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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 21, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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about sister t. >> i was so honored to honor her. >> oh, my goodness, so proud that i did something for her. >> nominate you know someone you know at cnn heros. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> it's day number 92 of the trump presidency but who is counting? president trump once embraced 19100-day marker announcing he could plan and replace obamacare before that milestone rise. ready to rumble. fresh fears that north korea could conduct its sixth nuclear test as kim johnun continues to taunt president trump. and attack on champs-elysees.
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could the attack send shock waves through one of the country's most important elections. welcome to "the lead." i'm jim sciutton for jake tapper. day 92 and today in a tweet the president slammed the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days of a presidency as a measuring stick for an administration though his actions seemed to say it really does matter to him, a lot. today the president said a big announcement is coming next week on tax reform. next week is already jam packed as he tried to tn a loss into a win in the next eight days with buzzer beater on health care all while the clock ticks down to a possible government should down! . can the president deliver on his promise to replace obamacare in the next week? >> it's a tall order. president trump is closing in on hitting that milestone of 100 days in office. aides to the president are
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pushing back on the notion they have haven't accomplished much in the first few months here at the white house. earlier this afternoon the president, as you said, said he'll have an announcement on tax reform though a white house official says the timing of that announcement is not set yet. it's a critical milestone for any president and nearly 1 is hyundais in office this is no time to judge his performance. no matter how much i've accomplished, and it's been a lot including supreme court, the media will kill. leading up to the 100-day mark the president tried to make the case he's putting points on the scoreboard. >> no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days that includes on military, on the border, on trade, on regulation, on law enforcement. >> reporter: but the president has yet to follow through on many of the promises he said he could accomplish in his first 100 days in office such as health care reform and imposing
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term limits on members of congress and tax reform. during the campaign the president promised there would be so much winning that the american people would grow tired of it. >> we'll win so much you may even get tired of winning, and you'll say please, please, it's too much winning. >> reporter: in fact, the president laid out his 100-day agenda at an event weeks before the november election. >> summing up, just think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days of a trump administration. we're going have the biggest tax cut since ronald reagan. >> on the first day of my term of office my stwrags will immediately pursue the following six measures to clean up the corruption and special interest collusion in washington. ethics reform will be a crucial part of our 100-day plan as well. we're going to drain the swamp of corruption in washington, d.c. >> reporter: so far much of what the president has done has come
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through executive orders, not legislation. the white house is taking another stab at repealing and replace obamacare, something the white house hopes can actually pass the house before mr. trump hits that 100-day milestone next week. the plan gets better and better and better and it's gotten really good and we have a good chance of getting it soon. >> reporter: standing in the way the prospect of a government shutdown. congress has until next week to pass a bill to fund the government. one potential objection call, the white house is still insisting on money for one of the president's biggest promises, a wall on the mexican border. the oval office the president didn't sunday worried that a shutdown could happen as he hits 100 days in office. >> i think we're in good shape. >> now the trump administration's budget director mick mulvaney said he doesn't think the government will shut down because at the very least
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the president has can have dent dense this a short-term spending bill will be passed to keep agencies opened but he was cleared eyed in dealing with difficulties these days saying, quote, we'll learn a lot about the next four years over the next four days. true words, jim. >> joined now by a panel of experts. amandela, the president tweets today ridiculous standard. what are you talking about? we never should be talking about 100 days. that's not the way he's described the 100 days before. president trump is not going to let something he said in the past stop him from saying something completely trump not only for the first g - 100 days but rest of his presidency because he's constantly changing the goal posts. what he said yesterday doesn't necessarily matter today and we as journalists this is what he said he did. he's not being effective by his own measure. here's where things stand. he hasn't set out to do as much as he wanted to do. that's that. >> i was just reading through
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his 1,100-day plan. i'm not going to bore the audience because there's ten things on the list. you know, it was about tax relief. it was about repeal and replace obamacare. school choice and education and the illegal immigration act. it's really zeros on all of these things, at least so far. >> yeah, and you know what, it's worth giving some credit for what they have done which is actually on the immigration side, there's been a lot of activity on that side. some of it is harder for us to see. >> the executive order sglfrt but also the enforcement actions that have been going on at the department of homeland security. that's very real whether you like it or not, but at the same time this is a president who loves really big things, and there's not been a sort of like big signature item that he can put his name on, and it's causing a lot of anxiety in the west wing right now. people want to deliver for trump because that's how he measures success. he doesn't want to go to bench mark with nothing to show for it, only sort of small piece meal actions. >> presidents can do a lot
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without legislation, i mean, whether it's via executive order and policy or military action. syria, et cetera. but many on theish ow of legislation, margaret, if you look now, talk of health care. it's the white house actually driving this expectations game because you talk to folks on the hill, and my friends who cover the hill, they are saying, wait a second, there's a lot that's got to happen. >> is 100 days an arbitrary measure stick just like the state of the union isn't the be all or end all to anything but this is part of the pomp and circumstance and part of the tradition of the presidency and all presidents are to some extent measured and want to be measured by it. it's an opportunity for them to pivot and recast their message and what president trump has the opportunity to do is to say, look, you know, these are challenging times and the next 100 days are going to be really important for the following reasons. this is his opportunity to explain why many of these accomplishments and goals of his already are in progles.
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>> one way it's not arbitrary is that a president's power is strongest arguably in the days and months after the election. >> i wouldn't be surprised, honestly, if he takes a page from president obama and starts blaming congress because that's really where the holdup is. congress, start sending some bills. >> wouldn't be the first president of either party to do it. >> there's a lot to talk about, including attorney general jeff sessions defending his comments about hawaii just being an island in the pacific. you supported him through four years of undergrad... and medical school. it's no wonder he said, "you don't have to pick me up." at lincoln financial, we get there are some responsibilities of love you gotta do on your own. and some you shouldn't have to shoulder alone. like knowing you can maintain your lifestyle, no matter what comes your way. ask a financial advisor how lincoln can help secure your plans for retirement with lifetime income.
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welcome back to "the lead." sticking with politics as our pam is back and president trump approaches his 100th day in office. attorney general jeff sessions told a conservative radio host mark levin, quote, i'm really amazed that a judge sitting on an island in the pacific can issue an order that stops the president of the united states from what appears to be his clearly -- clearly his statutory and constitutional power. a lot of uproar particularly from that aland on the pacific which happens to be one of the 50 states in the union. here was sessions today responding to that. have a listen. >> no, i wasn't criticizing the judge or the island. i think that's a fabulous place
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and had a granddaughter born there, but identify got to tell you it is a point worth making out of 600, 700 district judges dish uan order stopping a presidential executive order that i believe is fully constitutional designed to protect the united states of america from terrorist attack. >> to your point perhaps worth making, amanda, but that's also how our judicial system works. he's at head of the doj and should be upholding the system as it works and these deeply concerning but what makes me want to put my head through the desk about these comments. he's not making the bt argument in terms of the policy he's trying to promote. he's going offer the judge patsed on geographic location. you have better arguments. our a lawyer and you're in congress a long time. you know these issues.
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why are you use these dog whistle weird tactics when this is really hurting your case and it's bizarre and confusing. >> it's just been interesting to see sessions and trump himself use the same argument which is that they have determined the constitutionality of the order and they don't believe that it's a judge's place to weigh in on that which is, as amanda points out is not how the system works so on the face the argument doesn't really hold up and it's puzzling that the highest sort of law enforcement officer, attorney in the nation is not able to -- to put forward a constitutional argument in favor -- >> he's very much. >> going after judge curiel, attacking where he's based and on his character. get into the merits of the case. >> judge curiel will now be hearing the case. to the democrats and have a listen to what the dnc vice
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chair keith ellison said about barack obama's legacy. >> barack obama could have been of a better party leader and the fact he wasn't has put his leg i? jeopardy. given that we did not -- we lost a lot of statehouse seats, governorships, secretary of states, his true legacy is in danger. >> fair criticism? >> well, and i'm sure just a coincidence by barack obama will be holding his first public event on monday, right in time to perhaps weigh in on trump's 100 days in office. >> listen. his criticism is in the numbers. >> absolutely. >> statehouses lost, losses in governorships and in the senate and the house. you haven't heard that though enough, you might argue, from democrats. >> of course it was discussed last year, but when democrats thought that hillary clinton was likely to be the next president, it's like, okay, you know, whatever. obama engaged the way he engaged and didn't engage in other levels and as long as democrats
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continue to hold white house it won't matter. the entire game changed in terms of assessing obama's legacy once president trump won the election and now you're hearing some democrats using different -- i mean, look, there's the carrot and there's the stick. there's the overt criticism and the criticism or suggestions where you're hearing a lot of democrats saying we really want barack obama involved in campaigning and building the bench at the state and legislative level. >> okay, margaret, abby, amanda, thanks so much and have a great weekend. watch cnn's "state of the union. request the "dana bash in for jake tapper and she will talk to homeland security secretary john kelly. starts as always at 9:00 eastern time here on cnn. and watching north korea, the communist nation moving the missiles it showed off in a parade back to their bases. what is the regime preparing for exactly? and then mr. trump weighing in on the presidential race. not the one he won last year but the undecided one across the
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welcome back. more now in our world lead. heightened tensions surrounding north korea as it approaches another important national anniversary. tuesday marks 85 years since the founding of its army and the regime oftentimes to show off so that its military might on such holidays. of particular concern, possible preparations detected for a sixth nuclear test. this as cnn is learning that those missiles displayed at the north korean parade last week are not just for show. let me bring in cnn's pentagon correspondent barbara starr. barbara, we know the obama administration warned the trump administration that north korea would become its top national security issue. it seems that the trump administration got that message. >> it does inside, jim. right now as you and i are talking the big worry across the administration is they simply have no predict ability about what may come next. as the aircraft carrier "carl vinson" sails closer to the korean peninsula the world heads into a weekend of high
1:22 pm
alert and tension. us spy satellites and u2 planes looking for signs of provocations. >> they are not providing honest and provocative. they have not lived up to any statements that they have made in the past decades about stopping their ballistic missiles and nuclear programs >> reporter: pentagon is also watching for moral north korean missile launches. those missiles on parade just days ago headed back to their bases. they could be ready for test firings. the u.s. is urgently trying to determine if these huge canisters mean north korea has a working intercontinental ballistic missile that could be inside. the parade also showed off new missile variants that haven't been tested yet. tensions rising even further for
1:23 pm
chinese president xi has china has raised the alert status for its aircraft, according to u.s. officials. >> he could be messaging his own people or messaging the north koreans for that matter, but the real focus is on the actions that china is taking, for example, most recently it stopped importing coal from north korea. it's made clear that if there's another nuclear test it's going to cut off the oil that it provides to north korea. >> reporter: the chinese president also under unprecedented pressure from president trump who tweeted china is very much the economic lifeline to north korea so while nothing is easy if they want to solve the north korean problem they will, and then directly challenging the chinese leader. >> i actually told him, i said you'll make a much better deal on trade if you get rid of this menace. >> reporter: chinese government wants acknowledgement for its efforts. >> translator: china believes the international community has definitely seen chinese peaceful
1:24 pm
efforts to resolve the nuclear issue on the korean peninsula. >> reporter: president xi also now may be worried that if north korea does conduct a test or a provocation, president trump may direct little blame him. jim? >> barbara starr at the pentagon, thank you. could the latest terrorist attacks in paris be a game-changer for the french presidential election? cnn's melissa bell is live in paris. >> reporter: that's the big questions jim. we're just a few hours away from the end of the campaign in france. how much has this attack coming the 11th hour changed the for tunes of the far right, of course, ahead of sunday's vote here in paris. when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future.
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this morning president trump waded into the french presidential elections, something he had avoided until now with a tweet that seemed to imply an endorsement. another terrorist attack in paris. the people of france will not take much more of this. will have a big effect on the presidential election l.later he told the associated press the attack will probably help marine le pen. it's fair to note le pen's positions have much in common with president trump's, including his continued pursuit of a ban on travel from muslim-majority countries based on the perceived threat of imported terrorism. trump is not alone in making his presence felt there though. former president obama made a phone call just yesterday to the other french front-runner emanuel macron who like himself
1:30 pm
unlike le pen is a pro-immigration globalist. he even tweeted out this video clip of his taking that obama call. no outright expression of support from obama. however, obama did only call one candidate and trump tweeted about the defining position of only one candidate. does the french election matter to you? it does to the current and former leaders of the free world. cnn's melissa bill is in paris for us tonight. what are you hearing and learning from french voters and the effect of the terror attack on the vote? >> reporter: we've been trying to gauge because we've been trying to get to the end of the campaign that closes at midnight local time here in opinion. there will be no more opinion polls so we'll really have no measures jim of, of what precisely this attack over 24 hours ago coming as it did at the 11th hour on what was looking like an extremely tight and unpredictable election and if it matters as much not only
1:31 pm
to the current but former presidents, that's not so much again about left and right but about openness and closure as you just explained. one of the interesting things going gloo this election is how many undecided voters still remain even now. how are the events that took place here just over 24 hours going to play into the narrative, both of marine le pen, the far right candidate, and her immediate chal jerks the independent centrist emmanuel macron. have a look. the time 9:00 p.m. and the timing three days before the presidential election. on the champs-elysees the attacker identified as karim shafri has just been killed after shooting apt a police van. one police officer are dead and two others and a tourist are wounded. within hours the islamic state has claimed responsibility. the following morning several
1:32 pm
raids were taken and three members of the attacker's families were taken into custody. they will now discuss security ahead of sunday's vote and the likely political fallout. france's prime minister expressed his fear that one candidate might try to add fuel to the fire >> translator: the candidate like every drama seeks to prompts and to divide an seeks to benefit from fear for exclusively political ends. >> reporter: marine le pen has put the fight against islamist violence at the heart of her campaign. controversially she wants all terror suspects thrown out of france and within 12 hours of the attack she demanded an investigation >> translator:. i demand an investigation be
1:33 pm
open but organizations that promote or finance fundament ideologies must be explored. the islamist mosques must be closed. >> reporter: she repeated to have some 10.5,000 people of expelled and her opponent took to the air waves with his reply. >> would not give into intimidation. >> reporter: only measure of the choice the french had a made it's a -- will have a poll. upcoming that will make this issue much more decisive. a police officer who is life was taken so tragically just over
1:34 pm
24 hours, he'll be the subject of a national tribute. he was a proud police officer, a proud defender as well of gay rights. he had been called to the bataclan on the 15th of november, jim, which he covered together at the time and he had been as well to pat kline reopening when he was -- he's the one taken down by this attack her 24 hours ago and there is not a. >> he witnessed violence twice. thank you very much >> narrator: violent deadly protests jolting venezuela. 11 people killed overnight and dozens more wounded over the last 48 hours. opposition demonstrators demanding political reform have taken to the street and clashed with riot police and the milt.
1:35 pm
evoking members of this. venezuelans are suffering through a guy and economic policies. in response to the chaos general motors hats now ended um operations after had a plant was seized by president maduro. what's the latest you're hearing on the ground now? >> reporter: the latestering that caracas is still recovering from the dramatic acts where 11 people died. it's real difficult to forecast how the outcome of this new
1:36 pm
cycle of protests here will ever be. venezuelan politics is a game of endurance. we'll see if the opposition can keep the momentum going and can keep the people on the street which is what they are trying to get and these inflammatory tones that we are sealing so far can only spark a lot of the protests so far. it will be interesting to see how the next week will developing if the opposition gathers more and more support in order to try to break through the machismo and have a new cycle of general elections which is ultimately the ultimate goal for them. >> election preferable to the violence. thanks very much. a new report claims the secretary of defense did not know the u.s. was using the so-called mother of all bombs before it was dropped in afghanistan. has president trump put his generals on too long of a leash? that's right after this. okay let i'm coming over right now. the newly advanced gle can see in your blind spot. onboard cameras and radar can detect danger all around you.
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joining me now is congressman elliott engle from new york. thanks for joining us. >> nice to be interviewed by a fellow new yorker and mets fan. >> north korea, you visited there twice as duties of the foreign committee. there appears to be a change in the administration policy hat lost in terms of the rhetoric. how do you think the president is handling the north korean threat? >> fly by the seat of your pants. it's not a consistent pattern.
1:42 pm
we don't know if kim jong-un is smart or dangerous. you don't play games like that. the feeling that you get when you go to pyongyang and i was in north korea twice and only in pyongyang twice. you feel like you've stepped into 1953 east berlin. it's gray and drab and there's a few cars on the road and lights th are broken and just a weird, weird feeling and i think we need very strongly to engage china. i think the president issing to there. a you can't insult the chinese one day and engage them the other day and talk about our vessels going one direction when they are really going in another direction. it's very, very dangerous. the president is the laying out there and he even said to president xi that if you help on north korea you'll get a better trade deal. is that an exchange that china
1:43 pm
is actually interested in? >> no, and i think it's a bit insulting to tell you the truth, not that i hold a candle for the chinese communists, but it's sort of like big brother is saying if you give me this, i'll give you that and setting the rules and the regulations. i don't think that's how you do diplomacy. it's a serious boston. on another issue, you're aware an american charity worker imprisoned and now at home in the u.s. president trump asked for his release after sitting down with al sissi. calling him a fantastic leader and not challenging egypt on many of its human rights abuses from. your seat was this a sign of successful diplomacy from the trump administration? >> well, i think al sisi is a
1:44 pm
good ally. when you look at egypt you won't get a parliamentary democracy there. it's al sisi and the people that back him or the al qaeda group quite frankly. we have to keep prodding al sisi. he was on capitol hill and we need to talk about that and be careful. they are a terrorist company and have exported terrorism and they are working with israel and they are working with the united states so i think we have to be very careful but that doesn't mean you don't bush your friends and allies when you see something they wish they would do the opposite. >> it sounds like you support the president's approach when it comes to egypt? >> egypt is very important. >> i take the president's policies one by one. i don't automatically go against everything he says.
1:45 pm
on egypt it's a good policy but we have to press them for more human rights -- ending human rights violations and move towards dem. >> i there's 20 other americans currently held or detained in egypt. what do you know that the u.s. or the trump administration is doing to free the other americans? >> there's a lot of talk behind the scenes obviously. that was also being done by the obama administration as well. it's very disheartening because it's americans. we care about our mellow americans no matter where they are and it's ngos who are pushing for freedoms and all kinds of organizations. we don't want those stifled. we want democracy to flow and egypt i think has been a good partner of the united states. >> congressman, thanks for taking the time. >> a tennessee teacher arrested and accused of kidnapping a 15-year-old girl and taking her to a cabin all the way in
1:46 pm
california where witnesses say he told them she was his wife. sara sidner is live with more. >> reporter: we'll an exclusive live look inside the cabin where tad cummings was before he was taken into custody alongside the 15-year-old victim. we'll give you all the details coming up in just a bit. ♪ sometimes you want to go. ♪ ♪ where everybody knows your name, ♪ ♪ and they're always glad you came. ♪ ♪ you wanna be where you can see, ♪ ♪ our troubles are all the same. ♪ ♪ you wanna be where everybody knows ♪ ♪ your name.
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that translate information into words. facebook showed a woman with als who has these implants. she cannot move or speak herself but can type using only her mind. right now she is able to type eight words per minute and facebook hopes to get that up to 100 words per minute in five years, five times faster that you can type on your smartphone with your finger. let's hope there's no mental auto correct. turning now to the national lead and the phone call that led a missing -- led to a missing 15-year-old girl and a 50-year-old teacher accused of kidnapping her. authorities are working her to bring ted cummings back to tennessee after a five-week manhunt. a witness spotted cummings with his former student elizabeth thomas deep in the woods of northern california, more than 2,000 miles away from tennessee where they are from. also far from the oklahoma city wall mat where they were spotted just last month. you can see the picture there. cnn's sara sidner joins us now.
1:52 pm
sara, you're standing in the cabin where they were found. goodness, just so remote and really incredible they were found there. >> it is, and i'll give you an idea of just how remote it is. this cabin is the last cabin on the property. there's a mountain stream coming down from here and we're surrounded by moneyins that. pretty high up in the mountains here. i want to bring you inside of this cabin. now, the owner of the cabin says, look, this was being built so there's no electricity, sort of nothing in here. this is the bare bones and what you see are places like where they were cooking so there's a grill other with a little gas canister and there's some rice. the fbi was in here for much of the day today and the sheriff's department the day before, but what we also see here is paperwork from the authorities, this one saying it's a search and seize you're warrant. there's also a long list of things that were taken out including coconut oil and ky
1:53 pm
jelly. why are those things important? because authorities are trying to establish there was a sexual relationship between this teacher and his 15-year-old victim and former student. that's why this evidence is very important in many sol of the things taken out of this cabin. >> just gut wrenching to hear those details. amazed that they let you inside there since it's an investigation scene but his cover story in fact was this young girl was his 22-year-old wife. >> that's right. he told the caretaker of these cabins that he was the 44 and he was on his 22-year-old wife and they were on hard times and needed help. the caretaker gave help and filled up their vehicle with gas and how they had been said about
1:54 pm
meeting mr. cummings and his victim. what did he say to you? >> we're from colorado and had a house fire and lost everything. >> did he ever tell you what the relationship was. >> he said it was in the car and locking away. >> reporter: show was very shy, jim and every time he would say something, tad cummings, that her alleged husband would stop her and interject and it looked like there were control issues. they also noticed he tried to keep hiding his car out of view. they decided something is wrong and think saw information from the authority and called police. >> where is the girl now? what's next for cummings? >> the firm 15 years old has been taken out of here and sent
1:55 pm
to tennessee. we understand that tad cummings was supposed to be arraigned and said, nope, they have a warrant for him to take him to a federal court cause and we'll hear from him likely on monday. >> just a 15-year-old girl. sara sitner, thanks so much. to a new series we're launching called earth matter. scientists and supporters are planning a huge march for science. one big rally in d.c. and the nearly 500 others across the xwloep globe. scientists say their very work is threatened today and other use contract's contract. before the election he pledged help friction the infrastructure environmental. jennifer, is that money is
1:56 pm
diverted, it could have a big impact on several programs already in place. >> you're right. with the president vowing to cut funding from u.n. programs as well as possibly pull out of the paris climate agreement it could have big consequences, and we're not just talking about member's many diplomatic funding for areas that rely on this funding for their livelihood. >> time to put america first. we'll put america first. that includes a plan to cancel billions in cloimt change spending. >> reporter: that campaign pledge is sending some wares across the globe where millions of people are spending the money on, well, survival. the u.s. contributes significantly to international pools of money that the u.n. and its partners idon't. 30,000 bolivian potato climates
1:57 pm
enhance chair crops and other props are protected from rising sea levels >>the trump says they are not spending money on that anyway. >> reporter: it's a move that threatens u.s. diplomatic relations as well. >> it sends a signal that one of the biggest emitters on the planet is not going to help the rest of the world and that will dull cooperation overall. >> reporter: andrew light was a key member of the obama administration's climate change team working around the globe and seeing the benefits of international funding first half. >> the u.s. pulling back is going to be very difficult in terms of the stability of these systems. >> reporter: if trump sticks to its plans it would be an about face from the previous administration's aggressive climate change agenda. >> we're going to contribute $3
1:58 pm
billion to. >> reporter: president trump's proposed contribution elimination donations from 89 climate fund and. >> we're going cancel the paris climate agreement. >> reporter: many trump supporters including those in his cabinet applaud these proposals as a way to prioritize domestic interests. >> it's a bad deal for america. it was an america second, third or fourth kind of approach. >> reporter: but money isn't the only concern. >> as water it gets more scarce it threatens to can be a catalyst for conflict. >> reporter: climate change was linked to 23% of armed conflicts in ethnically divided areas. >> climate change is a little hood to enterprise, property and business. >> in -- and even discussed
1:59 pm
changes to the paris xlimpt agreement before postponing it. >> it's not the big picture. it's that one particular program thatity knew was helping, that one particular community that i don't know if that's going to last and i don't know if i can rally enough people to save that and that hurts a lot. >> reporter: and as people hit the streets tomorrow for the march for science they hope it sends a strong message, not only to the white house but congress as they set to vote on the promosed budget in the coming weeks. a program note. we'll have a special primetime edition of "the lead" in addition to the regular 4:00 p.m. to discuss president trump's first 100 days. that's it for "the lead." i'm jim sciutto in for jim tapper today and i turn you over now to wolf blitzer where he is
2:00 pm
as you would expect him, in "the situation room." 1. happening now. breaking news. russian infill federation? cnn has learned that the fbi has indications that russian intelligence tried to infiltrate the trump campaign. the alleged plan was to use a trump advisers to monitor campaign operations. was it successful? on alert. around-the-clock surveillance of north korea but u.s. spy planes and satellites watching for any sinister move, including a possible nuclear weapons test. missiles preyed through the country's capital just days ago are now headed back to their bases. what will kim jong-un's next move be? missing the mark. the clock is ticking on president trump's promises of multiple accomplishments during his first 100 days in office. now he owes dismig missing the marker he touted on the campan