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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 10, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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you can go in. this is their dreams' safe place. >> look at that. it is not just growing the vegetables. it is growing the children. >> to find out how his urban farms that have so in seed. go to, while you are there, nominate someone you think should be a hero, that's it for us tonight, thanks for watching. good evening, a big night, if the president had the right to did what i did on my summer vacation's essay. today he escalated his tough talk in north korea twice. he continued to smack down on his republican senate, the guy that's supposed to be his ally. all and all, his two tv appearances. the president made a whole week's of headline.
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the president today is amping it up. [ inaudible ] >> do you have any response of the word nonsense? >> well, i don't think they mean that. it is the first time they heard it like they heard it. frankly, the people that are requesting that statement was not too tough. maybe it was not tough enough. they have been doing this for our country for a long time, many years, it is about time that somebody stuck up for the people of this country and for the people of other countries. so, if anything, maybe that statement was not tough enough. we are backed by our military and backed by many leaders. i know many senators and others came out in favor of what i said. many think that statement may not be tougher enough. >> what would be tougher? >> you will see, you will see. >> mr. president -- do you consider --
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>> we don't talk about that. we never do, i am not like other administrations that say we'll go into mosul in four months. we'll see what happens. i can tell you what they have been doing and what they're getting away with is tragedy. it cannot be allowed. that was before briefing with his national security team. afterwards, he said more to sessions that amounted to a full press conference that he has not had in months. >> we are going to look at what's happening in asia, we are constantly looking at it right now. i don't like to signal what we are doing. we are certainly looking at it. we are spending a lot of time looking at in particular north korea and we are preparing for many alternatives of north korea. they have disrespected our country greatly. he has said things that are
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horrific. he's not getting away with it. he's gotten away for a long time between him and his family. this is a new home and new ball game. he's certainly not going to be doing those things. i read about guam by august 15th, lets see what he does with guam. if he does something in guam, it will be an event, the likes of which nobody seen before what will happen in north korea. >> what do you mean? >> you will see, you will see and he will see. >> is that is a dare? too it is n >> it is not a dare, it is a statement. he's not going to go around threatening guam and the united states and he's not going threaten japan and south korea. no, that's not a dare as you say. that's a statement of fact. >> okay, north korea weighed in as well earlier today.
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the united states quote, "will suffer a shameful and doa doom." >> joining us now, admiral john kirby and our cnn political and former cia and senior official phil nye. if anybody thought that the president is going to change his tone, he just seemed to double down and set some sort of whether challenged or basically kind of drew a line under the north koreans own data. >> it is five days away, anders anderson. >> it is interesting because this was a guy who elected because he's a great businessman and negotiator. he's going to his final option and already going to suing before he tried to negotiate.
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the word war is not good. i am not sure what he's trying to do. i thought he would tamp it down. i thought some of his aids would get him to get under control, maybe general kelly or tillerson, he did not. he should be the guy be quiet and let his secretary of state and defense to be the bad cop and him weighing in at the appropriate time. that's not what's happening. by doing that, he's limiting his options and making things a little tenser. >> and again, he seems to be setting a confrontation that somebody has to blink on august 15th. >> yeah, this is plain chicken on geo political scale. if you listen to secretary mattis today, he still wants to stay in the diplomatic trade space. the problem is, he's closing
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down decisions and he's taking away some of that oxygen of tillerson and mattis want to have. he's forcing kim jong-un to close down decision space and it just takes us to a point where we don't need to be. >> gloria, from a political standpoint makes him like a decisive leader, for those who supports the president, it is a welcome change of language. >> well, he says i am not going to let them do this to us. what he meant is that, kim, you are not going to bully the united states of america. the problem is, it is kind of a tiff for tat situation here. you have jonah mattis who's the leader of the atlantic forces saying, trying to give north korea some space there, look, stand down and you have tillerson saying, stand down.
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there is room for negotiations here and you have the president not acknowledging that at all. you are getting mixed signals, you know? as john kirby say, you are boxing kim into a degree and what do you do, do you look weak? if he ratchet it ups and you don't response? >> what do you say of this. >> i was evacuated and walking around streets of washington and you realize within 24 or 72 hour and what we realize of the confirmation that al-qaida from afghanistan was responsible for that attack. the president, president bush had no option and he had no choice. in this case, the president has a lot of options. he could choose to focus on different issues, russia and china and the opioid crisis. i agree north korea is as
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potential techniquhreat. they are on a flee of america. if the president wants to select north korea as one of his priorities, my question would be why? why do you want to do this? why are you raising the profile of the north korea leader to sort of an international celebrity by spending so much time on it. he does not have to do this as president trump tr. he's making the north korea's leader as a celebrity, i don't know why. >> the u.s. always avoiding one on one question with north korea and having other countries involved as well. not having north korea on an equal footing on the united states and having it be peer to peer. the president is making it that eye to icon frontatieye confron. he's playing right into kim's propaganda and the way kim
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portrays this as a u.s. pr problem. it is really is and a whole international community is galliv galvanizing against these guys. to kim, the united states represents a threat. here we are and tillerson said as much as last week of where will we got right now. to them, we represent a power that's designed to wipe them off the face of the map. that's why when you throw this kind of rhetoric out there. you have to understand the ears that's going to be listening to it. >> just for a military standpoi standpoint. if this does come of a confrontation of guam in five days. do you know the lodgistics, if north korea were going to fire fire to guam, do the u.s. have any idea as the missile go off or we are watching them go, where exactly they are going or whether they would fall short? would the u.s. wait until, you
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know, we saw what happened with those missiles? >> no, you will pick them off the launch pad and more intelligence and surveillance assets have been placed over south and north korea. you will get all kinds of satellite and maybe a lot of high level drones and watching them 24 hours a day. when a signature goes off, you are going to pick it off the launch pad and off the truck that it fired from. it is going to be multiple layers of air defense from korea through japan and through the pacific and to guam. it is not going to be like a catcher's mit of guam and hitting it right before the strike. you only have land base and packed three missiles and you will have naval base missiles. you will peck those things up. i would say there is a good chance that none of those missiles are going to land unintended with some kind of
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casualties or strikes against them. if you only get one through, it is traumatic. going back to john and phil, what they just said, it is all about choices. how do you pull them away from this and why are we lowering ourselves to the level of north korea? >> right. >> gloria, are you going to say something? >> just to make that point. here you have the united states which should get a lot of credit and a vote in the u.n. security council against north korea. and why we are not isolating kim and saying the entire international community standing against you and ensteinstead tu it into a fight between the president of the united states of all people and kim, it seems absurd to me because of the entire international community
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is with us. we are not making that point very strongly from that bully puppet, i don't think. >> we got to take a quick break. we'll have more on north korea. we'll have more when we come back. the president the truth behind that and later how the president comments on russia's expelling all those embassy employees in moscow are being received. was he joking or praising vladimir putin or something else? that and more when we continue. at panera, a salad is so much more than one thing.
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breaking news tonight.
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what's the response being exactly from north korea today? >> well, this is north korea responding to trump's previous statement and really straight out of north korea. typical north korean, you hear them saying that the u.s. would suffer a shameful defeat and final doom. they go onto say wiping out the provocateurs making desperate efforts. what's different is the president is marking a blow to blow rhetorical and languages coming from both sides.
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>> you can say the president's language in north korea and this time, james mattis, says that the diplomacy is the u.s. priority now north korea. >> my portfolio, my mission and responsibility is to have military options, should they be needed. right now ambassador haley, you can see the american effort is diplomatic led and it has diplomatic tractions and gaining diplomatic results. i want to stay right there, right now. the tragedy of war is well enough to know, it does not need another characterization beyond the fact that it is catastrophic. >> mattis commanded the u.s. force and he knows military counts. consequences of military actions should be noticed to president trump as well.
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earlier today also mentioning the possibility of diplomatic. that comment lost in the rhetoric we are hearing from the president as well. >> very different. >> thanks for bringing the panel back in. it is not the first time of the facts of the matter contradicts it. he's suggesting revamping the country's arsenal taking office. >> the first order that i gave to my general. my first order is i want this, to be the biggest and finest in the world. until such time, we'll be so much better and so much stronger than anybody else.
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nobody including north korea is going to be threatening us with anything. >> what have you changed of arsenal? the reason i ask in response of your tweet, it takes years and it cannot be done in six months. >> we have done a lot of modernizations and renovations. we have it now in very, very good shape t. be a much better shape over the next six months to a year. >> ensuring the u.s. nuclear detour and appropriately taylor to detour 20 century threats and reassuring ally. that review is required by congress. back in april, the pentagon reported it was under way.
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separately, there is a forced modernization program under way. yes, the arsenal has been under way. the program launched under the prior administratioadministrati. were the president boasting specifically of you and under capability since he's been under office. does that make any sense? >> it did not. i was on the joint staff back in 2000s and it was two when one of the last postures reviewed, the nrc. it occurs every five years and this started when there was some problems with the program over the last two years of deficie y deficiency. this started over the last administration and the other thing was the president saying we are bigger and stronger than ever before. the start treaty has just been in effect over the last -- well, the treaty has been in effect
9:21 pm
for a long time. we have reduced the number of nuclear weapon to 400. it is the lowest rate ever been since the build up of the 1950s. it is not bigger and stronger. it maybe looking at modernization but there is less weapons than we have before. all of the things he said were a misstatement or some may call it a flat out lie. >> general, when you are challenging somebody or making a threat to somebody, i assume it is better to be factual in your capabilities than to pucker your capabilities up and be corrected. >> yeah, that's the way most people like to do it. you want to appear more, appear stronger than you talk about it. in other words, you don't want to be threatening and not have the ability to back it up. you want people the think, what he's got behind his back or what is or she going to do next. you don't lay all our cards on
9:22 pm
your table. it is interesting what mr. trump says from the beginning that he's not going to portray what he's going to do next. he's doing that right now. in fact, he's taking it to the next level with north korea and he should not be there. >> is it possible, just looking at this from a different positive that the rhetoric from the president may push china or russia to try to push north korea, tieing russians down to threat and makining some progre. >> that's what he thinks, anderson, that he can do. president xi is not going to be bullied. they are the key to solve the problem in ppyongyang. the president and his team were right, trying to fix it. it is not through tweets or rhetoric. he's a cool, calculating figure.
9:23 pm
we have not convinced him yet that it is in his best interest to take aggressive action to help him stop this threat. >> gloria, there is someirony, his name is mad dog is the one ratcheting down. he knows what war looks like which the president has not served and to actually have mattis but the one, say, look, we adodon't need to describe it any other way. >> i meryl streep ycould not he that general sciutto showed of a sober diplomat. he becomes the diplomat in this situation.
9:24 pm
he knows what happens in war. he compares itapolcolyptic lang. it was striking to me. when you look at trump and i was thinking about this today, it is very mump like a real estate guy saying, okay, my building is the biggest and the best and i am going to -- this is what i can tell you because you are going to have to go check me out and there is no way you can figure me out that it is not. he's using the same kind of tactic in real estate and new york only, it does not work in international diplomacy and it won't work in north korea. >> jonah mattis, he used the
9:25 pm
word catalisma and not catastrophic. >> would the u.s. know about it ahead of time from areal surveillance? >> heck no, i give that about a zero. there is two aspects of any intelligence problem. that's capability intense. you have seen the u.s. intelligence assessment in particular from the agency of capability. can north korea put together a missile dl missile delivers a target like guam, i suspect it is not true. the second aspect of this is more difficult. if you have that capability and you are a north korea's leader, how confident are you that you know what the north korea's leadership want to do. are they bluffing? do they really intend to do something in august? if you put together that issue of capability and intent and the
9:26 pm
fact that north korea is in assessable. let me give you a judgment, bottom line, vegas bet. the united states intelligence committee does not have a good understanding of what the north korea's leadership wants to do. >> we'll take another break. the president addressing vladimir putin more than 700 u.s. personnels in moscow. if you thought the president is criticizing russia for something, you maybe wrong. we'll tell you what the president said that had so many people shaking or scratching their heads. [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. the president's response was to thank vladimir putin. here is what the president said when he was asked about those diplomats today. >> i want to thank him because we are trying to cut down on payroll and so as far as i am concerned, i am thankful that he let go of a large number of people because now we have a smaller payroll. there is no real reason for them to go back.
9:31 pm
i greatly appreciate of the fact that they're able to cut their payroll and would save a lot of money. >> admiral kirby, how do you interpret that? >> i try to stay as new rutral i can. this is the most ridiculous thing i heard the president say. first of all, this is putin's retaliation shutting down their facilities and it is not a p proportional response. the state department's budget is 1% of the federal out lay of this country every year. he's not saving that much money. we should never look at the diplomacy as a cost saving initiativ initiative. the fact that the people are there, they're serving a national interest of russia. it hurts our ability to actually serve the national interest.
9:32 pm
number three, of all the employees that we have working in our three consulates. about 800 of them are local russian nationals. it is in putin's saddle for years. they tried to intimidate them. that number 755, blieve me, it was designed by putin to make sure the large portion of the people that got kicked out are not able to work in our embassy and consulates were russians. it was hurting russian citizens or it was not saving us money or being efficient from a diplomatic perspective. this is just ridiculous. >> a lot of people are waiting to hear what the president may say about this. does it surprise you that yet again, he finds a way not to do anything that criticizes vladimir putin? >> i guess not. we have seen it now since the campaign trail. there is one aspect of this anderson, i have to go personal
9:33 pm
for just a moment here. forget about the national security implications. there are americans coming home from the state department and u.s. government, the course of the pass couple of days, they have had to tell their children and spouse, we have to find a new house. we have to find a new job. the president is wrong of budgetary issue. the most significant issue i can tell you. it is august of 2017. they have to tell a child that child cannot go to the school this fall. they have been expelled and that child will find a new school. the president cannot say i am sorry to those american employees and i am sorry that you have to relocate your child and instead praises vladimir putin? i understand the national security is bigger but how about the common courtesy of the people serving the government. >> i am going to go back to the last block if i can, anderson, you asked how confident he was and what was going on in north
9:34 pm
korea? it was because we don't have intelligence there. you just done the same thing now to russia. as a former commander of u.s. army in europe, i used to go the embassy before i visited my count counter partners and i used to talk to my country team. i would talk all the three letter agencies and they would give me an update of what's going on in that country. i went to moscow what's going on and we got intelligence from them. not only you have the personnel factor that phil just talked about. you have the intelligence factor and commander on the scene and commanders in chief and washington are not going to get the same kind of intelligence. it was amazing to me that the president just kind of said well, no big deal, we are going to save money. >> it is not true. >> anderson, you know this was an opportunity for the president to say you know, this is clearly
9:35 pm
in response to the sanctions passed by congress, overwhelmingly, almost unanimously and congress did the right thing. we know there was a signing letter with it that the president objected to certain parts of it because he thinks it took away some of his authority. it was a moment when he could have said i standby the american congress' decision to impose sanctions in retaliations for the russian involvement in trying to influence our election. and he did not. you know there are, i am sure a lot of people in congress scratching their head of why the president is not taking that opportunity. >> i will tell you the other opportunity he had was to retaliate for the non proportional response to putin. we should have gone the other way. he should have kicked out more russians employees instead of thanking him for this.
9:36 pm
it is utterly ridiculous. >> thank you very much. when we come back. breaking news from the russian investigation and chairman paul manafort getting a closer look from the justice department and what the president had to say of the raids of manafort's home today. but at night it's the last thing on my mind. for ten years my tempur-pedic has adapted to my weight and shape... relieving pressure points from head to toe. so i sleep deeply, but feel light... and wake up ready to perform. even with the weight of history on my shoulders. only exclusive retailers carry tempur-pedic. find yours at
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paul manafort is hiring lawyers specializing in tax regulations. we are learning that manafort's son-in-law recently met with the department of justice. they want information of money laundering and of his business dealings. today president trump publicly speak out of manafort's raid. >> i thought it was a very, very strong signal or whatever. i know mr. manafort, i have not spoken to him for a long time.
9:41 pm
i know he was with the campaign for a short period of time but i have always known he's a good man. i thought it was a very -- you know, they do that very seldom. so i was surprised to see it. i was very, very surprise to see it. >> phil and professor jonathan, what do you make of the president said? >> the usual practice for presidents when there is a criminal investigation is to say almost nothing. he said, he thinks he's a good guy, i don't think it was terribly inappropriate but it is a departure of how presidents usually handles these sorts of things. what's significant is what robert mueller thinks. mueller thinks there is evidence of the crime in manafort's apartment. that's a big step. >> how significant is it to you that manafort is now getting,
9:42 pm
you know, other people on his legal team focusing on this. i think it is very clear that he's the president targeted at the stage, prosecutors will often look for weakest link. manafort has a number of areas from banking to tax and registration as a foreign agent that could generate charges. the president is surpriright abe thing, he was surprised that this raid occurred. i don't see why they would need that with a 68-year-old lawyer meeting him at the door. it seems to me it was excessive. it sounds like they're trying to send a message. >> i don't think there is any
9:43 pm
doubt they're trying to send a message. we don't know the circumstances leading up to the decision to gate warrant. what's clear is the manafort's lawyer has been saying all along that we are cooperating and providing documents. mueller does not believe it. mueller did not believe they would be forth cocoming so they went in and took the documents themselves. if only we can read the affidavit and see all the evidence in this case, can we, i think make a fair judgment of whether it is too aggressive or not. it was certainly was aggressive. >> someone working with the fbi, you hear the president saying manafort raid was tough stuff and they went into early and they went to his home. is it particularly unusual. i mean is that how the fbi raids homes? would they go in there early? is that is an unusual case? >> this is not excessive and i
9:44 pm
am going to disagree with the comments earlier. director mueller does not send messages. we are going to do something and there is a term that we use in the investigativeness intrusiveness. if i look at your e-mails and go to your home at 6:00 a.m. it is intrusive. if you do that, you better have good evidence at 6:00 a.m. the other issue, i am not going to guarantee it, director mueller is going to go by the book. if we have that order, what would we typically do in this circumstances regardless of the subject. in this case, manafort, is high profile and i don't want any arguments that what we did was unusual. would we typically know. i am looking at this saying, this was what the judge said was appropriate and this is how the fbi operate.
9:45 pm
i am going to have to disagree with that. in a white color case, it is not the norms. it has been going on for years. >> this is an area of great abuse and judges are not fulfilling his responsibility. he should have struck out the aspect of the warrant. >> the president was also asked about attorney general jeff sessio sessions. lets hear what he says. >> it is what it is. he's fine. he's working hard on the border and i am proud of what he's done. i am proud of what general kelly done. one of the reasons he's my chief of staff because he did an outstanding job at the border. >> jeff sessions is executing the president's agenda whether you agree of what he's doing or not, remarkably at the de department of justice but for
9:46 pm
the president to pivot it off, it is slim pickings in terms of praise. >> and saying it is fine. it is what it is. it is not a vote of confidence. as we reported one of the first act that general kelly did was call jeff sessions and say to him, your job is safe. and so at least sessions knows that he's not going to get fired tomorrow and it is not a great kind of job security because you know the president is unhappy with you and it is difficult. today the president has somebody else he wants to pick on and it is mitch mcconnell and he's on the grill and jeff sessions is off of it for a while. can we make know of the fact of the two people extremely loop worm praise, he's trashing his own party. who's the person he praises today? vladimir putin. what's going on?
9:47 pm
i will answer your question. >> what's going on? >> we'll ponder that in a few minutes. we'll be back. t-mobile announces zero down for all. now, get the whole family the hottest smartphone brands like samsung galaxy for zero down. plus, get 4 unlimited lines for 40 bucks a month, taxes and fees included. more reasons why t-mobile is america's best unlimited network. you're more than just a bathroom disease. you're a life of unpredictable symptoms. crohn's, you've tried to own us. but now it's our turn to take control with stelara® stelara® works differently for adults with moderately to severely active crohn's disease. studies showed relief and remission, with dosing every 8 weeks. stelara® may lower the ability of your immune system to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. before or during treatment, always tell your doctor if you think you have an infection or have flu-like symptoms or sores, have had cancer, or develop any new skin growths,
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we've been talking about president trump's response in the early morning raid of his home of his campaign chairman paul manafort. surprised to hear about as he was answering questions. he again said the russia investigation is something that never took place, and went on off in general musing about paperwork. take a look. >> now, as far as somebody elsewhere did they file the right paper, or did they forget to file the paper, you know, i guarantee if you went around and looked at everybody that made a speech or whatever these people did, that's up to them. did they do something wrong because they didn't file the right document or whatever? perhaps. you'll have to look at them. but i guarantee this. probably a lot of people in washington did the same thing. >> worth mentioning here already, his son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner and former national security adviser michael flynn are both under scrutiny for failing to disclose or in this case lying on federal disclosure forms. i want to bring back our panel. here's the president commenting on the investigation, giving the benefit of the doubt to his son-in-law and i assume flynn
9:52 pm
and carter page and anyone else. >> right. a lot of white collar crime is filing wrong or false paperwork. the idea if submitting a paper is, by definition not a problem, is simply wrong. i don't think director mueller is going to pay the slightest bit of attention to that little riff about filing paperwork. but i do think it is indicative of his attitude, which is that any criticism of his son-in-law jared kushner, of others is meaningless, politically motivated, and not based on anything important. >> professor turley, when the president said well, a lot of people have problems with their government forms in washington, that accurate? >> well, omissions are common on things like sf-86s, failure to register foreign agents, those tend not to be criminally charged, but it doesn't mean they cannot be. if you have a special counsel who may be trying to get
9:53 pm
leverage over a witness, they will often put pressure on those spots and make it clear that people like paul manafort that you're all alone. and as "game of thrones" would say, winter is coming. so i think that was certainly conveyed in that predawn raid. but obviously these statements are not helpful. i don't think it was helpful for his attorney dowd to criticize the raid on manafort. what they are losing is that crush space between the president and key targets. usually white houses try to increase that space, and they're doing everything they can to eliminate it. >> phil, become to paul manafort for a second. if he's truly in a jam with federal investigators, if they think they've got something on him, the question becomes will he tell them everything he knows about if there was any russian collusion or any links with russia, or would he keep quiet? how do authorities navigate that? >> look, i suspect he's not. why would you conduct a raid if you anticipated he would it el you everything.
9:54 pm
when you look at a situation like this, there are a couple of elements you can build to tell whether he is telling the truth. number one, talking to him. number two, talking to people around him. number three, getting the digital trail, every e-mail, every phone, every time he texted somebody. when we talk about picking up documents out of this raid, anderson that's a 19th, 20th century concept. i suspect they're looking for stuff like laptops. they're looking for information that suggests what his pattern of contacts was with russians, what financial transfers he has. because they're anticipating that he and the people around him are not telling the truth. they're using the digital trail that you and i have to say what happened in june, july? august? if you say you never talked to russians, what does your text messaging say? your financial statements? what do your e-mails say? what do your phone calls say? that's what they're looking for. >> gloria, the president also went out of his way to call paul manafort a decent man. he doesn't in any way appear to be wanting to throw manafort under the bus. >> no.
9:55 pm
>> though he also did say he only worked for him for a short period of time. >> he was clear to point that out. it reminded me in a way of what he said to former fbi director comey about general flynn. you know, he said he's a good guy, right? can you see your way to clearing this, or i forget the direct quote. but if comey is to be believed, the president says he didn't say that. but in the case of paul manafort and general flynn, the president has gone out of his way to kind of support them. and, you know, this is a president for whom loyalty is off a one-way street. ask a lot of the people who have been fired by him. ask jeff sessions about loyalty. he's the president's largest cheerleader and now lives in the woodshed. so i this i it's sort of interesting to me that he would publicly sort of say nice things about manafort. i believe manafort is quite loyal to donald trump and always
9:56 pm
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topping the hour, breaking news after a presidential vacation day the likes of which the world has never seen before. that's presidential language, by the way, and so is what you're about to hear. combative language, words not just of war, but perhaps preemptive war, also a collection of remarkable statements, and blunt language some of it directed to a key presidential ally, or at least someone who is supposed to be a key ally. the bottom line, plenty to talk about after two memorable appearances by the president today. here is a sample. >> the people that were questioning that statement was it too tough, maybe it wasn't tough enough. they've been doing this to our country for a long time, many years. it's about time somebody stuck