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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  July 2, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we placed an acoustic tag on this shark. you can see it right there. we'll get a sense of where it spends its time over the next ten years around cape cod. i've been studying sharks for over 30 years. every time i go out, i'm like a kid oepg presepening presents o christmas morning. i love it. i love it. it is 7:00 p.m. on the east coast. you're live in the cnn newsroom. thank you for joining us. tonight, a to-do list for president trump. health care, tax reform, and infrastructure plan. stopping the threat of nuclear war with north korea. what to do in afghanistan, where there are still many brave americans serving to this day. of course, the upcoming stairdown with vladamir putin. the president is wrestling with
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so many challenges both here at home and abroad. but according to twitter, he's only wrestling with cnn. doctored to show a trump smackdown of cnn and share it with his 33 million followers on twitter. in response, cnn released this statement -- >> the president posted the
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video hours after he defended his social media use as "modern day presidential" while also take thing swing at the media during an event to honor veterans. >> the fake media is trying to silence us. but we will not let them. because the people know the truth. the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house. but i'm president and they're not. [ cheers and applause ] >> i am president, and they're not. we have a panel of experts with us. but first, we start with the host of "reliable sources" brian stelter. there's been quite a bit of reaction on both sides. what have you seen? >> some trump supporters saying this is funny, others taking it too seriously. we've seen journalism advocates saying right now the target is
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cnn. the common thread is that he's trying to intimidate journalists. we heard from the radio/television news directors association saying journalists should not be intimidated right now. you know, what happened, he apparently found this meme or found this video on reddit, which is a message board. this video emerged there from a few days ago. >> a racist troll. >> he posted racism, but this guy, we don't know, he posted this video a few days ago and a version made its way to the president. a lot of questions you might have about that. for example, is this taxpayer money being spent on the president's tweets? is this the kind of thing that he can face issues with twitter with. twitter says no, it's not a
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violation of terms of service. this is the second most popular thing posted on twitter by the president by the way. he's gained over 200,000 retweets of this. so it taps into something, his fans like to see him fighting the media. the president has a lot on his plate, ongoing federal investigation, and yet he bashes the media, the messenger. today, it happens to be cnn. but it's been "the new york times" and "the washington post" and other networks. who knows who his target will be tomorrowsome >> stay with us. we want to bring in the rest of our panel. jeffrey, let's start with you. there are republicans raising serious concerns about this.
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here's the congressman from new york. >> when i was 10 years old, we looked up to the president of the united states. we're trying to understand the difference of right and wrong and set our own moral compass to be future leaders. being presidential is being that role model. and i don't believe that some of what he's doing on twitter is setting if right example for my kids. >> jeffrey, is the president setting the right example for america's kids? >> look, i know lee zeldin and i have a lot of respect for him, but i disagree with him. the logic that this could result in violence against journalists, let's just flip this and wonder -- i mean, cnn, and i don't want to pick on cnn. cnn, "the washington post," "the new york times," liberal media in general, gives air times to democrats who say the republican health care plan will kill millions of people.
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congressman steve scalise has been shot and almost killed. is that cnn's fault? of course not. is that the fault of "the washington post" or "the new york times"? by their logic, yes. but i would suggest no. and i think they need to stop this and understand that the first amendment gives everybody the right to say their piece, including presidential spokes people, the president of the united states himself, period. >> you had a bit of a physical response to something that jeffrey said. >> only because when you talk about criticizing a policy and what that policy might do, it's a little different than actually throwing a punch. or any sort of a direct incitement or using any instrument that can harm people whether it's your fist or something else. the shocking value of what we saw today is that it was throwing punches, which is not what words are. there's a difference between freedom of speech and freedom of swinging your fists.
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even if it's a joke, it's a much more serious thing. what we would caution even kids on a playground not to engage in, yet it's all over the president's twitter account, which is why people are saying this is a little different than what jeffrey was describing. >> david, some are argue thing is a joke, you can't take everything that the president tweets literally. sean spicer has been asked about that issue, and here was his response. >> so every tweet you are telling us from now on that we are to be able to take those words hit rally? >> of course you can. if they're from him -- i don't know what else you would take them as. >> are president trump's tweets considered official white house statements? >> well, the president is the president of the united states. so they are considered official statements by the president of the united states. >> david, i remember president-elect trump saying he was going to limit his use of twitter once he got into office.
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he said if i even get on twitter, it will be restrained. does all of this surprise you? >> no, not at all. look, this is dumb. it's a dumb thing of tweeted, not very presidential. but everybody else in the world has learned from this that foreign leaders that trump insults on twitter, it's just talk. he's yelling at the screen, expressing this anger. if you look at merkel, the leaders of china, companies like carri carrier, they've all managed to focus on what they were going to doing any way. we in the media get too wrapped up in this. we need to cover the stories we want to cover, figure out what's going on with the government and focus on that. this is just rhetoric and it's not going to change. >> but he's delegitimizing the american news media.
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he wants your paper to stop publishing. he beats the you know what out of "the washington post" via twitter. >> the way people know about this is we write about it and put it on television. >> we shouldn't talk about the president the way he's been towards the media? >> we have to write about it and do the job of the media. we need to report on what's happening with the health care bill, foreign policy. but to go over and over to square the circle that he's the president but not acting presidential is -- >> he's acting like a man with things to hide. but he is -- >> i was going to ask jeffrey about this, because the president actually responded to what i'm about to mention on twitter earlier this week in a very angry way. there was a gop senator who supports the health care bill, who told "the new york times"
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after a meeting with the president that the president appeared "especially confused during portions of the meeting." the daily beast reported said that the president is barely interested in the details of the health care bill. is it that the president doesn't want to have a serious conversation about what he believes should be in the health care bill and it's better to just have a conversation about his war with the media? >> there were books written in the '80s that reagan wasn't interested in the detail, was confused, had no idea what was going on, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. this is the standard response of people who are into, you know, mega details to presidents and executives who believe that following a certain policy to get to a certain objective but don't know all the details. this is a typical washington deal. i've seen it before, they were wrong around reagan.
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he's rated as one of the greatest presidents. they're wrong about trump. i assure you the trump organization would have never existed if the man they are describing did what they are suggesting. this is somebody who knows how to get things accomplished. that's what he does. and he's in the process of doing it. david, i mean, i'm amazed here, but i agree with what david has said. sure, cover this for a little bit, but focus. health care, infrastructure, tax reform. >> the president could pick up his phone right now and tweet about health care, he doesn't. >> he did once on friday. but there were another 14 tweets about the media. trump took swipes at cnn during a fund riser and the crowd loved it. he raised $10 million for his re-election. his agenda aside, do these attacks on the media help him
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just with the base or is this some part of a greater strategy to get legislation passed while everyone is focused on his arguments on twitter? >> i think it's a mixed bag. this is the red meat issue. as we've been reporting, when you get to the policy side of things, the particulars of the health care bill, it's not that favorable to people who are in his base. sometimes if you say we want to pay attention to the policy, why are you paying attention to the president's tweets? you know, that's one argument to make. and the fact that the president is taking these asides on twitter is kind of in reaction to when the news is not that good. so it's both the blame game is cyclical in this strange environment that we're in. sometimes the media is saying we should be focused on the substance here.
4:13 pm
the president asks for more coverage of the policy, but if it's not good, he blames the media and we go through this all over again. as dave was saying, it is getting a little predictable. yet you have to figure out how to strike the balance and not discounting the fact that's not what is happening. people need to know what's going on behind the motivation of the tweets in the first place. >> the very interesting thing you're saying about that, he's not just changing the conversation when the coverage doesn't favor him, but he's changing the coverage when he is getting things done. first, i want to go to david. this reinforces the idea that
4:14 pm
the president is obsessed with how he's covered in the media. i want to show you a cartoon from "the new yorker." it's a spoof on the fact that we learned that he has fake covers of "time" magazine hanging in trump properties. you broke the story about this. any update? >> "time" magazine asked the trump organization to take them down. it appears they were in eight, maybe more. and from what i heard, they've started to come down. if anybody has one, please send it to me, because i want to know what's on the back of it. i asked the trump organization and the trump white house knew this was a fake or somebody in his organization fooling him? i'm hoping to learn more about that. >> i just want to say one thing that may be obvious. i am on here to the point of
4:15 pm
exhaustion on cnn to -- i know cnn deserves a pat on the back. >> we appreciate you saying that. we would love to have the president himself grant us an interview. why hasn't the white house been more transparent even in morning press briefings, just turning the cameras on? >> that's a sean spicer question. one of the things that has been the president's strength is that when he was running, he talked to anybody and everybody. you know, if he wants to fight with cnn, i would suggest some on cnn and fight with him. boy, anderson cooper would love that. >> wolf would love that. >> i do think that perhaps they
4:16 pm
should do that. this fight with the media goes long back before the existence of cnn. i was in college in 1969 when spiro agnew was trashing the media. >> ronald reagan never posted a picture of wrestlemania or the wwe. this has corrosive effects that are going to be with us for a long time. >> we have to leave it there. brian, jeffrey, david, my thanks to all of you. enjoy your independence day. thank you very much. coming up, trump about to be tested, including a meeting with vladamir putin and a day in france with the mans who called this hand shake a moment of truth.
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a big week on the world stage for president trump includes this giant question -- will he rebuke vladamir putin and raise the issue of russia's meddling in the election? they are scheduled to come face-to-face at the g20 summit in germany this week. it likely won't be a formal meeting, but what diplomats call a pull-aside. it comes after a number of contradictory statements from the president about their history. >> i never met putin. i don't know who putin is. i don't think i ever met putin. i was in moscow recently and i spoke indirectly and directly with president putin, who could not have been nicer. >> do you have a relationship with vladamir putin? a conversational relationship or anything that you feel you have sway or influence over his government? >> i do have a relationship. >> joining me now, senior national security correspondent for the daily beast kimberly
4:22 pm
dozier. thank you for joining us. regardless of whether or not he's met vladamir putin or not or whether they contacted each other directly or indirectly, what does the president need to be prepared for here? >> he needs to be prepared for a charm offensive. for vladamir putin to say exactly what he wants to hear about things like counterterrorism cooperation, and also he needs to be ready for an ask of some sort that putin would offer something like increased cooperation in return for somewhere down the line donald trump's support in reducing the sanctions that have been leveled against moscow for its military interference in ukraine and its annexation of crimea. i reported that european officials believe that moscow thinks they go into this meeting with an advantage. but by now, surely president
4:23 pm
trump has heard that, so that will affect his attitude. you also have to remember right before this meeting at the g20, donald trump is stopping in poland. poland is a nato member and part of the missile defense that really has russia concerned. so that will be a little bit of a finger in the eye towards vladamir putin. >> are we expecting any kind of a vocal support of article v in the nato agreement, the suggestion that if one member is attacked, they are all attacked. last time, the president did say that in his speech. >> reporter: when you talk to white house officials, they say look, we've been over this, he doesn't need to say this. they refer to part of a speech he did give where he talked about how the only time article v was triggered was for the united states when all nato members came to its defense
4:24 pm
after the attacks of 9/11 and served in afghanistan. but european leaders want to hear it again. you can bet they'll probably bring it up privately and i think the other thing you might want to be on the lookout for. now they have donald trump's number. they will say things intended to shame him. there are other european leaders that might find it useful to be seen as being tough and strong on him in public. so we could be in for a little bit of rancor. >> the president accepted an invitation to spend bastille day in france with new french president emmanuel macron, who has been very critical of president trump. the two had that infamous enthusiastic hand shake that macron called a moment of truth. macron turned away from president trump to embrace
4:25 pm
angela merkel. what are you going to be watching for when they get together? >> i spoke to someone close to macron and said are we in for a confrontational meeting? and the person explained look, macron needed to establish that he would not be bullied. that was part of what you saw this tough guy posturing. he's speaking donald trump's language. he's a former banker. he thinks he and donald trump can see eye to eye on business matters and the economy. and that he can actually, from this having established that they're equals, at least in macron's eyes, they can move forward on a more fruitful relationship, especially if the u.s. isn't getting along well with germany, france can fill that void. >> thank you, kimberly. appreciate you joining us. coming up, the health care fight has republicans feeling the heat from voters.
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health care is working along very well. we're going to have a big surprise with a great health care package. so now they're happy. >> what do you mean by a big surprise, sir? >> president trump teasing a great, great surprise on health care. four days later, we're still waiting to find out what that surprise may be. we know the health care vote is delayed in the senate until after the july fourth recess. and now republican lawmakers are back in their home districts facing reaction to this
4:31 pm
unpopular senate health care bill. cnn's randi kaye reports. >> shame on you! >> reporter: republicans in congress know they need to get the health care bill right. they haven't forgotten this stinging reaction to the house bill. >> now -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the man yelling at senator bill cassidy of louisiana had to be escorted out by security with the dismantling of obamacare under way, the atmosphere is ripe for anger and members across the country are feeling the wrath of voters. senator tom cotton's town hall in arkansas. >> i'm an angry constituent. you work for us. >> reporter: representative tom
4:32 pm
mccarter he is town hall. >> my wife was diagnosed with cancer. she beat it, but every day she lives wit, she thinks about it. every pain, every new something going on somewhere, is it coming back? is this cancer? is it going to kill me this time? is it going to take me away from my children? you have been the single greatest threat to my family in the entire world. you are the reason i stay up at night. sit on down! you're done. >> reporter: republican senator joni ernst's town hall in iowa. >> shame on you! shame on you! >> reporter: at congressman paul labrador's town hall in idaho, the more he said, the more the
4:33 pm
crowd became fired up. >> you are mandating that people on medicaid accept dying. >> that lie is so indefensible. nobody dies because they don't have access to health care. >> reporter: in some cases, members of congress lost complete control. unable to even make their presentation. >> allowed to keep the nine slides -- >> no! >> reporter: representative tom reed in new york was drowned out by angry naysayers. >> how can you say you're representing your constituency, when only 17% of the u.s. population is supporting this? >> reporter: it was all just too much for this man in the crowd to take. >> if you're americans, act like americans. >> reporter: perhaps the general feeling of hostility among
4:34 pm
voters angry about changes to obamacare, can be summed up in a tweet like this one -- rep tom reed, you're done. i don't usually vote in the midterms, but i will now. start packing your bags, you muppet. a warning shot or sign of things to come? randi kaye, cnn, new york. >> randi, thank you for that. some scary moments for passengers aboard a sky west flight. look at these pictures. you could see flames coming out of the engine of this plane. these photos were taken after the plane had landed in denver. it arrived from aspen with 65 people on board. fortunately no injuries were reported. a lot of appreciation to the crew i'm sure for getting everyone off safely. and we're watching this incident in washington state near tacoma where an amtrak train fell off
4:35 pm
the rails next to the water. they don't think any of the 250 people on board are in the water. there are some injuries, though. those people are being moved to a marina for treatment. we're getting this information from the pierce county cher rich's department. still no word on what caused the train to derail. we'll give you an update once we know more. coming up, a cnn exclusive you will not want to miss. follow one photographer as he dodges bullets and bombs to document the intense bat totle free mosul from isis. it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every strand stronger because strong is beautiful.
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brutal street level fighting between the iraqi army and isis is taking a huge toll on innocent civilians. isis is being forced back, but
4:40 pm
the price is high in a fight to free mosul. the youngest victims are being hit the hardest by the constant carnage of war. our nick paton walsh has this cnn exclusive story. >> reporter: from here to the river is all that isis has of mosul. and this is the story of how it fell, on the streets, around the mosque they once held sacred but then destroyed. [ explosion ] brazilian photographer gabrielle is on foot with the iraqi army. [ machine gunfire ] each human they meet is either desperate to escape or the enemy. in the alleyways, two men approach them. one is carrying a bomb.
4:41 pm
they rush in to help their wounded. [ explosion ] the second man carried a much larger device. he struggles to breathe. the dust also means they can't see if there are any other bombers or where their dead and wounded colleagues lie. the advance continues up to and around the mosque. and civilians, human shields for weeks, stoop under gunfire or are oblivious to it. some never leave the underground. loud, constant blasts in the darkness. unable to walk, the first man
4:42 pm
feigns ignorance. the interrogator tells the team, the man is isis. for the past week, the rush to life had continued. tun estimated 150,000 people were trapped here, but in the end, nobody had any idea. or how many are left behind them in the rubble. "water, water, i'm dying" she screams. in crippling heat and panic, you've then known thirst like this. or what it is like to carry your family out lifeless on a cart. this is his mother. "for god's sake, help me carry him." they try, running to the closest
4:43 pm
point a vehicle can reach. stop the blood loss, they plead. it's unclear if the boy survived. when this tract of dust is cleared of isis, the killing in iraq won't stop. and the private hell of memories won't be washed away. >> in case you needed a reminder as to why we should be thankful to live where we do. coming up, the season finale of "united shades of america." >> where do you live? >> right here in chinatown. and i have not moved out for the last 40 years. >> rent control? >> sure. plus, trump takes in his first fourth of july as president and in true trump style, the celebrations won't
4:44 pm
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tonight on cnn, it's the season finale of the original series "united shades of america." w. kamal bell heads to china town. >> if you googled phrase "yellow fever", you'll see white male, sexual preference and "asian women." this's a big difference. i sat down with debbie lowe to talk about this phenomenon. your documentary, seeking asian female, what is it like to be in that position? >> i am chinese, it's true. but sitting here in this chinese
4:49 pm
teahouse wasn't really my suggestion. >> dit wasn't mine either. i'd like to apologize on behalf of "united shades of america". >> i was like, are they trying to provoke a reaction? >> no. no. don't worry, i fired everybody, everybody my contract said i was allowed to fire. so your documentary, the look on your face is already like, yep, what do you think it is about asian women? what do they see when they exotfy asian women? >> i look at all these ads of men who place personals looking exclusively for asian women, and i ask them that question. >> what did you find out? >> you know, i've lived in san francisco for a long time, so i certainly heard the phrase "yellow fever" before, but when you break it down and you watch the documentary to see women
4:50 pm
being more docile or respectful. it's horrifying, because they're talking about human beings. what i found out is being chinese american is like being black in this country, you have to work against those stereotypes or try to actively subvert them. >> you wrote in an editorial, and you said china town is as american as fireworks, rice krispies and apple phones. why do you think people don't see it that way? >> we have this thing when we think there's a part of this country that when we take things into america and we suddenly define them as american we cut them off from their origins. fireworks were made in china. rice crispies are made from rice. we have to stop thinking that america invents things.
4:51 pm
it's not a china identify any america. >> i want to take a look at another clip from the season finale tonight. it's when you see that new year's celebration up close. >> being chinese is the coolest thing in the world. our new year's celebrations are lit. >> chinese new years celebrations are literally lit. me wi beside the firecrackers, the most recognizable part is the ly lion and dragon dances. i meet with the man who feeteac the dance. he could probably teach me in a few minutes, right? >> we've seen you dance on other episodes before, we're going to see you dance in the lion
4:52 pm
episode? >> one of our popular things in the show is kamau does things poorly. >> we have you here. surely you've seen us talking about the tweet from president trump. a lot of people suggesting it is a joke. you are a professional comedian. is that just a joke? are we not getting it? >> it doesn't matter if it's a joke. he's the president. the president should be held to a higher standard. as a commoedian every day, i se out tweets, and i think, maybe i shouldn't send this one. my responsibility with my tweets is more narrow and i think i take more responsibility with my tweets than the president takes with his tweets. >> we look forward to seeing you on the finale of "united shades
4:53 pm
of america". how about the decade that brought us dial-up modems? the '90s starts next sunday night. ♪ everybody dance now >> how you doin'? >> some of my favorite shows of all time aired in that decade. >> so many monumental bands, nirvana. >> gangster rap starts to take hold. >> while the '90s represent so much growth and progress, we still have so much further to go. >> o.j. was a guy who felt he was above race. >> columbine, the bombing in oklahoma city, the davidian compound in waco, something dark was moving and it was exciting. >> something is happening outside. the skies over baghdad have been
4:54 pm
illuminated. >> the promise of a new world order. >> george bush took the loss to bill clinton very hard. >> bill clinton was a president turning the corner to a different time. there was scandal, scandal, scandal. >> bill clinton is christened the "come back kid", because he was resilient. >> you could see the start of this new online culture. >> you've got mail. >> it is the equivalent of the industrial revolution. it is the equivalent of electricity. the changes are just so profound. anage them. make sure they're producing. woo! employee of the month! you really shouldn't leave their side. vita coco coconut water, hydration comes naturally.
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yeah, and i can watch thee bgame with directv now.? oh, sorry, most broadcast and sports channels aren't included. and you can only stream on two devices at once. this is fun, we're having fun. yeah, we are. no, you're not jimmy. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. xfinity gives you more to stream to more screens. president trump has a low-key independence day planned. he's hosting some military families for a fourth of july pick mi picnic at the white house. jake tapper brings us this week's edition of the cartoon m
4:59 pm
cartoonian. >> reporter: president trump will celebrate with fireworks and a salute to the old red white and blue. i'm talking about bastille day. president trump said me oui to president macron. he prefers the rust belt to the shaums de elysee. >> make our planet great again. >> reporter: the tension was thick when the two practically arm wrestled. perhaps this tete --
5:00 pm
>> that does it for me. be sure to tune into a new episode of anthony bourdain starting at 9:00. one last thank you to peter caplan who is now leaving cnn. thanks a lot, pete.


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