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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 20, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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of defense. together we can address many pressing challenges, including two that greatly affect both of our countries, those of large-scale migration and international smuggling. maintaining strong borders is a vital component of any security policy, and a responsible approach to refugees is one that seeks the eventual return of refugees to their home countries so that they can help to rebuild their own nations. finally, i want to say how much i look forward to visiting sicily for the g thei7 as we se foster cooperation, not only on matters of security but also science, commerce, health and technology. our two countries have shared interests and shared values, and we can each make great
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contributions to the other. mr. prime minister, i again want to thank you for being with us and being our true friend. italy is a spectacular place, i know it well. i love the people of italy. we have 18 million italians living in the united states, people originally from italy, and it is a great honor to have many of them as my friends. thank you for being here. >> thank you very much. thank you, mr. president. thank you for hosting us here, an honor to be here at the white house today. and i will now switch to italian. >> translator: we had had a very fruitful meeting, which reflect an ancient friendship as the
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president reminded us with his words. this friendship is also a sign of the 18 million italian americans who have such an important role in our country, in this country, and this friendship is witnessed also by the fact that italy is the second choice for american students who study abroad, and we're very proud of this and this confirms the importance that the united states gives to the cultural dimension of our country as the president himself just said. this friendship is based on a common commitment against terrorism. this commitment is a commitment in which we are both very active, our country is very
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active in iraq and in afghanistan, and i think that the stabilization work will be decisive, the stabilization work of iraq after the military defeat that we expect for daesh. we know that this action against terrorism must take place within our individual countries, in europe, with the social and cultural commitment against radicalization by cooperating with islamic communities. italy contributes to peace and to stability in the mediterranean, in syria where i believe the u.s. choice to react to the use of chemical weapons by bashar assad and where a negotiated solution is more necessary than ever, in libya --
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and we discussed this in our meeting -- where we need to work against the division of the country in order to stabilize it. this is a very decisive task if we want to manage the migratory flows without giving up on our values and our humanitarian principles, and we need to contrast the horrible traffic of people and clandestine refugees. italy is in favor of the trans pacific. we have commitments on military expenses and the contribution that each country must make towards collective security with nato. we are proud of our
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contribution. finally, italy is a country of dialogue. we are proud because we succeeded in keeping open the doors in difficult crises. dialogue can be useful, even vis-a-vis russia, without obviously giving up our unity and our principles and without giving up our strength and our values. i also told president trump that we have confidence, even though this is a difficult moment and we all know it is difficult right now, we have confidence in the future of the european union and certainly in the importance of the relationship between the u.s. and italy. these are the two pillars that the trans atlantic relationship is based on and a great part of peace and freedom in the world.
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we are going through the difficult time but i have confidence that the european union will continue to be a positive response to this. and, finally, we are expecting and i look forward to the president's visit to the summit in taramina, and i trust that this will be the opportunity to show him the unity of our leaders of the principle free economies of the planet because right now we really do need this unity. once again, thank you, mr. president. >> thank you very much. thank you, appreciate it. take a few questions. john roberts of fox, please. >> mr. president, thank you much. i hope you will forgive me for asking you a three-part question. it's been a while. in just the last few minutes i believe it was while you were meeting with the prime minister, there was a shooting in downtown
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paris. it is being described as a potential terrorist attack. i wonder if you have something on that? further to that, two of the big trouble spots you are dealing with right now, north korea and iran, do you believe that the leader of north korea, kim jong-un, is mentally unstable? is that one of the reasons you're so concerned about these latest developments, is he a man that can be reasoned with? on iran, do you have reason to suspect they're cheating on the jpoa? to mr. prime minister, you talked a minute ago about your commitment to nato. president trump would like to see all members contribute 2% of gdp to nato. your contribution is slightly less than 1%. will you commit to committing 2% of your gdp to the alliance going forward? thank you. >> well, first of all i love the question you asked the prime minister. i look forward to his answer because i'm going to be asking him that same question very soon. first of all, our condolences
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from our country to the people of france. again, it is happening it seems. i just saw it as i was walking in, so that's a terrible thing. it is a very, very terrible thing that's going on in the world today, but it looks like another terrorist attack. what can you say? just never ends. we have to be strong and we have to be vigilant, and i have been saying it for a long time. as far as north korea is concerned, we are in very good shape. we're building our military rapidly. a lot of things have happened over the last short period of time. i have been here for approximately 91 days. we're doing a lot of work. we're in very good position. we're going to see what happens. i can't answer your question on stability. i hope the answer is a positive one, not a negative one, but hopefully that will be something that gets taken care of. i have great respect for the president of china.
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as you know, we had a great summit in florida, in palm beach, and got to know each other and i think like each other. i can say from my standpoint i liked him very much, i respect him very much, and i think he is working very hard. i can say that all of the pundits out there are saying they've never seen china work like they're working right now. many coal ships have setback, many other things have happened. some very unusual moves have been made over the last two or three hours, and i really have confidence that the president will try very hard. we don't know whether or not they're able to do that, but i have absolute confidence that he will be trying very, very hard. one of the reasons that we're talking about trade deals and we're talking about all of the different things, but we're slowing up a little bit. i actually told him, i said, you'll make a much better deal on trade if you get rid of this menace or do something about the menace of north korea, because that's what it is.
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it is a menace right now. so we will see what happens. far as iran is concerned, i think they are doing a tremendous disservice to an agreement that was signed. it was a terrible agreement. it shouldn't have been signed. it shouldn't have been negotiated the way it was negotiated. i'm all for agreements, but that was a bad one, as bad as i've ever seen negotiated. they are not living up to the spirit of the agreement, i can tell you that, and we're analyzing it very, very carefully and will have something to say about it in the not-too-distant future, but iran has not lived up to the spirit of the agreement, and they have to do that. they have to do that. so we will see what happens. thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. president. >> translator: first of all, allow me to join president
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trump's words for what happened in paris. these words of condolences and closeness to the french people. and this is a very delicate, delicate period for them, just three days before the election. as far as the question is concerned, the commitment has been made. it was made during a nato summit, and we are used to respecting our commitments. we know that this will be a gradual process. it has already begun, and we know that italy has certain limitations when it comes to its budget, but despite these limitations our commitment for common defense is very clear. as i said earlier, i am very proud not only of the progress made in our financial commitment but also proud of the contribution that we give to the
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security of the alliance in so many areas of the world. we talked about iraq and afghanistan but we could also talk about the baltic sea or the balkans, and in all of these areas you will see the presence of italian forces within the alliance and we are proud of that. sky news. >> translator: first for you, president gentolini, we saw from the administration a new type of policy on the international scene, very different from what we had in the past, and one of the last important operations which was carried out by president trump was in syria with a bombing of following the use of chemical weapons by the assad regime. i wanted to ask you, does italy think or conceive a possibility
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to take action in -- more action in syria? >> since my quality from fox news did i'm going to take the possibility to ask you two questions. first of all, you are setting apart brexit was a great thing and that you think other countries will follow. you know that italy is an important player and supporter of european integration. do you believe that actually a strong europe is important from -- for the united states, also looking forward at action. then the second question is that you said you're looking forward to the g7 and i wanted to know if you are looking forward, if it is going to be possible, to meet france during your -- thank you. >> syria. >> translator: syria, we
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immediately assessed the operation that was ordered by president trump and decided that this was a motivated response to the use of chemical weapons. we added that it is up to everyone to consider negotiation as the road through which we hopefully can put an end to this infinite, dramatic war and come to peace. italy is not directly involved in the operations, in the military operations in syria other than marginal aspects, but it is not our plan to change this attitude. >> yes, a strong europe is very, very important to me as president of the united states and it is also in my opinion, in my very strong opinion, important for the united states.
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we want to see it. we will help it be strong, and it is very much to everybody's advantage. i look very much forward to meeting the pope. fabian of "the hill." yes? >> thank you, mr. president. some people on capitol hill believe you can get one of two things next week, a vote on healthcare or a vote on a government funding bill. so my question is which one is more important to you to have, a vote on healthcare or a vote on a bill to keep the government open? mr. prime minister, i want to get your thoughts on a referendum in turkey that occurred last week. you spoke about democratic values on the european continent, so are you concerned with the results of the turkish referendum and is that something you discussed with president trump? >> okay. i want to get both. are you shocked to hear that? we're doing very well on
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healthcare. we will see what happens, but this is a great bill. there's a great plan, and this will be great healthcare. it is evolving. you know, there was never a give-up. the press sort of reported there was like a give-up. there's no give-up. we started. remember, it took obamacare 17 months. i have been negotiating this two months, maybe less than that because we had a 30-day period where we did other things the first 30 days, but this has been two months and it is a continuation. the plan gets better and better and better, and it has gotten really, really good. a lot of people are liking it a lot. we have a good chance of getting it soon. i would like to say next week, but it will be -- i believe we will get it, and whether it is next week or shortly thereafter. as far as keeping the government open, i think we want to keep the government open. don't you agree? so, yeah, i think we'll get both. thank you.
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>> translator: the turkish referendum is a fact that we must take note of, leaving aside any debates that can take place about how the vote took place. but i believe that the european leadership have taken note of the vote. the consequences will depend a great deal on how the turkish government and president erdogan especially will take into account almost half of the population's expression of a different opinion. will there be an inclusive approach or will there be a confrontation in this part of turkey? this will be very important. for us in the european union,
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the other thing that's going to be very important is to -- is the respect of certain fundamental principles. we are members of the atlantic alliance, italy and turkey, and italy contributes to turkey's defense with its own military assets. we believe that among our countries there should be a cooperation, and hopefully and we trust that this cooperation will have, among its consequences, the solution of the case concerning the journalist blogger who has been detained over the last few days in turkey. >> italian radio. >> translator: president, you have focused a lot on the leadership, italian leadership
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and american leadership in order to stabilize libya. what do you expect exactly from washington? and especially i'm asking you, what is necessary in this process, in a relationship of cooperation with russia? president trump, do you see a role for your administration in helping stabilize libya, and do you agree that stabilizing libya means combatting terrorism and isis? >> would you like to go? >> translator: america has played a very key role. first of all to prevent the consolidation of an important basis for temperature while daesh was undergoing defeat in iraq and syria.
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there were operations that were sustained by the u.s. against daesh in the city of serta which were successful. now the commitment must be political and, therefore, in the cooperation between the u.s. and italy and other key partners in the region. the goal is to broaden the basis of consensus for the tripoli government, which is recognized by the international community but which must be able to count on a broader consensus. i believe that one clear goal should be this. we need the region and we need countries like egypt and tunisia that are close to libya, we need a stable and unified libya. a divided country and in conflict would be -- would make
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stability worse. the u.s.'s job is -- the u.s. role, sorry, in this is very critical. >> i do not see a role in libya. i think the united states has right now enough roles. we are in a role everywhere, so i do not see that. i do see a role in getting rid of isis. we are being very effective in that regard. we are doing a job with respect to isis that has not been done anywhere near the numbers that we're producing right now. it is a very effective force we have. we have no choice. it is a horrible thing to say, but we have no choice. we are effectively ridding the world of isis. i see that as a primary role, and that's what we're going to do, whether it is in iraq or in libya or anywhere else. that role will come to an end at a certain point and we'll be able to go back home and rebuild our country, which is what i
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want to do. thank you all very much. i appreciate it. thank you. >> we were just watching president trump's joint news conference with the italian prime minister paolo gentiloni. some of the headlines domestically, the president said he was asked by a reporter if faced with a choice between a government funding bill next week or another shot at repealing and replacing obamacare which would he prefer, and president trump seemed to indicate that both would happen next week, both repeal and replacement of healthcare and also a government funding. in terms of a foreign affairs, he expressed condolences to the people of france for the pairs attac -- paris attack which he said looked like a terrorist attack, although it is not yet confirmed. he said iran is not living up to the spirit of the nuclear agreement. he said china would be doing more when it comes to north korea and we should expect to
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hear news on that front in time. he also said he did not believe there was a role for the united states in stabilizing libya, which of course is an issue of great concern to italians, and an italian reporter asked about it because of the proximity of it to italy. he did say there was a big role for the u.s. in eliminating the threat of the terrorist group in isis, whether that is in iraq or libya, he said. let's go to cnn's jeff zeleny in the east room and joins me now. i guess domestically, jeff, the big headline the president seems confident he can get some mocht on health care? >> he did indeed, jake. he left a little bit of room open to the possibility that the healthcare plan may not pass next week, but he said he certainly would like it as a goal. as you know, he was asked whether if he had a choice between finally getting some accomplishment on healthcare passed through the house of representatives or keeping the government up and running, as we know that government funding deadline comes essentially on
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the 100th day of his presidency, he said he would like to see both. interestingly, jake, he said that the government will stay open. so that is a sign that this white house is willing to make concessions with democrats, most likely, indeed to keep the government open. on healthcare, jake, we have been reporting for the last 24 hours or so that the white house is stepping up its efforts the try and get some kind of agreement. that is far from a done deal yet, to say the least. congress has been out of washington for a couple of weeks. they've been hearing from their constituents here, but there are still differences. we're only talking about the house bill, jake. we are not talking about reconciling the house and the senate, but the president said he wants to take another shot at it. he said that the obama administration had some 17 months or so. they've only had two months, but, jake, so many differences as you well know between the last administration and this on healthcare in terms of getting buy-in from outside. as far as we can tell, all of the outside groups that oppose this still oppose it, but they will be trying to make that happen next week, jake.
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>> all right, jeff zeleny at the white house for us. thanks so much. let's bring back the panel. gloria borger joins us in addition. gloria, one light hearted moment came in the press conference when a reporter asked the italian prime minister if italy would agree to commit to spending 2% of its gdp on defense spending, at all nato member countries have agreed to do although only five of the i think 28 countries are actually doing it. this is a big issue that president trump has been pushing with european leaders, although he puts it in terms of paying dues, which of course it is not actually paying dues. but take a listen to how president trump responded to that. >> first of all, i love the question you asked the prime minister. i look forward to his answer because i'm going to be asking him that very same question soon. >> it is actually is an important point for all of the countries, the united states, the u.k., poland, et cetera, that are paying their fair
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share, that are spending more than 2% of their gdp on defense. >> yeah. you know, it is one of the things that donald trump talked a lot about during the campaign, and it is honestly something easy for him to stick to during this time and when he meets with people like the prime minister of italy, i think he is right to raise that point and he can raise that point. there was no commitment here today to paying the 2%, but, you know, it is a popular issue because it makes a lot of sense to americans. i wasn't surprised to hear the president say, good, i'm glad you asked that question. >> yeah. i think the questioner said that italy paid less than 1%. >> right, exactly. >> and this is an issue president obama made an issue of as well, although i think it is fair to say not as publicly as president trump does. >> that's true. it is not particularly a new issue. the united states has long been the primary funder of nato and other international organizations, so it is no surprise he is raising it again. we will see if countries commit to do more and actually do more. >> you were surprised, i
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believe, when president trump -- well, you characterize your own feelings, i won't do it. president trump said he did not think there was a role for the united states in stabilizing libya. what was your reaction to that? >> i hope what he was referring to is that, you know, we're not going to have massive influx of troops on the ground to do that, but we do have a convening power and a leadership responsibility with respect to certainly u.n. efforts to broker the peace there. i mean we had a role in where libya is right now, whether we like it or not we did. so we have a responsibility to try to see a brokered, fair, sustainable peace be brought about and president obama worked hard on that. there was absolutely complete support to the u.n. efforts there, and i hope that's what will continue to happen here. >> mary catherine, what do you make of president trump saying to china and then saying publicly so often, you'll get a much better trade deal with us if you take care of this north korean menace? obviously that is one of the
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complicating factors in the u.s./chicago niece relationship, is that the u.s. really does rely on china to help with this issue. but to say you're going to get a better trade deal if you take care of us, it seems interesting. >> i think he is a transactional person, he makes deals, and he likes to speak in public about them when he has conflict. for instance, when it comes to dues he will continue to mention it in public because he does things in public, and many among his staff have their fights in public. it is a different way of doing things. i think many americans look at it and go, yeah, we're trying something different, which is what they were doing when voting for donald trump. i think he was fairly restrained on talking about the paris attack. it is such an interesting world stage where he's with the italian prime minister, they will be at the g7 in europe as some of the questions about europe are settled over the next little bit, and maybe the arrest in marseille recently, 50,000 police on the street and the
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different way that the french candidates respond to these arrests which were suspected islamic extremists, it echos so much some of the lines we saw in our own election where le pen is saying, you know, this is devastating up tick in terrorism, we have to deal with islamic fundamentalism and mentioned the borders, and on the other side the other thing we have to do is come together. voters say i'm not sure it is the biggest thing we have to do. it is a gut response to the kind of danger they see on a regular basis. >> you know, i think the interesting thing about donald trump is that what he says publicly is also what he says privately. i guarantee you that he said to g, you know, you will do better on trade if you help us out with north korea. i mean when he's talking, you know, when he is talking about nato dues, it is the same thing. i think, you know, this is a president who is used to being on reality television. he's used to speaking to the cameras. you know, there's not a lot that goes on in private, as you were
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pointing out, that he doesn't actually say to us. and when he said that it might be a terror attack, you have to assume that that's what he's just been told. >> yeah. and we will go to paris in few minutes for the latest on that attack. you thought it was a missed opportunity that he didn't come out and immediately say something about the attacks? >> i think the first thing out of his mouth should have been as soon as he took the podium is thoughts and prayers with the french people. remember, there's a couple will of grieving families in paris tonight. they're going to have a tough time of it, and this was an opportunity i think to show them a little bit of consideration. i did think it was a missed opportunity. i also want to go back on italy, italy punches above its weight. i understand they may not be contributing 2%, and that's a fair target and we should hold other countries to it, but italy is a terrific partner militarily. i myself was stationed in italy for a little while. they host several bases to navy and to army and to air force troops. this is a country that honestly you can't conduct nato operations without italy being there, and they have been there
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through afghanistan, they're there against isis. they're a real player, and i think he missed an opportunity to laude them for that. >> we heard president trump criticize the iran deal. he has been criticizing the iran deal ever since the deal was made. he said he thinks that iran is not living up to the spirit of the agreement. he didn't go into any detail. i have asked the white house -- rather the state department what exactly he meant there. do you have any idea what he might have been talking about? >> no clue. i mean obviously as you all have reported, it contradicts what secretary tillerson, who would be the person who would be most in touch with a lot of the authorities who would be overseeing whether they were abiding by it, had said in just the last cup can will ouple of . so what it sounded like to me was he saw the political reaction from the right to the comments and to the statements that were made by his administration and he thought, oh, i have to do something here, i have to make clear i'm not okay with the iran deal. we will see what happens.
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we will see what proof they provide, but the fact that it contradicts his own secretary of state i think is a big red flag. >> well, i'm not sure it is a complete contradiction. >> it is another instance of them sort of having a fight in public, and i don't want to -- i don't want to give too much credit for strategy to trump, but using the word spirit was important. >> exactly. >> where he can say tillerson is saying they're abiding by the letter. >> the question is are they cheating, and he did not say that. you're right. he used specific language. >> he's referring to state sponsorship of terrorism and other things in the region. look, there was no spirit to the nuclear. the deal was limited by design to get nuclear weapons capability out of their hands, and it has done that. i understand we're still working through it and still have to make sure they comply with it, but it has done what it was designed to do at the outset. it was never about improving their behavior throughout the region and it was never about taking off our responsibilities to hold them accountable to that. >> it wasn't linked. mary catherine, the president finds himself in a tough spot right now in one way because american allies that were part
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of this agreement with iran do not want him to rip up the deal. they do not want him to. domestically the president has a lot of supporters, conservatives, people who are strong supporters of israel like sheldon attelson who gave five million dollars to the inauguration committee after not supporting him, these are people that want him to tear up the deal. >> i'm not sure how much it hurts to play two sides, to say, look, i'm going to have a different tone than the obama administration had, but ripping it up would be a big act and they decided not to go there. they had had the three month evaluation, and perhaps they can change later in the game. but i think it is perhaps a signal you are seeing tillerson and mcmaster leading on this. they seem to have won the fight on whether to certify on the iran deal and it seemed to go through normal washington process, which many of his voters won't like that part.
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but i think as long as he is out there jabbing a little bit -- >> think that's what you're seeing, right? tillerson and mattis and the individuals who are responsible for, you know, the implementation component, they are looking at whether they are cheating on the deal. we've always separated, always, even during the obama administration any state sponsors of terrorism and identifying them as state sponsors of terrorism and the deal. the question was about the deal specifically. so i know it used the word spirit, and that may have been a turn of phrase and i'm sure he practiced that, but what will be interesting to see is what exactly he's referring to because it seems to me he's referring to the deal specifically. >> and, gloria, one other thing i thought was really interesting, president trump was asked if he thought that kim jong-un, the dictator of north korea, is mentally unstable and, if so, can he be somebody that can be dealt with even, and president trump did not take the bait. >> he demured i would have to say. he said, i can't answer the
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stability question and, you know, i hope that he is, basically is what he said. i think, you know, the president realizes -- he also said, we are in very good shape with north korea, which i'm not quite sure what that means. >> i think he means that the chinese are on the case and working harder than they've ever worked before. >> right, and they'll work it out because of the trade deal. >> thanks, one and all, for being here. really appreciate it. i want to go back to the breaking news out of paris, france, where at least one police officer and apparently the attacker have been killed in a shooting on the legendary boulevard, the champs-élysees. the boulevard, the champs-élysees is still locked, and there's a massive police presence in the area as the investigation continues. unlike what you may have heard touring the press conference from president trump, although he theoretically knows more than french leaders would know, french police say it is not clear whether it is an act of
1:36 pm
terror but authorities are not ling that ut on. it is possible there's more information going on behind the scenes we don't know about. let's go back to cnn international correspondent melissa bell joining us live in paris. melissa, there were new developments while we were listening to president trump. get us up to speed. >> reporter: among them, jake, the fact that french authorities have now opened an anti-terror investigation. so the strongest indication yet that french authorities believe that this may well be terror-related. i would like to show you the scene down there on the champs-élysees as we speak. it was under two hours ago. we have a much clearer picture of what happened. we have had it confirmed by authorities. a car pulled up alongside a police van that was parked right up there where you can see that massive police presence. a man came out of the car, began shooting at the police van. of course, one police officer has, sadly, lost his life. two others wounded. that assailant taken down by the police very quickly. now, we had heard those
1:37 pm
gunshots, what we now know were the gunshots and assumed they were something much less serious, and that's still the champs-élysees entirely cordoned off as the investigation into precisely what this man was hoping to achieve continues. but we now know an anti-terror investigation has been opened. of course, we're a couple of days from announcing a crucial presidential election here in france with massive amount of french voters undecided. this is the image that will play into the narrative over the next couple of days. we've heard from both sides, both tweeting support for police forces and both really portraying themselves as the candidates of law and order. now that the sus pigs picion on part of authorities it is terror-related, it is yet another layer that will feed into the narrative as we head into voting day, jake. >> as we continue to cover the story, melissa bell, we need to remind our viewers that there is is a real problem of terrorism
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in france. most recently, obviously, the charlie h had ebdo attack in january of 2015 was horrific, a major international story. later the same year the bataclan and related attacks in november 2015. last summer, i believe in july of 2016, the truck that barrelled into a crowd in the vacation beach town of nice, not to mention dozens of other smaller but no less lethal incidents individually for innocent civilians in paris. this is a big, big problem in france. >> reporter: it is a big problem, jake. it is an ongoing problem. you mentioned those smaller scale attacks we've seen. i'm thinking of the last two we covered here, that cnn covered in paris a couple of weeks ago,
1:39 pm
the o arorley attack, the louvr attack, they're out on the streets and targeting. as a result of the state of emergency we've been living under since november 13th attacks that you mentioned a moment ago, and that will stay in place until the month of july. there's been this increasing tendency for assailants, for attackers in the name of islam fundamentalism, extremism, to turn their fire against the authorities. so there have been attacks on the police. there have been attacks on the military. this may be what we saw here tonight, since we now know that car pulled out specifically outside one of the many police vans that regularly patrol this street. of course, as you can imagine, the champs-élysees one of the most carefully papa trolled streets in france. >> after the 2008 presidential race, governor sarah palin was given a contract at fox news channel. in the wake of bill o'reilly's ouster from the network, not to mention roger ailes, she will
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welcome back to "the lead" i'm jake tapper. we learned today last night president trump welcomed sarah palin to the white house for dinner. the 2008 vice presidential candidate and former alaska governor was one of president trump's big endorsers. she appeared in 2016 and hit the trail on several swing states before his victory last november. some speculated whether he would ask palin to join his cabinet. joining me now is sarah palin herself, a former vice presidential nominee in 2008. thank you for joining us. i appreciate it. >> thank you. i'm honored. >> you had dinner at the white house last night? >> i did. >> tell us. how did it happen? >> well, president trump had called to invite, just to touch base. so asked me to get to d.c., and we would be able to chat over dinner and asked if i would invite a couple of friends. >> you brought kid rock and ted nugent? >> jesus was booked, so i
1:45 pm
invited my buddies kid rock and ted nugent, some bold, courageous, all-american dudes who i knew would have good conversation with the president and get to express a lot of good, middle class, work ethic type issues and policy proposals that they could all relate to, and that's exactly what happened at the dinner. >> there's an interesting picture of the three of you right next to the portrait of former first lady hillary clinton. >> yeah, yeah. the picture says it all. >> so let me ask you, we're approaching president trump's 100th day. it will be a week from saturday. what do you think? what kind of grade would you give him? >> i'm obviously extremely thankful that he has been elected because, you know, so many of us in america knew that the status quo had to go and we could not afford another term of obama via hillary clinton's
1:46 pm
presidency if she were to be elected. so very thankful trump was elected. thankful that he understands that americans expect america to be great and to be strong in order for the world to be more peaceful and more safe, more secure. so very thankful trump is fulfilling a lot of the promises that he made to lead, not from behind but to have america lead from up front, letting the rest of the world know that, you know, we expect peace in this world. we don't want to have to intervene in other nations. we don't want to have to intervene and try this regime change throughout other lands, and we can get to that as long as america is safe and secure and is a leader on the globe, and that to me is trump's mission, which i appreciate. >> but they have called for regime change in syria. >> well, i think what the objective is though is to not have to intervene and tell any
1:47 pm
other country who should rule and how they should live and whether they should have a democracy ruling the people or not, and we're able to, like i say, get there by leading as an example, having our own ports swept, if you will wi, in ameri before we're over there telling other countries they better sweep their porch. we have to get it together here in america, be safe, be secure, be solvent and solvent so we can be that shining light, example for other countries. >> are you concerned at all about all of the goldman sachs executives president trump put in his administration, as somebody that talked about how the status quo has to go, how the swamp needs to be drained? a lot of his supporters are surprised there are so many goldman sachs executives in his administration after he made a campaign issue out of it. >> well, i can really appreciate successful business men and women though who have strong work ethic and make good decisions in order to do well
1:48 pm
for their companies. i am such an opponent though of any kind of crony capitalism. >> you were critical of him for the carrier deal. >> well, i was firing a warning shot, you know, wanting to make sure that the trump administration kept in mind that much of the constituency, much of the base is expecting that the swamp will be drained and that there will not be any kind of embrace of crony cap wiitali. so with the carrier deal i wanted to make sure that the president, his administration was reminded we expect an even playing field. we expect government to not pick winners and losers, not one company over another like carrier or some other, and not accusing them though of favoring carrier over another company but wanting to make sure that we're not even flirting with disaster in that arena of crony capitalism and letting government pick winners and choosers and creating some
1:49 pm
too-big-to-fail businesses. >> bombers have flown off the coast of your home state of alaska. u.s. officials trying to down play it as nothing under the ordinary, but many in washington are alarmed and think putin is trying to send a message. what do you think? >> we should always be alarmed when we get wind of what russia is doing right off the coast of alaska. one thing we really need to be cognizant of -- and this has always bugged me that people have not appreciated alaska's strategic location on the globe and how important we are when it comes to playing our part to secure our union with our location and resources. people don't understand that russia has for years been physically, literally flagging under sea plots of land with resources, claiming resources that are actually belonging to the u.s., they're alas can resources under seas, the minerals, oil, gas reserves. well, rush yas has besia has bee
1:50 pm
in flagging those, claiming those. under the obama administration for eight years we never fought back. we never said, hey, get out of our territory, those are ours. so now i think with the issue coming to light of how close russia is to alaska, to our resources and what they're doing to try to intimidate, to try to send a message to america and to literally be trying to claim some of our resources, i think people will now become more aware and start demanding of this administration to not literally, but start fighting back and claiming what is ours. >> i have to ask you a question, and it is kind of sensitive. but you are in a unique role in being a strong woman who worked at fox news channel as a contributor. i normally don't cover a lot of media stories, but obviously the upheaval going on there with the ceo and its biggest star ousted because of sexual harassment, not just an issue at fox news channel but an issue across the country, and it seems to be with what happened with bill o'reilly really a change in corporate
1:51 pm
culture in terms of what is tolerated. what do you make of it? >> well, i think the key there is that -- you said i used to be with fox. i used to be with fox. corporate culture there obviously has to change. you know, women don't deserve -- they should not ever have to put up with any kind of intimidating workspace. at the same time if a woman believes that she is being intimidated and harassed, she needs to stand up and do something about it, not stick around for a paycheck for years and years and years, and then after the fact complain about what she went through. as a strong woman, i say, you know, we should be -- feel more empowered than that and we should, you know, take a stand and get out of the place or, you know, blow the whistle on whoever is the perpetrator doing the bad stuff so that the culture will change. but, yeah, obviously things are changing quickly at fox. there are some great, great people who are there though, and
1:52 pm
i appreciate that, you know, what fox news does as cnn, you know, adding to the discourse and the debate, which is a healthy thing for the society. you know, more power to the good things that fox news is doing but, yeah, culture had to change there. >> did you ever witness or experience, god forbid, anything like that at fox? >> i wouldn't put up with anything that would be perceived as intimidating or harassing. >> but you said you're former, so i wonder was it part of the reason you left? >> you can ask them why i'm no longer with fox. you know, i'm not going to speak for them. my contract wasn't renewed, that's -- that's the line. >> i don't want to be a yerk, but it sounds like you experienced something. >> i just -- you know, it was time to partways and, you know, get out there in, i guess, a more diverse arena to express views and to speak for the
1:53 pm
public, and that's what i've been able to do now. >> all right. well, i'm not going to push any farther on that. governor palin, we appreciate you stopping by. thank you, appreciate it. >> appreciate you. thanks. >> from vietnam to occupy wall street to the modern day d.c., he's been there with his guitar and a purpose. david crosby talks about the soundtracks that became part of soundtracks that became part of history next. -- captions by vitac --
1:54 pm
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culture lead now. cul tr the new cnn origina "soundtrackp "soundtrack"mug
1:58 pm
writer, about the power of song in protest. >> if you start singing it, it changes everything. all of a sudden you feel the brotherhood around you. all of a sudden you feel unity of purpose, all of a sudden you have your spirit lifted and it helps your courage come to the fore. ♪ may we forever stand >> that's why we sing when we're protesting, because it helps. ♪ tin soldiers and nixon >> i remember seeing neil's face when he was confronted with the picture of the kid dead on the ground. ♪ i hear the drum and ♪ four dead in ohio >> he didn't have any choice. he had to write ohio. it was too strong. one of the higher points in music history is when people do what i call an act of exemplary
1:59 pm
humanity. they stick up tore whfor what t believe in. ♪ you shall not ♪ you shall not >> king, a great example of. a man that walked from selma to montgomerie when there were rifles in the bushes, man. that kind of courage we are supposed to celebrate. ♪ i do believe >> you can see the pictures, but the music will make you feel it more. ♪ we shall overcome some day >> and you can catch the premiere of the cnn original series "soundtracks" songs that define history. it airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern and pacific here on cnn. a programming note. next week we will be marking president trump's first 100 days in office with a special prime time edition of "the lead" in addition to our regular 4:00 p.m. eastern time we also will
2:00 pm
be on at 9:00 p.m. eastern. that starts monday through friday. we hope you will join us. follow me on facebook and twitter @jaketapper. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. turning you over to mr. wolf blitzer next door in "the situation room." ♪ >> happening now, breaking news. paris shooting. a gunman fires on a police van with an automatic weapon, killing one police officer, injuring more before being taken down by police. what was the motive? the president's promises. president trump voices optimism on a new republican move to repeal and replace obamacare and efforts to avoid a government shut down next week. will congressional republicans be able to deliver? high alert. as south korean troops conduct drills, north korea warns of a preempty strike that it claims could reduce america'sit