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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  April 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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more breaking news tonight, president trump talks about when he thinks there will be a vote on the new health care bill. this is what he said on fox news. >> i will tell you it took 17 months to get obama care approved. what we're talking about is far better than obamacare, it's an incredible bill and we have a got shot at getting it approved by the house. and i told them, look, the 100 days don't worry about it. take it in two weeks, get it done. i believe next week. they're really coming together. >> the president also spoke about how he thinks his new tax plan would affect him. >> you keep forgetting to say that the biggest beneficiaries will be the middle class feel that are absolutely being heard. >> companies like president donald trump's company whether
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get -- >> if i'm individually paying 35%, i'm going to end up paying more than than i end up paying in taxes, i will pay more than i pay right now. >> first on health care, the president said it might come next week, i think that might be news to paul ryan as he sits here tonight. how close are the republicans to getting this passed? are they close? >> let's be clear, they don't have the votes yet, so they don't yet have the votes, there's not going to be a vote until they have one. they certainly don't want to go through again what they went through in the first round of this. there is no doubt that there has been momentum on the -- what we have not seen any evidence of are moderates rallying around this women in any way. it's gotten more conservative. so now put yourself john for a moment in the position of a moderate republican, who's in a
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competitive district and now has to decide, do i vote for this unpopular bill, the senate is not going to pass this version, or do i turn down my president and my party and risk offending my base, that is a political consideration that moderates are going to have to make in the house. paul ryan doesn't have the votes yet. >> how much have they invested in this version, the right now of this effort? >> what is white house has invested in the right now, is the right now. they're not so concerned about what the product looks like, they want to get something done, and they wanted to get it done tonight. and that zchblt happen, because they don't have the votes. they would like to get it done next week. but that's not likely to happen, to your point.
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they are sometitymied by the fa that they can't get anything through, they think it will unclog the system, to just pass something at this point, and not just because it's a win, because they actually need other things to part passing through congress and it's all sort of delayed on this, they managed to get through the continuing resolution, but it's a very, very brief one and they still have work to do. >> jeffrey lord on taxes, the president claimed that under his plan he would claim more taxes than he is now, there are a couple of reasons that we question this, because number one, we don't have the details, the nitty gritty of the new tax plan. number two, we haven't seen his tax returns, we don't know how much he makes and where the money comes from, so how can we be sure that the president's maying more taxes? >> as someone who believes he should never reveal his taxes, even at the time, president kennedy was the first in the mod everyone era to cut taxes and i don't remember the press of the day running to president kennedy
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and saying how would this affect your father, ambassador kennedy and all of his businesses and would you financially benefit from a tax cut? that just never happened. all of a sudden it's donald trump and they're asking, i just think this is crazy, tax rate cuts a s ars are done to createt works every time it's tried. >> it's just about trying to find out something about president trump or is it to try to find out who this benefits, who this tax cuts benefits in terms of what group of american people? >> first of all, the white house press corps is a lot better -- more aggressive than it was in the 1960s, so we don't want to go to the press corps of the kennedy era. tax rates of the kennedy era were near 90%, so absolutely cutting them had a pretty big effect, cutting from 39% to 35%,
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most economists will say is not going to have as big an effect as steve mnuchin said it will have in paying for itself. on your question, john, of course we want to know the relationship, between how any politician, democrat or republican, how that policy affects them personally, we have seen lots of examples throughout recent history, of politicians pushing ideas and policy that is benefit them and that is absolutely a core thing of what we as journalists do. >> we're going to take a quick break, much more to discuss ahead, including president trump's confession about his new job in the white house, remember when he said that being president would be so easy? he's got a new take on that now. ♪ i'm dr. kelsey mcneely and some day you might be
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in a revealing new interview what reuters, president trump says being president is more work than his previous jobs. he thought it would be easier. he may be the only one surprised that being president is harder than running a reality tv show. he said he thought being president would be easy, he said it over and over again during
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the campaign. >> we're going to make america great again. it's going to be easy. it's very easy to be presidential. we have top, top smart people, but it's so easy to do. we have drugs, we have debt, we have empty factories, that's going to end. that's going to end. so easy to solve. believe me the jobs are going to come back, this is so easy. this is so easy. i want to jump-start america and it can be done and it won't even be that hard. folks i'm going to do so much about it, it's going to be so easy. being presidential is much easier than what i have to do. now on the verge of his 100th day in the white house, which is tomorrow, the president stayaid this to reuters. >> i loved my previous life. i loved my previous life. i had so many things, actually this is more work than my
5:38 pm
previous live, i thought it would be easier, i'm more of a details oriented person, i would say that,er do miss my old life, i do like to work, that's not a problem, but this is actually more work. >> turns out it's more work. david, first to you, he says, i thought it would be easier, he's just 99 days in? >> i'm not surprised that the -- he finds the job, john to be something different maybe than he thought it was going to be, i think that was true for most presidents, it is such a unique job, it isn't possible to understand what it is until you're there, i'm not surprised that his perceptions have been altered. i am a little surprised to hear in his voice, in that reuters interview, a sort of longing or yearning, at the very least, making a clear preference to his former life. that's not is something i have heard from a president, not 100
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days into the presidency. >> i don't have a bite from ronald reagan for you to play on this subject. but let me give you a president obama story, which is one you'll like also, listen to what president obama said about how the job would be different than he thought. >> i am surprised compared to where we started when we first announced for this race by the number of critical issues that appear to be coming to a head all at the same time. >> with president trump, though, jeffrey, it was supposed to be different. part of the allure of then donald trump was, he was an executive. this was all going to be different for him. he was going to take a different approach to government. and as he said, it would be easier, isn't that the promise? >> i do think that all presidents go through this, and when you're d ee're candidates,
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they really do believe that all of them. richard nixon, whom he defeated the previous november, and said to him, you can take this blank, blank job. harry truman used to call the white house the big white jail. once they get there, they do find its a little different than they imagine it to be and i think president trump as number 45 is no different. >> although a lot of other presidents, fdr, teddy roosevelt made clear that they loved the job and they relished the work. and michael d'antoni, to your point, there was this wistful forelorn tone where president trump seemed to be talking about his previous live. >> if he had talked to former presidents before he ran for
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president, he would have an idea that it would be a very, very hard job. i know he loved his previous live. he said i don't need this job, i'm not getting paid to do this campaign, it's really hard and his previous life involved a lot of repetition, he was essentially making deals in the way way over and over again and as president obama noted in h dr clip, this job in the white house throws something new at you every single day. i don't think he's happy. he may become happy in this job, he's not happy right now, you can tell. >> maggie, you spent some time with him, he talked about missing driving, among other things. he talked about being in the bubble. he talked to fox news about the fact that he can't come back to new york like he likes. >> his first trip back to new york city is going to be next week, and he's expected to stays here for that weekend. some have said that he would be
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here sooner than that, because those of us who have covered him for a long time and we have talked to a lot of people who were close to him that he is a home body, and he does have a concern about new york city but he did sound to be voicing something that i think everybody expected that he was going to be feeling, just not necessarily wearing quite so visibly. when he talked about the driving, i have never known him to be a large driver himself, although he had the instagram video that his wife posted a couple of years ago. if you think about the job he had before, he hasn't had a boss for decades and this is a job where he has to go and be accountable to somebody other than himself and it's very difficult. >> i will say the president of the yooirts is one of those jobs where the job description is
5:43 pm
readily available. >> i think it's fair to say that he is not somebody who spent the amount of time thinking about what he would do with the job or what it would actually be like as we have seen previous presidents do. but i do think you have to concede that they all come in a little bit cowed by what happens. >> one other part of the past, david, that president trump doesn't seem to want to let go of and rejoices in repeatedly is the election, from november 8, he recounted the story on stage today in front of the nra, apparently during in of these media interviews, he's pulled out the electoral map of the united states to show the red counties, the people who voted for him. he did it in a discussion with reuters when he was talking about china. what do you make of this? >> i believe, if i'm not mistaken, that interview took
5:44 pm
place inside the oval office, so it's not like anyone's confused that he won the election because he's sitting behind the desk in the oval office. i think it hampers him a little bit, i really do. i get it. i mean that was an amazing victory, he should be incredibly proud of it. he is, he has every right to be. but i think hanging on to it in this way hampers him and it's what we have seen in the polls all along, from growing beyond just the level of support that he had from the people who voted for him on election day. he really, i would imagine would want to grow to a majority of support to get a biggerer governing majority going forward for his agenda. >> just ahead for us on the eve of president trump's 100-day milestone, how does this young president stack up to other administration's first 100 days?
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. tomorrow president trump plans to mark his 100th day in office with a rally in harrisburg, pennsylvania. mike pence is expected to join him. they want to be a big deal. pennsylvania a crucial swing state in the election. it flipped from blue to red. no matter how you rate the 45th president's first $100 day, this much is true. there's nothing like it in modern history. we have a scholar of context with us.
5:49 pm
doris kerns goodwin joins me. we're at the 100 day mark tomorrow. the president has no milestone legislative achievement. no real legislative achievement at all. record low approval ratings. how much of a predictor is the first 100 days for the next 1,000 days? >> i don't think that the content of the first 100 days matter as much as what has the president learned from it. think about general kjohn kenne. he had the bay of pigs and he acknowledged he made mistakes. he changed his decision making structure. that did him incredibly well when the cuban missile crisis came. the question is not so much he didn't get anything through congress, he has had lots of executive orders. the question is, did he learn from what happened? has he been gunned to expand a base beyond his ordinary base? is he self-reflective? has he changed from campaigning to governing?
5:50 pm
those are the deeper questions i think the 100 days can tell you about. at the end of fdr's 100 days, it wasn't so much the 15 laws. of it people felt trust. they felt the government was in good shape, they were glad they were in his hands. that's the thing you are looking for. >> on day 99, president trump gave a speech today before the nra. it didn't seem like he was any different than we saw during the campaign at all. in fact, he was still talking about the campaign and all the states that he turned red. if you can answer some of the questions that you posed -- they are the right questions -- you have seen any sign he learned or changed? >> i he said that health care was more complicated. nobody knew. it turns out that the china, north korea relationship was more difficult than he thought. at least he is thinking aloud about those things. the big question that i still
5:51 pm
before and know that you are now having to be president of all the people, not just the people that voted you in. >> there's the question of the personality and the bravado, which was key to having him win. he called elizabeth warren, he called her pocahontas, after he promised he would be so presidential that we would be bored. i'm not sure his definition of presidential jives with history's. >> we certainly haven't been bored. that's for sure. even when abraham lincoln was in the presidency, who was a great debeat at debater. he never liked to speak extemporaneously. he never wanted to be unprepared. he knew words matter. >> the president had an interview with reuters. he said, it's not as easy he thought it would be. it's harder than his old job of
5:52 pm
i guess being on "the apprentice" and running a real estate empire. he seem wistful for his past life. one predictor is having an occupant who loves the job. >> no question. teddy roosevelt said with every fiber of my being i love being president. that's why i didn't want to give it up. fdr, somebody asked him, why would anyone want this terrible job? he said, why wouldn't everybody want it? it's the best job in the world. there was a wistfulness. the difference is that however busy he was before, however much in the public eye, he could sort of control his agenda. he could decide what he wants to do during the days. events control presidents. they don't have that freedom. they are in a cocoon. they can't drive a car. all the little changes part of ordinary people's lives, they have to give up. the only thing to make that worthwhile is the splendid part, that it's splendid to be president. those who loved it get a special
5:53 pm
energy from that. >> always a pleasure to talk to you. thanks so much. >> thank you. you too. president trump marks his first 100 days this weekend. anthony bourdain is kicking off a new season. anderson talks to him about his latin themed trip to los angeles. a meal is involved, of course. anderson has to make a split second decision about a blood sausage, when it turns up on his plate. does he eat it? stay tuned. what's going on here?
5:54 pm
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test. test.
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a new season of anthony bourdain kicks off this weekend on cnn. first up, a latin themed trip to los angeles that has become a ritual for anderson and anthony to grab a bite and call it a preview of the new season. you are thinking it sounds easy. for how shall we put it for less adventurous eaters, it can be a dicey assignment. this time they visited a place here in new york. they spoke over blood sausage. >> this episode is set in los angeles. you had done an episode, i think a couple years back in korea
5:58 pm
town in los angeles. what's the focus this time? >> this time, less of a challenge but a similar one in that -- live entirely within the mexican community. it's about los angeles's identity, because it's -- the spine -- the cultural spine, backbone, history of los angeles is inextricably entwined with mexican history. >> it's interesting to look at a place that we think we know -- los angeles -- like did you with korea town and with this, as you said, see another side of it that you rarely see before. you get glimpses. >> i don't think we can emphasize enough how ining at the integral, how much a part of our everyday lives rely on people who are not born in
5:59 pm
america. this is blood sausage. >> is that actual -- why is it called blood saw ausage? >> it's made from blood. it's really good. it's kind of squirty. >> it is an actual sausage? >> yeah. it coagulates with heat. >> it's really good. wow. >> we look at mexican and chicano identity. and then to make this an even more deeply satisfying episode, we got the -- one of my favorite actors on earth, we got danny traho and a restauranteur. serving healthy food and two locations. the nicest guy in the world and one of my personal heros. it was incredibly satisfying to
6:00 pm
shoot with him. >> we should have led with blood sausage tonight. catch it sunday on cnn 9:00 p.m. time for jake tapper and "the lead," the first 100 days. thanks. day 99, kim jong-un tests another missile and tests the patience of the international community. "the lead" starts right now. north korea does it again. hours after the u.s. challenges the world to get tough on kim jong-un, another north korean test missile flies. president trump tweets. the buck stops there? a new interview, president trump blames president obama for not vetting michael flynn. michael flynn whom obama fired. did president trump not know whom he had hired? plus, it was so much easier pretend