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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  April 20, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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protest songs ever. they were written well before "this land is your land," which is a quintessential protest songs. it's not celebrating that this land is beautiful and it's celebrating the cynicism that there was a moment in our history where people didn't believe that this land was their land. and songs like what's going on by marvin gay, for what it's worth, these were not protest songs, they got played on the radio. they were part of our collective consciousness and they looked us up and resonated with us and galvanized us. "blowing in the wind" where you saw for the first time whites and blacks holding hands and singing "we shall be released." these were moments that were legacy-making moments that we look back on and see the best of
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who we were and music was there. >> sound miss soundtracks," songs that define history, tonight at 10:00 eastern and pacific. i'm ana cabrera. thank you for rolling with me into the next hour of the newsroom. with president trump's first 100 days approaching, two sources tell cnn a vote on health care is possible as congress returns to washington next week, adding that the white house wants to get it done before trump's 100th day. and that is next saturday. we're also learning top house republicans may be nearing some type of an agreement. discord within the party has put the brakes on this bill a month ago. here we me now is gloria borger and dr. sanjay gupta. gloria, you first. the government shutdown is possible. why this now?
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>> there's something called the first 100 days deadline coming up and the president campaigned on repeal and replace obamacare and that's not occurred. they went back to their districts and they heard about it. i think the conservatives, particularly who let the president down and whom he criticized very vocally, would like to try and strike a deal. the problem s. they've got to walk and chew gum at the same time. they have a government shutdown that they are confronting and they still have the same differences between moderates and conservatives and nobody speaks for either group totally. so i think it's a very, very difficult job and even if it passes in the house, there's no saying what would happen to it in the senate and we don't know what it's going to look like yet. it's still in the dream phase right now. >> it seems as though they were going to vote on this, by saying that, isn't it backing them into a corner?
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>> it might be. i think they have to show that they are trying to do something. that they haven't given up. >> sanjay, you sat down with health and human services secretary tom price. >> it's a big question mark and everyone has an opinion but i asked him that exact question. take a listen. >> sanjay, stand by. we actually have live pictures. we want to let our viewers know what we are looking at. this is president trump as he's greeting the italian prime minister here visiting the administration, visiting the united states. you see them shaking hands and you see the italian flag on the car. they are getting ready for a photo op. they will meet and they are expected to address news cameras and crews here after their meeting sometime in the neighborhood of 3:45, 3:50ish. we expect that they'll be talking about economic issues and security globally and,
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again, this is the italian prime minister just arriving to meet with president trump. we're continuing to watch that situation. sanjay, forgive me for that interruption. i want to get back to what you were sharing with us. >> one of the big questions is in the spirit of trying to move it forward with secretary price very much says that he's committed to still, what did go wrong, what could be corrected, i asked him about that. >> when you look at the last few weeks with regard to this health care bill, what went wrong? >> i think the compressed timeline for the sale of the bill and the fact that there are a lot of competing parts in the area of health care. we want a system that is affordable and accessible to
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everybody and highest quality and empowers patients, if you will. if we concentrate and keep true to those principles, we'll get to that answer. >> he's been at this for quite some time because he's been releasing his own version of the bill for the last several years and what he told me is he wants to spend more time sort of on the retail politics side of things, actually sitting down with the vote. people who have been casting a vote on this and really explaining it to him. explaining it to them, rather, and having more time to do so. >> well, we'll see as this plays out over the next week or so. sanjay gupta and gloria borger, thanks to both of you. a controversial controversy from the campaign trail coming ba being back to haunt president trump. remember the judge presiding over lawsuits against trump university? >> he is hispanic, i believe,
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and he's a very hostile judge to me and i've said it loud and clear. >> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump. a hater. hees a hater. his name is gonzalo curiel. >> this judge is of mexican heritage. >> i think he should recuse himself. >> well, it turns out that same judge, gonzalo curiel, who was actually born in indiana, is now hearing this case of what many believe is the first deportation of a dreamer under the trump administration. the 23-year-old man from california says he was kicked out despite the fact he was protected under daca, a program that gives some legal protection to undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. he left the u.s. voluntarily and now the attorney for this man, juan montes, is asking dhs to release deportation paperwork.
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>> there is a failure to tell the whole truth on the part of dhs. >> joining me is the first undocumented lawyer here in new york. thank you for being with us on this issue. first of all, just your take, your reaction to this case happening to land on the desk of this judge. >> it's alarming and scary to know that no one is safe anymore. secretary kelly and president trump has said they will focus all of their efforts on violent criminal records and we have this case where a dreamer not only was deported but he was just -- had no -- wanted to get his wallet to show that and all of a sudden three hours later this student, this young person, was detained and deported. it's very scary. what we're seeing now is an aggressive, aggressive attack on immigrant communities and
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american families to know that this president is willing to go after everyone and that's alarming to not just undocumented immigrants but to anyone. who is next? >> you see this as a precedent-setting case? >> well, we have that and we have not only that but we have seen from january to march president trump has amped up his enforcement on immigration, on immigrants, specifically has doubled the deportations of people with no criminal record as opposed to under president obama. so this is a pattern, as mentioned, of an aggressive deportation machine. >> and in terms of the fact checks, we looked back at the history under president obama. what we're seeing is similar in terms of percentages and numbers under president obama back in 2014. but to your point, there's been an increase over the past couple of years when you're looking at the same time frame, january or march or so. getting back to judge curiel now taking on this case, it's important for us to notify the viewers that this is not -- the judge is not going to rule on
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this specific deportation and the fate of this dreamer but rather is being asked to rule on getting access to the deportation processing documents. so how do you see this playing out? >> well, right now we're seeing that a judge is going to listen to the case but it's what we have to focus on, that president trump is misleading the american people on every issue, whether it's on him saying that he's not going to detain law-abiding immigrants, productive people, to also the fact that he's saying that we are going to buy american and yet president trump businesses are buying from china. so the concern is that he's misleading the american people and right now we're seeing a climate of fear from immigrant families who are afraid to go to school, afraid to go to the hospital, and that's why it's so important for cities, new york and states, to ensure that they are pushing immigration enforcement agents because they are interfering with processes that the state has to see whether it's an immigrant who was afraid to go pay a traffic ticket and i think that's the concern that we're seeing that
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we need to make sure that states step up to ensure that we resist donald trump's aggressive attack on immigrant and american families. >> cesar vargas, thank you. >> thank you for having me into new evidence that china has put its forces on high alert preparing for an event involving north korea. details ahead. plus, a state senator apologizing for a racist and sexist rant against two of his colleagues. well, those colleagues who heard the rant join me live. and we are moments away from president trump's news conference with the italian prime minister. he'll face reporters coming up. stay with us. truecar shows you what other people paid
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made daily life a guessing game. will i have pain and bloating today? my doctor recommended ibgard to manage my ibs. take control. ask your doctor about nonprescription ibgard. cnn is now learning that china has put its military forces on high alert. this comes as north korea has increased threats over the possibility of a pre-emptive strike and amid confusion over the u.s.' response. we're told that the aircraft carrier, the uss "carl vinson," is extending its deployment by 30 days. the confusion about the ship's movement leading to accusations that the u.s. is bluffing.
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joining me now is a former commander of the "uss cole" and you may remember it came under attack 17 years ago ending with 17 american sailors dead. i want to get your reaction to these reports that china has put its bombers on high alert. >> ana, thank you for having me on the show today. when you look at china, they are just taking a prudent move as a precaution. clearly north korea was making preparations to set off a nuclear weapon. you still have the rhetoric up there. i'm not so much worried about the issue of where is the "carl vinson." there's a degree of operational security that needs to be taken into account. >> now, as far as the "uss carl vinson," here's what the president said was happening nine days ago. >> we are sending an armada, very powerful. we have submarines, very powerful. far more powerful than the
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aircraft carrier, that i can tell you. >> the "uss carl vinson" is still not there. was that misleading? >> i don't think so. the united states needs to realize that just like us back in october, the nor koreans are in the -- >> i'm sorry to interrupt you. let me pause for a moment so we can listen in to the president with the prime minister of italy. >> there's a long discussion and honor to have you. thank you. >> thank you, mr. president. i'm really pleased to be here. i will say i'm waiting for the president's visit in sicily. >> yes, i look forward to that very much. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you.
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>> that was just moments ago. the president shaking hands, smiling in front of the cameras with the prime minister of italy, paolo gentiloni. he said good to be here, smiling with the president. now they'll have their discussion and we anticipate additional remarks from both of them following their meeting. back to our current conversation, again, this is the commander -- former commander of the "uss cole." thank you for being with us. we were talking about the trump administration and what it had put out as a message of what was happening wiof the "uss carl vinson" when the ship was nowhere near where the administration led us to believe. >> there's two things to consider. one, south korea is in the middle of a very heated, very contentious presidential election coming up on may 6th where the country needs to decide a new leader. it's very, very difficult for
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them right now because the president had just ousted and arrested and the charges are shaky at best, according to some folks. when you look at it, the other thing that people need to realize is that military forces need the flexibility to be able to go places without the american public knowing about that. i think most americans realize that. when it came to the "carl vinson," while what the president was accurate in a general sense, if you take him at every word literally, which many people want to do for more political purpose than the reality, then guess what, they're going to find it very difficult because these days we have to go by the motto of, loose lips sink ships. now it's random tweets sink tweets. we don't need to know if the carrier is going to be there. >> so would you like the administration to scale back some of the rhetoric and the
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tweets we're seeing from the president? >> i think at this point it would be prudent for everybody to take a step back. i think when you tend to tone down the rhetoric, it carry as big stick but walk silently or very, very close. i think that would be helpful regarding what is going on in the peninsula right now. >> commander, i wish we had more time. thank you so much for spending some of your day with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, ana. more breaking news to get to. we're getting word of an ongoing police operation right now in paris. we'll have more details coming up next.
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we have breaking news.
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ongoing police presence in paris right now, the champs elysees. tell us more about what is happening there, melissa. >> reporter: well, we're just about the champs-elysees which has been closed off. dozens of police cars have made their way up this very busy area. perhaps you can see further up the champs-elysees. no one apart from the police on this avenue. you can see the trucks up there. the armed riot police are making their way up and down the avenue ensuring that it is entirely blocked off to anyone who might want to have a closer look. for the time being, very sketchy details. it was about 25 minutes ago, half an hour ago, that we heard fireworks. it might have been something
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more serious than that. a number of reports have been coming through about what might have gone on down there. we've seen dozens of police trucks heading towards the center, the middle there of the champs-elysees. we've seen emergency vehicles with doctors, bringing doctors to the scene as though someone may have been injured. no confirmation from police about what happened. they have put out an official warning for parisians to stay away from champs-elysees. >> you said you heard what sounded like fireworks. our affiliates are reporting that gunshots were heard and perhaps policemen may have been injured. tell us more about this area. >> reporter: this is an avenue, the most famous avenue in the world and at this time of night it's packed.
12:26 pm
until about 20 minutes ago, it was just that. there are hundreds of cars on it at any point in the day or night and hundreds of people walking up and down. i'll show you once again how empty it is. the police have really come in and gotten everyone off this street within a matter of minutes. perhaps you can see the pavements themselves are completely empty apart from the heavy armed riot police and on the avenue itself, which is entirely blocked off, all you have are those dozen or so police trucks that came in here full of armed riot police, as i say, about 20 minutes ago. we heard what may have been the gunshots. we assumed it was fireworks. that was about half an hour ago. this closure of this avenue has really happened incredibly quickly. of course, france remains on high alert. we are still living in a state of emergency and will be until july as a result of the terrorist attacks that have all too savvy become a regular feature of french life. this is a particularly tense
12:27 pm
moment. we're a few days away from a general election. we've been warned by authorities that extra police, extra soldiers would be on the streets to ensure that france remained same during this presidential race. what seems to have happened here in the last half hour, and we're waiting to get confirmation, there are reports that a police officer may have been shot down there tonight. what appears to have happened is that the call of the last few weeks may have come to an end here in paris this evening. >> melissa bell, stand by. i want to bring in cnn international anchor hala gore ran kn gorani. we're following a breaking news situation in paris. a major police presence around champs-elysees. tell us what you know about this area in terms of security presence and past incidents, that type of thing. >> well, this is obviously, if there was one ftarget in paris,i
12:28 pm
have the eiffel tower and then the big avenue of the champs-elysees. you obviously have movie theaters, shops, restaurants all along this avenue. what we're hearing now, according to french reports, is that two police officers have been injured in a shooting. now, we don't know if they were injured as a result of being shot, if someone came at them with a knife or for whatever reason shots were fired after an attacker sort of tried to assault police officers. we've seen that happen in the louvre in paris as well. just a few days ago, police foiled what they called a, quote, imminent attack before the presidential election. tonight is an important night, ana, because there's a huge 11-person television event featuring all of the presidential candidates. sunday is the presidential election. the front-runner is a centrist
12:29 pm
politician but very, very close in the polls after him is marine le pen, a far-right candidate, who has spoken a lot about the terrorist threat. she's anti-immigration. she wants to close the borders. these type of events are frightening parisians and french people across the country. there were these terrible attacks at charlie hebdo. we don't know what else, ana. two police officers injured. a massive police presence. and pedestrians and ordinary visitors and tour rough ists ha told. >> some of the different candidates who are part of this election, 11 different
12:30 pm
candidates, now in terms of the lead-up to this big presidential election, have we seen there an increase in any kind of confrontations between different groups that are campaigning for their candidate? >> no, but we're seeing obviously these major security and terrorism themes brought up by the candidates because they are important to french people right now. and it's mainly the far right candidate marine le pen who is talking about this terrorist threat because she is linking it to mass immigration and the refugee crisis and she's hoping to score political points by putting it in that context, if you will. but it is an important time because the incumbent president of france, francois hollande, is not running again. so no matter who wins, a member of his party or another, it will be a complete new leadership in france and it comes at a time where this populist fever is
12:31 pm
sweeping europe with brexit first and then with the election of other politicians across the continent and now it's france's turn. this is probably the most important political event in europe this year. because whoever wins this election on may 7th, the first round is this sunday, will determine the future of france and possibly the future of europe. as we continue to see these images from the champs-elysees, these incidents and violent acts could have a big political impact. and by having a big political impact, it could impact the country and also the much wider region. >> hala gorani, thank you for giving us a good perspective on why this event, regardless of what it is right now, there could be an impact on the upcoming election as we continue to follow this breaking news. shots fired in paris, according to our cnn affiliate. a major police presence right now around the well-known
12:32 pm
champs-elysees. continuing coverage of this breaking news story with jake tapper and "the lead" which picks up our coverage from here. i'm jake tapper. we're taking over early to bring you cnn's special live coverage of president trump's news conference with the italian prime minister paola gentiloni. there is breaking news, as you just heard, a shooting in paris in the area of the famous champs-elysees. a cnn affiliate is reporting that two police officers have been wounded in this event. authorities are telling people to avoid the area altogether. lines of emergency vehicles are on the scene. obviously paris has experienced much terrorism in the last few years. let's go to cnn international correspondent melissa bell who joins us now live from paris.
12:33 pm
melissa, what do we know about the shooting at this early stage? >> reporter: what you're seeing here, jake, are pictures from the cnn balcony overlooking the champs-elysees. massive police presence and has been entirely closed off by police. it was about 40 minutes or so now that we heard from here what i assumed from fireworks and now realize it may have been something far more serious, within minutes the champs-elysees was entirely closed off as police trucks have come in in greater and greater numbers with a huge number of riot police making their way up and down the avenue. fairly violently moving pedestrians to get them out of the way until the area could be secured. we've also seen within the last ten minutes or so, jake, cars bringing doctors as well leading us to believe, as we've been hearing from french reports and have yet to get this confirmed
12:34 pm
ourselves, there may have been a shooting up there. there may have been someone wounded and french press are suggesting that the target may have been the police themselves. that we have yet to confirm. what we have heard from the police is that they are urging people to stay away from this entire area, jake. >> and it is about 9:35 p.m. in france right now. france obviously, paris in particular, has experienced quite a bit of terrorist activities in the last couple of years. there was the "charlie hebdo" attacks and the incident in nice where the truck barrelled through the crowd and many more small incidents. this was the most recent one for our country that is already on edge, i would imagine, melissa bell. >> reporter: on edge, jake. and also still living under a state of emergency. we've covered together a number of those attacks over the course of the last couple of years and that's led france to place
12:35 pm
itself under this special state of emergency. police and military have special powers. we were told we're just a few days away from a presidential election here in france. authorities have said they would put extra police and soldiers on the ground to ensure france's security. we've become all too used to these kinds of attacks. the larger scale attacks really seem to have been a thing of the past. what we've seen more recently have been smaller scale attacks by sort of lone wolves going out on the ram papage on their own. we have no idea who was involved here tonight or what they were hoping to achieve but they seem to have caused more chaos than we've seen over the last few weeks. i say this with just a couple of days, three days away from a general election that has the country on edge and a country that's been living this for too long. for the time being, we know there's been a major incident on this road. we heard ourselves what we assumed were fireworks but may
12:36 pm
have been an attack aiming at the police and the policemen may have been wounded or even killed. >> if you're just tuning in, we are paying attention right now to a number of major stories but right now we're focused on shots fired in paris on the champs-elysees, the local french reports cnn has not confirmed this, but local affiliates have reported that two french police officers have been wounded. the entire champs-elysees, a boulevard, this specific stretch we're talking about is a little over a mile, has been shut down. and melissa bell -- i'm sorry. in my ear i'm being told that one of the police officers -- at least one of the individuals involved in the shooting has been killed. one person is dead. the attacker has been taken down. in terms of who is dead, we don't know right now if it's the attacker or one of the policemen
12:37 pm
or someone else. now i'm being told -- sorry. this is a developing story. one policeman has been killed. one policeman has been killed and another wounded and an attacker has been taken down. let me go back to melissa bell in paris, france, for cnn. melissa, we're now learning that oe of the policeman has been killed and that the attacker has been taken down. >> reporter: right. what we didn't know is whether that sound we heard 45 minutes ago, attempted assumed were fireworks and now we realize were gunshots, was that on the part of the man attacking or the police dealing with an attacker in the middle of the champs-elysees. clearly, a serious incident here in the heart of paris. the scene, as you say, the entire champs-elysees, entirely closed down. this is just with a couple of days to go before france's presidential election and in a country that has been on edge and under a state of emergency
12:38 pm
for months now. we don't know anything about who was involved in the attack and whether, as i say, those gunshots that we heard earlier was a result of the police trying to get an attacker under control or whether the attack was carried out with gunfire. it's a reminder as well that however you try to police the streets, however vast the police presence that is out there, it is very difficult to keep all parts of the country and even those in the very heart of the capital, the champs-elysees safe at all times. jake? >> of course, one of the major themes in the french presidential election will be on sunday. one of the major themes from far right candidate marine le pen is that there are too many immigrants in france and with those -- with the refugees, with immigration comes terrorist
12:39 pm
activity. some of the terrorists have indeed been individuals that have come in through migration programs and others were home-grown. but no doubt this will resonate with a certain number of voters. >> reporter: absolutely. marine le pen, the far-right candidate, one of the two candidates currently leading the polls here in france, really has presented herself as the law and orlando candidate, the protection of the french and protection of terrorism, the fight against islamist terrorism at the heart of her program. this will, of course, if it turns out to be linked in any way to those issues, prove to be incredibly timed from her point of view and will no doubt put all of these issues at the heart of the campaign that has been
12:40 pm
dominated by a result of what we've seen in the last few years. we don't know what sort of attack this was, what the motivations of the person who obviously tried to cause harm here on the champs-elysees, whether several were involved or a single individual. these are all questions that we hope to have answered fairly quickly. we're trying to reach out to the police and authorities to get all of those facts confirmed. even now for the time being, we know there was some kind of attack. we know there was gunfire here tonight and that one or more people may have been taken down by the police after carrying out that attack in the middle of the champs-elysees -- it's gone dark now, but at the time we were still in daylight. champs-elysees was packed. hundreds of pedestrians and cars on one of the liveliest streets in the world. a lot of people would have witnessed something fairly shocking. >> thank you so much. i want to go to hala gorani in
12:41 pm
london. what are you learning about the shooting? >> we're hearing from our affiliate that one of the police officers who was injured in this attack has in fact lost his life. he's been killed. the toll that we have is one police officer killed, one seriously wounded and an attacker, quote, taken down as this massive police operation continues. you're not used to seeing the champs-elysees like this. police vans, one after another, bumper to bumper with their lights flashing there as this big police operation continues to unfold. you know, it's not a massive surprise that an attack has taken place on the champs-elysees. authorities in france said they foiled a, quote, imminent attack on sunday. just a few months ago, authorities told us they foiled an attack in the south of france. there was the louvre museum, a
12:42 pm
man flown here, an egyptian national, tried to stab a soldier as part of this anti-terrorism sort of big anti-terrorism plan that they have in france in the louvre. he was taken down as well. so this threat is very real in france. attacks are taking place. sometimes they are foiled. sometimes attackers get through it and it appears that this evening on the champs-elysees, some sort of very serious incident took place that led to the loss of life of at least one police officer, jake. >> hala gorani, thank you very much. we're going to take a quick break. if you're just tuning in, there's been an attack of some sort of the champs-elysees. one policeman has been killed. one policeman is wounded. stay with us.
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i'm dr. kelsey mcneely and some day you might be calling me an energy farmer. ♪ energy lives here. . . . this is "cnn breaking news." . welcome back. we're back with the breaking news story out of paris in the area of the famous champs-élysees, a world famous boulevard in paris.
12:47 pm
cnn affiliate, bfm tv is reporting an attack. one police officer has been killed by the attacker, one was wounded and now we're learning from the same cnn affiliate, bfm tv, the shooter was shot dead. champs-élysees has been closed. there is a massive police presence there. authorities are telling people to avoid the area, not that they could necessarily get there if they tried. another news story going on right now is we are waiting, and just moments president trump will hold a joint news conference with the italian prime minister at the white house in the east room and we will bring it to you live. i want to bring you in right now cnn chief national security correspondent jim sciutto to bring us up to speed with more information. charting with the charlie hebdo attack, the attacks in nice, france last summer, this is unfortunately all too familiar
12:48 pm
in france. >> reporter: no question. i think for an american audience, the level of the threat l in paris in particular but in france, across the country, is just an order of magnitude you can say larger to some degree than here. the u.s. certainly under threat, but the number of jihadis in that country is off the charts, and because of that extremely difficult for frerc difficult for french authorities to track them. many of the attackers were known to the authorities, they don't have the resources to follow everyone. that's the challenge at hand. u.s. authorities, we know with this attack are in touch with their french counterpart. there's an extremely close counterterror relationship, an intelligence sharing relationship. the fbi has an office and representative inside paris, as do other intelligence agencies, et cetera. they are constantly sharing. and in the wake of the paris attacks, they ratcheted up that level of intelligence sharing exactly to help france try to
12:49 pm
thwart attacks like this one we're seeing here. >> all right. jim sciutto, thank you so much. our other big story this hour, moments from now president trump is expected to hold a joint news conference with italian prime minister paolo gentiloni. cnn jeff zeleny is in the east room there. jeff, i don't know how much president trump would adapt his message, depending on the developing news and whether or not he would talk more about terrorism than, for instance, syria. what do you think we're expecting to hear from the president? >> jake, that is certainly possible. i am told by a senior white house official the president is aware of this. the white house, of course, is aware of the shooting, unfolding situation happening right now in paris. the two leaders are meeting at this moment in the oval office. the italian prime minister has been here at the white house for about an hour or so, just as this news has been developing and breaking from paris. so we certainly -- i certainly would expect the president to address this, potentially in his remarks or maybe even in the
12:50 pm
q & a that he will be getting, yak. of course, the topic of this, this meeting is coming one moment before the president will take his first trip abroad as president, and one of the stops will be at the g7, the summit meeting of the leaders of the seven industrial nations. so, of course, terrorism, refugees, all at the center of this, and that's one big difference, of course, between these two leaders, among many, many others, jake. we will see how the president addresses this, if he does here at the white house. it is yet another world leader that is paying a visit to the president, his first meeting with the prime minister here. jake, it should be underway here, their press conference, shortly. they have been meeting privately in the oval office for a little while now, jake. >> jeff zeleny, thanks. please stay with us. i want to bring in my panel to talk about the developments, and obviously if we get new information from paris we will bring it to you immediately. let's start on the subject of terrorism, mr. kirby, just because i know this has been a preoccupation of this president,
12:51 pm
in particular it was one of the main arguments he had when campaigning for president about, is that the government is not doing enough to protect you from terrorism. obviously his immigration and travel ban and refugee ban is part of that. in terms of combat interroriter other ways, we've seen an attack, a u.s. strike on syria, although it was against assad forces, an attack in afghanistan against isis. is there any other substantive way that there's been a change in u.s. counterterrorism policy? >> i haven't seen any of the substantive, tangible change in terms of the way we're going after combatting the terrorist fight, i mean, except that with respect to syria if the fight there against isis, the white house has indicated that they would be willing to maybe increase the number of american troops on the ground. as you know, jake, we've only got about 300 or so special operations forces. they're exploring the idea of maybe putting more advisers and
12:52 pm
sisters on the ground. other than that, i haven't seen a major muscle movement change in the way they're dealing with this. obviously if it turns out to be a terrorist attack, who knows what it could propel in terms of differences. >> mary catherine, speaking withwith a european official in the past week or so and the term that the official used to describe president trump and his foreign policy was weather vein and they didn't know where he would be pointing on any specific day. two or three weeks ago his posture when it came to syria, when it came to russia seemed quite different than it does today. this seems like a challenge for the people who are trying to implement the president's foreign policy, and then it changes. >> yeah, i think it is. he also seems to hand off speaking about it more recently to mcmasters and to rex ti tillerson and have them take the front seat on this, nikki haley also, which many look at and go, i trust those people as actors. many looked to donald trump and said, there are many risks here but i believe he sees problems
12:53 pm
here and one of them was the problem of terrorism. they felt he was a guy that would approach foreign policy and say, i do have this carrot, enjoy your carrot, but i have this stick and i'm willing to use it. i think the tone change is what people were looking for in that vein, but the weathervane becomes part of it. it is unpredictable but worrying sometimes. >> jen saki, as somebody that worked at the white house and the obama administration, what are the difficulties of working with allies when it comes to terrorism? obviously you would hope everybody is on the same page, you would hope everybody has the same sense of purpose, but it is much easier said than done. >> that's true. i think one of the biggest challenges the trump administration has is that they're not all singing from the same song sheet, and that being abouts very difficult wh -- and that becomes difficult when you go to international meetings, donald trump is heading out on his first trip in a couple of weeks. i think a lot of allies and partners around the world are looking at the comments of tillerson and looking at the
12:54 pm
comments of mattis, and they're slightly different, and then there's nikki haley and there's donald trump. so there's a lack of clarity on what the united states' positioning is on military force, on what our diplomatic plan is as it relates to next steps in syria. so i think they're creating a lot of confusion, that they're going to have to grapple with if they're going to continue to be a world leader. one other point i would make is, you know, donald trump has been -- part of his message has been delegitimizing international institutions, many that the united states helped to create and form. bill burns wrote an interesting piece about this this morning, and that also sends a strange message. so i expect when he travels overseas, ivanka is going overseas later this week, those will be big questions they are to answer. >> if you are joining us, we are keeping tabs on two big stories. one, president trump is going to have a joint press conference with the prime minister of italy. we will bring it to you live. also, there has been some sort of attack in paris on the champs-élysees. the attacker has been killed,
12:55 pm
one policeman in paris, france has been killed, another policeman has been wounded. when we get more information from paris, we will bring that to you as well. so, admiral kirby, you are a former state department spokesman for a long, long time. i'm sure you have relationships with people in the international community here in d.c. as well as abroad. what i'm hearing when i talk to our european allies is right now they are grateful that president trump is in a place where he says, i used to think nato was obsolete, it is no longer obsolete. obviously their concern is that president trump and the white house and the u.s. government would walk away from supporting nato, would walk away from any support of the european union, and these we know that putin wants both of those institutions to dissolve so he can have more control and power over different parts of europe, ee special eastern europe. what i have heard now is gratitude but it is a wary
12:56 pm
gratitude. they're uneasy and unsure how long president trump will support nato and support alliances with countries like germany and france and italy. >> i think you heard that exact tone in prime minister paolo gentiloni at a think tank where he praised the strike in syria but quickly followed up with, now we need to work on a diplomatic solution to that conflict through multi-lateral mcisms. that's exactly right. i think they are applauding some of the decisiveness but they're picking up on the mixed messages jen talked about and they're a little confused. i think one of the things paolo gentiloni is going to want out of this -- >> speaking of paolo gentiloni, here is the prime minister of italy and president donald trump. let's listen in. >> thank you very much. prime minister gentiloni, welcome. a great honor. thank you. it is wonderful to have you in
12:57 pm
our wonderful people's house known as the white house, and so many great italian friends are with us today. and we renew always the deep ties of history and friendship that link together the american and the italian peoples. that history traces its roots to the timeless contributions of italy, to civilization and human progress. so true. stretching all the way back to ancient rome, through the ages your country has been a beacon of artistic and scientific achievement. that continues today. from venice to florence, from verdi to pavaroti, a friend of mine -- a great friend of mine -- these bonds of history and culture have only grown
12:58 pm
stronger as our two nations have become close partners, dear friends and very vital allies. mr. prime minister, i'm thrilled that you are here today to discuss how we can make this great relationship even more productive in the years to come. on the economy, italy is one of america's largest trading partners. a lot of people don't know that. we both seek a trading relationship that is balanced, reciprocal -- i love the word reciprocal because we don't have too many reciprocal trading partnerships, i will tell you that, but we will very soon -- and fair, benefitting both of our countries, and we can work together to achieve that outcome -- and that will happen. italy is also a key partner in the fight against terrorism. italy is now the second largest contributor of troops to the conflicts in iraq and
12:59 pm
afghanistan. i would also like to thank you, prime minister, for your leadership on seeking stabilization in libya and for your crucial efforts to denisis a foothold in the mediterranean. you fought hard. we are grateful for your roll in the anti-isis campaign. all nations must condemn this barbaric enemy and support the effort to achieve its total and complete destruction. also as you know, mr. prime minister, we have more than 30,000 american service members, families and personnel, who are stationed across your country. as we reaffirm our support for historic institutions, we must also reaffirm the requirement that everyone must pay their full and fair share for the cost of defense.
1:00 pm
together we can address many pressing challenges, including two that greatly affect both of our countries, those of large-scale migration and international smuggling. maintaining strong borders is a vital component of any security policy, and a responsible approach to refugees is one that seeks the eventual return of refugees to their home countries so that they can help to rebuild their own nations. finally, i want to say how much i look forward to visiting sicily for the g thei7 as we se foster cooperation, not only on matters of security but also science, commerce, health and technology. our two countries have shared interests and shared values, and we can