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tv   Fareed Zakaria GPS  CNN  July 16, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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and catch the game of thrones season 7 premiere on july 16th. winter is coming to xfinity. welcome to all of you in united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria coming to you. also, the man behind the story that is rocking the news, what
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russia wanted from donald trump jr. was to end the so called sanctions. what are those and why does putincare about them? >> our two nations are forever joined by the spirit of revolution. >> the special election to bastille day. but first, here is my take. the latest revolutions about return shan and donald trump campaign are useful because they might help unfl, which is why has donald trump had such a benign attitude twoords putin. it begs for some kind of
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explanation. on foreign policy he has had clear and consistent views for three decades. in 1987 in his first major statement he took out an ad in several newspapers that began. for decades japan and other nations have been taking advantage of the united states this is trump's world view and he has never waivered from it. he added on the former he wrote in his campaign book there are people who wish i wouldn't refer to china as our enemy but that's exactly what that are. someone deeply skeptical towards
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other nations and their leaders who believes in a fortres america that minds its own business and basic attitude towards the whole world except for russia. russian money began pouring into the west and its leader. >> look at putin and what's going on over there. he is doing a great job rebuilding the image of russia. >> he admired putin that he imagined the two of them had met is you been able to prove that? when confronted on this he dismissed it saying --
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>> a lot of killers. we have a lot of killers. you think our country is so innocent? >> he said -- >>there's nothing i can think of than have russia friendly as opposed to the way they are right now. >> he appointed miked flyn-- mi flynn. paul manafort received millions of dollars from the pro russian party in ukraine. during the republican convention there was a very unusual watering down on russia's invasion of yof ukraine. he had a very close relationship with putin. finally there are the repeated contacts between members of the
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trump campaign and family with key russian officials which appears to be unique to russia. it's spobl there are benign explanations for all of this are it is a white christian battling musli muslims. prachs there is some other explanation. this is the puzzle now at the heart of the trump presidency that bob mueller will most likely solve. let's get started.
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>> iran came to terms on limiting the nuclear prachlt it is a day many thought would never be reached he is expected to certify that iran has done just that. remember, this is the deal he threatened to rip up, the worst deal ever. he said it was his number one party. joining me good to have you here. >> good to be with you. >> four senators including rubio and ted cruz said iran is not in compliance with the deal and they argue you are still
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acquiring snacquir acquiring nuclear materials. you denied access to the facility. you are operating more than allowed. >> we decided to make it the only so monitor the nuclear side of the deal. the united states is the implement its possible bargain. >> which is what? >> for instance, when the white house made the announcement a couple of days ago president trump used his presence in iran
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has been complying and has been verified. >> what about the german intelligence reports that say there is acquisition taking place? >> it has verified that is complying. it does not preit is clear and i believe it was the realization
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that it could not be taken i way from ie rriran. >> a lot of people wonder about this and they say this is just a pause, one step period is over. iran will begin a nuclear weapons program. >> iran made it clear he does not have a weapons program. they verified that the allegations about possible military were uncompounded. i think people want to basically engage. iran has had the cape nlt but decided not to go in the direction of producing weapons of mass destruction. we believe not only are they
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against our idealology but we believe it would be a threat to our security rather than an asset. it is isolating qatar. what is your reaction? >> well, all i can say is it's a misplaced and misguided policy. we know those who attacked the world trade center.
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it is such discharge page of those into our region and even beyond our region. you look at isis. you look at al qaeda and look at other -- we saw their tie deal do from others who call themselves u.s. m we'll talk about this car,
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we are back now. let's talk about syria. iran is syria's closest ally. you have sent malitias in that have supported the regime. it seems to be there is a large part of syria that will not accept a government. it is still huge parts of the country he does not control but they do not have the strength to topple that government. what is the solution that allows the large groups and the reality that the government does
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control, you know, maybe 12 million people. >> let me first of all say that our policy with regard to syria has been consistent. we come to the support and aid of governments who continue to support extremism and terrorism. we did that in the early part of the century when we were opposed. we came to the support of the iraqis in order to prevent an isis day over. >> you do not fighting the assad government as opposition forces? >> there may be. that is why in 2013. a few weeks as the foreign minister as iran acreated the
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four-point plan which became the bay dissoft resolution. those are in order to be realistic and move forward rather than get bogged down that we only prolong the killing and the pushing people into homelessness. we need to get real and get to the bottom of it. first a cease fire. i believe we need the cease fire. we always needed a cease fire. people put conditions upon cease fire. it is created. we all need to engage in efforts september those considered that a terrorismist organization.
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can the second was a government that would include the opposition people who wan to par t -- participate. the third was constitutional reform so that the powers would not be concentrated in one institution. it would be so disbursed that people would feel they have a part of the state in the future of syria and it would bring everybody because usually you will not be able to reach that. they end up producing negative outcome. >> and then elections. >> and then elections. >> what is the chance of this happening? >> i think it's the basis.
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we need to allow the syrians to make that decision. if people believe that the current government is they shouldn't insist and then people who are running the government will not be reelected. the point is also that it depends on the constitutional reform. there are reports that iran is escalating support in response to the fact they havest plaited its report. >> on yemen, before the bens it is in sit that nm -- we propose
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to abend to the conflict. we believe the only way in all of these conflicts we only need to accept in reality, one witness, there this some want to will if you uls m people thachl.
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>> i'm sure the bhoern wrote that that is why from -- and when he was being targeted by isis iran was the first country as he has said many times on public television that he asked many to come to his assistance. had it not been for the very brave struggle of the -- had it not been for the great pock
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unfortunately our maybes from the very gibing sor te they spoted isis. they supported extremists in iraq. that is why i think that's what they hope in the beginning of the century and before that. they should not complaint that iran came to the assistance of the people and is accepted by the people of iraq.
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we live in remarkable times where just about everything around us is connected to the internet or soon will be the world economic forum says by the early 2020s the internet will contain of 50 billion objects using 1 trillion senators to collect date a about us every second of the day. from our doorbells to our phones to devices implanted into our bodies each one condition constantly sending information to each other and to the cloud. here is the bad news.
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now that all of these are interconnected we are become much more juvulnerable. this can steal from our ball lets and even threaten our lives. if a company like the united states can protect infrastructure how can you protect your internet connected fridge from hackers who can then get into your bang account. -- bank account. they were crippled by hackers taking advantage. not surprisingly banks are often the site for cyber criminals. cyber thieves alleged by using computerized systems that banks youds to talk to one another
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attempted to steal $1 million. it got away with transferring $81 million out of the bank before being stuck. j.p. morgan chase on cyber security. up from 250 million in 2014. at a security summit they said cyber crime by definition is the greatest threat to every industry, over company in the world. the global cost was at least $375 million. it could balloon to 2 trillion. in the u.s. it's .64%. cyber crime accounts for as much
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as 1.5% of the gdp. back to all of those internet connected things. love the idea of sitting back and relaxing while your self-driving car tykes you on your next appointment security researchers hacked demonstrating a software many new cars have they were able to hijack the braking systems forcing the jeep to drive into a ditch. the demonstration was able to show that the potential exists for hackers or terrorists to remotely disable brakes, lock
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doors and steer passengers right off of a cliff. a monster waiting to take advantage of a broken line of code or missing software patch. question will be back in a moment with bill who was once the largest foreign investor in russia. he is at the center of the storm with the lawyer that met with donald trump jr. that story when we come back. maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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where would you go? ♪ expedia gives you the world in your hand, so you can see more of it. ♪ expedia. let's dig into that donald
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trump jr. meeting with russians. it is said he wanted to talk about the act, a 2012 american law that punishing russians that are seen to be human rights abusers. it freezes assets and bans them from entering the united states. the act was named after a russian tax lawyer. he was arrested and later died in prison after being according to the own russian human rights -- they say heart failure killed him. he had found the fraud while working for my next guest.
7:38 am
plea pleasure to have you on. >> glad to be here. >> it seems as if it is all about repealing and undermining the act. we thought that the reason the russian government liked donald trump more than hillary clinton is because he thought trump would be better for russia and some ways more cooperative. now we see they wanted the end to the act. that is that it specifically targets individuals and not the russian committee. >> what we figured out is that there are froebl -- 10,000 people that commit for money. they keep it in american banks
7:39 am
and british banks and send their girlfriends on shopping trips. we figured to one thing we could do is not let them keep their money in the west. it was passed in 2012. we had in idea -- it was like a missile going into the heart of what they cared about. he went absolutely crazy when the magnitsky act went into place. when they mentioned it was about adoption in that meeting, it had nothing to do with adoption. there were two agents of the russian government who said can you help us withdraw this act if your father gets elected
7:40 am
president. >> and why does putednein care? >> putin received some of the money from the $230 million crime. we know that. >> how? >> we tracked it. in the pan that papers which came out last year that a man received $2 billion. what we learned is the names of to his companies. so basically his trustee received money from the magnitsky crime. i would u.s. mate putin is worth $230 million.
7:41 am
it will eventually be frozen if he looses his power as president of russia. >> and do you think more broadly it would send an issue to all of the 10,000 people? >> that is the second issue, in order for him to do all of the dirty stuff he does he has to have his regime do a lot of terrible crimes. he is saying do the crimes. don't worry about the moerality. >> and you can take your money and -- >> you can take your money and put it in the west. so it means the whole system kind of gets bogged down. for putin it is his single proor oity which sanctions him and
7:42 am
others around him. >> and they have been trying go get it repealed officially and unofficially. >> they have been trying to get rid of this. they sent him this campaign. it's a hugely resourced effort. they have hired some millions of dollars. they hired lobbiests. he identified all of the lawyers and they had a full-court press all over capitol hill. >> and you're shower they are -- >> well, she works for a man in moscow. he was the previous deputy
7:43 am
governor. he is currently a vice president of russian railways. he is a sort of full time member and a billionaire. i don't know if he personally is. what i can say is that he is directly a russian government official. he is paying the bills. >> we are going to come back and talk about much more next when we come back. we'll talk about how he battled putin, won victories and what the u.s. should do next in this complicated mess. ♪ so nice, so nice. ♪sweet, sweet st. thomas nice. ♪ so nice, so nice. ♪st. croix full of pure vibes. ♪ so nice, so nice. ♪ st. john a real paradise. ♪ so nice, so nice.
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megan's smile is getting a lot of attention all right. what do because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. and we are talking about the russia investigation. so bill, it seems to me we are learning about this russian
7:48 am
lawyer. it seems as though there has been a fairly deep russian effort to influence american elections, laws, institutions for a while now. >> the russians are taking advantage of our sort of leniency in the system. it's absolutely true. what's remarkable is how many what i call enablers there are in washington that are happy to take that money in from the russians or from whoever. it is a big problem that they there are supposed to be rules in place. it demands everybody disclose if they are working for foreign government. it is a prime example where they were trying to influence and get people to repeal the magnitsky
7:49 am
act. american lobbiests were working on behalf of the russian government. it was there. >> let me ask you, in that case the way that paul manafort was similarly quite clever which was a prorussian hired him for millions upon millions of dollars. that again is one of these indirect by which russia. >> it is never being sent from kgb to these guys. the way it works is that russia enriches a group of people around putin and then they are
7:50 am
told make a payment to this person and that american. that is where this thing comes from. a guy is paying for the stuff here in the united states. same thing with this manafort stuff. the russians never paid from kgb central. >> how do we stop this? >> we have to wake up. sit a country that's trying to destabilize the world. they are not our friends. we have to be on guard as we were during the cold war. we are in a different kind of cold war. putinis out to get us. if we don't reck cog miez that and allow them to sort of roll all over us and to do fake news and to hire different people inside the corridors or power. >> do you think this personal targeting of russian officials
7:51 am
is the northeast successful way to get open? >> it is abjectively and subjecti subjectively the fact that we had such a personal reaction means if you ever played the game battleship, this is it. we found his achilles heel. >> they also seem to be going after you the and that bill is running arrive and free. did you take that as a threat? >> i took that a a tle they want to kill me and stop me from doing doing what i'm going.
7:52 am
mime doing this was my lawyer was murdered by them. they want to kill me if they can. >> do you security? >> i don't announce. i have written a book you anything ever happens to me you'll know exactly who did it. next, what is the country that sent most refugees to america this year? we'll let you know when we come back.
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>> from donald trump's first full day in office january 21st
7:57 am
through the end of june roughly 20,000 refugees arrived in the jiets. which number did they enter the u.s. during that period? day tuned and we'll tell you the correct answer. this week's book of the week is a documentary airing on hbo, our sisters network. it is a look at many forces that are pulling things apart from syria to donald trump's america first idealology based on the book of the same name the prove i have gets on the ground in many of the globe's hot spots and gives us sharp analysis of what it all means. and now for the last look. >> france is america's first and oldest ally.
7:58 am
>> president trump travel today celebrate bastille day. sit a celebration and remembrance of july 14th 2028 years ago when the angry and hungry people stormed which is king's energy was. did you know that today the main key to that prison sits not in front but in the united states? according to the mt. vernon library the story goes that george washington's friend was given the key during the french revolution and lafayette sent the cwho threw a party and brought it with him to philadelphia and finally put it in a place of great prom nanine.
7:59 am
for washington the bastille came to represent a global surge of liberty. it was acourting tocording to a him back a pair of knew buckled. for just $29.95 you can take home a basille key paperweight. the correct answer to the gps challenge. one thousand 779 were from syria. violence across the democratic
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rep of congo since he refused to step down from power and roughly 1.3 have flaed their homes. thanks to all of you for being part of my program. i'll see you all next week. hey. i'm brian. this is reliable sources. we have more on how news gets made. we have an all star panel here to separate fact from fiction after a week that changed the course of the truch/russia investigations. >> reporter: without. without the press