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tv   Reliable Sources  CNN  April 23, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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consumption. it is nearly double the share 20 years. india is expected to be the fastest growing major economy this year expanding by more than 7%. thanks for being part of my program this week. i'll see you next week. i'm brian and it's time for reliable sources. this is our weekly look at the story behind the story of how the media really works. white house correspondent the move to counter program the white house correspondent center. >> once a reality show star always a reality show, right? the swift cancellation of bill o'reilly's show. for o'reilly the spin stops here. >> i grabbed some vacation
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because it's free and easter time. last year i booked a trip that should be terrific. we have a contest, guess where bill is going? i'll have a full report when i return. >> but he is not returning. o'reilly was on vacation the r murdockings investigate allegations against women in the workplace. we don't know exactly what the law firm found but it was enough to dismiss o'reilly. it turns out o'reilly wasn't too fwoig fire. we'll broaden the toxic culture. she will speak with me about what she experienced. while it was in some ways about o'reil o'reilly's end it was the beginning of harassment in the workplace, a feeling that issues are finally being addressed.
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here is what some said on television this week. >> i had been warn by numerous people -- he undresses women with his eyes! az was getting off tell vhe ele he would come around and say looking good there girl. he would say hey, hot chocolate. >> he said come back to my suite. at that point he spent the time weaning me off the show and getting his executive producer to cancel me. >> o'reilly is being paid $25 million. let's keep to focus. emily steel is one of the reporters of the new york times who discovered the secret harassment payments and
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ultimately lead to o'reilly's depar sure. and thank you all for being here this morning. >> emily, you feel your story came out on april 1st detailing settlements. now here we are and he is out of a job. >> what is your question? >> do you feel you played a big part in that? >> what i think happened is these payments, settlements were secret. nobody now about them. the company had helped protect him. bill o'reilly had struck trehes agreements. >> there because cover up? >> yes. there was a protection of him. skbr. >> grefen was paid $20 million.
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there was a public apology. is that when you started looking into him? >> yes. it was in the. summer. a woman kocame forward with allegations against him. there were other women who also reached settlements after reporting behavior. >> how did you find the other women? >> a lot of that we can't talk about. a lot of it is our roreporting. we have talked to donens and dozens of dozens of people. they was a place. >> you are saying some of this was in plain sight.
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>> i wouldn't say it was in -- and those settlements were designed to never become public. they had it if there was any infringement there would be a $500,000 for infrench. >> did you expect o'reilly would be out of a job? >> at the time the sorry was reported it was hafrd to tell. the company itself that struck the deals with two women.
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in addition to what we know the company reach add new contract with bill o'reilly this year. it was a four-year deal worth $25 million a year dooeeal. at the time nay knew about some of the allegations. >> and you have been covering the house of murdock. what do you think to cancel him in april? >> that was the one we had reported on. even while the situation was beginning on we knew there were other things that was sort of there. i think the different thing is that they had hired an outside law firm.
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so once you put an outside law firm that people actually can call it really takes the jeannie out of the bottle. i think one reason why he is gone is that the company really knows there are other women there and there youb a continuous drip of other people who are going to come out. at least they will be able to say we have taken strong action. >> the initial new york times and advertisers withdrawing and other women calling the hot line other organizations like color of change creating pressure in the company and internal
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pressure, what does it tell you know it's a road map for the future. what zwl what it tells us is it works. people of colored lead groups works and when we work together in diverse coalitions we can make things than. we can win. >> in 2004 he was discussing this idea about women making harassment blames. her is what he said. >> i think it's something they have against main in a very come
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petti pettive. he said it is incredibly disheartening that we part ways doo you to unfounded claims. your a action? >> they are often used to discredit people who have less cart and so him casting doubt and undermining actually aligns with the practices and i think it's another example of saying that the women with stepped forward and trying to share we
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responsibility and cast blame instead of to one that makes it. >> i wonder, in order stay employed, find show on another network doesn't he have to keep arguing this? >> that is certainly his position. he is backed up but the preponderate of the united states who defended him right after emily's story came out saying i don't think he did anything wrong. if you watch fox news and you see carlson this stomacher there were examples of what her koe host was saying to her. you have seen bill oh lislely can this is just the way things
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are. >> what do you think he will do now? it is monday. maybe he'll ksh. >> i'm not you are men being victimized by oert. >> emily, do you have the same sense that it was instantly political. a couple of dis after after testimony a president of the student of the united states, it rks a critical issue for you. >> -- will continue to do?
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>> he was on this perch at fox news for 20 years. that's a lodng time. >> i really don't know. >> maybe he doesn't know. >> fox news isn't as dominant as it used to be. there are all kind of other outlets that exist. >> when he planned to come back from vacation on monday he was beginning to announce his next killing book. thank you all for being here. coming up next this morning a woman coming forward detailing roger ails behavior. how putting the spotlight on the alleges victims here right after this.
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the same man allegedly tore down women through ideal logical pul bullying. ails was investigating for a slur at a colleague in the mid-1990s. then he wept over to fox news. what was he like to work with? what tone did he set at fox for bill o'reilly and other employees? anchors rarely jump from fox to other networks which makes it unusual. she did spend more than a decade at fox before joining cnn. she is speaking in depth about the harassment she experienced at fox. thanks for sitting down with me. >> my pleasure. >> you said there was harassment at fox. you're speaking about this for the first time. why now? >> i don't relish the idea of
8:18 am
talking about this. i left fox about three years ago and have, you know, tried to respect my previous workplace. i talk to them all of the time, i see them and i don't like if idea of even criticizing my past workplace where i was for many years. but something feels different this week. it felt like there was a tipping point this week. you know, when roger ail was ousted in july there was a lot of talk about where culture was there and with bill o'reilly being fired it feels as though they really want to know what the churl was li the culture was like. it feels like this might be the right time to have the conversation and let some daylight in. >> and you said on the air bill o'reilly never harassed you. did roger ails ever sexually
8:19 am
harass me? >> yes. roger ails did sexually harass me. he could be charming, car funny. he could also be a bit of a bully and mean. he also was often kind of grossly inappropriate with things he would say. i think many of us experienced that. he would talk about body parts. he would say give me a spin. he would want to be greeted with a hug. but this time that i remember most was when i was first starting out at fox and i was single. i remember being in roger's office. i was saying i wanted more opportunity. he said well, i would have to work with you. >> work with you? >> i would have to work with you on that case. i would have to work with you really closely.
8:20 am
it may require us getting to know each other better. that might have to happen away from here. it might have to happen at a hotel. do you know what i'm saying? and i said yeah, i think i do know what you're saying. and i just want to say i knew in my head i'm never going to that hotel under any circumstances. but i didn't know what that meant for me and my career. i remember vividly i had sort of an out of body experience and thinking is this it? is this the end of my time here? will i be fired if i don't do this? i want everybody to understand whether i know the happens there is a visceral reaction that you have where you recognize my career and everything i worked for is under threat and i don't know what's going to happen next. >> and you end up then doing
8:21 am
what? >> well, i just went home and i didn't tell anybody at the time because i was embarrassed. it is sort of humiliating. >> embarrassed? >> it is humiliating. this man you have gone to tell about your strengths to see if you're doing a good job at work, you know, makes that sort of proposition it is demeaning and it is huhumiliating. i decided personally, and everybody deals with it. i will pretend that never happened. he then changed and when i say i experienced harassment there it was different. for me it was no longer sexual harassment it was harassment of a different variety. it was sort of emotional harass m. roger ails rues ruled with an i
8:22 am
fist. he wanted us to have his point of view. he targeted me because he sort of figured out early on that i didn't share his world view. he said you're not saying the conser conservative things and you could be a real role model and real star if you could sound conservative some times. i said well, roger, that's not my job. i'm not supposed to sound conservative or liberal. i'm supposed to be a fair and balanced, in your terms, journalist. i'm supposed to be open and i'm not supposed to take a side. and that he didn't appreciate or like. i was often called on the carpet. he and i had a lot of
8:23 am
interaction and some times he would insult me. >> it is -- bullying or emotional harassment. >> you'll have to see if you will have to fight the truth or representing both sides. when i would identify someone and i would say, you know, roger, first of all, isn't it supposed to be fair and balanced? aren't i supposed to be playing devil's advocate? >> isn't that my job? >> isn't that my job? he said there is no other side. roger's world view there was no other side. liberals were wrong. that's what he felt we should be
8:24 am
reflecting on the air. when i say there was bullying it was very unpleasant at times to be alone in roger's office when he would, you know, ant bell low about how i was getting it wrng. >> is that the reason you left. >> it is. he was very clear on if you would say these things! first it was come to my hotel room then it became say the things i want you to say on air. >> both of those things were things he was obviously interested in. but i didn't -- i don't believe that's journalism. i really wrestled with that. i didn't want to talk about what roger thought was best for the
8:25 am
country. i thought there was room for debate and room to hear the other side. it became clear to me fairly early that i was in a dead end job and i was never going to be the person that he wanted me to be and that i needed to go. i don't like being summoned to the boss's office and being called on the carpet or being yelled at or criticized or insu insulted. i started refusing to go roger's office. >> was fox just ronnen to the tore. >> when he said there was a feeling there that's more
8:26 am
important. he had an impact in terms of the culture and the feelings there. there are real journalists trying to do their jobs. it wasn't just a constant sort of cloud of toxicity. >> there has been speculation about his security. what do you think? >> i don't know the answer to that. i know that the people in charge, the second tier, the managers, look ks i can only speak from my experience. they tried. when i was passed over time and again they felt for me. they tried to make a case for me to him. they tried to speak reason to
8:27 am
him, but he was the king. i trust that the culture has changed. with roger gone, with the murdocks moving so quickly to try to amend what was happening with o'reilly clearly they want it to change. >> fox has become a symbol of problematic workplace. >> the reason we are having to conversation. let's air it out. it is for people who felt scared and tim da and intimidated. i do think the this is a turning point. >> thanks so much. >> my pleasure. great talking to you.
8:28 am
>> remarkable. >> this morning i reached out to ailes attorney and shir hid -- he never engaged in the inappropriate relations and denies this account of her interactions with him and of fox news editorial policy. ailes denied all of the other claims against him. after if break here, what's next for fox and conservative media? bem be right back with two experts. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income...
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welcome back to reliable sources. i'm brian. fox news trying to make a clean break to the past to ousting
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bill o'reilly. the murdocks say they are trying to make things right. it is still the subject of a grand jury investigation over which which. it could be a very big deal going forward, this federal investigation. fox's ratings. there were people filling in. can fox hold onto its title and what's going happen with this investigation? a former federal prosecutor and legal analyst. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> there is so much we don't know about this federal investigation. the kpexistence of it has leake out. tell us how this is going to transpire. there has been reports of grand jury meetings. what could be happening and how does this usually go about?
8:34 am
>> remember, the grand jury process is designed to be secretive. also that fox news was paying settlements in the form of a salary payment. the reason this is important legally is because isn't happy to disclose to its investors. the lynch pin is whether it is material information that would help to guide an investor's decision about whether or not to invest in the country. arguably, you know, a string of settlements that are made to reflect a corporate culture that may show that a bigger businessman jment. >> maybe it's not material to the bottom line. you're saying it's about the reputation and what could happen down to line to the company, that that's what makes
8:35 am
harassment. >> exactly. i'm not going to make anyone do math. it comes down to how this would play. normally it would be a drop in the bucket. >> a big company. >> right. >> however if these sorts of allegations were going to make the head of the company vulnerable or bill o'reilly, the leader of the network in terms of ratings, vulnerable determination an investor wants no know this is down to pipeline. if it was not disclosed that's big problem to the sec. >> so this is the cloud that hangs over about this federal investigation? >> yes. >> isn't the other angle of this sprawling story, we are talking about the money here an what effect that had. we talked about pressure. what about the murdocks to have this big deal go through in
8:36 am
britain? they might try to block it. >> yeah. they have more time. more people can come forward. it may have been one of the reasons fox was trying to move swiftly. absolutely, i think it's a real problem. that is real money even by any broadcasting company standards. ultimately, is it discouraging about o'reilly getting paid to never appear again? is it encouraging? >> the one thing i learned that the answer to every question about television is always money. every question about media is always money. so that's not surprising to me.
8:37 am
sure it's dits couraging. it's discoura -- discouraging. it's discouraging to people. i'm sure you heard the jokes. it is a bad model but i think it's important that these two guys were taken down. i think it's only -- if they want to real gloi in there this churl has been here for over 20 years. allison's interview was really powerful. whim went through that all of the time. then the way they rein -- middle range managers have to know why isn't this woman being promoted when she is the best person on my team right now?
8:38 am
they went along with it. china has been named in a -- >> the current co-president of -- >> yes. >> you have to look at that. if the murdock brothers go there that's when it gets messy. you cut off the head. you got rid of the new face but there's a lot more work to be done for fox. i really believe that. if they stop here they will have a problem. i think some of that will come up in that european testimony. >> 90% of fox employees know about the hot line to call. what does it mean for further exposures to lawsuits. there are other spending lawsuits. it is easier to settle for a lower amount? >> it does that they trying to revamp the corporate culture.
8:39 am
it doesn't excuse any nam. because buz -- if that is the case, if they essentially sanctioned. they say look, you no longer do with grechen carlson. now you're aware of bill o'reilly and other settlements. surely you knew about my case as well. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. tomorrow fox starts a new line up in the our nightly news la later tonight. sign up right now at
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made the johnsonville way. welcome become to reliable sources. we found out yesterday he has a prime time rally planned in pennsylvania. trump opting for applause instead of laughs at his expense. it puts his relationship with the press back in the spotlight. three reporters who have been covering trump since day one joining me now in washington, glenn, april ryan and kaylynn. are you going to the dinner or rally next saturday, april? >> i will go to the dinner and probably sunday i will look at the -- all of the coverage from the first 100 days.
8:45 am
we are going to the dinner. >> what about you, glenn? >> i think you know they have a policy of not going. i think i'll hang outside. >> the chicken is not that good. what are you going to do? is somebody else going to write about the dinner off of the live coverage? >> i'll be at the dinner. >> so others will cover the rally? >> others will cover the rally. >> this is the choice that will have to be made. as we hear about this rally, are reporters relishing this deadline because they can use it the take swipes at the president's lack of accomplishments? >> i think donald trump is upset about the deadline now. i don't think it accurately reflects what a president has accomplished in his years of the whouchlts i agree.
8:46 am
donald tru -- white house. i agree. he has put out a list of what he hopes to get done. now that he hasn't accomplished that much legislatively he doesn't want anyone to talk about the 100 day deadline. you have to do something in the first 100 days and let people we view those. >> i will use it as a real deadline and take a look at january 20th versus now. there has been some change, some softening of the president's anti-media position. giving an interview to you. am i right that there has been a little bit of softening? >> i mean i never bought it in the first place that he hated the media. >> okay. >> he has a dual role. we both come out of the tabloids. this is kind of the slap and tickle approach. >> slap and tickle approach? >> yeah.
8:47 am
>> you got me there. >> what i think is a difference in the first 100 days is what you just heard kaitlyn say. he too was talking about the president needing to fulfill some of the campaign promises he made. i think what's happening in the first 100 days is what's going on with fox and conservative media who are now holding this president in terms of his campaign promises. >> so, you know, i'm thinking about the conservative media coverage. they are not just sticking to sort of the protrump line. it is not automatically taking it back. >> yeah. unless you're talk about fox and friends which has rapidly turned into the president's favorite television show. i think fox is an outliar on
8:48 am
this. job roberts is a very good yessinye questi questi questions. >> going back to january 20th, that famous press secretary on january 21st, april, could we make the case that things have not been as bad as they could have been. they are still on pack ground briefings and interviews. can we make the -- >> to sean spicer's credit he has not pushed us out of the white house. if he did there would be a fi . fight. still the issue is access and information. he is doing that but the information piece is the
8:49 am
problem. you have those pieces with many administrations. visitor logs, he'll direct us to another agency. he does get credit but the issues of transparency and other issues like that and more investigation and access, that's the problem. >> visitor logs. i am frustrated about this visitor log thing. the white house announced they will not be sharing who's visiting the white house. let's take a quick break and we'll talk about the power of pictures to give us access. we'll be right back with the panel in just a moment.
8:50 am
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let me show you two pictures, two pictures that defiz the official secrecy of the trump administration. this first picture shows you
8:54 am
what the white house is not showing you, who is visiting the president? this picture of ted nugent and sarah pal palin and kid rock. this white house refusing to release white house visitor log. the other picture i want to show you is that the trump administration issed a odds at with the facts. the carl vinson was not on its way to the korean prince. before taking off as president trump called president obama, the least transparent president ever. why does obama believe, why does obama believe he shouldn't comply with records releases like his predecessors did of
8:55 am
their own volition. katelynn, you questioned sean spicer about this earlier in the week, if obama opened the door halfway, why aren't you opening it all the way? instead the trump administration is closing the door entirely not providing any information at all. >> they cited national security concerns for why they aren't releasing these logs, when the logs work in donald trump's favor, he's in love with them. but when he's not, he doesn't want anybody to know that. i looked through the visitor logs to see how many times he was welcomed at barack obama's white house, it turned out to be dozens of times, donald trump tweeted out this story, and said look how many people is
8:56 am
welcoming into his white house, so it not okay, we need to know who is going into the white house and who could be potentially influencing policy. >> when we don't have that information, does that just mean more and more people leak to you instead? you a you. >> if it wasn't for ted nugent returning my phone call, we would never know for instance, if the president spent four hours on a school night. they discussed policy matters, guns and ammunition and the president showed them the bulletproof glass on the front of the white house, so they not the whole tour. it would be cool if we didn't
8:57 am
know if sarah palin came there, but it is very important in terms of accountable. this is a very leaky white house, and i think sooner or later they're going to cough up these logs whether they want to or not. >> let me turn to the missing aircraft carrier, which is now actually i believe to be on its way to the korean peninsula. april, what was your read on this? was this another credibility blow to the white house? >> yes, and this is not just talking heads stuff, this is something that the american public is talking about, we're seeing in polls the trust and credibility issue for this president is not there. it's very minimal, if anything, when you come to an issue of sending an armada somewhere, you cannot just make that call on a moment's notice. i have talked to intelligence officials and they said you
8:58 am
cannot just summon one. >> the next time the president says, quote, we're sending an armada, do you have to approach that more cautiously are we going to have to be more careful making the administration's word on this matter? >> we will do what white house press people, reporters, we will actually take what the president says and actually go in and find out what the real truth is, we will call generals, we will call our sources in the intelligence community and find out what's going on, because unfortunately there's more of an own nuggets to really take what he says oar the press secretary or anyone within this administration, and dig a little bit more to find out the truth, go into the weeds and find out what's really
8:59 am
happening. so we'll take what he says but dig a little bit deeper to find out where the truth may lie, if there is indeed a problem with the truth. >> there's no pressure to do it now, it ended up being -- seeing these pictures, informing us of what's really going on. we saw now approval ratings in nbc and abc today, the president at 40% or 42% approval. there was some. >> only 62% of the american people supported that. a 40% approval rating isn't just historically low, it's not cosmeti cosmetic. >> april, kaitlin, glen, thank you all for being here.
9:00 am
we're out of town on tv, but log on to "reliable sources".com for our seven day newsletter, i'll be spending ill out around 11:00 p.m. "state of the union" is up next. shut down showdown. how far will president trump go to fulfill his most famous campaign promise? >> it's going to be way up there, it's going to be a big, beautiful wall. >> with a government shutdown looming over funding for the wall, we'll talk to the head of homeland security. the very latest as republicans rally to rewrite the bill this weekend.