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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 8, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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in on staffers and everyone around, there is going to be more people talking and much more information that's going to come out, i would not draw big conclusions as though the entire trial is based on everyone is hearing. >> it is just the beginning. >> at the tip of the iceberg. >> thanks for being with me, "the leads" starts now. >> this is cnn's breaking news. welcome to t"lead," i am jake tapper. the former fbi director told the world today that the president of the united states cannot be trusted in his opinion. he cannot be trusted to tell the truth. he cannot be trusted to uphold the rule of law and he cannot be trusted to allow a doj investigation into the russian attack of the u.s. election last year. it was a stunning and shocking
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day on capitol hill. james comey under oath in front of the intelligence committee saying president trump and the trump administration told lies to try to defame him and trying to defame the fbi that comey knew he had to document his meeting with president trump even though he had not done the same with either president obama or president bush because he worried that president, there tru mr. trump, may lie. he took the president's desire letting go of the michael flynn incident is a directive. he describes that as a very big deal. there is no other way to walk away from comey's testimony today, without thinking the former director of the fbi thinks the president of the united states is a liar who he
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could not trust and who took actions that he thought were attempt to under mine the integrity of the american justice system itself. the white house is responding to these charges and we'll get to their response in a moment. first, jim sciutto is joining me. some are suggesting that comey detailing in three times that he did tell president trump that the president was not personally under investigation that has vindicated the president. that same testimony needs to be said made some strong charges about the president's character and ability to tell the truth. >> that's right, the key between what he vindicated the president on and what he did not. >> yes, this is important. he made clear that the president personally was not under investigation when comey was fired in may. comey accused the president of lying about why he fired him among other lies and
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inappropriately directing h him -- that order was of an inve invest g investigative interest before he was fired. >> former fbi director james comey was barely two and a half minutes into his opening remarks when he first accused of the president lying of mr. trump's reasons for firing him. >> the administration then chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi by saying that the organization was in s disarray and it was poorly led and the work force lacked in leaders. that's a lie.
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>> he feared that the president might lie about them. >> i knew there may come a day where i would need a record of what had happened not just to defend myself but the fbi and our integrity as an institution and the incidendependence of ou function. i was concerned that he may lie of the nature of our meeting so i thought it is important to document. >> comey made clear that president trump is not under any investigation by the time he was fired in may. >> was the president under investigation at the time of your dismissal on may 9th? >> no. >> however, he accused the president of what he called, quote, very disturbing and concerning in the ongoing investigation he was leading. he said he believes his firing was base on his handling of the
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russia's probe. >> there is no doubt that i was fired because of the russian investigation, i was fired in some way to change or the endeavor was to change the way the russia probe. >> i took it as a direction. it is the president of the united states and with me alone and saying "i hope this," i did not obey that but that's how i took it. how is he so certain? >> the president made sure that he was the only person in the room. why did he kick everybody out of the oval office in. >> why did you kick the attorney general, the president's chief of staff out to talk to me if it was about something else? that to me as an investigator is
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an important fact. >> senator of both parties pressed comey why he told the president that his comments of a request is inappropriate. >> you are big and strong, i know the oval office and i know what happens to people when they walk in. there is a certain amount of intimidation. why didn't you stop and say mr. president, this is wrong. i cannot discuss this with you point. >> it is a great question. maybe if i were stronger, i would have. i was so stunned by the conversation that i just took it in. >> once fired, the former fbi director made a remarkable effort to shape the investigation asking a friend to document his meeting with the president to spark the appointment of a special counsel. i asked a friend of mine to share the content of a memo with the reporter, i did not do it myself in writing because i
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asked him to because i thought that may prompt the appointment of a special counsel. >> the result comey got the appointment of robert mueller. >> comey made several important -- the so called dossier that cnn first reported of president obama and trump in january is still under investigation and including whether russia holds compromising information on the president. two, the fbi is still investigating whether trump's aids colluded with russia on the question himself colluded, comey he could not answer that question. >> thank you very much. moments ago, president trump ignored questions shouted out to him about comey's testimony. >> any reaction at all?
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>> thank you, thank you very much >> today under oath, mr. comey detailed many times he heard the president and his team lied about him and he admitted that he kept his notes with president trump because he suspected that the president may tell other lies of the content of the conversations. >> jim acosta is joining me now. the president's person lawyer spoke a few minutes ago. he took some of what he liked of the testimony and he accused of comey lying of other stuff. >> reporter: that's right, the president is seized on james comey's omission accusing of leaking damaging information of mr. trump. comey's comments are breathing new lights into uncomfortable questions such as whether there is a taping system here at the white house and whether the president is a liar. today the white house said, "no,
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he's not." >> the president trump delivered a speech today and sounded like he's talking about himself and not about voters. >> as you know we are under seized and we'll come out bigger and better and stronger than ever. >> i am concerned that he may lie about the nature of our meeting so i thought it is important to document. >> on comey's concern that the president may lie about the encounter whether mr. trump is a liar. >> think think frankly insulting that question is asked. >> as for comey's comment of a recording at the white house. >> i have seen about the tapes, lordy, i hope there is tapes.
1:10 pm
>> there is in white house not answered. >> can you say if there is a taping system that allows the president to record his conversations a t tt the white house? >> i have no idea. >> the president's attorney marc kasowitz with his remarks. >> what he told privately that the president was not under investigation as part of any probe in to russian interference. >> marc kasowitz rejected the claim that the president demanded a royalty pledge from mr. comey. >> the president never told mr. comey, quote, i need loyalty, i expect loyalty." he never said it in form or in
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sessions. >> the president has confident in all of his kacabinet becausef he didn't, he would not be here. >> the administration chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi by saying the organization was in disarray and it was poorly led and the work force have lost confidence in its leader. those were lies. plain and simple. that was from a statement from standers justifying the firing of comey. >> members of congress made it clear that they have lost confidence in director comey and most importantly of the ranking file of the fbi lost confidence in their director. >> asked about that today. >> i standby the statement that i made by the podium. >> members are standing by the president and offering new explanation on why mr. trump was
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leaving on comey behind closed doors. >> he's new at government so therefore, i think he's learning as he goes. >> president trump demonstrated some untrump-like message d disciplined today staying away from his twitter account. jake, i don't remember the last time the last time the president -- >> it is still early. >> james comey said today, under three presidency that he worked with, there was only one he felt he could not trust. that's next. stay with us. "the lead" with jake tapper, brought to you by the american petroleum.
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welcome back to "the lead," i am jake tapper. we have a lot to talk about, david irvin, i want to talk with you and the five different times that the fbi director suggested that president trump lied or disputed things that the president have said, take a listen. >> those were lies, plain and simple. i am concerned that he may lie about the nature of our meeting so i thought it is important to document. >> in his interview on lester holt, the president said i had dinner with him, he wanted to have dinner because he wanted to stay on. is that accurate? >> no sir. >> did you initiated that dinner? >> no. the press conference on may 18th, the president asked you to urge you to shut down the investigation on michael flynn, he responded, quote, "no, no."
1:18 pm
>> well, there is an explanation, but i don't buy it. >> david, pretty strong charges from an fbi director. >> he was fired. there were only two people who knew what took place in that room, the president and comey. as i said earlier today and continue to say, director comey had an opportunity to go to the hill to tell other people about his concerns of this president. his only answers to three congress was i don't know, i don't know why i did not open the investigation. i think that's the bigger news here. >> now, comey was asked about the time which he detailed the president i hope you can see your way clear of getting flynn
1:19 pm
go and here comey said how he interpreted that "hope." >> i took it as a direction. it is the president of the united states with me alone saying "i hope this." >> it is interesting that he would not say whether it is obstruction of justice, that's up to robert mueller. feeling that the president was giving him a direction, that's a strong interpretation. >> it is the very thing on the question of obstruction of justice will end upturning, do the word "i hope" translate to what may otherwise bee a clear directive from the commander in chief to someone who does after all work for him, that transforms it into something far less sinister and with far few legal ramifications then that's where comey stepped aside today.
1:20 pm
i mean he obviously is a lawyer prosecutor his whole life and he has a legal opinion about that but he chose not to share it today. >> let me bring you into response to what david urban was talking about a second ago. lets run some tapes. senator feinstein asked why didn't comey stop to say to the president this is wrong, take a listen. >> why didn't you stop and say mr. president, this is wrong, i cannot discuss this with you? >> it is a great question. maybe if i were stronger, i would have, i was so stunne stunned -- by the conversation that i just took it in, and the only thing i can think to say because i was playing in my mind and i remember every word he said, what should my response be. i carefully chose the word. i have seen a tweet about tapes,
1:21 pm
lordy, i hope there are tapes. >> he repeated that many times. this is a major line of attack from defender of the president. if he thought it is a big deal, why didn't he do about it at the time. >> it is creepy and sketchy and it gets weirder. you just don't know, should i say something or should i not, maybe this will end. for us to be sitting here to think what we would have done or anybody is very tough. i am talking, i am talking -- i think it is very important that we actually realize that if nothing else that we are learning, government is a human place with human people. we are sitting across from the united states and the president of the united states is going above and beyond of what's
1:22 pm
normal, your behavior of what you do may surprise you. >> jake. awe shucks, it was a tough situation and i was taken by surprise. may 2007, comey was riding home when he was alerted to attorney general gonzalez, going on the bedside and attorney general aschcroft to extend the approval, he instructed his driver to turn on the light e sirens. so this boy scout moment that he could not -- >> that's right, lets talk about that. i don't buy that. >> there you have auation where you are breaking in an extraordinary situation but the context is a familiar context. you are talking about making a legal argument, you are talking about seeking tout bea best wayr
1:23 pm
the country. someone with his background is qualified for that to be sitting there to have the president of the united states saying something to you that's a criminal act. that's not a normal situation for him to be in. >> i am sorry, i do want to let carl bernstein to have the opportunity to speak. take a listen and tell me what you think. >> in your statement that you and the fbi leadership team decided not to discuss the president's actions with attorney general sessions even though he had not recused himself? >> what of the investigation
1:24 pm
that would have led the entire leadership of the fbi to make that decision? >> our judgment was that he's close to and going to recuse himself for a variety of reasons. we are aware of facts that i cannot discuss in an open setting that would make his continuous edngagement investigation problematic so we were convinced. >> phil, your thoughts. >> let me give you a technical interpretation. >> he just crushed jeff sessions. he did it twice in 24 hours. yesterday, he talked about approaching the attorney general about the president pulling him aside on one on one. the conversation and the media over the past 24 hours have suggested that former director
1:25 pm
comey should have been aggressive with the president as someone who serves as 4.5 years, the first thing that the attorney general should have done, once the fbi said -- the attorney general should turn around and call the white house to don't ever do that again. >> carl, in your thoughts? >> it was a bad day for the president of the united states. what we see are these investigations and incredible testimonies closing in on his conduct and nearing a discussion of obstruction of justice and abuse of authority and there is a long way to go and now there is a credible senate investigation with little expectation that is the senate investigation is going to have credibility and resources. today we saw a serious senator up there acting in a bipartisan way and we hear marco rubio
1:26 pm
today, yes, we have to consider possibilities of obstruction here. we have a long way to go and a president who's being closed in by the most effective prosecutor, bob mueller, that we have in this. the response of the president's lawyer, making the conduct and the press and leaker and the issues rather than the conduct of the president of the united states. meanwhi meanwhile, the dog that has never barked through any of these and particularly today in comey's testimony and not once did comey pointed out did the president say or exhibits any curiosity of what the russians have done to under mind our elections. that's the bottom line of this investigation of the president and those around him is about. what the russians did and
1:27 pm
whether there were any activities by the president and his associates that is going to bring this to a really serious hit. >> everyone stick around, we got much more to talk about. we'll take a quick break, mr. comey has some tough things to say about the obama administration. my next guest, we'll ask him about that and much more, next. >> she switched to the best deal in america: total wireless. she gets the largest, most dependable 4g lte network, and 5 gigs of high speed data for $35 a month. make it rain, beth. for $35 a month. now you drive 300to be fmiles to watch this.
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he said lynch asked him to call the fbi criminal investigation into hillary clinton east's ser matter to avoid calling in the investigation. take a listen. >> i want to know when she's going to authorize us to confirm we had an investigation and she said yes, don't call it that but call it a matter and i said why would i do that? and she said just call it a matter. we had an investigation opened at the time. that gave me a queasy feeling. >> senator, does it give you a queasy feeling? >> that was uncomfortable. >> that's the first time that really any discussion of any length of loretta lynch. we heard of the runway incident on the tarmac and now knowing there maybe a little bit more to discuss and understand, but she
1:33 pm
had recused. >> you let the closed door breathing with director comey. can you give me any sense if he reveals more details with his interaction with the president. >> he clarified a lot of things. a lot of times he said i cannot talk about that in this setting. every member that he gave an answer to i cannot answer that in an open session but later he did answer it on a closed session. >> do you think president trump obstructed justice? >> yjake, i am not there yet. the thing i can tell you comforting is that we have bob mueller, the special prosecutor and everybody and democrats and republicans have the upmost
1:34 pm
confidence and reliability in this man who's beyond approach. i think we are all going to take whatever he comes back with his recommendations and that's what we'll run with. he's the expert and he will be able to get into it, we don't know enough of he says she says in ord because of the investigation. >> comey said he was fired of the way he conducted the investigation, that's why he was fired, do you agree with him? >> all the people involved there. that was a sobering moment when he said that, you know, he learned about it. he thought he was in a good shape of do you want to job or why did you want the job and he thought that he was going to serve out his remaining six years.
1:35 pm
it was a surprising to everybody and i think to him especially. >> i want to get your reaction from this exchange from the hearing. >> do you believe donald trump colluded? >> it is a question that i don't think i should answer in an open setting as i said, when i left we did not have an investigation focused on president trump. but, that's a question that'll be answered by the investigation. >> jake. go ahead, sir. >> clarify that. i could not hear in clarity there. what did he say? >> it said, senator cotton saying do you think president colluded and he basically said that he did not feel comfortable answering that in open hearing which a lot of people wondered what that meant. later comey did suggest not answering the question -- you are on the senate slight committee intelligence, have you
1:36 pm
seen or heard any evidence of collusion not with president trump necessarily but with anybody who's part of the trump's campaign. >> lets just say we have not heard any evidence about president trump collusion. there is a lot of smoke and a lot of associates of people helping him in the campaign and they're getting into that in a deep way, step by step and any that's involved. all the characters and all the names that you mentioned many times of manafort and all these people. we'll get to the facts, the intel will take us to the facts and it will go where it should go. >> all right, senator joe mansion, of west virginia, we appreciate it. >> thank you all. >> james comey testified, what is next with the russia investigation? that's next.
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. welcome back, we are c continuing coverage of fired fbi james comey, back with me with my "roundtable," comey admitted giving to a friend of a memo that he wrote about president trump so a friend would share it with a reporter, take a listen. >> we are talking about foreign government using technical intrusion and a lot of methods to shape the way we think, we vote and we act, that's a big deal. people need to recognize it. it is not about republicans or democrats, they're coming after america which i hope we all love equally. they think that this great experiment of ours is a threat to them. they're going to try to run it down and dirty up as much as possible. that's what this is about and they'll be back. >> did you show copies of your memos to any one outside of the
1:42 pm
department of justice? >> yes. >> and to whom did you show copies to? >> i asked -- the president tweeted on friday after i got fired that i better hoped there is no tapes. i woke up that there maybe corroborations for our conversations, my judgment is i need to get it out to the public square so i asked a friend of mine to share the content of it with a reporter. i asked a close friend of mine to do it. >> carl bernstein. a lot of supporters of donald trump is saying he admitted of having leaked. >> it is more than him acknowledge thag acknowledging that he leaked. we have seen the former director
1:43 pm
say today that he engineered the appointment of the special counsel. he believes that so strongly that there needed to be this investigation without intrusions from the president and those around him and the former attorney general. but, it is an extraordinary thing, not since jay edgar hoover in our country had such e fe effecti effects in our elections and our cultures. comey knows things. that's what clears from this testimony. he knows things. he's got records that he made of it and we don't know what else he knows. i cannot imagine he took all of these actions without thinking there is something, very, very serious here and that's why we see these investigations plural. closing in on the president of the united states and the president meanwhile has gone to
1:44 pm
his base making the conduct of others the issue and tried to rally his troops to keep republicans on the hill from abandoning him. we'll see whether that works or not. >> so carl, you know, feelings are not facts. feelings are not facts. i will get it straight. >> absolutely. >> the comey's feelings are not factual. he said, his quotes were "it was awkward, i was concerned and it was inappropriate." those things do not equal obstruction of justice. >> there were a lot of facts to d >> we'll see, there will be a big long retracted investigation over his feelings and there is another person in the room and may heard it differently. i don't think we can rush into judgment about that. >> the important thing that happens here is we have two investigation in place hurdling down the tracks and we'll find
1:45 pm
out both the public and the senate investigation and those involved or not involved, we are going to have results from bob mueller. >> does it trouble you, you just said that this fbi director had that much power as jay edgar. >> what troubles me is i have seen the apparent conduct of the president of the united states throughout this episode and saying not saying, lets get to the bottom of what's happening here. why did the director of the fbi do what he did and why was he in that position? >> why didn't he go to the hill? >> he went to the attorney general of the united states. he dead attempt to go. >> also, this whole question of run to the hill -- he's in charge -- >> let me let van jones answer.
1:46 pm
>> one of the things i think is interesting if you pull back, why did the trump voters send trump to dc? >> they believe they had a strong man and a saavy man and a sophisticated man and a businessman can come and bring this town to its knees and make them do its will on their behalf. within a 100 days is that this guy does not know how to win a fight in this tiown. now, come y is controlling the dialogue. donald trump when you get past all this stuff is over massed for this job and this town. supporters trying to pretend this is all some act of genius. this a man who's over his head whether he's done anything wrong or not. any time he tries to exonerate himself and he in criminates
1:47 pm
himself and does not seem to know it. that's not the chief that they voted for. >> anne gerund, the majority of the people don't believe him either. >> yes, comey is emerging not being the center of just about every moving story in washington over the last eight months, but somebody that democrats and republicans canda dislike equal. comey was their public enemy number one. he was the guy who had unfairly and wanting this investigation which they did not like to call the investigation unfairly and after the fact, he's the guy they blamed by name for having really spoiled her chances.
1:48 pm
they thought the momentum was living their way and when he announced his two different announcements about the reopening and the closing again of the investigation two weeks before the election, hillary has said really -- and her judge republicans now six months later, you have republicans disliking him because they think he has put himself at the center of action that where he does not belong and is making decisions on his own behalf, this criticism sounds similar. >> thanks everyone for your insights, peesht appreciate it. while you were headed to work this morning, some political junkies were headed to the bar. believe it or not, this morning, the bar. >> how did you make a cofefe,
1:49 pm
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welcome back, in the nation's capitol today was the comey's show. patrons who were offering specials including russian vodka and covefe. a lot of disappointment kpa customers there. >> this was a point in television and bars across the country capitalized on it. >> as former director james comey testifies before congress, many opened early to tune into their hearing. >> at shawn's tavern of a
1:54 pm
capacity crowd. >> we got the fbi's special. >> we got there at 7:30 and the line was already massive so we decided to sit back and try to watch it in here. >> as comey slams the white house for alleging he had been fired because the fbi had been disarray and the agency have lost confidence in him. those were lies, plain and pim s simple. it was clear of or if any trump fan in the house. there was a lot of covefe coffee. a reference to the president's crypted late tweet.
1:55 pm
>> it was orange soda and vodka and perhaps something else. >> you don't know. >> no. >> a lot of this comes down to who should be -- perhaps a few dashes of some dai solidarity - normally drink beer while you watch a congressional hear sng. >> this was a cider but i should start to wear it more. >> we are all caught up. i think it is fun and i was glad to find a place where we can hang out together and see it happens live. >> and a number of bars in dc and certainly around the country posted election night watch parties maybe featured debates on televisions. the owner of the tavern says of the only other event coming close turning out was the world cup. that's a reflection of how
1:56 pm
engaged a lot of folks are in this presidency, maybe more so than in the election. >> all right. thank you. senator james risch's question to james comey, stay with us. in the country, n e we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you i was thinking around 70. to and before that?re? you mean after that? no, i'm talking before that. do you have things you want to do before you retire? i'd really like to run with the bulls. wow. hope you're fast. i am. get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change with investment management services. i did active duty 11 in july of '98. and two in the reserves. our 18 year old was in an accident. when i call usaa it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. it actually helped to know that somebody else cared
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happening now, breaking news, lies and defamations by fired of fbi director james comey repeatedly accusing the president and his administration of lying and defaming him of the fbi and say he was fired because of the russia investigation. >> president trump's lawyer is firing back and calling comey a liar and a leaker. comey tells lawmakers he took president trump's hope to end the


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