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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  April 19, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. here we go. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. let's begin with the white house today pushing back against claims that it misled the american people. press secretary sean spicer a while ago in the daily briefing defending president trump's comments last week when he said he was sending, and i quote, an armada to the korean peninsula when actually the "carl vinson"
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strike group was heading in the opposite direction. >> that's a fact. it is happening, rather. the statements put out was that the "carl vinson" group is headed to the korean peninsula. it will arrive there. >> it's headed there now. it wasn't headed there last week. >> sure. but that's not what we ever said. we said it was heading there. and it is heading there. that remains -- >> why did the administration never clarify? because definitely the intent in the media reports is that it was headed there now and now -- >> with all due respect, we were asked a question -- no, that's not true. what i was asked is what signal did it send that it was going there and i answered that question correctly at the time, that it signaled foreign presence, strength and a reassurance to our allies. that's a true statement. you're asking me why you didn't know better. i don't know. that's a question that should
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have been followed up with the department of defense. the only question that we were asked is what signal it sends and i think we answered it very correctly at the time. >> so the question is, did the president and military misplace an aircraft carrier and other ships? this is how it unfolded last week. >> we are sending an armada, very powerful. we have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier, that i can tell you. >> putting that strike carrier group in the sea of japan, is that a messaging circumstance or is that simply protective for our allies in japan and korea? >> a carrier group is several things. the forward deployment is presence, deterrence, it's prudent. it does a lot of things. it ensures we have the strategic capabilities and gives the president options in the region. but when you see a carrier group
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steaming into an area like that, the forward presence is clearly through almost every instance a huge deterrence. so i think it serves multiple capabilities. >> and i'm running out of time. i'm going to have to ask you sort of lightning round quick questions, quick answers, why the carrier strike force to the korean peninsula. >> well, it's prudent to do it, isn't it? north korea has been engaged in a pattern of provocative behavior. >> as far as the movement of the "vinson," she's stationed in the western pacific for a reason. she operates freely up and down the pacific and is on her way up there because that's where we thought it was more prudent to have her there at this time. >> at the time, it was in indonesia, about 3500 miles away from north korea. the administration is chalking this up to a quote/unquote miscommunication.
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i have barbara starr standing by and also with us, a renowned expert on north korea, a director of international security studies at the woodrow wilson center. barbara, to you first. how do you have this carrier strike group going in one direction and the president and others within the administration saying, no, no, it's going in another direction? how does that happen? >> look, brooke, i think i heard you ask a couple of minutes ago did they misplace a carrier. that's a notion that would be significantly less than plausible. they always knew where their carrier was. this was the plan start to finish. let me just go way out here and offer some military facts. some reporters asked about the exact plot of the carrier. some reporters didn't. it was always known that it was going to go to australia. it was singapore. it was going to conduct maritime exercises with the australians
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and then make a turn north. that is the plan. that was the plan. that continues to be the plan. it's now north of indonesia today headed towards the korean peninsula. it will arrive in the coming days. it will operate between the korean peninsula and japan conducting air operations. it will be a visible signal to both north korea and to the allies in the region. it will also be a visible signal to china which the trump administration is trying to encourage to apply its pressure to the north koreans. the chinese will not be happy about u.s. aircraft carrier so close. they'd rather the u.s. stay away. the carrier is there, a sign of pressure. i don't know where to even, you know, begin or wrap this up. it's been a long tail of miscommunication, miscommunication in public affairs, media relations with the pentagon to the press corps. but the facts, the actual
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military facts simply have not changed since day one. brooke? >> i hear you loud and clear. barbara starr, thank you. to use barbara's word, robert, this miscommunication, what message does that send to north korea? >> well, this miscommunication highlights the risk of miscalculation in the current crisis with north korea and i referred to the current crisis as the cuban missile crisis in slow motion. >> that's right. >> and like cuba in 1962, north korea is poised for a strategic breakout that would be a game changer. during the cuban missile crisis, the risk of war was exacerbated by the risk of miscalculation. i think we have to be very careful in our statements and our general communications vis-a-vis north korea to prevent a miscalculation and an
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accidental drift into war. >> because also just quickly following up on that, we talked about some of the rhetoric from president trump going into the weekend and he said the quote/unquote armada was headed there. god forbid north korea decide to do something without that strike group right there. >> i really would highlight the risk of miscalculation in this crisis because what looks like deterrence, from our perspective, reassuring south korea and deterring north korea from the north korean perspective can look like the prelude to a pre-emptive attack. south koreans and the u.s. forces practice decapitation of the north korean regime in their exercises. it's really -- the situation is fraught with danger because if there is a miscommunication, it could lead the north koreans to take their own pre-emptive action. >> let me move off of that and
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to this exclusive interview with the vice president who is in asia now sitting with dana bash and candidate trump said on negotiating with north korea saying that then ultimately as president that trump would be willing to speak with the leader of north korea and i just want you to hear a piece from dana's interview. >> could you see a direct negotiation with north korea and the u.s.? >> not at this time. the policy that president trump has articulated is to marshal the support of our allies here in japan and south korea and nations around the world and china who have taken the position now for decades of a nuclear-free korean peninsula. >> how is this -- sir, how is this tactic different from what the trump administration described as two decades of failed dialogue? >> the vice president said that
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the era of strategic patience is over. >> forgive me, robert. i've got to go to the president of the united states welcoming the champions from this past super bowl, the new england patriots to the white house. let's listen. >> what a great day this is with all of our friends at the white house. we celebrate the super bowl, new england pataki trriots and thei historic win. [ applause ] and they are champions. before we get started, i want to welcome proud guests. we are proud to be joined by seven wounded warriors who sacrificed for our nation.
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specialist cameron greenstreet. [ applause ] staff sergeant frederick manning. [ applause ] specialist james matthews. [ applause ] sergeant christopher mcguinness. [ applause ] specialist stephanie morris. [ applause ] sergeant major james watson. [ applause ] staff sergeant sheldon warner. special people. and america's very blessed to have you with us. thank you. the new england patriots are big
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supporters of our military and america's veterans. joe cardona -- where is joe? there is he, in his beautiful navy -- thank you, joe. serves in the navy reserves and is a graduate of the naval academy. coach belichick is the son of a navy veteran and bob -- that's bob kraft, wow, you do so much to support our military. bob's been my friend for a long time and he wants to support our military. so want a group of champions, all of them. bob, i want to commend you for building such an extraordinary organization. five super bowl victories since 2002. really unbelievable. and i'll say this right now. george steinburn, as you know, is a good friend of mine and george was a champ, too, but there was a little more turmoil
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in his victories and that's okay. since bob bought the patriots in 1994, they've had more super bowl wins than any other team. no team has been this good for this long. he's built a culture dedicated to winning. and he started it with his coach and i want to tell you, that is some special man. it's called the patriot way and that really starts with coach belichick and i want to thank all of you for being with us. the patriots are an incredible organization and this super bowl victory was a complete team effort. that's the beauty of what they do. they win as a team.
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with your backs against the wall and the pundits, good old pundits, boy, they are wrong a lot, aren't they, saying you couldn't do it, the game was over, you pulled off the greatest super bowl comeback of all time. what a great comeback super bowl. but the greatest super bowl cmeback of all-time and that was just special i think i looked at odds and they gave you less than one half of one percent of winning the game and then the coach said let's go for three. he's losing by so much, he said let's go for three. i said, what is he doing? that was a great decision, coach. i tell him that all the time. the fourth down conversion by danny amendola -- where is danny? way to go, danny.
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the big sack by trey flowers. where is trey? put your hand up, trey. see, he's shy a little bit. you weren't shy when you hit that guy, were you? he didn't mind hitting. great job. the incredible catch by julian edelman. those replays are good. you're starting to like the replay. great going. i think of guys like marcus cannon or matt slater for the
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character and leadership he has shown both on and off the field. malcolm mitchell who as a rookie handled the pressure of the super bowl like an absolute true veteran. way to go, malcolm. good job. ornate ebner who played on our olympic rugby team last summer. pretty good athlete, right? and in brazil he was playing and doing really well and is an all-pro special team guy and player. so, nate, congratulations. where is he? which is a tougher sport, nate? football or rugby? i had a feeling you might say
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that. but everyone played a role and everybody played as champions. it was the first overtime game in super bowl history and it ended with a legendary victory for this proud franchise and for these absolutely terrific players and coaches you had the best record in football with 14 wins and only two losses and that doesn't happen by accident: it takes hard work, dedication and a commitment by every member of the team to work together in pursuit of the ultimate goal, a goal that very few achieve and you've achieved it five times, many of you. and our coach and owner have achieved it five times. great, great talents, great, great people. whether you're trying to win a super bowl or rebuild our country as coach belichick would say, there are no days off.
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and just a quick story about the coach, so i had won the primaries and i'm now in this rather heated election that a few of you have read about and he wrote me this beautiful letter after the primaries, congratulations, he said all sorts of things that really good. it was really a beautiful letter. and it was very close to going before the election and i called up and said, coach, do you mind if i read the letter tonight to a stadium full of people in a very, very big and important state? and he said, you know what, i'd rather not have you do that. could you send it back to me? i'm going to give you another one. i said, no, that's okay. nope, i want to give you another one. now, immediately to me that means he's going to tone it down because what he said was so nice. and you know what he did, he toned it way up. it was much better. it was much better.
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he made that the greatest letter and i did really well in that state. thank you, coach. but he's just a really special guy and he's tough. is he tough, fellas, or a nice guy? a little tough, right? he's tough, smart and has a great heart. so the patriot coaches and these great players have delivered iconic sports moments that will last forever. we're going to watch that game over and over and over. that game will last forever. five super bowl wins in the era of free agency, which is really, really tough. what an achievement. so again, congratulations to super bowl champion new england patriots. with that, i'd like to ask a very special and talented man and a great friend of mine for a long time, bob kraft, to say a few words. thank you all very much. [ applause ]
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>> thank you, mr. president. it's a true honor to be here for the fifth time celebrating a world championship. and every time that we have the privilege of coming here to the white house, i think about the long odds that were faced by our country's forefathers who fought for our freedom and independence. overcoming long odds through hard work, perseverance and, most importantly, mental toughness is the foundation of everything that is great about this country. i am proud that the first time we came here as a team after winning a championship as 14-point underdogs but
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infinitely more important, it was in a season of 9/11, 2011, a time in which our nation showed its mental toughness to rally together and to rebound from an unthinkable tragedy. this year's championship was achieved after falling behind by 25 points. a deficit so great that in the 97-year history of the nfl, over 20,000 games, that deficit had only been overcome seven times. in that same year, a very good friend of mine for over 25 years, a man who is mentally tough and hardworking as anybody i know launched a campaign for the presidency against 16 career politicians facing odds almost
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as long as we faced in the fourth quarter. he percent severed to become the 45th president of the united states. it's a distinct honor for us to celebrate what was unequivocally our sweetest championship with a very good friend and somebody whose mental toughness and strength i greatly admire. and i would like to call upon our coach to say a few words. but before, we'd like to jointly present this to you. [ applause ]
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super bowl li championship jersey. >> thank you. on behalf of the team, the organization, i just want to thank the president and his great staff for just, you know, a wonderful day, a wonderful opportunity here. we've had the great privilege to be here several times but this one, the way we were treated and the opportunities to be in the oval office and meet with the president, sitting inside of the white house, it's been fabulous. so along with the parade, the ring ceremony as a team, the opportunity and privilege of coming to the white house is just one of the great things about winning the super bowl and we're very privileged to be here and we thank the president and his great staff for the
11:23 am
hospitality that they've shown us. also, our great patriot mans, thank you for coming out today. as mr. kraft said, this is really a special team. these guys work incredibly hard all year when we didn't have anything to show for it and as the year went around, a total of 17 victories. they were all tough. these guys are mentally tough and physically tough. they love to compete and know how to compete under pressure and that's probably when we played our best football as we saw in overtime during the super bowl. our staff did so good. i'm appreciative of them. this is a great day for us. it's a thrill to be here and appreciate your support and, again, the great treatment from the president and his staff. thank you very much.
11:24 am
and we have one other presentation to make. a super bowl li helmet. >> all right. so let's jump in. maybe they're about to take a big photo. these are the fun moments at the white house for the presidents to welcome the winning teams and this is especially special for president trump as he has a
11:25 am
long-standing friendship with the owner from the new england patriots and number 45 patriots jersey. i've got a bunch of voices i want to bring in. christine brennan, as our cnn sports analyst, i almost didn't recognize bill belichick in a suit and tie. just how special is this, especially with a nod from bob kraft on his journey to the white house and the presence of so many players, minus a few? >> oh, yes, minus seven, including tom brady who said he had family obligations but the other six are people who were not trump fans or supporters and said so on twitter or social media or what have you. the patriots and donald trump have been linked during the campaign, as trump alluded to, the belichick letter and tom brady supported him and his
11:26 am
wife. who knows. there's all of that and his support financially. also, this is the first time that a team is coming to the white house to visit president trump and that by itself is a big deal. the sadness of it happening today, aaron hernandez being found hanged in his jail cell, of course, he went to the super bowl. so there's so much going on here, brooke. i was lucky to be at the white house with the cubs when it was president obama's last one. there was a sense of melancholy there. clearly here you could see the sense of hope and optimism and the knowledge that probably both cases the patriots think they'll be back and donald trump is looking forward to having more sports teams come to the white house. >> christine, stay with me. as an atlanta native, teary for me, that game. but good for the pats for pulling it through. you don't have a dog in this
11:27 am
fight but let's talk about the fact that tom brady isn't there. he didn't come when they were all invited to the obama white house. bob kraft says this is just being made a big deal from the media. other players didn't show up previous times either. what do you make of that? >> tom brady is obviously the brightest light of anyone on that team, outshining belichick and even kraft and hesitated to say trump but even up there with trump. it's going to be a big keel when he doesn't come. what we know from tom brady is he's someone who has known trump for a while. i don't think he's as close as bob kraft or bill belichick is to trump but he has a relationship, a previous relationship of some sort with trump. do i think it's a huge deal? not really. but i would say, you're going to see more of this when other sports teams, other championship
11:28 am
teams come to the white house. >> you think so? >> yeah. you saw a little bit of it with obama. there were always some people who did not want to come who disagreed with his politics. sometimes high-profile people. i think you'll see a little more of that given the fact that trump basically -- no one doesn't have an opinion about donald trump, professional athlete or not. so i think you will see a little more of it. but the brady thing in particular, i know because he's such a big figure in our culture, it draws a lot of attention. but i don't make particularly all that much of it. >> like i said, he didn't go when the pats won under president obama. dave, sports editor of "the nation," the seven patriot members not attending, including brady, i don't feel welcome in that white house, been there, done that. basic reason for me, i don't feel accepted in the white house. >> this is without precedent and is very much connected to the kaepernick protests in the last
11:29 am
year and the impact of the black lives matter movement. just an hour ago, one of the player who is is not at the white house today, martellus bennett, their tight end, he was doing a live event with chelsea handler saying why he doesn't agree with this administration. chris is right that players did take it off when obama was in the white house but the only one who is did it explicitly was a goalie for the bruins named tim thomas. to have six players say for political reasons -- keep in mind, presidents have had at leads leets at the white house for these kind of events since the johnson administration. n not lyndon johnson. andrew johnson. we've never seen anything like this. >> they were just reminding me -- and we'll get to it, yes, i hear you agreeing with chris
11:30 am
that in addition to other sports teams, other people may not show up. let's play the gronk moment in case you missed it. take a look. >> we'll see what pans out in the negotiation. there's an opportunity -- >> can i just -- >> you need some help? >> i think i got this, but thank you. maybe. >> thanks, man. see you in a minute. hold on one second. all right. that was cool. real quick, how do you follow that? >> rob gronkowski, that's a big boy, offering help. >> i have breaking news. it's not confirmed that rob gronkowski has been asked to join the national security council. that's a joke. >> they do have some jobs opened. thank you all so much.
11:31 am
new england patriots at the white house. let's move on and talk about the president himself, he's patting himself on the back for the race in georgia where the democrat fell short of winning outright. so will the republican actually want the president's help moving forward ahead of the big election in june? also, the clock is ticking fast on bill o'reilly's future in television. sources saying his exit is coming amid new sexual harassment allegations. the host is now firing back. also ahead, a florida state senator goes on a racist and vulgar rant against two of his african-american colleagues. hear what he's saying now. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. [car engine failing to start] [wind blows] yo- wh- ah- he- [gas pouring]
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such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you've got to learn all you can... help protect yourself from dvt and pe blood clots. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. there's more to know. all right. here we go. breaking news on cnn. conservative media's biggest star and the face of fox news is out. talking about bill o'reilly here. we have lots of voices to weigh in on this and how things are moving quickly behind the scenes. host of reliable sources brian stelter is here and dylan byers
11:36 am
in addition to chris cillizza. tell me what you know. >> that's right. we have a statement from 21st century fox. i want to read it to you in full. "after a thorough and full review, the company and bill o'reilly have agreed that bill o'reilly will not be returning to the fox news channel." . this. coulds aft comes after the revelation that they paid out $13 million in settlements to five women who had accused him of sexual harassment and/or verbal abuse. it's hard to explain how stunning this is certainly in the cable news industry. the number one figure in cable news. a very powerful and influential voice and very much the face of the fox news channel. so a very stunning development today, brooke. >> brian stelter -- dylan, stay
11:37 am
with me. brian, there are multiple sexual harassment claims and this multimillion dollar settlement that's came to light. he's been on vacation. he met with the pope. >> today. >> today. >> tell me more about what you know. >> let me go back to 2004. he was sued by a former producer. he paid money. they settled out of court. it went away and he stayed on the air. but a lot has changed in 13 years. corporate america has changed. our society has changed and fox news now hearing other allegations of sexual harassment from other women is no longer able to stand by o'reilly. it says a lot about corporate america and our culture and about conservative media. some of o'reilly's fans are going to be furious about this but he has many, many detractors that were wondering if this could ever happen. if we sat here a week ago and said bill o'reilly may be leaving fox, he was seen as invisible. even bill o'reilly is not invincible. this network now has a decision
11:38 am
to make about the 8:00 p.m. hour. i think we should point out another historical element to this. roger ailes was the founding ceo and o'reilly was his biggest star. last summer, ailes was sued and fox had an internal investigation. two weeks later, ailes was forced to resign. the same thing happened here being brooke. new york times talked about the allegations and he's denied those claims and two weeks ago fox started an investigation. some women called up and said they, too, had been harassed and two weeks to the day the murdoches are taking action. >> there are far reaching implications. chris cillizza, not too long ago, the president of the united states stood by bill o'reilly
11:39 am
essentially saying he's a good guy. >> yeah. and remember, that defense was sort of out of nowhere it came right after "the new york times" story. he offered no real evidence of why he said that about o'reilly other than that they know one another. it's hard to explain how titanic bill o'reilly is they were in many ways the twin heads of the modern conservative movement and the donald trump candidacy as executed in many ways by bill o'reilly. that's no longer the bill o'reilly, roger ailes.
11:40 am
so the idea that -- brian touched on this. it really is stunning, brooke. i don't think you can say is too many times. the idea that roger ailes and bill o'reilly are ousted in similar ways with similar problems is just, you know, the conservative media and it's a big deal for fox and a big deal for which the conservative brand is sort of imagined in this country and that is what ailes and o'reilly did. >> and the time frame of nine to ten months. a megastar, you have megyn kelly, three of them out. >> greta van susteren was a primetime player. >> four. >> this speaks to the idea that fox is bigger than any single star but bill o'reilly was by far the biggest star on fox. he was what the network was built on.
11:41 am
i'm reading out an internal memo shared with staffers going beyond the statement. >> are you talking about the murdoch statement? >> yes. "following an extensive review in collaboration with outside counsel." that means the law firm brought in two weeks ago to examine these allegations. the memo goes on to celebrate o'reilly's success. >> "bill o'reilly is one of the most accomplished television personalities in the history of cable news. in fact, his success is indo indisputable. we have full confidence that the network will continue to be a powerhouse in cable news." so the murdoches are trying to say we'll be fine. we're bigger than any single star. that's true. but at the same time, this has shaken the network in a profound way. there's about to be a staff meeting there at 3:00 p.m. you can imagine what it's like when your primetime star, your 8:00 p.m. host has been accused of harassment by multiple women
11:42 am
who worked at fox and they have been silent for two weeks. the murdoches recognize a lot of change needs to happen at fox. >> cnn legal analyst, ahead of this meeting with the newsroom at fox news channel, we've talked about the fact that there have been hotlines set up and there hadn't been hr complaints but to the defense of some of these women, they didn't feel like they could call in and complain in this roger ailes era. >> none of these women have come forward and reported this harassment to the personnel but the reality is you don't have to. the law doesn't require women to use these official grievance ch channels if they have been harassed. they can make their complaints known via their lawyers which is
11:43 am
what we saw lisa bloom doing on television the last couple of weeks, talking about two of the clients she represents or enter into private negotiations which has caused fox and o'reilly to spend $13 million in settlements. there's a lot of ways that sexual harassment complaints come forward and it's not always through hotlines or through internal processes because many women don't trust them, that the information is confidential and fear retribution. >> dylan, based on this independent investigation, do you think that something else was found, something new just based upon this murdoch statement here? >> certainly it's very possible. again, we should reiterate that 21st century fox was aware of many of the accusations against bill o'reilly that date back over a decade and of the settlements paid out because they were involved in those settlements. there's a good chance that
11:44 am
something else came up in this review. it's also possible that 21st century fox understood that the public pressure was too detrimental not just to fox news but to all of 2 1st century fox businesses to acquire sky broadcasting in the uk. but what they are saying is that this was the result of the internal investigation. they are committed to fostering a positive and safe workplace environment ailes had his own litany of sexual assault accusation is against him. i think there's going to be some doubts among staffers who have to live through this nightmare again about what the commitments of the murdoches really are to fostering that safe workplace environment. >> areva, what about the overall
11:45 am
federal investigation? >> i think it continues. the feds are looking into how the settlements were reported on the fcc statements and whether they were mistakenly or intentionally misreported as income rather than ass as settlements. the issue is, does fox want to see changes? the employers have an ability to root out sexual harassment and they know who they are and that in terms of disciplining for the employees and ridding the workplace of this kind of harassment and it probably goes a lot deeper than bill o'reilly. >> for now it's bill o'reilly and that's where we are. as brian and i were just talking
11:46 am
off the top, he met the pope and he's on vacation in italy. was this a regularly scheduled vacation that was elongated? >> right. he normally takes a short vacation over the easter period. this was a longer vacation. he apparently bought plane tickets to fly to italy many months ago. fox was happy. it gave them a chance to conduct the investigation to find out if other women had similar accusations and to have a cooling off period, essentially. advertisers were abandoning his show. we haven't talked about the financial aspects. many withdrew their ads and without advertisers, all they had were ratings. he does have a big, big audience. o'reilly grows every time, every night when o'reilly is on. he has this massive audience that comes in for him. without advertisers and without the support of his boss, the
11:47 am
murdoches, he did not have much. he didn't have much power. he's over at italy listening to calls from his agents and lawyers trying to fight back but did not have that ability. he was at the vatican today. there's a picture of him with the pope. he'll have a longer vacation but i wouldn't be surprised if we see him on another network some day. some smaller channel who needs or wants him. a lot of fans may be angry with fox. we're going to sneak a quick commercial break in. if you're just joining us, the cable powerhouse star, bill o'reilly, is out at fox news. we'll be right back. tech: when your windshield needs to be fixed... trust safelite autoglass. for these parents, driving around was the only way to get their baby to sleep. so when their windshield got cracked... customer: we can't drive this car. tech: ...they wanted it fixed right.
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welcome back. breaking news on bill o'reilly at fox. this is a statement from 21st century fox. "the company and bill o'reilly have agreed that bill o'reilly will not be returning to the fox news channel." dylan byers, is this the end of an era for fox? >> it absolutely is. bill o'reilly has been the face of fox news. he's very much defined that network for a very long time. even when there were questions about other hosts poe tngstenti defining that network, she is
11:53 am
gone as well, megyn kelly. he had a loyal following and very much contributed to this atmosphere that we've been living in for the past few decades. it's very hard to overstate how significance this is. the question for fox news is, can we find somebody to fill his shoes. the early indication is that they will move tucker carlson into the 8:00 p.m. slot. they have yet to confirm that. they are likely to announce his replacement at a meeting later today. but we'll have to wait and see. all of my conversations inside fox news, they say he's irreplaceable. we'll have to wait and see. >> brian, you mentioned that there is a meeting happening today? >> yes, a staff meeting at 3:00
11:54 am
p.m. presumably rupert murdoch or his son will be there. maybe they will announce tucker carlson will be moving to the 8:00 p.m. slot. i've been thinking about what this means for women who charged o'reilly with harassment or others. gretchen carlson is the woman who started some of this. last july, she sued roger ailes for sexual harassment and retaliation. many people were stunned that they were going up the powerful founding ceo of fox news. gri gretchen carlson succeeded. other women supported gretchen. they said i was harassed by ailes as well. now we're talking about bill o'reilly. but it took one woman, who was laid off by fox, gretchen carlson, to stand up, to sue and to get the attention on this issue. i'm really curious to see what she'll be saying and feeling on a day like today. because there are women at other
11:55 am
workplaces, not even tv newsrooms, other kinds of jobs that have been harassed by their bosses in the past, felt like they were retaliated against. sometimes those stories don't have that kind of ending. today it's an ending that those women, the groups that have been advocated for o'reilly's removal, will feel good about. >> go ahead, dylan. >> we have additional breaking news. fox news has confirmed what the new line-up will be in o'reilly's absence. they will move carlson from 9:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. moving into the 9:00 p.m. hour is the show "the five" hosted by a round table. you'll see a new development in the cable news primetime landscape rather than one host talking to viewers, talking to panels, you'll have a panel of five hosts that includes eric bolling, dana perino and others.
11:56 am
>> and what that means is the network not moving away from its pro trump stance. carlson is a pretty reliable support supporter and the five, pretty reliable sources of the president and sean hannity, the ultima ultimate supporter of the president. this is a test to see how big of a deal was o'reilly or has fox become a brand bigger than anybody. and i think the answer is it's bigger than any individual now. >> we'll have to wait and see. >> more breaking news on bill o'reilly.
11:57 am
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breaking news. i'm brooke baldwin. the most famous face of conservative media, bill o'reilly, is officially out at fox news. this comes after fox faced weeks of pressure to fire their biggest star after a slew of sexual harassment allegations against bill o'reilly. "after a thorough and careful review of the allegations, the company and bill o'reilly have agreed that bill o'reilly will not be returning to the fox news channel." i have an entire panel to go through all of this with. brian stelter, beginning with you on the news, how this is broken and the fact that right now, looking at the clock and saying 3:00, right now across town, everyone is getting together for a meeting. >> that's right. a staff meeting among fox employees who did not think that this could or would happen. three weeks ago, the idea that bill o'reilly could be ousted from his job because of these harassment allegations, it would have been unbelievable. he was viewed as invisible. brooke, a lot o