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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 9, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- . the top u.s. diplomat has just arrived in ukraine a day after the u.s. president discussed the situation there with the russian president at the g-20. a partial cease fire set to start in syria in less than an hour's time. could it be a blueprint for more cooperation in the fight against isis? plus, after more than three years in jail, one of venezuela's main opposition figures leopold lopez is released from house arrest. live from cnn world headquarters, we welcome our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm george on howehowell. the "cnn newsroom" starts right
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now. the u.s. president is back in washington returning from the g-20 summit in germany and following his big meetings there he's been tweeting say thaeg had an excellent meeting on north korea and trade with regards to his talks with the chinese president xi jinping. and he also sent rex tillerson to ukraine. mr. tillerson just arrived in kiev. pro-russian separatists have been fighting for control of eastern ukraine for more than three years now. tillerson's arrival comes just days after mr. trump met with the russian president vladimir putin at the g-20 summit. mr. putin insisted both the u.s. president and then to reporters that moscow did not meddle in last year's election. listen. >> translator: opposition is welle known and i repeated it, there is no basis for thinking that russia interfered in the election process. what is important is that we
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agreed that the uncertainty on these matters cannot exist especially in the future. >> mr. putin there speaking. nic robertson has more now on the meeting between president and president putin and where u.s. relations with russia and other western powers may go from here. >> reporter: on that contentious issue of what was it that was said between president trump and president putin, president putin in his press conference said that he thinks that president trump accepted his answer, but he said you would have to actually ask him. but what was fascinating was the importance that president putin put in the cease fire that he said the united states gave support for in the southwest part of syria. he seemed to think that it was a big deal, that it had been overlooked. but he also had another headline in his presence conference, that he feels that the united states is taking a much more pragmatic approach in syria to the point of being willing to pull resources, that's what he said,
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pool resource in syria. and that is perhaps stronger language than we heard from secretary of state tillerson when he was describing how the meeting had gone between the two presidents on saturday. but for putin's point of view, clearly feeling in the driving seat on syria, clearly feeling that he now has buy-in at least from the united states, from president trump who he said by the way was a different person behind closed doors than what you may see in public. but it was left too p angela mel to sum up what was achieved in the g 250. on trade, she was clear that it was a fight against protectionism and a fight against unfair trade. now, that is something that she has conceived in advance of this summit as the united states really being against free trade and more for protectionism. so this leaves the united states something has an outlier on that, on globalization, too, she's been very clear, she feels that the united states on globalization is sort of out of
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step, that it would rather see winners and losers, that it is okay for the bosses to profit, but she has always talked about a win/win situation about that so in globalization, she was clear they agreed that everyone should benefit globalization. on steel, there could be tariffs and this could lead to a global trade war. that seems to have been headed off. there will be a commission that will look at the global steel trade that will report in november. but she had the biggest criticism for president trump and the united states on the issue of climate change. she said it was deplorable that the united states appears to be pulling out of the paris climate change accord. that was her strongest language. so at the end of the g-20, it leaves angela merkel very much sort of a central figure here and the united states president trump for the first time in many, many years looking as something of an outlier, not
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agreeing with so many of the other nations on some of the big issue, trade and climate change. nick rob be bert s robertson, c. >> wil get modespite taking somm from angela merkel, the trump administration is standing firm in its position on trade and on climate change. the white house just released the president's weekly address. listen. >> since taking the oath of office, our government has adopted a new philosophy. america first. and believe me, it's about time. era of economic surrender is over and a new national pride is sweeping across our land. you see it, i see it, beer all seeing it. and we're also tearing down every possible barrier to domestic energy production to unleash the full power of our economy. the american people will finally be allowed to tap into the vast energy wealth sitting right be neat our feet or right below our
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shores. we have also sent a clear message to the world that we will not allow other nations to take advantage of us any longer. >> mr. trump says america first also believe me he says. let's now bring in scott lucas, professor of international politics at the university of birmingham and founder and he had i had tore of ea world view live in birmingham with us this hour. we just heard the presidenttore live in birmingham with us this hour. we just heard the president. the geo political land escape is changing. where does president trump and for that matter the united states position stand with world leaders now? >> reporter: well, let's make a distinction between trump's position and the u.s. position. i mean the u.s. position is not america first, it's america alone. the big story outside the u.s. about the g-20 summit is the climate change story and it is very striking that the g-19, in
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other words the other leader, simply said we're pursuing the plans to reduce green house gas emissions. if the u.s. didn't want to follow, organizatiok. b okay. but the communique also denounced without naming u.s. protectionism and that is a jab at trump which is look, we're simply going to if we want to rip up trade deals, we will go our own way on energy supplies. we basically are going unilateral. and i think that will continue and not just from angela merkel, but i think that that will also come from the french president macron who says he wants to follow up on climate change by the end of the year. so what is the u.s. position? you just lettered iheard it, th double down. whatever damage it causes the environment, are whatever damage it causes the economies, he is committed to playing to his base and saying it's our way or the highway and each time he will say i'm tough, i'm leading, and the rest of the world leaders, well, you know, if they don't
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like it, tough. >> the german chancellor angela merkel saying that she deplores the u.s. position now on climate change. the other big headline coming out of this obviously the president meeting with president putin. and then the question, did president trump accept his russian counterpart's denial of involvement in the u.s. election. let's listen to a few of his top officials speak about that and give an answer? let's look. >> i think president putin did exactly what we thought he would do, which is deny it. so this is russia trying to save face. and they can't. they can't. everybody knows that russia meddled in our elections. >> why won't the president say this in public? it would put a lot of these questions and frankly the fact that a lot of your fellow republicans are perplexed, it would put it all to rest. why won't he do it? >> i think that you can ask him. everybody is trying to nit-pick what he says and what he doesn't, but talk is one thing, actions are another.
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he confronted president putin. he made it the first thing that he talked about and i think we now have to see where it goes from here. >> other countries making a statement about the president of the united states. do you not want to respond to that and correct the record if it is wrong? >> i won't make comments about what other people say. president trump will be happy to make statements himself about that. but president trump handled himself brilliantly. it was very clear he made his position felt. and after very substantive dialogue on this, they agreed to move on to other discussions and i think it's very clear that they have opened a dialogue, that it's important to have a dialogue. as we said, they focused on a cease-fire in syria, focused on making sure that we have a cyber unit to make sure that russia and nobody else sbhfred in any democratic elections and we focus on the issue of north korea which is a major concern to us and all our other allies.
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>> scott, no real clear answer there. >> two things. first, the russians played trump. the trump administration made a that is when it did not put in a national security council official to monitor that meeting. it was just trump and secretary of state rex tillerson. so the russians knew that and they could immediately put out their position that trump agreed with putin that there was no interference. second point, although the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley said of course they interfered in the election, trump will not say that. only 36 hours before that meeting with putin, trump was denying that the russians had interfered in the election. he said it may be they will m, may be someone else. until you get the president of the united states clearly saying that there was interference in the 2016 election, until till you get the president saying i back the u.s. intelligence communities rather than trashing them which he actually did last
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week saying they were wrong on iraq, so they must be wrong on this as well, until you get trump making this statement yourself, you will be mired in confusion and the russians will keep playing this for all it's worth. >> and two other issues here that came out of this g-20 with president trump and president xi jinping in china speaking obviously about the situation in north korea and also there is a cease-fire oig sset to start wi the hour in concert with russia and jordan. talk about those because were with these major successes for this president coming out of this g-20? >> i think north korea, i think there may be a positive here which is not just the meeting between trump and president she have oxi, but the behind the scenes discussions which is we have to find a dip lolomatic tr. shehave xi, but the behind the scenes discussions which is we have to find a diplomatic track. 10 ho so hopefully there will be
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something positive. syria is not so positive. russians played him on this issue as well. what the russians want is the americans to follow the russian lead to accept president assad in power and to step away from any syrian opposition or syrian reb bhels. and they are succeeding. the united states will not concentrate solely on the islamic state. russia is now the dominant political player and that means that despite killing hundreds of thousands, president assad stays in power and president trump has basically acquiesceded to it. that is the larger picture. in scott. scott lucas, thank you so much. the president's top dip low plat has just arrived to ukraine. this is rex tillerson's first official visit to that country. he will meet with pore shoshenk soon. following this story, ivan
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watson is live in moscow this hour. so what can we expect from there meeting? >> reporter: probably reassurances because ukraine of course is watchingthere meeting? >> reporter: probably reassurances because ukraine of course is watching this warming of relations with quite a bit of concern because in 2014, russia invaded crimea, occupied it and annexed it. in addition, ukraine has been fighting for years now against russian-backed separatists in the east of the country. so on the day when presidents trump are and putin were speaking face-to-face for more than two hours, international monitors registered dozens of cease-fire violations. of course that goes in both directions, but that is a conflict that has killed more than 10,000 people and made many, many more homeless. the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson in his meeting with
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president putin, president trump, the americans came out with a statement saying they were appointing a special envoy who would deal with the ukraine crisis. and that is a former ambassador to nato. he is accompanying tillerson to kiev and presumably will be presented to ukranian president poroshenko who will want to hear assurances that improving relations between moscow and washington does not mean that ukraine and its interests will be sacrificed at the expense of the improved russia and u.s. relations. >> let's talk also about the improved relations given what happened there at the g-20 on, presidents putin and trump speaking together, a meeting that was supposed to last a shorter time, went on for some two hours time. howe is that playing in russian media and what responses are you
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hearing from top officials about that meeting? >> reporter: the russians are delighted. not only here where top lawmakers welcome this as a breakthrough where some russia state media said that the bilateral meeting between trump and putin eclipsed the entire g-20, but you also had the russian foreign minister lavrov and the russian president himself vladimir putin stepping out in front of the cameras and giving their observations on how this meeting was conducted. very interesting that vladimir putin share read some of his observations about president trump including this quite memorable one liner. take a listen. >> translator: tv trump is very different from the real person. he's absolutely specific,
1:16 am
absolutely adequate in his perception of the dialogue, he analyzes things quickly, replies to the raised questions or new elements in the conversation. so i think if our future relations will unfold the same way as our meeting yesterday, there is every reason to believe that we can restoor at least partially the level of cooperation that we need. >> reporter: one of the other things that both sides agreed to was to establish some kind of a work group that would deal with the question of cyberhacking and interference in the u.s. democratic process. it will be quite interesting to see how that proposal will be received now that president trump has returned back to washington. while the russians are happy with the optics of this meeting, they are very much still aware that the us sancti.s. sanctions have been put in place start wgt annex saying of crimea and more
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recently when the outgoing obama administration expelled 35 diplomats an seized two russian diplomatic compounds, moscow is very aware that those sanctions have not yet been lifted, those compounds have not yet been returned, and russian politicians and observers have also acknowledged the fact that president trump is returning to on a capital city in the u.s. that is still very divided, where there is still a great deal of opposition in both sides to improved relations with russia and that the u.s. president himself is under investigation on a number of different fronts in regards to allegations of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. but of course it does seem that putin got the last word by once again denying both in person with president trump and also in front of the cameras of any involvement in meddling or collusion in the u.s. election.
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>> it will be very interesting to see how this plays out here in the united states in the days and weeks to come. 11:17 there in the morning in moscow. ivan watson with the reporting. thank you for that today. we are just under an hour's time now from a cease-fire that is set to start in southwest syria. noon sunday deaamascus time. the deal was agreed to between the u.s. president and his russian counterpart. the cease-fire is the first indication that the united states and russia are working together on the syrian crisis. following that story we go to live in jordan. so the cease-fire set to start within the next hour. what will it mean for people on the ground there? >> reporter: well, in the past few months, there has been really heavy fighting taking place in that part of syria. there has been a aregime
1:19 am
offensive where they have gained some ground in that part of the country where the dominant player really was the free syrian army, so it will be welcome relief the fighting that people have had to endure in recent moontdmonths. but to put it in on to cto cont according to u.s. you and jordanian officials, this is part of a deal that has been in the works for months now. behinds scenes you've had jordanians, russians and the united states negotiating the creation of this deescalation zone and they reached that agreement in the past few days in jordan and as you mentioned, it was announced after the meeting of president trump and putin. we understand a key step of creating that deescalation zone will be the cease fire that you mentioned goes into effect in less than hour. we'll have to wait and see if this is any different of
1:20 am
previous cease-fires we have seen that come and go and you hear from a lot of syrians that the violence that follows is much worse than that which preceded the cease-fire. and they still have some key and complicated issues to work out in the coming weeks and that is the enforcement and monitoring mechanism of the cease-fire and also keeping in mind that not everyone in that part of the country is a signatory to this deal. you also have extremist groups that operate there including an isis official be. so in the words of a u.s. official, there are still spoilers on the ground there. >> and you and i have talked about this for some time. you mentioned the cease-fires that come and go. what does it mean for the people who are caught up in about the middle of a hellish situation? when it comes to the issue of trust, another cease-fire set to take effect. do you get a sense that people will trust this more than other cease f-fires that you mentione
1:21 am
have come and gone? >> reporter: i think that we have wait and see. i don't think people know what to expect. but really george in the past few years every time you talk to people who are caught in this conflict, who are caught, you know, in the midst of the violence, whether it's living under the barrage of barrel bombs or air strikes, and they tell you that they always worry when they hear these cease-fires because historically according to syrians, according to the people trapped in this conflict, they say that the violence that comes in after that is much worse, that they feel that they bear the brunt of of course this conflict that has gone on for a very long time. so yes there might be some xau issues optimism among some, but still i think people don't know whether this will be any different. but i think that there is some sort of consensus among the regional players involved in the syrian conflict in one way or another that the way forward
1:22 am
perhaps is these deescalation zones, whether you're looking at the southern part of the done where you have seen this agreement coming out from talks between the jordanians, russians and the united states, or other parts of the country where you have these talks taking place in kazakhstan going on for a few months now where they are trying to also create deescalation zones in different parts of the country. >> okay. thank you. still ahead here on "cnn newsroom," melania trump and vladimir putin, they chat at the g-20 summit. we'll have more on the u.s. first lady's trip ahead. also ahead, scorching temperatures are are being blamed for several deaths and raging wildfires in the western part of the united states. we'll see if there is any relief ahead. you're watching "cnn newsroom." people would ask me that we traveled,ntries what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic.
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as world leaders came together, protesters did the same. this is the scene on the streets
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of hamburg, germany. over three days, 30 planned demonstrations took place and sometimes violence when protesters tried to cross into restricted zones. they were then hit with water cannons as you see there. they were forcibly removed by police. some protesters set fire to the streets and looted some shops there. police said saturday that 213 officers were injured, more than 100 people there were arrested. the chaos on hamburg streets kept the u.s. first lady trapped in her guest house for hours on friday, but when she got the all-clear, melania trump made some headlines of her own. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a day of scheduled events for spouses including a visit to a climate center and boat ride and lunch. but instead, melania trump was on lockdown as protests raged outside her hamburg hotel deemed too dangerous for the first lady
1:28 am
to depart, she had to skip the outings. her spokeswoman telling cnn that instead mrs. trump held staff meetings at the hotel and asked to be regularly updated on the protests. this morning the first lady tweeting her concern and hope that people stay safe. the g-20 visit came on the heels of a quick stop in polle land yesterday where the first lady gave brief remarks introducing president trump before his speech. >> thank you again for this wonderful welcome to your very special country. your kindness and gracious hospitality will not be forgotten. >> reporter: it's her second time stepping on to the global stage. her first in may, a thinine day trip with stops in five cities brought glowing reviews for melania are's measured diplomacy, her style, her visits to children's hospitals and even, yes, her independent streak after the gaffe on the tarmac in israel.
1:29 am
ending with remarks in sicily to american troops and a message for unity. >> this trip for me has been very special and i will never forget the women and children i met. as one of the kids at the hospital that i visit said in a picture he drew for me, we are all the same. >> reporter: even her husband was effusive in his praise for the first lady. >> america is very blessed with a lot of great diplomats and i have to say this as she just walks over here, but i don't think the united states could possibly have a better emissary than our making any of seniany magnificent and wonderful person melania. >> today back at the g-20 once she was finally cleared to leave the confines of her hotel and
1:30 am
join her husband, mrs. trump was back to using those diplomacy skills september into help wrap the lengthy meeting between trump and vladimir putin. it didn't work and the two men talked for at least an hour longer. but by dinnertime, the trumps emerged, melania in a fringed white dress by michael kors gle greeting the other leaders for a family photo before attending a performance. and at dinner separated from her husband, the first lady's companion was none other than vladimir putin. kate bennett, cnn, washington. ivan be caka trump also sten to a more prominent role. she briefly took president trump's seat at a meeting there. you can see her next to the chinese president and british prime minister saturday morning. a trump administration official
1:31 am
noted that when other leaders stepped out, their seats were briefly filled also by others. he's home after three and a half years imprisoned, but a leading dissident is not yet a free man. we're live from atlanta to our viewers here in the united states can and arouand around t you're watching "cnn newsroom." these days families want to be connected 24/7.
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that's why at comcast we're continuing to make our services more reliable than ever. like technology that can update itself. an advanced fiber-network infrustructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. 4:34 a.m. on the u.s. east coast. welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. you're watching "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell with the headlines we're following for you this hour. u.s. secretary of state rex
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tillerson has arrived to ukraine. he is set to meet with president pore sheoshenko very soon. mr. tillerson intends to reaffirm america's commitment to ukraine are's sovereignty andin. president trump is back in washington, d.c. after meeting with world leaders at the g-20 summit and finding himself alone on the issue of climate change. other g-20 members reaffirmed their commitment to the paris climate accord. the french president macron says he will hold a summit in december to move the accord forward. and in syria, a partial ceasefire set to go into effect in less than an hour's time. russia, u.s. and jordan agreed to a deescalation zone. secretary of state says the cease fire ig fire is the first indication that u.s. and russia can work together on the syrian crisis. and iraq is close to declaring the final victory
1:36 am
against isis in mosul. soldiers were already celebrating on saturday. isis says its fighters are pledging to fight to the death. new to the u.s. state of arizona, dozens of people there are dead due to the scorching heat in that state. health officials say the high temperatures have led to five deaths in one county alone. and now they are investigating at least 57 others that may have been caused by the heat there. the scorching temperatures have shattered some records. derek van dam is here. and it is hot there. >> yeah, that is to say the least. and it's amazing how many records fell record. in fact a record high temperature was set in los angeles that has been withstanding for 131 years. so that just kind of puts it into perspective for you. they topped 98. back in 1886 is when the record
1:37 am
high of 95 was established. salt lake city in the triple digits as well as riverside. and we again are investigating some of the potential fatalities that were associated with this excessive heat. so what is the story for today and as we head into the first part of the workweek next week? well, more heat, but there is a little bit of silver lining here. we have temperatures that have cooled off eed oof at leas eed we'll take what we can get. california and so cal and the central valley, we have nearly 3 million people under a heat advisory or warning that is continuing into the day today. we have a ridge of high pressure that is settled across the region establishing that hot and dry air mass across the southwestern u.s. let's talk temperatures for the afternoon. still triple digits into las vegas and palm springs, bakersfield. along the coastline however where we get the influence from
1:38 am
the pacific ocean, we'll knock the temperatures down into the lower 90s for daytime highs. hot and dry weather established over the western u.s. clearly, but this is also creating a fire risk you can imagine with the triple digit heat, bone dry conditions and the potential for scattered dry thunderstorms we have an elevated fire threat. what is a dry storm? glad you asked. a lot of times these thunderstorms west of the rockies don't have a lot of precipitation associated with them, they often create lightning and that lightning can start forest fires very quickly. the rain actually evaporates before it reaches the ground. the embers start to burn, smolder and spread very quick beingly. and we'll talk about some of the fires ongoing in a moment. but this these are the red flag warnings that we have in place from utah into nevada, california and the state of washington. we have over 39 active large fires that are in place across the western u.s. and it really
1:39 am
continues to burn across that region especially with again the triple digit heat. let's take you to san bernardino cou santa barbara county. some scary moments for campersb santa barbara county. some scary moments for campers, this is the whittier fire that started saturday. started saturday afternoon and within hours, it grew toefr 5,0 to over 5,000 acres. hundreds of homes have been evacuated. at least 2,000 people were evacuated on saturday alone including these 60 campers, most were are children attending the circle v ranch, a popular summer camp in the area. all the campers are safe. that is good news. but scary moments and you're watching some of the footage of t the whittier fire out side of santa barbara and you can see how the smoke is in-undating the roadways. so glad to hear that the campers are safe. >> all right. we'll keep in touch with you for
1:40 am
all this. we've been covering the growing civil unrest this venezuela. and now we know that the demonstrations have been triggered in spain. take a look. thousands of people marched and chanted in madrid to show their anger against the venezuela president nicolas maduro. the protests come after venezuela's best known dis disst was granted house arrest. maduro says he heaps the l s ho lopez move will provide relief. before he was arrested in 2014, lopez warned of rising economic and plilg unrest. right now unemployment is at 25% and food and medicine are in short supply. leyla santiago reports now from
1:41 am
the colombian boar der. >> reporter: leopold lopez is back home celebrating freedom from prison, even though he remains on house arrest. the former mayor and presidential candidate spent 3 1/2 years in a military police onnen after he was charged with inciting violence, conspiracy and arson during the 2014 anti-government protests. he denied the accusations, but madurnicolas maduro says lopez pay for his crimes. >> translator: the responsible people must pay before the court of law and they will pay before the court of law. >> reporter: near areally a year before before his imprisonment, lopez warned of collapse and economic consequences. >> everything that we use comes from other countries, so of course that has had a consequence. >> reporter: in march of this year, protests ramped up when
1:42 am
the supreme court noinsed that they were take being over legislative powers. a decision shorts liv lived, bu protests continued. acts of defiance symbolized over food and medicine shortages, a collapsed economy, a growing political divide as violence escalates on the streets, a daring attack on the supreme court and clashes between maduro loyalists and opposition leaders at the national assembly on venezuela's independence day. this weekend through a statement, lopez says venezuela, this is a step toward freedom. if continuing my fight for freedom means going back to ramo verde, i am ready do it. the government says it's proof rule of law still stands as lopez shows the world he is still standing, too.
1:43 am
from the venezuela/clom lolombie exercise, leyla santiago, cnn. and repealing and replacing obamacare, u.s. senate republicans are struggling to fulfill the promise that they made on the campaign trail now for seven years in fact. why some republicans might need to reach across the aisle to get the support they need. and later the mystery sur runding the disappearance of amelia earhart is taking off again. we'll show you what some are saying about this new evidence.
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. republican senators are struggling how to repeal and replace obamacare. on monday the senate will be back in session. mitch mcconnell is suggesting that republicans may need to reach across the aisle to reform
1:47 am
health care. before that holiday, there wasn't enough republican support to even start the debate on the proposed legislation. our tom foreman breaks it all down for us. >> reporter: congressional republicans have been waiting for years for their opportunity to overturn obamacare and now with if sitting right in front of them, they jucan't figure ou how to get it done. from the are republican controlled senate, a stunning change of direction. mitch mcconnell saying he will work with democrats to prop up obamacare if his own party can't pass an alternative plan. >> premiums are going up, co-payments are going up, so we have to solve the current crisis and i think repealing and delaying the replacement doesn't work. >> tonight i am also calling on this congress to repeal and replace obamacare. >> reporter: cnn has learned the
1:48 am
white house was caught off guard by mcconnell's comments coming less than a week after the president's own surprise move when he tweeted if republican senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately repeal and then replace at a later date. but that has gained no traction even as the republican bill has continued spinning its wheels. some senators in their home districts for the july 4th recess faced tough questions from constituents. >> i still am a no unless the bill is dramatically changed. >> reporter: so bipartisan support limited as it may be is swirling around mcconnell's idea. >> senator mcconnell is correct in that we need to make sure that the individual market is a stronger market than it is today. >> i believe what mitch mcconnell says is the right path too take. >> reporter: even amid furious push back from conservative quarters. heritage action for america saying such a deal with democrats would be catastrophic for the republican party.
1:49 am
and on it goes. the various republicans offering their own solutions about how to end the impasse, unite the party and somehow turn the turmoil into triumph. >> i think we have to get the job be done, but we have to do it right that results matter. it's not just passing a bill whose title is obamacare repeal. we have to do something that fixes the problem. >> reporter: watching the republicans twist themselves into knots trying to deal with the health care reform riddle was a wonderful holiday recess for congressional democrats. only it was less like independence day and more like christmas in july. >> tom foreman, thanks. we're learning more about an unruly passenger on a flight from seattle to beijing. criminal complaint says this 23-year-old man tried to open an exit door in the galley of the flight about an hour after it took off. he fought with the cabin crew and passenger. a flight attendant then struck
1:50 am
him on the head with two bottles of wine, breaking one of them. the man was eventually restrained and arrested after the plane returned to seattle. he faces up to 20 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines. still ahead here on "newsroom," it's been decades since she disappeared and now a new documentary claims to know what happened to amelia earhart. we'll take a look at their final flight.
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megan's smile is getting a lot of attention because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. it has been an international mystery, the disappearance of an american pilot has fascinated people for generations. any new clues always perk interest. jeanne moos has more on the latest lead. >> reporter: whether you low key it -- >> there is a new clue. >> reporter: -- or hype it. >> it will blow the lid off the whole story. >> reporter: -- this 8 80-year-d mystery never gets old as the history channel presents new evidence for an old theory. >> she may have been held
1:55 am
prisoner by the japanese. >> reporter: backed up by a photo that purports to show her alive in 1937. and this may or may not be her navigator fred noonan according to a facial recognition expert. >> the hairline is the mostchar. >> reporter: and is that the plane being towed by a japanese ship? the theory is that she crash landed, was imprisoned until her death. even cher was intrigued. okay, no more politics, how about finding amelia earhart. and josh groban confessed this is giving me chills. but the naysayers say nay, could be anyone, no face to see, black and white and grainy. i want to, but i don't see it. at if the latest photo weren't already questionable enough, internet posters couldn't resist
1:56 am
embellishing in, photo shopping in a flying saucer and big foot, even chris christie in a beach chair has landed on the jetty. did she crash, was she a castaway? short wave radio say they picked up distress calls. one place winnow that you can find earhart's plane is on itunes. guest starring amelia's actual plane.1936 movie came out the year before this lockheed electra disappeared. seems we never run out of love for the mystery of where earhart's plane ended up. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. still ahead, there is a major ceasefire set to start in a few minutes in syria. we'll have that story ahead. the news continues here on cnn right after the break.
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so all you pay for is data. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. call or go to introducing xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. a rare moment of hope in syria. a ceasefire set to start right now in parts of the country's southwest. plus, a club of one. u.s. president trump approaches issues such as climate change and global trade drawing criticism from other world leaders. and a boost for venezuela's embattled opposition. leopold low spez mopez is moved prison to house arrest. we want to welcome our viewers. i'm george howell. "cnn newsroom" starts


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