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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  June 19, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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i'm john berman at this hour with the unparallel kate bolduan starts now. this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everybody. i'm kate bolduan. we are following breaking news hours after a terror attack in london. authorities in paris are on the move in the heart of the city after a car ran into a mobile police unit. cnn's melissa bell is in paris with eyes on this. what is the latest you are hearing? >> reporter: we just learned from police, an anti-terror investigation has been opened, kate. believe this was yet another terror attack targeting once again security forces. this is something we have seen increasingly over the course of a few months. it is confirmed it was terrorist in its nature, deliberate in nature. it is the fifth attack on
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security in four months. that part of the champs-elysees, heading toward the co-or donned off spot. you can see the white car, the car we know overtook a police truck making its way down the avenue before ramming into it. the man was believed by police to have been armed. he is on the other side of the street, lying in a heap. police believe he's died from his injuries. clerly, then, an anti-terrorist event, they believe an intentional car ramming. in march, april and early in june, terror attacks that sought to target either policemen or military personnel and each time, kate, those that are out patrolling some of france's most iconic and heavy tourist areas including the champs-elysees.
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>> absolutely. with all that in mind, as we put it in context, this has been a very difficult few, many months with attacks of many different kinds. how is the security situation in paris changed? what have you heard? what does it look like? >> reporter: here in france, we are living in a state of emergency for many months. that's going to continue in july. when you walk around paris and anyone who comes through here as a tourist, we will see heavy police presence, especially around the monuments like this. the airports heavily guarded by military personnel and police forces. each time this happens, this is the fifth time in just four months, it is a suicide mission. we are talking about a person getting a weapon against people who will not hesitate to put an end to the situation. >> fifth time in just four months, as you mentioned. authorities opening an anti-terrorist investigation. thank you very much.
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we are coming to you with updates throughout the hour. i appreciate it. other news, any moment now, we could hear from president trump as he faces reporters amid questions about the russian investigation and his legal strategy right now. the president contradicting his lawyer on whether he's being investigated. the president says, yes, yes he is. the lawyer says, no. no he is not. keep in mind, it is possible neither know for sure exactly what the answer is. the president's lawyer is defending the president's right to fire the director of the fbi. listen. >> let me get this straight. the president of the united states, after advice and consultation with his attorney general and deputy attorney general and with others in the administration which is what a president does, makes a determination to terminate the fbi director based on the department of justice. now, under your theory, the department of justice, through
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special councils would be investigating the president for taking the action they recommended him to take. >> a couple things, one, i'm not arguing -- >> i want to bring in chief political correspondent, dana bash. not only did jay sekulow defended him, in the past 24 hours plus, to say the president is not under investigation though the president's tweet says otherwise. what is the white house strategy you are hearing behind this full court press against the word investigation? >> i'm not so sure it's a white house strategy. seems to me it is a president trump strategy. that is get someone out there, get them on television, tell the world, i am not under investigation. sure, it contradicts the tweet, but, you know, it's certainly not the first time we have seen contradictory information or statements coming from this white house. this is a president who we know,
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if the comey testimony an memos are correct, has been ap lek tick since the minute he got into office, before he got into office, wanting the public to think and see he is not under investigation. this is a wrinkle in that notion. the more jay sekalow was out talking about it and the less republicans in congress and the republicans who work for the president in the white house feel they can focus on what they want to focus on, which is health care reform, maybe tax reform, maybe other issues that really are those that people out there who are not, you know, in the beltway following this russia investigation every two seconds really want the president to focus on, things that affect their lives. >> much is coming from republicans on the hill who are trying to or would like to focus elsewhere. marco rubio had a different take
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on all of this. his suggestion, it seems, is to say investigate it all. the president will be proven right in the end. listen to this. >> the one thing we have learned from the testimony of multiple people is the president is fired up about this, okay? from every pronouncement we have seen, feels strongly he did nothing wrong and wants people to say that. that, in no way is going to impede the work from continuing. this is going to move forward and get the full truth out there. i repeat, that is the best thing that can happen for the president and this administration. >> definitely a different look, take on the word investigation. investigate it all, he says. we are right in the end, he thinks trump would say. is there a chance the white house would say president trump, specifically, would take that advice? >> you know, we'll see. it would not surprise me if marco rubio, like the president's own staffers went on television to get the message to
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the president, meaning that has happened and continues to happen inside the white house, trying to reach the president through his favorite medium, television. look, i think marco rubio is being a realist. that is that the special council is going to investigate what the special council is going to investigate which is everything that has the potential to be criminal. that's going to continue. so, that is why you see the frustration. you didn't see it as much with marco rubio, but behind the scenes. why not take the bill clinton white house motto, we are under investigation, there's not a lot we can do about it. focus on what we can focus on. get things done. in that sense, in the past, in that model, they were able to do a bunch of stuff during the clinton years that actually allowed the president to ultimately remain popular and have a pretty good legacy. >> i want to get your take on
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another wrinkle in this expanding investigation. the president's son-in-law, jared kushner, reports are he's looking into hiring a new attorney to represent him during the investigation. what is behind that move, do you think? >> well, our evan perez has been doing a lot of reporting on this. what his sources are saying is there has been a feeling for some time, from people in and around jared kushner, that he might not have gotten the best legal advice. not just on, you know, some of the potentially criminal things, potentially criminal things they are looking into but the more mundane, run of the mill, i'm getting ready to be a white house aide stuff, like not filling out his disclosure form properly. so it would not be surprising if, in fact, jared kushner did get different legal advice and hire different attorneys who are
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more familiar with that and who, from his perspective, would serve him better. jamie is his lawyer. she's gotten a lot of good enough from fellow democrats because she is a democrat. there are a lot of strange bedfellows here. when it comes to basic legal advice, it would not be surprising if he hired someone else. >> dana's series continues today. check out the profile. new hampshire's first female governor. watch that piece. go to the kremlin says it no longer will cooperate with the united states in syria after they shot down a syrian warplane fighting isis. russian officials say it was a move that broke international law and helped terrorists.
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a big question this morning is could this mean a confrontation is coming between the u.s. and russia? barbara starr is joining me from the pentagon. barbara, when the headlines were coming out, the statement coming, what is going on here? >> right now, the pentagon is, i think, fair to say as a political statement from the kremlin, they want to not engage in this communication with the u.s. military and syria anymore as a result of the shootdown of the russian/syrian jet by the united states. let's unpack this a little bit. the u.s. did shoot down a syrian jet over the weekend that it said was bombing and attacking near u.s. backed forces, it was a self-defense move and had every right to do that under the rules of the road out there and the syrian regime forces had been attacking u.s. backed forces that the u.s. was going to defend. that action now prompting the kremlin this morning. the ministry of definance to say
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we are not going to talk to the u.s. anymore about deconflicting air space and staying out of everybody's way. the u.s. says that communications line is still open. that will have to be watched carefully. the russians are also saying anything they see flying in western syria, again, they will treat as a target. the u.s. says it doesn't think it is being targeted by the russians, but obviously, a lot of sensitivities here. kate? >> maybe viewed as political words, but dangerous. great to see you, barbara. thanks so much. i want to talk about this with cnn military analyst. thank you for coming in. >> good to be with you. >> as barbara was getting to the statement from the russian defensive stopping cooperation with the united states and syria. this is how the statement was crafted. i want to read part of it. aircraft and unmanned vehicles belonging to the international
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coalition will be escorted by russian air and ground defenses as air targets. what does that mean? >> theoretically, they could shoot them down. air targets, of course, is the common term that is used for any type of radar signature that yo see when it's a hostile or unidentifi unidentified target. then they find it identified with a u.s. or coalition aircraft. they go up and go after it. it doesn't necessarily mean they will shoot it down. they are leaving themselves the option to shoot it down. that is really where there's a big danger of escalation in all of this. >> there's so much danger in escalation and what the words could lead to. in your view, what is the best case/worst case scenario? >> things continue, more less as they are. the hot line, the deconfliction
8:13 am
line stays open between the russian forces and the american base and qatar. that line is an unclassified line and there's a g-mail back up to it. if that stays open, that's a good thing. worst case is they truly cut that line and don't talk to us and they start shooting down our drones and manned aircraft or trying to do that. >> let me turn my focus quick. i was looking down to make sure i have the latest update from the champs-elysees. you were hearing melissa bell reporting at the top of the hour, there was an incident and there's an investigation. an armed suspect ran into a police mobile unit there. as melissa points out, this is the fifth incident in just four months in paris. obviously, a lot needs to be known. what is the first thing they should be looking at. what do you look at here? >> i look at the connection. if they start interrogating or
8:14 am
when they interrogate the suspect the one on the ground of the champs-elysees, that is the key. what they have to do is connect that person's relationships. they are going to have to look at his social media, his travel and what we are seeing here, potentially, is the kind of offensive that isis has warned of as the american coalition forces are closing in on raqqah, the capital of isis. we know we are going to see more and more of these kinds of attacks and i think the types of things we have seen in france and prior to the current situation in britain, the other attacks in britain. that shows isis is on the move. they are basically inspiring their people to do sole source attacks, single attacks or small group attacks. that's the kind of thing that is more dangerous because you don't know where and when these kind of attacks are going to take
8:15 am
place. it's hard to predict those. that's what this effort is all about, prediction, prevention and when this happens, finding out from the person they have in custody what else is next, if they know anything. >> yeah, according to france's interior ministry, unclear if the suspect is alive or dead after what happened there. we are staying close to it. colonel, thank you very much. good to see you. >> good to see you as well. following more breaking news, another terror attack in london. this one, a driver targets a crowd outside of a mosque. hear what the mayor of the city of london just said. plus, also new this morning, the president's lawyer says it is impossible the president obstructed justice. his firing james comey was allowed, in his right. the most expensive house race, ever, and the first big one of president trump's presidency, a new ad linking the
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president trump's attorney this morning, insisting the president is not under investigation. that contradicts the president who tweeted he is being investigated. who is right and isn't it also a possibility that neither of them know right now? what does it mean for the investigation and politics at play here? michael brown, senior editor and rick santorum, a former senator. thank you so much for being here. michael, what is jay sekalow doing? what is the plan here? give me your take? >> jay is a good lawyer. we went to the same law school. i'm not sure he had the chance to be in many criminal cases or investigations. i don't know if he's ever tried a case of picked a jury. those are unique skill sets. what you learn is everything you say in the course of an
8:21 am
investigation can have an unintended consequence. in this case, he picked a fight with chris wallace. not to take away from his legal abilities, he does great work in the appellate field. i'm not sure he's used to handling these kind of cases. to hear jay and newt gingrich come out and claim the president can do no wrong is almost laughable. you know, not to -- it knows no bounds in this situation. i'm not sure, again. i think jay is a good lawyer. clearly, in this case, there's a miscommunication. the fact is, it was the president who tweeted and acknowledged he was under investigation. >> they say, of course, he was tweeting about news reports. again, we have been told the president's tweets are official white house statements. i am left in an in between place where i say senator, help me understand this.
8:22 am
during these interviews, one thing that jay seemed to confirm is the special prosecutor does not have a duty or obligation to notify the president or council he is under investigation. they can't say, definitely, he's not. they can't say definitely he is unless they were told. why do you think the president feels it is important to put his counsel out there to debate this issue, whether he's under investigation or not? >> it comes back to what the focus of this administration should be. i have been saying for some time, the focus of this administration should be delivering on what the president said he wanted to do during the campaign. a lot of this is a distraction away from very important things the public cares about. i don't think the american public cares about whether the president thinks he is under investigation or is under investigation. there's a special prosecutor there. he's looking at all sorts of
8:23 am
things. we'll find out soon enough to devote resources to fight this issue right now. again, it's just not -- you are not focused on what you need to focus on. that distraction hurts it president. >> to kind of that point, ron, why not take the marco rubio suggested approach whether he is offering the president or offering out there saying it doesn't matter if i'm not under investigation. investigate everything because i'm innocent. >> i think the point of this is different. if you look at the president's tweets over the past week, he has clearly opened the possibility that he will attempt to fire. he will try to fire if he believes robber mueller. >> you think this is intentional and laying the groundwork? >> yes. i think it is important for the president to say i am not under investigation. if he is under investigation, if he becomes tougher to fire down the road. the key question here, are
8:24 am
republicans in congress do not want him, fire bob mueller, they need to send a clear signal, that is unacceptable. so far, as i have written, every time he breaks a window, they sweep up the glass. if this is really different in their minds, and it may not be. if it is, marco rubio is saying he shouldn't do it. he would be surprised, not outraged. i'll disagree with senator santorum. usually, a scandal is a cloud over the administrations agenda. this time, it's operating like a hook. we have the senate in the process now of possibly the most secretive process of a piece of legislation with a health care bill that could change the health care situation for tens of millions of americans. no americans, no public disclosure and eclipsed by the focus on russia. this is benefiting, i think. >> that's just baloney, ron.
8:25 am
all these bills -- >> how many hearings? >> has the bill been voted on? has the bill been voted on? the answer is it has not been. they are working on trying to put the bill together. you don't have hearings on a bill that you don't have yet. they are trying to put the language together. >> really? you worked on welfare reform in 1997. >> we put together and took a lot of time -- >> how many hearings did you have? >> i took a year and a half of my time and worked on welfare in private meetings before we introduced the bill. afterwards, we worked in private meetings for months before we came forward with the bill. ron, the idea that there needs to be hearings before there is a bill is outrageous. >> there will be hearings after the bill? >> i hope there will be hearings. >> don't hold your breath.
8:26 am
>> what were you saying if it comes out and they have a vote before july 4th, which is the goal. >> that would be a huge mistake. i don't think it's going to happen. look, you can't have ted cruz and mike lee on one side and a few others in that group that are going to allow this process to be rammed down their throat. this is going to be more deliberate that what is portrayed, it has to be. there has to be more discussion. the american public is going to know what they are voting on before they vote on it. >> tbd. stand by for that. senators, stand by. you can join me in that conversation. back to the russian investigation because i have another question ability that. another point jay sekulow argued is the president cannot obstruct justice, he has every right to
8:27 am
fire the fbi director. listen to this. >> the executive is obstructing with itself. that's what you are say sng by taking action of the authority to do. you are a smart guy. does the president have the authority, for whatever reason he chooses to terminate the fbi director, like james comey says? he serves at the pleasure of the president. >> what we have seen and know so far, michael, the obstruction of justice question gets to the trying to shut down the flynn investigation element of this conversation. is sekulow correct here? >> i don't think he's rilght. we don't elect a king to be in the white house. they are saying the president can do nothing wrong and he can do whatever he wants to do. he working for us. the people in congress are trying to fipd out what happened. to say he can't obstruct justice is wrong. the question is whether or not he can place a criminal trial. >> right. >> there's good legal debate on
8:28 am
whether or not the sitting president can be indicted. i'll say this, we are not in what i would call a constitutional crisis. it may be a crisis to determine if they have the right to stand-up and move forward as they see the shenanigans out of the white house. the discussion my colleagues on the panel had is indicative of the problem. the fact is this, this president has lost credibility. he's lost credibility with the public and world leaders and lost credibility with leaders in congress because they can't count on him to have their backs when they move forward with domestic or foreign agenda. that's a fact. he came out and champions the health care bill and calls it mean. the people in the senate have belief he would stand behind them if they put a bill forward. the president obama is they have lost credibility. >> shenanigans is what i welcome on this show every day.
8:29 am
great seeing you all. speaking of that secret republican health care bill, just in, the democrats in the senate announcing a big move tonight. stand by for that. plus, hours after a terror attack in london, moments ago, an armed man targeted police in paris. you are looking at live pictures there. playing out at the champs-elysees we are live at the scene next. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses,
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8:34 am
police aren't sure if the man was killed in the actual attack. the driver of the van, the van's driver, a 48-year-old man is now in custody. right now, authorities believe he acted alone. london's mayor acknowledged it's been a terrible few weeks but they will ultimately fail. >> reporte >> this attack behind me, the attack on westminster bridge is an attack on shared values. shared values of tolerance, freedom and respect. we will not allow these terrorists to succeed. >> all right. i want to take us quickly to the white house. what we are looking at the president trump and the first lady welcoming the president and first lady of panama to the white house for a visit. the world leaders will be visiting, meeting in the ovl
8:35 am
office. that leaves an opportunity for the president to speak to the press when they go in with cameras. let's wait a moment. let's listen in as the arrival happens. >> all right, the official word from the white house is leaders will discuss ways to reinforce the ties with the two nations. the shared priorities in the fight against transnational organized crime, illegal migration and illicit
8:36 am
substances. they will meet in the oval office, then a working lunch. we'll see if the president will say anything in front of cameras. i want to get back to overseas and the terrorist attack that played out in london. an attack that appears to be terror related in paris. we are in london covering all the, unfortunately, clarissa, your assignment has been covering all the attacks london and beyond. the mayor called the city resilient and said this has been a terrible few weeks for london. how are londoners handling all of this? obviously, it's difficult to say, a blanket statement. are folks afraid or changing their routines? >> reporter: i mean, so far, we don't see so much indication that people are afraid or changing their routines, although, of course, i have spoken to some who don't feel comfortable riding on the subway
8:37 am
because they have fears about that. i know when i told my mother i was going to a concert on saturday night, she was concerned about that. even though the british people are stoic and remaining positive and sticking todayly lives as usual, there's no question, there is a sense of unease and anxiety. it's hard to overstate how brutal the past few weeks have been for the britt people. the hits keep coming. you have the terrible attack in manchester, the terrible attack in london bridge, last week, an awful fire in an apartment building that killed at least 79 people. that death toll is supposed to go up or expected to go up as they identify more and more of the people who are missing. now you have this attack on a mosque or next to a mosque, people coming out after ramadan prayers. this is the holiest month of the year in islam.
8:38 am
they were essentially mowed down by a van. the driver was detained at the scene. kate, i think it's testimony to the restraint of the people outside the mosque that they were able to hold him and keep him unharmed, no one laid a finger on him until police arrived on the scene. as you heard from the mayor, they are investigating this as a terrorist incident. i think it's a growing concern you have extremes on both sides here, kate, who feel emboldens, like they are getting closer to being able to tear away at the fabric of british society. obviously most people in this country are saying hold on, we don't want any of that. there's no question attack after attack after attack, it starts to wear on the local people here. kate? >> that investigation very much under way as it happened early this morning. great to see you. thanks. the top republican in the senate, he says he wants a health care vote before the
8:39 am
fourth of july recess. can he make that happen? he's very powerful. he's very good. he knows the senate floor rules very well. can he get it done when many senators don't know what is in the bill at this moment. now, democrats are gearing up for a fight. let's see what happens. details on that ahead. plus, the most expensive house race in history and has gotten ugly. new ads that have folks on both sides of the aisle shaking their heads. we'll be right back. ready or not, here i come.ek.) ♪ anyone can dream. making it a reality is the hard part. northrop grumman command and control systems always let you see the complete picture.
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come up with a health care bill. kind of a deadline they have set for themselves. the goal is for the senate to vote on something, vote on some legislation before the july 4th recess. republican leaders are in the spotlight and under fire for the process in pulling together their version of a health care bill. most republicans they don't know what's in it. what is it at the moment? we just learned tonight, senate democrats will be moving to bring the senate chamber to a halt to try to protest the republicans closed door process and slow things down, if they can. david is joining me now for more on this. so, david, what started earlier in the hour as a discussion about the russian investigation ended up becoming an interesting and lively debate about exactly this. what is going on behind closed doors between senator santorum and ron brownstein. no one knows what's in it
8:45 am
exactly. how is this health care situation going to shake out? >> this is a deliberate strategy. it isn't by magic. this is how he can get to the 50-51 votes he needs to pass this bill. the best way to do it is not have a death by 1,000 cuts, every outside interest group and interested party can get in there and make complaints about it. now, of course, at some point, when this is legislative and scored by the congressional budget office to find out what is in it, what it costs and how many people lose coverage, then the american people are going to have a chance to look at it. mitch mcconnell is hoping to limit that to get votes. that's the political strategy behind it. it left the democrats with what can they do to push back and shine a light on that. you just reported this one way they are going to start pushing back, which is try to grind
8:46 am
senate business to a halt. that's something democratic based voters have been pressing democratic leaders in the senate in washington to do. >> so, if i can, because let us see what happens there. let me turn to something that is going to happen more immediately. the most expensive house race in history. georgia election, this race is all kind of been watching it happen. it was always going to come down to the wire, it appeared. it just got really, really ugly. ads from outside political action groups. this is one example. watch this. >> now the unhinged left is endorsing and applauding shooting republicans. when will it stop? it won't if john ossoff wins on tuesday. >> both campaigns condemned that ad. what is going on here? do they need to go there? >> let me add my voice
8:47 am
condemning the campaigns. it crosses the line to try to put together john ossoff, the democrat running in this house race with last week's shooting. >> yeah. >> they don't belong that much together. that is why both candidates are distancing themselves with it. to point, you don't get the most expensive house race in history when it's this close and the stakes are high, kate. this is the 2017 ball game, if you will. this race, now, in terms of setting up the battle for the house of representatives in the midterm elections. it is impossible for this race not to be viewed as some sort of referendum on donald trump's first five months in office. >> but, i mean the way folks are playing is whatever happens tomorrow, that decides exactly the houfate of the house majori. >> oh, no. >> exactly.
8:48 am
everyone sees it as an indicator. >> it represents, we'll sort of see, in a district. this is why it's so key. in a district that is exactly the profile of what donald trump has been having trouble with wherever he has trouble with republicans, this is it. it's the better educated, more affluent suburban voters that are elusive to him. there are a lot of districts around the country that democrats see as an opportunity for pick ups if they win tomorrow. if they don't win tomorrow, i think democrats are going to have a huge blow to figure out what is the party doing wrong in the era of trump? they went all in on this. >> stand by to stand by. everyone heads to the polls tomorrow. great to see you, thank you. >> you, too. more on the breaking news hours after a terror attack in london. moments ago, an armed man targeted police in paris.
8:49 am
we look at live pictures at the scene. we have the car involved right there. we got new information about the driver, next.
8:50 am
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tonight senate democrats will try to begin blocking senate business. this is a direct response to the secrecy of the gop's revised health care plan to take down obamacare, of course. but what is in that senate bill is anyone's guess at this point. let me bring in republican congressman lee zeldin. so you supported the house version of the health care bill. then it was kicked to the senate. the senate said it will work on its own. it has been behind closed doors. do you have any insight of what's in this thing? >> i don't think if they have a final bill yet. i haven't gotten updates to indicate they are done with their process of developing that draft introduce. maybe it's something we see in the next few days. if they want to pass something the next few weeks, they better finalize and release the bill as early as this week. >> your opinion on the secrecy. republicans in the house were
8:54 am
criticized for carrying out a secret process. i remember rand paul making quite a show of his treasure hunt, taking a copier along to try to find the bill that was in some committee room he never found, taking reporters with him. what's your view on how the senate is doing it? >> i don't know if they have a bill yet to release publicly. >> even the process. >> as far as the process goes, you have -- so you have 100 senators, you need 51 votes to pass it. 52 republicans. you have a very limited margin. it's not like you have 100 senators looking to get to yes here. >> are you okay with the secrecy? >> well, as soon as they have a bill to introduce they should introduce it and it should be discussed and debated. >> you think there will be time for hearings? >> i don't know exactly what the timeline is. if they want to pass a bill by july 4, it would be great. if they introduce the bill, say, next day or so. i just don't know where they're at in that process. i do believe there should be time for the public to be able to read it, weigh in on it and if there's any ideas to improve
8:55 am
it, to offer up those ideas and improve it. >> so last week -- let me pause for one second. we will go really quick. the president meeting with the president of panama and first ladies are there as well. let's listen in. >> it's our great honor to have president and mrs. varela from panama. we have many things to discuss. we will spend quite a bit of time today. panama canal is doing quite well. i think we did a good job building it, right? very good job. but things are going well in panama. the relationship has been very strong. we are developing new things to do and only getting stronger. and our also friendship with the president is very, very good. i just want to thank you very much. it's an honor to have you at the white house. thank you. >> i would like to thank
8:56 am
president trump, his wife, for receiving us today at the white house. it's a long friendship between panama and the united states. we face the same challenges in the region so the idea of this visit is to work closely together to face the same challenge we have in the region of central america, latin america and our continent. really happy to be here today. i'm looking forward to this meeting and meeting with the other directors of the agencies to establish the work together very closely with the president and the administration for the future of the region. >> again, thank you. >> there have you it from the white house. let me get back to the important discussion of health care with the limited time we have left. last week the president told republican senators at the white house when it comes to the house bill, he described it as mean, cold-hearted and a son of a something. you supported that bill. did you support something that's mean? >> the president supported it as well and he was encouraging many of my colleagues as well to support the bill.
8:57 am
no, i don't believe that at all. when i talk to people about why do you not support this bill, they are say well, it changes the definition of pre-existing conditions even though it doesn't. >> were you blindsided by that remark from the president? >> i wish i was there to participate in that particular conversation. i was at dinner at the white house with the president a week and a half ago when the health care bill came up then. >> and? >> it was nothing anywhere near that kind of analysis of the bill and the president was very focused on getting health care passed as he is now. >> congressman, what does that say? who is he telling the truth to? senators or you guys? >> i'm saying as far as my conversations with him directly, he has been pushing forward with getting passage in congress and he wants to sign it, and there is a time sensitivity to it from the standpoint of if you live in iowa and are losing your last insurer on the exchange in 2018 you have no choice in the individual market. >> does he make your job harder or easier with comments like that? >> i actually think the
8:58 am
president's advocacy in the house was key to getting the bill passed in the house. >> now he's unadvocating it. >> i don't know exactly, you know, what happened behind closed doors that i have been reading about and you are asking me about. all i can say is from my conversations with him as recently as a week and a half ago in the white house, there was no signs that he was anything other than full speed ahead, trying to get something passed. >> all right. great to see you. good luck this week. back to our breaking news. two terror investigations under way right now in london, one in london, one in paris. we are following the latest developments. we'll be right back.
8:59 am
9:00 am
welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. two terror investigations unfolding in the uk and in france. more on exactly what we know in just a second. plus the united states and russia exchange sharp words after an american jet shoots down a syrian war plane. the pentagon says the shooting was justified. the kremlin says it will now consider u.s. war planes targets. new developments in the russia election meddling investigation including this. one of the president's attorneys says mr. trump is not under investigation. he says he can't be completely sure. we begin the hour with


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