house seat outright vacated by health
5:00 am
secretary tom price. now there is going to be a run off. but, boy, what a difference from what has usually happened in that district. >> that means that ossoff will compete in june against the distant second place finisher, the republican. karen will join us in minutes with her explanation of what happened there. president trump claiming, though, victory after this high profile race. he called it a win for himself and the gop somehow. a lot at stake on this day 90 of the president trump presidency. >> the president put a healthy amount of political capital into this election and republicans ended upside stepping what could have been a humiliating outcome in a solid republican district. democrats this morning hoping what happened last night is a window on next year's midterm


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