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tv   New Day  CNN  July 4, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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its first successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile, a potential major advance in the regime's efforts of building nuclear weapons capable of reaching the u.s. mainland. >> president trump seemed to mock the north korean leader. "does this guy have anything better to do with his life?" he said that before suggesting china put more pressure on kim jong-un, as president trump prepares for a critical overseas trip that includes a face-to-face meeting with russian president vladimir putin at the g20 summit in germany. first to paula hancocks live in seoul, south korea. north korea says it's an icbm test which would be a major advancement. >> reporter: absolutely, john, they say it was a success and icbm and claim in the statement television broadcast that it could actually now show they can hit any country anywhere in the world. now clearly experts don't believe that to be the case, but
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what they're looking at is exactly how far they can reach with this missile. now we just heard from the joint chiefs of staff here in south korea, they said that they are still analyzing data. at this point they don't accept that it is an icbm but they don't deny it either. clearly a lot of work is going in right now, analyzing satellite data, the radar, trying to figure out exactly what the missile was. north korea say kim jong-un signed the order himself. he was there at the test site and thought it was a great success. to give you the figures, the altitude was about 1700 miles high further and distance more than 570 miles and it flew for 39 minutes. according to north korea. the u.s. pacific command had some different figures, a little earlier in the day. their initial assessment was it wasn't an icbm. we haven't had an update from them at this point but we're certainly waiting to see what they say. everyone in the region is very
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concerned and of course in the states as well. back to you. >> paula thank you very much. almost immediately after the test president trump criticized kim jong-un on twitter and called on china to ramp up pressure against north korea as president trump prepares for a trip to the g20 summit in germany where he'll have a face to face meeting with vladimir putin. suzanne malveaux is live from the white house with more. what do we expect, suzanne? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. north korean aggression is testing the president and this administration putting a lot of pressure on him, all eyes are on him whether or not it escalates tension between the countries and at the same time we're hearing from the president trying to really put more pressure on china to confront this growing threat. president trump defiant tweeting about kim jong-un, "does this guy have anything better to do
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with his life? hard to believe that south korea and japan will put up with this much longer. perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all." the president prodding china to do more to confront north korea, coming one day after a phone call with chinese president xi jinping. the white house saying in a statement that president trump raised the growing threat of north korea's weapons program. the chinese offering a more critical take, noting that the u.s./chinese relationship is being affected by some negative factors. president trump issuing this stern warning on friday, after meeting with the president of south korea. >> the era of strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed, frankly, that patience is over. >> reporter: national security adviser h.r. mcmaster stating publicly the u.s. updated its military options against pyongyang.
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>> we can't repeat the same approach, failed approach of the past. the president made clear to us that he will not accept a nuclear power in north korea. >> the president's posture towards china clearly changing in recent weeks. trump appearing to lose faith in beijing's willingness to take on north korea. >> i wish we would have a little more help with respect to north korea, from china, but that doesn't seem to be working out. >> reporter: trump warning in april that he's willing to take unilateral action if china does not do more to contain the threat. >> they have a diplomatic responsibility to exert much greater economic and diplomatic pressure on the regime. >> reporter: this growing tension coming as president trump prepares to leave for the g20 summit this week in germany, where he is expected to sit down with president xi and the leaders of japan and south korea, two other countries the u.s. considers essential to confronting kim jong-un. and president trump's meeting
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with president xi is just one of many high stakes meetings with world leaders at the g20 summit. we'll see the first face-to-face meeting with russian president vladimir putin, highly anticipated and also with the german chancellor angela merkel, who famously did not get a handshake when she was here at the white house. she already said publicly she thought talks with trump would be difficult especially when it comes to climate change. >> it will be an interesting meeting. thank you for teeing it up for us. joining us to discuss all of this is errol louis, ron brownstein, who is debuting a new column today on called "fault lines." everyone should read that and colonel cedric leighton. colonel, we heard president trump there at a rally say i wish that china were doing more
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to help us with north korea but that doesn't seem to be working out. is china out of the equation? >> no, i don't think so, alisyn. they're there forever because they're north korea's prime benefactor. everything commercial north korea does, everything military north korea does somehow there's a chinese connection to it. in the past the chinese were avid supporters of north korea. now that relationship has cooled, but they have it in their interest to keep north korea as stable as possible, because they don't want any type of implosion in north korea, and they certainly don't want a german style reunification of the korean peninsula. it's in china's interest to keep north korea where that is. if that means a few weapons tests here and there, they will basically allow those to happen. >> colonel, make us behind the scenes with what military analysts are doing, trying to
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determine whether this was an intermediate range missile or intercontinental ballistic missile. how do they determine that and why is that distinction important? >> the distinction is important, john, because if it's an intercontinental ballistic missile, what that means is that it can then affect territories way beyond east asia to include alaska potentially, the west coast of the united states, and put a lot of things at risk that otherwise would not be in danger. intermediate range ballistic missile is still very dangerous, but it is less dangerous to the u.s. homeland because it can't reach it, it's a matter of range. when they do the analysis, they're going to look at how far this missile flew, what kinds of test parameters there were, or if this test was instead of a test, really a demonstration, it's less rigorous in terms of the science that went behind it. so what you're looking at here is a way in which they can actually figure out what the danger is, and they're going to
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take as much of a sample of the atmosphere around the test to determine if it was potentially equipped with something that we don't like, like a nuclear warhead and certainly wasn't in this case, but those are the kinds of things that they look for, and they look for the possibility that it could be modified into something much greater than it currently is, and that's really what they want to examine and what they need to examine to protect u.s. and allied assets in the region and on the west coast of the u.s. >> so errol, the u.s. response. president trump is not the type to just stand by idly and let this happen. he tweeted back in january before he officially took office "north korea just stated it's in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the u.s. with won't happen!" what are president trump's options? >> it's interesting. every nuclear expert i talked to, this goes back years now said it's not a question of if but when. it will, in fact happen, that
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sooner for later north korea will have nuclear capability, making diplomacy all the more important to try to figure out how to contain this, how to sort of manage this. what the colonel said is right. there is that hee assumption reflected in trump's statements it's in china's interests to make the problem go away. the opposite is true. china does not want to destabilize north korea. they don't want a humanitarian crisis of hundreds of thousands of people flooding across the border of a failed state. statement they don't want a unified democratic korea on their border, that presents certain challenges to the communist system that they built up there. so the status quo is what china wants. for donald trump to try to go around that status quo using military options is almost unthinkable. they call it principle realism, we'll see how realistic this is. >> the "new york times" is reporting the president is suggesting over the phone president xi of china the u.s.
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might be willing to go it alone. if you read his statements he put out on twitter he's putting this ball in other countries courts. hard to believe south korea and japan will put up with this much longer. perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea. mixed message. >> there is a reason why victor cha, who is the head of the, advised george w. bush in asian affairs in the white house, famously described north korea as the land of lousy options, a phrase that people still talk about a decade later because in fact, there are very limited options. on the one hand, people really across the spectrum say china is the nation with the most leverage on north korea, yet significant debate and doubt whether china s has the leverag to dissuade them moving forward on this program and whether in fact they want to. the context of all of this is the president's decision right when he took office to walk away from the transpacific partnership, which was the obama
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administration's kind of centerpiece of their pivot to asia, trying to build stronger economic relationships with the nations of asia, pointedly excluding china. now we have walked away from that. china stepped into the void and is promoting its own free trade vision across the region, so you have just very dramatic cross currents. on the other hand, this may be one area where the president can find some common ground at the g20. he had been headed toward a turbulent meeting, angela merkel had been unusually pointed this week, last week in her comments saying isolationism and protectionism are no way to go forward but this is an issue, the north korean threat, that i think can unite many of the countries traditional allies in europe that have been skeptical of the initiatives of the trump administration. >> at the g20 summit how does this affect that when the president comes face-to-face with the leaders? >> he'll be in poland before
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that and one of poland's main concerns is the missile threat from russia so there's kind of an irony there and i think the poles are going to tell president trump they need as much of a defense against russia as we want to build in east asia against the north koreans. we see odd duality coming out here when president trump makes his trip to europe. i think what the g20 summit will do is it will basically showcase a bit of a unity between the u.s. and certainly its european allies, as well as japan and korea. the issue then will become with china and with russia, because both countries are going to be, both for historic reasons as well as current political reasons they're going to be very reluctant to do anything that would upset the balance of power, which currently exists on the korean peninsula and in greater east asia. >> ron this raises the stakes for what was already an exceptionally important g20 summit. there are a lot of different
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balls in the air, the president's first base-to-face meeting with vladimir putin, the first meeting since the u.s. pulled out of the paris climate agreement and the north korean missile threat. how do you think the united states is prepared for this, the trump white house going in? >> as there always are, john, look, the first foreign trip the president took was one of the more kind of stable periods of his presidency until he got to europe, and met with our traditional allies, where there was much more tension than there was earlier in the trip, for example, in saudi arabia, where there was the french president or the german chancellor, and i do think that the contrast in vision is very clear. angela merkel led into this meeting with a remarkable series of kind of explicit comments saying we are not on the same page about climate, we are not on the same page about isolationism and protectionism, uses those phrases so there's no confusion who she's talking about and there's plenty of disagreement. north korea is an area where
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essentially almost every nation in the world does not want to see this progress beyond a certain point. even china wants the status quo, don't want it to advance. there may be an opportunity to build common ground. the lack of trust and personal relations and the sense this administration is leading the u.s. in a different direction to what europe has seen before has walked away from some of the efforts to knit together the nations of asia limits the ability of the president to wrangle together an international consensus. >> ron, errol, colonel, thank you for being with us. there is global peace in one geographic location, the jersey beaches of course. beaches are once again open for everyone in new jersey but governor chris christie's private beach day is overshadowing the budget teal. what the governor is saying about it now, that's next.
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state beaches and parks are open again in new jersey as the
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budget agreement ended the three-day government shutdown but the deal is getting a national attention because of pictures that showed governor chris christie smoking up the sun at a beach he ordered to be closed. jason carroll is live in new jersey with all the latest. good morning. >> reporter: oh boy, those pictures. the governor signed that $34.7 billion budget measure last night. parks like this one will be open. the beaches will be open. good news for holiday goers but many will not forget images of christie out there on a beach that was closed on sunday because of the budget shutdown. initially the governor said he didn't get any sun. later his spokesman came out and clarified joking and saying well, look, he didn't get any sun because he was wearing a baseball cap. that joke lost on many people
4:20 am
here in this state who are fed up with this governor to put it frankly. this governor basically last night came out and was defiant as ever. >> the way i took claude's question was hey, were you like laying out getting a tan today. that wasn't what i was doing and that's not what those pictures show. sitting there with a baseball hat and shorts and a t-shirt talking to my wife. if they flew the plane over the beach and i was sits next to a 25-year-old blond in that beach chair next to me, that's a story. >> well i think a lot of people here in this state would simply say pictures speak for themselves. john? >> thank you very much, jason. i appreciate it. jason didn't like the joke. >> hmm. >> some of the difficulty for chris christie. joining us erroll louis and
4:21 am
claude, and reporter for "the star ledger" in new jersey. claude, not only did you have that exchange with the governor yesterday but really the one that set it all off was this one. let's listen. >> no, it didn't claude, but go ahead. i didn't get any sun today. no. there's no one at island beach state park. there are no lifeguards, no one to pick up the garbage, there's no one provides any beach service at island beach stage park. next. excuse me, next. next. i'm done. we're talking about the closure of government and you're talking about your tmz stuff. >> this is more, claude, than just an update on the vitamin d that the governor of new jersey has been getting. it's really representative of something greater he's facing in that state. >> yes, this was an interesting exchange. it's interesting that he referenced tmz, because i used
4:22 am
to work there years and years ago. i helped launch the website back about a decade ago, but he's famously captured brandishing an ice cream cone on the boardwalk after he had gotten into a verbal altercation with the new jersey resident i think over pensions or something. you know, what is so stunning about the exchange i think for most folks in the state is that the governor came out there on the beach and his defense of all this has been this is our residence. we can go there. we're entitled to be here. i think the reaction is just because you can doesn't mean you should. when so many people are forced off that beach, the optics were just, they suggested a kind of cavalier attitude. my line of questioning simply to ask, are you able to swim on that beach? i really couldn't get the question off. i think they see kind of a
4:23 am
defensive crouch in this whole thing. i think that's where the governor might be getting into trouble in terms of public opinion. >> erroll, this is called his "let them eat cake" marie antoinette moment, he gets to go to the beach and for hundreds of thousands on july 4th weekend it's shut down. his approval rating 15% last week. what is it today? >> you can probably shave a couple points off that. he was already the least popular governor in the state of new jersey. >> why was his approval rating before all of this at 15? >> there were a number of problems that stacked up. the corruption scandal. >> bridgegate. >> led to their convictions. he spent 191 days outside of the state when he was running for president and that ended up being a bust anyway. there's the personal style you just saw where he's not just being sort of caustic and personal and bullying and
4:24 am
inappropriate but he's telling a lie saying he wasn't on the beach when there are photos of him on the beach. this is something new jersey voters put up with and i think the accumulation of it over nearly a decade really just kind of came to a head with this. he clearly has no future in electoral politics at least in new jersey, and this is again part of sort of the caustic chris christie style where he pretty much will say he has no interest in polls, in what the voters think of him. he'll lay out on the beach, lie about it, attack people personally. the christie era is basically over. >> what about that, claude? he seems to be going out just as he came in. what are the last few months of the christie administration, what do they look like? what do you think he does now, following his trip to the beach, for the next five months? >> well we're sitting here having just completed a budget deal, so most of the governor's leverage comes from the ability to wangle concessions from the democrats on what they want in the budget. now that the budget is passed,
4:25 am
he's truly the lamest of ducks. there isn't much he can do. the legislature will out of session now and they're all concerned with their own re-election which was really the pressure on them, as they struck this budget deal. once they disappear, really the only thing he can do is via executive order because there won't be a legislature to be in session. it's a constitutional powerful governorship but absent the legislature it's very difficult to make legislative imprint on the state without them here to be a partner with him. so chris christie is more or less done as of midnight last night in terms of i think influencing exercising any influence on the legislature and the laws of the state of new jersey. >> it's hard to imagine that he's done nationally because he is a compelling guy. he's funny. he's compelling. he speaks, he doesn't just speak in the talking points. he goes off script.
4:26 am
you heard him. i didn't know that was an option when somebody asks you a question you don't like "next." pass. but he is a compelling person to interview. what is the future for chris christie? >> it of course remains to be seen. this was part of his political woes just in the last few months was that he apparently truly believed that he was on the short list to become running mate for vice president for donald trump. >> maybe he was. >> that didn't happen. >> maybe something went wrong. >> he was on the short list for president. >> exactly. all of his larger ambitions, which were baked in right from the beginning. this is not something that occurred to him as he was having a successful governorship. this was really the whole point of the governorship was to form a launch pad for him to run for national office. that has been foreclosed. if he's got something to say, i mean there was a moment there when back in 2012 when he was considered a rock star of the republican party he was thought to have something to say to a very conservative party about how to appeal to democrats, how to appeal to people in blue
4:27 am
states and so forth. that was a complete bust though. he flamed out by the time new hampshire was over. he sort of put all his eggs in that basket and came up with something like 7%. so it remains to be seen. perhaps the republican party and american politics will have to move toward chris christie but he's clearly going in his own direction. >> claude, what is the buzz among the political class of reporters inside new jersey about the future for chris christie? again, his approval rating is 15%. this is epically almost impossibly low. >> just in the state he's already expressed a desire to drown himself in the potomac rather than run for senate so you can rule out any ideas about chris christie as a senator. also the demographics of the state would make it very challenging for him to seek election with his current approval ratings. having said that, look, i think he's clearly an ally of the president and i think last night we saw him give as sort of kiss
4:28 am
and make up speech last night the kind of speech a lot of people are hoping that the president will himself give someday, which was hey, you know, i think he used the word "appreciate" eight times in the span of ten minutes. he devoted almost a third of his announcement last night of the budget, basically $5 billion budget, about a third of it was devoted to telling the new jersey press corps how much he appreciates them, how much he respects them. there was a kind of psychic, you know, disconnect for a lot of us, because we're kind of abused children there, but you know, he came out and said the kind of things you most want to hear from an elected official about in an era of, where the press is constantly being under attack for fake news and being accused of being the enemy of the american people which is, you know, a stun progress announcment to hear from a sitting president about a free
4:29 am
state. christie said those things last night. those are the kinds of things might have been a teachable moment for the president. i don't know if he was trying to sem late that. i can't pretend to get inside his head. he said the kinds of things i think a lot of people would like to hear from someone who might run for president again in 2020 or who knows what's going to happen whether or not there will be a second trump term or whether or not, you can roll the bones on all that stuff, what if, what if. we could easily see christie replacing jeff sessions or reince priebus at some point. that's all speculation. >> absolutely. claude, thanks for sharing your personal interaction with governor chris christie. >> you like saying his name. >> he does say claude a lot. there's that. >> i hear it a fair amount even in my sleep. >> thank you very much, claude. errol great to have you here as well. all right we have breaking news, north korea has launched a new missile test, it is getting
4:30 am
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breaking news this morning, north korea claims it has successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach anywhere in the world. experts are now trying to assess whether that is in fact true. let's discuss with democratic congressman gregory meeks from new york on the house foreign affairs committee. thanks for coming in on this holiday. great to see you. >> good fourth to you. >> do you believe that north korea has launched an intercontinental ballistic missile as they claim? >> well i'm sure that that kind is being had. i heard that it was first that it was not an intercontinental missile so we need the facts to come in. whether it was or not, it's a very serious situation. >> how should the u.s. respond? >> i know that we can't respond by ourselves. i know that we must work with multilateral countries, south korea, japan, and china, and yes
4:35 am
there have to be additional pressure put on china, and we've got to work in a collaborative way in order to resolve this scenar scenario. >> it doesn't seem as though china is interested or i should say any additional pressure is exerting, is making china exert more pressure on north korea. let me read what president trump tweeted about this very thing. "north korea just launched another missile. does this guy have anything better to do with his life? hard to believe that south korea and japan will put up with this much longer. perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all!" he's sort of expressing there the same wishes that you have. >> yes. so what do we have to do? i think china has indicated they want to have some resumed talks with north korea. so has the new president of south korea. now we can't do -- we tried the six-party talks before. seemed that did not work for various reasons. the question is, is there
4:36 am
something else that we can talk to china, i think there's a lot of negotiation that has to happen with china that china wants. china does not want the united states to be the predominantly country in its backyard, so to speak. but it also wants to be an economic power. debris there's got to be some pressure economically placed on china. i don't think what the president did with reference to selling weapons to taiwan is the right way to go. we're talking about a military threat against china. we're not going to go there. >> the u.s. cannot do anything militarily in this regard? >> it would be devastating to the south koreans and the japanese. >> so all of this looms on the eve of the g20 summit. it's going to be very interesting to see how president trump does with all these world leaders. he's going to have his first face-to-face meeting with president putin of russia. what do you want president trump to say to him? >> i think president trump needs to confront him about russia's
4:37 am
involvement in our democrat pro process. he needs to do what president macron did in france, stood up in front of mr. putin and challenged them about their involvement in european elections. there's got to be a confrontation in that regard, and i also think that the president should also talk to him about human rights violations in russia. there's some very real concerns he cannot cowtow to him. >> doesn't sound like either of those will happen. from the intelligence we've gotten out of the administration it doesn't sound like those are the top priority. it sounds president trump will talk to russia about their cooperation with syria and fighting isis, that's what they say is the at the top of their list. >> which is a problem, tells me that when you see the president even at the white house when he had the foreign minister there, he did not let american reporters in, it was only reported by russians, seems to me that, they were joking he
4:38 am
gave away some top secret information. so i have real concerns, that's why i have concerns about president trump's presidency and his lack of seriousness that the whole world is looking at. >> look, the white house would say it is very serious, and they need help and if you cloud that issue with the russian meddling, which vladimir putin has denied and president trump does not seem to always believe, that then how are you going to get their help? >> listen, you cannot allow someone who interferes with our democracy to get away with it, who is trying to separate us from our european allies to get away with it. president macron of france just got elected. he didn't back away or have fear of it. he didn't have the stern conversations on both matters. you don't allow one to prevent you from talking about the other particularly when it's so important to our democracy. >> as a member of the committee on foreign affairs what do you think is the u.s. standing?
4:39 am
how would you describe what the u.s. standing in the world is right now? >> well, as indicated by the recent pew poll it has gone down across the world with the exception of russia. russia is the only area where the people have had an elevated sense of leadership from the united states. anywhere else in the world has gone down. i talked to our closest allies, they have a very serious concern about the leadership of this administration, and when they hear him tweeting about ridiculous things, attacking reporters, and attacking, showing cnn in a violent way, those are concerns, can i really trust this guy? when you have an individual who says one thing one day and something else on another day and says he's the best guy, the only one his best adviser is himself, they have real problems. so i think that, and he's putting out, let me say he
4:40 am
pulled out of the par ace greement. he's pulled out of the transpacific partnership. so he's pulling out of multilateral deals and questions eu and questions nato. they have real concerns about his leadership. >> it will be very interesting to see what happens at the g20 summit. congressman thank you for being here with us. john? >> thank you so much. it's either hotdog heaven or unforgettable stomach ache, maybe both. we're headed live to kony island for the annual hotdog eating conte contest. the record that could fall, next. it's not just a car, (work sfx) it's your daily retreat. the es and es hybrid. lease the 2017 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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♪ it's looking like a stormy fourth of july for a large part of the country. we get to meteorologist jennifer gray for a look at the forecast. >> john, you're right. we are going to see some storms especially in the south. by the way this weather report is brought to you by purina, your pet, our passion. look at the storms push will you the dallas metroplex in the wee hours of the morning. those will be heading on into arkansas, already seeing some of those. we also have another batch of rain that's in northern portions of alabama, skirting the northern sections of georgia, flood warnings in effect just outside of huntsville. this rain will continue throughout the day as it shifts to the east. the risk of possible thunderstorms as we're already seeing now, so you can see as we get into the overnight hours we are going to see some scattered showers around the little rock area so right around firework time we could see some rainfall there. could see up to four to five inches in some isolated
4:45 am
locations, two to three inches across portions of kentucky, so unfortunately we are going to see a bit of a wet independence day for some of the south. >> that's too bad. jennifer, thank you very much for that. so this is a fourth of july tradition. nathan's annual hotdog eating contest at new york's kony island. joey "jaws" chestnut nine-time champion defends his title after taking down a record 70 hotdogs in ten minutes last year. john, sometimes this doesn't end well. >> for the hotdog or -- sha >> for anyone. cnn's karen kaifa is live on the boardwalk. what do we expect in. >> reporter: joey chestnut the favorite coming into the competition. 70 hotdogs in ten minutes is not his personal best. that's his july fourth best. he's done 73 1/2 hotdogs in a ten-minute span. that's why he's the nine-time
4:46 am
champion at the nathans contest and why he holds 34 different competitive eating titles from apple pie to burritos. last year he came into this competition with something to prove, and 2015 he lost to max shioni, one of his chief rivals today and came roaring back with the 70 hotdogs in ten minutes. i did a little bit of math. there's 280 calories in a nathan's hotdog and bun, so multiply that times 70, he's taken in about 20,000 calories in ten minutes. that's what most of us take in, in ten days. so in terms of what's at stake for joey chestnut and others, the mustard belt is what the champion gets out of this, $10,000 in cash and we cannot forget about the ladies as well who will kick off the competition, sonia thomas, known as the black widow holds the record for the ladies and last year's champion is nicky
4:47 am
schiutto, 38 hotdogs. >> glad you're keeping score. i can't tell if i'm hungry for gro or grossed out. >> is this genetic or do you think this say learned skill? >> as a competitive eater myself, i can tell you i feel it's genetic. not everybody can eat a burrito the size of a baby, but i can. >> you to the math how many calories. i think more math involved they're eating because perhaps they couldn't do the math. maybe that's the issue. >> perhaps. thanks to karin there. she'll be watching and sometimes you have to turn the camera away very, very fast because i've been caught by this mistake before. you have to turn the camera away very fast. the human body is not designed to eat 70 hotdogs so sometimes it doesn't end well. meanwhile, more than 40 states say they will not turn over information on their voters. why? well two secretaries of state with differing opinions join us
4:48 am
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opinions here. happy independence day. >> secretary oliver, let me start with you. why do you not want to comply with the white house request? >> well, the truth allison is i have a lot of questions about this. first and foremost, my job as secretary of state of new mexico is to protect the privacy and integrity of the voters of new mexico. but i have a lot of questions, it's not really clear what this is going to be used for, it seems to be a witch hunt or fishing expedition of some sort. >> you are willing to comply with most of it, why?
4:53 am
>> actually i don't, i think you mischaracterize the difference in the opinion between the good secretary and i. >> tell me. >> both of us have said that we will not provide what is confidential under their respective state laws, most states including colorado provide that certain information is public, we will provide that information in colorado as the law requires us to do. >> you're willing, you haven't said no, you haven't said it will take all the bourbon in kentucky for me to have to comply with this. you will release voter information to the public. but what will you withhold? >> in your name, your address, your voting history in terms of whether you voted are things that are public information in colorado. in colorado, your social security number, your driver's license number, your specific
4:54 am
date of birth are all confidential and so that's the same information we provided to move in the last election, as required by colorado law, it's the same information we will provide to the presidential advisory commission. >> will you do the same? i mean there's confusion, because some -- some of this election commission says, this is all public information. all we're asking for is help in compiling it. but it sounds as though state by state, that's not exactly true. >> true, every state has a little bit of a different law or guideline concerning what they can do with their data, what is publicly available and what's not. in new mexico, we do and are allowed to provide certain aspects of our voter registration data but only under certain conditions. first of all i'm not even sure whether this presidential
4:55 am
elections request would come under that. to do again, a fishing expedition, assuming that this commission is going to try to look at this date to try to find, you know, what deficiencideficiency of -- and if they're doing that without social security numbers and birth dates and other very specific information, what's going to happen is we're going to see amount of false positives potentially, and again, that could create more questions than answers. i'm not interested in participating in a witch hunt like that. i would be much more interested in for example seeing the commission pursue looking into the russia situation where we know we had real interference and real problems in the 2016 general election. >> do you agree with the white house that there's been vast voter fraud in 2016? >> i know in colorado, we have very good processes in place and
4:56 am
most attempts at voter fraud were prevented in colorado. all my fellow secretaries of state work to make sure that is prevented. one of the good things about the commission is it asks specifically how they can assist, and one of the points, the second question they raised for example is how they -- that's an important question to be asking. i'm glad they have asked that and i'm glad to have the opportunity to participate in how they can assist the states. one of the things that happened for example is localities were notified, but the secretaries of state were not notified about potential breaches. >> given that you think that there are good systems in place and that your states complied with that and all the secretaries of state you know did, why durng -- >> i can't speak for white the white house believes a particular thing or not. what i can speak to is that in colorado, we have an open and
4:57 am
transparent process, we'll participate as we do with anybody that asks for the information and we will give only public information, we will give private information. >> in other words are you saying is the white house wrong about their impression? >> i do not believe that vote fraud occurred on the scale that's been described. i do believe that vote fraud occurs and it's important to take steps to prevent it. that's what i have been vigorously trying to do in colorado and what my colleagues across the country have done, we want to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. >> here's what the president tweeted on november 27 after he won. he said in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote. if you deducted the millions of people who voted illegally. secretary oliver, who's your response to that? >> i think it's pretty clear that that's a very unlikely scenario, right?
4:58 am
and i think secretary williams and i both have histories as county election officials, we both know the reality that as he said voter fraud is extremely rare, it's extremely isolated, it does happen, and we deal with those situations on a case-by-case basis, but going back to this widespread data request that's come out of the commission, providing this kind of large data dump and providing this information to compile this national voter registration database, it really isn't going to answer the question, and it's certainly not going to answer the question on -- we're not going to have enough information to draw that conclusion, i think we're going down a path here where what's happening is actually even just raising the question of whether or not this data could or should be provided to a federal commission. it's actually causing fear and concern among voters. folks have called my office to say i'm not sure i want to be
4:59 am
registered to vote anymore. if you're going to be providing my name to the white house. and i think that is a bigger concern for me moving forward is how do we make sure we protect folks' right to vote and their confidence in the system moving forward. >> for sure, that's important to know that voters are feeling skittish about this information getting into the wrong hands somehow. secretaries of state, thank you very much for being with us on this fourth of july, great to talk to you. there's a lot of news here, including the latest on north korea's missile test. so let's get right to it. >> we are facing the threat of the reckless and brutal regime in north korea. >> according to north korea, they have successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. >> they want china to bring more pressure economically on north korea. >> the threat is much more immediate now. >> the tension only goes up.
5:00 am
the consequences is disastrous. >> the president preparings for the g-20 summit. >> we need to be very tough with russia, this isn't just business as usual. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to a special independence day edition of "new day." it is tuesday july fourth. john berman joins me for the american tradition. we do have some breaking news, north korea claims it tested it's first intercontinental missile. >> after the launch, president trump seemed to mock kim jong-un on twitter, asking if he has anything better to do with his life and --


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