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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  July 7, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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boundary and do so face-to-face. that could have an impact. and fareed zakaria, your op-ed in korea. no time to do it today. we'll have you back. do read fareed's op-ed on "the washington post." thank you for joining us at this hour on a friday. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing your day with us. the first meeting between president trump and russian president vladimir putin is running overtime. at the beginning, updeceit tabe for the cameras. you see the handshakes there. the two presidents still meeting. supposed to run 35 minutes. it has now been running an hour 45 and kourccounting. also on the g-20 stage, an awkward moment with the mexican president. >> mr. president, do you want
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mexico to pay for the wall? -- >> [ inaudible ] thank you all. >> absolutely, the president says about his wall. plus, a robust jobs report and a very important health care shift from the senate's top republican. but we begin with the high stakes getting to know you meeting that was supposed to wrap up a while ago at the g-20 summit in germany but is still running. president trump and president putin. first meeting a long list of tensions. from president trump's standpoint, listen here, also he says, an opportunity. >> we're going to have a talk now and obviously that will continue, but we look forward to a lot of very positive things happening for russia and for the united states, and for everybody concerned, and it's an honor to be with you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> on this big day with us to share reporting and insights, kathy collins of the "los angeles times." carl holtz of the "new york times," betsy woodruff, "daily
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beast," and quickly to white house correspondent in hamburg, germany. on the books 35 minutes. a lot of talk it would be a quick meeting. instead, any reason to know why it's going so long and i'm guessing not yet, as to what is being discussed? >> reporter: we're expecting, of course, when they emerge from this meeting. it's stretched longer than 90 minutes. the reality, they weren't going to get a lot done in 30 minutes. you heard in the clip president trump is speaking english. russian president vladimir putin speaking russian. they are joined by two translators in there to facilitate the meeting and a top diplomat on each side. it's an intricate meeting. the fact it stretched so long gives an indication this is more than just getting to know one another, more than just sizing one another up. one thing trump administration officials have not addressed whether the president planned on bringing of you russian election meddling. some doubted it, but this
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president pulls an audible now and again. we're waiting to see if that came up. no shortage of topics for these two gentlemen to bring up. questions how to deal with north korea's aggression going forward as well as questions and pressure to put on russia about its role in ukraine as well as the con conflict in syria. these may be some of 9 agendas on the table. worth noting when we saw the two together in front of the camera both put a positive spin on this meeting. we heard trump talk for years how he would want a closer relationship with russian president vladimir putin. a closer relationship, a better relationship between the u.s. and russia. so it will be interesting to see what we do hear in this readout as they emerge. john? >> sara murray on the ground in hamburg. and come into the room. i thought we'd discuss the first meeting and what we knew about it. i assume by most accounts we should consider it a good thing.
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we don't know what they're talking about, how productive. these two men have a lot to talk about, big issues and don't know each other. a new president on the job, six months next week. we showed you president trump shaking hands. showed president trump saying he hoped they could come out of this meeting with a positive agenda going forward and work together. yes, differences. and's started the meeting from president putin, his words. >> translator: and i'm delighted to be able to meet you, personally, mr. president, and i hope as you have said our meeting were yield positive results. >> i can't think, going back to the president reagan days, a meeting between the american president and russian presidentish the whole world is watching. a long list of reasons around the world. what are we waiting for here? >> i'm not surprised and agree
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with sara. i'm not surprised it ran over. these guys have a lot to talk about. they've limited the people in the meeting. it's going to be a while before the leaks start, i think. i think that putin's body language at the beginning of that was very relaxed and welcoming. he can strike a pretty aggressive posture, and we'll just have to see what comes out of it. it's probably going to be the most analyzed 90 minutes or so in sino- -- oh soviet/u.s. relations. >> i'm struck putin didn't project a more steely confidence at the beginning. looked down a lot, didn't make eye contactstantly making eye contact, or trying to, with him. interesting. i've been in that room with putin when it was president obama, and he usually would sit back on the chair, telegraph disrespect, but a different putin i saw there. >> so the question is, what was
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his calculation? everything putin calculated, part of the thing. you've been in the room and a room president trump hasn't been in before and in ways people say, experience gap? others say, advantage. new, different. not bound by the old ways of doing things. >> a possibility trump went into the meeting with an overly optimistic perspective what could happen. we've seen reports officials say he went in hoping to make a deal with putin potentially involving syria, working together against isis. base and the status quo in syria that's not likely to happen. as of now, pushing isis back, as troops currently are being pushed out of syria, a huge problem is how the u.s. and russia manage this. it's hard enough just keeping american trooping and their proxies from getting in conflict with russian troops and their pro proxies much less cooperating. over thinking. >> and trump voters, supporters, will roll their eyes. ask john kerry and the obama
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administration, thought they had agreements, small steps towards deconfliction and every time they took a step forward they took three steps back, but -- but -- we don't expect them to resolve world crises at this meeting but getting to know you and striking a professional relationship is critical. >> it is critical but this president is inflicted with the same misconceptions many new presidents come in with on the foreign stage. they think it's all about the personal relationship. the truth is, on the margins, personal relationships between presidents can and heads of state, can help, but end of the day, it's about the interests of the who countries and many times presidents have gone in to these relationships thinking they can be pals, somehow that's going to paper over big differences in, you know, geopolitical problems across the globe and it just doesn't. i mean, even putting aside all of the kind of russian meddling and the election stuff, syria, north korea, china, trade.
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you know, climate change. there's, like, huge political and geopolitical issues, and having a relationship doesn't fix that. >> having a relationship doesn't fix that. it hopefully helps you do the stuff you can or must do when world crises strike, but to the point, a long list of, what did they say about syria and iran? how much did north korea because of recent missile tests jump into the conversation? hopefully find out in the moment ahead as the meeting breaks up. a big question, what, if anything, will the president of the united states say about russian election meddling. the white house isn't sure if he will address it. a hint yesterday from the president from poland, it was muddled. >> well, i think it was russia and i think it could have been other people and other countries. >> now, people who wanted to take a hard line say that's not the way to do it.
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especially with somebody like vladimir putin. that if you need to get on the record -- what republican hawks in congress, democratic liberals in congress, a lot of people in the foreign policy establishment, even some of trump's only security team members tell you privately they want him to look putin in the eye say we know what you did, what you're doing, continue to do it again or there would be consequences. >> that comment wouldn't lead me to believe that's what will happen in that meeting. >> he surprises us sometimes. >> right, and can go off-script. but he just does not want to acknowledge that he thinks that that undermines his presidency, and he's just really reluctant to go there, despite pretty unanimous opinion in congress and in the intelligence agencies. >> is it -- it's all about legitimacy? am i wrong in saying if they could come out of this meeting and they could tell us he looked president putin in the eye and said i know what you did, i know what you're trying to do, i've seen it in my country, in europe, around the world. stop, or there will be
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consequences. that would take a lot of wind out of the sails of people criticizing him every day. would it not? >> i think it would. the problem, president trump has never been able to disconnect the two pieces of the russian story. there's the piece about the russian meddling into the election, about democracy and their interference and then the piece about the investigation into him and his people. he can't ever seem to disconnect those. if he could, he could focus on the former and let the latter kind of sit to the side. that's the problem. >> and additionally, trump never showed much interest in mollifying critics when it comes to the russia situation. not something he's bent over backwards to work on. >> went in, said what you said to say, i know you what did. there's going to be consequences if you continue. that would really throw putin off, because it would be so unexpected. you know -- president trump could own the rest of the meeting just about. but there's nothing to suggest he was going to go in and do that and congressman mccall, republican who chairs the
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homeland security committee today and briefed president trump in the past said that this is not on the agenda for the president going in. and yesterday, if you're prepared, russians preparing for this meeting yesterday you see the president on tv, dissing his predecessor so -- so aggressively. >> publicly and openly on the world stage. >> and questioning his own intelligence community yet again, and saying that, okay. it was russia but other people, too. i mean, you're like high-fiving going into this meeting. >> russians won the pregame. no doubt. the question, still waiting for the immediatebreakout, find out more about it. let me ask you this before a quick break. does this matter? a look at this experience, vladimir putin and the national government of russia for 21 years also in the kgb, other political experience before that. sergey lavrov, russian foreign minister on the job, diplomacy, now foreign minister, 45 years. donald trump has been president just shy of six months. rex tillerson, first government
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job, secretary of state five-plus months. does that matter? does the experience gap mat whir it comes to negotiating these things or ronald reagan was new when he started at this. everyone said a little nuts. didn't know what he was doing and brought the berlin wall down. >> well, he had been governor of a major state. >> right. >> two terms. i think it does matter. this is not their first rodeo. they've been down this. we were already have concerns about, you know, how trustworthy they are. i think it does make a differencened and i know there are people saying, donald trump's been in these, in negotiations as a real estate magnate all of these years. it's not the same thing. not the same at all. >> a different universe. >> additionally, whether or not trump has the clout in the meeting to make putin think he has credibility in the negotiations. not just a difference in experience, also in power. putin is a much more powerful leader of his country than trump is in the united states. talking about sanctions, putin can fairly ask if trump can
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actually keep yi commitments he might potentially want to make about rolling back sanctions on russia. congress has been comfortable, him going around as president, doing his own thing. >> and waiting for the house to follow-up. excellent point. a different way of doing things here, mr. putin. up next, so much at stake. that all-important first meeting twee presidents vladimir putin and donald trump, now two hours and counting. the pain can really be a distraction. pain is sometimes in my hands, right before a performance especially. only aleve has the strength to stop minor arthritis pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. this is my pain. but i am stronger. aleve. all day strong. manait's a series of is nsmart choices. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress.
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megan's smile is getting a lot because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. welcome back. a reminder, still under way in hamburg, germany, a meeting between the presidents of the united states and the russian federation. donald trump and vladimir putin now in the room together more than two hours and counting. meeting initially scheduled for
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30 minutes. a readout when the meeting is osier and bring you that as soon as possible. strong jobs news today. timely news for the president attending the economic summit. the united states economy added 220,000 jobs in june. that's a robust report that came in above expectations. the unemployment rate ticked up a bit to 4% but for the right reasons it went up. because thousands of americans who had given up looking for work decided to get off the sidelines and get back in the jobs hunt. still even with strong numbers, is the economy experiencing a gangbusters trump effect? at the president suggests? >> the economy is blazing and on every front we're doing well. >> the assault on the american auto industry, believe me, is over. >> when i say that the stock market is at an all-time high, we've picked up in market value almost $4 trillion since november 8th. personally i picked up nothing.
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but that's all right. everyone else is getting rich. that's okay. i'm really happy. >> nice joke from the president there. optimistic talk, but numbers don't lie. look at this chart comparing the monthly job growth from the first five who months of the trump presidency to the same last year. average those numbers out, the economy was adding 20,000 more jobs a month under president obama. same time, look at it, last year. that's just not to criticize president trump. any president, when the economy's going good, what you want as president. you get the blame if it's bad. even if not your fault. credit, or should, when it's good, even if not your doing. the issue is more his rhetoric. telling people at every event he goes to just about, because i'm president things are gang busters. the numbers aren't there, at least yet. >> in fairness to president trump, the employment numbers are slightly lower than the same time last year, it's to be expected. there are just fewer jobs to be had, and fewer people to take them, but the idea of taking
9:20 am
credit for it, that there's been some sort of trump agenda that made this possible is belied by the facts that there's really been very, there's been nothing. no major legislation come out of congress and even many of the regulatory changes that he's proposed haven't taken effect yet. and, you know, the clip you played about him saying the war on the american auto worker is over. well, president obama rescued over republican oh jekzbjection rescued the auto industry. those claims, he's taking too much credit. he's doing no harm is the best you can say. >> there is a psychological -- since election day, dow up considerably, talking during the break. dow, flirting with 22,000. show the big number. in the sense in the markets there is a psychology that trump is pro-business, doing more on
9:21 am
the regulatory front. will get to tax reform. that last part they will get to tax reform. we're in july now. >> from republicans' -- herald look at these numbers. looks great. we're back in business. today i heard republican members saying you know, these numbers show we still have work to do. they need a rationale to push tax reform. they've actually changed their tone a little bit from what even the president is saying. they're saying, still sluggish. we need to get the economy moving again. they have political reasons for doing that, but it is a shift. >> i also think we shouldn't let the clip go by with him saying others are getting rich and he isn't. i mean, let's be clear -- is -- the president put his massive fortune in a trust, not a blind trust, a trust managed by his children, but that is still affected by the global economy and the stock market as well, and he is quite certainly benefiting from this, this stock
9:22 am
market in any way that the rest of us are. >> another issue with what trump said. he said the economy's going gang busters on basically every level. that's not a correct reading of this jobs report, even though there's a lot for the white house to love, we don't see wage or productiveky growth nearly where they should be. they wanted trump to be president so their wages go up, paychecks bigger. optimism, in the rust belt, the farm belt, you have more take-home pay. this jobs report does not indicate that's happening yet. something to keep an eye on. >> the real danger for the president, he doesn't learn what so many of his presidedecessors. when you get to the point where your read rick is completely disconnected from the way people feel on the ground, a dangerous moment. while there were certainly lots of people in the country who feel better now, feel like the economy is improves, there are big swaths of the country, places where wages are still really low or the jobs just
9:23 am
haven't come back and a lot of those are his people. >> where we see the political flip side. remember, started to get the first year of the obama administration, horrible. inherited a recession. losing jobs. then in the second term, though, things start to recover, when you would have jobs comparable to even strongser than now, 250, 270, republicans would always find a cloud. a piece of coal in that. now the democrats find 220,000 is a robust report. economy is creating jobs. everybody's happy. nancy pelosi, more than six months into the congress republicans have no infrastructure bill, no budget, no tax reform and no jobs agenda of any kind. to your point, democrats trying to create the political environment, republican was good at. when this president sells you, yea, look at your paycheck, around your neighborhood. around your community. look at that factory still with the padlock on it. >> they learned from what the republicans did and then washington, everybody flips
9:24 am
immediately. >> think back also, remember the trump administration questioned these numbers, just their basic legitimacy and now are seizing on them. i think this is going to be a back and forth over the next few months leading into a 2018 election that will be about economic gains and which side can sell it? >> republicans in 2018, defending congress, what do the numbers show then if you're the president of the united states? you have more time. him being optimistic, you want a president to be a cheerleader for the country. the question, does he get do disconnected. auto industry. made a big deal. keep americans in jobs here. lectured auto companies about moving overseas. a lot still doing that. in terms of making cars, 2016, and 2017, the rate for the big three, detroit based fiat, chrysl chryslcrie chrysl chrysler, ford general motors, actually down. again, the president's rhetoric is more optimistic than the actual numbers and this is a snapshop. end of the year maybe different.
9:25 am
the president's cheerleading impression. a political risk getting too far ahead of yourself. >> another fun tidbit in the jobs report and car numbers, fascinating, a secretary of the economy that grew the most was health care. talking about re-inventing the health care but that's where the most jobs were added. something to keep an eye on. a quick break. waiting, more than two hours president trump in the room with president vladimir putin. talking about syria, we know they're talking about ukraine. are they talking about election meddling? we hope to find out when that meeting breaks up. stay with us. theso when i need to book tant to mea hotel room,tion. i want someone that makes it easy. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time.
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welcome back. reminder, still waiting for word on the trump/putin meeting in hamburg, germany. supposed to last 30 minutes. running now more than two hour, and we believe still ongoing. others showing up for an evening reception at g-20. at the moment, presidents trump and putin still to the best of our knowledge in conversations. ukraine, syria, iran nuclear deal. perhaps russian election meddling of the united states on the agenda. others arriving.
9:30 am
we'll continue to track this meeting. every meeting between the american and russian presidents is a big deal, but today's had added importance and more global interest, well, for a very long list of reasons. here's some -- president trump just shy of six months on the job. russia organizing unprecedented cyber and other interference into the 2016 u.s. election. and a special council investigation including questions whether trump associates colluded with the kremlin during the campaign and now questions whether the president in his firing of fbi director james comey and other steps tried to obstruct or influence that investigation? congress is pushing additional sanctions on russia. a long list, and the long list of traditional flashpoints. russian aggression in ukraine, georgia, support for bashar al assad's murderous regime in syria. and candidate trump ignoring the facts kremlin talking points. >> he's not going into ukraine.
9:31 am
just so you understand. he's not going to go into ukraine. mark it down. put it down. take it -- >> he's already there. isn't he? >> the history is what makes this never mind the present-day issues and the windshield issues looking forward. the stuff in the rearview mirror makes this fascinating, during the campaign, donald trump was either grossly misinformed -- the meeting ending, we're told. went more than two hours. just told the meeting finally ended and we're waiting to find out more about the substance of what happened. it's this history that makes it fascinating. during the campaign either donald trump, you hear there, won't go into ukraine when already in ukraine. either uninterested, not paying attention to the facts, or deliberately not wanting to talk about it. we really don't know the answer to that question. >> i think that's the great mystery of the trump administration. what is it with russia? and why does he take this approach? and, you know, none of us have been able to decipher it.
9:32 am
>> another important tidbit, what are the campaign talking points, he pushed, surrogates, the idea hillary clinton and obama started isis? remember that? a line that finds a russia propaganda line that found its way to trump campaign rallies. >> to the point, one of the reasons he doesn't necessarily fully believe the russian meddling intelligence, they got iraq wrong. what the russians said from the beginning. now the president has every right to be skeptical and every american the right to remember iraq war intelligence. one hand, the president, i get that. the other hoonand. exactly, and on the other hand -- working on the democratic administrations before that and clinton, former deputy national security adviser. got to the point, he would be claiming russia's not in ukraine. vladimir, we can see things.
9:33 am
we know it's not true. he would just move on. that's the challenge of these meetings that happens in every bilateral meeting. ask the american president, asked things he doesn't want to talk about. in this case, comes to putin, because of the things trump s sd during the campaign, the favorable, openly friendly generous things said about putin what will he say now? >> it puts the republican party in a difficult place. right? because the republican party used to be the party that wanted to be more aggressive in its posture vis-a-vis russia. think back to mitt romney saying in 2012 during the presidential campaign, russia was the big geopolitical foe. you have folks like john mccain and others wanting to be much more aggressive with sanctions and confront russia on its aggression in ukraine and elsewhere and then this president, and nobody's quite sure, to your point, where he
9:34 am
is. how much he is willing to, you know, sort of stand with the other republicans in his party and stand up to them. >> we know trump has an infinity for nationalism. putin touched proudly about russia. i want to do that for my country, but there's a line when you look at russian behavior. those keeping score at home. the meeting ran 2 hours 16 minutes. could be amended after the fact. we'll find out. 2 hours 16 minutes. waiting for a readout on the substance. again, one of the reason this is fascinating, just yesterday the president said i think it was russia and i think it could have been other people and other countries. when his own intelligence communities, remember, his director of national intelligence, dan coats, his cia director mike pompeo, they had no doubt. trump appointees, said they had no doubt it was russia. the president said, i this russia, could be other countries. listen to james clapper, former director of national intelligence, rote the report, assessment, that russia meddled and their intent, hurt hillary clinton and help donald trump.
9:35 am
was it other countries? >> essentially no doubt about it. high confidence levels, the multiple sources of information we had and its high fidelity still lead me very convinced, leave me very convinced the voracity of that report. as far as others doing this, boy, that's news to me. we saw no evidence whatsoever there was anyone involved in this other than the russians. >> healthy. i mean -- president of the united states on foreign soil yu7 undermining his own intelligence agencies and questioning their conclusions? >> commander in chief almost six months, in which the intelligence community is a major part of his national security purview. it's one thing to say these things oos a candidate. another thing now, briefed nearly every day by these people, i think. does he not believe them? when on foreign soil criticizes
9:36 am
them for the iraq's weapons of mass destruction, getting that wrong, it wasn't so much that the intelligence community got that wrong in the first place. it was used by people in power at the top in a way that was wrong. turned out to be wrong. >> a quick thing. you know who knows the truth about the russian meddling? vladimir putin knows the truth. one way or the other. right? it's not as if donald trump is going in to a meeting with a third party who doesn't -- so -- there's a real imbalance that, they're sitting there in this meeting 2.5 hours, whatever donald trump is saying about meddling. >> to your point, even putin backed off complete, total denial in reasons weeks saying, might have been russian patriots doing that, not the government. the president woke up this morning part of the whole russian saga. we believe one of the reasons he won't talk about the meddling, believes it somehow delegitimizes his victory. he's the president, almost six
9:37 am
months. he's the president. legitimately elected president of the united states but this morning tweets from the g-20, everyone here is talking about why john podesta refused to give the dnc server to the fbi and cia. disgraceful. i'd like to know who, who at the g-20, the world's largest economy is -- >> hard to believe podesta's name was on the tip of everyone's tongue there. >> talk about north korea? no. i want to talk about john podesta. >> another indicator of, you know, the fact he was probably never going to press this too hard in this meeting. i mean, everyone here looks at that, just -- >> what is the goal here? this president is different. sometimes we jump on him for fweets that are reckless. sometimes for tweets that are sexist. i'm trying to game out what is this one about? what ball is he trying to move down the field with whom by bringing up john pa tesodesta?
9:38 am
>> perilous to try to over think this. >> my mistake. >> my guess, trump's tweets aren't being checked out before he sends them. we've seen in the last few weeks, more active on social media in a way that differs from a lull from a while there and the way he's behaved at the g-20. in front of the press, talking about making mexico pay for the wall. very much trump in unleashed mode. an attitude that came through when he met with putin. >> some is charming. some difference is worth discussion. some of that, watch. interesting to see a new american president on the world stage. barack obama different than george w. bush. george h.w. bush different than clinton. it's interesting. this is a bit of a mind-number to me, john podesta on a road trip with his wife. we find out on twitter because he decides to respond to twitter. the president tweets and john a
9:39 am
podesta says i'm on a road trip with my wife to see our whack jop potus, president of the united states, from john podesta, is tweeting about me at the g-20. get a grip, man. the russians commit add crime when they stole my e-mails to help get you elected. by the way, i have nothing to do with the dnc. dude, get your head in the game. you're resting the united states at the g-20. >> may be the first time john podesta's ever used the word "dude." >> it was his evil twin. >> a major topic of conversation. yeah. >> but this is, again -- >> speaking of the, the base. right? i don't know. i agree, i don't know if there's a grand strategy, to the extent, when donald trump uses twitter he's speaking to a different audience. right? it's not really meant to be conveyed to the leaders of the g-20. >> speaking to the base, an hour or so before he's about to go into this high-stakes meeting with putin and sergey lavrov,
9:40 am
two of the sharpest operators on the globe and imagine the two of them. getting ready to meet with trump. you see that he's tweeted this. you think, well, he's clearly not bonying for our meeting. he has other things on his mind and thinking, you're empowered. it's just -- you know, we can roll our eyes even laugh, but it is, there's is serious consequences reflected in that. >> you don't think that's a master deception spy move there? >> i can't be a devil's advocate on this one for you, john. >> sit tight. waiting for the details. more than two hours, the trump/putin meeting, waiting for details. if we get them we'll bring them to you immediately. if not, while the president is overseas, very big developments back home as republicans try to sell a health care compromise. (vo) when you wake up with
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welcome back. reminder, still waiting details from the trump white house on the meeting 2 hours 16 minutes
9:45 am
with russian president vladimir putin in humberg, germany. both due at a reception this evening. which we get information about what was discussed, a personal relationship developed or not we'll bring has to you. 12 stay with cnn. a candid assessment and warning shot. mitch mcconnell says if his fellow republicans cannot come to agreement on obamacare replacement plan they have to go to work on obamacare fixes. step back, think about that a second. after seven years of promising repeal, asking republicans to fix obamacare is the ideological equivalent of asking them to raise taxes. well, here it is from leader mcconnell. if my side is unable to agree on an adequate replacement some kind of action with regard to the private health insurance market must occur. not action is not an alternative. insurance markets imploding across the country including in this state. we say wow about a lot of things, that might not deserve wows but if you're a republican
9:46 am
leader, lived the last seven years of your life saying we are going to repeal obamacare, that's a wow. correct? >> right. >> what we know, for the last seven years when saying repeal obamacare, for probably a majority of both the house and senate majority, a slogan and never seriously thought it should be repealed. fixed, yes. even democrats and president obama thought it should be fixed. now the people who knew unlike i guess donald trump at the time, how hard it was to deal with health care knew there were a lot of things about obamacare that people liked, and may not even know that they owed it to obamacare, and so once you try to repeal that, it was going to open up a can of worms. >> whether you like or dislike mitch mcconnell, now the senate majority leader, former the senate minority leader. he's a governor of the senate. health care collapsing in the country, i can't say, the democrats passed this, ha, ha. you have to step in and do something. he fires the warning shot
9:47 am
essentially compromise, cut a deal or i'm coming to the table with fixes of obamacare. heritage foundation fires back. welcome to the republican civil war. if the republican party wants to work with democrats to bail out obamacare the results catastrophic for the party. seven years it pledged party of repeal. it's time to work towards that goal. >> heritage has a valid goal implicit what was said, obamacare is fixable, at the least, improvable. democrats seize on that, why insist on repealing this legislation when we're here at the table ready to try to make these easy fixes? a lot they could do that wouldn't necessarily mean putting obamacare in place for forever. for instance, guaranteed payments of cost sharing reductions. right? the trump administration suggested it won't help states, individual markets, make these payments. congress could say, no. you have to. helping the individual. >> and mcconnell, maybe give him too much credit as the harry
9:48 am
houdini. if anyone can pull it off, it's mcconnell. good at blocking the obama administration, not letting a supreme court nominee go through. and what's he trying to do here? >> i think in mitch mcconnell, he knew that his best chance to do this was do it quickly before the fourth of july. guess what? he was right. everyone's gone home, hearing from constituents. people usual ly sharing republican votes saying we can't go for this. i think what senator mcconnell was saying there yesterday was, doing two things. one, preparing for a defeat. two, saying, if we don't do this, we're going to have to go back and work with the democrats. guess what? a lot of republicans are against that bill, who want that to happen. in the senate. there are republicans who say, we can make some easy fixes here. let's get this going. so, you know, i agree he has been houdini in the past. i have a piece coming out about that, but this is a different
9:49 am
set of circumstances. health care is intensely personal for people, and i think he's in real trouble on this. >> and the question, carl, you would know better than any of us. is there a real danger of these guys being primaried? if they really go down the path mcconnell suggesting, a year and a half before midterms. can you see a lot of hard-core republicans -- >> part of the real problem with that, too, is the new call is, well, let's just repeal the bill and we'll go back late lar. can't do that without democrat votes. >> and number one warning shot. cut a deal soon or we bring fixes to the table and to kentucky, repealing and replacing doesn't work. sorry mr. president, senator paul, senator sasse, and mcconnell is frustrated. wanted to do it quickly. the president opened the door to talk to conservatives. mcconnell ain't happy. leave it at that. we can tell you, a briefing with senior administration
9:50 am
officials on the trump/putin meeting. we expect that shortly. when we come back, another colorful moment from the president's day on the world stage. ♪ there's nothing more important than your health. so if you're on medicare or will be soon, you may want more than parts a and b here's why. medicare only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. you might want to consider
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welcome back. we're awaiting results of the meeting between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. we'll bring you that as soon as we can. and often it's about what isn't said that's the big news or how something is said. take today's face-to-face from president trump to the president of mexico. the small talk, brief, upbeat, about working together. renegotiate, for example, the north american free trade agreement and work together on border issues especially organized crime. and then -- this -- >> thank you very much. thank you. >> mr. president, do you still want mexico to pay for the wall? >> thank you, thank you all. [ inaudible ]. >> notice the president looked towards his secretary, rex tillerson, not the president of mexico saying, absolutely. almost under his breath he still
9:54 am
wanted mexico to pay for the wall. the foreign minister of mexico, the actual meeting, the foreign minister of mexico says the wall never came up. watching, again, this is the president's second overseas trip. first big international summit meeting. i guess -- first g-20, big meeting. what did we learn from that? >> the president of mexico has taken heat from his country. the fact the pret sident of the united states is talking smack about him isn't great. he wants mexico to pay for the wall. at the end of the day, paid for by congress. >> the solar panels? >> right, right. >> the other thing. remember -- >> mexican -- >> remember, a visit between these two, a formal visit
9:55 am
cancelled once. i think the united states and the white house, diplomats here, are eager to try to get that back on track. the last thing getting that back on track is a confrontation about the wall at the g-20. >> and potential big plus for the u.s. economy. the president said he'd bring nafta up. if that leads to renegotiation between the two countries that could benefit all three countries? >> another example of the president playing to its base at this international forum, and this happened before. went down to mexico for the meeting and didn't bring it up in the actual meeting. in some ways, that hurts his credibility. >> a rally that -- >> and show pictures from earlier. a big semicircle of leaders sitting around. a lot of people say, america alone. the president, angela merkel, the president saying absolutely nothing. on the far end, president putin engaged in a lively conversation. we don't know what's going on, of course. president trump is new at this.
9:56 am
most of these leaders have been on the job a while and know each other quite well. as you walk through this. other pictures later of the president -- talking casually, having fun here with the new president of france and angela merkel, senior leader here. fun and interesting to watch a new president going through transitions. >> like the oscars of geopolitics. see the famous people talking to each other. >> i wish i could lip read. >> you can't? >> you can? >> you can't? >> well, i can't answer that question. not on live television. all right. again waiting for a big readout from senior administrations on the trump/putin meeting. thanks for joining us. jim sciutto in, after a quick break.
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hello. i'm jim sciutto in for wolf blitzer. 1:00 p.m. who washington, 7:00 in hamburg, germany. 8:00 p.m. in moscow. wherever you're watch aring from around the world, thank you for joining us. the highly anticipated meeting between president trump and russian president vladimir putin just ended after more than two hours. keep in mind, the meeting was supposed to go around 40 minutes. we expect officials to brief the media sometime this hour and will bring you that information soon as we get it. both presidents trump and putin spoke to reporters before their private meeting, and here's what president trump had to say.


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