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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  July 22, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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corroborated, and they can be corroborated by the intelligence agency. >> the threat is enough to bring paul manafort and donald trump jr. to the table. >> i want to thank sean spicer, not only on behalf of myself, the president and administration. >> i just think it was within the best interest of our communications department, our press organization to not have too many cooks in the kitchen. >> i like the team. let me rephrase it. i love the team. i think he's got some of the best political instincts in the world. and perhaps in history. >> announcer: this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. >> you know, we are always grateful to see you on saturday and sunday. thank you so much for being here. just days after president trump aired his frustrations about his attorney general jeff sessions is nation new scrutinies over russia this morning.
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>> and this morning, the slamming "the washington post" over new reports of leaked intelligence intercepts. they say that russia's ambassador told his superiors in moscow that he discussed campaign-related matters with jeff sessions during the 2016 race. the sessions repeatedly has said that he never discussed campaign issues with russian officials. >> it's important for people to keep in mind, this is again, kislyak's version of events of sessions, as you showed very clearly has sort of changed his accounts as we've gone through the months. from basically saying there were no meetings initially. to the meetings about the campaign to the meetings were not about collusion or coordination. so, again, either he doesn't recall clearly what they are, and maybe shouldn't have said what he said initially. or he is not telling us the full account. >> also this morning, former white house press secretary sean spicer, you see him there on the left. revealing more about why he resigned from his post just
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minutes after the president named a new communications drebtedreb director anthony scaramucci there on the right. sources say spicer was adamantly opposed to the move but last night, he said he just wanted to give the team a new clean slate. >> president more than anything wanted to add to the team more than anything. i just think it's in our best interests of the communications department, of our press organization, to not have too many cooks in the kitchen. >> we've got our team of correspondents covering it all for us. jeremy diamond is live in the white house. and let's go to laura jarrett in washington, with more on "the washington post" report. laura, this could be more than just inconvenient political problems for the president. the optics here. could there also be some legal liability? >> well, certainly, this is
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another development. another piece of the puzzle, victor. attorney general jeff sessions has really been dogged by this news since march that he failed to disclose contacts with russian officials, but this time, "the washington post" reports that u.s. spy agencies picked up on recordings of russian ambassador sergey kislyak, telling his superiors in moscow, that he discussed with sessions trump's position on russia-related issues and prospects for u.s./russia negotiations. back in the race last year. this, of course, completely contrary to the attorney general's version of events and he has denied it. in a statement to cnn, justice department spokesperson sarah fluoresoores says obviously i c comment on the reliability of what anonymous sources describe in a uncorroborated intelligence
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intercept. but goes on to say that the senate intelligence committee when he specifically addressed this and said, that, quote, never met with or had any conversations with any russians or any foreign officials concerning any type of interference with any campaign or election." nonetheless, this comes on the healings after a very rocky week for the president. saying from "the new york times" if he knew sessions was going to recuse himself from the entire russia investigation, he wouldn't have hired him in the first place, take a listen. >> sessions should never have recused himself. and if he was going to recuse himself he should have told me before he took the job and i would have picked somebody else. >> and the president was up bright and early tweeting about "the washington post" saying an intelligence leak from amazon
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"washington post." this time from a.g. sessions, these illegal leaks like comey's must stop. >> let's go to the white house, jeremy dimon there live with more on sean spicer and what he's saying about his abrupt departure. >> reporter: the white house is still very much recovering from the shock waves that reverberated through the white house. yesterday, sean spicer resign as press secretary after the president appointed anthony scaramucci and new york financier and long time trump supporter and trusted adviser. and the white house, however, is trying to play this off as is sean spicer, take a look at what he had to say last night. >> i went into the president after we had the discussion earlier with anthony and sarah about what the president's desires were. and i said, sir, i've had the
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opportunity to think about this, i think it's the best interest of this administration and your presidency that i give these two individuals the opportunity to operate without me in the way. so that they have a fresh start. that i'm not lurking over them. and i think that's in the best interest of the organization, of this administration and of his presidency. >> reporter: that is not exactly the rosy picture that sean spicer painted, that is not what we're hearing from sources inside the white house who say that scaramucci's pick was very controversial among the president's top advisers, jared kushner and ivanka trump, the president's son-in-law and daughter both supported the pic pick. chief strategic steve bannon and spicer were opposed to the pick. and now the white house trying to figure out the way forward with scaramucci, the
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communications director we saw him yesterday in the briefing along, alongside sarah huckabee sanders who have been promoted in the light of spicer's resignation. both of them say they will work together to portray the message going forward. but clearly, a lot of controversy remain with the administration, not the least of which is attorney general jeff sessions, the news that we've learned from "the washington post" about his alleged conversations with sergey kislyak. so, all of that clearly something that the new communications team is going to have to handle going forward. >> and one wonders if the new communication director is looped in on the president's statements being tweeted out over the last hour. we'll talk about those, jeremy diamond at the white house. thanks so much. with all of this news coming outside of the white house over the last 24 hours, the president is making the military his focus today. this morning, he's heading to virginia to give a commission to the navy's newest aircraft carrier.
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live from norfolk, virginia, what do we expect to hear from the president with no less than seven tweets already in the last two hours. >> reporter: that's right, christi, as we mentioned last hour, whenever there are cameras around and apparently when they're not around, the president will go off the cuff and say things you don't expect him to say. i'm going to read very quickly. one of them writing, quote, while all agree the u.s. president has the complete power to pardon, why think of that when only crime so far is leaks against us. fake news. he then went on to tweet, so many people are asking why isn't the a.g. or special counsel looking at the many hillary clinton or comey crimes? 33,000 e-mails deleted. then he went on to tweet, quote, what about all of the clinton ties to russia. including podesta company, uranium deal, russian reset. big dollar speeches, et cetera. to be fair, the president did
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tweet about the "uss gerald ford" which he's going to be here to commission the greatest warship in his words in history. and also of engineering. that one single tweet compared to several other tweets shows you where the president's focus is, specifically when it comes to hillary clinton. it's been more than eight months since the president defeated her in the general election and yet, she is a consistent target of his. also railing against the media and leaks. notice he doesn't specifically deny that "washington post" reporting that some of jeff sessions' testimony before congress doesn't really line up with what the intelligence community knows about his contacts with sergey kislyak, the russian ambassador. it just shows the message from the president hasn't really changed despite the changes in the white house. we saw the new attorney for the white house council ty cobb getting sworn in.
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and now anthony scaramucci replacing sean spicer as communications chief. this is after all, made in america week. back to you. >> boris sanchez, thank you so much. good to see you this morning. now, staying out of the spotlight at least for the time being, donald trump jr., paul manafort now will speak with the senate panel. but they'll do so behind closed doors. why one senator says, you know what, subpoenas are still on the table here. and days after a woman who called 911 for help in minneapolis was killed, the city's police chief is stepping down but protesters say enoughle top official needs to go, too. also, people are outraged when video surfaced showing a group of teenagers taunting a man who is drowning. now, police say, they may be ready to charge this group.
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police officers in afghanistan this morning. this is an attack that happened in helmand province overnight. a government spokesman said u.s. forces were targeting in that area. the friendly forces were in a compound when that hit. donald trump jr. and paul manafort will speak with a senate panel but behind closed doors. they were likely discussing that secret campaign meeting at trump power. the ranking member of the judiciary committee said we will get answers and subpoenas for a public hearing are still on the table. and pardoning power is on president trump's mind. he said while all agree the u.s. president has the complete power to pardon, why think of that when only crimes thus far is leaks behind us, fake news. this comes as president trump is trying to understand the limits of his power to pardon. they raised the possibility of the president pardoning advisers and family members and even
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himself. it's relevant into the ongoing russian meddling of course and possible collusion with the campaign. adeke towabi is here with us now. i want to read to you an e-mail by john dodd who tried to explain the actions here. actually the parameters of which the investigation can go. he says, those transactions are in my view well beyond the mandate of the special counsel unrelated to the election of 2016 or any alleged collusion between the trump campaign and russia and most importantly are well beyond any statue of limitation imposed by the u.s. code. basically saying if the president would relate into his finances or business relationships that could be too far. how special are the parameters that the special counsel has, or
5:18 am
is empowered to penetrate? >> i mean, you know what, with this whole, you know, looking into paul manafort's finances and his tax records, that opens the door up for the president as well. and right now, he is given the power as special counsel to look into what he needs to goat answers. that includes donald trump's finances. so he can't say you know what, you can look into everybody else's, but you can't look into mine. he is the president of the united states. his power to do so is fractured, for sure. >> a lot of people are wondering does he have the power to pardon himself? >> so, the constitution gives the president the power to pardon people for federal crimes. and generally, the courts have upheld those pardons. however, my interpretation of the power to pardon is that you give that to others. so there's the grantor, the
5:19 am
president. and then you have the recipient, other people. not yourself. however there is a gray area with regards to whether a president could pardon himself. i guess technically, he could pardon himself but he would have to wait to hear what the court would say but this whole talk of pardons that speaks to a guilty conscious. think of it, if you want to pardon yourself, that's basically saying he's committed a crime. that is an issue that people need to think about, why is he talking about pardoning himself. >> offhand, we don't know specifically what prompted the conversation about the pardoning, just to add clarity to that. also, i wanted to get into another tweet that the president tweeted out saying so many people are asking why isn't the ag or special council looking at the many hillary clinton or comey crimes 33,000 e-mails
5:20 am
deleted. are there still questions there? >> there may be questions there, but that has been put to rest for what we know but that doesn't say that couldn't be revisited. right now, we're looking at you, mr. president. because we found out of you having a meeting that wasn't ever disclosed with russian officials. that is the question now. the intelligence community, he's already said that the russians did interfere with the 2016 election. something that the president still denies to this day. but, right now, we're looking at you. and he does what he does best and that is deflect. and that is what he's doing with these tweets right now. so, the heat is being turned up. this is what he does best, he goes to his twitter account and he starts tweeting all of these crazy things so he can deflect from the actual issue. and that is him. >> well, we know that paul manafort and donald trump jr. are going to -- they were able to negotiate a meeting with a senate group, not in front of
5:21 am
cameras, but behind closed doors. what is the probability that we'll ever feel what cummingsom that? >> well, it's always been confirmed that, yes, they were allowed to speak with committee members and staff members hiefd clos behind closed doors. but they will be at a public hearing at some point. the committee mervs reserve the right to subpoena because congress has the right to investigate. and one tool is subpoena power. so if they need to compel their experience for whatever reason, feel that they won't show up at a later date, so they can subpoena tell me to testify. trump junior doesn't have security clearance. he could testify in public if they wanted him to, but there would be no issue there. so, i think this is a what to get something from them, to see if they can actually get answers from them thwithout having to te
5:22 am
that route. but if they can get that meeting they can use subpoena powers on individuals. >> always great to see you, thank you. the list of challenges for this white house continues to grow. account communications team shake-up really make a difference? we'll talk about a former member of trump's transition team and congresswoman marsha blackburn. and also, a week after an officer shot a minneapolis woman who called 911 for help. they're hoping a bipassing bicyclist can offer clues. >> declassified. deep russian secret agents infiltrate the united states and live seemingly normal lives. to neutralize this event, the fbi with one of the most
5:23 am
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♪ it is always good to have you unfold with us here.
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i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. good morning to you. the president already up. fighting back on the latest russia reporting. "the washington post" is reporting that russia's ambassador told his superiors in moscow that he discussed campaign-related matters with jeff sessions, now, the attorney general, during the 2016 election race. the president tweeting this morning calling for the illegal leaks to stop. you see the tweet here. >> meanwhile, there's a shake-up in the white house communications staff as sean spicer is out there, on the left. on the right, anthony scaramucci is in. spicer said the president wanted him to stay and he wanted to leave. he was asked how he felt about "saturday night live" and all of that. >> discussions that in the white house. there are a couple parts that were funny. there were a lot of it over the line.
5:29 am
it wasn't funny, it was stupid or silly or malicious. but there are some skits that i'd see on late-night television that i had to crack up at. >> let's talk about the latest headlines with congresswoman marsha blackburn, former chair of the trump transition team. congresswoman, good to have you back on the show. >> good to be with you, thank you. >> let's start with the. . we talked about what "the post" was reporting a few seconds ago. we had a white house ethics lawyer on the show, richard painter, who just about an hour ago so it's different than the operatives or intermediaries about the trump campaign and what we're hearing from the doj spokesperson overnight saying there were no communications about interference in the pain campaign. painter says that they're now narrowing the scope to give the attorney general an out. blah do you make of that? >> well, i think that jeff
5:30 am
sessions is a good solid man. and he probably is most likely telling the truth. i would have the tendency to believe -- >> at which time? >> -- to believe jeff sessions a lot -- well, hang on here a second. i believe jeff sessions much faster than i would believe a russian -- >> all right. so, we unfortunately lost that shot. hopefully, we can get representative martha blackburn back. we can re-establish that shot. we were getting to a lot of the president's statements this morning. we'll take a quick break. hopefully, we can re-establish. and we'll be right back. across the country, we walk. carrying flowers that signify why we want to end alzheimer's disease. but what if, one day, there was a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor? what if there were millions of them? join us for the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's.
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i mean, we even dated the same guy. who?! uh, go to priceline and get the hotel deals you won't find anywhere else. still working to get congresswoman marsha blackburn back up. but first, nearly a week after a minneapolis police officer shot and killed a woman who called 911 for help. the city's police chief is stepping down. >> yeah, but there are a lot of
5:35 am
people who vehemently say that's not just for them. protesters jeered as mayor betsy hodges tried to announce at a press conference. take a look at what's going on. ryan young is there. joins us more with what's going on there. >> reporter: yeah, we were standing right in the middle of this. the mayor was ready to do her news conference about the chief deciding to resign. all of a sudden, we could hear the sounds getting closer and closer and closer. somehow, they made it into city hall. they went inside the room. you could hear the sound. you could hear the confrontation. the mayor had to stop they are news conference. she had to stop talking. listen to what the protesters had to say. >> we're asking that you take your staff with you. we don't want you to anymore. your leadership has been very ineffective, if you don't remove
5:36 am
yourself, we're going to put somebody in place to remove you. >> reporter: there's been real impact here, i can tell you, the last few days, justine ruszczyk getting killed by that police officer. a lot of people asking questions, how could someone dial 911 go outside to meet the police officers and then get shot. she was in her pajamas. that's the big question. in fact, we go to a rally where tweem in two communities continue as they march down the streets asking questions about how the next few months are going to go because they wanted more details about this investigation. blah we do know, the police union has also called for the mayor to step down. they don't believe she's been effective as the leader. the assistant chief will now become the chief. the police officer here in the city, they say they will usher in new changes. this shooting of justine ruszczyk has shot shock waves to this community but the australian community who is
5:37 am
watching closely. everyone wants to know how an officer firing across in his car at a woman in the street in her pajamas just five doors down from her own house. >> ryan young, thank you. let's take you to florida there where police there want charges filed against a group of teenagers who stood by and laughed as a man drowned in front of them. >> these are five young men, that man there died. he drowned. you could hear them in the background laughing and taunting him. people were outraged that authorities initially said they could charge these five with. but now cocoa chief of police wants the teens charged with not reporting a death to the medical examiner. here's nick valencia. >> get out the water, you gonna die! >> reporter: a blatant disregard for human life. >> we're not going to help your [ bleep ]. >> reporter: a group of florida teens taunt a drowning man while filming his final moments from
5:38 am
afar. >> ain't nobody going to help you you dumb [ bleep ] shouldn't have got in there. >> reporter: the five teen boys between the ages of 14 and 16 can be heard laughing as a man struggles to stay afloat in a pond in cocoa, florida. rather than call for help, the teens recording the incident on cell phone, chuckling as they watch the man die. they say this when the man goes under water and doesn't resurface. >> he's died. >> reporter: the state of florida does not have a law that obligates anyone to render aid. both the cocoa police and officials. we're deeply saddened in which the manner in which mr. dunn lost his life. and the witnesses to this tragedy. we can find no moral justification for either the behavior of the persons heard on the recording or the deliberate
5:39 am
decision not to render assistance. police say dunn got into an argument with his mom in the afternoon of july 9th. ten minutes after the fight was over, police say dunn scaled a fence near a pond near his family's home. his family reported him missing three days later. the teens stayed quiet about what they saw, so police didn't know where to look. dunn's body wasn't discovered until five days after his death. >> i feel like something should be done. >> reporter: the victim's city posted the drowning on facebook. in a facebook live post she questioned the teens' humanity. >> they can stitt there and watch a person die before their eyes, imagine what they're going to do when they get older? >> reporter: nick valencia, cnn. >> nick, thank you very much. we've got congresswoman blackburn back with us live. i apologize. >> i am with you. thank you so much. >> the russian ambassador told
5:40 am
his superiors in moscow, that he had two conversations about campaign-related matters with now attorney general jeff sessions during the campaign. i'd asked you about the comment from former ethics lawyer richard painter who says that the difference between what sessions said in march that he had no conversations about the russians about the campaign and what the doj said last night about his not having any questions about interference in the campaign narrows the scope and gives the a.g. an out. you were answering that? >> i have to tell you, on this, i'm going to stay with jeff sessions and believe him before i believe a russian operative. and i think that we are well served to -- to stay with jeff session, if you will, when you look at saying it's what a russian operative said. or it is what our attorney
5:41 am
general, who is in the senate, has served in the u.s. senate, what he had to say. so, i know that there are other people that are weighing in. i know that they are those that want to pile on and say this is the trouble today. but i have to tell you, working in my district and talking to people that are -- weather they are supportive mr. trump, through the campaign or suppo supportive through the campaign, their comments are, marsha, we want to see everyone work together. >> congresswoman, let me ask you, you said you're going to stay with the a.g. and you believe jeff sessions. why question was, i was trying to ask you when we had the shot up, do you believe jeff sessions at which time? do you believe him in january when he said no conversations with russians or do you believe him in march when he said he had no conversations with russians
5:42 am
about the campaign? or do you believe him now when he says there were no conversations with russians about interference in the campaign? those are three very different responses to the question. >> jeff sessions is someone who is known for telling the truth. and i am certain that he has told the truth. i would have ever confidence that he's told the truth. and that he will continue as will those that are investigating what happened with russia. and quite frankly, i have to tell you, where you were before, i'm really pleased that finally our democrat colleagues and many in d.c. are beginning to see russia as a problem. i've known russia was a problem for decades. i think many people in this country have. >> all right, representative, let me -- >> i know it's difficult when you're on the phone. i just want to get in because we
5:43 am
don't have much time left. i want to talk about health care because that vote will be coming up in the senate this week. the president just tweeted out this morning, the republicans senators must step up to the plate. and after seven year, vote to repeal and place next tax reform and infrastructure. win. the president has also said if they can't do that, they should just vote for a straight repeal. should the senate consider a strait repeal, in the context of the congressional budget office, finding that premiums would double over the next decade? and 32 more million americans would lose coverage. that's from the cbo. should they consider it? >> the cbo also estimated the sale would be about 20 million people in the affordable marketplace and we've got 9 million. only 2 million of those individuals are paying a premium. so, if we look at this, we have to rule out the cbo numbers are out. as for the totally opting out,
5:44 am
the affordable care act offering is about 19 million people. >> but should they vote for just a straight repeal? >> if they can pass a straight repeal and set a date certain in the future. and give congress a deadline so that they're working for a deadline, the goal is to make certain we move towards more patient-centered health care so that all americans have access to affordable health care. >> all right. representative blackburn. thank you so much for jumping back on the phone for us. i know you have a busy saturday morning. we appreciate your input. thanks so much for being with us. all right, christi. a u.s.-led air strike kills 16 afghan police officers overnight. what caused this friendly fire incident is one of the questions being asked now. plus, president trump leaves soon. he's going to commission the navy's newest ship. take a look at this. how it's making the job easier for our sailors.
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a u.s.-supported coalition air strike is being blamed for the deaths of 16 police officers in afghanistan. >> this attack happened in helmand providence yesterday. a government spokesman said the u.s.-supported forces were targeting militants in that area. the friendly afghan forces were gathered in a compound, though, when that air strike hit. let's bring in cnn military and diplomatic analyst and former spokesperson retired navy reared miller john kirby. admiral, thank you for being with us. first of all, of course, how does this happen and what is the consequence of relationship between u.s. and afghanistan? >> how it happens they're going to investigate very carefully. when supporting ground forces from the air there's always that risk. it's something that the u.s. military obviously takes very seriously. we're more precise than any
5:50 am
other air force in the world when it comes to this air-to-groubdz support. but sadly in war, there are mistakes. they're going to investigate this, they'll figure it out, i'm sure what they do, they'll learn those lessons, they'll be publicly transparent what about they learn and they'll apply those lessons to future operations. as for the relationship, i really don't think this will have a major impact negatively on the afghan security forces. obviously, it's going to be a matter of concern for everybody. and our hearts, thoughts and prayers go automatic to all affected by this. but our mission is too important and too critical going forward for there to be, in my view, any long-term strategic, negative impact as a result. >> alrighty. i want to bring teegs what the president is going to be doing in a couple hours. he's attending the commissioning ceremony for the navy as aircraft carrier this morning. is this a being deal. >> it is, indeed. >> help us understand how this
5:51 am
will drive what happens with the navy, with the sailors and how it will make their life possibly a little easier on a ship. >> first of all, anytime you bring a new ship into the navy it's a big deal. and you don't get to do that with aircraft carriers very often because it takes so long to build. we don't have that many of them. this is, as you said, an even bigger deal when you have a new aircraft carrier. and this carrier, while it's about the same size and look, this ship will be able to do things that no 0 other aircraft carrier in history will be able to do. for instance, the electromagnetic launch system willal allow much greater fidelity in launch speeds and more flexibility in launching all different kinds of aircraft in the future. it's got an advanced resting gear system. a much greater electrical generation capability. and it also will be, because you can see the island of the ship is moved a little bit farther out. and it's smaller than what we
5:52 am
have on nimitz class carry carries. it will allow the navy to be able to launch aircraft in a more efficient way. not to mention the fact that there will be much more quality of life for sailors on board, such as gyms and eating facilities. critically, christi, this will have about 1,000 fewer sailors than a nimitz aircraft. this is 1,000 sailors that will be doing other missions for the 2345e6. and sailors on board will do a better job because of automation and technology. >> rear admiral john kirby, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> we just saw marine one fly behind there. this is air force one, boarding the plane and heading to virginia for the commissioning
5:53 am
of the "uss gerald ford" that aircraft carrier that christi and admiral kirby were discovering. the president will be speaking later today. we'll bring that to you. quick break. we'll be back. ...glowing skin in just one minute. aveeno® "naturally beautiful results®"
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it is the closest thing to a flying car. yes, an american tech company revealed a drone-like helicopter that can carry us, people. it's still in the concept stage. but it's estimated to set you back about $200,000. but for a personal helicopter that helps you avoid traffic, not too shabby, maybe. cnn money innovate takes a look. ♪ >> so, you're designing a quad
5:58 am
copter -- octocopter. >> people are dreaming about whipping in and out of traffic and going to their destination for about a hundred years, right? >> what's your pitch to people saying, this is not an imaginary project? >> if you squint just right, this looks like a drone. everyone realizes drones are pretty well advanced. if we were doing this 20 years ago and people have not seen a drone fly, this would be more difficult. it's a joy stick that says go forward and steer. >> is this to be flown on its own? or is someone going to be at the controls? >> yeah. so, the first version is going to be piloted, right? built autonomous, but working with the faa to get it certified. >> to get this in the air, obviously you're going to have a
5:59 am
gas bill, insurance, how are insurance companies going to look at this? >> for the faa, they're going to have to prove that it's safe to drive a car. >> how do you prove that? >> you have no way to figure it out, you shake it, rattle, roll it you get a good feel for it. the design goal is would we put our 16-year-old in it? it has a generator. five minutes of lithium batteries. gets you five minutes to get down. even if all of that fails we have a parachute in the middle. >> how soon are you going to put your kids in this? >> good question. as soon as the faa says go. a live look at joint base andrews where marine one is landing. and the president will soon be boarding air force one headed to norfolk, virginia. >> the "uss argerald ford" is going to be commissioned. and this is a really impressive feat, as we heard from admiral
6:00 am
kirby there. it's really going to help the sailors on board. it will be interesting what the president has to say. >> he has ten tweets in the last hour. thanks for being with us this morning. >> don't go anywhere, "smerconish" starts right now. ♪ i'm michael smerconish in philadelphia. we welcome in our viewers in the united states and around the world. what can i say it was a chaotic day for the white house, yes, words i could have used so often in the first six months of the trump administration. yesterday, i paid a visit to sean spicer in his white house digs for the off-the-record chat. it turned out to be his exit interview. my thoughts on spicer's departure are next. plus, mr.


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