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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  April 25, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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coalesce expanding with the broader congress. the problem with the president is he sees the personal relationship growth is important and he doesn't understand that the issues behind the scenes require a step back and that when people make comment, his best position to get his policy proposals through would be to stay silent. again, it comes back to that impulse drive on twitter versus the democratic tradition behind the scenes in congress. >> but then is his inner circle doing him a disservice? shouldn't he have people around him who know how the sausage is made to say, no, don't say this, don't tweet this to try to protect him? >> yes, but he doesn't listen to them. he can do what he wants if he's the president, to a degree.
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that's the great gripe and why you've seen at the various levels this laeeaking from the president to say this is not in your interest and then he gets on the phone and starts tweeting. >> i've got to wrap this and head to my next hour. susan, gloria, tom, thank you all very much. let's roll. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. the white house appears to now be distancing himself from michael flynn. this is the house oversight committee revealed today that general flynn may have broken the law. also revealed, the trump administration has denied a request for documents relating to the payment that general flynn received from a speech he gave in russia some years ago. here is sean spicer moments ago. >> but you're acting as if you had responsibility of your own transition. that's all i'm trying to --
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>> i guess the question is -- >> he was making calls as a future national security adviser. >> i understand that. right now to ask the white house to produce documents not in the possession of the white house is ridiculous. >> chairman jason chaffetz and elijah cummings say there's no indication that flynn obeyed the law when he did not disclose payments that he did not receive from russia. >> as a former military officer, you simply cannot take money from russia, turkey or anybody else and it appears as if he did take that money, it was inappropriate and there are repercussions for the violation of law. >> i believe the oversight committee should be holding a hearing with general flynn. i'm seeing the chairman, we talked briefly about this and it seems this is the purview of the intelligence committee. but we need to have the
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opportunity to ask general flynn directly why he concealed these foreign payments from the defense department. >> we do have a statement from general flynn's lawyer that reads as follows. "as has previously been reported, general flynn briefed the defense intelligence agency, a component agency of dod before and after the trip and he answered any questions that were supposed by dia concerning the trip during those briefings. just to put in perspective for you, how big this investigation is, they are broadening four congressional committees investigating any kind of tie between president trump's associates and russia during the 2016 presidential election. they are, house intelligence, senate intelligence, house oversight. with me now is jim sciutto and
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julie davis, a white house reporter with "the new york times." good to have both of you on. jim, i'm sure you listened to the briefing and how sean spicer tried answers the questions about stonewalling and documents requests. he said that the chairman and ranking member have all that they need now. but is that an acceptable response for the white house to say we don't have it? >> the daylight between the white house and flynn, the increasing daylight as they try to put space between themselves and him, which appears to be what sean spicer was trying to do there, listen, he got his first security clearance when he was director of the dia, all of the stuff happened during the transition but keep in mind, he was selected by the president of the united states as his national security adviser. when do you that, you fill up a new security clearance for and on that security clearance form, you're required by law to report payments like these from foreign governments and particularly --
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look at this. this was from rt. this is russia today. it was viewed by the u.s. as a kremlin-controlled media operation and therefore it's something you've got to report. 45,000 bucks. that's what he's paid to go there and speak for in 2015. so to see the republican chairman of the house oversight committee, jason chaffetz, and elijah cummings saying that a law may have been broken here, is a very impactful and causes real problems for flynn going forward and that's different from seeing the white house press secretary there saying it wasn't really our thing. that's a difficult argument for them to make considering how senior flynn was and it's their responsibility to bring him into the white house. >> the crux of this would be why would general flynn not disclose
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the speech, the money he made to all pertinent groups as he's feeling out this form, this security clearance or was this just some sort of oversight? >> well, there's no question that right now the white house is trying to put distance between themselves and general flynn. but the fact is, he worked very closely with the campaign over a period of many months and was obviously one of the top advisers on the transition and this was kind of a -- >> it was? >> it was, that they didn't prevet people. they didn't do the sort of planning, prescreening and all of the dotting of the i's and crossing of the t's that many administrations have done to avoid this kind of a problem. obviously general flynn was involved from a very early date and so he's not a person that came in at the last minute and we had to find out who he was.
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he was well known to the campaign and obama administration but there are complicated relationships and he had a speaking engagement in russia and ties with a turkish businessman who also now we hear has potential connections to russia. there was a lot to check out here and to just say this was his -- the onus was on him personally to get this taken care of and make sure that he had done what he needed to do, consult who he needed to consult with, that's a reach for the white house. >> and i think you have a perfect point, listen, i don't know what's more worrisome that he didn't disclose this information while filing out the security clearance or whether it seems to be a trend with the trump team in the carelessness or recklessness of not, you know, dotting the i's and crossing the t's, jim. >> right. or deliberate know not
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mentioning, there are questions about how forthcoming jared kushner has been in terms of listening his meetings. i've filled out an sf-86 before. it's a responsibility. i remember sitting down there for hours and days going over each foreign trip and contact as is required by that form as is required by law when you take positions. so it's a responsibility and certainly general flynn did not fulfill it. >> what are you looking for next in this story, julie? >> i'm looking to see whether it's possible for the white house to maintain any distance between themselves and general flynn and whether they can stay far away from this, as you put it, an expanding narrative, because it died down a bit as the conversation kind of shifts to the first 100 days but there are now four different committees investigates and the striking thing about today was the bipartisan interests,
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republicans and democrats raising pointed questions. i'm going to be interested to see how long the white house can keep up with this, it's not our job to respond to this. >> julie, jim, thank you both very much. just in to us here at cnn, mexico hitting back at the white house saying in no scenario will it pay for the president's border wall. we'll talk about the president backing off his demand in this whole shutdown battle. again, you heard sean spicer saying there, there will be a wall built. also, ivanka trump getting booed and hissed@this woman's summit in germany as she defends her father involving women's issues, his treatment with women. we'll show you what happened and how ivanka trump responded. whether you're after supreme performance... ...advanced intelligence...
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the pga tour turn countless points of data into insights that transform their business and will enhance the game for players and fans. the microsoft cloud turns information into insight. president trump is set to unveil his new tax plan tomorrow and sources are saying he wants to slash the u.s. corporate tax, among the highest in the word, from 35% to 15%. and while cutting taxes, yes, that's a republican presep, so is avoiding debt.
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orrin hatch is pushing back saying the 15% corporate tax has huge problems because it would increase the deficit and the democrats would fight that. senator hatch telling cnn, quote, i'd love to do that. i'm not sure we can get them down that low. also, the white house in its briefing just backed up what the president said today. he said funding the border wall is a priority for his budget despite officials saying the president is willing to delay it until this fall when talks of the new fiscal year begin. >> yesterday, president trump reportedly said that he's going to delay pushing the wall through. so can you just clarify the status of that when -- >> thank you. the president made it very clear, i think he tweeted about this earlier, his priorities have not changed. there will be a wall built. it's important to block gangs from coming into this the kou country, the flow of illegal drugs he illegal immigration. there's a national safety issue by having a wall that ensures
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our safety and plenty of planning that can be done and fy '17 we're going to make sure our priorities are clear and fy '18. >> soits delayed for now? >> no. no. no one said delayed. with me is politics reporter for "the guardian." nice to see you. sabrina, got some news as we were in that sound bite that apparently the republican members of congress have proposed a spending bill that contains not a dime for funding for the president's wall. so, does that surprise you? is this just a promise unkept or kicking that can down the road? >> well, the priority for republicans on capitol hill is to try to avert a shutdown from the federal government by friday and the fact of the matter is that the votes are not there for a spending package that includes funding that goes towards the
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construction of the wall. that was going to be a nonstarter with democrats even the majority and we heard president trump offer some flexibility by telling reporters yesterday that he was willing to push off the funding for the wall until a later date. what this does is tee up the same fight and harkens back to the fact that he campaigned in simplistic terms, we're going to build a wall, mexico's going to pay for it and now he has to contend with how he's going to act on what he promised to do. >> by the end of the week we'll be having this conversation in september. monica, to you on this tax reform piece that he'll be rolling out tomorrow, when you hear quotes like that from someone like senator orrin hatch, it just makes me think, is the administration not talking to the orrin hatches of
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the world to get their input when you're trying to cut taxes like this? i mean, you think about potential ramifications of the debt. what do you think? >> well, i think that you're getting a little bit of the art of the deal. i think that donald trump negotiates the same way my immigrant father does. you give me good deal. i think there's a lot of plblusr back and forth. this is a little bit of theatrics. we need to know how we're going to foot $200 billion a year which is by taking the corporate rate from 35% to 15% and i think during the campaign what trump was really focusing on was, hey, guys, our gdp doesn't look anything like it used to. for the last 60 years, gdp was 3.25%. the last 8, 9%, we're barely cracking 2%. for every half percent missing,
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that's 80,000 zapped from the economy. i think what you're hearing from republicans is we've heard that before and i'm not willing to take a risk without knowing how we'll find part of this. >> can i just ask, is your immigrant father successful in that task often in doing dealings? >> more successful than i am. he's going to haggle if either of us are going to haggle. >> i always like to quote krystal over here. this was on the border wall. there are other examples, the health care, debacle. "that rapid cycle of demand capitulation is enough to give you whiplash." trump also tweeted that his changed position wasn't a change after all but that ignores the
12:19 pm
fact that he demanded that something won't be in his spending bill. the president is overestimating his leverage. how do you deal with that? >> there's been a consistent challenge that they are not communicating on capitol hill. this is a president who has control of both chambers of congress and nearly 100 days in does not have a single major legislative accomplishment that he can point to as a success and that's why you're seeing a big announcement about the tax plan. republicans believe this is more of a pr stunt to say i'm trying to act upon my plans to overhaul the tax code but he's not really bearing in mind that republican leaders have their own tax plans that don't bear on what the white house is unveiling tomorrow. i think they are not showing a serious interest in how it works
12:20 pm
and president trump learning the hard way that support from his own party is not guaranteed. >> now you also have this tax that has been slapped on canadian lumber. lumber used to build a lot of homes in the u.s. and this is apparently to create a more even level playing field and there are questions as to why we're trying to pick a fight with canadians over this. that's what jim acosta was asking commerce secretary wilbur ross. >> what would you say to the layman out there who says why is president trump messing with the canadians now? >> it's not a question of president trump messing with the canadians. we believe they violated legitimate practice and to the degree we're correct in that, it should be corrected, just like steel dumping from china. >> you're trying to make a point
12:21 pm
publicly? >> we make it publicly all the time. it's just that there has been so much general pub interest ingendered by the two things, the dairy and the lumber, that we felt it was good to clarify. >> monica, the secretary pointed out, listen, this is a point why we need to renegotiate nafta but canada? what do you think about that? >> look, i think this is going to register really well with his voters because they'll view this as here's trump speaking up for me and i'm the little guy in my industry when all of these big politicians have turned their back on me for 30 and 40 years. who has leverage when you have this kind of bluster. you have canada with a $1.7 trillion economy. they are 10% of what we are. they are the big dog in the fight. i think it's going to be an effective stunt because this is a big part of america that feels
12:22 pm
politicians have turned their back on them and they are not seeing that economic opportunity and this will register as he's fighting for me. >> okay. monica, thank you. sabrina, thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, ivanka trump getting booed at this big women's summit there in germany as she's defending her father over treatment of women. what she said about the report that she influenced the president's decision to strike syria. you do all this research
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ivanka trump has been a tireless defender of her father and today on the world stage in berlin in her first overseas trip in her role as assistant to
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the president, the first daughter acted no differently. while speaking on a panel that included angela merkel women summit of g-20 countries, ivanka trump was asked about donald trump's treatment of women and her answer was met with hecklers. >> he's been a tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive. the new reality of -- >> you have reaction from the audience. >> i certainly heard the criticism from the media and that's perpetuated but i know from personal experience and i think the thousands of women who have worked with and for my father for decades when he was in the private sector are a testament to his belief and solid conviction in the potential of women and their ability to do the job as well as any man. >> let's go straight to kate
12:28 pm
bennett who is live in berlin. kate bennett, you know, you heard her response to the question about her father's treatment of women. to me she blamed media. that was lame. what did you make of how she handled that? >> reporter: well, i have to say, the noise came during the panel that was about an hour long. this was about halfway through. it happened when she said my father is and has been a champion of families. that's when there was sort of a hissing and booing within the crowd. the moderator stop and had ivanka address it right then. it was a moment that she was on a formidable panel with christine lagarde, with the queen of the netherlands. this was really a trial by fire situation so that there was a little disruption of maybe she might have to get used to as she
12:29 pm
represents her father and his administration. i would add though, brooke, there was an off-camera gaggle with the press and she said politics is politics. as long as this starts a discussion about the things that she's passionate about, it's okay, it's fine by her. she sort of just rolled with it. >> there was another piece of the conversation that was also caught off camera where she was asked about eric trump did this interview with the newspaper about their father's decision to strike syria with the tomahawk missiles and he insinuated one of the reasons he launched to them is because his daughter was heartbroken over these atrocious images of dead children. she weighed in on that as well today. did she not say it was a flawed interpretation? >> reporter: she did. she said that the eric trump story was not the way that it
12:30 pm
went down. she said that like many people, most people, she was appalled and heartbroken from the images coming out of syria. she shared her thoughts with her father. however, she made it very clear that her influence didn't force the president to make the decision to strike syria. she added the president doesn't act on emotions alone that he has officials and generals thatted a vithat advised him and that her voice, while present, was not the factor in the president's important decision to strike out against syria in retaliation. >> kate in berlin, thank you. i just want you to listen to ivanka trump now describing her role in the white house. >> he's been a tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive. in the new reality of -- >> you heard that from the
12:31 pm
audience. >> i think in my personal experience and you were asking about my role as daughter and as an adviser, as a daughter, i can speak on a personal level knowing that he encouraged me and enabled me to thrive. >> this after john oliver took ivanka and her husband jared kushner to task on his show. i'm quoting him. is ivanka really the moderating influence that people claim? and what in jared kushner's baulk groubackground gives him a big portfolio. >> they will on behalf of all of us guide his hands towards the button labeled, hey, maybe don't. someone with the amount of power that he has, have you ever heard him speak? seriously. what does his voice sound like? you don't know, do you? it wasn't easy. but we did actually manage to
12:32 pm
find an interview with him on tv in 2009 and here it is. >> some other website and online media victims. >> okay. that was gilbert godfrey. that was not the voice of jared kushner. with me now, cnn political commentator who served in president george w. bush's white house and angela rye, former executive director of the congressional black caucus. good to have both of you back on. we just want to steer this into their roles in the white house. paris, my question to you, it is a mystery what ivanka trump is doing in the white house. forgive me. president trump is sitting around with some farmers there at the white house. >> and things are turning around. i know they are turning around for you folks. i just want to welcome you very much to the white house special
12:33 pm
place, america's farmers and ranchers. i especially want to congratulation secretary now -- i can say secretary sunny perdue who was just sworn in as the secretary of agriculture and and sworn in by justice thomas. it was a beautiful ceremony and we're going to celebrate later and that's great. a good vote, too. >> yes, sir. >> you didn't have a 51-49. he had a very big vote. i thank justice thomas, great man, great person. we appreciate it. america's farming tradition stretches back to its earliest days. farmers put down roots from coast to coast. they feed not only our nation but millions of people around the world and we're going to
12:34 pm
open that up much more for you, folks, because as you know, it's not totally open. we learned that yesterday with canada where the dairy farmers up in wisconsin, upstate new york, border states in particular, are not able to sell their dairy products into canada and this has been going on for a while and we're not going to put up with it. and we put a very big tax and won't be putting a big tariff on lumber, timber coming into this country. people don't realize, canada has been very rough on the united states. everyone thinks of canada of being nice but they've outsmarted our politicians for many years and you people understand that. so we did institute a very big tariff. we announced it yesterday and we're going to take care of our dairy farmers in wisconsin and upstate new york and lots of other places. so i think you people all probably agree with that, right?
12:35 pm
would you agree with that? >> you got to believe it. >> our farmers deserve a government that empowers them to do the hard work that they love to do so much and that's what today's executive order is all about. with this order, i'm directing secretary perdue to identify and eliminate unnecessary regulations to farmers and rural communities. sonny, i've already signed some that will help the famrmer a lo. we got rid of some of the biggest ones. that was a big help, right? >> yeah. >> they won't tell you about it but it's big numbers. this order also establishes the interagency task force on a agricultural and rural prosperity to be led by
12:36 pm
secretary perdue. i just want to tell you that it's an honor to be with you because we continue a relentless effort to make life better for hardworking americans which includes the farmers around this table. including our ranchers, rural community folks, we're having a very, very big impact. it's just getting started. sonny is going to identify additional areas where we can get rid of unnecessary regulations and you people are going to be so prosperous and hire more people than currently ma work for you. so do we have the executive order, please? thanks. so this is promoting agricultural and rural prosperity in america. there's a lot of words i won't
12:37 pm
bother reading everything. but agriculture and rural prosperity. we don't want to be taken advantage of by other countries and that's stopping. and that's stopping fast. okay. thank you. perhaps i should give this pen to sonny perdue. what do you think? [ applause ] >> thank you very much, everybody. >> mr. president, do you fear a trade war with canada, sir? >> no, not at all. >> why not? >> they have a tremendous surplus with the united states. whenever they have a surplus, i have no fear. by the way, virtually every country has a surplus with the united states. we have massive great deficits. when we're the country with the
12:38 pm
deficits, we have no fear. >> and what's your honest opinion, sir, of the 100-day mark. >> say it? >> [ inaudible ]? >> the wall's going to get built, folks. the wall's going to get built and it's going to stop drugs and a lot of people from coming in that shouldn't be here and it's going to have a tremendous effect on human trafficking. it's a problem that in the history of this world human trafficking is going on and it's going to get built and we're sending record numbers in terms of stopping people from coming in and stopping drugs from coming in. you can see the numbers down 73, 74%. i would say secretary kelly is doing a good job. and he said we desperately need the wall. and we're going to have the ball
12:39 pm
built. i watch these shows and the pundits in the morning. i don't know what they're talking about. the wall gets built. 100% sdplchlt wh 100%. >> when, mr. president? when will the wall get built? >> soon. >> thank you. behind you. >> we're already preparing. we're doing plans. we're doing specifications. we're doing a lot of work on the wall. >> in your first term? >> the wall is very, very important. >> in your first term? >> well, it's certainly -- yeah. sure. got plenty of time. >> thank you. >> so it was just the tail end of that. we really wanted to make sure we heard which questions. they were shouted at the president and what he was asking. are you worried about a trade war with canada because of the 20% tariff on lumber there.
12:40 pm
he said no. there's a tremendous surplus. there was a question on the wall because he's essentially blinked, had said that he wanted the wall spending bill and it's kicked down the road for now. i have republican senator cory gardener with me as a member of the foreign relations committee. we'll talk about corenorth kore promise you. he's now saying yes, yes, this was a campaign promise, this wall will be built and he's backing down on this week being the week that the funding goes into that spending bill. >> i think it's important that we address border security and donald trump is trying to accomplish it with the border wall. now, if you ask many democrats and republicans what they have voted on in the past several years when it comes to appropriations bills, most have
12:41 pm
voted for some kind of funding for border security. it's the law of the land that we have a barrier on the border. the argument is going to be over cost and is this the appropriate response and measure and it's going to be an ongoing negotiation. >> quickly, we're getting quotes from republican senators in just how the president does business. some of your colleagues have said he's overestimating his leverage given his overall approval ratings. some saying, making it difficult sometimes once you have a negotiation. what do you make of how the president is doing business with those of you on capitol hill? >> well, if you look at the interaction between this administration and previous administration, all of us have been invited to a briefing on north korea. i don't recall ever going to the white house for a briefing on a national security event in the past. >> let me ask you about that. i understand there's a perfectly good sciff up there on the hill and i can't think of any recent
12:42 pm
time, how all of you are getting there, buses, suvs, rolling down constitutional avenue to head to this old executive office building. why do you think you're going there? >> arguing about where the meeting on north korea is about the stupidest thing that washington could be doing. it's something we don't need to do. it's ridiculous. let's fight about the policy on north korea. let's argue about the right direction for this country. having an argument over where a meeting occurs, that's just silly. >> you know krit kicks are saying it's part of a big show for the white house. are you concerned that you and your colleagues are being used? >> we're talking about north korea a regime that has dozens of nuclear weapons that is testing them. >> forgive me, we're also
12:43 pm
talking politics. >> the last thing we ought to be doing is arguing about where the meeting is. that's just stupid. if washington gets caught in an argument over where a meeting is, no wonder the american people are so pissed off at it. >> i appreciate your candor. let's talk about north korea and secretary kelly saying that this is the first president having to deal with a nuclear-armed north korea with a weapon that could hit the west coast of this country. is it wise that the rhetoric from this white house, to poke the bear, so to speak, an unpredictable leader as kim jong-un. >> i think the united states needs to show strength in coordination with our allies between stoeouth korea, japan, using that relationship to force china who has the most control over the north korean regime of any nation around the globe
12:44 pm
using that relationship to force china to take action with one goal in mind. that's the peaceful denuclearization of king jong-un. the deployment of an anti-missile is important and we need to show strength to south korea. but i do think soft power is extremely important in this instance. we haven't utilized all of the tools at our disposal. we haven't exercised all of the secretary sanctions we could impose on those agencies, businesses, entities involved with participating in business with north korea's ill lit sit activities. their need to show the world how they are going to work for denuda plan with china to step up and
12:45 pm
do more. >> what about the other big news out of washington today, this news about general flynn, president's former national security adviser, the fact that we've heard he did not properly disclose payments from the speech he gave in russia a couple of years ago, might have broken the law. last hour i spoke with susan hennessey over at the nsa who said she was even more concerned over -- her word was the recklessness in the white house clearance, the screening process versus even the fact that this slipped through the cracks. so in your view, what is worse? >> well, i think this is another very important matter for the investigations taking place at the intelligence committee, the senate intelligence committee, to look into, to understand, that we need transparency, we need to have that can bui accountability. i hope they look at shortcomings and failures with regard to mr. flynn's activities and paperwork and illicit wrongdoings and that
12:46 pm
needs to be part of the investigation. >> senator gardener, thank you so much for the time. >> thank you. coming up next, the roles of ivanka trump and jared kushner at the white house. are they able to handle the heroin epidemic in the country? we'll be back in a second. ♪
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. . . all right. let's pick up where we left off a second ago. we were talking about ivanka trump getting booed and hissed sitting on this world stage at the w20 defending her father. questions also about her role in the white house. angela rye and paris denard are
12:51 pm
here with me. i was asking you, you know, do you know, because not a lot of people do, we know she's an adviser to the president in the west wing, but do you know what exactly she's advising him hon? >> one of the unique things about the role of senior adviser is they are undefined. the role karl rove played is vastly different that be the role that valerie jarrett played as senior adviser and now when you have this role that ivanka trump is playing, i think that it is -- it's evolving. she's engaged with the innovation of the white house and that new task force that they are doing. she's heavily involved when it comes to women's and entrepreneurial issues especially with girls in s.t.e.m. i know that it's multiple different things and different avenues that she's doing and that's why you have a senior adviser role because they are not like other roles in the white house where there's a strict defined chart on how you're supposed to do the job. it's open-ended like that, and
12:52 pm
the other point i want to make is this. the qualifications should not be put into question. ivanka and jared are highly quality. both jared and valerie jarrett came from real estate management development companies. nobody questioned her credentials and the fact that these people are being questioned just because their last name happens to be trump or because he is married to a trump is uncalled for. >> okay. all right. so that's paris. angela, i saw you smile and raising your and. your term. >> so, first, i just want to be very clear we should never again compare valerie jarrett's credentials to jared kushner. let's talk about, you know, a black woman all-star lawyer who not only came from real estate but also a big law firm and also has -- had worked for the mayor of the city of chicago for some time. so let's not at all mix credentials there. while i appreciate paris' loose definition of what a senior
12:53 pm
adviser means and having worked on capitol hill on a committee as a senior adviser and council, what i will say is nonetheless there was a job description, nonetheless there was something by which i had to be accountable to so that i could, one, get promoted and get raises and also i could deliver for taxpayers because those are the folks that actually pay us when we're in these roles. the real challenge we is these roles being ill-defined or undefined in these spaces means there's nothing to hold them accountable to in terms of benchmark. they are also hoping that this type of loose association with a job description means that they can tiptoe into conflicts of interest without any issue. we saw ivanka doing that just last week. i think the real challenge is she doesn't have a real defined because we all know what role ivanka is playing and that's the role of the first lady because melania is not checking for donald. not even trying to be down here so that's the other issue. >> unfair. >> jared is supposed to be
12:54 pm
leeting a s.w.a.t. team of professionals to help reorganize the government. he's supposed to solve the israeli-palestinian conflict and supposed to be a special envoy to iraq and china and all these things that in many instances are darn near impossible for anybody else. >> on your point and, paris, i want to get your side, because on the jared kushner piece, i go back to john oliver who is a huge, huge critic of this administration but he said it's not unusual for powerful men to give their son-in-laws do-nothing jobs but leave it to donald trump who can't even get nepotism job to do a do-everything job. i mean, that has been, paris, a huge creditism is wide-ranging, like the secretary of everything. how do you respond to that? >> i think that we should applaud the fact that someone has that much trust, the president has that much trust in someone that he can help facilitate, lead, manage, bring people to the table to solve some of the toughest issues,
12:55 pm
like criminal justice reform when he was on the hill advocating for that. angela would be in great support of this administration doing more to engage on that issue. >> would i? >> well, i think we all should be applauding the fact that this administration has someone on the hill advocating and figuring out ways that they can work together on tough issues, like opiod epidemic and criminal justice reform and other things like innovation and figuring out how to make this government more efficient and getting rid of the rigamarole and the red tape. >> paris. >> we should celebrate these things and not demonize these people who are americans first and public servants second. >> paris. >> 30 seconds for you. >> really, really quick. just on criminal justice reform, and you know that this is an issue that's near and dear to my heart. >> right. >> when you talk about criminal justice reform under this administration, we're talking about someone who has talked about law and order, and what that means is there are more black and brown people who will end up in jail, and that is the
12:56 pm
road they are going down with the private prison partnerships and getting rid of the clemency initiative under barack obama so that's the wrong way. i'll applaud him if he picks back up the pieces so it doesn't leave our homes in shambles. >> criminal justice. we'll have that conversation another time. i appreciate your voices as always. thank you. we are just minutes away from the closing bell, a massive day on wall street. the dow, look at, that up more than 200 points for the second straight day. you're watching cnn. back in just a moment. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™.
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liberty mutual insurance.
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hello and welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're beginning with breaking news in our money lead because you're about to look at live pictures of the new york stock exchange as we await the closing bell today. the dow up more than 240 points in anticipation of president trump releasing elements of his tax plan either this evening or tomorrow. over the last two days the dow has surged more than 400 points. cnn money correspondent cristina alesci joins me now live. what does wall street see here, and what does it like? >> reporter: well, listen, you hit the nail on the head. there's several reasons for the rally, but the first one is investors are applauding a possible reduction in corporate taxes. investors are excited to see the details of the plan tomorrow. i'm hearing they will come probably in the afternoon. look, slashing corporate taxes from 35% to 15% would be an
1:00 pm
immediate boost of the bottom line for many companies on the dow and other indexes. also solid corporate earnings are boosting prices, and finally investors feel more confident that the french will elect more moderate pro-business eemmanuel macron over the populist marine le pen. we've seen the dow rally 100-plus points over the past two days. it's up about 14% since the election alone. a lot of existment is also showing up in the tech-heavy nasdaq. it crossed 6,000 for the first time ever. just today, bigger picture, jake, with markets hitting record after record, there is a big risk for investors. some are concerned that there's too much optimism out there, and, for example, if tax cuts take longer, markets can reverse course. you can bet wall street will be