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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  July 21, 2017 2:00am-2:57am PDT

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>> i'm miguel marquez. up close this morning, the president's lawyers are looking for ways to undermine the russia investigation by special counsel robert mueller. "the washington post" and "the new york times" report aides are scouring the backgrounds of mueller and his staff, searching for conflicts of interest they can use to undercut the probe. the paper cites several sources familiar with the research effort. >> "the washington post" also reporting the president has asked about his power to pardon aides, family members, even himself. one adviser told "the post" the president was simply curious about the reach of his pardoning authority. this follows the earlier attacks on mueller and those involved in the investigation. cnn's jeff zeleny has more from the white house. >> reporter: christine and miguel, president trump and the white house increasingly focused
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on the special counsel's investigation into the election. there are indications that the scope is expanding. president trump talked about special prosecutor robert mueller and the idea he could be looking into the trump family's finances. the president said he thought that would be outside of the purview of that. but this is increase igly dominating much of the conversation here at the white house. the legal team is look at strategies here. "the washington post" and "the new york times" are both reporting this morning that the president is also looking into ways to disrupt this investigation. they're looking into the background of the attorneys working on this investigation. it just shows how much time and attention here at the white house is being focused on this. so much fallout reverberating from the interview with "the new york times" earlier this week, about the president expressing his blistering disappointment with the attorney general. it has sent shockwaves
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throughout this west wing of the white house, largely because the attorney general is one of the most loyal soldiers in the trump army. he was one of the earliest supporters, ffin fact, he was t earliest republican senator to sign on. as we end this week, the sixth-month mark of this presidency. the russia investigation dominating many things here at the white house. christine and miguel? >> thank you, jeff zeleny. with all that in mind, the president is reshuffling the legal team charged are helping him navigate the legal probe. two sources tell us that the lead attorney, marc kasowitz, will see his role diminished. veteran washington attorney john dowd and another trump lawyer, jay sekulow, will take the lead as the president's personal attorneys. >> by working outside the white house, dowd and sekulow's
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relationship with the president will be the same as other private citizens. helping us understand all this bring it into sharp focus is greg valiere, chief strategist as horizon investments. >> good morning. >> there is a lot of ploouchlt at the white house. i take it this doesn't -- movement at the white house. i take it it doesn't have much of an effect on the stock market or how the economy is going? >> it's affected the dollar. finally, after months and months. oh, no. i do think the dollar's weakness is because of this. things are worse for the agenda, which the markets care about. >> talk to me about russia fever. how each of these developments kind of puts the agenda further on the back page, if you will. where are we on health care?
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tax reform? >> first of all, christine, i think this obsession that the president has with picking the scab. when we were kids, our parents told us, don't pick scabs. he keeps picking the scab on russia. now in the last 48 hours, maybe he's being investigated for obstruction of justice. what does he do? he indicates he would like to obstruction justice. i think the story is worse for tax reform. certainly for a budget deal. think the health bill cannot be resurrected. >> even if everything was going peachy keen at the white house. and they had a setback with the health care bill dying. they were counting on that in order to get to tax reform. where does this leave things now? >> absolutely right. the progression was going to be health reform, budget, taxes. those were the three. well, if health reform is dead. that does not set a very good stage for the budget fight. which has the republicans
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equally divided. so i'm not sure this very radical house budget will even make it through the senate. if they don't get a budget, that means there's not a reconciliation resolution sounding wonky this morning. you need that resolution to move ahead on taxes. so if this progression is now derailed, i think we're looking at 2018 before we get anything done on taxes. >> if you can't be wonky with us at 5:08 in the morning, you can't be wonky anywhere. there are three months to open enroll lt. 10 million people will have to sign up for health care. and another 22 million should get a fine on the tax return next year for not getting insurance if they don't. this is still the law of the land. yet, we have no idea what the next step is going to be in terms of fixes it. and indeed, the president keeps going back to the russia scab.
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we heard from sarah huckabee sanders yesterday about mueller and whether he would stay in the job. let's listen. >> look, i mean, i can't predict everything that could possibly take place in the future. and what mueller could potentially do that might create -- outrageous, you know, reason not to take action. so -- i'm not going to talk about hypotheticals. i can talk about where we are today. that's the position of the president. >> knowing what you know about the demeanor of the president. about how thick or thin his skin is if regan regards to russia, dangerous policically, for the political economy and the overall economy and stability if washington is this mueller situation? >> it's huge, christine. i think that this extraordinary interview with "the new york times" made it clear that if
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mueller goes to trumps a finances, gets close to trump's family, he could get fired. i think if he gets fired, that could lead to a real crisis. an impeachment crisis. as the summer began, i told everybody including you that maybe there was a 5% chance of impeachable. it could be up to 20%, 25% the way things are unfolding rite now. >> you said something a second ago about the budget and tax reform being moved into 2018. >> right. >> the whole idea of getting this done now was to do it ahead of the midterm elections. is anything really going to get done in 2018 in washington, d.c.? >> oh, i do think there will be a modest tax bill in 2018. i just think it will take a long time. and the budget fight will complicate this. christine is right. for the insurers, they're going have to announce their rates. i think for donald trump to say, i don't own health reform, oh, no, he owns health reform.
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the republicans are going to have to go to democrats and say, we need to help the insurers. there will be some things happening later this year. the timetable is greatly delayed because trump can't stay on message. >> he has so much leverage. he holds all the cards in what happens with health care. i mean it. because his agencies are the once that have to pay for the advertising and do a -- public relations campaign to roll out, remind people, it's open enrollment. this is the number you call. these are the options for you. his irs has to do the fines and subsidies. it is incredibly important. this is happening right now. and it affects millions of people. >> and make no mistake, christine, he owns it. >> yeah. quickly. does he also own the stock market rally? privately, he tells people, in bedminster this weekend, people were thanking him for making them richer. does he own this, too?
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>> you to be fair. there's a rel pro business climate in the city. he has a lot to do with it. there's a lot that goes into that. but again, guys. watch the dollar. the dollar is really in free fall. i think one of the reasons is all of this dysfunction in washington. >> market reaction to the dysfunction in the dollar. people are money keep making money. >> working class, i don't flow if we have seen the recovery quite yet. thank you, greg. the u.s. is fing exxonmobil for violating sanctions when rex tillerson was still in charge. a $2 million fine is being lefld on the company. it stems from a 2014 deal between exxon executives and this guy. igor session. he runs the state-run oil company in russia. he's a close ally to vladimir putin.
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sessions' assets were blocked in 2014 in sapgss for annexing crimea. tillerson stepped down as ceo last year. he had personal business dealings with session. exxon says the fine is fundamentally unfair. exxon in response filed a complaint against the treasury secretary, steven many nonunchi. o.j. simpson will soon be a free man. >> i've done my time. you know, i've done it as well and as respectfully as i think anybody can. >> a nevada parole board agreed. more on when simpson will go free and what's next for the former football star. [ indistinct chatter ]
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mr. simpson, i do vote to grant parole when eligible. and that will conclude this hearing. >> thank you. >> orenthal james simpson will soon be a free man. the nevada parole board ruling in his favor. granting the 70-year-old early release from prison. the former football star making the case for himself. >> i've done my time. you know, i've done it as well and as respectfully as i think anybody can, i think if you talk to the wardens, them, they'll tell you. i gave them my word. i believe in the jury system. i've honored their verdict. i have not complained for nine years. all i have done is try to be helpful and encourage the guys around me, hey, man, do your time. fight in court. and don't do anything that's going to extend your time. that's the life i've tried to
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live because i want to get back to my kids, my family. >> simpson was locked up in 2008 for armed robbery and kidnapping related to the theft of memorabil memorabilia. a stuns loss in the music world. the lead singer of the rock band li linkin park has died. ♪ i had to fall to lose it all but in the end it doesn't even matter ♪ >> 41-year-old chester bennington was found dead thursday. according to a spokesman for the los angeles countky coroner. they're treating the case as a possible suicide. he had been open about troubles this his life, including a drug addiction. the band, miguel, was set to kick off a tour in boston next week. linkin park climbed to success in 2016 with hybrid theory. a couple of months ago, his
2:17 am
friend, chris cornell, the frontman of soundgarden, also committed suicide. he died on chris cornell's birthday. he was distraught about the death of his friend. the police chief of minneapolis speaking for the first time. >> justine didn't have to die. based on the publicly released information from the vca, this should not have happened. on our quad cars you'll find the words to protect with courage and serve with compassion. this did not happen. >> pinning blame solely on officer mohamed noor. the chief admitting that the officers' body cameras should have been on, pledging to review the department's policy. a group of florida teens who taunted and filmed a man as he
2:18 am
drowned, they will not face criminal charges according to police. in a video more than two minutes long, five -- five teenage boys can be heard laughing as 31-year-old jamel dunn struggles to stay afloat in a pond. they can be heard laughing and warning him that he was quote going to die. and that they were not going to help him. police are calling the boys' actions beyond heartless. but there is no law in florida requiring a citizen to smon help for someone in distress. >> doesn't seem possible, does it? breaking news. two companies that operate tours in north korea say the u.s. government is preparing to ban american tourists from visiting there. the u.s. has not yet confirmed the move. but the tour company says it will be officially announced july 27th and go into effect 28 days later. another company, young pea near tours tweeted it has also been
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scholes. >> university officials at ole miss revealing in gnaws conference that head coach hugh freeze was resigning immediately due to a pattern of personal misconduct. according to multiple reports, freeze made a phone call on a work phone to a number associated with a female escort service. the conduct was just not something we thought we could continue with him as our head coach. added that had freeze not resigned, he would have been fired under the morals cause in his contract. in february, the program was hit with 22 violations. freeze's resignation had nothing to do with the ncaa violations. the second round of the open championship under way in england. jordan spieth, your co-leader after round one. shooting 5 under. the 23-year-old texan revealing
2:25 am
yesterday that he and the most decorated olympian of all time have recently become friends. >> michael phelps has been a tremendous new friend that i have had since really phoenix this last year. and he invited myself and michael over to their house. we talked for quite awhile. i enjoyed listening to him. he wanted to hear from my side of things. just about the good, the bad, everything that comes with what we do. >> spieth tees off at 9:48 eastern this morning. weather not expected to be good. 80% chance of rain. with a high of just 68. and lots of guys are plenty to do. including tanihara. this rolls all the way back into the bunker. he tries the same shot again. and, oh, no. it's going right back where it came from. >> that's how i golf.
2:26 am
>> the third time was the charm. he got it out of the bunker. unfortunately, he ended up with a trim bogey for that hole. it's nice to see these kinds of things from the pro golfers. it makes us feel better about our golf game. >> my life is a triple bogey. thank you, andy. >> andy, nice to see you. would the president really use his pardoning power to undermine the russia investigation? reports say the trump legal team is exploring it. (baby crying) ♪ fly ♪ me to the moon (elegant music) ♪ and let me play
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welcome back to "early start." i'm miguel marquez. >> i'm christine romans. it's friday morning. david has the day off. i get miguel for the next half hour. up first, explosive new reporting this morning. the president's lawyers are looking for ways to undermine the russia investigation by special counsel robert mueller. "the washington post." and "the new york times" report attorneys and aides are scouring the backgrounds of mueller and his staff searching for conflicts of interest they can use to undercut the russia probe. sources cite several people familiar where the effort. >> the president has asked about his power to pardon aides, family members, even himself. one adviser told "the post" the president was simply curious agent the reach of his powers. this following earlier attacks on mueller and other officials connected to the investigation. >> with thaul in mind, the
2:32 am
president is reshuffling the legal team. the president's long time personal attorney mark castle wits will see his role diminish. washington attorney, john dowd, and another trump lawyer, jay sekulow will take the lead. >> sources say by working outside the white house, dowd and sekulow's relationship will be protected by the same attorney-client relationship of all u.s. citizens. cobb will replace strategist mark kuralo who resigned on thursday. greg valliere is here to help us break it down. part of his job is to look at what's happening inside the beltway and global markets and figure out what each means for the other. he's deeply sourced.
2:33 am
glad to have you here. i want you to listen to something we heard yesterday from sarah huckabee sanders. about the special counsel and the scope of the investigation in particular. >> i think that the president -- the point he's trying to make is that, um -- the clear purpose of the russia investigation is to review russia's meddling in the election. and that that should be the focus of the investigation. nothing beyond that. the president is making it clear that the special counsel should not move outside the scope of the investigation. >> i want to quote something in "the washington post." trump has been fuming about the probe in recent weeks. as he has been informed about the legal questions that he and hi family could quas. he has told aides he was especially disturbed after learning mueller would be able to access several years of his tax returns.
2:34 am
the president has russia fever. he blames the press for making this about nothing. he has russia fever here. >> christine, he almost single handedly is keeping the story alive. he reignited the fire storm with "the new york times" two or three days ago in the interview. unfortunately for him, he can not pick and choose what gets investigated. that's up to mueller. i do think that there's something about trump's tax returns that gets him extremely agitated. i don't think it's that he didn't pay any taxes. i think we all know that. i think his tax returns list sources where he has money, where he owes money. and i think some of those sources are in russia. >> it seems so simple. the more you tell the cop don't look the basement, the more the cop wants to look in the basement. it's absolutely bizarre. >> and any of us. follow the money is rule number one of any investigation. follow the money, right? >> indeed.
2:35 am
in that "new york times" article and wide-ranging interview, he didn't exactly express his love for the attorney general who has been with him, jeff sessions, through thick and thin sh very early on his campaign. basically said he wouldn't have picked him if he knew he was going to recuse himself from russia. here's what jeff sessions had to say about that. >> i have the honor of serving as attorney general. it's something that -- goes beyond any thought i would have ever had for myself. we love this job. we love this department. and i plan to continue to do so as long as that is appropriate. >> as long it's appropriate. >> right. >> reading the tea leaves from this distance, it doesn't sound exactly like confidence. >> no, miguel. i would say that, when it comes to sessions, this is still another example of how a lot of quality people don't want to go to work in this administration, because if the president is willing to throw sessions under
2:36 am
the bus, what does that say about other people who may decide maybe it's not worth my wi while to join this group? >> there are some republicans telling me that while all this is happening, there's real work being done behind the scenes. steve mnunchin is moving ahead on tax reform. paul ryan is working on budget proposals or the budget they have -- the committee has passed. is that true? is there work being done? do you see the president's policy agenda slowly moving forward? or is all of this noise, um, slowing his policy agenda? >> i think the agenda is moving a bit on taxes. maybe in spite of him, rather than because of him. i do think there is real progress being made by mnunchin. congressman brady. paul ryan. i do think we'll get a tax outline this fall. we'll see progress there.
2:37 am
unfortunately for them, they have to get some budget issues resolved. that could be almost as contentious as the health care stuff. >> we have seen theme weeks. this week is made main america week. sometimes they have these nice events where they can promote something. they promoted this new injectable glass thing yesterday. it's fair. 4,000 jobs is legit. yet, on the same day, mare a -ao and another golf course eaownedy the trump family is hiring more foreign workers. buy american, hire american, except if you're one of my companies. does that stuff undermine his message? >> it does. think it's hard for him to stay on message. gnat's a problem. i should say for the markets, you made a really good point. there's progress being made behind the scenes. there's a very pro-business climate here in washington.
2:38 am
the economic fundamentals are excellent right now. there are a lot of positives for the markets. the one thing i think could unnerve the markets is if it started to look like tax reform was dead. we're not there yet. i think we'll get a tax bill. the chances of a big tax bill have diminished. >> three months before open el rollment. >> and midterms coming up. and health care not happening. it looks like whatever they were going to do on tax reform is going to be a heck of a lot smaller than they were imagining a few months ago. >> that's right. yes. >> greg, have great weekend. the u.s. is fining exxonmobil for violating u.s. sanctions while rex tillerson was still in charge. a $2 million fine on exxon claiming it demonstrated reckless disregard for those russia sanctions. this all stems from a 2014 deal between exxon executives and
2:39 am
this man, igor session. session runs the russia state-run oil company. he's a close ally of vladimir putin. >> the treasury department didn't specify which exxon executives were involved and didn't name tillerson. tillerson stepped down as ceo last year. but had personal business dealings with session when he ran exxonmobil. this move raises concerns over his deep business ties to russia. exxon says the fine is fundamentally unfair. another record high for the nasdaq. nasdaq has never been this high. the third record in a row. the longest winning streak since 2015. it's evidence investors are unfazed by president trump's xlit call troubles because huge corporate profits are driving stocks higher. more on that in a moment. stst still made in america week. the president is out thing a deal between these throw
2:40 am
companies, pfiz erk r and merck and corning. they'll produce new glass for injectable drugs. >> pharmaceutical glass packaging will now be made in america. it's a big step. a big statement. thank you very much, by the way. i know they wouldn't have done it under another administration. >> okay. that's an important deliverable for made in america week. until now, 98% of pharmaceutical glass packaging was made overseas. but this program has been in the works 2012. that last unscripted comment he made doesn't hold there. corning will invest $5 million initially. that is expected to grow to $4 billion. the ceos of pfizer, merck, and corning were all there at the announcement. they need federal approval. o.j. simpson, he'll be out of prison later this year.
2:41 am
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i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. mr. simpson, i do vote to grant pra role when eligible. and that will conclude this hearing. >> thank you. >> o.j. simpson will soon be a free man. the nf ff parole board ruling in his favor, granting the 70-year-old earl will release from prison after serving nine years behind bars. the former football star making
2:46 am
a case for himself. >> i've done my time. you know, i have done it as well as respectfully as i think anybody can. the you talk to the wardens and them, they'll tell you. i gave them my word. i have not complained for nine years. you will i have done is try to be helpful and encourage the guys around me, hey, man. do you time. fight if court. and don't do anything that's going to extend your time. that's the life i have tried to live because i want to get back to my kids and my family. >> simpson was locked up in 2008 on charges including armed robbery and kidnapping related to the theft of simpson memorabilia. he could be released as early as october 1st. two companies that offer tours in north korea say the u.s. government is planning to ban american tourists from visiting there. the u.s. has not yet confirmed the move. but coreo tours says it will
2:47 am
happen soon. young pioneer tours tweeted it has been informed of the ban. young pioneer is the agency that took american student otto warmbier to north korea. he was arrested there and sentenced to 15 years hard labor. when north korea sent him home, he was in a coma. the lead singer of linkin park has died. ♪ i had to fall to lose it all but in the end it doesn't even matter ♪ >> 41-year-old chester bennington was found dead thursday. according to a spokesman for the los angeles county coroner. bennington had been open about troubles h his life, including drug addiction. one more light, the latest album, was released in may. the band was set to tour in boston next week. they climbed to success in 2000
2:48 am
with the album "hybrid theory." a group of florida teens who filmed a man while he drowned and taunted him, will not be charged. they can be heard laughing about 31-year-old jamel dunn struggles to stay afloat in the pond. they're heard not only laughing but warning him he is going to die and they're not going to help him. police with calling the action beyond heartless. but there is no law to force them to summon help for someone in distress. who doesn't care about automobiall the russia headlines? wall street. the stunning wins for invester is next. t you met it was love at first touch and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection that's why only pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and
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yeah, and i can watch thee bgame with directv now.? oh, sorry, most broadcast and sports channels aren't included. and you can only stream on two devices at once. this is fun, we're having fun. yeah, we are. no, you're not jimmy. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. xfinity gives you more to stream to more screens. at least two tourists were killed when an earthquake struck the greek island of kos this morning. officials say the quake was a
2:53 am
magnitude 6.7. the epicenter ten miles north of the island. an estimated 200,000 people in greece and turkey felt some degree of shaking. we have a producer live in turkey for us with the latest. >> reporter: this 6.7 magnitude earthquake really shook a whole lot of people that were just on their summer vacations. this part of the aeg erk an is very idyllic. locals and foreigner ins go to both the greek and the turkish side of the island. they had to go through this nightmare scenario. turkish officials saying 80 people were injured on the turk ish side. no reports of casualties. more than 160 aftershocks that have affected the people that already went through the nightmare of 6.7 magnitude earthquake. they are also saying there was a
2:54 am
small tsunami that washed up on to the turkish shores about 30 to 40 centimeter of water washed up and on its way back was carrying, we saw pictures of turkish televisions of cars being pulled back into the water. on the greek side, two casualties. one is a swedish national. one a turkish national. both were there as tourists. five people there are seriously injured. three of them are in critical condition. and one man has in fact had his legs amputated. a lot of the people wounded in this earthquake were wounded as they were trying to get out of buildings the inspect the case of one man when he jumped out of a window of a building he was in in panic. this is a very, very terrible scenario for the tourists there visiting. >> you can just see the pan nick the video. it must have been quite a shock
2:55 am
to people on vacation. thank you very much. about 55 minutes past the hour. time for cnn money stream. global stock markets are mixed after the nasdaq hit another record high. the third in a row. the longest winning streak since 2015. all the major u.s. stock market averages hit highs this week. wall street's string of records is the latest evidence that investors are unfazed by president trump's political troubles and more interested in a very pro-business stance from this administration. even as his economic agenda appears to stall, the economy is strong here. corporate profits are pushing stocks higher. stock prices reflect how much money companies are making. and earnings season has been strong. we'll have more earnings on the way. among them today, general electric and honeywell. amazon has been crushing sears. sears telling investors it might not be able to stay in business. turns out amazon could be its savior. sears striking a deal to sell
2:56 am
kenmore appliance line on amazon. connect its smart aslinss with amazon's personal assistant alexa. sears has closed more than 20% of store this is year. competitors are feeling the heat. shares of home depot, whirlpool, and lowe's all fell on the news. how would you like to get from new york to d.c. in 29 minutes? >> i would like that. >> tesla founder elon musk wants to make that a reality. he says in a series of tweets he has a verbal agreement to build his hyperloop. his design for an ultrahigh-speed underground rail system. no government agency has confirmed this. he's walked it back tweeting he has work to do to receive formal approval. he says he got a verbal go-ahead to build this hyperloop under baltimore, new york, washington, d.c. >> philly. the pneumatic tube.
2:57 am
i'm christine romans. >> i'm miguel marquez. new reports the are the is looking to undermine the russia probe? how is he looking to discredit robert mueller? "new day" starts right now. it's inappropriate for the president to try to dictate the boundaries of the investigation. >> the wall street journal saying trump's legal team is working to discredit the investigation. >> bob mueller should look at anything within the scope of the special counsel's mandate. >> if the president fired bob mueller, i think he'll pay a heavy price. >> you can feel tension and anxiety. i've done my time. i have basically spent a conflict-free life. >> his statements were self-justified. showing no remorse. >> the you take a look at what they're supposed to consider, it's a slam dunk. >> thank you. >> this is


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