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tv   New Day  CNN  May 8, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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their hearts is right. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome viewers from around the world and the u.s. 6:00 in new york. after months of delays, the woman who was attorney general for ten days will testify before a senate hearing about the attempts to interfere in the election and what she told the white house about michael flynn. >> remember, one of the big expeex expectations is sally yates will testify on the timeline. the white house says it was a head's up. another headline. former president obama had to say about the battle to repeal and replace obamacare. we have it covered for you. let's start with cnn manu raju in washington. >> reporter: the senate panel scheduled to hear testimony from former acting attorney general
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sally yates and warnings about michael flynn compromised by the russians. question bs ws about why the wh house did not act sooner. yates will be limited on what she can say, but contradict the white house account. at the same time, the house and senate intelligence committees are sifting through information and struggling to come to consensus. also a sign this could take months and months to reach conclusion on the widespreading investigation. congressional investigators looking into russia's role in the 2016 elections. running into a range of challenging ahead of the high profile testimony from former acting attorney general sally yates and former director of national intelligence, james clapper. >> we will ask her question bs
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russs about russia and any effort to unmask people for political purposes. we get to all things russia in terms of what the administration did and what russia did. >> reporter: lawmakers in the house and senate stressing that the committee s still have mountains of documents to sift through. >> we have documents from multiple agencies. this will take months to finish out. >> reporter: cautioning this could drag into the fall and next year. further complicating the inquiries, uncertain of the leads they are chasing and potential collusion with the trump campaign and russia. >> i'm not sure there is any reason for the president to believe there was collusion between the campaign. >> great cause for concern. evidence of collusion. from trump, we have seen someone who continues to obstruct. >> reporter: lawmakers struggling with the key question.
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whether the meetings with the trump associates were related to the campaign and russia. and was it an effort to gain new business for the companies? these questions coming among an effort to get information from four former associates. paul manafort and adviser carter page. >> i have been researching. >> reporter: page rejecting the request to provide communications with russians. saying in an unusual letter that if the committee wants details. they need to ask former president obama because of surveillance that occurred during his administration. >> when carter page says he wants to cooperate and all of a sudden we get another message. that's not the way to conduct a thorough investigation. >> reporter: this fight coming as yates is expected to tell lawmakers she gave the trump administration a forceful warning of hiring former national security adviser
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michael flynn. testimony at odds with the white house account. >> the acting attorney general informed the white house counsel that they wanted to give quote a head's up to us. >> reporter: now overnight, carter page responded to the senate intelligence committee with the second letter attacking the panel's quote bitter lies corrupt politicians. he does acknowledge with meeting with victor pudtny. u.s. officials believe was a russian spy. conversations with brief interacti interactions. he discussed that with agents in 2013 suggesting he is now being retaliated against for what he voiced in the meeting. chris and alvarenisyn, he said results in hundreds of hours of work.
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>> manu, thank you very much. let's bring in our panel. we have political analyst abby phillip and david gregory and david sanger. david gregory, what are the potential impact of the testimony from yates and clapper today? >> i think they will both be limited in what they can say. from yates, she will contradict from white house officials about the warning they gave about general flynn. i think the white house will make it clear they acted swiftly once they knew he was not truthful. the remaining questions are what extent did he advise the president. to candidate trump, the views he shaped of russia at the time. to say nothing of contacts that were not appropriate. i feel we're on the margins here even with clapper and what he can say in open session. what we know is what we have
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been talking about now for weeks and months. that is that there was consensus of a russian attempt to interfere with the election and at the very least the trump folks were cavalier about if not worse. >> it is interesting, abby. even trump transition officials wanted michael flynn shown these classified documents from the obama administration to show him that kislyak might not be who he is presenting himself interesting, they thought michael flynn did not know who he was dealing with. let's open up this document and show him. maybe yates will testify about that. >> she will tell us about the nature of the concern that they had about flynn. the white house characterized it as a head's up.
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maybe it was more than that. we don't know. she will shed more light on that. she will shed light on the actual timeline. what did she know when and who did she talk to and who communicated with the justice department in the challenge for sally yates is she will be presented as a partisan figure and hero to the left and villain to the right. she is a career official in the justice department. i expect her to be measured in how she presents the information here. i hope we get the clear timeline of events in january and february and who in the white house was aware of what michael flynn was doing and what warnings were they given. >> let's throw up the timeline so people at home can get their heads settled. yates said she went there in
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january. did not give a head's up. said listen, this man could be compromised by the russians because of who he is talking to. trump fires yates over the travel ban. she was vindicated. the initial ban was attacked so much, they redrafted it. and then the russian ambassador. >> the washington profit. >> according to the wast post. you take it for what it is worth. flynn resigns as national security adviser. david sanger. that takes us to the intrigue all along. it has seen the white house jettison flynn when he became a liability. how did they vet him? what did they know? what is the fallout? >> two big categories of issues here. first category is what the
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russians did in the actual election and the second question was what the ties of those around president-elect trump and candidate trump and president trump. it is on the second we will hear the most, i think from sally yates because clearly she had access to this fascinating trove of conversations that were picked up by american intelligence that go back after the time general flynn was fired from the obama administration as head of the defense intelligence agency. he goes to russia. he is working as a lobbyist for turkey. it is that area of intelligence that the u.s. clearly has intercepts to deal with that we don't know very much about. general clapper is also going to be critical to this. i pay attention to what he says. he was up at harvard last week
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and in a big public presentation there. he said the intelligence report that got touched ourned out by intelligence agency before the obama administration left office. clearly there is a raft of back up material they have not declassified and they have not yet been willing to talk about in public. >> david gregory, let's move on to the report. it is not new, but new to us. james dobson. he was playing golf with trump three years ago. he said at that point, he asked the trumps how did you get the money to keep building golf courses during the recession. so many banks were not lending. where did you get all of the money to build the golf courses. he says, eric trump said
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something to the effect we did not have to worry about that. we get our money from russia. eric is denying that this happened. he said this is actually from, i guess -- this is eric. recollection of a guy from someone years ago. insisting the report was untrue and complete garbage. the reporter stands by it and he says they were casual. what does this mean? >> it is hard to get to the truth of the matter based on that back and forth. it speaks to the question what extent the trump businesses or have been or are involved with russia. if you have russian banks and russian investors, you are dealing with the russian government. this is why getting those tax returns has always been a priority. fully understanding the trump business relationship is around
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the world and particularly in russia is so important in ways that might speak to what a pre-existing relationship was. remember, this previous discussion about flynn and not only how he was shaping candidate trump's views about putin in particular, but with regard to the election and sanctions and was there a suggestion that flynn was having in that transition period about relaxing sanctions. all of that becomes really important as a quid pro quo or any potential ties that the campaign would have had to a foreign power in the case russia. actively interfering in the election. >> you got a simple answer on this one. all they have to do is exercise some transparency. show the debt schedules as they exist for those courses. they are all privately held. they have them. it is easy to see. whom do you owe? when was the debt satisfied and it will go away. will they do that? we will see.
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david sanger, what is the biggest moment of the week you are looking for? >> i think the fallout from the french election is one of the biggest fallouts. we had a theory in the trump administration that there was a straight line from brexit to president trump's election to what was going to happen in europe. and netherlands and france and ultimately in germany. it looks right now, trump may have been the high watermark of the populist movement. it came to a crashing halt in france. it suggests president trump will have a harder time dealing with european allies where he hoped he would get much more sympathetic grouping. >> panel, stick around. we have more stories and questions for you.
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former president obama breaking his silence. urging the lawmakers to have the courage to deal with the health care. cnn's brianna keilar is live in washington with more. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. it is note that president obama did not mention the health care repeal and replace vote that we saw on thursday. it was obvious what he was talking about. the first time we heard from him publicly since the vote took place. somewhat unusual he takes a position on policy. he was getting the award. the profile in courage award from the jfk library foundation in part because of the efforts on health care and climate and cuba. he acknowledged in 2009 and 2010 and paid for their jobs with it. >> it does require courage to
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champion the vulnerable and the sick and the infirm. those who often have no access to the corridors of power. i hope they understand that courage means not simply doing what is politically expedient, but doing what they believe deep in their hearts is right. >> reporter: to correct myself, democrats who paid with their jobs for authoritheir votes, i have said. he said this was coming together in the last week. it is not a stretch he would address this health care vote that we saw on thursday. chris. >> all right. brianna keilar, thank you. saw b. keilar on the cover of a magazine. talk about how she makes the magic on tv.
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bare-fisted boxing. >> who knew? >> reporter: fact check. untrue. >> you have a tale of two realities. democrats say this is about life and deaths. not dollars and cents. that prompted one republican congress member to say this. >> nobody dies because they don't have access to health care. >> nobody dies if they don't have access. reality check next. whoa, this thing is crazy. i just had to push one button to join. it's like i'm in the office with you, even though i'm here. it's almost like the virtual reality of business communications. no, it's reality. intuitive one touch video conferencing is a reality. and now it's included at no additional cost
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i hope they understand that courage means not simply doing what is politically expedient, but doing what they believe deep in their hearts is right. >> all right. that was former president barack obama calling outl lawmakers. we have our panel. abby phillip and david gregory and david brinkley. the author of the new book "jfk:a vision of america." great to have all of you. douglas, i'll start with you.
3:21 am
how unusual is it for a former president to publicly weigh in on the policy of a new administration. >> they usually don't like to do that. obama did not mention donald trump by name. ss his name was not evoked at all with president obama leading the charge. joe biden was working the crowds as if he was getting ready to run for 2020. grabbing cameras and who wants a selfie with me. it had a spirit to the event. a nice mixing of two brands. jfk brand of we will put a man on the moon and peace corps and profiles in courage book and barack obama, the nobel peace prize winner. the two represent the spiritual life of the democratic party now
3:22 am
that bill and hillary clinton are held in low regard at least for a while. >> david, the words he chose and the forum it didn't seem as though president obama was looking to provoke anything here. you juxtapose from what he saw in the crowd and he wanted to put a nail in the coffin of what the congress members are saying. >> you are band aiding people on medicaid and accepting people dying. >> that line is so indefensible. nobody dies because they don't have access to health care.
3:23 am
>> somewhere bernie sanders was kicking a television set, david gregory. he will argue as many that is just not true. it is false. when you have lack of access to care, do you see a spike in deaths. if you return people to the desperation, you will see a spike. what do you think? >> i think when it comes to president obama being out there, he is previewing an argument that the democrats will use. they want to have the fight over coverage. do you as an american have a right to quality health care coverage that is in effect guaranteed by the government. democrats will make that arguments. they voted for that. that's what obamacare was. didn't go far enough for some progressives. that's what it was versus a more conservative viewpoint stated in the extreme by congress member there. you have access to it and the
3:24 am
system will work better. weapon don we don't know if in that that case. it is difficult to take coverage away once it has been offered to americans as a safety net. i think democrats would also do well to acknowledge the system has failed people. you don't have enough healthy people in the system which have effected the ability of insurance companies to offer the kind of affordable premiums and care which was the promise of the health care act under obama. >> abby, how about what former speaker newt gingrich said yesterday. jimmy kimmel spoke and got emotional about his son's heart condition. newt gingrich was on the sunday show saying that's a myth. this is a myth that baby would somehow be denied health care or coverage. let me play for you.
3:25 am
>> you show up at a hospital with a new baby and the baby has a heart problem. the doctors do every they can to save the baby. they try to save the baby's life. that's true across the board in the country. that is just part of the myth of the left. >> abby, when the baby is born, doctors will do what they can. for the next ten years of care, you can't just show up at an emergency room and demand open heart surgery. >> he was not talking about insurance. he was talking about emergency care on the spot. that's the issue. >> you hear people say that. emergency rooms can fill the gap. >> and labrador was talking about the same emergency care. that is where he was going with that conversation. no one dies from lack of health care. he means you can walk into an emergency room and they treat you. what he is not talking about is the other part of the health care system which is what do you do when you need a prescription
3:26 am
and preventative ailment that would save your life if you got early treatment? that is the problem here for -- that's the problem with the underlying health care debate. to what extent will we reform the system. we are changing the way which people get coverage so we don't wait until they are sick and dying and run to the hospital and having the social safety net by default pay for them because everybody's health care costs go up when emergency room costs for the uninsured are higher. the debate is about that. it is about do we treat people over the course of their lives. do we treat them preventatively. do we encourage them to have care or do we treat them when they are in a bind or they are dying or they run into the emergency room and have the money or health care coverage? you know, newt gingrich is right in some respects, but not right
3:27 am
as you said when that baby is 14 years old and needs more care and needs a lifetime of prescriptions. >> the issue is can you get a policy if you have a pre-existing conditions. not whether you can get care if you go to emergency room. that's not the issue. >> this is all about making it right for the insurance companies. we're not talking about socialized medicine. talking about a way to make insurance companies feel comf t comfortable of taking a risk to extend coverage. we know two things. the federal government will put more money in the system to subsidize to pay for premiums or get enough healthy people they don't have to pay for the premiums to make it good for the insurance companies. >> panel, thank you very much. another big headline for you. north korea provokes the u.s. again. another american detained. what will the response from the trump administration be? next. starts a chain reaction...
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3:32 am
facebook live. this designed to avoid the protests for the signing. abbott saying he hopes to prevent lawlessness. the law takes effect september 1st. the justice department heading back to build new life in the travel ban. all of the judges on the fourth circuit court of appeals will hear the case after the federal judge in march blocked a key portion of the ban to take effect. the judge calling the executive order unconstitutional based on the statements made during the campaign. fresh off his victory, france's president-elect emmanuel macron is marking victory in europe day. joini joini joini joini
3:33 am
joini joining hollande. president trump among the world leaders tweeting he looks forward to working with macron. >> he seemed to be backing le pen in the election and macron got 2 out of every 3 votes. a second american professor detained in north korea accused of plans hostile acts. he is the fourth u.s. citizen detained by the regime. we have cnn's ivan watson in seoul, south korea. ivan, what do we know? >> reporter: chris, moments ago i met with kim sgon's wife. she is shaken with the news her husband was detained on the crimes in north korea. she is speechless and in shock. he was a man who was selfless
3:34 am
and devoted. i hope he can return to the family that he loves. she describes him. naturalized american citizen and korean born in china and she says he has been working in north korea to help with food shortage problems there. helping with a model farm to grow rice. he is the second u.s. academic working with pyongyang university of science and technology to be detained in just over two weeks. the situation is very serious because the two other americans that we know are detained in north korea from earlier arrests face 10 and 15--year sentences of hard labor. alisyn. >> ivan, keep us posted. thank you for that reporting. jared kushner is apparently trying to entice chinese investors with easy paths to
3:35 am
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jared kushner's sister
3:39 am
courting investors in china with a federal visa program. she was in china on sunday seeking $150 million from investors. interested in eb-5 visas. a program that grants permanent residency in the u.s. for those that finance projects creating a certain amount of jobs in the united states. let's bring back abby phillip and david gregory and david drucker. how do you see this? she was enticing buy doing this. is this a conflict of interest? b business as usual or conflation of things? >> you have a family business with related businesses at work seeking to profit off the
3:40 am
presiden presidency. it's really unseemly. there has not been anywhere near the work to be done to shut this down. there has to be vigilance on the part of the press corps and others to catalog this and stay on top of it. it is like the tax returns. we have reality of a business that is in effect part of the presidency as they do business around the world. >> abby, just to be clear, ethics laws prohibit government officials from profiting personally from the public sector work. what does that mean for jared kushner's sister? >> nothing. >> and what does it mean for both jared kushner's family business and ivanka trump's business and donald trump's business? not even really an arm's lelhea length away from the officials. they are profiting in the long run off the companies. we have seen people like jared's
3:41 am
sister going about daily business, but not even doing a wink and nod, but pointing over there and saying, hey, my brother's father-in-law is the president of the united states. 24 hours prior, trump signed an extension of this visa program which had been really a lot of people calling for reforms to it for many years. he just signed an extension to it 24 hours before this presentation happened. it is a big problem. it is a problem an cross the trp family. ivanka trump's family. there is no protection for taxpayers and americans who want public officials to not be profiting in the long run or in the short run from their politicals office. >> just to be clear. not just the taxes, but the big table with all of the folders on
3:42 am
it that showed that trump's assets were refiled? we have no proof to this day that all that paper work was even filed. >> they knowledged that the paper work was not real. it was a prop. >> that was a prop. supposedly they were going to do it. you have to go to the secretary of state. they got paid 50% of the job. we don't know. david, the republicans say this is a nothing burger. everybody knows these are business people. they voted for this. if that is true to abby's reporting, why at that event where kushner's sister was soliciting money. did they keep journalists out? >> it bothers them. they don't like the connection broadcast for everybody to see. this is interesting and great example of how politics is situational. republicans in part won the white house because of unflattering reporting of hillary clinton and her family's
3:43 am
foundation. the access that the foundation had to the government while secretary of state, a lot more extensive than people realized at the time and what kind of access would her family foundation have if she won the white house. the republicans in congress promised the investigations out of the oversight and government reform committee and energy and everywhere would continue if she were president. a lot of outside groups were prepared to launch investigations. this is what you have when you have a president with current business operations. we have not seen this before. usually we get wealthy people in office. they receded from business career. we never had a situation like n this. although the president said he is president and focused on that and the family is separate. we know that is not the case. we know his sons are running his
3:44 am
business and are active. trump jr. is heading to montana to campaign for a special election out there. they are active political players in the republican party. as members of the administration. they have not done anything vis-a-vis a blind trust and keep the business operational, but step away from making decisions on a daily basis. they have not done that. >> can we just also insert bill and hillary clinton's name in the scenarios as david is alluding to and see how republicans in the town would be acting? they accused them of murder of vince foster. the pay to play with regard to the foundation. they hang back here on trump. >> panel, thank you very much. all right. the new york yankees beating the world champion cubs in the
3:45 am
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just hours after learning about the death of his grandfather, houston rockets guard patrick beverley came through. we have coy wire with the bleacher report. you cannot do things when you are in pain, other times you can do great things. >> that is right, chris, beverley learned of his grandfather's death. they told him to stay and play and before the game, he broke down in tears during pre-game routine. beverley starts the game with this goose-bump inducing moment. knocking down the first bucket. he taps his heart and points to the sky honoring the man who helped raise him as a child. beverley spoke about the man who meant the world to him.
3:50 am
>> to have somebody that was right there supporting me the whole way. wore my jerseys every day of his life. to have a person like that taken from you is hard. so hard. you know, there's a bigger plan and i'm going to keep my faith. of course, i'll be there for my family. extra innings for the cubs and yankees at wrigley field. kyle schwarber will not give up. he plays baseball with a football player mentality. this game goes 18 innings after over 6 hours. combined 48 strikeouts. a new major league record. alisyn, yankees win 5-4. they sweep series. >> beautiful reflection on his grandfather. grandparents are so important. just a great reminder. coy, thank you.
3:51 am
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all right. you just had a huge personal and policy development in the french election. you have the youngest leader
3:55 am
elected in france. 39-year-old emmanuel macron. the oldest since napoleon. macron got 66% of the vote over le pen who the american president was backing. what are the implications? let's bring in christiane amanpour. he was seen as having an edge, but 2 of 3 votes? what is the implication? >> reporter: it's big. he got a bigger total than they expected after the first round. that says a lot for him going forward. it says a lot for marine le pen losing. it also says the center held here in france. europe is celebrating because this is a huge important country. the second biggest economy in europe and obviously the sixth biggest economy in the world. europe believes this will save
3:56 am
the european union. now, today is ve day. obviously the celebration of european victory against the nazi war machine. it comes one day after the extreme far right candidate herself was defeated. macron came out publicly with the current president of france hollande to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. to that end, his spokeswoman told me they are happy, they are not taking anything for granted. >> we're feeling happy and relieved. we feel that we are showing to the world that we won against populism. it was very important for us to do that. we are happy about the responsibility we have. it is just the beginning of something big. we have now to win the next step
3:57 am
which is going to be an election in one month. we want all people in france to be united. >> reporter: you could imagine that means yet another election as she said in june. that will be the parliamentary. macron has to go from zero parliamentarians to a working majority. you need that to pass le legislati legislation. he needs it to pass reforms he promised the french people. this is a big deal. president trump has congratulated him and said looking forward to working together. his aides hopes the populist move continues and le pen would win, but he will meet at the nato summit and have the force
3:58 am
workis first working get together. >> christiane, it was such a scene in paris. i know you likened it to a paris disco. as the sun comes up, they still have as you pointed out, all of the challenges. immigration. plagued by terror attacks. where does he start on those? >> reporter:s here's the thing, marine le pen tried to run on a campaign of fear and loathing. the french did not buy it in the end. let's not forget there was a good number of people who abstained from the round and good number of people who spoiled their ballots and 11 million people nearly who voted for marine le pen. the far right extremist candidate. there are still issues at play that need to be dealt with and that macron knows that he will
3:59 am
sink or swim on being able to deliver. even the europeans s know and german foreign minister says if he cannot deliver, he says mrs. le pen could be the next president. we in europe have to help him and stop the march tos austerity and we have to give some help to our partner in europe to deliver reforms. that's a big deal coming from germany of all places. and there's a -- >> no question this was a big blow to what is called no nothing populism. what is the practical effect of the working government? we will see in the parliament elections coming up. thank you. i appreciate it. thanks to the international viewers for you. for the u.s. viewers, fraternity scandal working penn state.
4:00 am
18 people charged in connection with a death of a student there. details are startling. we will have them for you along with the victim's side when "new day" continues right now. >> we get to the truth as forcefully as we have to. >> new challenges. >> we will ask her all questions about russia and what she knew about donald trump ties. >> we are now in the process of inviting additional witnesses and documents. >> there was a reason why healthcare reform had not been accomplished before. it was hard. >> we want a system that works for patients and families and doctors. >> put personal interests aside when duty to the country calls or conscience demands. >> this did not have to happen. >> they wanted to mick sure they were safe. >> this is was depravity at the worst level. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo


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