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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  April 19, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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more news ahead. don lemon joins us now. "cnn tonight" starts right now. >> talk about your no spin zone, bill o'reilly dumped by fox news. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. the end of o'reilly sudden and
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stunning. now the network's top talent is out after more than 20 years. but have we seen the last of "the factor" host and what does this mean for the republican party in the age of donald trump? in into. plus, super bowl champs honored at the white house by their number one fan but it looks like the feeling is not entirely mutual. i want you to compare this visit to the past visit from 2015 to today's photo. i will talk to one patriot who boycotted today's visit. first, wendy walsh and brian stelter and an attorney for a former plaintiff against o'reilly. brian, let's start with the news here. you've been keeping a close eye on this story. >> the murdochs who own fox two weeks ago commissioned an
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investigation from a law firm and wendy walsh made a phone call to fox reporting what she says was harassment by o'reilly. as a result of her phone call, an investigation took place. we don't know exactly what the murdochs found but it was enough to push o'reilly out. he won't say good-bye. he won't be back. his show is no longer called "the o'reilly factor." he's been canceled. i've never seen anything like this in cable news. he was the biggest star and now he's out of a job. we'll see if he goes elsewhere but he's not coming back on fox. >> we'll talk about that more. not only the biggest star for two decades but very influential when it comes to politics and especially the republican party and the president. i understand fox is getting new text sexual harassment complaints by employees even today? >> yes. fox news contributor who has spoken with the "new york times" very privately is now speaking publicly about this. lisa bloom also said another
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woman, a guest on fox, has spoken out public loly today. there's other issues for fox. they fear there's more to come. >> how on earth did this -- why did this -- people asked me, why did this take so long considering the background and all of that? >> it was convenient silence for a long time. >> does it appear that fox execs were complicit? >> certainly fox executives were aware of o'reillies reputation and of some of these settlements but he was a profit engine. >> yeah. and not that they were part of it but they had to know some part of it because they were paying out -- o'reilly was paying out all of this money. >> right. >> wendy, this whole thing started with you and other brave women speaking out about your experiences with sexual harassment since 2002 fox has paid $13 million in five
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settlements. are you satisfied that o'reilly won't be appearing again on fox news? >> i don't know if satisfy is the word. i have mixed emotion because i'm a compassionate person and there's a human being involved. but fox has put the rights of women above the bottom line and as a mother this is good news for my daughter entering the workplace. >> you represented andrea, a former producer, who accused bill o'reilly of sexual harassment in 2004. bill o'reilly settled that particular case. is this -- i mean, fox looked the other way, it appears, for a decade. when i said to him, does it appear they knew about it, does this speak to the power of how powerful he was? >> maybe they looked the other way for 13 years. >> you think so? >> it's very interesting that certain people and i respect your opinion, brian, but i disagree that it had anything to do with the investigation by
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paul weiss because fox news and bill o'reilly both knew exactly what he did because they have seen the evidence. no one pays out millions of dollars because they're a target. okay? bill o'reilly refuses to even be contrite today when he gave a statement that he was -- that he's a target and basically these are unfounded claims. they're not unfounded claims. okay? fox went after me, went after andrea mackris, they sued me, they named my wife in the complaint as a democratic operative who wanted to swing the election against w. bush. they played hardball. they knew about this guy. the money was too great. the profits came before the morals. >> but it does take those women,
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like andrea mackris and like wendy walsh to come forward in order to even get it out there. >> no question. that it not only takes the women, it takes their courage because they have to have a lot of courage because after they come out, they are doomed. they will never work in the industry again. and one of the reasons why the evidence never saw the light of day for the public is because we had to get money for andrea mackris because i knew she'd never work again. >> wendy, you don't agree with that? >> well, i do agree that perhaps ten years ago the cultural climate was very different and i do believe those women were black balled and facing potential financial ruin. i have no financial connections to fox. i teach at california state university. i have a radio show on 640 los angeles. i will continue to work in the media because, don, let me tell you, most of my support that i got online through this last
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couple of weeks have been from men saying thank you for doing this for my daughters and for my wives. it's the men who have rallied behind me. i'm going to keep working. >> it's not just men. there are minorities who feel they are discriminated, afraid to go to hr and say something because they think they will never work again and there will be retaliation. women like you are not only helping women who have been sexually harassed but everyone who feels they have been slighted or discriminated against. i thank you for that. >> there's one other important thing. >> let me get to bill o'reilly's response because you mentioned that first. he's meeting with pope francis on vacation in italy calling it a witch hunt saying it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims but that is the unfortunate reality many of us in the public eye must live with today. i will always look back on my time at fox with great pride and
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unprecedented success we achieved and with my deepest gratitude to all of my dedicated viewers." >> the only word i take exception there is unfounded. i was subjected to two hours of grilling by four fox attorneys. my attorney, david mcgrif, they interviewed four of my colleagues and friends. i also provided them with a lot of e-mail evidence. unfounded? no. they did their investigation. >> the unfortunate reality that many of us in the public eye must live with today? >> he's suggesting when you're a public figure, a television anchor, for example, you face these kinds of claims or even lawsuits from people who expect to get money out of you. don, have you been challenged five times by people who say they have been harassed or you verbally abuse them? >> the only thing you have is you can -- if you're in the public eye, you can give more light to a story by responding
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to it if you think it's unfounded. you can't get into a fight with a waiter because it can end up on page 6. that's a whole different story. if someone accuses you of something this serious and you didn't do it, you fight like hell. >> go on. >> he would call that statement taking the high road, trying to keep his options open for the future. >> actually, he won't take responsibility for what he did. he knows what he did. he won't be contrite. he has never been and never will be in the no spin zone. he is the spin man. totally. and what he did with andrea mackris back in 2004 wasn't enough to get him fired. it took more women with additional courage to come forward. it was very different back then. >> right. >> andrea mackris worked for him directly. she wasn't a celebrity that was
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able to survive. >> i want to get this in really quickly. this is howard kurtz reporting on bill o'reilly's exit tonight. >> rupert murdoch and his sons have emphasized changing the company's culture so any form of harassment is unacceptable. for that reason, some female employees were uncomfortable with o'reilly staying on and pressure escalated once the company asked the law firm to examine the allegations. the move means some programming changes. on monday, tucker carlson will move to 8:00 p.m. eastern and "the five" will go to 9:00 p.m. and a permanent show at 7:00 p.m. and on may 1st, eric bolling launches a new program at 5:00. >> do you think this means they won't tolerate that type of behavior anymore? >> the murdoch sons want a break from the pass and between rogers als and rupert murdoch, a toxic culture and the sons want to
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move on. how and whether they can do that is an enormous question. howard kurtz said some female employees inside fox were uncomfortable with o'reilly staying on. there's a gamut of emotions. many people relieved. >> here's what has to happen. here's the problem. they absolutely must change the system they have to have systems in place very specific where the woman is thought to be telling the truth instead of being an adversary when they report and they should be looked into and unless they change it and put new systems in place, it won't change. >> wendy, i want to give you the last word because the president defended bill o'reilly last week saying he believes he's a good person. i don't think bill o'reilly did anything wrong. would you like to see the president of the united states address it? do you think it was appropriate for him to do it in the first place? >> yeah. i mean, does he have better things to do? we have a problem with korea and
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syria. come on. but i do think these two are birds of a feather and men of a certain generation who thought of women as ornaments in workplaces. and i'm hoping i have faith in the president's daughter ivanka that she is going to do more for women than her father. >> thank you, everyone. i appreciate it. when we come back, the patriots visit to the white house. noticeably absent, several members of the team. we'll speak to one player who skipped the trip. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information
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the new england patriots were honored at the white house by their biggest fan, donald trump. we know crowd sources can be trouble. this is when the pats visited obama white house and on the bottom, the scene today. definitely some missing players. the patriots that some of the players were sitting on the south lawn. good evening. thank you for coming on. i appreciate it. >> no problem. thanks for having me. >> why didn't you attend today's reception at the white house? >> say that one more time again. >> why didn't you attend today's
7:17 pm
reception at the white house? >> for me, it was a personal matter. what president trump said on the bus struck a nerve with me. i'm the father of three daughters and i have a son as well. i can't see myself having any type of interest to go meet this person that said such horrible things and then i have a baby boy, not even a year old yet and i don't want him to grow up to think that saying stuff like that is all right at any point of his life. so, i mean, i have no interest in meeting the guy and i hope he does a great job. i'm an american at the end of the day so i hope he does well. but i just don't believe in any of the locker room talk that he said or anything like that. it just struck a nerve with me. >> thank you for saying that. i want you to listen to this. this is part of the tape that you're referring to. here it is.
7:18 pm
>> i'm automatically attracted to them. i'm like a magnet. when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the pussy. do anything. >> he said that. so many people -- he said it was locker room talk, so many other people said it was locker room talk. you've been in a lot of locker rooms. do you think that's locker room talk? >> i've been in the nfl for a whole decade and played in college football all my life and i've never heard anyone talk like that so aggressively and disrespectfully like that towards -- or about women at all and maybe it happened in a different locker room but anyone who has respect for their parents, their mom, sisters, daughters, you know, would stop that because if anyone said anything close to that near me, i'm shutting that down right now.
7:19 pm
so, i mean, i just -- it's disgusting the way that, you know, he talks about women and i just -- i can't deal with it and that's why i have no interest in going and shaking his hand. i don't want them to view me in a different light because i did that. >> you realize you're voicing what many people have not been able to articulate. what's more important to you, how do you explain to your young son or daughter that it's okay for someone to either grab them or say that they are going to grab them or for your son to grab women because you want to pay maybe a little bit less in taxes or you're unhappy with someone's health care bill or what have you. you realize you're voicing what a lot of people were not able to articulate and do not understand how someone could support the president when he said those kinds of things? >> i don't understand still to
7:20 pm
this day, especially with how many women went out there and voted for him still. i'm a man and i was sickened by that and it still happened. everybody has their free choice of who they wanted but that's not a person i want to represent me even though he is. he is president of the united states. he happens to represent me but i'm not going to go out of my way to go meet the guy when i don't have to. i would lose time with my own family to meet this person. two softball games to meet with person. for somebody to have me miss family time, which i don't have during the season, that's someone i have to respect and, i mean, i don't have enough respect for him to take time away from my kids and my wife to just shake his hand. that's not me. >> and you're ready to face the repercussions of that if people -- if fans don't agree with you? >> i mean, i never been a big
7:21 pm
name so it doesn't bug me none. honestly, i've always been the type of guy that, you know, does what i think is right and even if i happen to be wrong, which i don't think i am, i'll deal with what comes later. but, i mean, hopefully everybody will agree that women should be treated or talked to or, you know, approached like that. so i don't see where anyone could actually say that anything i'm saying is wrong just because it's not about politics. we've had bad presidents. we've had, you know, ones that made bad decisions. and i don't even know if trump is going to be a bad president. he could be a good president, for all i know. but like i said, it's nothing about the politics. it's about the person and what he said and i don't agree with that. >> alan, many patriot players didn't attend today. some gave reason, some didn't. are you okay with players not saying why they didn't want to
7:22 pm
go? >> yeah. i mean, sometimes you just don't like being in the light like that. i happen to be one of them but i just felt like i had to say something just because i don't want my daughters to see me and be like, that's my dad and he doesn't believe in women being treated like this because i don't. i'm very against it and i'd hate for my son, you know, to see me go to the white house and act like it's okay to do whatever you want if you're a celebrity. because that's wrong. no matter who he is, i want him to be a humble young man and do the right thing. >> rather have the respect of your children and the family than the respect of people you don't know, for whatever reason that is. >> yeah, for sure. >> did you see a backlash from the patriots organization for not attending? >> i have not. no. i don't expect to have it.
7:23 pm
if it does happen, i'm just saying what i feel and i feel like the organization is a great organization and, you know, i don't think that's their organization that would give me repercussions for saying something i felt during my own off time and they usually have everybody have their own voice there, as long as it's not distracting towards the season or anything and we're not playing right now, so i feel like i'm pretty good. >> alan branch, thank you. your family should be very proud of you. thank you. >> thank you. when we come back, the white house boycott by some patriots players just the latest statement by pro athletes but should they take a stand or stick to sports? truecar shows you what other people paid
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some members of the new england patriots boycotted the visit to white house. i want to bring in the former patriots wide receiver and jack brewer, a former nfl player. good to have all of you on. i really enjoyed my conversation
7:28 pm
just a moment ago with alan. jack, i'm going to ask you first, why do you say players shouldn't bring their political views into the locker room? >> i think, you know, the locker room is there. it's a team atmosphere. i think the team concept, i was lucky enough to be captain on three football teams and i try to keep political views aside. the team approach is one that is very important and you should keep those things separated. as a team leader, you know, i always looked for opportunities to bring people together and try to avoid any type of divisiveness. and in my opinion, i lead political views and perspectives away from the locker room. >> but what about when the president talks sports? let's listen to this. >> with your backs against the wall and the pundits, good old pundits, boy, they are wrong a lot, aren't they, saying you
7:29 pm
couldn't do it, the game was over, you pulled off the greatest super bowl comeback of all-time. one of the greatest comebacks of all time and that was just special. whether you're trying to win a super bowl or rebuild our country as coach belichick would say, there are no days off. >> so dante, trump announced brady and belichick supported his campaign and tom brady wasn't there citing family commitments. what's your opinion about the president blurring the line between sports and politics? >> i think everyone in this country, the line has been blurred between sports and politics for decades. you know, when we have our men and women of uniform at our
7:30 pm
games, that can be a show of patriotism and a show of appreciation towards their sacrifice of giving their lives for our country. but at the same time, people can view that as political. people view the national anthem at every professional and collegiate and even high school sports and even youth level where they play the national anthem. all of that could be seen as political but i think the biggest thing is when you look at a professional team, the most important thing for a team is to win football games and as part of that you need certain cohesiveness to exist. but as an individual, that cohesiveness can exist if you are not consciously right within yourself so i don't think that it should be an issue, they are
7:31 pm
there to win and i don't think anyone should leave their conscience at the edge of the stadium just because someone else doesn't agree with their views or doesn't want to hear them speak about politics. >> and just because they are a professional athlete. >> right. >> do you see a difference, denise, between some of the patriot team members not going to the white house and colin kaepernick who refused to stand for the "national anthem" last season? >> i don't see a difference because each of them are dp exercising their right to what they believe in. as some people may not agree with how colin kaepernick got his views across, he was able to speak his mind and the same with the patriots players. they don't agree with who is in the white house right now and they have that opportunity to decide whether they want to go or not go and that's completely up to them. we live in an society and a country where we get to choose. so for them to be able to make those stands, i don't think there's a big difference between
7:32 pm
the two except colin kaepernick has made more national news because he was doing it alone in the beginning where the patriots players have -- some of them have forged together and have done it as a group. >> i want to ask you guys about aaron hernandez. this is what the founding editor of espn magazine wrote. "a college football star at 17 drafted at 20, signs $40 million deal with the new england patriots at 23, convicted it killer at 25 and dead from an apparent suicide at 27. as most in sports know, stats never tell the whole story." dante, you overlapped one season with hernandez. is rocxanne right? >> aaron had a troubled past and all of that, unfortunately, came too fruition with the murder of mr. odin lloyd and the
7:33 pm
subsequent acquittal of these other two gentlemen that were in boston. so, you know, as a teammate, i saw aaron as an extremely talented kid. i saw him as a dedicated kid and who loved football. but obviously there were -- there was an incident where he had been living a double life and that's really disturbing not just for someone who's worked with another player or person but i think for anyone. and this whole situation has really been -- i think a lot of it has become lost upon the victims of not just aaron but just the victims of this whole situation in general, including this 4-year-old daughter. >> right. jack, let me ask you. do you think the nfl provides enough guidance for young people, 23-year-olds or so who sign 40 million deals who get these big deals?
7:34 pm
>> definitely they do. i have a lot of experience working with and the national football league provides plenty of resources. one of the big issues, don, is that oftentimes these young people don't take advantage of resources and you know how that is when you're a young person. the national football league provides educational resources and every person that plays in the national football league to have symposiums and funded a million dollar trust for nfl players. so i'm a big advocate for the league and if you really want to take advantage, you can go to school for free and learn a trade for free. the national football league compensation takes care of you. at some point, as an adult, as a grown person, you have to take that responsibility onto yourself. a lot of people don't want to hear that but personally that's my opinion. that's what i've seen with my own eyes and i've seen it with tons and tons of success stories
7:35 pm
of athletes that come from lesser means and do lemore thin on the football field. i think over the past decade you're seeing more and more resources put towards professional athletes off the field and those programs will continue. >> denise, in the case of hernandez, do you think too many people turn their heads to his trouble because of his talent and maybe some folks in the nfl as well? >> i don't think they turned their head. he hid it very well. the nfl does a remarkable job at the columbine. they go through grueling interviews by the teams. they do the best they can when they are interviewing and prior to the draft and coming into the league. no one can be 100% sure that a kid isn't going to get into trouble when they get there. i will tell you sometimes there's guys that get into trouble and they turn their lives around. the league has -- like they were saying earlier, the league has phenomenal resources for these
7:36 pm
kids. a lot of times kids don't take these resources and use them to their benefit. with aaron, i don't feel that people weren't stepping up for him and telling him that he was in the wrong or doing things wrong. i'm sure his agent -- i know him very well -- was probably on him for whatever he was doing that wasn't necessarily in line with the fnfl player but you probabl hid what he was doing because no one really thought of him as a killer. i'll tell you, our office was looking at him to represent him probably eight months before all of this happened and we had no knowledge of a character flaw like that. so, you know, it's one of those things that players like that are few and far between, you know, obviously. but they do exist and it's unfortunate because sometimes they're such chamelians. >> denise, donte, thank you. appreciate it. when we come back, i'll speak to two journalists who say hillary clinton's campaign was
7:37 pm
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this is going to be a fascinating conversation.
7:41 pm
this may be the first detailed look inside hillary clinton's presidential campaign and how she failed to defeat donald trump. jonathan allen is here and he's co-authored of "shattered". i cannot wait to read this. so i have to tell you guys, if you look at the polls, the predictions, the blue wall, everything was pointing to hillary clinton. it's described as an epic fail and titanic-like disaster. do you think people will be surprised by the dysfunction? >> they will be shocked. so little of it was evident during the campaign. she was ahead in the polls for
7:42 pm
so long. within the campaign it was kept quiet this time which was different than 2008 because people were worried they would be punished if they leaked and had some of that come out. we go through in this book literally from the launch point all the fighting that was going on internally. all of the dysfunction that was going on. through election night, she believed she was going to win and this incredible, stunning, heartbreaking for her defeat. >> she couldn't even come out to face everyone. >> that's right. and it took president obama calling her and urging her to concede to donald trump for that to actually happen.
7:43 pm
>> wow. in over their heads, this team? >> a little bit. their message was off from the beginning. we have a tick-tock from what went wrong from the start of the campaign, the launch speech, dozens of aides, outside advisers helping her. that's differently than what you see with a speechwriter and a principle. they didn't have a ground pull. even the speechwriters were confused by that speech. >> she had all of these plans on her website and then it was so much when you look back at the trump message, very similar things. build the wall. very simple things. build the wall. jobs. and just that sort of penetrated where her message was sort of nuanced and muddled that people didn't quite know what she stood for? >> not only people who she was trying to get to vote for her
7:44 pm
but even some of the people who were on the campaign, one of the senior aides said to us that if -- what this aide said was i would have had a reason for running or i wouldn't have run. one of her top aides said that. and for donald trump, it was a very simple message that involved the few issues that were pretty easy to correlate together that kind of came into this idea of america first. the isolationism, the nationalism, cutting down on trade, cutting down on immigration. these all sort of fit together into a pretty to sell theory. for her, she had a position on everything and i think when we talked to sources, some of them said, look, if she's for everything, she's not for anything. >> if she's for everything, she's not for anything. she was -- one of the things i was watching as an observer here from this particular platform was that she was too sort of
7:45 pm
wooden and what's the word, almost -- almost like a hollywood studio had put together a presidential candidate and donald trump was saying all of these things and none of it seemed to penetrate. instead of her saying if that doesn't penetrate, donald trump's a you know what, a jerk or whatever, come out and say it and let her hair down, that never happened and so many people who supported her wanted that to happen. why didn't it? >> it's so funny. what we're seeing right now is what people are calling the real hillary clinton. she doesn't have that whole system around her so she's able to say what she wants to say. there was a whole counter to that. they wanted her to seem likable. they rolled out a whole late-night talk show circuit. she was on ellen. aides always told us, she's really likable behind the scenes. they couldn't quite break that glass ceiling and make her seem a little more likable. >> so let's move on and talk about, we have the pneumonia
7:46 pm
thing, which was a bad move and finally they realized it, just come out and say she's not feeling well. and then you have the comey thing. and comey -- the comey came out and said there was an investigation and later said they found nothing. but at the same time, there was an investigation going on with donald trump that didn't come out. has anyone talked to you about that or does that seem odd to either of you? >> it certainly seems odd. a lot of things that jim comey did that was inexplicable in this campaign. he certainly upset everybody when he decided he wasn't going to move forward to try to get charges against hillary clinton. and then he upset the democrats for reading an indictment against hillary clinton's character. when looking at all of the comey moves, they all trace back to this e-mail server that she set up and whether or not it was criminal, i don't think there were many people who thought it was a good idea from a good
7:47 pm
governance standpoint and certainly not a lot of people thought it was a good idea from a political standpoint to do that. that's an own goal. the news of that came out and it allowed those who questioned her honesty to have something to point to for the entirety -- >> and it took her too long to tackle that issue, to have a definitive answer about that issue. >> that's right. she resisted and resisted. she and bill clinton are basically giving a lecture to their aides because they were angry and not figured out a way. >> i think it's important, there's another nugget with her e-mail. she had her team download her e-mails from 2008. she wanted to know who was leaking and back stabbing. >> this is an interesting anecdote we have in the book. it was part of an autopsy that
7:48 pm
she wanted in the post and exactly who was leaking, where she went wrong. she called in aides to find out what happened and then she ordered a couple of her aides to look and see who was leaking to who and in this campaign we saw a different kind of thing. they swept things under the rug. they tried to portray things as very joyful and everyone was getting along when in reality it wasn't the case. >> instinct continues, new york post right now top story, a witch hunt to find out who talked to us. even after the campaign, even after all is said and done, the clinton folks -- >> stop complaining. that's good for your book. jonathan allen, amie parnes, thank you. i can't wait to read it. when we come back, outrage after florida state senator uses the "n" word in front of two african-american colleagues. i'm going to talk to one of those colleagues next.
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well growing calls for florida state senator to step down, he's under fire for using the n-word in front of african-american colleagues. want to bring in nick who is down in florida following this story for us. florida state senator is now apologizing. explain what happened. >> shameful behavior by florida state senator on monday night when he was having drinks with
7:52 pm
two democratic state senators both african-americans talking about their frustrations with the gop state leadership to which artilis uses vulgarity, six colleagues he called the n-word. the senator we're going to have on was so disgusted with the racial slurs that she stormed off but he tried to justify his use by saying he grew up in a rough part of the town and therefore allowed to use it. last 48 hours very tough for the senators with calls for him to resign but he said he is not resigning but actually seeking reelection. >> nick thank you very much. appreciate it. i want to bring in florida state senator audrey gibson one the senators who heard her colleague
7:53 pm
use that racial slur, thank you for joining us tonight senator you doing okay. >> i am and thank you so much for having me appreciate it. >> of course you heard my colleagues reporting, anything you'd like to add to that? >> well, i think that particular part of what unfolded that evening is the second half of slurs towards me personally, the b-word and the a-hole word directed at me personally and then it turned to den greating the senate president and his colleagues and calling them that nasty n i was just taken back.
7:54 pm
>> what went through your mind. >> i was totally disgusted and in shock. i had already turned my back towards him because he had come to a table that several of us were already sitting there chatting with each other and i had totally turned my back towards him and when the conversation escelated, or not, i justlated, or not, i just looked at him and said what did you say and walked myself b. out to the car. >> i want to play your colleagues apology. >> to senator audrey gibson, i apologize. i am so sorry. for the words and the tone i used with you, regretfully monday night. there is no excuse, nor will i offer one. my comments to you are the most
7:55 pm
regretful of all because they injured you personally. no one deserves to be spoken that way, much less, a person of your stature, dignity, and integrity. i humbly ask that you accept my heartfelt apology. >> senator gibson what do you think? >> i think it was very staged. i never look back but i understand that there was a scripted, those were scripted remarks and so be it. >> is this the first time an incident like this has happen snd. >> it's the first time an incident like this has happened to me personally. when i was in a member of the florida house there was an incident that involved an individual who used an n-word to
7:56 pm
refer to his colleague in south florida and he ultimately did resign his office. >> it is that rights artiles used the end word, ending in a and explained he is from a place with large hispanic population. what do you make of that explanation? >> well there's no explanation for it. the sentiment is the same anyway. and he was not talking to the boys. that is not how that happened. it esclatelated to me talking about our leadership and it was very, very
7:57 pm
disgusting and nasty. >> i have to go senator. do you want him to desiresign ou just want to talk to him? >> oh, i have nothing else to say to him at all. whether he resigns or not i believe is up to the leadership. but he as an individual knows what he should do. >> okay. thank you senator. i appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> we come back and president trump talks tough on iran is it enough for supporters who expected him to rip up the iran deal on day one?
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bill o'reilly out from fox after multiple women came against him in sexual harassment scandal. costing him his job. also super bowl champion new england patriots why some skipped a trip to the white house. shocking prison death of former patriots star of aaron hernandez could his murder conviction be voided over a technicality what would that mean for his family and the family of his victim. let's


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