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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  July 5, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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thanks for watching 360. time to hand it over to don lemon. "cnn tonight" starts right now. this right here. this is the kind of moment that could make or break a presidency and change history. this is "cnn tonight," i'm don lemon. president trump and kim jong-un in a show down that has the whole world watching, and fearing the unthinkable. north korea armed with a missile that could strike alaska. so what would it take to stop kim jong-un, who will blink first in this? then president trump's first meeting with face to face meeting in vladimir putin. we know what they probably won't be talking about here and that's russia's meddling in the election. will u.s. moscow be an ally or enemy in hot spots around the
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world. fi first michelle, we're talking about an intercontinental ballistic missile. the stakes cannot be any higher. >> sorry, i wouldn't sure if you were talking to -- sorry about that don. >> that's okay. >> yeah, these were some pointed words from the u.n. ambassador to nikki haley. clearly they were directed at china not only was this arebuke of north korea, it is a warning of countries that are doing business with north korea, especially china. saying, yeah, these countries also think they're going to be doing business with the u.s., and as she put it, that is not going to happen.
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we've seen the u.s. critical of china, over the couple of days they used the term of aiding and abetting in this role of this crises. even though the u.s. has over statements on north korea, us ways of putting pressure, itself threat of military action which was brought up clearly today, it still seems to believe that the real leverage is with china economically. its made it clear it's beginning to continue putting on that pressure, even if that meaning potentially sanctionsing china or companies that we saw last week with the chinese bank. >> china and russia, are they working on this together, michelle if. >> yeah, i mean they were very aligned today in the security counsel meeting. this was an emergency session in the midst of a crises, but even yesterday, we saw vladimir putin meet with chinese president xi. they put out this joint statement that read like a
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rebuke of how the u.s. was handling this. it was more of the same today in this meeting. both russia and china saying some of the same thing, they think dialogue needs to come, first and foremost even if it's without precondition. that's not how the u.s. sees it ate all. russia especially, even though this didn't get really heated, that language was pointed right at the u.s. saying you feed to stay away from this rhetoric and threats that compasser baits this "the situation." >> lest talk about russia now because president trump set to meet with vladimir putin on friday michelle, the kremlin says they'd like to establish a working dialogue with the u.s. what the the agenda at meeting? >> from the white house little has come out on what the agenda's going to be. but there's obvious ones, syria,
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in fact north korea. tonight the secretary put out a statement elaborating on syria. on the same -- they also want to kind of put russia -- just as the u.n. ambassador today said that the world is on notice for the north korea problem, in this statement from the secretary of state, he put russia on there saying it has a responsibility and an obligation to work with the u.s. and help ease this problem, but also to prevent syrian president assad from using any kind of chemical weapon against. so you can see where this conversations going in that respect. the u.s. side wants to work with russia and is willing to on deescalation zones or no fly zones that's an area of progress. on north korea, it's more hazy not sure where that can go. we know russia has more room to put more pressure economically because it does business with
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north korea and has guest workers within russia that funnel money back into the north korean regime. >> a lot to talk about and a lot's going to go on. thank you very much michelle. now the american general whose leading the u.s. troops in south korea said today, this is a quote, self-retrant is all that's separating u.s. and south korea from going to war with the kno north. what's your response on that? >> we've heard a lot of things from president trump, secretary state tillerson, now the ambassador nikki haley, that are quite belligerent, almost threatening war. and everyone who has studied the problem seriously sees there's really no military option, vs. temporary temporary tough for --
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very very tough for all kinds of reasons. you're talking about on world war 2, this one would also have the nuclear trip wire. so in that context it seems that this kind of public bridge reince right nmight not be the strategy. you think about how the obama administration brought the u.n. security counsel together to enforce real sanctions against iran which finally brought them to the negotiating table, there wouldn't this kind of mechanic shaming and naming, it was much more intense privatesy diplomacy. the idea is if we start bad mouthing china thai going todd oh god dam mitt of course let start -- no. they live right next to north korea. we got to persuade them some pressure will help. but i think there's a real danger here that this is db client's back up is driving it into ae lines with russia.
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look at the result right now, we've had a terrible security counsel meeting. >> i said in the opening of the show this is something that could change the presidency and the whole world is watching. and it feels threatening. so you mention a hill bit if your first answer, but if your perspective, what is a war with north korea look like? >> so, we've had wars over the last 20 or 30 years which is really insurgency situation. you've got small -- of insurgence on -- especially on the more than side. what you're talking about on the korean peninsula is two massively armed countries, north and south korea which are going to engagement in your classic, as i say world war ii or korean type war. army tanks throws themselves on
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top of each other. north korea's missiles, rockets can hit it easily and they have prepositioned thousands and thousands of rockets. the south koreans will fire back. in the midst of all this, remember there are 30,000 american troops. and north korea's nuclear weapon and the united states is committed to south korea no matter what meaning escalating all way up to nuclear weapons. if you've talked to anyone who has done a war game, see what it hooks like, you dealing with hundreds and thousands of casualty with the possible of nuclear escalation. >> on top of that. and you say america is committed to south korea? >> we have a treaty with south korea. >> do you think south korea feels that? do our allies know what to expect from this administration? >> well, so far on south korea, the administration has not done
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what it did with the nato allies, so i think we're okay there. but look, people would always be unsure -- any country would be unsure at that ultimate moment. this was the great question in the cold war, do the europeans believe that the united states would risk la for bond or paris or london and that's part of what keeps this so tense and which is why it seems to be one of very considered step by step approach. first establishing allies together. engage china rush seriously rarn trading insults. >> in an interview published, today a angelo american said this, global administration is seen by american administration war, progress is not about a win win situation but about winners and losers. she sending trump a message?
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>> oh, without any question. she also said germany and europe has to fend for its a couple weeks ago which is more worrying. a lot of countries are beginning to feel the united states is no longer the kind of garp for of world order, the country that would set the agenda that would try to write the rules to maintain a certain amount of stability. the canadian member a couple weeks ago gave this speech where she basically said, thank you america for 70 years in having preserved the peace and order we can see you're saying it's not worth it anymore. we as kands and other countries have to pick up the slack and get involved and do more because it's important to preserve this order. all these major companies, germany, canada and france feeling like the united states is resigning from war leadership and they need to step in.
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of course what that would mean is a tremendous loss of influence for america. if you're not setting the agenda and writing the rules they don't reflect your interests as much as they will germany's or canada's interest. >> stick around because i have a lot to talk to you about. more on the president's face to face meeting with vladimir putin and why you say trump has put himself in a box when it comes to russia.
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motivated. isn't that what you're looking for? narrator: look beyond the resume and discover new ways to develop great talent at we're back with breaking news. before we get back to fareed, secretary rex tillerson spoke before leaving from the g 20 summit. let's listen and we'll talk. >> i think as we've talked about our relationship with russia previously and weave character rise it as being as a low point. we have been engaged with russia for sometime now to identify areas that we should have mutual interests and syria's certainly won, that's a very complex situation in themes of how retransition from the conclusion of a successful sbeb to defeat
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isis. and stabilize so we can begin to almost no doubt be a lengthy process and critical solutions that will lead to the future for syria and syrian people. i think the important aspect of this is that, this is where we've begun on an effort to rebuild confidence between ours and russia at the military level but also the diplomatic level. i think it is an effort to service both our interest as well as the broader interest on the international community. we hope this is going to be the beginning of other important areas that need to be addressed in order to strengthen our relationship. but we're at the very beginning and i'd say at this point it's difficult to say exactly what russia's sbepgss are in this relationship, but i think that's the most important part of this meeting. is to have a quick exchange with president trump and president putin of what they both see is
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the nature of the relationship with our two countries. >> and we're back. you heard the secretary, fareed say -- transition from defeating isis to political solutions in the future of the syrian people. and also, this is the beginning -- hopefully the beginning of a relationship with russia that can actually work out. did not mention meddling in the election as part of it. >> yeah, certainly strange. syria is important but i'd think at a moment like this, that might be item thee on your agenda with russia. item one, would essentially with b an act of overt hostility that russia undertook of the united states, the cyber hacking in the elections. the second would be north korea because it is a massive pressing crises. russia has a veto on the security counsel. if you're trying to type in sanctions of north korea and get
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immentions of it you need russia onboard. obviously syria is important. but it's interesting he chose only to talk about syria which suggests maybe they're not going to talk about sbeer ephesians in the russians. >> you say president trump has placed himself in a box when it comes to russia. why do you say that? >> because right from the start there's also this puzzle of why of all the country's in the world president trump, candidate trump had nice things to say only about one country, which is russia. so there was this puzzle. then you get the scandals and now trump is in the situation where he seems to be trapped, he's paralyzed himself. he can't seem to make a concession to russia, be nice to them, try to work out some kind
11:18 pm
of deal because that will raise sppgs, why is he doing this, is he in putin's pocket. he doesn't seem to want to be tough on russia and that is a mystery. but hi policy has been do nothing, the appeal is frozen. major issues with with him carding ukraine, syria now north korea. this is the first time that there will be a conversation. >> secretary tillerson's remarket, did it contradict anything or offer any more perspective of what least the president has offered when it comes to the relationship with russia, meeting with vladimir putin what they're going to get? >> well it was very substantive on what he talked about, it was very sensible you're looking for political pollution. >> the obvious. >> exactly. but perfectly sensible, the right thing to doism but as i say, kind of odd that that was
11:19 pm
the only thing that he said they were going to talk about with russia. look, so far what we know about this administration, i think he has no idea what trump is going to talk with putin about. >> that's the thing, he's being very diplomatic, the secretary of state. but as we know donald trump likes to trust his gut. could that be appear issue with this meeting if. >> it could be a huge problem. donald trump does trust the gut, by the way, a lot of american presidents do, they're skilled politicians. the danger is that you forget that foreign policy is not a branch of psycho therapy. if you have a great relationship with this guy one on one it isn't going to change the interest of that country. so you have xi at mar-a-lago. your grand daughter sings chinese songs to him and you
11:20 pm
offer hip a piece of cake, and you think he's just going to abandon his country. no that's not how it works. nations don't have permanent friends and enemies they have permanent interests. our issue is china has deep interest in north korea. it's a next door neighbor. they have worries about it imploding. we need to get at that rather than thinking we can wow the leader. so similarly with putin, putin is a russian nationalist. he has a very cheer and intelligent view of russia's interest. you've got to get to him at that level rather than thinking you can power around and somehow -- and say oh i forget yes, just sign up with the american agenda. >> i'm glad you mentioned putin. you called him the most powerful map in the world. you met with him about a year ago. so tell us these two personalities coming together. take us into that.
11:21 pm
>> couldn't be more difficult actually as people. both think of themselves as strong and tough. putin is quiet, she's short, he's obviously well built but he's quite unassuming if many ways until he starts to speak. she's very intelligent, very knowledgeable. so he will take you through the history of u.s. return relations for the last 25 years, almost year by year. it's a very one sided russian account of how the west has basically pushed russia around. but it's all based on facts. very carefully, imagine a lawyer presenting the best brief he could, bullet by bullet. trump is a, shall we say a lightly briefed person without muj knowledge about that history and facts, who believes that the most important thing is the eq, the kind of relationship, how it
11:22 pm
feels, how it looks. >> who loses -- >> right. it's theater. it'll be interesting to see whether these two end up running each other owner. i can't tell, all i can tell is p.m.,ty wise you can't find two people different. trump tells jokes, he's funny, charming. putin does not. he uses his time efficiently. >> i got to run. but -- if he didn't ask about hacking it's a -- it means that he is scared or he has no problem with it for his reelect, no third option. do you agree with that? >> well, i would put it differently. if you put a positive spin on it it would be such appear act of state manship for donald trump to say look, i may have benefited this time but as president of the united states
11:23 pm
my job is to protect this country, tugss of government, democracy, we cannot have this happened. just imagine how it would be luke for trump and i think how it would help him politically. i think he's herring himself politically but getting into this defensive crouch where he sees any discussion of this somehow de la legitimate mizes, get over it, you won. now be president. >> yeah. good luck with that. thank y very much fareed. breaking news to tell you about tonight. congressman steve scalise back in the intensive care unit. he's been readmitted to the intensive care unit at med star washington hospital center due to new concerns for infection. condition is listed as serious. we'll provide another update tomorrow on july 6 and keep
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[ flame whooshes ] is . >> we're back north korea escalating tensions with the united states. putting on officials say pyongyang launched a new missile not seep behalf. i was to turn to governor now.
11:28 pm
lauren rosen berger senior journalist at the washington fund. good evening to both of you. listen to this. >> make no mistake, north korea's launch of an icbm is a clear and sharp military escalation. the united states is prepared to use a full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies. >> and this is wat president tweeted yesterday. north korea has just launched another missile. does this guy have anything better to do with his life. hard to believe that south korea and japan will put up with this much longer. perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this none sense once and for all. and then your piece for "the washington post" is entitled how president can tweet his way into a nuclear war with north korea.
11:29 pm
so how are north korean officials interpreting the president's tweet? >> i think what's important to be here is north korea is an incredibly complicated challenge and problem that has trouble bld newcomuous administrations and it has one that requires a sophisticated strategy that brings to bear all of the tools and figure out a way to address it. that is not going to be able to be captured in 140 characters. twitter is not the appropriate mace to be articulating our north korea strategy. and my current as i articulated in that "the washington post" peace is the fact that president trump doesn't ups he's signaling thing to both our allies and adversaries that could lead to real miscalculation. and it's that, that comes to reassure our allies -- this problem deserved a real
11:30 pm
sophisticated strategy that is well thought through. >> you have appear issue i foe gordan with 140 character don't you? >> this tweet -- a lot of trump's tweet last week. on new year's day, kim jong-un, leader of the north korea and his televised address said look we're going to launch a intercontinental ballistic missile. trump the following day said i weapon happen. and when it did happen, you know trump if he wanted to tweet or say something it had to be resolute. this was sort of, oh, kim jong-un, he must have had something better to do. that's not the proper tone in a situation which involves the security of americans. yeah, i think that was really the wrong way to go. today he had another tweet about north korea and china's relations, that wouldn't so bad but the problem is he's stepping all over his message. >> what about the north korea
11:31 pm
because laura's tweet talks about how president trump could tweet his way into a war with north korea. but he's also saying he's hoping north korea will end this, that china will put a heavy move on north korea. is that realistic? >> it's not unless we give client the incentives to do so. trump has stated this would be cost for inappropriate behavior. one thing don, that united states need to do, regardless of what we think about our north korea policy is to enforce our own laws and chinese bank having laundering money for the north korean regime for a long time. couple years ago, hundreds of thousands of imposed on u.n. banks and we have let the chinese banks go scot-free. i think the president need to have some policies to back up these tweets because otherwise
11:32 pm
as laura points out, this is dangerousism. >> quickly before i get back to laura, misinterpreting the relationship with north korea and china? >> yeah i suppose. yesterday's launch it came off of a chinese transporter launcher. that is an indication that -- has been weaponizing the north koreans. this is indication that trump doesn't understand the relationship between beijing or piece yang i don't think. >> lawyer ura up to respond to ? >> yeah, i have to say i completely agree. the way the president chose to flippantly convey his message in a very vague terminology. i don't know a security expert with scenario is a very dangerous game. >> you said some of you can
11:33 pm
guess, what do you mind? >> guessing if terms of what does a heavy move mean, right. some people might interpret that in being some kind of military action. some people might say it's heavier saungs. some people might say it's cutting off the proliferation that china's facilitating. but that keep of hack of the clarity i think is really really damaging to the kind of strategy that he may be trying to take. as gordan said providing incentives for the chinese is important but providing charity from what we want from the chinese is important. when i worked with the security counsel we'd give the chinese a hiss of the kinds of thing we wanted them to do, the steps he wanted them to take very specifically. if they did not take those actions it was cheer what the consequences would be. i think the kind of pressures gordan's talking about to be imposing on the chinese are the
11:34 pm
thing we need to be considering. but we also feed to be clear with them in terms of what we want them to do. that feeds to be based on a realistic understanding of the chinese/north korea relationship. i also agree with gordan, we need to understand the chinese have their own limitations and how far their going to be willing to go. our interest is not their interest and it's important that president trump understand that. >> i want to ask you quickly laura here. we've been talking so much about this twitter diplomacy. you say the north korean if you believes will look for clear signals within the president's tweets but is there intention there? is any possible intention in harmony with his national security team has been saying? >> that's the problem i think. the north korea yaps will be looking for intention whether there's intention there owner. and they'll read things into hi word that he may or may not have intended. we part the north korean's wort
11:35 pm
very carefully. when they put out word from any of their mouthpieces it's based on sophisticated formulas they've used over time. we look incredibly careful at those. and the north koreans mirrored us they will do the same. the words of the leader of the country carry the greatest weight. so, i agree with gordon tat president stepping on his own message. he's also steps on the message of many of members of his cabinet and others who i believe are trying to execute a more coordinated and sophisticated strategy and he's getting in their way and undermining them. >> gordon how do you see this playing out? >> i get very worried about this because as laura says, interest of the countries in this are opposed. there's a real possible that there will not be clarity and resolution until we're at the brink of he or she stilts.
11:36 pm
that is something which is unacceptable but we seem to be heading there because a lot of people in washington are saying that's where we're going. >> you wrote a great piece in the daily beast, i'd urge everyone to read it where you're talking about what happened with north korea and the missiles. thank you gordon and laura. the from the going into former and full fledge by lateral talks, what both sides expect and is trump ready if. . . .
11:37 pm
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two unpredictable world leaders face to face for the first time. what will happen when president trump meets president putin in germany. let's discuss. joe do roety and joe moscow joe sanders. good evening to all of you. after all the talk about donald trump and vladimir putin, the first face to face meeting is on friday. you say this will be tough balancing act for president trump, how so?
11:41 pm
>> well if you look at the situation, first of all, anything broadly speaking that president trump does that helps russia, helps vladimir putin can be interpreted back in the united states negatively. it could boomer range /* range on home at home. we all know with the investigations and allegations of collusion, et cetera, the optics don't look good to be kind to vladimir putin. and the whole problem is, he really does need a better relationship with vladimir putin, and basically with russia. they had have very dangerous times. it's very important that the two men sit down and began to normalize this relationship. the bhans is really tough. >> jonathan help us understand this because this is supposed to be -- originally it was going to be a poll side meeting now it's
11:42 pm
an full fledge official bilateral meetings. but we're told by administrative officials there's no agenda. what does this tell you about this meeting? what is it if. >> i think the republicans recognize the president of the united states is not appear agenda kind of guy. they're not expecting a great deal out of this. what they'd like to see is a relationship at the top between putin and trump that is gracious, that is respectful that maybe lay some ground work but we need more than the top man to top man relationship. you need all those people if the middle to start talking to each other, to have diplomats talk to each other. to have engagement on a if you remember of issues and to find of couple of places where we can start rebuilding confidence, because confidence building is important if a cold war, and boy are we if a cold war.
11:43 pm
the election thing has nothing to do with the he or she stilt coming out of the area around the center called washington, d.c., where if you were to poll members of congress you might get a 100% agreement that russia is a bad and evil place and undoing everything in america. and that has to stop and the president has to begin to explain to the americans why he is open to a different policy towards russia. >> okay, so then who else besides the presidents do you expect to attend that meeting? >> i think mr. tillerson's going to go to the meeting. i think mr. le boef is going to go to the meeting. the unspoken person in the room is going to be the person that putin and donald trump have in common, hillary clinton. the clintons are despised, disparaged and dismissed by both putin and trump.
11:44 pm
and trump's going to say he's not hillary clinton and not bill cla clinton and that's a good starting point of impact for common nalt. >> matthew to you you, we know vladimir putin comes to meetings very prepared. what tactics has he used with with other world leaders and how do you expect him to approach this particular situation? >> so, putin really is a master of detail. i think he will be prepared, he may not be looking to get into a detailed conversation, for instance about what a final settlement may look like for syria, how you would do a global fight against isis and terrorism ks how you might move forward on the ukraine intelligence. but should the conversation move in that conversation, and i don't think we can exclude that the president of the united states may mention any number of those issues because they have been very much in the public course. he may also mention the
11:45 pm
investigation in washington, putin will be more master of the details of all those questions. i suspect this is going to be similar as to what's coming from some serious experts, at least one russian hand whose now in the security counsel. the message is going to be let's focus on the top-line issue here which is these are the world's top big powers. we exist if a cold war style relationship, a mutually shared destructionism we have thousands of nuclear warheads pointing at each other at any given time. we cannot afford to be if a relationship like this. to get past it the president will be willing to send a message, he buys himself a lot of breathing room in the united states by saying you got to stop messing with american knocksy. you got to stop attacking with cyber attacks, which is anion going problem. it didn't stop in november after the elections, and on ukraine.
11:46 pm
this was something that was much talked up after november. the president simply feeds to put that to rest by saying, look, we're going to try to work with syria and counter terrorism. he buys himself a lot of political room when he do that. >> i can feel people at home shaking their heads when you mention russia meddling in the lks saying never going to happen but we'll see. we'll continue our conversation. be right back. you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. you're searching for something.
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and we're back now with my panel. jill, i'm going to get to you first in this segment. president putin can be calculated when he goes into meetings like this, and he wants the upper hand. tell us about that. >> well, i mean, there are numerous examples, but i'm thinking of the one with angela merkel, which is really a pretty famous one where he went to a meeting with angela merkel, the german chancellor. she does not particularly like dogs apparently. is kind of fearful of them. and he brought a dog. and of course, the understanding was he wanted to kind of, you know, put her ill at ease. kind of put her back on her heels, and he could use a technique like that. there are many things. i don't think he plays golf, but, you know, who knows? maybe he'll final commonality there or maybe he'll do something else.
11:51 pm
been saying that, you know, putin is going to come very, very prepared, and yet he doesn't really expect a lot from this, so the mere that is correct that he sits down with donald trump is good for putin because, you know, he is back on the stage. russia is not as isolated. after all, he is meeting with the american president. but he knows this is a president who can turn on a dime. i mean, witness what is going on right now with china and north korea. you know, not so long ago at mar-a-lago, president trump and the chinese president xi were best buddies because mr. trump thought china would do something with north korea, and we're ready to slap sanctions on chinese steel. it can turn very quickly, and i don't think putin will buy into anything other than a meeting hopefully maybe get some sort of -- convince president trump of something putin believes and then move on and let the, you
11:52 pm
know, top officials on both sides work out details if they even get that far. >> mm-hmm. jonathan, this is what putin said after it was reported in may that president trump shared classified information. remember, with the russian minister sergei lavrov during the oval office meeting? watch this. >> translator: we see that political schizophrenia is developing in the u.s. i can't find any explanation for the president supposedly revealing some kind of secret to lavrov. incidentally, i had a talk with lavrov this morning and had to rebuke him, giving him a telling off that he didn't share the secret with us, neither me nor the russian special services. that was very bad of him. >> do you think trump takes putin seriously? >> yes and no. i don't think he takes him seriously as what the russians would call a serious man. somebody who is well read,
11:53 pm
thoughtful and philosophical. i think he takes him seriously as somebody who is the duly libertied president of the united states, and as such, has vast resources at his hand. and i think, you know, fareed zakaria said a few minutes ago that foreign policy was not a branch of psycho therapy. but there are a lot of psychotherapists working around the kremlin, trying to figure out why donald trump likes them, why he is open to them, how to predict his mercurial attitudes. and what do they have in common? they have some interests in common as people who approach things differently. trump is visceral and putin is a tactician. the seminal influence in his life was learning sambo, a form of martial arts. he uses people's exercise and
11:54 pm
body weight to throw them back and to plant their moves against his moves. he is not a great strategic thinker. neither is mr. trump. >> that was an interesting story there. matt, right now russia and china are pushing their own plan for north korea to stop testing ballistic missiles. the u.n. ambassador nikki haley said this earlier today. >> the world is on notice. if we act together, we can still prevent a catastrophe, and we can rid the world of a grave threat. if we fail to act in this way, there will be a different response. >> but the russian deputy ambassador to the united nations is disputing whether the test was, in fact, an icbm, matthew. how could this complicate that meeting? >> look, don. the simple fact is as it has been stated headline after headline, this is the problem from hell. the united nations security council has imposed sanctions, multiple resolutions and it
11:55 pm
hasn't been adequate to solve the problem. russia and china have been part of that conversation. we have a very forceful u.n. ambassador. but it won't change the basic interest that dictate russia and china's position. if i can, i want to comment on two things that putin brings to the table. you asked earlier to add to jill's point, putin has been late to every meeting with every world leader that he has ever held. now that is so much of a pattern. he has been late with the pope. he was late to president obama, intentionally late to angela merkel. that's not an accident. i am very curious how late -- he is going to be late. how late will he be with donald trump? ten minutes like he was for obama? will it be hours like he has been? recall if you watched the oliver stone interviews, he kept oliver stone waiting for hours. this is part of his tactic, and the second thing he brings to the table is he tangled with russia's wealthy men. with russia's wealthy, powerful, you know, self-centered, highly
11:56 pm
branded oligarchs. 15, 20 years ago, and he beat them. and i think putin has an image of trump that trump is a kind of mega oligarch. now, he is president of the united states. he brings a lot of firepower to the table. but i think he is going to be thinking about this, like sitting across the stable from one of those guys that he tangled with before, and he will employ those tactics to achieve dominance. >> but no dog. >> if trump's afraid of dogs, there will be dogs. >> thank you all. see you soon. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'll see you right back here tomorrow.
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