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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  June 4, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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. i'm max foster from london. this is "cnn newsroom." we have breaking news for you in the united states and around the world. if you're joining us, it's 9:00 a.m. in london where police have set up patrols in the streets following another terror attack. at least six people are dead, 48 others have been taken to the hospital. the city's mayor condemned the attack but vowed london would
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stay strong. >> i'm appalled and furious that these cowardly terrorists would dleb ratley target innocent londoners and bystanders. i'm quite clear, we will never let them win, nor are we going to let them cower our city and london iftds. the police and experts and all of us are finding new ways to keep us safe. londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. no reason for us to be alarmed. one of the things the police can do is make sure we're safe. i'm reassured we're one of the safest global cities in the world if not the safest global city in the world but we always vund review ways to make sure we
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remain as safe as we possibly can. >> the attacks began on london bridge as a van ran down pedestrians. people went flying in the air. one jumped into the river thames. this is the van used. police say they ran inside a restaurant and started stabbing people. french citizens were amongst the victims. we have the pictures which appears to show two. police say they shot and killed all three attackers. so far there's no claim of responsibility there. the british prime minister theresa may is chairing the security meeting. her security party has suspended campaigning on sunday. we will review as the day goes
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on and as more details of the attack emerge. nic robertson joins us live. we'll expect something where the latest intel will be delivered to the prime minister? >> reporter: we will. we can expect the prime minister to be calm, to be reassuring, to communicate perhaps some of the details we'll hear shortly, but we can expect her to deliver a very strong and robust message against this act of terrorism. what people are going to be listening for, of course, is this the end of it, can it be prevented, and some of these questions just don't have answers at the moment, max. but that is the sort of pressure that a prime minister has. right now, of course, she is gathering that information from those security chiefs, defense, intelligence, police, and other key ministers around that key
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cabinet briefing. max? >> in terms of the election campaign, it's been suspended. we're starting to hear we actually shouldn't keach suspending normal life. we should be carrying on as normal. there were words tweeted to that effect. what do you make of that? >> reporter: i think sadiq khan indicated the same thing. look. normal means what people become used to, what becomes normal and not every day, but expectable in their lives. a year ago people were not expecting already for a series of terrorist acts. they had one here in march, another one just a couple of weeks ago, and now this. this is not the normal people want, but the message that our politicians here want to send to the terrorists who want to commit these acts is you will not stop us, you will not stop
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our democracy, you will not break our democracy, you will not make our democracy look weak, and that is carrying on as if things are normal, heightening security, doubling down on security efforts and how to tackle this clearly and growing escalating issue this country faces but not changing the way the country lives. the crux of that, of course, the democratic process, the election. perhaps any other election cycle at any other time, it might have been possible to consider that, but as we coto hear, max, and we've heard it a lot from the prime minister recently, the brexit negotiations that will determine the future of britain's relationship and the european union it can enjoy in trade and other aspects of the world, that skbins to be negotiates 11 days after the election on june 8. there can be no holding up this democratic process, not because
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democrats are attacking the people or britain on their streets here, but because there is an imperative to follow through with what the prime minister has called for, an election she hopes will strengthen her hand in those talks but to have a hand and a strong voice at that table in europe. because there's a finite amount of time. the prime minister triggered the brexit negotiations on the 30th of march, the end of march. the clock runs for two years she needs all that time in this process. so there are many reasons why this election cannot be held up. yes, to stand up to triftds, but there are imperatives for this this country and the table in brussels as well. >> what do you make of the fact it wasn't a sole attacker this time? >> it's a step up. you have to look at it in that light. the westminster bridge, a single attacker, nice, a suctional
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attacker, the truck, yes, attack in manchester, a single person perpetrating the attack. there appeared to be a network behind him. we'll expect to hear more in the coming weeks and months. but this was three men. we saw it before in july, four men coming together in northern england. again, four men east african origin living in london. they worked together. the seg nature of working together in a group has delivered if you will, to intelligence services is bagger signature in the past, a bigger opportunity for counterterrorism officials can pick up that a group is planning to do something because they're talking to each other. in this case here it will raise question questions. if there was a group of three
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and they were talking to each other, why wasn't it haefrmtd the westminster attack, for example, using the social media platform whatsapp to communicate with each other minutes before the attack. the police say they may never know what was said in that communication because it's encrypted. if these men were found to be communicating through encrypted means, it will increase measures on communicating companies, on these types of companies to provide intelligence service with a way to understand what's being said so there can be no secret chanls for planning terrorism. these very strong. that's one aspect of three people together. three people together is getting more brazen, max. >> theresa may comes out o speak to the media. we assume we will. donald trump tweeting earlier saying we need to be smart, vigilant, and tough. we need the courts to give us
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back our rights. we need the travel ban as an extra level of safety. and then he said a bit later, whatever the united states can do to help out london and the uk, we will be there. we are with you. god bless. back in a moment.
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the latest from here in londonist. at least six people killed, 48 taken to hospital following a back-to-back terror attack in london on saturday night. so far there's been no claim of responsibility. multiple victims were stabbed in a rampage in a market, a business area. a vehicle raced across nearby london bridge. it's extraordinary to think eight minutes after the callout
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these guys were shot in a busy area. amazing work done by the police tonight. >> the metropolitan police have acted responsible all over london, ready to respond 24/7 to this sort of incident. it was remarkable that they got there in that short period of time, very quickly closed the situation down and mad the situation safe. >> we expect to hear from the minister. how does she address this? it does feel a bit like more of the same, i dare say. >> the interesting thing, there have been three similar attacks like this. one was stopped by the police before the police could do any harm because they had information from the family of
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that individual which actually stopped the event -- any harm being done, you noe know to sto. we've seen that in one of these cases. but, of course, very difficult otherwise to predict what's going to happen. >> and these very low-tech atta attacks, i mean they're so easily done. >> we saw in 2005 with the seventh of july bombings. there was a group of people, a group of friends who got together and decided to plan an attack. that attack in manchester was a much more sophisticated attack using explosives, but this is a very, very simple attack and it's very difficult to infiltrate that sort of group. >> there are be less intel on it as well. >> absolutely. they might be communicating with
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each other by mobile phone or using an app. they might be gathering together in the house and plotting it there. and in most circumstances, very little they can do. >> it does feel very similar to the westminster attack, doesn't it, the way they left the vehicle after driving into a crowd and continued the killing spree. so people are people being inspired by previous attacks? >> it looks like a copycat. it's another london bridge, another vehicle mowing down pedestrians, leaping out of the vehicle and attacking people with knives. it looks like a copycat. it's very unsophisticated. what we must not forget, these people are murderers. these are people who were violent criminals before, who have become radicalized and have used islam to carry out their
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behavior. >> looking for who's responsible, is it quite relevant? >> these murderous people, these people who are thugs are responsible for the deaths and injury of these people, nobody else. >> when they keep happening, these events, they feel less shocking. is that a worry to you? >> well, i live about a ten-minute walk from where this attack happened. it doesn't feel less real to me for that, you know. it's very close to home. bearing in mind i was a lot closer to the westminster attack because i was in parliament at the time. i don't think it's losing its impact. i think because there have been a series of attacks in a short space of time, people are going to be very anxious. but what needs to happen is people need to be very aware when they're in public places, but they should not be frightened to the extent that
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they give up their normal way of life. >> i was talking to people outside of london and they say they don't want to come to london. what do you say of that? >> you're aet a very small rusk of being killed in a terro e eea terror attack, let alone being killed by one. be aware of the city, perhaps wondering whether you're going to be mugged for example, be very aware of what's going on around you in a public place, and you will be safe. >> brian, thank you very much indeed. isa swarez joins us now. she was texting with a friend in the mid of the attack. isa, talk us through it. i know it's been a difficult night here. >> reporter: yeah. it was a horrifying experience to be completely honest with you, max. before we get o that, let me
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give you the context of where we're at. we're still behind the cordoned lines, police van, a lot of police still on the streets being cordoned off. this is where it happened. it's just behind the camera here. i can see about five or six police vans as well. people were running through here yesterday. busy area, borough market. many restaurants. tourists were told to leave and people are trying to get back inside their homes. that's why we saw overnight many londoners applauding london opening their doors so people could get inside. like you were saying, max, i had the unfortunate experience of speaking to a friend of mine who was here at borough market. he was in the restaurant when attackers were wielding knives. he was able to go and hide in
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the toilet. take a listen to what he experienced. >> i was in a busy restaurant in borrow just off of hyde street just looking out into the street and all of a sudden i heard a bomb and i looked down the street and people started running down the street and started entering the restaurants and locking themselves into the restaurants. it was a bit of chaos and panic and fear, in the restaurants as well because we really didn't know what was going on. i was talking to a couple of friends, one who was heavily pregnant. we ran upstairs to the toilet and then just as i looked down the stairs, the guy had come into the restaurant coveting a big knife, it looks like a machete. i dropped my friends and dashed
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straight into one cubicle with the four of us and then we were quiet. we were probably in there for about an hour. i tried to contact a key friend on facebook to let people know to send the response unit there straight away. we were struggling for our lives. we were hearing noise which we thought were gunshots and we thought it was game over for us. everything happened quite suddenly. i couldn't really identify anybody. but there was a guy in a brown coat wielding a big northeast and just lots of shouting and screaming. all of a sudden there was a deathly science and a girl screaming and crying and shouts of is there anybody upstairs and she said, i don't know, i don't know.
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and i was talking to the husband saying call the balance right away. we thought it was game over because we thought he was going to shoot through the door. after an hour of silence in the one cubicle with four people, one heavily pregnant, she was due last week basically fearing for her life and the response unit came. we didn't know whether it was the response unit or somebody else pretending to be them. there was the fear of god when i opened the door and we saw the response unit and it all was fine. there was blood in the restaurant and people clutching themselves, holding themselves with bloodied towels and we had to run 150 meters with a pregnant women pregnant at nine months and there were about 50
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officers out and it was extremely scary. >> reporter: well, you'll be happy to hear the pregnant lady with him along with two other people that were with him, they are well. they were seen at hospital. as you can imagine, absolutely shaken. he is one of many people here in this area of london who feel they were completely terrorized by what sadiq khan called cowardly acts of terrorism. max? >> isa, just to point out to you our cordon here has been lifted. you can see the crowds of people heading back to their hotels. the whole area was evacuated overnight. they just had to leave. look at that. the guy still has his pajamas on, the pan ek that ensued in the city last night. for you living in london, does it make you more concerned about
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your safety, this series of attacks that we've had? >> reporter: well, i think we'll all be asking ourselves that. i think it's because we've had terrorist attacks before, max, as you and i well know, the londoners well now. it a is the frequency of how close they've been, three attacks in the last three months in the uk alone. although we've always been told to be individual lentd, watch out for buses and trains, these sorts of attacks, similar to the ones we saw in nice and berlin, it's very low tech, men inside vans, hitting people, plowing into people. that is something that is very, very shocking to people here because it's very hard to prevent. so although londoners and we heard from sadiq khan today and many say we will not be cowered by terrorism, there's no doubt that many will be somewhat
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shaken by what has happened. whether people will be thinking twice of coming to london, that will remain to be seen, of course. but on this beautiful sunny morning, although i receive many people cycling, some people running. there is no sense of normalcy as you'd expect in london. >> we're expecting to hear from the commissioner of the london metropolitan police. what do you think police can do to reassure london and tourists coming to london? >> reporter: yeah. we're expected to hear from the commissioner in a few minutes, i'm told. no doubt, similar words heard from the mayor, sadiq khan, the mayor of laurngs praising the services of police, services as well of hospital medical teams who were is earthquake to respond. there was more than 40-plus doctors seen on london bridge
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treating those who had been plowed by this van with these men. also the police was so quick o respond in all of eight minutes. i think we'll be hearing similar words from the commissioner, but also trying the reassure londoners in particular the armed police will be on the ground, that more police will be deployed on the streets. but also asking for people to continue to be vigilant because that is something we've always been told and londoners have always been proud to be part of that, max. so expect similar words. hopefully we get more of an update as well on those who have been injured, 48-plus people. >> yeah, okay, isa. they're slightly delayed, it seemed. the press conference was due ten minutes ago, but we'll bring that to you as soon as we have it. they've obviously got a huge amount in terms of intelligence to go through today. we'll be back in just a moment
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with that. eard of colleagues fr
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other emergency services and member of the public who ran toward the danger as this incident unfolded. many, many people risked their own safety to help those injured and to confront the suspects involved. it's clear to me that the courage of those people during and following the attack was extraordinary, and i pay tribute to all of them who came to the aid of those in need during this dreadful attack, and i am sure helped to save lives. as you know, our officers confronted the suspects and brought this terrible incident
1:31 am
to a conclusion within eight minutes. it has now been confirmed sadly that seven members of the public have died. in addition, as you know, we believe three suspects are dead. my current information is that 48 people have been injured and 48 people were indeed taken to hospital for treatment. just to remind you, we were called at 10:08 p.m. last night to a report initially that a vehicle struck pedestrians on london bridge. it continued to drive to borough market. the suspects then left the
1:32 am
vehicle, and a number of people were stabbed. the suspects were shot dead by armed officers. we believe that this incident is under control, however, a large cordon remains in the area around london bridge and borough market, and will are many officers on scene as we need to still carry out a thorough search of the area to make sure everyone has been accounted for and to make the whole area safe. i do appreciate this has been a terrifying experience for many people, and i would like to thank the people affected in that area for their forbearance as we carry out our work. to anyone who is currently within the cordon, our advice is to stay inside, and our officers will be in touch. if you are concerned, of course,
1:33 am
contact us. london bridge station and the underground is also closed. so for people who might be thinking of traveling to that area, i would ask that you still avoid the area if you possibly can. this is a fast moving investigation, we have very significant sources deployed both to the investigation and visible patrols that people will be seeing as they wake up this morning. we will have increased patrols in many areas by the police and these will, of course, as you would expect, include armed officers. there is an emergency number established for anyone who is concerned about their loved ones who perhaps have not returned home and the casualty bureau number the remind you is 08000961233.
1:34 am
our priority now is to work with our colleagues in the national counterterrorism network and also with the intelligence agencies and other security services to establish more detailsen these individuals who carried out the attack and the background to it. finally, this is a very worrying time for people, i do understand that. i would ask people in london, londoners and visitors to remain calm. police, of course, be very vigilant. and if you see anything suspicious, anything at all, or you're concerned about anyone at all, even if you think it is very insignificant, don't hesitate to contact us on the anti-terrorism hotline 0-800- 9
1:35 am
0-800-789-321. your information could be a vital piece of information. thank you very much. i'll take a cup of questions. thank you. [ inaudible ] >> you will have observed that we were able to respond to this incident extremely gratefully within literally eight minutes. we were already at a very high level of alertness. severe means an attack is highly likely and the threat level was at severe, so we were prepared potentially for an incident as we have been for some considerable time. the threat level a matter, as you know, for the independent jay tack, the american counterterrorism center. in my view we responded extremely well to this ghastly,
1:36 am
ghastly incident. [ inaudible ] >> our understanding is that there were three people eninvolved in the attack. we have witness reports of three people armed with knives and three attackers, and we believe that threat that they posed was neutralized within eight minutes. of course, it's a very complex and confused scene and a confused series of events. so it's important that we first of all make sure that there is no one else outstanding. we don't believe there is, but we must make absolutely certain of that. and as i said, we have a very large investigation ongoing and we will be seeking to establish whether anyone else was working with or assisting in any way or helping in the planning of this attack in way that you would expect. so at the moment, we believe there were three attackers, and
1:37 am
we believe they are dead. >> how can you stop another attack? >> i tell you we will be doing absolutely everything in our power to try to stop such a horrendous attack as this. we'll be working with our government and intelligence service to do so. >> are you sharing information with the american public. [ inaudible ] >> we have a good working relationship with our american colleagues. we normally share certain types of information with them, and, indeed, we depend on them to help keep this country safe. i cannot give you information at this point whether we have or we haven't. it's very early stage, but my working assumption is we will be, of course, sharing information appropriately with our american colleagues. >> will you share the identity? >> i can't tell you anything about the identity of the suspects at the moment. obviously a very high priority
1:38 am
for us is to identify them, work out who they are, where they came from, what is behind this. i'm not prepared to comment at all about any information we currently have, you understand why. [ inaudible ] >> we have very good resources, i would say. we have extraordinarily highly trained people. we've been trying to prepare for an attack like this. we have an excellent working relationship with colleagues in the agencies, and we have officers on the streets of london all the time. these sorts of things, as you know, as is quite apparent, are hard to predict, and sometimes sadly, as has been proven over the last few weeks, hard to prevent. we're clearly going to have to look, all of u in the light of the westminster attacks, in the wake of manchester, at our resource levels and how we use
1:39 am
them. but that's just a natural thing to do. but i believe the metropolitan police is well resourced. [ inaudible ] >> we benefitted from the support from military when the threat went to critical. as you know, there is a proper meeting this morning. i'm sure that j-tac will assess whether the threat level will go up or not. if it were to go up or if we felt there was a particular need to ask for military support, we absolutely would to so, but i can't say any more at this stage. one more question. one more question. [ inaudible ]
1:40 am
>> absolutely understand this is a worrying time for everybody, of course, it is, and there is going to be considerable concern by some people and fear, indeed, amongst some people. what i think we are asking for is that people do not overreact. people, of course, will make their own decisions about what they do or don't do, but the last thing we need is people overreacting or beginning to take out their frustrations on other people in other communities or in their own communities. so we would like people to allow the police and the intelligence agencies to get on with their work and to remain calm. and, of course, we would want people where they feel able to to carry on with their normal lives. [ inaudible ] >> i don't, no. >> do the policie? >> thank you. thanks very much.
1:41 am
>> so there we have the commissioner, the metropolitan police, giving us the latest update. and the numbers of dead now up to seven. there were three attackers. all three of them, she believes, are dead. well, they are dead, main three suspects. and, also, very strong indication threat is down. let's speak to cnn's international correspondent nic robertson. it seems they're on top of it, aren't they, nic. >> reporter: certainly. stay inside. if you have information, contact the police. this is fast moving. but behave significant resources. when she was asked that very important information or had she
1:42 am
shared or was information being shared with american intelligence officials, she said it was her working assumption that it would be, that, you know, the security -- that we depend on them, she said, to keep our country safe. i think it was also significant that, you know, that she talked about the most important thing right now was to establish their identities. she was asked the question can she say the identity of the attackers, she said she couldn't for obvious reasons, wouldn't for obvious reasons, but this was a priority. her language seemed to imply perhaps that they don't have that nailed down yet. that would surprise some people and perhaps i'm reading too much into it there, max, but that was the key thing she said there, to establish the identity of the attackers and to figure out the circle beyond that. max? >> okay, nic. thank you. liberal democrats, the third party in england at least now
1:43 am
announcing they're going to suspend their general election campaign as well. just for a short well, though, there's some sort of bubbling up of sentiment perhaps that the campaign shouldn't be suspended in response to this, in response o attackers, but actually as tim farren, the leader of the democrats say it's out of respect for those who have died, but the election on thursday, i think we can pretty much determine that security will be tight. we'll be back in a moment. m and? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. love mom and dad' i'm takin' a nap. dude, you just woke up! ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle,
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great rates for great rides.
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the latest news breaking this hour. some of those victims were french nationals, three suspected attackers were shot and killed by police. so far there's been no claim of
1:47 am
responsibility. multiple victims were stabbed in a rampage to borough market, a busy area teeming with markets and cafes. a van racing across london bridge swerving and driving into crowds of pedestrians. we're waiting on some sort of claim of responsibility, but who do you think it's likely to come from if at all? >> i think it's very likely to come from jihadists, this merits what jihadists are doing. if question look at social media forums, we also see that supporters of jihadists very much claim the attack. it very much fits with the m.o.
1:48 am
of the jihadists and what they're trying to do right now. >> we heard from a former colle senior police officer say they use this mentality as a an excuse rather than a motivation to carry out an attack. do you think there's something in that? >> yes. i think in particular isis, the so-called islamic state, is very clever at exploiting this because it says anyone who feels like attacking can do so and can claim our brand. and if we like it, we will claim the attack in our name. so you can become part of this movement without ever having contracted with anyone who's actually part of that movement, and that, of course, attracting people who will socially isolated, who are, perhaps, a little bit crazy, and who see in this, perhaps, a cause that they can be associated with.
1:49 am
however, it's very important to stress that these are typically lone attackers. in this particular case we had three attackers, and it's very rare that you have three associated crazy people acting together. so i think it's unlikely. >> the thing is with three, there might be less intel as opposed to a wider network for the police to now investigate. >> that clearly seems to be what the police is assuming because if you listened to the chief constable, you clearly heard that they are assuming that those three people -- that's it, that there's no wider network and there are no other people who are currently on the run. this is very different from manchester where there was a manhunt going on for a couple of days, and we will have to find out. we're waiting for the claim of responsibility and we're clearly
1:50 am
waiting for the identities of the attackers. once we know the identities of the attackers, we can then draw conclusions, first of all, with what groups they're associated with, but also whether they're part of a greater network. at this point we do not know. >> okay, peter. thank you. we're awaiting more details. we're waiting on theresa may. she'll be getting the thorough briefing there, and we'll bring you that as it comes in to us live.
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i'm maxwell foster. we want to continue updating you here, broadcasting live from london. at least seven were kill and 48 people taken to hospital in pair of terrorist attacks. three suspects were shot dead. here's what we know about how events unfolded. in the first incident, police say a speeding van mowed down pedestrians on london bridge. police say from there the van drove to nearby borough market.
1:55 am
panicked patrons went running for their lives as witnesses say the attackers starting stabbing people. we show you this of two on the ground. they were wearing explosive vests. with don't know for your sure if these were the assailants. but police killed them in the borough market within eight minutes of receiving that first emergency call. they seem to think that the immediate investigation at least is over. >> reporter: that's right, max. the most important thing here is that they believe that there were only three attackers. now they say they can't be certain of that, but given what they have heard from witnesses and what they have seen from videos shared with them and on social media is there were only three attackers and that all three were shot on scene as you mentioned within just eight minutes of the first phone call they received from police. interesting to know when we just heard from the police commissioner, she said she was under the working assumption that the uk is sharing
1:56 am
information with the americans. that is important, of course, because just a week ago in the coverage of our terrorist attack up in northern manchester, we learned that so many leaks were coming from the u.s. side when they were sharing information that the uk felt like they could no longer share information. but right now it seems to be that that information sharing is back. the police commissioner also said it's a high priority for them to identify the three attackers that they shot. so that would indicate that they haven't quite identified them yet. again, there is still space around the area which is being cordoned off and some people are still stuck in that area. still an ongoing situation, max. >> okay, samuel. thank you. the next person we expect to hear from is theresa may outside downing street. we'll bring you that live. i'm maxwell foster in london. more breaking news coming from christiane amanpour coming up after this short break.
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hello and welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. i'm victor blackwell. >> and i'm christi paul. so grateful to have you with us as we cover terror news in london. british police on high alert after a night of violence and fear. seven people are dead now. yes, that death toll has gone up just in the last few minutes. at least 48 people are seriously injured after police say a van barrelled into pedestrians on london bridge. >> this morning, forensic investigators are at the site of the attack looking for evidence,


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