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tv   United Shades of America  CNN  June 4, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> test te . . . . . . > i love it. i got it. i got it. but, you know, i did not realized that as a kid, my mom had a gun and it was on the top shelf of her closet. s the just -- my dad is from you cannot be from there and not have a gun. i asked my dad, do you have a gun, come here, follow me in the house and i pulled the books and send me a wall opened and there was an elevator that i did not know about. lets go see it.
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[ laughter ] there is a russian dude down there just polishing guns? >> dad! >> my name is kamau fell. now, i am challenging myself to dig deeper. i am on a mission to reach out and experience the cultures and believes that add colors to this crazy country. this is the united shades of america. ♪ people seemed to think that i am biassed against guns. now some of that is my fault. i loif ive in the san francisco area, i talk about hugs more than the average person and there is also this.
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whoopsie, okay, 100% of this is my fault. i am not 100% against guns. it is just that some people are so into guns like in a weird way that i feel compelled to push back like stats like in america there are more guns than there are people. up to 600,000 guns are stolen every year. i am sure it is just like cute puppies though. lets not forget incidents like aurora and sandy hook, charleston, san bernardino and orlando, i can go on, seriously, i can go on. >> what do we want? >> cha [ no more guns ] >> lately i feel like maybe i should get more involved in my second amendment right. should i own a gun? >> sometimes people forget way too much up in their feels of
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the work that i do. >> this is hard. all these conversations that we have to have, it is racist, it is bad right now. we have to have conversations and unfortunately, we have to have more white people. [ laughter ] i get feedback like this. just so you no. a lot of those words begin with the letter "n." in today's climate where people show up to murder people based on fake news story. it is tv and it is fun to do. i want to make sure that my family is safe and there is nothing i would not do to protect them. >> and yet, i get that guns can be used for protection. according to nra, yep, i am quoting the nra. up to 2.5 million people per years used guns to defend themselves. according to the violent policy number, that number is 67,740.
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either way, a gun could be a good idea. wait, did i just say that? >> am i going to get a gun? >> it is a big decision like having a child or buying a drumstick. it does not affect me. i am going to talk to the person in my life who knows best, melissa. my wife. obviously, you know that like because of the job that i do, you know i am on tv talking about things that make people upset. >> yeah, you are the different level of threats than the average. >> sometimes they threaten all of us. should i get a gun? you know -- [ laughter ] >> it seems like i have responsibility to let those people know if you are coming from me, here is what you are going to find. my 357 magnum. >> it is a challenge like you are issuing. >> what do you imagine a gun is
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going to solve that scenario. in a theory you can grab a gun and say hey, look, i got a gun. not to be sexest or something and they go. >> what is the lesson that we are teaching? >> what are we modelling for ead of play acting, that intimidation, inste to actually think through what else maybe possible, like using your brain and your words and the skills that you developed your entire line that you relie on every single day? sort of exhaust or having malcolm x by any means. >> it is coming. once a day, i try to work my malcolm x quote. >> you are supposed to have a detail conversation plan. >> right. >> for the girls. >> i will say if we are talking about around this sort of
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hypothetical break in, this past year, i for the first time have had to really consider the fact that if some scenario of that is happening, i may not want to call 911 or the police because of what could potentially happen and that's a thing that i never had to think about before. >> and simply because the cops showing up. i have to detail on my 911 call and my husband is black and tall and he will be standing to his full height and he has an afro, don't shoot him. that was always the go-to solution for me before. >> uh-huh. so what you are saying i should lauguy a gun. [ er ] >> how about this? i go look at guns and maybe learn how to use them just to sort of get a sense of what's happening, can i do that? >> yes. >> let me clear, i understand
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as an american, i experienced a lot of my first. my first kkk cross burning, exhilarating. the last one was about why i am about to buy my gun. the hard part, which gun is a gun for me? >> how can i help you with? >> yeah, i am looking to buy a gun. like for home defense. >> okay. >> a good family size gun. >> so right inront of , we got a 75 b compact. >> okay. >> if that magazine had rounds in it and the slide would go forward automatically. >> this is complicated. if somebody would be talking about how, hold on a second, let me get the barrel. >> here is something nice.
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it is a smith weapon. >> oh wow. this is your dirty harry gun. >> it is funny to have a gun that i grew up with and watching tvs in the '70s. >> they all had revolvers. >> we are getting this? >> great, that's a good pick. >> oh, thank you. >> okay, i got a gun. >> yeah! >> i need to get your driver's license, sorry, you are a first time buyer. >> yes. >> in california they want you to take a 30-question test. >> a test, no one said anything about a test? that's my reactions to all tests, to see if you a competent enough to own a firearm in california. >> that should not be too hard at all. however, some have failed it.
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>> how many can you miss? >> you can miss seven. >> i will do the easy ones first and i will come back and at some point, it will be random guessing, here we go. >> really i am not worried. after all, like all my job applications say, i did attend some college. >> no. i didn't mean c. oh test, nice try. >> liking it? >> i think so, all right, all right. >> palms are sweaty. >> well, you got 30 out of 30. congratulations. >> woo! >> i have not done that well in a test in my life. >> congratulations, you are legal to buy a firearm because you have a firearm safety ens e
10:14 pm
ensured. >> they want to hit you up for a $25 charge for a background check. on the computer i am going to send it to the california justice. >> what would prohibit me from owning a gun? >> a misdemeanor. >> or not making fun of anyone's tweets. >> california has a cooling off period at the end of ten days and it is 240 hour to the minutes and seconds. it will allow me to release the gun and that's it. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you for everything. >> we'll see you when you get back. >> yeah, appreciate it. >> i will be back in 240 hours. finally a chance to use one of those action movie count down clocks. beep, beep, beep. california is one of the first state imposing more gun laws back in the 1960s. who's fault is that? this is one of the few times that black people are going to
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get blamed on something that i am going to agree with. >> that up with the routine police brutality and the black community of oakland, a small group newton and bobby sale created the black panther party for defense. in order to protect the residence from the police. they also fed the kids free breakfast every morning. some people, some white people were not too happy of the idea of black people exercising their civil rights. california's republican created this, making it illegal to anyone open to carrying. the black panther party march with their guns to protest. despite their efforts, governor ronald reagan, signed the bill into law. the moment made a statement and led to an increase of panther membership across the nation. today i have the privilege to talk with black panther leader
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erika huggins. we are meeting at the oakla museum l museum, honorg the black p panther celebrating their 50th anniversary. there is a movie being made there, did i get it wrong? >> there are things that the black panther did that changed laws and policies. >> yes, i was not there but i remember seeing the footage over and over again. it was remarkable. >> yeah. >> we were a wake up call. i thought it was kind of a theater of the streets. oh, did you really mean california is an open carried state? one of the things that drew me was the concept of self-defense, defending your community. you cannot come and stomp us. jail is for no reason.
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we are americans. but, we were not seen that way because as tcit was said we did not know our place. >> the panthers put together the idea, are guns and self defense are always apart of that idea? >> that was part of the thinking but it is heartbreaking, so many of my friends were killed because of guns. the instant of john huggin huggins -- they were paid to orchestrate an event that ucla 1969. that would end in their deaths. >> erika's husband, john, was the leader of black panthers. he and fellow members were both ucla students when they were shot by at black activist organization. many like me and everybody i know believed that he was killed
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by an fbi program called co and tell pro. they did not have a name. we knew there were something happening. we were pretty brave. >> yeah. >> here we are. violent in a systematic level is still the same. a lot of it has to do with the power. will it change in my lifetime? i used to think that it would. we have a slogan reserve aleutian in my lifetime. that's what i meant by naive. >> is there a more compassionate way? can we talk and love? >> yeah. >> can we do that? >> thank you for talking to me. i appreciate it. >> thank you for talking to me. >> i did wear my black leather jacket, i did not get the, i thought it was too >> yeah, that's a lot. [ laughter ] >>on't i dnow if i can pull
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in today's world they say times move a lot faster than it used to. ten days go by as fast as a commercial break. >> it is time that the tv show
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that america has been waiting for. "lefty with a gun". power down buddy, thank you for your research. >> how did i do? >> you were approved. in california it is illegal for you to drive around or go anywhere with a handgun that's not in a license case. >> i need some ammo for the gun, i am going to try it out. >> what kinds of bullets are these? >> i am going to give you some 30s. >> what's the difference? >> literally the point is hollow and bigger. what's the hollow point here? >> the idea behind it is to expand. when it does hit its intended target, it stops inside the intended target to do more internal mage. ball ammo is going to go through and through and through. >> sir, those were the ones for
10:24 pm
the movies. there were some really bad ones. >> you don't want the other bullets going to your neighbor's house. >> good point. what's the difference of buying a gun here than a gun show. >> every gun transfer must be in california. you will do the same thing here, background check and wait ten days and come and pick up a gun for us. >> that's a nice gun, $500. >> not without firearm licensees. >> okay. >> that's a myth. the individual may have a gun to show and they'll strap it on their shoulder and walk around with a little "for sale" sign on it. you can do a person to person transfer that way. it is no at gun show. that can be done in that entire state anywhere. >> is there paper work that dgos
10:25 pm
into that? >> in case you would wonder which date would hypothetically allowing the bad guys in "die hard 1withouny regulations, here you go. >> for those keeping scores, that's 60% of the state. >> thank you for the education and letting me bring these cameras in here. i know other places, no, cnn, black guy, let me google you. absolutely not. >> thank you very much. >> i will wrap this up, charge it to anderson cooper. >> yes, you got it. >> in movies and tvs, when a gun gets introduced, only a matter time for it to go off. so i better figure out how to handle this thing before it those. i got a side kick to help me out. >> go ahead and get the safety stuff knocked out first.
10:26 pm
go ahead and put some rounds on target. >> we don't have to knock it out, we can do it nice and slow. >> make sure it is pointed down range. the gun always point in a safety direction. i open it up it is pointed down range. going off right now does not hurt anybody. a gun that magically comes to life and does not hurt anyone. there is a movie that i want to watch 300 times. pixar can i be the point of the adorable hollow bullet exploding? >> the main thing is you want square it up your target. >> this is called isosceles stance. those are the fundamentals. do you feel ready? >> yes, lets do it! close that cylinder for me.
10:27 pm
got your stance and go ahead and pull that handle all the way back. slowly give me a gentle trigger pull. >> there you go. >> now, just a tie my bit left but that's perfect. that's the best three shots i have ever seen, i think. >> i could not see it but i see it right there. >> wow. >> that's it. >> okay. >> i cannot imagine it went to the same one. >> i think it did. >> there you go. >> just a little high. it is a little high. i thought i would be all over the place. >> no, you are fine. the level of safety. >> it is a lot to remember. it takes a lot of rounds of practice to get this perfect.
10:28 pm
the >> there you go. keep it pointer safety. >> it is okay, gun. we'll be all right. >> lets do one more thing. give me three rounds right on that number 7. as close as number 7 as you can. >> okay. >> keep going. what happens there? >> there is a player -- wait a minute, it tricked me. this is like 33% of cops movies. >> i don't expect you to count any else's shot. you got to know the condition. >> i got gunpoint. can we pull it back and see? >> look at your first two. hold on a second everybody. >> that's two rounds right there. >> first two shots out of these guns. >> i have never been good at anything for my life. >> i think you should try for
10:29 pm
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. the only reason i want to do
10:33 pm
open carry, is so i want to do my one line from ice cube, "oh, we have a problem here"? i don't have a problem either, i just want to do that, i am so r a sorry. [ laughter ] >> just kidding ice cube, no beat, please. [ laughter ] as much as i love to stay -- i am headed to atlanta, georgia. in georgia, citizens can openly car carry firearm with a permit. i am hitting the streets of the little five-point neighborhood to hear what southerners have to say about guns of america. what are your thoughts on guns. >> everybody should be able to own it especially if you have single mother in the house, i
10:34 pm
tell women to get a gun. this is not a movie, you cannot pick up a bat. >> do you see them? >> i have seen them but not play with them. >> do you have victims of violence. >> i am on both sides. one who pulls the trigger and one caused by another one. >> i like the idea of defending myself whether it is the three branches or my couch. >> my couch. whether you are lifting up the couch. i am walking down the street, it is open couch carry. >> i hate it. everybody is angry, we can be on walmart and i bump you and you got on the trump's chart. [ laughter ] >> is that a realshirt? >> i can make it. >> i willuy the hell out of that shirt. >> we don't have gun problem. we have a heart problem. >> okay.
10:35 pm
>> there is no sanity of life. >> are you a gun owner? >> oh, absolutely. >> how is your heart? >> okay, good >> i am retired police officer. >> oh, you are. >> i was shot at three times in my career, never fired a shot. >> oh really? >> how long were you a police officer? >> 27 years without firing a shot. >> i did not have a clear target. thank you, sir, we don't hear officers say that enough. >> i feel sad. the one that do shoot the shots, they're on the news. >> i hear, i hear you. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> it is not breaking news if southerners loving some gun. a town that seems to love gun more than kanye loves kanye.
10:36 pm
gun openwnership is not just a right. in kennesaw, it is a law or household to own a g. i am hitching a ride with craig. >> every household has to have a gun. >> back in illinois, suburbs of chicago, passed an ordinance banning handguns. that caused reactions from elected official here wanting to support second amendment rights. back in the early '80s. there were some fear. the language is written so if you are morally posed, you cannot -- our crime is about
10:37 pm
half the national average and we have one of the lowest crime rates adjusted for the atlanta area >> wow. >> it is actually population justice in kennesaw now than in 1992. accidental shooting and the same with suicide >> likely like lieutenant grayt grayton says, no matter what you learned from john wick. >> a lot of people seem to think, this is the magic pill to apply to every committee and every city. is your community going to have enough responsibility so you won't have potential problems. >> yeah. >> there is a culture of violence that seems to affect a lot of different communities. >> you don't feel there is a cultural violence here. >> not like i have seen in other cities. >> mbeecause military impact here because of all the military bases in georgia and the area and culture of growing up around firearms and hunting, that may have helped some what, to help
10:38 pm
and steal that responsibility ownership. >> yeah, yeah. >> if you choose to be a gun owner, you need to go through some training. you may stumble something brilliant and going through community. more knowledge is better. how do we convince young people that their firearms are not the solutions to everything. it is old school. put down the gun and square off. >> kennesaw definitely shows the benefit of guns safety training. fit mode in atlanta puts their own spin on the concept. i am here with trainer o'neal mitchell. look how swoll in that t-shirt. >> i woke up and my arms were hurting, oh, that's shooting from a gun.
10:39 pm
that's how unshaped i am. >> it is really interesting because when i heard about this, i was picturing some sort of guns -- you know -- you know they do kicks and punches. this is actually a fitness c with guns where you are a learning safe handgun. >> absolutely. >> no, i will make it funny but i don't know if the type of students can fight >> i love you, i have seen all your movies. >> lets do it. >> i want to show you how to hold that gun properly. >> you will have it face down. >> excellent. >> that's safe load ready. >>. >> we are going to start with our squat punch out. relax position, knees and great trigger discipline.
10:40 pm
lets move onto the next element. you will extend that gun out. boom, good. you stood up again. take the shots. good. now, use your abs here and dry, stepping off that line of attack. boom. good. what's your daughter's name? >> sammy. >> put sammy on your shoulder, you got to put her on your shoulder. >> one more, one more. >> you got me. whoo! >> i didn't think you can put gun safety and work out together in a real way. when you don't put gun and fitness together, you are opened to a hurt and liability together. >> thanks again. i have more questions but i am
10:41 pm
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10:45 pm
more than the famous peaches. i cannot stop thinking about my wife's concerns about counting on the police for help. police killings in sterling and new orleans and philando cast e castile's incident. today, i am with gun instructor sam hayes, who teaches a seminar while carrying while black. >> yes, you need a special class for that. one of this things we have to take in consideration is the perception society have created who we are with law enforcement reactions while being gun owners a as well. i look at you brothers and each one of you having physicality that can cause a
10:46 pm
misunderstanding. luke like an r&b singer. >> we should all get cardigans? [ laughter ] >> it is something you have to think about. any concerns and how you want to handle that? >> after philando castile, there is a big debate on how you will hand it. it is a mind field. >> if the traffic stop is escalated to a point where you need to step out the car. put your hands on the hood of your car. officer, i am legally armed and you let them give you direction. should we have to do that? that's the thing. as an african-american gun owner, you need to be a lament expert on what your state laws are guarding in your rights to carry. we don't have the duty to advise. there should not be
10:47 pm
repercussions. when he puts me in a car, you are not going to pat me down. >> i said multiple. >> what do you have? >> a block 17 in my hit and two knives and pepper spray and i got to expand overtime. legally, i did not do anything wrong. as a police officer, he dropped the ball by not patting me down. >> where were you headed armed up like that? >> so you generally walk around like that? >> i generally do. if i get involved in a situation where i have to use a gun to take a human's life is explain to the court that the only thing that i was willing to do to defend myself was to shoot somebody. >>. >> that's a ticket. this is why it is so critical for us to not only know how to
10:48 pm
shoot but part of your self defense training needs to understand what the laws are. >> guys, i want to thank you for coming. >> can we shoot now? [ laughter ] >> that was the talk. in addition to the class, sam has agreed to give me a one on one range tutorial on a home invasion situation. by the looks of this place, i can train for a zombie apocalypse, too. >> as you can see on the middle target there. we have a gentleman who was armed and he's pulling the loved one. the objective is shooting the blue guy without shooting the person that he's holding. >> the purpose of this is my wife. >> yes, that would be your wife. >> yeah, it is about to be get real. all right. >> mine is hot, shooter's ready? >> all right, take your finger
10:49 pm
off the trigger. >> yes >> lets talk about what happens here. if you look at the two targets that don't have the added stress of having a loved one in it, you got great hit on the one of the hostage situation, you see you had that missed, that round just went into your window and went into your neighbor's house where their three-year-old child laid in bed and that round just hit that child. >> the second thing was, at least i did not hit my wife but i did not think about the kid. >> every round of this gun have two consequences, a jail sentence and a lawyer. i give you a b plus here. >> oh wow, better than what i did in high school. >> i am happy of two black guys holding guns and cops did not show up. >> nobody showed up, right?
10:50 pm
>> i feel good about that, too. >> i appreciate it. >> you did really good. verizon for a family of four. you could save over $1000 in the first year! that works for me. (vo) unlimited! $22.50 per month per line. for people with hearing loss, don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. visit
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my last stop is marietta ga, georgia. a meetingith byron who lost thei youngest son to gun
10:54 pm
violence just a few months before we sat down. as a dad, i have no idea if you're -- how you're able to talk about this so soon. >> thank you for welcoming me in here to tell the story. >> our went to savannah to visit. they were to return home. april 7th, our oldest son called and said, mom, y'all need to get to savannah. i fell to the floor screaming and hollering. my husband had gotten in from work. i said, we've got to go. as i was driving i felt like i was going to pass out. i was trying to stay strong.
10:55 pm
>> we finally reached savannah we went to the hospital. our oldest son approached us in the parking lot. the first word he said was he didn't make it. i, at that moment, just fell. our whole world just turned. >> and that day was just unbelievable. >> the detective came to my mom's house about 1:30 that morning. we're not sure. who are the suspects. well, the suspect really is your nephew. it's my brother's stepson. he was very close with him. they're pretty much the same age. our whole family was just torn apart. >> there's no identity. being negligent. >> i just want to make it known that it's just a kid that was in
10:56 pm
the things that he should not have been and this is -- this was expected or whatever. >> it's very easy in the news. to turn this into a typical black ease of gun, blah blah and in support. >> we hear his voice. >> tj. how is he dealing with this. >> right now he's trying to move on, but that was his baby brother. wanted to grab his head and scream and say what can we do. what needs to be done. >> mcdowell's tragedy is not uncommon. recent study by the ap in usa today found that unintentional shootings, average of every other day. if you can hear that and still not think that american needs
10:57 pm
abuse, then i don't know what to tell you. >> the families are being torn. so i got on line and i reached out on facebook kind of like messaging and i came across i looked up and i said. we have to get involved. because juvenile lives being lost doesn't effect the family. it effects the community. >> it feels like you led the charge to get involved here. they always have to be the spokes people during trageds. thank you for that. >> what are your thoughts about the gun issue in this country. >> we all know it's about gun safety and it's not about control or anything. as there any guns in the whole. that's an important question that we have to ask. you know, even with relatives. you know, this is my brother's home. >> do you have guns in your
10:58 pm
house, are they secure. it feels nosey and yet -- >> there are so many unintentional. we're ruling them accidental. >> i am certainly you have turned one person around. i'm sure you've turned more than one person. i'm talking to my wife and say we need to get five and a half-year-old. she's about to find the christmas presents certainly and she has, your son becomes a symbol of focus and for brighter future. >> that's the journey that we're on now. we're trying our best, you know, we struggle every day. every day is a struggle, you know. we think about milestones that we're looking. we get gray hairs and he'll forever be that same picture that we have.
10:59 pm
and that's all that we have. we have to keep those feelings in our art. >> thank you very much. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> this week is truly been eye opening. i never imagined myself as gun owner. and i never imagined myself getting along with -- but i did. i also never managed i would be a good shot, but i am. the question remains, do i keep the gun? while the second amendment guarantees my right to bear arms, third, fourth, fifth, ninth amendment say, it's none of your business. >> the whole point is to make people watching the show put the idea in my head that there's a gun in the house. we're not going to tell them whether there is or not. >> do you keep that gun.
11:00 pm
>> mission accomplished. >> around the world, the latest on the investigation into the terror attack here just over the weekend. british prime minister theresa may will chair uk top emergency community committee. they're kugting conducting east. 12 people were arrested on sunday. the media wing claiming responsibility this saturday's attack. but evidence the claim and no evidence appear in london. it all began when a van


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