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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  July 1, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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adventurous. and he really enjoyed making people laugh. this is a very emotional and very sacred place to me. >> it's sacred to another family as well. firefighters can be found here like this montana crew hiking up during aur interview. four years after the deaths of 19 grant unmountain hot shots, the memorial is a trail for remembering and a path toward healing. martin savage, cnn, yarnle, arizona. >> this is cnn breaking news. we're following breakingnous right now police in lyric ark are discussing the maasey shooting at a night club, 25 people shot overnight let's go to that the mayor is speaking is at the podium. >> let's rededicate ourselves to what we can do to make the city safe. that sickening feeling in the gut of your stomach is something
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you never want to feel and certainly on a fourth of july weekend where we wish to anticipate having fun with friends and family, this is certainly, certainly a terrible, terrible tragedy. i want to thank and commend our first responders, thanks to their response, the work of the medical professionals in our hospitals and by the grace of god all of the victims are expected to survive. i want to reassure our public this was not an act of terrorism but a tragedy, a local community tragedy. it does not appear to be a planned shooting. it appears there was a disagreement amongst a small subset of individuals at a concert that turned violent because of the presence of rivalries and weapons. i want to take a moment here in a minute after our officials give their briefing to address some of the bigger issues affecting our community. but there are two things readily apparently. we must do more to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people. and government can do something
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to help us with that. we also -- also should be outraged that a promotional video with a gun on the front cover inviting people to a concert suggesting the issues of violence should also be totally unacceptable in our community. we need to do these things before tragedies happen. and so we come down here, and we know we've got to use a hammer, use a big hammer on the people who would do violence with guns and hurt people. so we'll speak more about this in a moment. but i want to turn it over the press conference to chief buckner, who is going to give you an update on the details of the investigation. chief buckner? >> thank you, mayor. good afternoon. i'm going to go into some of the details of the incident and how they kind of unravelled as we
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know them today. all the of the information i'm giving as you based upon preliminary information and subject to change. approximately 2:30 a.m. at the power lounge located on sixth street there was a concert with a memphis entertainer identified as a fitness two time scheduled to be the headliners for the concert. there were also some local artists scheduled to perform. at this concert some sort of dispute ensued in the audience during the event. and there were multiple shots fired. we believe multiple individuals were responsible for the shots fired. again i want to echo what the mayor said. i don't believe this was an act of terror more an active shooter situation. offduty police officers were also at some point working this event. they were there from 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. that was the normally scheduled to him to be there. the job was to work the parking lot for the venue which is
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typicalfare these types of venues and police offduty during that location. during the tenure there shortly before they left the 2:00 a.m. exit time. some members with the headliners group for the entertainment attempted to enter the venue, one of which openly ka carrying a weapon. our officers engaged that individual, attempted to stop that individual but it appears that some of the individuals went to an alternate entry into this location and actually gained access into the venue. it appears that most of the shots that were fired -- that this occurred inside the venue but that's based upon preliminary information. we do not have any information that leads us to believe that anything occurred outside that relates to the shots fired. the location was also checked at approximately 12:30 a.m. by our vice detectives which is part of routine patrol to check venue throughout the city. but we have had other complaints
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at this venue. the victims all appear to be african-american both male and female with the youngest being the age of 16, the oldest being 35. 28 individuals in total were injured. 25 result of gunshot wounds. 3 as a result of attempting to flee the venue when the chaos ensued. of those individuals that were injured of 22 we believe that two are listed in critical condition at this time. the other individuals have what we believe to be non-life threatening injuries. i cannot thank our hospitals enough for their response to have this kind of mass incident occur in our city and the thakt that we're standing here to do today and 28 people -- 25 of which were shot and no one is dead speaks to a lot of things on our first responders and also our hospitals and how they were able to bridge with us to help the individuals. those hospitals specifically were these 25 folks that kind of scattered throughout central arkansas, uams bab ray bap
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consist st. vincent childrens and baptist sprinkle in north lyric. to our community we have no lean to believe anyone at the general public is at risk of harm to any offed individuals. it was associated with many so of the individuals inside. we want the public to know we feel there is no risk for any harm, to go about your daily lives. this does appear as the mayor alluded to to be a continuation of zuts from some of our local groups who have been zuting the that what you've seen some of the things playing out in streets resulted in drive by shootings and other shooting victims a if you of which we have warrants for their arrest. also, to our officers -- it's very, very important that i want them to know that this is why we train. this is why we pursue best practices. this is why we want to subscribe to 21st century policing principles.
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this is which i send you around the country to develop n-s to the the kind of information we need that when you have your moment in your city in america today unfortunately we're seeing in play out too much. i could not be prouder how you responded on that day. it says so much that we have that many people injured in and our people were able to get there, declare a safe scene for ems folks to enter and do their jobs and we greatly appreciate that. also i want to let the public know that we would not have been able to do this alone although we're the ones standing up here talking as we should with because this is our city. but the surrounding chiefs in central arkansas have reached out and extended their help. we are currently working with atf and fbi represented here today also helping us with the investigation and many of the tools that they have we don't have the resources to do some of the broad things they're able to do. and they're here early and appreciate their help. s are the state police and the
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governor's office has stented their help for any needs we may need with the crime lab or state policy. so at this time we'll talk a little bit some of the things that occurred with the injured from greg from ems. >> take off what chief buckner plp a couple years abfire mems ban began to work together for mass tragedies like what we faced last evening and began to pay off last night when you medics began to arrive on scene we began our treeiage. we found that some had been triaged by the police department. a total of five to your honor ketsy used a few years ago we wouldn't have seen anything like that. their actions had direct positive impact on the outcome of this event. a lot of people self-evacuated from the scene. some went to children's hospital. i'll talk about that in a second. there were ten left on the scene not able to self-evacuate. we were able to transport them out working with the arkansas
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trauma system to make sure they were scattered to appropriate hospitals. the two that went to childrens they were adults of course children's a pediatric facility not able to cake are care of them we made sure they were transported to the appropriate facilities there was one other the chief didn't mention that is conway played into the mix to make sure we in spread the patients out because of the self-evacuations to the other hospitals. at this point that's all i have. >> we'll take questions the chief and i will take questions in a moment. but i want to let you know the feeling of heart break has become all too familiar. this incident certainly only puts a point on a situation we've seen continue to increase since last fall. it's not unique to little rock by the way. it's happening in cities urban cities throughout the country. i have received calls from new orleans, the mayor of new orleans. the mayor of louisville, all of which pledged to do anything
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they can to help us. because we know we have to have a collective effort and to learn from each other as it relates to those things. i know we've got people here in this city dedicating their lives to stopping the violence, both in the police department and in the community. we have people in organizations be people in our churches that are helping, reaching out trying to provide an opportunity for young peopling to in the right direction instead of the wrong direction, offering mentor services and others. i know they are as frustrated as i am that the resources, the time, the money, the coordination are not yet yielding the results that we want. but he must press on. from continue to press forward as a community. s in a community problem and it is a community issue we can solve. let me mention a couple of things. first of all the lounge, the ultrapower being lounge pb the abc has suspended the liquor license effective today. the city is going to be placing in property in our criminal
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abatement program. and we will be shutting this location down, absolutely. the manager of the property is advised he is also providing an eviction notice to the operators of the lounge. so in activity downtown is going to cease. it also should be a recognition to the other late night clubs and place that is we have that we're going to be extra vigilant a as it relates to the issues of people walking streets with guns peterson it's very important that we work on trying to remove the guns from the people who should not have them. and who is that? i want to let you no he that i've talked with the governor. i've talked with the attorney general, governor hutchison and i have talked about the importance of putting together a group of both state and local officials that will be working with our probation and parole officers so that people on probation and parole carrying weapons can be apprehended and prosecuted and convicted and put in jail. we also i've talked with layer
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jegly our prosecuting attorney. he has assigned a special deputy to be specially deputized with the u.s. attorney's office so that we can get those cases to the federal level where the sanctions are much more serious and they can be kept in jail longer. this is the kind of long-term type of activities going to be -- that are going to be yielding results. we've got to take the repeat gun offenders off the streets. which means we're going to have to have increased supervision and monitoring by the probation and parole officers. let me emphasize that we believes in a small group of repeat offenders that are bent on violent criminal. we have a violent crime apprehension team of 25 officers that are working all of the hot spots we receive reports from. it is very important that the community let us no he when he they hear shots so we can be there and make sure we investigate appropriately what is happening at the time. i want you to know that the atf and the alcohol, tobacco and the
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fbi and marshal office in little rock and those offices are working as it relates to this incident. the challenge of too many people resolving zuts with guns cannot be resolved with just arrest and conviction. we know that there is going to have to be a difference made in the future for people in terms of giving them something to lose. that is why the city and my board of director here dedicated oef $$5.5 million a year as we continue for intervention and prevention programs it's my responsibility to make sure the funds go where they are needed. if you know what is the key. we don't have a magic wand to undo you the disparities of tune. but together with the hard work i know we can do everything we can to change that. we can deal with the issues of economic mobility. we can assist people in trying
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to get jobs it may mean more program foss to revitalize neighborhood to bring back disadvantaged neighborhoods, to work aggressively in having people understand the respect of live and value property. it may mean asking the community to reach out every day and be a rode model for young people. we must understand that one person alone cannot solve this problem or be blamed for the problem. a police chief alone can't this problem a minister can't solve in problem alone. if a city director alone acan't solve it but a citizen alone also cannot solve this problem. but collectively -- collectively we as a community can do so. by working together by combining smart policy, important investments and certainly using prayer "i" certain that we can make the change and bring safety back to our city.
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so with that said i'm going to -- dsh i'll open this up for questions and ask the chief to come forward i'm sure there will be quite a few questions going to be asked. chief? >> at this time because we're very early in our investigation we're still developing that information as to who was a witness, who was a suspect, who fired shots, who was actually in the location to try to see who saw what. it's too early for us to know who the suspects are. obviously we know who some of the entertainers were for the event. but right now we don't have suspect information to give to you release to the public. >> tell us why you believe that if you don't have anyone in custody or are they still in town. >> because i believe the incident that occurred we certainly know it began between what appeared to be rival groups in the audience that was there. so i do not believe that the general public is at risk from these individuals because of the
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dispute is with teen these two organizations who who ever else may have fired shots in the location that was the purpose of that statement. >>ic the question here ma'am. >> there is a lot of questions from the community we know there is a longstanding feud between little rock and emphasis memphis gang was that at play in this scenario. >> i think the history and challenges of both little rock and memphis are well documented. when you have a concert venue where you have young people and force the two cities into a small room in some kind of dispute enviews it was a recipe or disaster. overly we will learn more as we begin to unfold with this investigation but to be able to say this is a result of a conflict between memphis and little rock i don't have enough information to give gnaw definitive avenues. >> chief you mentioned. >> please. >> you said several suspects are we talking, five, ten can you
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tell us if they're from here, out of town sfwla because we don't know what we don't know yet we're still in the process. of actively interviewing both victims and witnesses from the venue. i would have no idea as who how many people actually fired shots in that location. >> any members of the performers. >> we don't know that information either. yeses. >> chief you mentioned that several previous shooting that is occurred here in little rock over the last two weeks or so can you say definitively that this incident is linked. >> there is a possibility some of the recent shootings could have something to do with the conflict inside that location as you all can probably appreciate, although i know it must be frustrate fudge you're trying to get information, as it is because. because we don't know what we don't know yontd to prematurely put something out there the universe i can't stand behind. but it's certainly -- we certainly feel there is a possibility that there could be
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a connection with the recent shootings. >> they could be linked. is it linked with the performers. >> we have not spoke to the performer yet. but that is certainly one of the individuals -- did anyone inside the venue we certainly want to speak to. >> we do not have anyone in custody alert of this incident. >> your question ma'am. >> you mentioned out in the parking lot was there security inside. >> to my knowledge the security inside the venue would have been the individuals that were working for the power lounge. there were no police. >> you are listening to police in little rock arkansas at a news conference saying the shooting at a downtown night club earlier this morning that injured 28 people is not a big concern for the public. the police chief staying it is too early to know who the suspects are. we do have video from inside the club i want to show you.
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>> again the little rock police department says that 28 people were hurt. 25 of them shot. the other three suffered unrelated injures. the shooting victims range in age from 16 to 35. trited at five area hospitals. two people listed in critical condition. we did hear from the mayor who said they expect everyone to be okay. police say said several people in the crowd exchanged gunfire. there were some rival factions from what we understand inside the club. there was an argument. they say the shooing was not an act of terror. the fbi and atf are helping in the investigation. no arrests have been made. the police chief saying it is too early to identify suspects. the mayor says the club will be shut down. and the liquor license has now been revoked. the good news there 28 people hurt, no one expected to die
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after that shooting. coming up, the president renewing attack on cable news host this morning after drying bipartisan condemnation in washington. stay with us. we're live in the c whoooo.
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...on the hotel you want. trust this bird's words. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. . president trump is ignoring the advice of lawmakers this we could. even those in his own party, to lay off twitter attacks. instead he is continue ago feud with cable tv anchors. cnn ryan nobles is live outside the white house. what's he been saying today. >> yeah with, the president back on twitter again this morning kinning his criticism of msnbc host and joe scarborough and mika brzezinski? he said crazy joe skbrz and dumb as a rock mika are not bad people but their low rated show is dominated by the nbc bosses too bad. that's what the president is tweet bag this morning, not
1:25 pm
about the debate over health care or the upcoming meeting at the g 20 summit instead about the feud with cable news anchors this is something republicans are pleading with him to stop. fake a listen. >> that's a tweet that's not even becoming of a city councilman. >> i'm not going to defend his tweet. it was ugly. and i personally do hold the president of the united states to a higher standard. >> this is maddening. it's maddeningly frustrating because this is beneath the dignity of the president of thes united states or at least it should be. it's a distraction. and it really ultimately it starts to undermine the president's ability to get his agenda done. >> we're dealing with some very serious policy issues in the congress, whether it be health care reform, tax reform, border security, and national security issues that we would prefer him to tweet about those issues. >> and of course in comes boris as congress has left town for the july fourth recess but the
1:26 pm
health care deeblt continuing to perk late a few days before the president heads to g 20 summit. >> ryan, you mentioned health care. where do we stand with that right now? >> well the debate continues. in fact senior administration official tells liz landers that the president will continue to work on health care. he is out of town right now at his estate in eye new jersey. his golf course there. but he does expect to reach out to lawmakers over this break. and you know one of the big sticking points right now which we've already heard from senators on capitol hill and the white house is echos this is this problem with medicaid expansion. there are a number of states across the country that expanded medicaid under obamacare. and the current senate bill would take away that senate funding. it would take a bit of time before it would be gone. but the federal funding would be gone, leaving big holes in state budgets. it's something a lot of the republican senators just aren't comfortable with yet. and that's something the white house and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell are wreftling
1:27 pm
with as they try to come up a compromise for the bill to get through senate. >> still a long way tood. 10 gop senators proposing that maybe they skip the august recess to hash out the details of this health care bill. ryan reporting from the white house thank you. coming up the president is poised to meet with vladimir putin next week as one of the key trump campaign advise volunteers to face questions about the election meddling. live in the cnn newsroom.
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because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. let's get straight to the panel of cnn political commentators to discuss some of the president's tweets. joining me kmktic strategicist much republican strategist and conservative columnist. ladies which thank you for santa
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feeing with us. the white house is defending the president saying the american people elect add fighter someone fighting fire with fire. do you think those people voting for him expected the fight to be with cable news hosts. >> no, i think they expected fight first and foremost to be for the american people and all americans republicans and dmngts and they had hoped also the fight would be against vladimir and north korea. and isis. unfortunately that hasn't been the case. look, i understand where he feels as though that the media has been unduly harsh on him. but when you are in an elected office there is going to be some difficult criticism, whether from the press, whether from those in the other party, whether from people that are just critical of your positions on policies. being in that position you have to develop thick skin, wear a coat of armor, be able to pick battles. my view his time would be better spent on the massive and impressive twitter following and
1:33 pm
twitter outreach by folking on issues like health care and travel ban and kate's law and. not "morning joe." it would be beneficial to him and the american people. >> kayleigh to you, something kellyanne conway said yesterday that the coverage of the president wasn't productive and patriotic to pursue a negative narrative but is it up to the press to set a positive tone or is it up to president to define the focus of the national conversation. >> well kellyanne is referring to the fact that it's historically negative and historically unpatriotic. the media's coverage of president trump from day one they were questioning his mental fitness. as i mentioned previously he has been compared to hitler. his family was attacked ruttinglessly that is what they she takes issue with. president trump is taking on the media not only for himself not only because of the personal attack that is have been directed against him but he also recognizes that the media is doing a disservice to the
1:34 pm
american people when 353 minutes on broadcast television television are pen on the russia kprirs conspiracy are. after the fbi director said the theories are dead wrong. the former fbi director they focus on that and spent one minute on tax reform that is toing a disservice to the american people and he is going to ensure things get covered he is doing the kate's law key stone border crossing being downen the stock market being up the media will never focus on that the president trump is going to force them to. >> i think you way the phrase the russia conspiracien the senate house and fbi are all taking this seriously. i do want to move on kayleigh and ask you about this, let's is not joke around. let's be serious. president trump attacking women's looks and making misogynistic remarks isn't new a lot of it is on tape let'ses listen to what he said start wg a remark about megyn kelly. >> she gets out and she starts
1:35 pm
asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. and you know you could see their blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> the other day i'm standing -- i told you this. but i'm standing at my podium and she walks in front of me. right? she walks in front of me. you know? and when he walked in front of me believe me i wasn't impressed >> i'm automatically attracted to beautiful women. i start kissing them it's like a magnet and wle you're a star they let do you it you can do anything. >> whatever you you want. >> debra grab them by the -- you can do anything. >> people are willing tots i was with donald trump in 1980. i was sitting with him on an airplane. and he went after me on the plane. yeah i'm going to go after her. believe me, she would not be my first choice that i can tell you. >> to be clear what you just heard is the president defending allegations of sexual assault by
1:36 pm
implying that his accuseder wasn't attractive enough to assault. does the president have a problem with women? >> no, he doesn't and one of the clips that was just played was the "access hollywood" tape which he apologized for i prayed for forgiveness and america forgive him when they elected him i would also point out he has attacked nim low energy jab, little mark orr. we can have a conversation about name calling if it's appropriate. let's not the forget the interaction with the liberal msnbc host not when she attacked his physical appearance, the discussion that prompted him to send out the tweet was a discussion about how he appeared in a portrait how he held his hands and hid his hands she was making a rae mark upon the size of his lds hanlds. we should hold everyone of every gender to the same stpd thets let's not attack physical teek. including the host and the president. >> kayleigh brings up a very good point.
1:37 pm
all of america saw that "access hollywood" tape voters kind of knew what they were getting. he won. they elected him. >> yeah. >> do democrats have an issue getting to those voters? >> well, i mean certainly so many things happened that -- during this election that you know went to the results of the election. you know one of which was the russian meddling. and sadly this is something that this president a, doesn't believe. b, does not take seriously. and i think that's a big problem for him and for the american people. clearly what -- what trump has done every time that he goes to twitter and tweets, especially against women and making fun of their locks, is that he is proving yet again what we knew, yes, when america elected him, that he is a sexist, misogynistic jerk. and i say jerk because i can't use another word on national
1:38 pm
television. but the fact of the matter is let us not forget, boris, that man was not elected by the majority of the people. he is not supported today which by the majority of the american people. he has historic low approval ratings in mid-to low 30s. and the majority of the american people did not want him to be president. and, yes, this is something he struggles with every day. and i think it's part of the reason why he is acting the way he is because i think he wonders himself whether he is legitimate mri in the oval office. but since he is there he should act like he deserves to be there. put on his man pants, make sure that he let's the american people know that he is there to work for them instead of being so concerned about his own image and his own ego. but i say that in vain. because so many of his supporters have tried to say this to try to get him to act presidential. the words acting presidential do not exist in his vocabulary,
1:39 pm
period. and that is a shame for the american people. it makes us look horrible abroad. and it's going to keep him from trying to do what he wants legislatively. and that is a shame for republicans on the hill as well. >> the dplkts go ahead, kayleigh liberal democrats need to do something other than demonize the president maria your party don't agenda you have no plans no play become no solutions for health care and american people some. >> enacts and you demonize the president by calling him a sexist. the play book that you just poured put forward of calling him a sexist. >> that is try to protect the 22 million. >> you tried run. >> -- maria i let you finish. you tried dmeemennizing the president in the 2006 election with those same charges of seksism it failed he is sitting in 160 oh pennsylvania avenue i would suggest you offer solutions because deemenization falls on deaf here ears. >> two things democrats are
1:40 pm
trying to protect the 22 million americans kayleigh that trump and republicans trying to take healthcare away from i which by the way it is a broken promise he said because he said during the campaign that he was going to give you universal health care that he wasn't going to touch medicaid and that is exactly what he is doing number one. and number two, yes, you know, he -- our accusations of him as being a sexist and misogynist didn't work during the election. but it doesn't mean they're not true. again, et majority of the american people did not want him to be president and do not support him to this day. >> boris. >> and they don't support liberal democrats. >> alice i want to you get time in to respond. >> real quickly on the issue of him not winning with the majority vote. it's not at majority vote election it's a electoral college election and he within bus he had a message that connected with the american people he worked hard campaigned in key state and they played the electoral college process np i would imagine if it was a
1:41 pm
popular vote they would be campaigned differently that's the bottom line. >> that's right. >> with regard to the russian probe he views this as undermining the results of the election which i don't believe but that's what he believes. so i think the more they can get the information out there let's put that to rest then we can focus on the issues ahead. >> because he himself believes he is illegitimate. >> we have to leave it there but we thank you so much for passion and perspective. alice stewart, maria aband kayleigh live in the cnn newsroom please stay with us. >> thanks, boris. >> thanks, boris.
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1:46 pm
beast. they are getting set to meet at the g 20. we don't know the foermt will be what do you expect? >> well either it's going to be a pull aside -- we'll at least see them shake hands and then maybe meet in a room away from the cameras, don't now how long it's going to be. white house officials say that president trump is going to come with both things that he can talk about with putin that could lead to cooperation but also stress to him areas of difficulty. i've spoke ton european officials, they have intelligence that they have intercepted that moscow thinks this meeting will go well for putin and he may be able to through the force of charm, long experience in influencing other world leaders get some -- get some concessions out of trump or promises for future concessions. that has european worried. what they want to hear is trump
1:47 pm
be forceful about things like russia's interference in ukraine and its continued support of bashar al assad in syria. but we'll to see what the two men say before and after they meet. >> yeah and it's going to be a notable trip because it's the first time trump will be see all the european leaders after he decided to pull out of the paris climate accord. he's also got a lot on his plate here at home. how do you expect the international reception -- how do you expect them to receive the president. >> i think after some of the leaders got a public dressing down at nato when trump gave that speech there where he talked about the fact that he thought many of those countries hadn't been pulling their weight in terms of investment in defense, they are primed this time to give as good as they got. we can already see the german leader angela merkel saying things publicly in the press,
1:48 pm
pushing back against trump. what we might see are verbal fireworks, and a real defense of the climate deal. and i think people will take trump on. so this could be a fascinating meeting. >> yeah, there could be fireworks. we have heard from nato allies they would love to hear the president give a vocal show of support to article 5 on this trip, the stipulation if any nato country is attacked the entire alliance would respond. how important is it for them to hear that? we've heard it from the vice president before. but what's the significance of hearing it from the president himself. >> the fact of the matter is that on the campaign trail and in some of the other comments he made it sound like he might not come to the aid of other countries whereas the only time article 5 has ever actually been used is for the united states when everyone came to assist the u.s. after the attacks of 9/11. he was supposed to affirm article 5 verbally in the nato
1:49 pm
speech. he didn't tp. they would like to hear it in person. but the president knows that, and he doesn't like to be pushed or bullied into anything either. so that might be something we do not hear, which will just stir more controversy. >> we have to leave it there kimberly thank you so much for the time. >> thank you. >> coming up, in a bind. head of a crucial overseas trip for president trump reports of major disagreements between the state department and white house. live in the cnn newsroom.
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the original china town is deep in the heart of superiorities san francisco on the next united shades of america. kamau bell sees how and why they're honoring original
1:54 pm
chinese heritage in the face of stereotypes. tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. pacific. >> san francisco has the first china town. it's the identity of city. >> exactly it's like another country. >> now people began to have the fears of chinese americans. >> chinese people in china town had the same china town. >> yeah. >> that's the san francisco history i'm talking aboutpeople like to promote san francisco as all accepting welcoming place but that's not always true. how important was it to you grope up oh owning the american chinese i'd it i. >> oh my god you have opened such a terrible thing. >> is it important that chinese americans retain this culture? i've seen the hypersexualization of the asian male. >> it's something we dealt with all our lives. >> with asian male mass clint
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