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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  April 24, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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it is now day 96 of the trump presidency. the president getting down to the wire when it comes to keeping all of those promises he made for the first 100 days. could one of his biggest promises, the border wall, block a deal to stop the looming government shut down. plus trump says he is not so sure kim jong un is as strong as he says he is. yang detains an american citizen. an american nuclear sub marine heads towards south korea in a show of force. let's get to mr. jim. north korea started making threats in the region. what can you tell us and what's been the reaction from the white house? >> well, now north korea is
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claiming they have a weapon that could sink a u.s. aircraft carrier. he has been ordered to the seas, closer to north korea. that threat not clear whether that is true or north korea has that capability. they are also threatening saying they have a missile already capable of hitting the u.s. and saying they have capability to light off a hydrogen bomb. they are bracing themselves for a missile test and perhaps an underground nuclear test. >> the status quo is also unacceptable. the council must be prepared to prose additional and stronger
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sanctions. this is a real threat to the world whether we want to talk about it or not. north korea is a big world problem. it is a problem we have to finally solve, people who put blindfolds on and now it's time to solve the problem. >> what's interesting about trump's comments there, he is talking about additional sanctions on north korea, not military action. you'll remember in the last couple of weeks you had tweets from the president, other comments seeming to warn of preemptive action. that comment about additional sanctions, that's a very measured response and more in line with the responses of the obama and george w. bush administration. >> i want to talk about reports now about the senate investigation. what do you know? >> i'll tell you, i have spoken to a couple of senators today,
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democrats and staffers who say they are upset with delays. mark warner, i have spoken with him. he says he is very unhappy with the pace. ron widen saying it needs to be set up. they want quicker access to documen documents. they want faster progress towards public hearings. it is like the carter pages of the world and paul manafort. what's important about that is the senate intelligence committee was meant to be the adult. you have the clear partisan split blowing up over his rec e recus recusal. it was supposed to be the leader on this. now we are seeing some of that bipartisanship perhaps chal llee challenged. i also spoke with an independent
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senator. they said from their perspective it is a bipartisan effort. >> thank you. >> thank you. now i want to bring in michael. thank you for joining us. >> thanks. >> as a former director do you think the russian investigation is moving along fast enough? >> yeah. i saw the same report that talked about the limited staff that the senate intelligence committee has on the problem. i know both the chair and vice chair, they are very strong players. i have a lot of confidence in them. these committees are designed for oversight, not investigation. it is a bit of a heavy left for them. i do think public and closed
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hearings will help educate the american people on what's going on here. i think the investigation itself will take place about a half dozen blocks at the hoover building. >> so you say this is a heavy investigation. do you think there should be an independent investigation? >> i don't. the poll shows -- >> you know what? i understand, but i do like things done in regular order. every time we meet an unusual problem we have to create a new structure. and so frankly as propertymatic as the senate intelligence committee has been, limited number of staff you realize you would have to create something totally independent from scratch which would take months to set up in addition to getting the congress to do it. so i'm comfortable with going
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forward on what we have now. again, i'm looking at the real fact finders to be the fbi where as the senate committee plays a powerful role, i think, in public education. >> yes. >> so you're confident they will get there? >> look, i am confident enough to let it ride for the moment. >> so you recently said that national security had a shift. explain what that means. >> well, look. i think there are fund manual shifts going on. we are seeing the melting down similar to american liberal world bank, imf world order. that's a natural phenomenon because the world is very different than when we created that order 75 years ago.
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the real question before us is how does american intelligence inform american policymakers as to what role we should play in creating 2.0. how much should we create a role in creating and and how much power in sustaining it? >> i want to move onto north korea because you have been critical of how president trump has handled north korea. we learned that the u.s.s. michigan kexpected to make a visible call on tuesday. why is that action significant. >> well, look. we are showing some strains. i have not been that krit corral. i think they concluded is within our -- we are seeing north korea
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with a nuclear device that can reach the northwest. what we are proare saying we are recalibrating hence the ohio class sub marine. he thinks is thing that president tufrp has said. the audience here is the chinese, trying to get them to do more to help solve this. >> so you any this action is okay? you're okay with this? >> i know what the project of patience has been. it has been north korea with a nuclear weapon on board! do you think they will launch another test soon? >> yes.
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either a missile test or a nuclear. it will upset the chinese more than it will upset us. it creates to pull the chinese to a more powerfully mutual view. >> you and nikki hailey said it is putting press is the president working these to the country's advantage because that's the type of thing he promised to do as a candidate? is he suck sedding? >> i think he established with two very important leaders. he is working them again to get this broader jens of records.
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look, i think the chinese has done more. i think they can do more. when they say jump the north koreans don't say how high. they are also had problems. why is kim jong un doing this? >> that's the play book, dawn. this is right out of the standard script. i half jokily say security policy looks like it is written on the bottom of a shampoo bottle. demand concessions, repeat. that's what they are doing with their tests and what's keeping americans under these from texts. >> always a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you. president trump promised to get a lot of things done.
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with only days in office before the deadline how is he doing? first i wanted to take a look at music that defines is history. this thursday night a look at songs that took on a new meaning. ♪ >> they needed a boost. >> i put a fireman's helmet on the piano or i would have just lost it. >> i didn't think of it when i wrote it. >> the events that transpired
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nlike @squirrelgirl52, without thwho writes,ootball... "no football on sundays has left me with a lot of free time, so i've constructed a sanctuary for local squirrels." try watching the nfl draft. maybe watch with a friend. or doctor. anchts lot a lot on the president's plate. his campaign promise to build a
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wall along the wordborder with mexico may have to be postponed. jim acosta is live. >> reporter: a white house official confirms the president will not insist on border wall funding as part of keeping a bill running. they thought the white house was going to take all of this to the brink over one of the president's biggest campaign promises. >> it just might be the biggest barrier standing in the way to prevent a looming government shut down. president trump's quest to pay for a wall on the u.s. mexico border. the president is ramping up the pressure saying it is to stop drug frs poi sogen our youth and many others. if a wall is not built the you
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drug situation will not be fixed the way it should be. they are also pushing to make sure wall money is included in i any bill. >> it will help us complete the promise that the president has made to the american people. the american people have a right to expect it and i think congress will eventually deliver. >> it is perhaps the biggest campaign promise, that mexico will pay for that wall? >> who is going to pay for that wall? >> mexico. >> who? >> mexico. >> why is there discussion about paying for the wall? >> i think the president made clear initially we needed to get the funding going. there would be several america nichls to make sure it happens.
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>> in the campaign contract the president vowed to introduce a bill that would force mexico to ultimately pay for the wall, one of several promises he hasn't kept. now the white house is releasing his own. the administration and supreme court pick in efforts to help women and minorities, nearly all stemming from executive actions. the white house looking to make when the president is kpped to outline his tax reform plan. the administration is not that any of it be paid for. >> it will pay for itself with economic growth. >> as for lowering the corporate trial top republican source tells cnn they will insist that proposal is something the white house is not promising this
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morning. >> all right. thank you. a new washington post abc poll shows the president and the lowest approval rating compared to prior administration. they are sticking with him. at least 96% say they would support him again. what does it tell you? >> they are willing to give him more time than this 100 days in office to get things done. to them they feel like he has accomplished some things. he did it in a way without congress. it's very easy to do. he has rolled back stuff along those lines. you have to work to get
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legislation passed. you a white house, judicial branch. we have seen so far that the work hasn't gone so well. look at health care. >> this is not the media, this is what he said he would get to. some of the proposals he said he would fight for it in the first 100 days, his words. the middle class tax we lerelie. repeal and replace obamacare. that fell apart in the house. so he hasn't delivered. >> so a couple of questions. one, let's look at the tax relief. they wanted to draw up the corporate tax relief.
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you are going crease the debt that we currently hold. it will be difficult to do. in addition to that he has gone about this the wrong way. he could have come into office as basically a republican but the ability to reach across party lines to get things done, he could have started with a jobs bill to create jobs. that's what he talked about. i am going to help the committee and i'm going to put you back to work. if he got democratic buy-in then he would be in a much better place today. >> why didn't he do it? >> i didn't have an answer for you. it would be the smart thing to do. he was thinking if he said it it would happen. >> and build a wall. he said -- >> who would have thought the
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wall would be built. >> right. >> he signed 28 bills into law. more than the last five presidents, none of them are major legislative victories. does it say more about how congress is operating. >> i don't begrudging for using executive orders to get things done. i do think that he would have been smarter to -- or closer with congress to try to get some things done. he would have looked like he is working across party lines. if you look back other than the g gorsuch nomination. they had to do maneuvering. you haven't seen much from democrats at all. the opposition has been from
9:24 pm
trump's own party. >> he put his neck on the line and did the nuclear option which changed the rules of the senate to ensure all he needed was a simple majority. >> that's fine but the bottom line is he would have never gotten it. >> thank you, mark. when we come back, incidents rising, a stunning 86% in the first three months of this year, what's behind the massive increase and harassment. it's like nothing you've seen.
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holocaust remembrance day. it shows drastic increase in acts of anti-semitism in the country. we have senior vice president of policy and programs. i almost said adl, the short name for it. you have a new report out that
9:29 pm
details these acts in the united states. tell us what you have found. >> right. what we found was a dramatic increase in 2016 and then in the first quarter of this year an 86% increase. these are incidences of assault and vandalism. these were incidents that started the trend around the campaign in november. we have seen it continue through march. >> you said it started around the campaign. do you think that the campaign, is therecorrelation? >> yeah. we believe that the campaign was a particular pcompletely toxic . it did seem to engage particularly the extremist movement.
9:30 pm
the adl has been monitoring extremists. they have been shuttling between their ramping up of activity and during the campaign season. >> some of these happened, it came from outside of the united states. it was one that they were using that as an excuse. >> right. our statistics are pretty accurate. we have been doing this a long time. the numbers, particularly the number of harassment are the ones we are very concerned about. we saw the incidents increasing in schools, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. it is in terms of harassment of jews and others. it has some how filtered into our childrens minds and we are very concerned about it. >> when you sat here i said what in the world is going on? >> what is going on? >> so again, there is a toxicity that is happening.
9:31 pm
i think one of the things adl has been proud of is we have made it so that leaders, media stars, you know, if they engage in racism there is consequences. they will lose their job, be rebuked something. we saw sort 06 a free for all. it kind of gave signals that it's okay to endwaj in that kind of rhetoric. that's what we are seeing now, people actually acting out. >> it's so awful. disheartening sant strong enough word for it. can you put the jeannie back in the bottle? >> of course you can. there is not one way to fight anti semitism and other forms of hate. we always tell people you have to do a multi-pronged approach. you litigate, legislate and
9:32 pm
educate. litigati litigation, the woman is litigating. she is taking action to the court system. adl takes a lot of work with hate crime and we train to make sure they are detecting. >> and i run one of the largest. we are working with teachers and students. we have to do it. >> i think the lid back on the sewer -- >> i'm glad you said that. we have to get our leaders to speak out against that. just yesterday the president delivered a video message to the world. marking his real estate for the
9:33 pm
heros of the holocaust. >> jews across the world have proved the truth of these words day after day. in the history of those we lost, yo . we must stamp out anti-semitism everywhere it is found. >> the president accused of not doing enough to denounce anti-semitism! the statement he mad yesterday is the kind of beds we like to see from him and others. >> he is scheduled to meet tomorrow. what do you want? considering the previous mistakes. but consideri but what do you want to hear from the white house? >> i it is that anti cemetery and any form of frej discannot
9:34 pm
be tolerated. . >> ivanka trump, i said we honor 6 million jews whose lives were taken during the holocaust. >> how do you see their roles here? >> i think they can play an important role. it has been face if nating and as i mention, we can see where extremists are attacking k kushner. for them to say it's not acceptable and how they process it could be that it does impact you you as an individual! thank you. learned a lot.
9:35 pm
let's hope it works. let's hope we can put the lid back on. >> thank you so much. when we come back, more on the startling statistics, what will it take to stop anti-semiti anti-semitism? are you done yet? does it look like i'm done? shouldn't you be at work? [ mockingly ] "shouldn't you be at work?" todd. hold on.
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anti-semitism has spiked since the election. we have ben ferguson here, sanders and john phillips. good evening to all of you, or good morning. so al, i'll start with you. reporting the live in anti-semiti anti-semitism. it jumped 86% in the first quarter of 2017. why is that happening? >> the adl is a great organization. it also fights against bigotry and it fights all defamation. its statistics are very accurate. there are two forms of
9:40 pm
anti-semitism. you never find anybody saying it's okay to put swasticas on gravestones. you have anti-semitics. it is a certain kind anti semitism -- >> this is online activity -- >> oh, sure. people used to talk in bars together and it's international liezed as well. >> the adl report says the amount of bullying in grade school has doubled since the 1016 election. it seems to me was just telling me about it. the american federation of teachers said president trump is to blame. is she wrong or right about that? >> i think it is absolutely
9:41 pm
irresponsible to say he is to blame for this. you look at the people that were around him. many of them are very very very proiz y proisrael. he took a lot of heat for how much he was willing to back jewish people in general. so to some how claim at the same time that donald trump should be held responsible for ignorance and bigotry is absurd. you don't have to back it up. that's the reason i think you can see some of these numbers spiking. the good news is we are finding out about these big gots and for
9:42 pm
more comfortable rorgt this behavior. people are willing to speak up and maybe they wsht before. >> i rant to get my other panelist in here. deborah says she sees a direct correlation. for example in may of 2016 graffiti posted in general said kill the jews. a man accosted by someone who told him trump will finish with what hitler started. do you think he did enough to support that? >> i think allen is right. i think much of this is knob existent -- non-existence on if right. you think oh, my god, there is a student group who invite a
9:43 pm
white supremist to come give a speech. everyone came wearing the same things. they all dressed as empty shares t. guy has no following, it is really toxic. a speaker will be giving who supports violence against israel. they are allowing her to give the commencement speech? that's appalling. >> it is a rhetoric that has been present throughout the campaign and have fuelled some of the thing where she is seen. french elements have been brought into the mainstream. we cannot talk about the rise of some of these really bad things
9:44 pm
happening but it's the rhetoric that the white house has used. >> i think we are seeing increased extremism on the right and the left. the communists will support le penn. they have always had bigotry, an anti-semitism. we have to look at this phenomenon to get pop lifrm and extremism -- >> but wait. >> there's one thing here -- >> let's -- >> i just want to make a really quick point that we have to be careful when we talk about p populichpop populichl.
9:45 pm
it could be economic nationalism. there could be nationalism. there could be racism. there are level to populichl. >> i agree with that. >> a quick response, please. >> some are being very calculated. it doesn't mean they are necessarily a part of that group or that party. whether it is on the left and on the right. it is happening not just in american and around the world. there are crazies that know they just say the name donald trump somebody will cover them and their event. if you say something that connects you to somebody that is bigger than you and you can grandstand off of that people act as though it is part of
9:46 pm
donald trump. >> and donald trump in yesterday's statement and hopefully tomorrow's statement will undo anybody on the extreme right who thinking trump is encouraging. >> look, it took a while for him to get there. when you look at certain cases that is a real problem. >> it is. >> we must deal with it. we cannot compare -- >> hold on. >> we have to condemn this. i think it is town our leaders to do the most. >> i agree. everyone stick around. when we come back, workers in new orleans tearing down the city's confederate monuments. death threats causing them to wear bullet proof vests. tilt your tormentor and put those snores to sleep. does your bed do that? only at a sleep number store, find clearance prices on the cse bed, save $500.
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9:51 pm
today. the work ozto be done at night because police were concerned about the workers safety. what do you think about removing these monuments? >> look, i think if the citizens in that area want them removed, they should be removed. many people are very upset because they feel like the mayor did this without having any people listened to, thamayor did not include the community really enough in this decision. i should also say it is sad when these are coming down, you have workers that have to cover their faces and wear bulletproof vests and have snipers on the building and do it at nighttime. but also most people said they were upset and this included democrats and whites and african-americans, said this
9:52 pm
mayor did not do a good job of talking to people like this. and it liked like an executive order, an executive decision, that's why so many people are upset. >> but simone, let's talk about -- >> remind people who fought to keep the system of slavery in place. what i'm not upset about is those monuments being taken down. >> so, again to your point they received death threats, had to wear tactical vests, masks as they broke down one called the liberty monm. why would anyone be upset about that? i just don't understand. >> don, i think this speaks to a deeper thing. we still -- and i say this often
9:53 pm
because it's true. we still have not gragrappled with the impact race has all in our country, really across the aisle, if you will, across ideology, and when things like this happens, decide to teardown osive to a number of people, we still haven't done with things, the root cause of the issue. >> john, what do you think of this? it had a collected 31,000 signatures. are you surprised how many people wanted to keep these monuments in place? >> well, i'm a believer you should be honest about the confederacy. teach the history but teach it honestly. if you don't understand the history of the south, you don't understand the present south. it drives me crazy here in california, for whenever reasons politicians are trying to strip the state from all our
9:54 pm
alliances, all of our memorials to the spanish missionaries. they want to take down the statue of -- >> what is that truth of confederacy if you say we should be teaching the truth of the confederacy, what is the truth of confederacy? >> no, it's a horrible part of american history, but teach it juan sestly. if you pretend it didn't happen, then you do a disservice -- >> i think there's a difference between -- >> there's a difference between teaching and making heros. the statue of robert e. lee, that's more debatable. he was a military hero, but he fought for the wrong side, he fought for slavery. i think woo do have to teach and
9:55 pm
educate but we can do it without making segregationests and slave owners. thomas jeffenson, here's a man who wrote about the pursuit of libertiy, but chased done his slaves and beat them. >> look at robert e. lee for example, there's many people that say a lot of statues across the south of robert e. lee should come down and not even be looked at as a historical figure. when you start taking things down like that, and there are people who definitely advocate for that, you don't want to erase history. >> that's not what they removed in new orleans there. we're almost at at time. >> we're going to repeat ourselves when it comes to this
9:56 pm
because we don't know what happened. >> we just had a whole conversation about the confederacy. we didn't talk about literally americans took up arms because it benefitted them. that is part of history, but we didn't say it. >> okay, i'm out of time. i'm out of time. that's it. thank you very much. i agree with allen. you can teach it, but you don't have to erect a monument. that's it. thanks for watching. only t-mobile gives you 2 lines of unlimited data for 100. all in. taxes and feas included. that'll save you hundreds. and now the brand new samsung galaxy s8 is here.
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"the lead starts right now. >> a big development on that big beautiful wall tonight. president trump could be backing down from a standoff against democrats and his previous position of pushing fupding for the border wall. one of his biggest critic in washington senator liz bgt warren will be here live to weigh in. a u.s. guided missile submarine is now head today the peninsula as president trump says tonight he's not so sure kim jung-un is as strong as he says is. bill o'reilly briek breaking


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