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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  June 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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there you see his latest book. tom, thanks for joining us. >> pleasure. >> thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." erin burnett "out front" starts right now. >> up front front breaking news, new details on what fired fbi director james comey will stabt his conversations with president trump. his slerverse of the story. and u.s. investigators 3w4r50e6 russia could have been behind a major international crisis, a crisis that trump is right in the middle of. the nsa contractor charged with leaking information,out front front tonight. let's go "out front." good evening, i'm erin burnett. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. the breaking news, cnn learning that fired fbi director jim comey is expected to extra diktd president of the united states in his much-anticipated
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testimony this week. president trump will dispute the blank blanket. this is a major development coming as president trump had a short and cryptic mechanical for the former fbi director. >> comey ahead of his testimony. >> i wish him luck. >> gloria borger broke the story about the anticipated tm a few moments ago. the president of the united states came out and said jim comey told i'm not one time, not two times, but flee times that he was note under vegsz and you are learning much more about what comey will say. >> don't forget, erin, the president of the united states wrote that in the letter in which he fired james comb. said he was assured three times. i've lrnld my colleagues jake
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tapper, we've all learned that in fact, comey is going to dispute the president on this point if he is asked about it by senators. we have to assume he will be. he will say he never assured donald trump he was not under investigation, that that would be improper for him to do so and one source hinted that the president in fact may have missbrepted what james comey was telling him particularly as it pertains to a counterintelligence investigation. we have to see how that all plays out. meechl don't want to specify what comey is going to say. we learned what comey will not say understand what he will not say is that the president obstructed justice. >> right. >> he wants to lead, we're told, the legal analysis to other people. he's just going to recount what happened. >> which is different.
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>> right. exactly. and i spoke with one source who said, you know, what will people think when the hearing is over? some people will make a political judgment about whether the president intended to obstruct judgment, other people will make a legal judgment on that, but it is not for james comey to do. >> all right. gloria, thank you. stay with me. we have new detailsant the president's plans to fire back at comey. jim acosta is out front t the white house. >> reporter: we are hearing that some trump loyalists outside the white house, they're preparing talking points to disseminate among the president's top surrogates to make sure they respond in real time to what james comey is saying congress on thursday. one of the talking points will essentially be where is the
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evidence of collusion. another talking point will be to raise questions about these comey memos. are they memos or are they just notes he was taking extemporaneously. we'll be watching to see what the president tweets. earlier today sean spicer did clear up one one little debate. are the president's tweets policy or not? sean spicer says yes. whether or not the white house is going to prop up a war room the president is trying to form his outside legal team. there has been some speculation about the kormer campaign manager corey. i'm told that later on tomorrow one day before comey testifies on political, corey lieu dow ski will be back meeting with senior officials planning to respond to
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comey's testimony on thursday. >> now jeffrey toobin, gloria borger, jack kings sthon, and brian fallon who was former press secretary for hillary clinton's campaign. yefri, lets me start with you. comey is kmmd to say he did not tell trump three times that trump was not under investigation, so let me read what the president said. me wrote this letter to comey. while i greatly appreciate you informing me on three separate occasions that i am not under investigation, and he wonts don't -- he was really loud about that. what if the former fbi director finds him guilty? >> it's not a crime to write a statement that is disputed in a letter. i -- it's not an imbeachble
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offense. but it is part of a story where if you believe james comey the president is not to be trusted and the president behaved badly. how badly is one of the things people are going to have to conclude. i think one very important fact we're going to learn on thursday is will we see the underlying documents? will we sea comey's contemporaneous notes because those are usually considered very good evidence of what actually took place rather than later reconstructions of conversations. >> right. and that is crucial. congressman, this issue of as jeffrey points out, not impeachble but whether somebody's a liar or not a liar is crucial here. we're talking ability the president of the united states. trump went an spoke to nbc news where comey told him he wasn't under investigation. here is the president in that exchange. >> we had a very nice dinner.
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>> he asked -- >> our dinner was around. i think he asked for the dinner. he wanted to stay on asst head. i said we'll see what happens. we had a nice dinner. at that point he said it. >> did you call him? >> in one case i called him and in one case he called me. >> and did you ask him? >> i asked him, if it's possible, would you let me know am i under investigation? he stead you are not under investigation. >> congressman is the president lying? >> no, he's not lielg. the only one we point out that has lied or gotten his facts wrong were james kwoem when he said there were thousands of e-mails that huma an dean had that hk compromised. in fact, very quickly the white house had to walk that way back.
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>> exponentially off, you are right about that. >> we have to remember, when squle hear james clapper or mr. brennan or mr. comey, they are always this way a little bit thatted way. i think tomorrow it will be one of those things each side he get maybe their talking point out of it. but james comey is a slick guy when he's testifying. we've seen him. he's a great performer and up think he'll work to preserve his own reputation more than he is let's uncover the truth. >> it may not be to clear-cut. as one source hinted to me today, didn't come flat out and say it, did president could well have misintercepted what the fbi director was telling him. maybe you know this, jeffrey, much better than i do. but there are different ways of
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talking about investigations and whose the subject of an investigation or the target of an investigation, and all kinds of things in between and if you are not a legal mind, you could have intercepted whatever it was that comey said to mean that you were just not under investigation, period, or that your associates weren't under investigation. so i think there may be -- >> a gray area. >> -- little bit of miscommunication comey will try to clear up. >> maybe he'll do that. if he does that and said looks, the president may have misunderstood, does that take the fire away from people wanting to say the president lied, the president obstructed justice if the fbi director doesn't do that? >> no, erin. i think the danger for donald trump is that the more he wades into this matter, instead of citing the contact of the appointment of special counsel
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mueller to use as an execute not to talk about, instead to pivot to manuals of policy -- the more he kbhas in on this, the more vulnerable he makes himself to jim comey contradicting him. on thursday, the president is going to take live tweeting jim comey's appearance. >> right. >> those democratic senators on the panel will be very quick to ready to president's quick and invite jim comey to contradict the president. he needs to steer clear of that. >> congressman, just to be completely honest. i imagine you hope he's not going to be live tweeting, right? >> il want him to be working on infrastructure and health care and tax reform during that testimony. >> it's not a yes. i hear what you -- >> he could have blocked comey's testimony. he did not. he's letting it move forward and i think he should be focused in
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a different direction at this time and let people like mow go out and defend him. just remember this, if comey thought there was obstruction he should have said something back in february. he had another chance may 3rd when he directly asked by a senate panel. he said no. then his mccabe said there's been no attempt to slow down the investigation. i think what's going to happen is this is going to be very anti-climatic. they're going to get in their licks. it's going to -- they're going to sbar around yoochlt this is one set of talking points against another. i'm a journalists. i want to listen to what people actually say and what the evidence shows. i'm not trying to advocate for one side or the other. i think there are a lot of people that way. i think we should listen to what comey says. compare it to the evidence, inclusion what president trump has said and then draw no
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conclusions but throw up our hands and say it's one set of talking points to the others. that's just demeaning to the whole employees. >> this whole thing is political this that's what happens while the things going on, it happens immediately different. >> that's what you do. >> that's what everybody does. >> not me. >> this is washington, d.c. >> i know. you're a completely objective journalist. but let's say there are others in this town who aren't. you know one thing that used to droif me crazy? before the state of the union i was asked to give my opinion of what either one of them was going to say. i said they vrnts given the speech yet and they said yes, but you know what you're going to come out with. >> there will be a lot of politics and hopefully are thereby facts. thanks you'll. next, we have some new details about tomorrow's potentially
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explosive testimony. top intelligence officials and the deputy attorney general facing serious questions about trump. that starts tomorrow. and sources telling cnn that russian hackers planted a fake story that has created an international rice is and it's all about qatar and funding terror. former president obama speaking out moments ago. what he's saying tonight about the president. then there are moments it becomes clear, ♪ together always was, and always will be, a better way. ♪ for 10 years my tempur-pedic has adapted to my weight and shape. so i sleep deeply and wake up ready to perform. now through june 11th, save $600 when you buy select tempur-pedic adjustable mattress sets.
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for deep penetrating relief at the source. aleve direct therapy. . three top intelligence officials expected to reveal new details. dan coats, rod rosenstein and mike building rodgers will go before the committee tomorrow. manu raj u is out front. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you that tomorrow these four national security officials will testify in a hearing that's supposed to be about reauthorizing a key surveillance law. actually members of the senate kmejs committee want to hear whether president trump tried to meddle in the investigation. dan colts the director of national intelligence and mike rogers, the national security
4:18 pm
agency director both saying that they came under pressure from president trump to publicly rebut that there's any collusion that occurred between russian officials and trump officials when dan coats was asked about this last month, he did not want to go into dale. in addition, erin, rod rosenstein has not spoken publicly since the firing of james comey, kpmtd to get questions about the circumstances around the firing and rod wine, one of the democrats on this the committee told me he wants to hear whether or not that firing occurred to tamp down the russian investigation so expect rush to be the top of the minds of these members tomorrow, erin. >> ice going to influence what we get from the fbi director jim comey the next day in front of the same committee. jim sciutto is "out front."
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>> reporter: with his fired fbi director preparing to deliver his first public account of conversations with the president, plump had this simple push for james comey. >> i wish him luck. >> as well as a somewhat pointed observation about all the media attention his son-in-law jared curb her has attracted. >> jared's become much more famous than me. i'm a little upset about that. >> john kelly came to the defense of kushner allowed continued questions about his attempt to set up secret meetings with reach's ambassador. >> jared curb her is a great american. >> yeah. >> he has a security clearance at the highest level. >> right. >> they're in the course of normal interactions with the country. >> kelly did acknowledge this particular back channel could be unusual. >> can you tell me if it's almost normal to do to an
4:20 pm
embassy of a country that's been our foe for -- since world war ii -- i don't know if that was the case but if that is the case i must assure you it's normal but certainly it would be one way to communicate. >> trmp dismiss the entire investigation as a hoax. >> it's the greatest hoax of all time. i was there throughout the campaign. we have no dealings in russia, we have no projects in russia. we have nothing to do with russia. >> toe me it without a question reads and smells like a witch hunt. >> others however are not backing down, preparing hard questions for director comey on his dismissal by the president. >> i want to get the bottom of what were the circumstances surrounding the firing, and supposedly was he asked to be
4:21 pm
loyal and was he asked to somehow put a damper on part of the investigation. >> former national security advisor michael flynn has now turned over to the committee more than 600 pages of documents. this in answer to a spooen for business and personal roshds a source tellsen in. and yet one more focus for senate investigators washington robing attacks of systems. you remember last night leaked out. well, the ranking democrat on the entity frauder than we've done before. >> now let's go to democrat on the house denny heck. i appreciate your time. obviously, jim comey's testimony, the most important testimony in this investigation thus far, do you think that he will be willing to say anything
4:22 pm
that would prove collusion between the trump team and russia? >> i don't think, rinl, he'll reveal anything to do to reveal any classified information. number one, it's going to be probably the most watched congress television since either the water goitd hearings or mccarthy hearings. >> uh-huh. >> number two, whatever he says is going to be on your tongue ajds on front page of nurps probably for several days. the president's going to be tweeting either in real time or short through there after mostly engaging in ad hominem attacks, not doing the job he's paid to do. the truth is this is one page in this book. there's not even one chapter. there's lots that has kim out in the last four months and itself will continue. >> you think this is not even a page in terms of there are other
4:23 pm
things i think could be more significant and bigger developments in the russia investigation than this? >> well, yes. as a matter of fact. i don't believe that former director comey is going to talk about classified conversation. they may or may not be shocking. the other prediction i would make is despite his tweet storm, the president's going to come out on the short end of the stick. >> when it comes to what he's going to say, what happened in those meetings with the president is crucial. if the president of the united states obstructed 1yu69d, if it goes in that direction, that changes this story and it changes that presidency. trump has said that comey told him three times he wasn't under investigation. in his letter trump wrote i greatly appreciate you informing me on three separate occasions that i am not under investigation. so when imcomjim comey --
4:24 pm
>> what we know about former director comey is that he keeps meticulous notes. i'm not a lawyer or a jong. i don't want to get into the whole discussion of obstruction of justice. he did, 23469, ask drosh comey to stand down or imply it, whether it was legal or not, but it was flat wrong. >> what does flat wrong mean? if it's not illegal, if it's not obstruction of justice sh if it's not obstruction of justice, then what? would you h -- not impeachble, right? >> if we need any more evidence about the incredibly cost effective and cheap ways russia interference with other nations, the fact of the matter is they've done this in the past. they're going to continue to do it and we need to get at the
4:25 pm
truth about what happened inning the 2016 wleks. this is what i call the grocery aisle test. when i'm shopping and i run into somebody they took up and if they recognize me first thing they ask me is about the russian investigation and when are we going to get to the bottom of it. >> yeah. >> i ask the same question. is it important to get it done now or is it more important to get it right. they always say do it right. >> if he says the president asked him to stop the investigation into michael flynn and said he was a good guy. jim comey comes out and said that, in your mind, is this an impeachble act? >> i'm not going to speculate on something that we don't know what he's going to say yet. frankly, i think this is why this is going to be the most watched television in mod irnl
4:26 pm
history. better question to ask me thursday night. >> we will do that. i appreciate your time tonight. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> "out front" next, breaking news, they believe russian ha hackers. where breaking his silence is out front next. new details about the nsa contractor leaking testimony. z2bg8z z10mz
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the future isn't silver suits anit's right now.s, think about it. we can push buttons and make cars appear out of thin air. find love anywhere. he's cute. and buy things from, well, everywhere. how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. . breaking news. at this hour u.s. investigators believe russia may be this blame
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for a major diplomatic crisis between some of america's biggest allies. qatar, home to the largest militaries home in the middle east has been cut off diplomatically and economically stibs vicinity, bahrain and the united arab emirates. they say it is because of qat qatar's funding of terrorist groups. investigators believe a fake news report may be one of the reasons these major guflt nations have cut ties with qatar. evan what are you learning? >> they believe raesh was behind hacks. the hackers planted a fake news report friendly to iran and critical to president trump. but is being used as a reason to carry out an economic and political block aid of qatar. u.s. and qatary officials tell
4:31 pm
us that the official went to doha to prevent tlg alleged involvement russian hackers would have that russia is don'tings to try to use some of the same cyber hacking measures that it used to meddle in the u.s. election in 2016. qatar hosts one of the largest u.s. military bails in the region. u.s. officials say that the russian goal here appears to be to cause riffs between the u.s. and allies. >> of course, the history between cut every and this country goes back. do you know if these hackers were actually distributed by or part of the russian government? >> it's not clear whether the u.s. has tracked the hackers in the cutter insz dent to rugsz criminal organizations or to the russian security farces that are
4:32 pm
blamtd. one official said "not much happens in that country without the blessing of the russian government." today president trump was tweeting criticism of qatar that mirrors some of the same that you've heard from the saudis and the others in the region. in his tweet trump didn't mention the hack. he cited qatar's funding of terrorist groups. the qatarys of course have rejected that. we got a statement from the qatary government that reads in part -- it is a crime that represents a kre attack. do not support the unity of the region to fight terrorism and conflict. erin? >> thank you very much. moments ago i spoke to.
4:33 pm
>> mr. ambassador thank you for being with me tonight. as you just heard cnn is reporting cnn investigators believe russians were behind a false report that's used as part of the reason to cut diplomatic ties. what's your response? >> thank you for hosting me. we are still looking to the investigation with the report, 2 conclusion of the report is not yet out, so we can't comment now on ongoing investigation. >> now, another report is out, of course, that says your government paid up to a billion in ransom to al qaeda. are you able to say that that report is not true? >> it is not true, yes. >> so i just want to make sure i understand. we've got close to 10 countries
4:34 pm
that have severed diplomatic ties with qatar. are you saying that their allegations are all completely baseless? >> this act of aggression against qatar really has no basis to it, so and we don't know exactly what they -- their motives from this act, all these stories about qatar financing terrorism are fabricated. they are not true. and we continue to ask for clarification on these matters, yet we didn't receive anything yet. >> when you say they're fabricated, of course, the trump's candidate is not confirmed. danny glazer spoke about terry
4:35 pm
finance. he said and i quote "there don't to be operation openly. specifically about qatar he says qatar konsz to finance terrorism within its borders. is terror funding a gray area for qatar? >> it is not a gray area for cut everier. qatar. we -- this issue is not subject only to qatar this terror financing is across the whole globe. we as a government of qatar are doing our utmost in combatting terrorism along with our allies. there are laws that prevent
4:36 pm
terror financing in our country. >> when when he said they're able to operate openly in qatar, you say that's not true? >> well, if there are any proof that there are terror financing going on in qatar and we have been approached with evidence, we will act on them. >> so one of those cases was a designate designated. i poke to him. at the time he was a spokesperson for a campaign when al qaeda supporters were encouraged to donate to. he used images of the planes hitting the world trade center world trade center in a speed. >> when we asked why he used a picture of the planes hitting the world trade center he says it's everywhere. >> he says that photo is all over the internet. >> after the report he was add
4:37 pm
odd to the u.s. terror list. that was 2016. as of tonight i can confirm he is still on the list. what i want to ask you is has he been convicted of a crime in culter or is he tree 234 qatar tonight? >> our thoughts are taking action against all suspected terrorists who are on this list. there are some prosecutions that happened and we are determined to fight -- finance of terrorism. >> in the case of al kabi, do you know his situation tonight, whether he's in jail or you're not sure specifically about him? >> as i mentioned, erin, we are determined to fight terrorism and combatting.
4:38 pm
owl our krorts taking actions on multiple cases. some are gone going. some are being prosecuted. we are determined to stop this if it happens in our territory. >> i want to ask you. the president of the united states of course as you know, kaichl out today saying he doesn't think the claims of terror financing are baysless. he said so good to see the saudi arabia visit with the king and 50 countries already paying off. they said they would take a hard line. perhaps this will be the end of the ror of patriotism. he said i stated there can no longer be funding of radical ideology. leader point to qatar. look squlp what's your response? >> our cooperation with the united states speaks for itself.
4:39 pm
it is long-standing. we've been committed to it. we also remain committed to our efforts in the region and globally and fighting terrorism. >> when you saw those tweets, were you shocked? >> i saw the tweets and i went through them carefully. i -- as i told you, we are confident with our cooperation with the united states. we are confident of our efforts to combat terrorism, so they came to me as a surprise. >> certainly as a surprise. i mean, are you -- you're -- are you willing to come out and say the president of the united states is wrong? >> as i told you, erin, we are committed to this cooperation, our cooperation with the u.s.
4:40 pm
speaks for itself. so we have reports from the treasu treasury, we have reports from the state department that focus on our efforts. >> all right. well, i appreciate your time mr. ambassador. thank you so much. >> thank you, erin. thank you very much. >> former state department spokesman john kirby and phil mud, welcome. i want to talk about the koerp here. the corps is this is a country that the united states has when you look at treasury, you look at the words from danny kblazer has known has had issues with terror funding as we've reported, has had issues with terror funding. is there going to be a change in policy under this president? >> well, i don't know. it's clear. we've had long starng concerns about qatar's involvement in at least assisting incorrectly, the financing of terrorist groups.
4:41 pm
they're not the only one in the region. they're an important ally. they're an important partner. i don't think it would serve anybody's purpose to change the brip we have with qatar. yes, they need to do more. i don't know that anybody else interest would be served by changing the partnership. >> phil mudd, you have people the united states has designated terrorists that are on u.s. lists banned from coming into the united states who are able to walk around in qatar. they are not convicted. they are not in jail. that's an issue. >> it is, but let's talk about a couple of issues. number one, how do you deal with that? you're dealing with a goth that public shaming is highly embarrassing. do you think that's productive
4:42 pm
or counterproductive? does that corner somebody? will they avoid or will they respond after you shame the them publicly? >> i think they're going to say we've got to avoid the president of the united states. there's a bigger thing. >> yes. >> you've got to deal with the things on iran, a major air base and syria. i hope there's been a calculation that says if there's a cost we're also to take that cost bill shaming them in tweets. >> ok. so look you have all these countries trying to shame them but in terms of the united states let's lay this out here. ok. trump advisors are coming out and saying, john, that this whole issue in the middle east is not an issue. k3w4568 you're saying. there's problems here but we're going to continue. here's rex dillerson and jim
4:43 pm
mattist. >> i don't expect this will have significant impact. >> i'm confident there will be no complications. >> it's an official fweet. two tweets from the president of the united states. iy read. i mean, the president of the united states is coming out and saying qatar is funding terror in two direct tweets. that is unprecedented. >> it is. it's rashlgble. extraordinary. i didn't indicate there's no problem here. i completely agree that financing of terrorist groups by that nation and others is a big one. >> yeah. >> i agree with tillerson and mattis that we can work this through and not let it detheater or have an impact on military operations on iraq or syria.
4:44 pm
irthink it's extraordinary that the president would put his thumb on the kale so quickly. >> so quickly. >> in two tweets when he came out withry a rhode island ad. >> so good to see the saush visit with the king. 50 countries already paying off. they said they'd take a hard line and all reference was pointing to qatar. perhaps this will be the beginning of the end of the horror. >> there's no nuance there. >> there's no nuance. >>he's going to take credit for when the sun comes up. he's got to be thinking five or ten years ahead. we've got to worry about where we're going to end up with iran. look at the pair 4re78. we've got to think about what to do with russia not only in conventional 34i89 terms but what to do on cyber warfare with
4:45 pm
our next elections. the germans, the french and the brits, he has attacked. i don't see a strategy here. >> all right. thank you both. i appreciate it. "out front" next. leaker accused of leaking classified information. reality winner, that is her name, is she a traitor? her attorney is out front front next. and barack obama sounding off on climate change, taking shots at president trump. you'll hear it coming up. i love how usaa gives me the and the security just like the marines did. at one point, i did change to a different company with car insurance, and i was not happy with the customer service. we have switched back over and we feel like we're back home now. the process through usaa is so effortless,
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. tonight new details about the woman being charged in the first criminal leak case under trump. the 25-year-old named reality winner who prosecutors say admitted to leaking crass fight information about a 2016 russian cyberattack followed edward snowden and wikileaks on twitter and also shared stories about leaks. in another she called president trump an "orange facist." she used a photo of herself, a
4:50 pm
real picture as i appreciate you taking the time tonight. you're casting doubt on the government's side of the story here. you say your client is not a traitor and you have no evidence to indicate that she is guilty. according to the justice department and the statement that they put out, they said your client admitted to doing this. she printed the information, knew it was classified and mailed it to a news outlet. do you not believe the government? >> erin, thank you for having me on the show tonight. the important thing at this stage is the fact that we're still very new in this case. my client was arrested june 3rd and she's scheduled to have the detention hearing on this thursday. i can't go into the facts of the case because we're still at the beginning stage. >> but when they say that she admitted to all of it, i just want to be clear, you are casting doubt on that?
4:51 pm
>> my personal opinion as to the press release that the doj issued, i really don't think that's relevant to the facts of the case since it's still beginning. we're preparing for our detention hearing eight arguments we'll make on my client's behalf so she can be released pretrial. >> so one of the questions people have here is motive. i just rernsferenced that a bit the introduction. on the twitter page, your client said, on election night, when it became apparent that trump won, #electionnight. and the most dangerous entry to the country true was the orange fascist. >> i have not independently verified any of the social media pages that have been referenced, that that's been going on and circulating. anyone can put anything up on the internet.
4:52 pm
but specifically, the rules of evidence in federal court have very strict guidelines for what is admissible. it's questionable whether that would be admissible in this trial. we want to make sure that miss winner receives a fair trial. >> if she's convicted, if she did this, do you think she deserves to go to jail for years? because of course she could go to jail for up to a decade statutorily. >> that's correct. she is facing a maximum exposure of ten years. now, as her attorney, i can believe something totally different. that's why we're looking forward to having her day at trial when a jury can decide the case. >> why do you think she did it, especially given that they are saying she actually e-mailed the news outlet from her work computer? >> if you look at the statute that is referenced, 793-e, says
4:53 pm
the government's burden is going to be proving that classified documents were distributed in order to injury the united states or favor a foreign government. according to the statute, that is what the government is going to have to prove. going into motive at this stage, a, would be premature since we're at the beginning stages. b, that's not going to be an important part of the statute. >> you're saying she could have done it but they'd have to prove that it actually damaged the government? >> well, as a former prosecutor, i always focus on what does the evidence show? we can all think what we want and have our own opinions. at the end of the day, the government has the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that she violated the statute. >> and before we go, what's her state of mind? is she okay with all of this? is she upset? what is she thinking right now? >> erin, i don't think anybody would be okay with being locked up in federal custody. at this time last week, my client was employed with a company of augusta. now she's in custody. i don't think it's accurate to
4:54 pm
say is she okay or not okay with this. the main thing is to make sure her constitutional rights are protected and she has a fair trial. >> i guess part of the reason i say that is, if she did it, is she okay with it? that's it's a patriotic thing to do? >> i think we need to wait until her time in court. new details about the rocky relationship between trump and his attorney general. some heated exchanges we're just learning about. we're going to share them with you, next. ( ♪ ) beth is a total boss because she switched to the best deal in america: total wireless. she gets the largest, most dependable 4g lte network, and 5 gigs of high speed data for $35 a month.
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4:58 pm
breaking news, new details tonight about the increasingly tense relationship between president trump and his attorney general jeff sessions. there have been several heated exchanges over the past several weeks. evan perez is breaking this news for us. evan, what are you learning right now? >> erin, these are heated exchanges between attorney general jeff sessions and the president in light of the recusal by the attorney general from anything related to the russia investigation. as you know, the president is concerned that because of that, this investigation has sort of blossomed and expanded and caused more problems for the white house, distracted them from their agenda. but we're also told that the frustration goes both ways here between the justice department where officials feel that the president's tweets and some of his comments and interviews have actually made things worse and prompted the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to have to appoint a special prosecutor, a special counsel to oversee the
4:59 pm
investigation. now, bob mueller is that special counsel who is now doing this investigation and, again, they feel that some of the president's own comments have exacerbated the problems for him. >> evan, in these heated exchanges, how direct has the attorney general been? has he said this to the president of the united states, your tweets are making things worse? you are making things worse? this is why bob mueller is even in this job? >> i think part of the conversation has been mostly about allowing the justice department to do its job so that i interruptions and -- from the white house are not causing problems for what the justice department is supposed to be doing. >> is jeff sessions' job safe? >> it's not clear. right. >> and so you are actually saying it's not clear at this time? >> it's not clear. this is something that the white house refused to do today and at the justice department they were very, very surprised by the fact that the white house couldn't say that the president has confidence in the attorney
5:00 pm
general. >> obviously a very significant statement there, refusal to do that. thank you so much, evan perez. thanks to all of you for joining us. don't forget to watch "outfront" any time. go to cnn go. "ac 360" with anderson cooper begins right now. good evening and thanks for joining us. several big breaking stories tonight. exclusive new details on what fired fbi director james comey will say when he testifies thursday morning. we begin, though, with more along the lines of evan perez's reporting moments ago. multiple reports including from magg maggie haberman is that jeff sessions has volunteered to resign. >> how would you describe the president's level of confidence in the attorney general jeff sessions? >> i have not had a discussion with him about that. >> the last time you said that, there was a development. >> i'm answering a question, which is i have not had that discussion with i am had. >> would you