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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  June 3, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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all week after he withdrew from the paris climate accord. here is ambassador haley trying to set the record straight. >> let me show you what president trump has twlooooetse. the concept of global warming was creates by and information the chinese in order to make u.s. manufacturing noncompetitive. are you willing to acknowledge that that is nonsense? >> what i will tell you that the regulations from the paris agreement were disadvantaging our companies. the jobs fwhowere not eight taa. it was not possible to meet conditions. so i think that we have to look being at what is realistic. we have a president who will watch out for the environment. we will continue to be a leader in the environment. the rest of the world wanted to tell us how do it, but we're
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saying we will do it under our terms. >> but the standards were set by the united states for the united states. but just are to be clear on this climate -- >> no the standards were set by president obama. and not the senate. and the standards couldn't been achieved. >> but you said the world was imposing standards on the united states. president obama was the one who set the stand darsardsstandards. but you're not willing to acknowledge that calling climate change a chinese hoax is a big box of crazy? >> president trump believes climate is changing and he believes pollutants are part of that equation. so that is a fact where we are. he knows that it's changing. he knows that the u.s. has to be sponlg with it and that's what we will do. just because we got out of a club doesn't mean that question don't care about the environment. . >> joining me to talk more about this, the former director of the
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nixon presidential library. so tim, it took her a really lo long time to say that climate is changing. do you believe it is her intent or the white house's intent to send that message to set the record straight that the president believes the climate is changing? >> i think two points are important here. if the president trump wants to send that message, he has the opportunity to send it himself. he had the chance when he informed all of us that the united states was going to pull out of an agreement in a almost every other country participates in. number two, in the end does it matter so much what this administration says? what matters more is what this administration does. if the epa is dismanling regulations, it doesn't matter what mr. pru ilt is telling us about his views on climate change. what matters is what we do. and i think that is the test.
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is this administration going to continue to help us reduce our carbon footprint and thus not contribute to global warming or will it make a blanket argument about the effect on jobs of dealing with the climate change issue? that is the question for me and right now i'm not convinced that this administration is willing to take steps to limit the damage that we can contribute to in the global warming issue. >> so what do you think the impa tis is behind impa tis behind nikki haley saying that on the heels of the remove the u.s. fr paris accord. >> what woir worries me, that surrogates are doing it so that the president can say you know
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what i believe. if the president actually believes these things, he will tweet it. how much time will it take for him to tweet it? he could have tweeted it 1/2 ind of covfefe for example. he has a him spe plenty of oppo to share with us what he thinks. and my respect for what ambassador haley did in south carolina with respect to confederate memorials, she didn't say that climate change is a change. she said that the president believes it's changing. well, if it's changing at a very small problem, is at any time a problem. we know thats is changing at a much faster rate. oceans for example. >> and she also added throupollutants are a part of t equation. and the president has said that it's not manmade.
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>> i don't think that here say from the u.s. ambassador to the united nations is what we need to hear from the president of the united states. >> she's not giving him the credibility? >> since when does our president need somebody be else to tell us what is on his mind? he has committed to being transparent. he has ample opportunity to tell us exactly what he takes and whether he does view it a as problem. he doesn't need surrogates. >> is it your analysis then that -- or maybe i should ask what is your animalysis of this preside relying on others to convey a message on his behalf? >> let me tell you how we as historians look at it because i can't tell you what president trump is thinking today. we would with look at what he said in the past and look to see
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if he's ever contradicted to what he's said. and up to now, his past statements suggest that he believes climate change can is a hoax. and he made clear in his speech that he thinks the rest of the world wanted us in the agreement in order to ruin us. he thinks that they don't believe in climate change, that it's a trick. so everything he said up to now suggests to me that he has not changed his mind and does not believe that climate change is a problem. >> tim, good to see you. thanks so much. and i know you want to see more of that interview, so you can see the entire interview with the u.s. ambassador to the yooun tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. he will also talk to al gore and senator warner, as well. the white house remarkably quiet today ahead of one of the most high pressure weeks offe s
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president's presidency. james comey will testify this week. joining me now is our law enforcement analysis from the fbi. good to see you. so on what is the bigger risk that the white house is weighing, allowing comey to testify, he's a private citizen, no longer an employee of the federal government, or to invoke the executive privilege to block the former director from of it something. >> i think that there is going to be a clear distinction made coming out of white house. we heard kellyanne conway already speak to this and sean spicer. president trump's administration, we'll all sit back and watch this unfold as it
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should on may 8. i think the symmetry within -- i'm sorry, june 8. i think the symmetry between the may 8th testimony that comey delivered in front of congress the day before he was fired on may 9th, i think people will be shocked that robert mueller is allowing him to testify. because every time somebody testifies or speaks in the media, you're providing additional opportunities for there to be a conflict in what you've said previously. >> abobut we don't know if ther are restrictions prograerhaps mr ha mueller perhaps has instructed k0e comey with. >> sure. anything that we can catch takes
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plays out live i think will be very general. anything specific should be behind closed. >> because there are two testimonies, one in private and one in public and the private one you will be talking about classified information if a clearly the public is not going to be privy to. >> and i think also anything that comey speaks about in regards to his conversations with the president that had anything do with the russian collusion investigation can rightfully pushed back on and said hey, listen, this is an ongoing investigation and we cannot air it out in public for the world to see. it has to be behind closed doors. >> all right. james, good to see you. still ahead, we're waiting for vice president mike pence to speak there in iowa. we'll bring to you live. and they voted for trump, do they stand behind their candidate. we'll hear from iowa voters next. break through your allergies.
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are filling up there. so what is to be expected today? >> aides said that his trip here is a purchasefposeful one, that understand the value iowa is to them in temps of putting fort their lechblgs la their legislation. this is a state that voted for democrats in the past but voted for a republican this time. and i spent the last 48 hours talking to iowans getting their pulse of the donald trump presidency pup and even though there is a lot of controversy up to this point, a lot of republicans remain kth thcould
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if i dants. >> why wouldn't we want to treat our country first? and i think that was his message. >> he can make it divisive. i'll be fair about it. but i also think that he's tr s trying the way he knows how. it may appear that it's coming off strong, but this is what he's trying to do and it makes sense. >> reporter: a lot of these voters admit that they are uncomfortable with his taxct sometimes, but they are still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. >> and earlier would he talked about the dnl democrats an r ourgs an event to counter this one. >> reporter: and it's happening now. but but keep in mind this is a
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motorcycle ride. they call it a picnic for the people. democrats still feel that they can win on the issues. at this point they just need to find a candidate to embody that message that can take on the still very popular republicans here in iowa. >> so will the vchd ice presidee on a bike? >> reporter: at the actually asked joni ernst that question. he certainly will not be a part of the bigd ri ride here. but he's expected to come right here to the venue. whether or not he ends up on a motorcycle at least for a photo-op is definitely possible. >> it would make a heck of an entrance. thanks so much. we're also keeping a close eye on protests across the country. activists calling for the truth about russian meddling in the u.s. alexandria and possible ties between that country and president trump and his soirkts. s
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between that country and president trump and his soirkts. between that country and president trump and his soirkts. between that country and president trump and his soirkts. between that country and president trump and his soirkts. n that country and president trump and his soirkts. and possible t that country and president trump and his soirkts. and possible ti that country and president trump and his soirkts. >> do you think our president respects the ruled of law? >> do you share the appraisal of the russia investigation is a hoax? >> do you think your call for itch peachment is premature? >> are you worried that you have a credibility problem? (quiet chatter) (soft gasp) (record scratching) ( ♪ ) (excited chatter) ( ♪ ) various: whoa! (mixed exclamations) ( ♪ ) (cheering) ( ♪ )
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mike pence and his grand entrance there. he will also speak to republicans at the abm roast an ride. we'll keep an eye on everything out of boone.m roast and ride. we'll keep an eye on everything out of boone. roast and ride. we'll keep an eye on everything out of boone.roast and ride. we'll keep an eye on everything out of boone. the investigation into russia's meddling into the election has thousands taking to the streets across the country. it's called the march for truth. protesters are demanding more answers from officials in washington and the investigation includes ting the release of touchdown's tax returns. speakers include politicians ur, artists and activists. this was the scene earlier where events have wrapped up. alex is joining us from portland where the march there is just about to get under way. and welcome to cnn. what is the mood there? >> reporter: that's right, it's
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just getting understa way, the crowd growing. the march will start after the rally. you can see there are several hundred people who have gathered to listen now to music, there are also speeches by local officials and as well as representatives of state and federal officials. this is an anti-trump crowd. they have come with flags and signs. essentially they have three main demands. impartial investigation into the trump campaign potential involvement with russia, they are asking president trump to release his tax returns and overall more transparency from the trump administration. >> so this also comes at a time on the heels of the horrible deadly hate-are relarelated cri. so how are the two intertwined?
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>> reporter: well, this is separate from the rallies that we're expecting to see tomorrow. but this is very much a city on edge. make no mistake about it, this comes just a week after that horrific double murder in the light rail train system here when three men came to the assistance of two young women including one young teenager and a muslim. they were being verbally being a cost accosted by jeremy christian. christian stabbed the men who interven intervened. two men died, a thursday was seriously wounded. christian has been arraigned on nine different charges. and this comes after as married wheeler of portland in response asked for the city to cancel an alt-right rally due to be held tomorrow. they are calling it a freedom of speech rally due to be held right here. however this is federal property. so the federal government is allowing this to continue.
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there will be tsignificant counter protests. there will be massive security presence to try to make sure that no violence breaks out. >> all right, alex, thank you so much. that will do it for me. thanks so much for being with me. coming up, wil have a cnn bleacher report on the nba finals hosted by dave briggs and steve smith. stay with us. i was working in the yard, my chest started hurting
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oracle arena, home to the golden state warriors. and this weekend, home to a historic nba finals between those warriors and the cleveland cavaliers. and over the next 30 minutes, we'll give you a behind the scenes look at these nba finals featuring the biggest basketball stars on the plan either. this is all access at the nba finals.either. this is all access at the nba finals.ther. this is all access at the nba this is all access at the nba finals.r. this is all access at the nba finals.. this is all access at the nba finals. >> never have we seen the same two teams meet for the third time in a row. >> no better atmosphere. >> we've womaned strerked extre too get mere. we don't take it for granted. >> the sxhamp i don't knchampio bay for the first time in 40 years.


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