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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  April 28, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis. all right. here we go. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me on this friday afternoon. we'll take you back to atlanta momentarily and be sure to catch president trump as he speaks before the nra. this is the first time a president has done this since 1983 with president reagan. it's possible that two army rangers were hit by friendly fire. 23-year-old sergeant cameron thomas of ohio and 22-year-old sergeant joshua rodgers were
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killed. let's go to ryan browne at the pentagon. what do you know, ryan? >> reporter: 50 u.s. army rangers and about 40 afghan commandos were inserted via helicopter into the achin district on the border of pakistan. it was an intense gun battle. they came under fire almost immediately. their target, the top isis leader in afghanistan. considered so high value that they launched this large-scale operation. this intense gun battle was also followed by air strikes that estimated about 35 isis fighters were killed. the u.s. thinks they might have killed the top isis leader. they are still looking into that. but during the gun battle, there was this incident where the two army rangers were killed. it is believe possible by friendly fire. that is still being investigated by u.s. forces afghanistan.
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they are trying to determine what happened. you know, military officials talk about the fog of war. these kinds of things can happen in a close quarter fire fight. military looking into it. but they do believe the mission was successful, albeit at a cost. >> obviously our condolences to their families back here at home. ryan browne, thank you from the pentagon. up next, president trump is going to speak in front of the nra. this is the first time for him in his first 99 days as president. as he is about to enter his first 100 days in office, he's doing a lot of talking. he gave interviews that touched on topics like north korea and his former life as a sort of private citizen as a businessman. so as we wait for the president to speak there in atlanta in front of this nra crowd, let me go to famed author doris kearns
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goodwin. thank you for joining me. >> most welcome. >> so we'll get to the event last night and a guy by the name of former president barack obama who you have since shared moments with on stage. that guy from 99 days ago. but let's begin with president trump. and so he gave these fascinating interviewed to reuters, "the washington post," several others. the headlines that keeps grabbing people today is where he says i love my previous life. i had so many things going. i actually -- this is more work than my previous life. i thought it would be easier. i don't know if he misses his previous life, he longs for it, has a preference for it. you've talked to a lot of other presidents. how does this compare? >> there does seem to be a
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wistfulness. no matter how difficult a job, presidents have known that it's the best job in the world and loved it. fdr once was asked, how do you deal with all of these terrible decisions you have to make every night? he said, what do you mean? it's the best job. i love every single minute of it. teddy roosevelt said the same thing. there was a moment when the supreme court justice said, only the best presidents are the ones that love the job and he told a young speechwriter to tell kennedy that and he said, you tell him i'm going to have the best job in the world and love every minute of it. you hope he's going to have more pleasure in this because you've got to have the pleasure to deal with the stress. >> there was a lot of substance in the conversation, talking about what's happened with regard to nafta, north korea and we'll get into that with jeff mason who is one of the reporters interviewing him. he talks about how he misses driving. i have proof from facebook, this is what melania trump posted two years ago. ♪
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i know. taylor swift. that's a whole other discussion. so he does drive or he has driven but doris, he says it's a security issue. we all know presidents can't drive. i think even president obama -- i think he's learning to drive now, is that right? >> no question. last summer when i interviewed him for "vanity fair" and i said what are you waiting for most when you get out of here, he said, i can't wait to drive a car in the open spaces and not having someone following me. he would go around his place and elude the secret service and go right to the edge of cliffs as if he was going to go over and he was feeling like, i've got freedom. lbj had this incredible amphibious car. he took me once and i didn't
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know it was going to slip into the car. he got so mad, he said, what's the matter with your harvard people, don't you have enough sense to get scared going into the water? maybe cars is what these guys want. >> doris kearns goodwin, thank you. let's dip in. here's the president in front of the national rifle association. [cheers and applause ] >> usa! usa! usa! usa! >> thank you, chris, for that kind introduction and your tremendous work on behalf of our second amendment. thank you very much.
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i want to also thank wayne lapierre for his unflinching leadership in the fight for freedom. wayne, thank you very much. i'd also like to congratulate kar karen handel. the election takes place on june 20th. and by the way, on primaries, let's not have 11 republicans running for the same position, okay? it's too nerve-shattering. she's totally for the nra and she's totally for the second amendment, so get out and vote. you know, she's running against someone who's going to raise your taxes to the sky, destroy your health care and he's for
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open borders, lots of crime and he's not even able to vote in the district that he's running in, other than that, i think he's doing a fantastic job. right? so get out and vote for karen. also my friend -- he's become a friend because there's nobody that does it like lee greenwood. wow. [ applause ] lee's anthem is the perfect description of the renewed spirit sweeping across our country and it really is indeed sweeping across our country. so lee, i know i speak for everyone in this arena when i say we are all very proud indeed to be an american. thank you very much, lee. no one was more proud to be
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american than the beloved patriot, you know who i'm talking about, we remember on gatherings like today your former five-term president, the late charlton heston. how good was charlton? and i remember charlton, he was out there fighting when maybe a lot of people didn't want to be fighting. he was out there for a long time. he was a great guy. and it's truly wonderful to be back in atlanta and back with my friends at the nra. you're my friends. believe me. perhaps some of you remember the last time we were all together. remember that? we had a big crowd then, too, so we knew something was happening. but it was in the middle of a historic year and in the middle of a truly historic election.
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what fun that was. november this. wasn't that a great evening? do you remember that evening? remember them saying, we have breaking news, donald trump has won the state of michigan. they go, michigan? how did -- donald trump has won the state of wisconsin. whoa. but earlier in the evening, florida, south carolina, north carolina, pennsylvania, all the way up, we ran up the east coast. and you know, the republicans have a tremendous disadvantage in the electoral college. you know that. a tremendous disadvantage. to run the whole east coast and go with iowa, ohio and all of the different states, it was a great evening, one that a lot of people will never forget.
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a lot of people. not going to forget that evening. and remember they said there is no path to 270. for months i was hearing that. you know, they were trying to suppress the vote to people say, you know, i really love trump. i love them but let's go to the movie because he can't win because they're trying to suppress the vote. but hundreds of times i heard, there is no -- you know, there's no route. there is no route to 270 and we ended up about 306. so they were right. not 270. 306. that was some evening. that includes super bowls and world series and boxing matches. that was an exciting evening for
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all of us and it meant a lot. only one candidate in the general election came to speak to you and that candidate is now the president of the united states standing before you again. [cheers and applause ] i have a feeling that in the next election you're going to be swamped with candidates but you're not going to be wasting your time. you'll have plenty of those democrats coming over and you'll say, no, sir, no thank you, no, ma'am. it may be pocahontas. remember that? and she is not big for the nra, that i can tell you. but you came through for me and i am going to come through for you. [cheers and applause ]
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and in the history of the organization and today i am also proud to be the first sitting president to address the nra leadership forum since our wonderful ronald reagan in 1983 and i want to thank each and every one of you. not only for your help electing true friends of the second amendment but for everything you do to defend our flag and our freedom. with your activism, you help safeguard the freedoms of our soldiers who have bled and died for us on the battlefields. and i know we have many veterans in the audience today and we want to give them a big, big,
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beautiful round of applause. [ applause ] and like i promised, we are doing a really top job already. 99 days but already with the veterans administration people are seeing a big difference. we are working really hard at the v.a. and you're going to see it. it's been my honor. i've been telling you that we're going to do it and we're doing it. thank you. [ applause ] the nra protects in our capitals and legislative houses the freedoms that our service members have won for us on those
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incredible battlefields. and it's been a tough fight against those who will do private gun ownership entirely. but i am here to deliver you good news and i can tell you that wayne and chris have been fighting with me long and hard to make sure that we were with you today, not someone else with an empty podium. believe me, the podium would have been empty. they fought long and hard and i think you folks cannot thank them enough. they were with us all the way from the beginning. [ applause ] but we have news that you've been waiting for for a long time. the eight-year assault on your second amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end.
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you have a true friend and champion in the white house. no longer will federal agencies be coming after law-abiding gun owners. no longer will the government be trying to undermine your rights and freedoms as americans. instead, we will work with you by your side we will work with the nra to protect our wonderful hunters and their access to the very beautiful outdoors. you met my son. i can tell you, both sons, they love the outdoors. frankly, i think they love the outdoors more than they love by a long shot fifth avenue, but that's okay.
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and we want to ensure you of the sacred right of self-defense for all of our citizens. when i spoke to this forum last year, our nation was still mourning the loss of a giant, a great defender of the constitution, justice antonin scalia. i promised that if elected i would nominate a justice who would be faithful and loyal to the constitution. i even went one step further and publicly presented a list of 20 judges from which i would make my selection. and that's exactly what we did. and by the way, i want to thank
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realty heritage and also all of the people that worked with us. where is leo? is leo around here? he's got to be. where is he? he has been so good. and also from heritage, jim demint, it's been amazing. those people have been fantastic. they've been real friends. the federalist people, where are they? are they around here someplace? i've kept my promise. and now our brand-new justice, he is really something very special. neil gorsuch sits on the bench of the united states supreme court. for the first time in the modern
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era, we have confirmed a new justice in the first 100 days. the last time that happened was 136 years ago in 1881. now, we won't get any credit for this, but don't worry about it. the credit is in the audience, right? the credit is in the audience. all of those people. they won't give us credit but it's been a long time. and we're very honored. we've also taken action to stand up for america's sports. on the last day in office, the previous administration issued an 11th hour rule to restrict the use of lead ammunition on certain federal land.
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you've all heard about that? on his first day as secretary of the interior, ryan zinke eliminated the previous administration's ammunition ban. [ applause ] he's going to be great. ryan's going to be great. we have also moved very quickly to restore something gun owners care about very, very much. it's called the rule of law. we have made clear that our administration will always stand with the incredible men and women of law enforcement. in fact, countless members of law enforcement are also members of the nra because our police know that responsible gun ownership saves lives.
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and that the right of self-defense is essential to public safety. do we all agree with that? our police and sheriffs also know that when you ban guns, only the criminals will be armed. for too long, washington has gone after law-abiding gun owners while making it easier for gang members and ms-13. it's not pleasant for them anymore, folks. that's a bad group. not pleasant for ms-13. get them out of here, right?
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we are protecting the freedoms of law-abiding citizens and we're going after the criminals and cartels that prey on our innocent citizens and we are really going after them. as members of the nra know well, some of the most important decisions a president can make are appointments and i've appointed people who believe in law, order and justice. that is why i have selected as your attorney general, number one, a really fine person, a really good man, a man who has spent his entire career fighting crime supporting the police and defending the second amendment. for the first time in a long time, you have a pro-second amendment tough on crime
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attorney general and his name is jeff sessions. and attorney general sessions is putting our priorities into action. he's going after the drug dealers who are pedalling their poison all over our streets and destroying our youth. he's fully enforcing our immigration laws in all 50 states. and you know what, it's about time. head be up the effort is a great military general, a man of action, homeland security director john kelly.
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secretary kelly, who used to be general kelly, is following through on my pledge to protect the borders, remove criminal aliens and stop the drugs from pouring into our country. we've already seen -- listen to this, it's never happened before. people can't even believe it. and by the way, don't even think about it. don't even think about it. you know, they are trying to use the number against us because we've done so unbelievably at the borders. they are trying to use it against us. but you need that wall to stop the human trafficking, to stop the drugs, to stop the wrong people you need the wall. but listen to this, we've
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already seen a 73% decrease. never happened before on the southern border since my election 73%. you see what they're doing, right? so why do you need a wall? we need a wall. >> build the wall. >> we'll build the wall. don't even think about it. don't even think about it. that's an easy one. we're going to build a wall. it's the final element. we need the wall. and it's a wall in certain areas where you have massive physical structures we don't need and certain billing rivers and all but we need a wall and we're going to get that wall.
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and the world is getting the message. they know that our borders are no longer open to illegal immigration and that if they try to break in, you'll be caught and you'll be returned to your home you're not staying any longer. if you keep coming back illegally after deportation, you will be arrested, prosecuted and put behind bars. otherwise, it will never end. let's also remember that immigration security is national security. we've seen the attacks from boston to san bernardino. hundreds of individuals from other countries have been charged with terrorism-related
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offenses in the united states we spend billions and billions on security all over the world but then we allow radical islamic terrorists to center right through our front door. that's not going to happen any more. it's time to get tough. it's time we finally got smart. and yes, it's also time to put america first. and see all of those beautiful red and white hats. we will never forget, make
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america great again. keeping our community safe and protecting our freedoms also requires the cooperation of our state leaders. we have some incredible pro-second amendment governors here at the nra conference, including governor scott of florida. where is governor scott? where is he? great guy. doing a great job. governor bryant of mississippi. what a wonderful place. governor bryant is here. govern ne governor diehl of georgia. and we're also joined by two people that -- one that i loved from the very beginning, one that i didn't like and now like
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and like again. does that make sense? senator david perdue and senator cruz. like, dislike, like. where are they? good guys. good guys, smart cookies. each of these leaders knows that public officials must serve under the constitution, not above it. we all took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states and that means defending the second amendment. so let me make a simple promise to every one of the freedom loving americans in the audience today. as your president, i will never, ever infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear
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arms. never, ever. freedom is not a gift from the government. freedom is a gift from god. it was this conviction that stirred the heart of a great american patriot. on that day, april, 242 years ago, it was the day that paul revere spread his lexington alarm, the famous warning that the british are coming, the british are coming. right? you all heard that. right? the british are coming. now we have other people trying to come. but believe me, they are not going to be successful. nothing changes, right, folks?
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nothing changes. they are not going to be successful. it will be serious hurt on them, not on us. next came the shot heard around the world and then a ragtag army of god-fearing farmers, frontiersmen that stood up to the most powerful army at that time on earth. the most powerful men on earth. but we sometimes forget what inspired those every day farmers and workers in that great war for independence. many years after the war, young men asked, captain levy preston, age 91, why he fought alongside his neighbors at concord. was it the stamp act? was it the tea tax? was it a work of philosophy? no, the old veteran replied. then why, he was asked?
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young man, the captain said, what we meant in going for those red coats was this. we always had governed ourselves and we always meant to govern ourselves. captain preston's words are a reminder of what this organization and my administration are all about. the right of a sovereign people to govern their own affairs and govern them properly. we don't want any longer to be ruled by the bureaucrats in washington or in any other country, for that matter. in america, we are ruled by our citizens. we are ruled by each and every
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one of you. but we can't be complacent. these are dangerous times. these are horrible times for certain obvious reasons. but we're going to make them great times again. every day, we are up against those who would take away our freedoms, restrict our liberties and even those who want to abolish the second amendment. i think we're all up to the task that every american stood strong at concord, each generation to follow has answered the call. that's why i'm here today, to defend freedom for our children, to defend the liberty of all americans and to defend the free and sovereign people to keep and
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bear arms. i greatly appreciated your support on november 8th in what will hopefully be one of the most important and positive elections for the united states of all time and to the nra, i can proudly say, i will never, ever let you down. thank you, god bless you, god bless our constitution and god bless america. thank you very much. thank you. [cheers and applause ] ♪ >> president trump there drumming up his base in atlanta, the national rifle association. this is the first time a president has spoken in front of the crowd since 1983. you could hear them respond. again, the president taking another victory lap for his big win on election day, even going as far as to remind everyone no one thought he could get to that
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magic number 270. he remembers the breaking news, of course, that he won. also, he took a shot at a potential candidate for 2020, elizabeth warren, calling her pocahontas, thanking veterans, law enforcement, his friend wayne lapierre up there with the nra. i have a great panel standing by. david urban, beginning with you, sir, cnn political commentator to the trump campaign, even doris kearns goodwin was essentially saying the nation has moved past the election. isn't it time the president does as well? >> brooke, i think you're looking -- you can't have it two ways, right? we're within the 100 first days or we're past the first days. i think the president is moving forward. he's going to continue to do the things he does -- >> how is he moving forward when you're talking to reuters and
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talking to president xi of china, you whip out an electoral map which was great for him but people are saying, mr. president, we get it. let's move forward. >> i think as he continues to sit in the chair and work with congress, he'll move forward. as you see with health care and tax, you're going to have to work across the aisle and get 60 votes and you can't do many things by reconciliation. >> governor grand hoholm how do see it? >> this was a election speech. all he did was recite the same things on the campaign. he's not going to get people suspicious of him now to come over when he is continuing to say things like, oh, the folks on the left want to ban guns, ban private ownership. that's just bs. no.
11:37 am
no. no. that is exactly what i'm calling you on. name one person in leadership who is calling for that. i'm just saying that. >> in the past i know you've said president obama was protector in chief and we didn't have to rely on certain things, gun ownership, i don't know your comments at that time. >> you are assuming. >> it's a red meat speech to the base. >> that's my point. you are a president. you are not supposed to be doing a red meat speech to the base when you have an opportunity to reach out -- >> go ahead. >> look, i think the governor's right, that this is sort of the similar to the speech that he gave in the campaign. at the same time, i've seen president obama speech to labor organizations in which he gave a speech which was more red meat-oriented than he would have given in the oval office. some of that is politics. the thing that i'm always struck by is, this is where he is at his best. now, for democrats, they will say this is where he's at his
11:38 am
worst. >> they love this stuff. >> they love the pocahontas thing about elizabeth warren. they loved the like, dislike, like thing about ted cruz. so this is his element. much more so than being in washington. >> let me play the pocahontas moment. let's rerack it. >> i have a feeling that in the next election you're going to be swamped with candidates, but you're not going to be wasting your time. you'll have plenty of those democrats coming over and you're going to say, no, sir, no, thank you, no, ma'am. it may be pocahontas, remember that. and she is not big for the nra. that i can tell you. we are also joined by two people that -- well, one i loved right from the beginning. the other one i really liked,
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didn't like and now like a lot again. does that make sense? senator david perdue. he was from the beginning. and senator ted cruz. like, dislike, like. >> they are really good. i'm glad they sent all that stuff beforehand. so both of those things, number one, are off prompter. he has a line that he starts about 2020 and you're not going to be voting for anyone but me but then he goes off and does his own thing. number two, in both of those clips, you see more clearly in the first and second, he revels in the pocahontas thing. he smiles. he's thrilled. because that's how he won. >> tune in saturday night. >> to that point, if i may, he's
11:40 am
gotten all of the cheers there, going to harrisburg tomorrow night, not going to the dinner. another huge crowd, he won pennsylvania. shouldn't he now step beyond the base and expand the tent? >> look, i think he is solidifying the base and trying to make sure the party -- >> but he has the base. >> he's doing well. he wants to make sure that he gets 216 votes in the congress. a lot of this stuff is pretty tough. his brand has got to beat the brand of the congress. health care, you've got to be able to squeeze the votes out of them. >> governor? >> he made two gun-related promises in his first 100 days on the campaign trail. one was that he was going to undo president obama's access to guns by those so mentally incompetent that they can't manage their own affairs and he did that and that was one of the bills that he signed. interesting that he did that. it's so ut perfectly unpopular. >> give him credit for it, though.
11:41 am
>> i'm not giving him credit for anything. >> that's unfair. >> okay. i give him credit for doing that but he's not publicly taking credit because it shows he's smart enough to know how unpopular he is to allow people with severe mental illness from accessing guns. but the second thing he said is that on day one he would allow guns in school, essentially revoking the gun-free school zones. of course he hasn't done that, right? but they keep using the word freedom and freedom is obviously very personal. i want to be free to send my kids to schools where there are no guns. >> no doubt. we all agree we want to cut gun violence. we just agree on how to get there. >> would you support allowing local -- >> i don't think we should have guns in schools. >> what about under the category of taking credit in when y? executive actions and no
11:42 am
legislative achievement and he goes back to neil gorsuch. >> which is huge. >> it's a huge deal. but after a footnote, this has been the first president since 1881 that there's even been an opening. >> yes. >> to have that base. >> i actually do think -- i think donald trump both radicalizes the right and some to the left. the idea that a president wouldn't use the 100-day mark to take credit for things that are half -- the governor -- part of that is politics. it doesn't have to do with donald trump. every politician claims, oh, you did you see the stock market going up? some of that is nature of the beast. to david's point that i really wonder about, though, he's well within his rights to do this at a nra speech. most politicians do. the danger, though, is that he's shown -- you might disagree with me. i think he's shown almost no
11:43 am
capacity that reaches outside this space. he's gotten quite good at reaching the base. they love it. if you need democrats, to david's point, he does. there's no way he does on health care or tax or anything else we're talking about. >> there are 150 vacancies that will grow up to be circuit court justices. very, very important to remember that as well. >> which is probably why he won in truth, brooke. the best days of donald trump's campaign and presidency has been when may 11th, i think it was, he put out the 11 people he might nominate. he's trying to rally the base to get rid of ted cruz. gorsuch's pick that day and his confirmation. even if the republican base disagrees with him, that is a -- >> these judges are so much more
11:44 am
important. they are going to be there for much longer and hillary clinton would have had judges radically different. stand by. we're getting rolling and going on this friday afternoon. when we come back, we'll move off of president trump. president obama was part of this private event last night and we saw him earlier this week. he made his first public appearance in chicago. didn't touch politics or president trump. but he did make a note when asked about what he would do when he was frustrated as president and he said something alluding to this current president. that's coming up. finding time to get things done isn't easy.
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welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. as republicans fell short again this week of the vote on health care to repeal obamacare before day 100 in this presidency, former president barack obama is saying his signature health care bill has a better approval rating than president trump himself. he was at this private event in manhattan. president obama said, quote, the affordable care act has never been more popular and it's more popular than the current president. this was during a q & a moderated by doris kearns goodwin who was with me at the top of the hour. there was a piece of that and there was also a piece on -- doris kearns goodwin was sitting
11:50 am
there, it's a private event, and she was asking about frustrated presidents and what would you do if you were frustrated and she talked about abraham lincoln and he'd write angry letters and never send them. the president's response to that was, well, for starters, i wouldn't have a twitter account. care to respond? >> well, it's his right to say what he wants. this president feels the twitter account gets him to the people who elected him and through rallies and social media like no one has in the past and i don't think he's going to change from now until 1390 days. >> what about obamacare being more popular than -- >> i don't think that's a big measure. listen, it's -- >> it's true, governor granholm said. >> when you give people benefits, they tend to like it. for free, they like it.mething - >> president obama is funny and it was a funny response and it
11:51 am
is true. >> the twitter thing? >> the twitter thing and the health care bit. it is true and i think a lot of people that you guys have been surveying and the people who voted for trump, a lot of them would say, i wish he'd give up his twitter account. >> i have two trump supporters coming up in the next hour. >> it will be interesting to see. >> you know, i get that he should be able to throw red meat out to base. i get that. but the frustrating part to me is his and wayne lapierre continuing to say that democrats -- and this is back to this want to steal your guns. that causes people who are independents and democrats to go crazy because most people who are democrats and who are independent say we believe in the second amendment. we just think that there should be a responsible guardrail going around them. we don't think that terrorists should be able to have access to guns. is that so unreasonable?
11:52 am
90% of the people agree with us. >> the aclu doesn't agree with you, believe it or not. >> good for them. 90% of people agree. all i'm saying, just not to see these extreme, ridiculous things drives us crazy. as a governor from a state that was very of pro second amendment. >> look, i do think that -- i have this conversation with my parents who live in connecticut. there's a lot more that the two parties agree with that you might be able to figure out by watching cable or reading stuff -- there is a lot of common ground. the problem is that the two poles have moved further away. donald trump has -- i've said this before. i'm going to say it again. donald trump has radicalized the right. the right is significantly more conservative and more empowered. he's not the only person who did that. the right was moving right. the left, donald trump could
11:53 am
say -- maybe the governor will disagree but donald trump could say tomorrow, you know what, forget health care and tax reform. let's do infrastructure. we have crumbling roads and bridges, which is something that democrats, if barack obama proposed infrastructure -- >> president trump says they are like -- >> you can blame him for poisoning the well due to his rhetoric but it's now incapable -- democrats are incapable of saying anything -- everything donald trump says is -- >> one quick response? >> when democrats get the lead on these things, assault weapons ban, magazine clip ban, the fbi statics show year in and year out, more people are killed with their hands and fists than long guns. >> that's my point. unfortunately, what happens is we don't have a middle -- there's a lot of middle ground here. >> why even go with an assault weapons ban. >> we can have an entire show, and i have on the whole gun
11:54 am
conversation. so let's hit pause on that. let me pivot to some sound from president trump. he talks about how he got to the magic number of 270. here's the president on his life in the oval office. >> there's a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. this is more work than in my previous life. i thought it would be easier. i thought it was more of a -- i'm a details-oriented person, i think you would say that, but i do miss my old life. i like to work, so that's not a problem. but this is actually more work. >> david urban, this is a man who you worked so hard to get elected. is he naive to be saying maybe his inside voice shouldn't be allowed? >> i think people find it
11:55 am
refreshing. he's telling you what he's thinking. it's what he did on the campaign trail. >> it sounds like he misses his old life. >> no, he doesn't miss his old life. people find the job much more daunting. >> sure. it's lonely. >> and much more daunting. they may have not said it. they'll say, wow, how slow it is. that doesn't mean the president done enjoy this. >> i think it's fine for his personal reflections to be more loose but when he's talking about a major conflict like north korea, it's loose language. >> war on the korean peninsula is a very possible fact. >> i know. but i don't know that he gets how consequential the language of the president is. it's fine when you're talking about -- when you're talking about global and nuclear war. >> the north koreans at some point, whoever the president was, whether it's president
11:56 am
clinton or -- rhetorically there's a difference, i would say, between tillerson at the u.n. security council and the government is more in favor of tillerson -- >> yes, of course. >> donald trump won in large part because he had never served in any office before. he can say, i'm not part of this world. the problem with that is, there's a big learning curve, to be a president, to be a member of congress, it's hugely difficult. he had no bases and no real sense, any real sense of what the job was like. at least he's being honest about it. >> the president is used to moving at the base of business. the pace of government moves -- >> i don't think it's just base. he has said this, it's not like being the head of a brand that
11:57 am
is your company. it's a different challenge. >> he sounded very unhappy and i know a lot of people would be happy if he were happy. >> i assure you the president is not unhappy. he's happy to be there, he's honored. tune in saturday night to see more happiness. >> tune in saturday night also and we'll talk about the dinner where he'll be in harrisburg as well. thank you all so very much. appreciate it. let's move along. breaking news, the pentagon releasing new details about a raid in afghanistan that left two u.s. army rangers dead during a three-hour fire fight, including the possibility that they might have been killed by friendly fire. we'll take you to the pentagon coming up. fun in art class. come close, come close. [ music stops suddenly ] ah. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. awww. try this. for minor arthritis pain, only aleve can stop pain for up to 12 straight hours with just one pill. thank you.
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