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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 16, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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news conference, the president has no regrets. where are you on all of this? >> what donald trump was rip the sheets off and show the american people who he is and what he represents. it's shocking for a lot of people but for those of us who grew up in new york, who followed donald trump, we understand who he is as an individual. he has always used racial stereotypes to benefit himself professionally, politically, and personally, and now he's taken his despicable act to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. it's time for him to stop acting like a two-bit racial hustler and start acting like the president of the united states of america. a real president does not play political footsie with david duke. a real president does not provide aid and comfort to neo-nazis or to lift up this fraudulent ideology of white supremacy that donald trump seems to have a real problem distancing himself from. >> strong words and harsh criticism from you. so, what about gary cohn as sara was just reporting, who has his eye, maybe, even on bigger jobs within the administration, who
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is now officially enraged over this, someone who i should also point out is jewish. >> that's correct. >> standing behind him yesterday. should he leave? >> that's the trouble, african-americans, jews, in particular, in terms of their affiliation with neo-nazis and the kkk, building upon on ideology that led to the holocaust as well as the transatlantic slave trade, everyone has to make their own decisions but i think it's time for my colleagues, republican colleagues in the house and senate, for instance, to put country ahead of party. this is not an issue of republicans versus democrats. this is an issue of right versus wrong. the president is on the wrong side of history. >> congressman, it's easy for you as a democrat to call the president out. but when you look at members of his own party, especially senior leadership, our reporting is saying mitch mcconnell is privately upset but doesn't want to put that out there because of their back and forth over health care. senator mccain is the only one who has called the president out by name.
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do you think that these republicans are afraid of something? >> it appears that they are. some seem to be afraid of the backlash that they may get from a substantial part of the republican base that seems to still be willing to stand behind this president, but there are times that you've got to put the country ahead of your own political aspirations or even your political well being. at this particular moment, my republican colleagues have to step forth and do that. because this is a president who is eroding the credibility of the white house, eroding the credibility of the united states of america. in times like this, he should be bringing us together. instead, he's tearing us apart. >> are you able to put job first. and by that, i mean, after this, is there anything -- we're looking ahead at infrastructure possibly. is there anything you'd be willing to work with the president on. >> not at this moment. he's got no credibility. >> not at this moment. >> i think what we have to do is democrats and republicans have to figure out to govern together in congress. the constitution gives us an
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ability to pass legislation without the president's signature to override him if necessary. it seems to me that we may be at that moment. presidential nullification, so to speak. if he decides to become reasonable all of a sudden, then maybe we can work with him, but there's nothing in his 71-year history that suggests he's going to be reasonable or responsible at the moment. >> let me read you something. this is from dr. ben and candy carson. he's just written this. i'm going to read this for everyone here in total. "regarding all of the racial and political strife emanating from the events in charlottesville last week. several years ago, we bought a farm in rural maryland. one of the neighbors immediately put up a confederate flag. a friend of ours who was african-american, three star general, was coming to visit and immediately turned around, concluding that he was in the wrong place. interestingly, all the other neighbors immediately put up american flags, shaming the other neighbor, who took down the confederate flag. more recently our home in virginia was vandalized by people who also wrote hateful rhetoric about president trump.
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we were out of town but other kind, embarrassed neighbors cleaned up most of the mess before we returned. in both instances, less than kind behavior was met by people taking the high road. we could all learn from these examples. hatred and bigotry, unfortunately, still exist in our country, and we must all continue to fight it. but let's use the right tools." it ends, "by the way, the neighbor who put up that flag subsequently became friendly. that is the likely outcome if we learn to be neighborly and to get to know each other." . >> i understand that dr. carson may feel like he finds himself in a difficult position because he's a member of the trump cabinet but he's not confronting the basic issues. donald trump, essentially, lifted up an argument advanced by neo-nazis, the kkk and others that the confederacy is all about tradition and heritage. what exactly is the tradition and heritage that the confederacy represents? it is
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rape? kidnapping? treason? lynching? jim crow or all of the above? it's a phony argument. and the niceties that ben carson articulated are not going to get us past the legacy of slavery and hate that still exists in some quarters in this country. >> hakeem jeffries, congressman, thank you so much. the worst fire storm president trump has faced in his 200-plus days in office has now deepened. two of his ceo advisory groups now gone, disbanding in the wake of his controversial remarks and the violence in charlottesville. remarks that placed blame on racists and counterprotesters alike with the president appearing to defend the neo-nazis, the kkk and the white supremacists, the heads of both campbell's soup and 3m were the latest to announce the exit from the president's advisory councils. the seventh and eighth executives to do so. shortly after those announcements, the president confirmed this on twitter, that he was disbanding both councils.
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with me now, cnn senior economics analyst steven moore who used to advise the trump campaign and cnn global economic analyst, she is also a global business columnist and associate editor for the financial times. steven, how big of a blow is this for the white house? >> well, i just have to respond to that previous interview, because i found it unbelievably shocking and i want to make sure i get this right, because i don't want to misquote. two-bit racial hustler, the congressman called our president a two-bit racial hustler. what kind of language is that to use by a congressman about a president. you can disagree with what he said, but i think those are pretty emotionally charged words. when it comes to this economic council, you know, look, the ceos have to do what's in the best interest of their companies and follow their own conscience. i had warned the white house that, you know, the first time there was any controversy, that these ceos, who most of them were not for trump in the first
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place, would probably abandon them. i predicted this kind of thing would happen, and so it's not surprising to me that you're seeing a lot of these folks leave this council. in the meetings that i was in, when trump would have these council meetings, by the way, they really, truly were listening, you know, tours where donald trump would sit around the table and listen to these ceos and ask them, you know, what do you need from the federal government, how do you want it to work better, how can we in the federal government help you create jobs. that's what it was all about and it's a shame that this council now has to be, i believe, blook brooke, it's being disbanded. >> brooke, i got to jump in here and say i spoke to many people this morning in the c suite and the reports that i got were that many of these meetings didn't go well at all and there have been concerns even since the paris accord, frankly, amongst a lot of these ceos, a lot of internal hand-wringing about whether they should be involved with the white house or not. they told me the meetings had not been going well. the proper officials from various federal departments
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weren't even in attendance and i think this really marks a tipping point and i think this is a huge deal for the trump administration and the white house if you think about it, brooke, for starters, the strategic committee had already decided to disband before president trump tweeted that this morning, following a conference call that was led by steve schwartzman, the ceo of black stone. when you think about the business community losing faith in the white house and also labor, you know, richard, the head of the afl cio has already resigned. that's the business community and working class white men and i think this is a real blow for the white house. >> well, but wait a minute. you just -- hold on. i just want to respond to that. you said that a lot of these ceos basically decided they didn't want to be part of this when trump pulled out of -- >> there had been hand-wringing since the paris accord. >> let me make a point about this. a lot of these ceos, basically said they didn't want to be a part of this because trump wanted to drop out of the paris accord but guess what? trump said he was going to do
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that during the campaign so if they didn't want to be part of a council with somebody who was going to pull us out of the paris accord, then why did they join the council in the first place? >> theyed joined for two reasons because they believed that you should join a council when your president asks you to but also later on because they wanted to keep some adults until the room around important policy conversations. >> when he did what he said he was going to do -- when he said he was going to do what he was going to do, then why did they, oh, i'm so outraged by this. they knew his positions when they took these positions. now, look -- >> many of these folks have been trying to influence the president and the white house around things like the skills agenda, around infrastructure, now i'm not saying that many of them possibly shouldn't have taken a stand and stood down earlier but i think let's not fool ourselves. the entire business community has been worried about the trump agenda for some time, and this -- the disaster that is his handling of charlottesville is just the apex of that. >> okay, but let me make a
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point. what is business really, you know, mostly concerned about? what are ceos concerned about? a healthy economy. has any president in the first six months delivered a healthier economy than donald trump. >> don't even get me started on this. >> you're seeing a pick-up in optimism, a pick-up in employment. i made this point yesterday on cnn, it's worth repeating, that for all the talk about how donald trump is -- has an anti-black agenda, this is a president who's created black jobs just in the first six months in office at twice the pace that barack obama did. >> god bless you but we've been through this before. donald trump does not deserve credit for anything good that has happened in the american economy in the last six months. >> exactly, how should he get credit, he was there. >> don't go there again. >> okay. >> the stock market didn't go through the roof the day after -- oh, actually, it did. >> the interest rates are low and companies do share buybacks. >> it's barack obama's economy, right? >> i'm just sitting here and listening to the widow of ytwo
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back and forth. clearly different views. >> brooke, this is my point, though. i mean, people -- this absurd argument that trump doesn't deserve the credit for the -- >> i don't think that's the conversation. honestly, let's leave that. we've had that conversation. >> people can't even give credit for -- to trump for the things that have gone right so there's this -- a lot of this is just against trump's agenda. >> you're on the wrong side of this, steven. >> let's move past this. the president now is in this position where he's the one ending these councils, but that's not entirely factual. he had no choice. he had no choice. so why spin it that way? >> well, look, i don't remember exactly how many people were on the -- i mean, this was a pretty big council. he has four or five of these business councils. when people start dropping off the council, it's probably a pretty good idea to fold it up. but look, he has a number -- i think there are six or seven of these business industry councils that he's put together to seek advice from the business leaders of the country, and by the way -- >> but he called them
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grandstanders, steven. he called them grandstanders in the tweet yesterday and essentially said, we can just replace th just closing down th councils. >> i hope he does replace them because i think it is important for donald trump to get good advice. >> i'll be curious to see who wants to serve. i think the business community has lost faith in this president. he hasn't accomplished any of his agenda and he hasn't shown the kind of leadership that a president should. that's what i'm hearing from all the ceos that i talk to. >> but it's ridiculous to say he hasn't accomplished any of his agenda. he's only been in office for six months and we've already seen the u.s. gdp go from 1.5% and declining under obama to 2.6% and rising under trump. >> nothing to do with him, steven, and you know that's true. >> right, it doesn't have anything to do with his policies, right. >> okay, stevend rana, it's just wednesday. it's just wednesday. thank you. both of you. coming up next, some shocking video from inside the
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white supremacist rally in charlottesville seems to prove the opposite of what the president was saying, that there were some fine people in the crowd. you see the video. you judge for yourself. also the vice president says he is standing by president trump and then promptly cancels two events in virginia this weekend. we'll debate what's happening in the inner circle of the president. you do all this research
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these make cleaning between myi love gum brand for healthy gums. soft picks, proxabrush cleaners, flossers. gum brand. we've had a tough weekend in charlotte and i know you've all been following that. i want to thank the state and local people and the federal people that worked so hard since those tragic events there. we cannot, and in no way can we
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accept or apologize for racism, bigotry, hatred, violence, and those kind of things that too often arise in our country. >> that was the attorney general there. obviously, he said charlotte. i'm assuming he meant charlottesville. weighing in on what happened in the wake of this weekend. the president massively criticized once again for blaming both sides for the violence that ultimately killed this young woman, heather heyer, in charlottesville. >> you also had people that were very fine people on both sides. you had people in that group -- excuse me. excuse me. i saw the same pictures as you did. >> so while the president claims he saw the pictures from the ground, his critics are pointing to a shocking documentary from vice news and asking how he could ever find an equivalency between the two sides after seeing this.
12:19 pm
>> jews will not replace us. jews will not replace us. white lives matter. >> those are the pictures. meantime, the president insists some very fine people, to quote him, parmted in tticipated in t but it is tough to imagine how a fine person could happily march in a protest that is spurred by the rally cries of this man, well-known white supremacist leader chris cantwell. >> carrying a pistol, i go to the gym all the time. i'm trying to make myself more capable of violence. i came pretty well prepared for this thing today. cal tech pta 3, glock 19, 9
12:20 pm
millimeter. lc 9, also 9-millimeter, and there's a knife. i actually have another ak in that bag over there. >> president trump's own family under attack by the very people who say a perfect president would be a more racist trump. >> i'm here to spread ideas, talk in the hopes that somebody more capable will come along and do that, somebody like donald trump who does not give his daughter to a jew. i don't think that you could feel about race the way i do and watch that kushner bastard walk around with that beautiful girl, okay? >> you had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of, to them, a very, very important statue, and that renaming of a park from robert e. lee to another name. >> oh my god!
12:21 pm
>> i say it's going to be really tough to top, but we're up to the challenge. >> why? tough to top? i mean, someone died. >> i think that a lot more people are going to die before we're done here, frankly. >> were people running up the streets, screaming and crying. there's many people on the side injured too. it's a really horrific sound. >> that's disgusting. it's disgusting. with me now, i have zerlina max well, director of progressive programming, cnn political commentator doug hy, former spokesperson for the republican national committee and derek green, city councilman at large for the city of philadelphia and a graduate of the university of virginia in charlottesville. watching that, someone sent me
12:22 pm
that vice video, first thing this morning, i saw it. it still -- it makes you ill. how do you feel about that? how do you feel about what we heard from the president and the fact that he has no regrets today? >> i'm really sad. this is a sad moment for the country, and i think not surprising, though, because donald trump essentially stoked a lot of this vitriol and hatred. he normalized racism. he made it okay to come outside in public and to proudly say, blood and soil, and to call for the extermination of jews and people of color. and so we have to be really clear that the president did yesterday is take the side of neo-nazis and the ku klux klan, which is anti-american, it's unacceptable, and i think that republicans in this moment have a -- this is a really big moral test for them to say donald trump's name, not just call out white supremacy and racism.
12:23 pm
that's the easy lay-up, which donald trump missed, but also say that what donald trump said is unacceptable. >> doug, to you. you wanted to get on, i understand, because you e-mailed the white house and said, stop sending me your talking points. >> yeah. you know, in an alternative universe, brooke, i'd be disagreeing with everything that zerlina said and telling you exactly why she's wrong. the reality is i agree with a lot of what she said and it makes me sad not just as a republican but as an american. as a republican, somebody who really cares about the party and the policies that it prescribes, it's not just what president trump said, as awful as that was. i look at the comments that were made about barack and michelle obama time and time again. maybe it wasn't to the level of the president but if it's a state party treasurer or a congressional staffer or a member of congress making a stupid joke about kenya, it makes people think that racism is endemic to the republican party, so if i'm talking to
12:24 pm
friends of mine who are african-american or hispanic or gay andle lesbian, they ask me y i should support the republican party, i can't answer them about policy. >> on the republican party, here's the point on a lot of these, you know, members of senior leadership. they are denouncing racism, which, frankly, is easy to do. it's a political lay-up, as zerlina just said. the only one who's actually called out the president is john mccain, who said there is no moral equivalency between racists and americans standing up to defy hate and bigotry. the president of the united states should say so. derek, do you think they should? do you think they need to go that far? >> absolutely, brooke, and first and foremost, our thoughts and prayers go out to the heyer family who was funeralized today as well as to lieutenant cullen and trooper bates who were also
12:25 pm
lost in this tragic event. i commend doug for making a statement as well as senator mccain. more republican leaders need to state the facts, what donald trump said was repugnant to the presidency, to our country, and we need more republican leaders to do that, and it's a shame. as a graduate of the university of virginia, i'm really pained by what happened at my campus, at charlottesville. and the fact you would have a uva graduate, richard spencer, do this type of event at the university of virginia where we all took an honor pledge is really repugnant and deplorable. and we need to make sure that we call out racism and neo-naziism and white supremacy for what it is and i wish more republican leaders would do what doug just did and call out the president for his statements and bara backtracking. >> we heard the man in the video talking about -- he said something like, watch that kushner bastard walk around with that beautiful girl, being the president's daughter, who is
12:26 pm
jewish. >> yes. >> as is the son-in-law, as is gary cohn and steve mnuchin, two men high up in the administration who stood behind the president yesterday. do you -- what do you think they need to do to send a message to the president? >> resign. >> resign. >> yes. i think that the fact that we're even at 3:00 in the afternoon, the following day, after what we saw yesterday, nearly 24 hours later and no one has resigned, condemning it, saying that you are uncomfortable or saying that the president went rogue is not enough in this moment. you have to take a stand against this. this is going to get worse. this, what we saw in charlottesville, is just the tipping point because now racists have been emboldened by this president. david duke said thank you for what you said, mr. president. >> we have seen the response. >> so now it's a moment in which if you are opposed to the klan, you need to say so and you have to do more than just condemn it with words. you need to get up and walk out of the white house. >> doug, do you agree? should gary cohn walk out of the white house? >> i don't know, to be honest
12:27 pm
with you. these are troubling times within the white house. i think there are a lot of good smart people at the white house and we need people at the white house and other agencies and departments to make sure that we can get donald trump the best advice that he can. he's obviously not following it. but i don't know, just looking in my own heart, if i think everybody resigning en masse, while it's a grand statement, i don't know if that's the best thing for the country right now. >> derek, do you agree? these people resigning, trump would -- we don't know who the president would replace them with. >> well, i disagree. i was taught at a very young age that actions speak louder than words. and we've had a lot of words from the president. we've had, you know, congressman ryan and others make statements but not really condemning the president, so we need action. we need members -- >> from whom? >> from the members of the cabinet, from dr. ben carson, elaine chao, jared kushner, the fact that jared kushner, who is a man of jewish faith and this white nationalist made those horrific statements about jared
12:28 pm
kushner and about -- >> what's jared kushner supposed to do? he married the president's daughter. >> absolutely. but he should take some action. just like in the earlier segment that you played, you had a family call out their son for becoming a neo-nazi. we need to take action and we cannot sit in situations where people whisper behind closed doors or talk about the things they say is negative but won't say it publicly or take the next step in taking action. >> i appreciate the conversation. we're going to leave it. derek and doug and zerlina, thank you. thank you very much. still ahead here, we remember the young woman, heather heyer. say her name. heather heyer, who lost her life in charlottesville, standing up to racism and hate. >> heather, when my children ask me who i admire most, i will tell them you, my baby cousin, who was larger than life and too good for this world. you are in a better place now where there is no pain, no
12:29 pm
sadness, no hunger, and no hate. you might not be with us anymore, but you will always be in our hearts. >> hear the powerful message from heather heyer's mother and father when the crowd today on the downtown mall in charlottesville gathered to celebrate heather's life.
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we're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. the breaking news, cnn reports president trump has no regrets about his new remarks on race that have frankly put his
12:32 pm
presidency in a deep crisis. with me now to talk about this historic evolution, jillian schmidt, associate professor of religious studies at the university of virginia in charlottesville. she's also a local social justice activist, so professor, thank you so much for your time. >> thanks, brooke. >> so, let's go back. the day before the protest, it was friday night, you were stuck inside a church watching, live tweeting about the protests, the alt-right protests near the statue of general robert e. lee. tell me about that evening. >> yes, well, actually, the torch rally was just across the street from the church. the torch rally was around the statue of thomas jefferson on the campus of the university of virginia. i, and several hundred others, were in st. paul episcopal church on the uva corner. we were just concluding our mass prayer service when we were warned by the pastors that the alt-right had gathered outside
12:33 pm
and we needed to stay put. so, people were very alarmed. felt very threatened. we didn't know at that time that there were students there that were being assaulted by the alt-right around the statue. but we were trapped inside for our own safety. >> and you still feel -- i mean, you're still worried about your own safety, is that correct to say? >> yes. i was advised to stay in a safe house this past weekend, and i had security with me 24 hours. >> my goodness. >> i've been having to avoid certain figures and, you know, getting hate in the e-mail inbox and flyers under my windshield wiper and this sort of thing. >> back in june, there was a kkk rally in charlottesville, actually, boyd tinsley was telling us this had happened over the summer. and you wrote about this. >> it was july 8. >> forgive me. july. you wrote about the lessons of that experience. you said that america's house is
12:34 pm
on fire. what do you mean by that? >> yes. so, what i meant when i said that america's house was on fire was that there was this encroachment of smoke and flames, and that too many people have been ignoring it for too long, but that people of color, muslims, immigrants, lgbtq folks, other marginalized communities have been having to flee the fire or go for cover for a long time now. we are calling upon all people of goodwill to stand up with us and to reject these messages of hatred, and we're trying to sound the alarm. this is not a drill is what i was saying. the house is on fire. >> well, the word from the white house is that despite your saying the house is on fire, the president has no regrets today. >> yes, this has been distressing to many of us who are traumatized in
12:35 pm
charlottesville and indeed many vulnerable people around the country who have suffered assaults in the last 18 months with the rise of the trump campaign and subsequent presidency. this is part of a general pattern of minimizing and denying the power of white supremacy and how much it threatens vulnerable communities. >> professor, just last question. do you have any hope moving forward? >> my hope is that what i saw in charlottesville, which was a mass mobilization of many members of the community from students to clergy members to business owners, many different sectors of the community banded together. it was a great show of solidarity to reject this. i wish that the officials of the university of virginia and the town had been more attentive and that the police would have intervened in many of the assaults that took place. but what i saw from kind of rank and file civilians gave me a lot
12:36 pm
of -- heartened me and i think it's an example to the entire country of what can happen when we join together. >> jalane schmidt there in charlottesville, thank you so much. coming up next, a crisis of conscience for evangelical leaders who supported president trump. will they take a stand against him now? and what is former president obama thinking? we'll talk to his former faith adviser coming up. it's ok that everybody ignoit's fine.n i drive. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about!
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while many republicans have spoken to condemn nazis and white supremacists, very few have actually taken a step further and actually called out president trump by name. florida senator marco rubio is one of the few tweeting out, mr. president, you can't allow white supremacists to share only part of the blame. he then went on to quote scripture, posting this passage from proverbs, tweeting, "the violent deceive their neighbors and lead them into a way that is not good." with me now, pastor joshua
12:41 pm
dubois, former religious affairs director in the obama white house. sir, it is always nice to have you on. how are you. >> great to be with you. thanks for having me. >> so i realize you probably don't have president obama on speed dial. that said, you know, where do you think, just knowing him, where do you think his head is or the former first lady in all of this? >> listen, i can't speak for the former president or former first lady, michelle obama, but i can say that they have shown us an example of what moral leadership looks like. you know, after the massacre at mother emanuel in charleston, president obama could have shied away. he could have avoided the big issues of race and hate in american history that were provoked, but instead, he went down to charleston, and, you know, i was there in the audience, sitting behind the families as he gave that speech about american history and "amazing grace" standing just a few feet above the coffin of the reverend. this is a president, our former
12:42 pm
president, who has led in a moral way, and engaged the tough moral issues of this time. but unfortunately, in the memorial service that we had just recently after charleston, president trump wasn't there, and the reason he wasn't there is because he did not lead in a moral way. he did not draw a clear moral line, and i think that's a shame. >> i just want to share with everyone, on president obama, he hasn't said anything today, specifically, we know bush 41 and 43 have. but he did tweet this whole massive nelson mandela quote. everyone can see a piece of it. and you know, this is apparently now the number one liked tweet ever. that said, joshua -- wow. just last month, the picture circulated on twitter of faith leaders laying hands on the president in prayer with the caption, such an honor to pray within the oval office for the president of the united states and the vice president. my question is, you know, you have these evangelical leaders here in this country who have these, you know, very important voices, who have supported,
12:43 pm
endorsed the president. what do they say to him now? >> well, we need them to show moral courage, and you know, it's a shame when the president's now former manufacturing and business advisers are showing more morality and moral courage than the president's faith advisers. we did see them -- some of them write a letter, you know, speaking against racism and white supremacy, but have they directly confronted this president and made it clear that his actions, his normalization of naziism and white supremacy are wrong? i have not seen them do that. and so, at minimum, they should catch up to the manufacturing advisers. but we really need them to speak with a clear voice and make it clear that, you know, particularly in an evangelical community that sanctioned slavery and jim crow and so forth that this is a new day in american evangelicalism. >> lastly, joshua, you are a father. i don't know how old they are, but -- >> i have a -- my son will turn
12:44 pm
two next week, actually. so we're in party planning mode right now. >> it's not like you would have had a conversation with a 2-year-old about what's happening. i keep thinking about parents in this country and conversations they're having for little ones but we'll save that conversation for when he or she gets a little bit bigger. joshua dubois, always a pleasure. coming up next, baltimore becomes the latest city to talk down confederate statues in the wake to the deadly charlottesville rally. legendry journalist carl bernstein joins me live to discuss where we go from here as a nation and whether president trump can come back. how does he come back from this crisis? what powers the digital. communication. that's why a cutting edge university counts on centurylink to keep their global campus connected. and why a pro football team chose us to deliver fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans. and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep their dealer network streamlined and nimble. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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just in to us here at cnn, despite a threat from president trump, white house spokesman says the subsidies will be made. let's go to manu raju in washington with more. what's the deal. >> reporter: that's right. in fact, the white house has been threatening that they would not actually make these payments to insurers in order to defray those costs that the insurers incur and to subsidize health coverage. what the trump administration is saying is that they will move forward with their august payments. now the one reason why, brooke, they're moving forward thin thi is because of a new analysis from the congressional budget office suggesting that by ending these payments would dramaticicsly lead to an increase in premiums, up to 20% increase in premiums. now also, at the same time, doing so could potentially increase the budget deficit as well as that it could lead to fewer people having coverage. now, the reason why the white
12:50 pm
house had been threatening not moving forward with these payments is because we heard president trump say time and again that he wants obamacare one way to do that is not allow payments to go forward. not allowing payments to go forward it could up end the individual insurance market, create chaos in the system. right now the white house is saying they'll move forward. it will still add pressure, brooke, on republicans and democrats in the senate to come up with a deal as soon as next month to try to fix this on-going problem, they cannot repeal obamacare but fix elements in the individual insurance market. the white house is saying they're moving forward with payments to prevent any further turmoil that we've seen from insurers pulling out of various states. >> manu raju in washington. thank you. let's go to the story in charlottesville, virginia. i have two analysts, paul bernstein, and joshua green,
12:51 pm
guys, good to see you both. carl bernstein to you. you say the president is in free fall. how do you mean? >> he may be in free fall, the question is whether he has any parachutes left and if he does, can he land anywhere soft enough beyond his base because right now the issue is before the country as it never has been in the congress, especially among republicans, in the military, in the intelligence community where large numbers of leaders believe he is not fit to be the president of the united states. and this is happening at the same time that he is under investigation by a special prosecutor who is closing in on him and his family, so it is a dangerous moment in american history, i've never seen such a moment really of peril in terms of the presidency, including in watergate. we don't know how trump reacts to things. not well and not usually with an idea of what's good for the whole country. and what we are seeing for the first time is that members of
12:52 pm
congress who are republicans are saying to each other he is unfit and we have to do something about it. >> but that's the thing. they're saying it to each other. is not majority leader told man u, didn't tell manu, told a source that mitch mcconnell is privately upset over how the president is handling this. >> it is more than upset. >> should he do more? >> i can't tell those guys what to do. >> i know you can't, but should they? >> at the same time they know that they're on shaky moral ground with this president and they're abandoning him. the question is how are they going to abandon him. they understand the constituencies they need beyond donald trump's base are coming together in a consensus that this president is not fit to be the president of the united states. not ethically, not morally, and not in terms of being able to lead the country in a way that
12:53 pm
unites it and defends the constitution, the people, and the defense of the united states itself. this is a crisis and it is being recognized and military leaders are particularly aware, talking to each other about it. there's not going to be a coup, but the idea that, let's say it strongly, nobody is having a coup, this is not about a deep state, this is about a consensus developing that the president of the united states is unfit. we've never been here, it's different than nixon and it's dangerous. >> josh green, what about his inner circle, you know, these are neo-nazis we are talking about, we know that gary cohn -- latest report is he is enraged and embarrassed, this has been devastating. does he resign? should he resign? >> that's a decision that he has to make. until these things are said
12:54 pm
publicly, until senior officials come out and say this or resign on principle which people have done in the past, people did in watergate, i don't think it counts. leaking to reporters that you're unhappy is a pretty gutless way of expressing your opinion on something as serious as this. i think the decision that people like that have to make is at what point does this become untenable. at what point is my own reputation so tarnished by my association to trump and what he's saying that i feel that i need to leave. >> talking to doug a second ago, proud republican saying i don't know if i want gary cohns of the world to resign, who does that leave us with. who would the president replace them with. >> the real thing is donald trump is president of the united states, he has been governing the country and white house in his own image and the way he wants to and it doesn't much matter who's there. he is not capable of being restrained as we can see, he is not capable of taking
12:55 pm
constructive advice, and he is who he is and always has been. i think that's one of the things that's evolving in this consensus, that he was perhaps able through some very smart campaigning and recognizing things about the conditions of our country that hillary clinton did not. he is the legitimate president of the united states. but that does not protect him when he says things like he's now said to reveal who he really is, and now those who had backed him who are not his base have to do something about it, and i think they're coming to a realization of that. remember, this is different than watergate, the watergate, we had a criminal president of the united states. this goes beyond criminality. what is evolving in this consensus is a view that the president is not competent, that he is not ethical, that he is not capable of being the president. this is a very different, dangerous situation, and believe
12:56 pm
me this discussion that we are talking about is taking place. how rapidly it will evolve in terms of people publicly stating the things they're saying to us, and this is a real challenge for journalists because we in the journalististic community ought to be going to military leaders and congressional republicans, to business leaders. >> we are. >> and saying on background, not saying it for the record, trying to get them to say it for the record. look, i could be wrong. maybe it is not as pervasive as my reporting would indicate, but i trust my reporting and i think what we need to be doing as reporters is asking the people we cover what is going on here, what are you prepared to do. what do you think is happening. is this man fit to be the president of the united states as you are saying in private he is not. >> two other points here. one is the business community interestingly did stand up and rebuke the president, take steps, gary cohn and steve man
12:57 pm
uchian haven't, but trump's appeal, political appeal beyond just his base of hardcore nationalists was to independents and democrats who believed this is a business guy who can run the government, create jobs, the symbolism of these two councils disbanding in disgust at trump's failure to call out white supremacy is a moral blow to trump, a business guy that can run the country in the way politicians cannot. >> >> 30 seconds left. let me ask you, josh, on jared and ivanka, another massive blowup where they're mia. >> they're on vacation. you can look at a couple of critical points. one i cover in the book when manafort blew up. they were yauting with david geffen in croatia at the time. they often seem to be missing and on vacation during critical
12:58 pm
moments and you wonder if they were here, present, able to exert a little influence if things might not have gotten quite as out of control as yesterday. >> ivanka trump and jared kushner have communicated with the president. period. we have to go. thank you both so much. coming up next, talked about the business advisory recouncil, the president disbanded both councils today. jake tapper is taking over from washington momentarily. stay with cnn. on our rooms by booking direct on hey! badda book. badda boom! mr. badda book. badda boom! book now at
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