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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  April 19, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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all right, good morning, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. this morning democrats in suburban atlanta are lamenting a victory that has slipped away, a seat that has been held by republicans since jimmy carter was in the white house. john ossoff, all that matters is he didn't win. he didn't get a simple majority and therefore no victory. he faces a june runoff against the leading republican karen handel and she'll have the full
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might behind her. let's go to jason carroll. >> reporter: basically, you have to look at the reality of what happened on the ground. both sides are claiming a victory of sorts here. if you look at what happened with jon ossoff here, basically, he wanted to avoid this runoff election with karen handel, but he was up able to get 50% of the vote. however, he was still able to get 48% of the vote and that's a huge margin for a democrat running in a republican district. he was able to do that in part by making this a referendum on the president. both sides claiming a victory and both sides looking forward to that runoff election on june 20th. >> and there is no amount of dark money, super pac, negative advertising that can overcome real grassroots energy like this. so bring it on. >> they spent upwards of their
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10 million, just on tv alone. $5.5 million compared to roughly 75,000 that i spent on television. so money buys a lot when it's a very compressed race. that won't be the same in the runoff. republicans are united. we know that this is an important race and it will stay in the hands of a republican and i'm excited about the next 60 days. >> karen handel is the establishment republican. she's well known in the district and former georgia secretary of state. what's interesting about the interview she did on "new day." she was asked repeatedly if she thought this was a referendum on the president. she really dodged that question. she dodged that question when i asked her, as well. having said that, the president did call her, congratulated her for her win. also, she said that she welcomes president trump to come here and campaign with her. we should also note that going forward, tomorrow dnc chair tom
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peres will be here speaking at a democratic event that clearly shows that going forward, this event and this special election will be getting national attention on both sides. john? poppy? >> jason carroll, thank you. we are joined by press commentator and cnn political commentator kayleigh mcenany. kayleigh, let me begin with you. one republican consultant told him this race is absolutely an entirely a referendum on president trump. every single vote jon also receives is a rebuke of trump from a georgia six. this is from a republican consultant. what part of this makes you most nervous? >> i don't think that's the case at all. in fact, national review interviewed several voters down there and there were certainly some that were voting against president trump and there were others who said i just knew
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ossoff's name because they poured millions and millions of dollars into this race, nearly $10 million spent on this race alone. 90% of the funding, by the way, came from outside the district. so democrats hand picked this candidate and poured in millions and millions and millions of dollars to flip a district and they failed. they failed at the task at hand and this was not a grassroots uprising and this was a republican victory last night by forcing this runoff and it is not a referendum on president trump and he engaged in robocalls. he was tweeting about this race and he poured his political capital into this race and it clearly paid off. >> the flip side of that, simone, would this race have ever been so close had not president trump been in the white house? remember, mitt romney won this district four years ago by well over 12%. >> 23%. >> 23% four years ago and president trump won it by barely a point and now you have the democrat who albeit didn't get across the finish line and he was running 25 points ahead of
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the nearest republican, simone. >> this just goes to show the map is now different. look, i think it is really important to note that usually democrats only garner 36% of the vote in georgia 6, and last night ossoff got a little over 48%. democrats are in a very good position. there are 94 districts that are more favorable and look better than georgia 6 across the map and that means we have the chance to take back the house in 2018. it will not be easy and it will be a hard-fought battle, but it goes to show that there is momentum and there is potential out there in places where there had not been potential for democrats before. >> all right. so the republican party, the nrcc just released an ad in the wake of this. let's play ♪ ♪ >> so how many here actually live in the 6th district. please raise your hand? that's good. that's good. >> we need to attract more high-tech and research jobs to
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the area. ♪ >> i know you talk, kayleigh, about the money that came in, 95% is from republicans. they definitely should. >> you can't lose the runoff. that would be a huge defeat for republicans. i don't think they will win the runoff because you no longer have republicans, but i do think that they should bone up their funding and pour money into this because the one thing i do think that this shows besides kind of the artificial money pumpeded into this from the democrats is i do think that there is energy among democrats just like the tea party in the wake of president trump's early presidency that came together. there was energy and they wanteded to topple the president and the democratic party. there is that energy there so republicans should not take that for granted. >> but poppy, in this race, the republicans spent $4.2 million against ossoff in negative
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attack ads and karen handel, she barely garnered 20% of the vote. with that said, this is a winnable race for democrats and it speaks to the broader notion that democrats in places like nebraska and places in texas and other places in georgia. people need to bone up and be ready because there are winnable races coming up in 2018 and places that we haven't won before. >> simone, i ask you, democrats or independents. i ask this specifically to you cheekily because of what your former boss said last night. he was asked outright and this was a guy that is extremely popular, he was asked outright if he was a democrat. listen to what he said. >> do you consider yourself a democrat? >> no. i'm an independent, and i think if the democratic party is going to succeed, and i want to see it succeed, it will have to open its doors to independents. >> tom peres, the chair of the
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democratic party was next to him and i'm not sure the thought bubble was boy, am i happy he's saying this. >> the message is this, we should be more focused on people doing the work, what people care about and what the issues are as opposed to having a d and r behind their name and they were putting a d behind his name and someone willing to work with the party and within the party towards the ideals that not just the party, but people all across america, independents and even some republicans actually care about, so i think that is the future of the democratic party. yes, opening it up and we want people to be democrats. we want people that are willing to do the work and work for all of the issues and be the big tent party that we say we are. >> the odd couple act. they need to work on their personal chemistry as they tour the country. simone sanders and kayleigh
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mcenany, thank you very much. breaking news, convicted murderer aaron hernandez found dead in his cell. >> hernandez used to play football for the patriots and he was serving a life sentence for odin lloyd and he was most recently found not guilty on two other charges. what are we learning from officials? they found him at 3:05. >> what we learned from the worcester district attorney's office, there will be an autopsy performed to determine the cause and manner of death, but it all started at 3:05 this morning when aaron hernandez was found unresponsive in his prison cell by officials. he had taken a bed sheet and hanged himself, attaching it to the window of his cell. now, very unusual. he had apparently according to prison officials stacked things up against the door so could conceivably make it difficult
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for someone to get in and they did get in and tried to perform emergency procedures to revive him and 911 was called and at that point he was transported to the university of massachusetts. he was pronounced deceased at 4:07 this morning and so it comes after a great victory for him on friday. victory in that he was acquitted of a double murder. he was emotional in court. i think one of the first times he was ever seen to be emotional. he was hugging his attorneys. he seemed elated. he turned around and looked at his family, his daughter. his young daughter had been in court for some of this trial, but the reality is he went back to his prison cell. he was in general population, a single cell, general population and that's where he is for the life sentence for the murder of odin lloyd which his team -- they'll be a part of this team and they're going to washington to meet with president trump on the super bowl victory and the reality is he's still there. i do want to mention, the autopsy is important because the
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massachusetts state police are investigating so it's important to get the stamp, the cause and manner of death and they want to be ruling out any foul play here. >> the 2013 murder of odin lloyd with aaron hernandez and odin lloyd would be 31 right now. we should remember the victims here. thank you for being with us. you'll want to watch the downward spiral. inside the case of aaron hernandez at 11:00 p.m. here on cnn. a new warning from the vice president to north korea. he tells cnn in an exclusive interview no direct negotiations with kim jong-un. plus the super bowl winners, the new england patriots headed to the white house with breaking news, reports coming out within the last half hour, tom brady will not be there with them. find out why. also, the man at the helm of the embattled banking giant, wells fargo speaking out in an exclusive interview about the fake account scandal that has rocked that bank.
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>> all right. overnight a cnn exclusive. the vice president of the united states traveling around the world in asia, sat down with dana bash for an exclusive interview and he discussed the rising tensions in north korea. >> he issued a stern warning to pyongyang, and says the u.s. will crush any launch of conventional or nuclear weapons and he says diplomacy has its limits. >> will the u.s. actually sit down in any way, shape or form for diplomatic negotiations with the north koreans? >> whether you go back to the agreed framework of the 1990s or the -- >> not that, just looking forward, whatever version it would be. will there be any negotiating whether it's direct -- i mean, you could answer that. could you see a direct negotiation with north korea and the u.s.? >> i think wanot at this time. the policy president trump has articulated was to marshal the
7:17 am
support of the allies in the region here in japan, south korea and china who have taken the position now for decades of a nuclear-free korean peninsula. >> you have your rhetorical strategy down and so does the president, but is it a rhetorical strategy in search of an actually practical, diplomatic approach? >> i think it's -- i think it's imminently practical. i think the president's direct engagement with president xi of china and the fact that now you've seen china turning back coal shipments from north korea, making changes in the ability of people to travel by air from pyongyang into china and other measures that they may well take in the future demonstrates the kinds of hands-on diplomacy that president trump has brought to this and that's what it will take, and the only thing we need
7:18 am
to hear from north korea is that they are ending and ultimately dismantling their nuclear ballistic missile programs. they fail to do that, we've made it clear. all options are on the table. >> all right. i want to talk about this with cnn military analyst retired general, vis-a-vis north coriko they are not ending their nuclear program and what are the achievable, immediate goals? >> john, i have to tell you, i listened to dana's wonderful interview just now, and i think it was brought up when she says is this more rhetoric or is this an action plan? i don't think i've seen an action plan. yes, there are some elements of diplomacy going on and there may be some rattling of sabers of messaging of movements and formations and hopefully getting the chinese onboard, but as
7:19 am
we've said so many times before, this is going to take all elements of national power, diplomacy, information, economy and perhaps even military to persuade kim jong-un to stop the dangerous motions that he's been doing for the last several decades. whether that means he's going to get rid of nuclear weapons, i personally don't see that happening. that is his entire strategy of getting power on the continent. he's not going to back away from that. anyone who understands the north korean mindset knows he needs those kind of weapons to give himself some credentials on the world stage. >> what is the best case scenario? do you think that the united states can realistically hope for? i mean, is it a continued armistice and just a non-proliferation at this point? >> what should the u.s. be hoping for? >> yeah, what i would say having been involved in korea for part was my career, i think the continued status quo right now
7:20 am
with the continued armistice, what's been in place for the last 60 years where there is, in fact, no fighting on the korean peninsula is the best that we can hope for in the near-term. in the long term, there is the potential for continued agreements with the north korean regime to say we've got to quit testing these weapons, threatening your neighbors and in order to get that message across, you have to use, as i said before all elements of national power which the united states, in fact, has been doing for the last 60 years. >> one of the elements of power that was allegedly in play about ten days ago was that the carl vinson, the aircraft carrier was headed toward the korean peninsula and it wasn't. the reason we all thought that is because we were told it was by military officials and then by the pentagon itself. they indicated it was happening and the white house indicated it was happening and the president said an armada was headed and
7:21 am
the carl vinson was headed in the other direction. it is headed there now. my question is honesty and credibility? you have been in important leadership positions inside the military. don't you have to get this right? >> trust is everything, john. that's the key word that's always used in leadership. you have to trust one another when you converse. there has to be an element of integrity. there's got to be truthfulness in what you say and frankly, that's what's concerned me about some of the messaging that's come out of the current administration. we see it every day. in fact, you in the media make fun of it sometimes in the press briefings and we know some of the things that are thrown up on the screen just are not true. that is going to continue to erode trust and it concerns me. i've got to tell you, i love my navy brothers for 364 days of the year except when they play army and football, but this whole thing with this miscommunication, i've been on an aircraft carrier before on
7:22 am
operations. they have access to cnn and fox news. they would have seen these same reports and knew they were conducting operations as part of the australian force. so while all of us were saying, it's great. we're backing up messaging with military, it wasn't happening and unfortunately, had something happened where they needed air power off the coast of korea that navy ship would not have provided it, but general brooks would have had other assets to provide reinforcement and security, but it just wasn't there and that would have been an embarrassment. i don't fault the navy for this. i fault the communication between the pentagon and the white house and what the white house is putting out there. >> it's pretty stunning. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, poppy. coming up next for us, are you a wells fargo customer? the ceo of one of the biggest banks in the world sitting down for an exclusive interview with us talking about that fake account scandal where 2 million unauthorized accounts were
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a quick check of the markets now. the dow pretty flat. you can see it down about four points. this after tuesday's plunge it went down more than 100 points due to disappointing earnings from goldman sachs. how will things look for you today? well, everyone looking at corporate earnings and despite the miss from goldman, profits have been solid among the nation's largest banks. >> this morning the ceo of embattled banking giant wells fargo is speaking out in an exclusive cnn interview as this bank tries to regain the trust
7:28 am
of the american people following a more than decade-long fake account scandal. so what happens to those thousands of employees who lost their job in the midst of all of this and how can americans trust this bank again? i asked the man at the top. >> in the wake of the fake account scandal, 2 million, at least, unauthorized accounts opened ultimately costing some 5300 employees their job, how do you think america sees wells fargo today? >> i think there's a question about the company which is completely understandable, but that's why we're very focused on rebuilding trust, rebuilding trust with our customers, our team members, the communities that we do business in. we've made a lot of changes in the last six months that i've been ceo. we've got more work to do and we're very focused on rebuilding trust. >> why do you think this happened? you're a guy that has been at this bank since 1987. this has been your life in terms
7:29 am
of your work. why did this happen, tim? >> i think it happened because in our retail banking business, we had an incentive compensation plan that drove inappropriate behavior. it created a culture that was very focuseded on selling products as opposed to providing the right service and advice so that was number one. number two, the way that we were organized then versus where we are today is that we had many of our risk functions inside the business. our businesses were oralized gan a very siloed way and that created an atmosphere for this problem. >> when you look at the independent board for this, the words they used were inproper, unethical, common to blame employees without analyzing the root cause. so wasn't it more than just these two dysfunctional things? was it at the core, a system and culture problem? >> those -- those two things that you describe which actually
7:30 am
are very important created a culture in our retail banking business that was inappropriate. >> do you believe that wells fargo put too much blame on low-level employees for the fake account scandal. i don't believe so. i think that senior leadership has taken accountability. by having said that i think that one of the fundamental mistakes that we made was that we had an incentive compeation plan in place that created a culture that was uncomfortable for a lot of people. >> so you don't think that terminating 5300 employees for these actions, and you don't think that's pointing too much blame on folks, on lower level employees. >> on those team members that did something that was fraudulent or violated our code of ethics, no. >> but at the direction of their management? >> i think for those team
7:31 am
members that were uncomfortable that left the company, that weren't happy at the company the answer is absolutely yes and that's why we've got to learn from these mistakes and make these changees. >> some of the folks were doing directly what their management told them and now they're out. they don't have a job. some of them have lost their homes because they can't afford it. what -- what is your message to them? >> my message to them again is that if you violate the code of ethics at wells fargo. if you do something that's not inappropriate for a customer, you can't work at the company. >> almost half a dozen wells fargo workers told cnn money that they were fired after they called the banks, confidential ethics hot line. it's important to note the board report did not find a pattern of retaliation against whistle blowers and these are individual cases and people that have reached out to us.
7:32 am
what was your personal reaction when you heard some of this that there was in retaliation against some whistle blowers. >> so one instance of retaliation from my perspective is one too many. it's completely unacceptable. the way i think about this, poppy is not necessarily the ceo of the company, but as a father, we have three children that are millennials and our two sons are married and think about five millennials and i think that five folks of that age at wells fargo that had a concern and were uncomfortable going to their manager and didn't bring it up to the human resources group and instead called the ethics line. in doing that if they were retaliated against, that's completely unacceptable to me. >> folks have raised their eyebrow, some folks, that your compensation has gone up. your compensation $12.9 million and an 18.5% increase about $2 million more, this, amid the scandal, amid the fact that you do have these 5300 employees that were dismissed because of
7:33 am
this. for folks that have a hard time stomaching that they ask why, what do you say to them? >> first, i have to do a job. i have different roles in the company during those periods. that's number one. independent two, my compensation was impacted. i did not get a cash bonus last year which was, by the way, entirely appropriate because i bear some responsibility for what happened. i said that publicly to our team and to our customers and in addition, was there equity compensation that was vesting this year that was cut in half. >> but you got a pay increase, pretty substantial. >> because i became ceo of the company. poppy, i had a different job and i was the president and chief operating officer of the company, part of the company reported to me. i took on an additional role which was in a new job which was being ceo. >> you were cfo, then coo and president between 2011, 2015 at
7:34 am
the height of all of this and it's at the height of the fake account openings. granted, you were in a different part of the bank and you did not have direct control over the people running this part of the bank, but for folks that are asking, why are you, an insider who has been there since 1987 the right guy to lead the bank in the next chapter. what do you say to them? >> it wasn't my decision. the board decided i wasn't the right person for the job. >> you accepted it. i did. i did because i had the confidence that i could make change in the company. why did i have that confidence? because i've been making change for my 29 1/2 year career at wells fargo. i made change when i became the president and chief operating officer about a year before. when you look at the changes that we've made since i became ceo you can see fundamental activities at wells fargo being done differently. >> the fact that this was happening as the board report found actually longer than, you know, five or six years. they found issues of this coming up as far back as 2002.
7:35 am
the fact that this could happen for more than a decade, a decade plus, do you believe that it plays right into the argument that some make that wells fargo is simply too big to manage? >> i don't think it is. and i think that the changes that we've made and some became when i began chief operating officer about a year ago are fundamental to fixing what was broken at the company. >> was it too big to manage? >> no. i don't think it was too big to manage. what i think is we had a decentralized structure that worked well for decades, but it clearly fostered a culture in our retail banking business that was inappropriate. so what do we need to do? we need to step back and say let's change it. what have we done? we've taken the risk and control functions out of the lines of business so out of our retail banking business, out of our wholesale banking business, wealth and investment management and so on, and we've put those
7:36 am
in a centralized place so that in terms of the check and balance, in terms of managing risk we can manage risk at wells fargo in the size that we are today. >> warren buffett's berkshire hathaway remains the largest shareholder in wells fargo. he was famous for the comments he made in congressional testimony around the solomon brothers crisis when he said lose money for the firm and lose a shred of reputation and i will be ruthless. >> so much of this is about reputation. did you promise warren buffett anything about reputation? >> i promised him that i would do my best. that's all i can promise and i promised him that we would execute on the changes that we have talked about publicly and we would be very focused on rebuilding trust with our customers, our team members and our shareholders. so wells fargo has said in
7:37 am
regulatory filings in the department of justice and the sec are investigating the bank's practices. they tell me they're cooperating with regulators and we'll will have to see where that all goes and we have to talk about politics and his hopes for tax reform with president trump and what he wants to see from this administration. breaking news, we are getting our first look at just mammoth protests taking place in venezuela. we'll take you there live next. [student] i can just quit school and get a job. [ex student] daddy's here. [wife] hi [dad] hey buddy [son] hey dad [wife] i think we can do this. [chancellor] adam baily.
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all right. wa we're getting our first look coming in from venezuela, this is caracas. just huge, huge protests there
7:42 am
and this is after years of a collapse of the economy, food, medicine shortage and president maduro called for the army to patrol the streets during the protests and for his own supporters to stage a counter march. >> stefano is live in caracas for us. what are you seeing and what is the background to all of this? >> reporter: yes, poppy. thank you for having me. this is the main opition march that we're seeing since the beginning of the year and the opposition here has tried as you've correctly said in the midst of an economic crisis that has completely collapsed the social texture of the country and has been trying to oust president maduro for years through a referendum on his power and that move didn't go through because the supreme court blocked it and now they're trying to oust him by straight action by marching and trying to gather as much support as possible. so what you're seeing behind me
7:43 am
is where opposition protesters are gathering together to try and march towards the presidential palace and towards the center of caracas, but it is too early to see if the turnout will be good enough and if the moment up was reached to the opposition and if venezuela will try to enter a new cycle in the most dramatic economic crisis that the country has seen in recent history. >> they're calling it the mother of all protests. you're looking at pictures out of caracas. thank you very much, stefano poczzebonn. also still to come, former president george h.w. bush is back in the hospital this morning. why? how serious is it? our dr. sanjay gupta will join us next. (phone ringing) they'll call back. no one knows your ford better than ford and ford service.
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former president george h.w. bush is back in the hospital this morning with pneumonia. he was taken to houston methodist for a cough that prevented him from sleeping. he is said to be recovering and in good spirits. >> this was the same hospital he was in four months ago and he was dealing with the similar
7:48 am
issue. dr. sanjay gupta, what do we know exactly about his condition right now and obviously, george h.w. bush, an older man, what does it is a that he keeps going back to the hospital dealing with pneumonia? >> we are told that he is essentially in the hospital being observed. he's not in the intensity care unit, it sounds like and he's in good spirits and that was a statement that was released not that long ago. different, as you point out, john, when he was in the hospital back in january. at that time it sounded like it was pneumonia, and a more severe case of pneumonia and he was in the intensive care unit and put on a breathing machine at that time and throughout the hospitalizations of this was the first time that he was put on the breathing machine. it was more serious at that point and he is being given antibiotics now which suggests this is a pneumonia that is caused by bacteria. there could be bacterial pneumonia, viral pneumonia.
7:49 am
he was diagnosed with a form of parkinson's years ago, and you're not as mobile because in a wheelchair and of age, and not that surprising and he does seem to have pretty quick recoveries afterward. >> dr. sanjay gupta with us, our thoughts with the former president and hope he recovers as he's done so many times in the past. we have new developments that could really up end the entire television industry. there is word that there are serious discussions over bill o'reilly and his future at fox news as in limiting that future, perhaps today. there are meetings going on that could determine the anchor's fate. >> the pressure is mounting to possibly nu possibly nix him. host of "reliable sources" brian stelter is here. this is happening fast. board meeting tomorrow. what does your reporting tell
7:50 am
you? >> o'reilly is on vacation. he went on vacation a week ago and fox said he'd be back next monday, april 24th and the network is no longer saying that and no longer confirming that he'll be back on his own show and that's all as a result of the sexual harassment disclosures, the revelations of "the new york times" and the two women that have called the fox hot line in recent days and said they were victims of harassment by o'reilly. his lawyers are fighting back and he has said the claims were meritless. his reputation was known inside fox. a lot of folks at fox thought he was invincible and nothing could ever take him down, but this is a moment where we're seeing a statement by the murdochs and the men that own 21st century fox, that they're not going to cover up or ignore these allegations. >> how will we know? when will we know if it's over? >> so there is a board meeting tomorrow and i think we will hear something from the company tomorrow, tomorrow morning or tomorrow evening or maybe friday, but because he's
7:51 am
supposed to come back from vacation on monday, that's the ultimate deadline here and my sources are saying and even folks that are allies of o'reilly are saying it's unlikely he'll be back. >> if there's no bill o'reilly in the no spin zone monday night. >> that will be the signal. >> 90 advertisers, is that right? had pulled their ads from his program? ultimately, these decisions are driven largely by the bottom line. >> they really are. this is important because of what it says about corporate america and the sponsors who spoke up and pulled their ads from the o'reilly factor. we are here on cnn talking about a competitor, fox news. it's not just about fox. it's about corporate america at large. about how companies respond to charges of harassment and how that's changed over the years. 13 years ago o'reilly was accused of something like this, this was a very public lawsuit, but fox stood by him and kept him on the air and he became more successful and popular and he had fans that would be sorry to see him go, but what we're
7:52 am
seeing is a revolving reaction of corporate america about situations like this. >> keep us posted in the nooks few minutes. the new england patriots are headed to the white house and we just learned that tom brady will not be with them. find out why next.
7:53 am
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7:58 am
attending for personal family matters and it may come as a surprise to some because brady is known to be friends with president trump and coach bill belichick and robert kraft are friends with the commander in chief, as well and there have been four players, guys who said they're not going for political reasons specifically because of trump, but players skipping out on a white house visit is nothing new. brady didn't go during obama's precedence ney 2015 back then because of a family commitment. let's change gears. i got a chance to sit down with perhaps the greatest athlete of all time. michael phelps, 23 olympic gold medals for swimming and what fascinated me was the mindset that separates him from the rest of the pack. he was so competitive he was disappointed after winning gold in rio. listen to this. >> i'm always hard on myself though. i mean, i saw the replay of the 200 finish this morning and they're, like, it was amazing.
7:59 am
yeah. still didn't break the world record. i figureded if i was -- i mean, i figured if i was that far ahead i was going to break the world record, but -- and that was one thing i wanted. i wanted to break one more world record. i wanted to go out with 40 world records. >> so not satisfied. the most decorated olympian of all time and you hear the hunger. will he come back in 2020? he says he's done, but he wanted to break the world record. >> where can people see more? >> we'll post that for you on and check it out. >> do that. coy, stand by because we do have breaking news we want to get to right now. we just learned from the attorneys from the family of aaron hernandez that they want to investigate the circumstances surrounding his apparent suicide. he was found dead this morning at 3:05 in the morning in shirley, massachusetts. his attorney says there was no conversations or correspondence from aaron to his family that
8:00 am
indicated anything like this is even possible. the family wants an investigation and the story aaron hernandez committing suicide overnight. >> we'll have much more of that breaking news ahead in the next hour. thank you for being with us today. >> i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm john berman. "at this hour" with kate bolduan continues now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. georgia was on everyone's minds yesterday and it still is today and likely will be for the next two months now. this, of course, after a very close call or was it a wake-up call for republicans and a near miss for democrats in the georgia special election? the 30-year-old newcomer jon ossoff just missing the 50% mark. we'll show you up here the 50% mark to take -- to win outright and take over the congressional seat republicans have held there for decades and now also faces a runoff against republican


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