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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  July 22, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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destinations, the new york knicks. he would also be open to the spurs or timberwolves. this was shocking. most people want to be traded to lebron's team to be with him, not away from him. interesting how this unfolds. >> thanks, andy. appreciate it. kislyak is reporting on conversations that he is said to have had with now u.s. attorney general, jeff sessions. >> if these reports are corroborated, and they can be corroborated by the intelligence community, they are very damaging to jeff sessions. >> the threat of the subpoena, the threat of the public hearing, was enough to kind of bring paul manafort, donald trump jr., and their lawyers to the table. >> i want to thank, personally, sean spicer, not only on behalf of myself, the president, the administration. >> i just think it was in the best interest of our communications department, of our press organization, to not have too many cooks in the
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kitchen. >> i like the team. let me rephrase that, i love the team. i think he's got some of the best political instincts in the world and perhaps in history. >> announcer: this is "through day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. >> we are always so grateful to have you with us on saturday mornings here. so as you just heard there, spicer is out, scaramucci is in. and sessions is under new scrutiny. the white house pushing forward this morning after the press secretary calls it quits. >> yeah, sean spicer is revealing more about what i he resigned from his post, just minutes after the president named a new communications director, anthony scaramucci, financier and a trump loyalist becoming the newest white house hire. sources say that spicer was adamantly opposed to the move, but last night said he just wanted to give the new team a clean slate. >> the president obviously wanted to add to the team more than anything. i think it was in the best
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interests of our communications department and our press organization to not have too many cooks in the kitchen. >> this is coming as the administration is facing more problems from the russia investigation this morning. the president just tweeted, in fact, slamming "the washington post" over a new report that cites leaked u.s. intelligence intercepts. they say russia's ambassador told his superiors in moscow that he discussed campaign-related matters with now attorney general, jeff sessions, during the 2016 campaign. >> plus, striking a deal and staying out of the public for now, at least. donald trump jr. and paul manafort will speak with the senate panel behind closed doors, that's like lly discussi that secret campaign meeting with a russian lawyer and others during the trump campaign. the ranking member of the judiciary committee says that we will get answers and subpoenas for a public hearing are still on the table. we have our team of reporters and political analysts here to break all of this down this morning. our jeremy dooild is live at the white house with more on this huge shake up. let's start with jeremy.
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>> yeah, good morning, guys. the white house is still very much reeling this morning after white house press secretary sean spicer suddenly resigned yesterday, following the appointment of new white house communications director, anthony scaramucci. several white house officials telling me that they were shocked by this sudden resignati resignation, that spicer was apparently resigning in protest over scaramucci's hire. scaramucci went into the oval office yesterday at 10:00 a.m. and he was offered the communications director position. he promptly accepted that role. and white house press secretary, sean spicer, quickly rushed into the oval office, spoke with the president, objecting, essentialressential ly, to scaramucci's hire and quickly tendered his resignation, despite the president asking him to stay on. now the white house is, of course, a little bit in disarray. and there are these divisions of these different camps within the white house that are showing once again. we are understanding that chief
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strategist steve bannon, reince priebus objected to this hiring. wanting to take things in a very different direction from where scaramucci may take things. however, the white house is putting on a brave face. last night, we saw reince priebus, sean spicer, both of them saying that they think scaramucci will do a good job. scaramucci saying he will work closely with anthony scaramucci, but still very much remains to be seen as far as how this communications shop will approach things differently under anthony scaramucci. what's clear is that the controversies are not going away. we saw just yesterday this report from "the washington post," concerning attorney general, jeff sessions. that is something that scaramucci is soon going to have to handle the response to as he comes into this role on august 15th. >> all right, jeremy diamond, thanks so much. >> let's bring in stephen collinson now. i know you write this morning on
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c, quote, spicer's exit will not lift white house siege as walls close in. in other words, you're saying spicer is going to leave, he's not taking the problems with him. but explain to us more about what you mean. >> this white house is beset by multiple and multiplying problems. the russia investigation has multiple prongs now coming towards the white house, members of the president's own family. you have the president's own diminished political standing, the lowest approval ratings of any president at the equivalent stage of his administration. and there's the trouble in passing the health care bill, which is basically being a roadblock to the rest of the president's agenda on capitol hill. you know, in some senses, mr. scaramucci's appointment is a strong pick. it clearly makes the president comfortable, in some ways, with his brash new york persona, he's a bit of an alter ego of the president and he'll be a strong performer for the administration on television. the question is, does it help with the two constituencies that the president needs to improve
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his standing with most, on capitol hill. is mr. scaramucci, who has no experience as a communications director in politics going to be able to charter strategy that will sell the administration's policies on capitol hill. and although i think he'll be very popular with donald trump's base voters, sumply because si the similarities he has with the president, is he going to be someone who can broaden the administration's support, improve the president's approval rating, to make it that much more easier for him to enact his agenda. >> stephen collinson, appreciate the input this morning. >> with the growing list of challenges for this president in washington, there in the white house, the president is going to turn to the military today and go a few miles away to virginia to give remarks at the commissioning of the navy's newest aircraft carrier. cnn's laura sanchez is live there in norfolk. what are you watching for from
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the president today? >> reporter: good morning, victor. this is the convergence of two of the themed weeks that the white house wanted to roll out. it's not some made in america week, but it's american heros week. and it's meant to honor both. there was a huge banner that said made in america. and this is truly an impressive piece of american military might a $13 billion price tag. it's 1,100 feet long, maximum operational capacity with minimum crew. despite the impressiveness of this ship, when the president gets here later today and gets his remarks at about 10:00, that is likely not going to be the focus of conversation for the white house. in light of everything that is happening around this presidency. he is likely to mention the resignation of former press secretary, sean spicer. he did tweet about it just a few hours ago, saying that sean spicer is a great person who has been treated unfairly by the press.
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he's also likely to mention someone who professed his love for the president several times yesterday, scaramucci. what you likely won't hear the president mention is anything having to do with his attorney general, jeff sessions, and the revelations from "the washington post" that there are now reportedly some inconsistencies twheen the intelligence community says or his contacts between sessions and sergey kislyak, the russian ambassador, and his testimony before congress. you also will likely not hear the president mention anything about his testimony or his son's likely upcoming testimony before the senate intelligence committee or paul manafort or jared kushner's upcoming meetings with the senate judiciary committee. though, as you know, victor, when the president is in front of cameras and in front of the media, he is likely to go off the cuff. and he may likely stir some controversy again later today, when he speaks on "the uss jero gerald ford." >> a good chance he'll go off script. let's turn to this new report
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from "the washington post." it could cause really some major problems for this white house. >> allegations that attorney general jeff sessions talked about the trump campaign with the russian ambassador. we're breaking down the new details for you this morning. also, nearly a week after a minneapolis police officer fatally shot a woman who called 911 for help, investigators are still trying to figure out what happened and now they hope that a person on a bike who was just passing by may have some clues that the officer himself is not sharing. and this is a tough one to stomach. a group of florida teenagers stood by and watched a man drown, shooting video and laughing, rather than doing something to help him or even call anybody to help. now police do want to bring charges against them. >> i felt like something should have been done, probation or something. it needed to be an eye opener, a lesson learned. if they can sit there and watch somebody die in front of their eyes, imagine what they're going
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well, 13 minutes past the hour right now. president trump is reacting to the latest twist in the russia investigation. a few minutes ago, he posted this on twitter. "a new intelligence leak from the amazon "washington post," this time against ag jeff sessions. these illegal leaks, like comey's, must stop." now, the report he's talking about, the russian ambassador to the united states reportedly told his kremlin bosses that he discussed campaign-related matters with jeff sessions during the 2016 campaign. >> he told them what he thought they discussed, which was campaign issues. in other words, what their relationship would be like between a future trump presidency and the russian government. the kind of thing that kislyak was under orders by his boss, putin, to try to get information about. kislyak was doing exactly his job, which is, basically, meeting with people in the trump campaign, trying to get
4:15 am
information about how that campaign would actually deliver on some of its rhetoric during that campaign, if it was elected. and so that way putin can make a decision about what he thinks of this relationship. >> now, a department of justice spokesperson says, quote, the attorney general stands by his testimony from just last month, before the senate intelligence committee, when he specifically addressed this and said that he never met with or had any conversations with any russians or any foreign officials concerns any type of interference with any campaign or elections. sarah westwood, white house correspondent for the "washington examiner" with us now as well as former white house ethics lawyer under george w. bush, richard paidstrom. all of this is according to the russian ambassador's account of the meetings, per u.s. intel. how do we know this is accurate? is it going to be another kislyak's word against session, a he said/he said? >> what seems to be the only way we would know what was in a meeting between these two
4:16 am
people, ultimately, if they were the only ones present for this conversation, then they would be the only ones who would be able to characterize it. now, we already have several descriptions of this meeting on the record from attorney general jeff sessions. in his testimony, it's important to remember that he hedged just about everything he said with the possibility that he didn't remember fully every single conversation he might have had with russians during the campaign. he's a pretty smart legal guy, he knew that protected himself from further disclosures like this one. but at the end of the day, this goes back to the credibility problem that the administration does have and it's trouble for the administration, because attorney general jeff sessions, at the outset of trump's presidency, was considered one of the most credible and trustworthy figures. and that has slowly become not the case as these russia meetings have come to light. and as the president himself has hurled criticism at his attorney
4:17 am
general. >> so richard, what do you make of the shifting stories we hear from sessions? >> well, the attorney general statement, the justice department statement that you just ready considerably narrowed the scope of his denial to say he simply did not discuss with the russians interference with the campaign. that is half of the story with the russians. the other half of the story with the russians is what they wanted in return for interference with the campaign, which was a change in the united states policy towards russia, including the sanctions. attorney general sessions had repeatedly, including under oath, denied that he had any conversations with the russians on behalf of the trump campaign. and now they are changing the story. and narrowing this to focus only on conversations about interference with elections. i think that statement that you just read is an acknowledgement by the department of justice
4:18 am
that what the attorney general said under oath, before was not true, because he did, under oath, deny any communications with the russians about, on behalf of the trump campaign and that is a lie if this intelligence is true. now, the other thing we're concerned about is that it was selectively leaked by the trump administration, in order to get attorney general sessions fired, because then he can put rachel brand or someone else in there, and get them to harass mueller and eventually fire mueller. this is a situation that is getting worse and worse, every day. and i continue to be very d distressed that congress does not want to launch an aggressive investigation with respect to what happened to russia and the obstruction of justice that's involved here.
4:19 am
this is a very serious problem. >> sarah, the president is tweeting this morning about these kinds of leaks, saying that, essentially, they have to stop. where are the leaks coming from? what do we know about how all of this is drip by drip, coming to the surface? >> well, that's what's troubled the trump administration for so long, is that they clearly have no idea where these leaks are coming from. that i have consistently expressed an interest in stopping them. i think if they had the ability to track down who the leakers were within the intelligence community, they would have done so, already. keep in mind, there's a number of former u.s. officials quoted in "the washington post" story. so clearly this is coming from some obama administration folks who just are remembering what they read in this intercepted intelligence report back from when they were in the administration. but i will say to richard's point, we have no idea who leaked this or why. the only people who know are the sources and the reporters. so there's been some speculation that maybe the trump administration leaked this in an
4:20 am
effort to further weaken attorney general jeff sessions' position. that's certainly one possibility. the timing of it is interesting. but we have really nothing but speculation that that is the case. >> i want to move on real quickly here to something else that's in "the post" in the last 24 hours here, about special counsel mueller and his investigation, because you just referred to this, richard. the president has asked, according to the post, what his pardoning powers are, asking about pardoning powers for his ai aides, for his family, for himself. and we had sol reaction on that from representative ruben guyago late last night. listen to what he said. >> i have not been as quickly to call for impeachment, but if you're going to start issuing pardons to basically obstruct justice and cover up whatever is being covered up, i think clearly the only solution we
4:21 am
have to keep the executive in check is to start impeachment proceedings. >> richard, any indication as to why, though, he is asking for or having conversations about his pardon powers? >> well, i think the facts that show why he's doing that, we've seen over the past six months. this is getting worse and worse. the russia investigation and other scandals in the administration. and one way to have that off is to start pardoning the people who otherwise might roll on other people, and eventually endanger the president. but that strategy ought to be met with very, very stiff resistance from congress. the president cannot pardon himself. i wrote an op-ed in "the washington post" yesterday with lawrence tribe discussing that. there is no example anywhere in human history where i've been able to find a king or anyone else pardoning themselves and having it be effective.
4:22 am
even the pope sends confession to another priest. you do not pardon yourself. there's just no precedent for that. i don't think the founders would intend that the president of the united states could be a judge in his own case. that's what a pardon is. it's the president acting as a judge of equity to, you know, relieve defendants, those who have been convicted of criminal offenses, of the harshness of the criminal system, and the president cannot be a judge in his own case. he cannot pardon himself. >> all right. richard painter, sarah westwood, so grateful to have both of you here this morning. thank you. >> thank you. all right, just beyond six months into the trump administration, we check in with several supporters who voted for him. next, you'll hear why most of them still back him and what they say needs to change. i found the perfect stone for your ring. come in this afternoon. oh. no. no!
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26 minutes past the hour on saturday morning. good morning to you. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor black kewell. good morning to you. the president already up and fighting back against the latest reporting. that the russian ambassador discussed campaign-related matters with jeff sessions during the 2016 election race. and the president tweeting this morning, here it is, "the illegal leaks must stop. >> in the meantime, there is a shake up in the white house communications staff. sean spicer is out, wall street financier, anthony scaramucci is in. spicer says the president wants him to stay, but he chose to go. he was asked on fox news how he felt about being the butt of all of those "snl" jokes and the focal point of so many contentious briefings. >> the questions and the issues that are of concern to everyday
4:28 am
americans are not nearly what they are for the folks, the pack mentality that exists in the briefing room here at the white house. there were a couple of parts of it that were funny, but there was a lot of it that was over the line ands it wasn't funny. it was stupid or silly or malicious. but there are some skits that i've seen on late-night television that i had to crack up at. >> we're now six months into the trump era, and the president's approval ratings continue to hover at historic lows. >> but a lot of his supporters are still strongly committed to the president. others, not so much. here's cnn national correspondent, gary tuchman. >> izzy's diner in palm bay, florida, in the heart of trump company. the president won big here in brevard county. helping him win statewide by less than a percentage point. a half year into his presidency, we came for breakfast to talk to seven donald trump voters. first question for all of you, we start with saizzy, the opene
4:29 am
owner of this fine restaurant. how would you define his presidency in one statement? >> i think he's doing well. >> i think he's doing well. >> seems like mr. toad's wild ride to me. >> i think he's done well, if people would just work with him and not always against him, i think we would make some progress. >> i feel like i'm alice in wonderland, down the rabbit hole. it has been a disaster. >> reporter: march shrimp is an independent who voted for trump and is now not pleased with her decision to do. >> i think his presidency right now is worse than what i saw with nixon and watergate. it is the most disastrous presidency in my lifetime. >> reporter: the rest at our table are registered republicans, who are pleased with their vote. >> he can't speak without getting ripped apart. if you would just leave him alone and let him do his job, he's a hell of a businessman. let him run the business. >> it's like vietnam.
4:30 am
he's being stopped before -- every time he gets to this line, he's being stopped. >> where is him bringing together republicans and democrats and working his deal with them? where is it? it ain't there. he's golfing. >> reporter: six others at this table say there's an organized effort to undermine the president. and there's passion here about the russia investigation. >> it's bs. >> reporter: what's bs about it? >> all of it. all of it -- it's just made-up news. i think it's all bs. >> reporter: and regarding donald trump jr.'s meeting with russians -- >> opposition research is part of the political game, is it not? >> are you bothered by the fact that it was cited as russian government -- >> as opposed to what? ukrainian? >> as opposed to by someone in the united states who has the opposition research. is anyone bothered by that? raise your hand if you're bothered by that? >> not really. >> doesn't bother anybody? >> it's not illegal, either. >> i didn't say it was. >> i think it's been done for years. i think it's been done --
4:31 am
>> by the united states. >> by everybody. >> presidents interfering with other elections. >> but this is no big deal? >> no. >> reporter: and the republicans here don't blame dronald trump for the health care bill failure, although -- >> i think he could have used a few more people, myself, to help him design that bill. >> i don't think our politicians today care about our country. >> you think that's why the health care bill has failed? >> yes, i do. >> but do you think donald trump does care? >> i think he really, really does. >> it's not the democrats that are stopping him with health care. he stood on platform after platform after platform, saying, i can bring these people together. i can do it. i alone can do it. what happened? >> what would you say to donald trump if he was sitting at this table? >> i would tell him to stop tweeting and get on with business. get off that social media. that's what i would tell him. >> i want to talk about some
4:32 am
breaking news we're following. a coalition air strike is being blamed for the deaths of 16 police officers in afghanistan. this is an attack that happened in helmand province, overnight. a government spokesman says u.s.-supported forces were targeting militants in the area, but the friendly afghan forces were gathered in a compound when that air strike hit. >> we'll continue to follow that throughout the morning. during the campaign, even after entering the white house, the president promised to improve the lives of minorities. well, now that we're six months in, what progress has he made? also, the minneapolis police chief resigns is, days after a deadly police shottin ishooting. protesters say, you know what, that's not enough for us. >> i want you to ask the mayor of minneapolis, is asking you to resi resign! that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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as the naacp begins their annual convention this weekend, president trump will not be there. he declined their invitation. the group responded with this statement. during his campaign, president trump asked, what do you have to lose? well, this is the second time president trump has refused an offer to speak at our annual convention. we get the message loud and clear. now that we're six months into his presidency, what concrete progress has been made to reach out to minority communities? joining us to discuss, bruce lavel lavelle, executive director of the national diversity coalition for trump. chris lew, former cochair of the white house asian american initiative. and april ryan, white house correspondent for american urban networks, and the author of "the presidency in black and white: my up close view of three
4:38 am
presidents and race in america." we're now adding a fourth to that when the next edition comes out. april, bruce, and chris, nice to see you. i want to start with the president on election night. this is the context for this conversation. >> for those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people, i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. >> all right, bruce. first to you, specifically with the naacp, should the president have accepted the invitation? should he speak to the naacp convention? >> well, withanks for having me here. i can't speak for the president's schedule. it's fast pace, it changes at any second. just to elaborate on something like this, i think it would be, for me, if i were having an organization, if i wanted someone to attend my, you know, speak at my organization, i would at least be, you know, nice to them or, you know, not
4:39 am
to mock the president when he had his pastors come pray and lay hands on him and call it theological hypocrisy and, you know, mock him that way. and to have a leader at the naacp out of north carolina come out and say such inkrecendiary remarks, you know, who wants to come to an organization when you're not really welcome. >> but this would not be the first president who's been criticized by the naacp or another group and then going to speak to that group. that would be part of the reason one would go and have a conversation, would it not? >> you know, this is not a traditional president, victor. he doesn't just go just because reagan did it or president clinton did it or any of the other presidents. he's not going to keep the same old playbook. i think the president spoke very loudly as it relates to reaching out to all americans, based on our economy now. we're at 4% unemployment, the economy is moving very well. it's got an historically low -- >> and that could be a message
4:40 am
that he would serve. we're going to play a bit of reagan's address in 1981, and his first six months of president when he went to speak to the naacp in november. what is that message? >> it's the deafening sound of silence. that's what the message is. and i want to go back to your last guest. when you say that the economy is good, you're thinking overall economy. for the african-american community, the unemployment rate, and for the black and brown community in this nation, the unemployment rate is normally twice as high as the overall rate. so let's focus in on that. let's target in on that. the african-american community has the highest numbers of negatives in almost every category. this president and other president is president of all america. i'm going to say this. i remember for the last 20 years, bill clinton attended. the naacp convention.
4:41 am
george w. bush, he and the late julian bog at the time were going back and forth with a tension of words. but george w. bush came to that convention twice. then you had barack obama who came. and also mirnladministration officials from each administration. and then you also had, as candidates, mouitt romney come, who had john mccain come. >> which would, i guess, support the point that some of these other candidates have been criticized by this group. >> let me bring chris into this conversation, april and bruce. because you were one of the members of the president's advisory counsel on asian americans and pacific islanders. you were one of several who resigned earlier in the administration. what specifically led you through that resignation and have you seen any changes over the last several months? >> look, this is not just about outreach to the minority communities, it's about policies. what i found notable last week
4:42 am
is that the president went to speak to his voting fraud commission and repeated a patently false allegation about the amount of voting rights in this country. at the same time that republican states are stripping away voting rights from people of color, or that this week, the senate is going to vote on a piece of legislation that's going to take away health care from millions of people with color. so this is incredible to me, the lack of outreach, the inability to explain his policies. but i think what is more destructive is what he's doing, not only to poor communities, people of color, to women, lbgt communities. >> april, let me come to you. the communications director for the office of public liaison there in the white house, what is she doing to reach out to these groups? she described the position herself as bringing the people who want to be part of the policy into the conversation. >> well, victor, from what i hear, she's bringing people in, she's talking to people, but you know, we have yet to see a lot of the results.
4:43 am
we saw what happened in february. the listening session. we saw the president's hbcus come in, then they have a photo op. i understand she's involved in some sort of way. and this hbcu conference that's happening in september, but this is really a black eye for this administration, whether they know it or not. the naacp extended the invitation in january and they got a decline, what is it, this week when i asked the question, after hearing from hillary shutton of the washington office of the naacp. and not only that, i'm going to give you something else. it's interesting, this is a very big week for black organizes and conventions. the national urban league is also having its convention. and they chose not to vinvite this president. and just for context, they did not invite then president barack obama in 2009, his first year, as well.
4:44 am
but they said they don't want politicians right now. they want to focus in on moving forward. because of the obstacles. and they're looking at the economics of it all. they're in st. louis right now. and they chose not to invite this president. and that speaks vu s volumes, a well. >> bruce, i want to apply for you, as i mentioned, ronald reagan, 1981, it was june 21st there in denver. here's what he said then. let's watch. >> the people of the inner cities will be represented by this administration every bit as much as the citizens of fl flagsta flagstaff, arizona, ithaca, new york, or where i grew up. every president realizes he must represent all the people of the land. nor can he be just president of those who voted for him. >> bruce, there may be some who question if reagan lived up to that ideal, but do you believe that president trump, the president now, is living up to that ideal of not just being the
4:45 am
president to the people who voted for him? >> of course he is. and here's another thing, too, in tans to apranswer to april r unemployment on plaqblack ameri, teens between the age 16 and 19 have the lowest unemployment since -- >> let's talk about adults. >> excuse me. >> no, you excuse me, let's talk about adults. >> i didn't cut you off. the other gentleman here on the panel, he talks about how it's going to hurt the affordable health care act. sir, the affordable health care act is about to explode and blow up. i'm a business owner myself. i have employees. my rates have went up as much as 40% since this travesty was put on the american people. and also, it's went up 20% in the last year. >> bruce, i think the you're talking about the offered afford health care act is the plan the republicans are pushing through the senate. do you believe that some of these relationships we've heard, that are at least strained, can be repaired? >> well, they can be repaired,
4:46 am
but this is going to require the president taking a different attitude. and he hasn't shown that willingness to reach across the aisle, to reach across to different groups that disagree with hill. there's nothing that done in the last six months that has shown any desire to bring this nation together. >> chris lew, bruce lavelle, april ryan, thank you all. we'll be right back. with the travelocity customer first guarantee... your only worry... will be navigating the local traffic. get help with hotels, free twenty-four-hour flight changes, and our price match guarantee. travelocity.® wander wisely.™
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well, nearly a week after minneapolis police officer shot and killed a woman who called 911 for help the city's police chief is stepping down now. >> but some there say that is not enough. protesters jeered as mayor betsy hodges tried to replace a press statement last night. this is some video. ron young joins us more from minneapolis. really contentious exchanges there. what are we hearing from both sides? >> reporter: absolutely, guys. we were standing right in the middle of this news conference when everyone walked in and they were protesting. making their voices heard. i can tell you the shooting of justine ruszczyk, and you can
4:53 am
see the passion in their voices. you understand, they say they wanted more than the police chief to step down. because they believe this is a systematic problem in the city. listen to the protesters that let their voices be heard last night. >> this time -- >> as our mayor, we want you to take the step with you. your leadership has been very uneffective, if you do not remove yourself, we'll put somebody on to remove you. >> the mayor is in the middle of a re-election campaign. she said she's not stepping down. she said she's here to stay. we know the investigation continues. look, it's only been a week since the shooting. people here, not helping in the situation, the officer who opened fire, muhammad noor still hasn't talked to investigators yet. and that has a lot of people in the city upset because they want
4:54 am
to understand why he opened fire. >> we appreciate the update. police in florida want charges filed against a group of teenagers who stood by and laughed as a man drowned in front of them. >> these are five young men who actually shot video, as this man, you see him in the pond there was dying. they were laughing. they were taunting him. well, now the cocoa chief of police wants the teens charged with not reporting a death to the medical examiner. nick valencia has more. >> get out the water, you gonna die! >> reporter: a blatant disregard for human life. >> we're not going to help your [ bleep ]. >> reporter: a group of florida teens taunt a drowning man while filming his final moments from afar. >> ain't nobody going to help you you dumb [ bleep ] you shouldn't have gotten in there. >> reporter: the five teen boys ages 14 and 16, can be heard
4:55 am
laughing as a man struggles to stay afloat in a pond in cocoa, florida. rather than call for help, the teen recordrd it on cell phone. they say this when the man goes under water and doesn't resurface. >> he's dying. >> ha ha ha. >> reporter: the state of florida currently does not have a law where a citizen is obligated to render aid for anyone in a state of distress or call for help. we are deeply saddened and manner in which mr. dunn lost his life and the actions of the witnesses for this tragedy. we can find no moral justification for either the behavior of the persons heard on the recording or the deliberate decision not to render aid to the victim. witnesses say dunn scaled a
4:56 am
fence near his family's home and walked into the water. his family reported him missing three days later. the teens stayed quiet about what they saw. the police didn't know what to look. dunn's body wasn't discovered until five days. >> i feel like something should be done. >> reporter: the victim's sister posted that on facebook. >> they can sit there and watch somebody die before their eyes. imagine what they're going to do when they get older. >> reporter: nick valencia, cnn, atlanta. when i received the diagnoses,
4:57 am
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