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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  July 31, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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poppy? >> i think every american would like to see bipartisanship. thank you all for joining us. i'm poppy harlow. john berman will be back with us tomorrow. at this hour with kate bolduan begins right now. >> thank you so much, poppy. hello, i am kate bolduan. welcome to the first day of the rest of the trump presidency. a fresh start with a fresh face as the new white house chief of staff, retired general john kelly sworn in a short time ago to replace reince priebus followed by a cabinet meeting with a lesser fresh base. attorney general, jeff sessions. he relationship with president trump turned sour in a short amount of time. they were in the same room, face-to-face for the first time since the president kicked off
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the public shaming of sessions. with priebus out and kelly in, is it sunshine and rainbows at the moment? the president seems to think so. >> good morning, this is our first cabinet meeting with general kelly. he will be chief of staff, as you know. we know him and respect him, admire what he's done. at homeland, what he has done has been nothing short of miraculous. i predict that general kelly will go down in terms of the position of chief of staff one of the great ever and we're going to have a good time, but much more importantly, we are going to work hard and we are going to make america great again. >> he touted a lot of successes of the presidency in that meeting, talking about economic numbers. can the new chief of staff help jump start the president's agenda today? a lot of ground to cover with that. let's start with sarah murray.
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he denied problems in the white house today. >> reporter: we know you don't oust your chief of staff and replace them with a retired four-star general if you don't want a change in direction with the way things are going. even staffers in the west wing are hopeful john kelly will bring a fresh start, order, a quieter west wing one that's been plagued with back biting. they are hoping he will kick start the president's agenda. he had a defeat last week, we saw health care collapse. president trump wants to blame it on the democrats, but that is at the hands of members of his own party. everyone is waiting to see if the dynamic will change under kelly. of course, there's skepticism about that. everyone knows the tone is set at the top. many people near the white house, close to the white house
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in washington aren't convinced president trump is going to change. >> the chief of staff, you can change. the president, is he prepared to change? we will see in probably the next 24 hours. great to see you, thank you. joining me to discuss, mark preston and chris whipple, awe thor of "the gate keepers." appropriate today. thank you for joining us, chris. great to see you both. try this on for size. how is this? he will go down as one of the great ever. >> ever. >> ever. >> i mean, anybody he ever hires or associates himself with, he always says they will be the greatest, do the greatest, become the greatest. it's trumpisms at its best. >> has john kelly taking on the post, has the west wing changed today? >> no. a couple things, one, we were talking about this in the green room. i don't think the journal is going to be able to go in and
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change donald trump. can he go in and change everyone below donald trump? in some ways, what donald trump does with the tweeting and have you and enact change and get things done by working downward, then up to capitol hill. >> that kind of gets to an interesting point. you have said, i seen you say, chris, it's mission impossible for general kelly, if he doesn't have control over the west wing. why is that? what does that look like? >> the first thing kelly has to do is figure out, is he working for a presidency or tv show. this white house has been profoundly stupid and quite frankly, unserious about governing. they can't do anything right. a guy like scaramucci shouldn't be within 100 miles of a functioning white house. his first task if he hasn't removed scaramucci's title the
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first week, he's failed on job one. >> really? >> it has to be clear scaramucci and everybody else reports to the president through kelly. if they don't, with the possible exception of the family and bannon. if they don't, this cannot work. >> so, that means, if the structure as is of yesterday remains in place, it doesn't matter who becomes chief of staff. why is that gate keeper role so essential? what are people getting? >> the definition of insanity is for john kelly to try to take the job with the same authority reince priebus had. we saw how that turned out. the last time we had a general for chief of staff was al hague. that was a disaster. the reason is ford had the same idea trump did, he thought he could run the white house by himself. everybody had access to the ovl, came and wint willy-nilly. it was a disaster.
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he had rumsfeld come in and almost caught carter in the election vuls. if you don't do that, history is litters with the bones of presidencies that didn't understand. you have to have an empowered white house chief. >> mark, it's getting to, a little bit of what chris is talki talking about. he said, baker said the job boils down to either focusing on the chief part of your title or the of staff part of your title. success coming through, he says success is coming through, focusing on the staff. what do you think the challenges are that kelly is up against, if that's the case? >> loyalties from those that are already in position right now, including the family, mind you. the loyalties they have to the president and not necessarily to the office. scaramucci is a perfect example of somebody who is going to come
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in and shake things up and everyone needs to be loyal to the president and he is going to fire anyone who isn't. those in the west wing who hold those positions should be loyal to the president trying to get his agenda passed. they have to be loyal to the constitution. they have to be loyal to the idea of getting things done. so, what we can't have, quite frankly, is this weekend to have donald trump say let's get back into health care when you have the senate republican leader who is a good tactician saying on thursday and friday, okay, we didn't get it done, time to move on. can't have that mixed message. >> go ahead. >> troubling thing to me, i talked to some ex-white house chiefs who have not had a phone call from kelly. the first thing any serious white house chief would do, should do is pick up the phone to jim baker, the gold standard, call ken, who was reagan's successful last chief of staff. he came in in a similar
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circumstance in a way. reagan was on the ropes with the iran can tra scandal. there was the possibility of being impeached. they decided if he lied to them, they were going to resign. i think kelly needs to go into the oval office, sit down with donald trump and draw a red line and say, if you want to have your tweets fine. but if you tell a lion twitter, i'm gone. you can find a third white house chief. >> one thing that is fascinating that i saw this morning is much you heard the president complimenting general kelly on is what he has done with the border and immigration. do you know who was working lock, step, hand in hand with general kelly on that? jeff sessions. i did a joint interview with them to talk just about immigration and the border and the efforts they are taking on. you have one of them who is getting accolades and the other who is on the outs of all outs.
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>> that's why the issue of loyalty is not to the person, it should be to the country and to the constitution. we have seen jeff sessions who showed retrained loyalty to donald trump all last year at a time when, you know, all his republicans in congress thought he was crazy for backing him. then, what have we seen? donald trump, president trump, turned on jeff sessions. we see that rex tillerson at the state department supposedly is having troubles with the white house. doesn't feel like the white house has his back. if you are general kelly, you have to think to yourself, to chris' point, if you lie, if you are not with me on these things, then i'm out. it will be interesting if he had that conversation. >> john kelly is not going to -- who knows how many interviews he is going to do. what are you looking for to see? >> an end to trump's unrestrained use of twitter. you are looking for discipline. you are looking for -- i mean, this white house is completely
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broken right now. it would be a massive repair job. first, it can't pass legislation or issue executive orders, it can't prioritize the president's agenda, nobody know what is that is. it can't get anybody on the right page. those are things in a healthy, functioning white house, they come from the chief of staff. you can have bannon arguing with everybody else. at the end of the day, when the president makes a decision, everybody needs to fall in behind the chief of staff and execute it. that's how you know if it's working. >> he's got an easy job ahead of him. that seems very obvious from this discussion. that's the name of your next one. piece of cake. great to see you, thanks so much. >> thanks. >> president trump caring republicans to act on health care after last week's big failure, including the threat to cut off help to low income
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is president trump ready to move on after last week's fail in republican efforts to dismantle obamacare. short answer, it appears not, instead, throwing taunts and threats at his own party, including this statement on twitter. if obamacare is hurting people, and it is, why shouldn't it hurt the insurance companies and why should congress not be paying what public pays? there's more to it than meets it eye or the tweet. we'll get to that. susan malveaux joins me live from capitol hill. susan, what is the president threatening? >> reporter: what we have seen is threats, conjoling, shaming,
8:16 am
whatever. he is saying the government is not going to provide bailouts for insurance companies or members of congress. the way most members of congress get insurance is through the d.c. exchange which is subsidized by the government by obamacare. what the president has been saying consistently is he is going to allow obamacare to impli implode. one is take away the government subsidies to companies that allow low income folks to afford coverage. that would be to the tune of $7 billion. the other thing that he is talking about is not enforcing the individual mandate, which really allows and requires that young, healthy people are part of the system. so, those are the things that he is tossing out. there is definitely a back and forth, a blame game that continues and the real question is whether or not they are going to be democrats and republicans
8:17 am
who are willing to continue to find a solution or at least ways to fix, tinker around the edges, the problems facing obamacare. this one, congressman from earlier this morning says, no, the democrats own it. >> they are going to wear it, you know? we said to america and america agrees, obamacare failed, it's failing. i suggested to the president we end the cost sharing revenues on tuesday, that's tomorrow, to insurance companies. >> reporter: so, that was chris collins, nor susan collins of maine has a different idea. she wants to bring republicans and democrats together to stabilize the market. there's another group on the house side called the problem solvers caucus trying to do the same thing. >> we'll see. chris collins and susan collins no relation and not on the same page. great to see you.
8:18 am
joining me to discuss, rick santorum, a former republican senator and former presidential candidate. also, cnn commentator and republican strategist, ana navarro. senator, to you. cutting off payments to insurers. they are used to help low income folks with coverage. is that a good next step, in your mind? >> the president has to get tough with republicans who are walking away from trying to fix health care. if it means shaking up the system a little bit for the shorm term, i think it's not a bad thing. if you look at what insurance companies raked in. i don't think it will be a huge shock to the industry. it will be a shock to washington. look, i think the president thooz take leadership here. i think he wants to do that. as i have said many times, i think he needs to go outside washington. washington failed. now it's time to do what we did
8:19 am
in 1996 when we did the last reform on welfare. that is go outside washington, bring in our republican governors from around the country, meet and come up with a solution that drains the swamp, gets the money out of washington, back in the hands of governors. this is something that, in my opinion, should have been done in the beginning. to paraphrase, republicans will do something once they try everything first. get the right solution that worked in the past. donald trump can be the savior here, be the leader in working with republican governors outside of washington to make it happen. >> you have the rick santorum of the world saying buck up fellas and ladies, get to it. get to the business of it and continue fighting to reform the health care system. anna, republicans on the hill, they seem to not be there. they seem ready to move on, move on to tax reform, leave health care, the fight for another day or completely, i don't know. if you look at the president's twitter feed, almost a dozen
8:20 am
tweets on health care or the process in the senate that he was attacking, just over the weekend. he's not ready to let it go. where does that leave everybody? >> well, here is the problem. first of all, you know donald trump is a dog with a bone. he never lets go of anything, right? this, for him, was a huge political blow. it was a blow to his ego. he's the art of the deal guy. he's never going to let it go and frankly, he shouldn't let it go and the american people shouldn't let it go. congress shouldn't let it go. this is a system that needs to be fixed. not doing anything is not an option. there are too many flaws with obamacare as is. it's going to end up collapsing if it is not a solution offered. there's a bigger problem here. when i have been hearing this entire discussion now, folks talking about democrats are going to wear it or republicans failed, the president is
8:21 am
flogging congress and flogging the senate for having failed. what's not being talked about are the people who need insurance. what's not being talked about are the lives that are at risk. at some olympian, we have to stop saying this as a political chess game and see it as a american crisis that needs to be solved and put the focus where it needs to be. >> the president spoke directly on friday. senator, let me play it for you. this is another round the president is suggesting that congress can go. leave it and let it implode on its own. >> i said from the beginning, let obamacare implode and then do it. i turned out to be right. let obamacare implode. >> so, is that the president trying to work for a solution? do you endorse that move, senator? >> look, i think anything the president could do to shock the system here, to get them to
8:22 am
continue to work on this is a good thing. i agree -- >> maybe he doesn't believe it, he's trying to scare them straight? >> the president wants a success. he doesn't want obamacare to implode on his watch. he wants to fix the problem. that's why he's tweeting and pushing congress. look, this is an opportunity for donald trump to show he can lead. this is the opportunity to say look, we are not going to do it the washington way. we are going to go outside, bring people in, democrats and republicans, get input on this, get this money out of washington, back to the states, let democratic and republican governors and their legislatures fix this problem. get rid of washington centric health care and let the states do what they do best, which is what we saw under welfare, deliver services closer to the people. this is exactly what he campaigned on. now he has the opportunity to do that. >> i think his words are not only irresponsible, i think they
8:23 am
are inhumane. what are we going to do? if obamacare implodes. it's easy for him to do that. he is a rich guy with health insurance. everybody he cares about has health insurance. there are americans who need obamacare and are on it right now. what are regoing to do with those sick people if it implodes? what are we going to tell them? what are we going to tell is families of sick children. what are we going to tell spouses? at some point, get over the defeat. get over the political posturing and get back to work. get back to forming a plan that actually works. get the input from republican governors and democrat governors. get bipartisan leadership to start working it and do what congress is supposed to do, compromise and address a national crisis now. >> what will happen, at least as
8:24 am
it stands now, they are going to point the finger at each other. one thing we have seen change in washington, your reaction to general john kelly stepping in as chief of staff, reince priebus outd. do you think this changes everything? >> i don't think it changes everything. i have never seen a staff or a level of functionality of an office that is not an accurate reflection of the principle. the principle here is donald trump. i know john kelly. i got to know him. he is excellent. he is a leader. he commands respect and authority. he doesn't have much patience for fools and for lack of discipline. so, i think folks like scaramucci, i think a lot of folk that is have had walk-in rights, the oval office feels like a public bathroom where anybody can go any moment and whisper into the president's ear. i think he's going to bring order to that.
8:25 am
is he going to change donald trump? any woman who tries to change a man, it takes more than a general, it takes a miracle. >> with reince priebus out, do you have concern the president has fewer and fewer ties to the heart? >> he has steve bannon, which is important. that's a base that is very important to this president. that will continue. >> basically, he wanted to blow up the republican party. >> he doesn't have a traditional republican like reince priebus. the bottom line is, most of the people working the administration, there are republicans that are active republicans for a long time. i'm not that concerned about that. the bottom line for general kelly is, he's a marine. he's someone who gets the marching orders and tries to execute. that's going to be the most important thing to bring to it, this idea of being able to execute the game plan and follow
8:26 am
through. hopefully that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the white house. >> we will see. this is a day i can say that and no one can correct me. great to see you. >> thanks. president trump under fire for urging police to rough up people. the man who called himself the law and order candidate. vladimir putin strikes back at the u.s. over sanctions, booting hundreds of employees from russian missions, u.s. missions in russia with a warning this may be just the beginning. (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) the joy of real cream in 15 calories per serving. enough said. reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy. there's nothing more important than your health. so if you're on medicare or will be soon, you may want more than parts a and b
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call it putin's payback or maybe vladimir's vendetta. you pick. the russian president retaliating against the u.s. for the sanctions bill president trump is expected to sign. putin is demanding the u.s. cut staff at american diplomatic operations by 750 people. joining me to discuss, democratic senator, ed mar ki. thank you for your time. i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> the president is expected to sign the sanctions. russia did not wait to respond. what impact will that have, what russia has done? >> obviously, what putin decided to do is to retaliate against the united states. but, the important thing about these new sanctions, which the united states congress passed over the objection of donald
8:32 am
trump, although it looks like he's going to sign the bill, is to escalate this battle between the united states and with russia. we are trying to make it very clear to russia that we will never, again, stand silent while russia seeks to interfere with our elections. that we want russia to understand that they are going to pay a price for a violation of the intermediate nuclear force treaty, which they are in violation of right now. we need their cooperation in syria on the limited cooperation they are giving us now and we need their cooperation in dealing with the north korean crisis. none of this, substantially is happening between the united states and russia. our sanctions say this is what we need. putin is retaliating, but ultimately, that's the only language he understands. we have to have toughness
8:33 am
responding to toughness. >> do you think president trump will respond to now vladimir putin's response? >> again, we are trying to help president trump have a reality check. he continues to deal with putin in a way which ignores the reality of what putin has been doing in crimea, in ukraine, in north korea, in syria and in our electionings. what we are trying to do is push him and hopefully general kelly, as the new chief of staff, will have a more realistic assessment of what, in fact, the russians have been doing and what needs to be done in order to have an appropriate pushback that ultimately leads to negotiated resolutions to each one of those conflicts. >> you mentioned north korea. following the missile test, president trump put out this statement, it hit china, basically. he wrote, i'm very disappointed in china.
8:34 am
they do nothing for us with north korea, just talk. we will no longer allow this to continue. that was over the weekend. then, the president said this just this morning in his cabinet meeting. listen. >> we're going to be able to -- it will be handled. we handle everything. >> it will be handled. he's pointing the finger at china in that tweet. what does that mean? are there sanctions against china in the works? >> well, when he says we will handle it, he does so on a weekend where the united states is shooting off missiles in that region. there is no military solution to this problem that doesn't lead to an escalation that could be catastrophic, that could lead to a second korean war. it could lead to the worst catastrophe we have ever seen in two generations in our country.
8:35 am
so, the only answer is to deal realistically with china. there was a 37% increase in trade between north korea and china between 2016 and 2017. the president should have known that. as we deploy our defense system in south korea, what has happened is that china has cut off, for all intents and purposes, tourism between south korea and the chinese hurting the country we are trying to help. the president has to get realistic. >> do you believe him that he, you know, they won't -- when he said we will not allow this to continue with regard to china? do you believe they will get tough on china and endorse sanctions against china? >> there is no evidence to convict the president of that setiment. the legislation moved through congress, he does not want to
8:36 am
sign. senator corey gardner and i, of colorado, introduced legislation that would be tougher on china and cut off any kind of trade between any company anywhere in the world doing business with north korea, including the chinese companies doing that business, especially the top ten chinese trading companies doing that business. we have to get tough, even as we listen to the chinese as they ask us to go to the table to talk to the north koreans to begin to have a negotiation but we have to do it in a context of tightening the device grip with the chinese simultaneously. >> let me ask you something closer to home at the moment. health care. republicans in congress seem ready to move on from health care after the failure last week. the president does not. he's threatening to cut off payments to insurers that help
8:37 am
low income people and cutting off insurance for members of congress and their staff. i spoke to senator rick santorum. he said it could be a good scare tactic to get folks back to the table. do you agree? >> if president has a choice. he can engage in repetition, this is going to lead to an escalation or begin to work toward reconciliation, hear whag the members of congress, democrats and republicans have been saying to him to find a way of ensuring the system does not collapse, not cutting off of funding, which is what john mccain and susan collins and lisa murkowski were objecting to, which would be the block of moving legislation, but working together to make sure the system does work, especially tr the families who are working families who can't afford insurance in our country. that's where the subsidies go and that's what he's objecting to, helping the hard working families who can't afford insurance in this incredibly
8:38 am
escalating inflationary health care price increase that has been occurring over the last generation. senator ed markey, thanks for the time. i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. coming up, chris christie has had an eventful summer. first the beach, then booed after catching a foul ball, then heckled at a game. president trump tells a room full of police officers, to suggest to them to get rough on, quote, thugs they are arresting. now, some police departments are pushing back, calling the president out for the remarks and the wrong message. i'll speak with one of them, next. be $50 bucks.bysitting. that'll you said $30. yeah, well it was $30 before my fees, like the pizza-ordering fee and the dog-sitting fee... and the rummage through your closet fee. who is she, verizon?
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what is it with chris christie and sporting events i ask you. first, he was booed for catching foul ball. now he confronts a heckler at a cubs/brewers game in milwaukee. watch this. >> appreciate that. >> what did he say to you? >> huh? >> secret service right there. >> what did he say? >> a big shot. >> that was apparently the end of the confrontation, i think we can all say thankfully. this is how they say it all started. >> going up the stairs, i yelled his name. he was already quite a bit past me, probably 30 feet away. i yelled his name and told him he sucked and called him a hypocrite because i thought it needed to be said. >> so, there's all that in the sporting events.
8:44 am
don't forget, chris christie had an eventful summer. he shut down beaches only to be photographed on one of the beaches with his family, solo, with no one else around. remember, there's still a month left of summer. let's see what happens next with the governor. then this. please don't be too nice, the advice president trump offered to police officers when talking about top agenda items when talking about the gang ms-13. afterward, that landed with a thud among officers listening. first, listen to the president, friday. >> when you see these towns and see these thugs thrown into the back of a patty wagon, just thrown in. rough. i said please don't be too nice. like when you guys put somebody in the car and you are protecting their head, you know, the way you put your hand over. like, don't hit their head and they have just killed somebody,
8:45 am
don't hit their head. i said you can take the hand away, okay? >> afterward, the suffolk police department put out a statement. as a department, we do not and will not tolerate roughing of prisoners. president trump gave the speech in suffolk county, new york. they weren't alone, from l.a. to boston, police officials criticized the president's remarks as irresponsible and the wrong message to be sending or, was it a joke as some organizations are coming to the president's defense say today. let me bring in jim beerman. he is the president of the police foundation, a national non-profit that works for policing. chief, thanks for coming in, i appreciate it. >> good morning. >> so, you say you put out a statement after this saying you cannot support the commentary from the president. what was your reaction when you heard the president's remarks?
8:46 am
>> when i first heard them, i winced. it's the wrong message. police chiefs and sheriffs across the united states have been working to maintain and enhance the trust and confidence of the people they are paid to protect. a constant theme is the de-escalation of force. i think that this, as you have seen, since the president's statements, there's been pushback from police chiefs and policing membership groups that represent the police leaders in this country all over the place. it's for exactly the same reason. we don't want police officers to take that message from the president as the gospel truth and it is inconsistent with their reality because police officers, today, are governed by their own department policy, state laws and conscience. i have talked to a lot of cops and i don't know anybody who is actually going to do what he
8:47 am
recommended. >> that was one of my questions, do you think there's an impact of the president's words like this? >> i think there is an impact, probably not on policing directly, probably more impactful on people who hear that, who don't know a lot about how the police operate and believe that is either a license to abuse people in custody or it is consistent with their own experience or narrative or perceptions about police use of force. so, i don't -- i really don't know any police chief or sheriff that would support those comments and, in fact, they have been working hard to message contrary to that. i think it's damaging and not helpful to relationships police chiefs and sheriffs have been working very hard to create between their department, their officers and communities and this is just not helpful. >> some of the folks who are defending the president today say it was taken out of context or simply joking and they are not getting the joke.
8:48 am
do you think he was? >> i don't know. the contextual piece that is recognized as the most violent enterprises in the united states. i understand he was talking to a bunch of good guys about a bunch of bad guys. but, i don't know. maybe he was trying to be flip. i just don't think, though, when the president speaks, his words matter and people listen to these and they add their own context to whatever those words were. when policing is struggling right now with this issue of trust and confidence, what this country doesn't need is for somebody to inject it that it's okay for the police to abuse anybody that is in custody. that is not how we are operating as a country. it's not how the police really operate. it's not how she should operate. we are a nation of laws, use of force by the police is regulated by policy and laws. the only thing that is acceptable is legal and
8:49 am
reasonable use of force by the police. when somebody is in custody and bashing their head against the door frame or throwing them roughly into the back of a patty wagon, evokes tremendous pain and memories for many people in this country about freddie gray, he died in police custody in baltimore. i think these are symbolic in nature and adds to the angst we are currently experiencing in this country. >> jim, i appreciate your time. thanks for coming on and thanks for all you do and trying to do. appreciate it. >> thanks. moments ago, the president saying his new chief of staff will go down in history as one of the greatest ever. john kelly's first day. see what happened in their first cabinet meeting. plus, as the country erupts, president trump threatening to slap sanctions on it. we are going to take you live to venezuela where protests are getting violent after a controversial election. forward,.
8:50 am
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a country erupts, a city burns and president trump is now threatening to drop the hammer on the fast-moving crisis
8:54 am
playing out in venezuela. [ gunfire ] >> geez louise. protests turning deadly reeling from a controversial election, one called by some a sham that gives the country's president sweeping powers. critics say democracy is now eroding there moving closer to a dictatorship there, and now president trump may hit them where it hurts. oil. go to cnn's paula newton in caracas, venezuela following all of this. paula, the protests are about to start back up. what are they preparing for now? >> reporter: yeah. at noon the opposition wants people back out on the streets to make it clear they believe that democracy is over here in venezuela. the president can do what he wants to run the dictatorship that president trump thinks he wants. now, the trump administration had a back down briefing last week. looking at a million different options. one not on the table, though,
8:55 am
likely is outright banning oil exports from his country to the united states. remembering that could bring up gas prices for those in the united states, but important to note, kate, that senators marco rubio and john mccain are pr pressing this administration to be tough on venezuela. the people i talk to, yes, they're in danger, gone through deepening humanitarian crises and thinking perhaps president trump is the one to help. why it could actually worsen in the short term their crisis in terms of getting food and medicine. they do believe that kind of pressure is needed on the regime at this time. as you've talked about here, kate, there's only so much bandwidth the trump administration has. we could see sanctions as early as today and wait to see how forceful they can be. kate? >> paula, quick, showing any signs of calming down? moves that this is calming down or is it just continuing to escalate? >> reporter: not at all. the only reason it would calm down is because everybody is tired and need to go out into
8:56 am
the street to get food and med into their homes. the only reason things would calm down right now. >> thank you, paula. great to see you. we'll be back in a moment. s have a few side effects. oh, like what? ♪ you're gonna have dizziness, nausea, and sweaty eyelids. ♪ ♪ and in certain cases chronic flatulence. ♪ no ♪ sooooo gassy girl. so gassy. if you're boyz ii men, you make anything sound good. it's what you do. if you want to save 15% percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. next! ♪ next!
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welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing your day with us. day one for the new sheriff, make that new general charged with calming the trump white house chaos. >> we just swore in general kelly. he will do a spectacular job. i have no doubt, as chief of staff. what he's done in terms of homeland security is record shattering. >> this big white house reboot comes amid big global tensions. russia expels


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