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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  August 19, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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there were a few tense scenes as police attempted to push back protesters. some of them there for a free speech rally. others there to counter them. take a look. >> unite and fight the right. unite, unite and fight the right! >> now this was earlier in boston wave after wave of people rejecting extremism, embracing unity, determined to stand up to hate after last weekend's deadly violence in virginia. cnn correspondents are in boston right now. sarah, there were fears obviously that this was going to be a repeat of last weekend in charlottesville, virginia, but it certainly was not. tell us what you've been witnessing and hearing on the ground. >> reporter: we have seen thousands of people and i'm talking a very diverse crowd. a lot of those marching along chanting black lives matter were caucasian.
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they were white folk in here. i'll give you a look at the crowd that was here. this was one of the groups that organized the march against racism, against anti-semitism and certainly a lot of people in boston showed up for it. for most of the day now the group has come out, they've been talking to the crowds, preaching to the crowds, talking about a lot of different issues here in boston. if you look at the numbers of people who showed up, pretty incredible numbers in the thousands no doubt. we saw a couple of incidents where people were running and police were coming forward with their riot gear, but for the most part this has been a peaceful rally especially when you consider the numbers of people who showed up here. we did notice at one point that there was someone from the so-called free speech rally, a group of people and the reason why people were so upset about that rally in particular is
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because one of the people listed initially to speak in that rally had also spoken in charlottesville and they spoken during that white supremacist rally so they're definitely once the sense that it was a dog whistle, these free speech folks coming out so people sounded saying we're against the free speech rally. they were worried they were going to be swug hate. we notice that someone came up from that rally, they engaged with protesters and what you heard from the black lives matter protesters is that they wanted people not to engage. they started chanting, do not engage and we saw that they calmed down the crowd where a few of them ran after the person who was engaging with them. police took him away. you did have some people running after him saying get out, we don't want you here. this has been a peaceful rally here in boston, a relevantly against anti-semitism and a rally against hate. >> i know that police have taken a lot of precautions going into
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this rally. they did not want a repeat of what happened in charlottesville. what can you tell us? what are you seeing? >> reporter: i tell you what, ana we're basically in the same park, different crowd but same message here as what you just heard from sarah. what we see here, these massive crowd here that's basically standing in the northern side of the park, what you see are some police officers that are just blocking off the exit to the park, the concern there is some of these scattered demonstrators may try to make their way on to the street so they're keeping this peaceful, very passionate group of demonstrators. there was a tense moment earlier that we witnessed in which about nine people were detained these were counterdemonstrators. they got too close to some of these free speech demonstrators that were being -- removed by police officers. they had to be removed in a police transport vehicle for their own safety. they were expected to be here for about two hours.
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they did have to cut that short eventually and made their way out of the park after only about an hour here of the demonstration so the people that remain now are these counterdemonstrators and at this point peaceful, few tense moments whenever those counterdemonstrators got too close to the other group. the other group at this point -- they continue to get louder. >> this was supposed to start winding down at 2:00. are there any signs of these groups breaking up or are they still going strong? >> reporter: the crowd has thinned out. it does continue to go strong at this point we could potentially see this for another hour or so. at this point the free speech rally that started this off that did end at 2:00 which was what was previously scheduled to take place. >> got you. polo sandoval and sarah sidener are our eyes and ears on the ground in boston as that rally continues. from boston to the growing fallout all across the country from what happened last weekend
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in virginia and a growing number of president trump's supporters and advisors are now backing away from him after his comments, blaming both sides for the violence in charlottesville. the president's business councils, they were shut down after dozens of ceos resigned in protest that infrastructure council, president trump mentioned on tuesday, that didn't even get off the ground. the president's mar-a-lago resort, 16 charities and organizations have now cancelled events that were planned there and then there are the growing number of republicans who have called out the president by name over his response. now president trump's comments have also reignited simmering racial tensions and really reopened old wounds in this country. washington post columnist is joining us. we also have with us scott jennings whose getting seated there. he'll be joining us as well. i want to start with you tan xenia, hate groups, white supremacists they've come out cheering the president's
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comments that he made, his reaction to the violence in charlottesville. what does that do to the state of race relations in this country? >> it doesn't help. one of the things we've seen is racism is bad for business, racism is bad for our government, racism is bad for our country but it's something that this country is essentially founded on when we look at the legacy of slavery in the united states and so, this is opening up wounds that have been festering for quite some time and it's bringing like i said earlier ripping the band-aid off of race relations and the things that we as a country will have to reckon with. it's something that particularly white americans have assumed was in the past, that these weren't issues that were cropping up. a nazi white supremacist rally and we've did. we've lost a life in that process. this is opening us and forcing us to define as americans who are we as a country and where do we stand. >> is it such a bad thing that we're now talking, that it has
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exposed these wounds? >> i think it's long time coming to be honest with you. it's a horrible thing that we have to grapple with, but the fact that this is now out on the table, communities of color, marginalized communities have been calling this out for quite some time and not being believed or really being heard and so i think we are being forced to do this, is that a good thing, let's hope. >> i want to bring in scott jennings, former special assistant to george w. bush. let me read you an fbi memo that was obtained by foreign policy magazine. white supremacists killed 49 people in separate attacks from 2000 to 2014, that was more than any other extremist group in the u.s. attacks from white supremacist groups would be mostly spontaneous and involve targets of opportunity which we saw exactly happen in charlottesville. scott, do you think republicans have a greater responsibility of
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holding the president accountable for his words that some have called dangerous? >> i think republicans control the federal government right now so they have a responsibility to reassure the public that we have a handle on these white supremacist groups. we've seen a lot of local news clippings over the past few days especially in places that are having debates about confederate monuments where white supremacist are saying we're going to have a rally. where i am in kentucky today, one white supremacist said, we're going to have a rally and it doesn't have to be like charlottesville, but it could be. you don't want those instances to become violent so the trump administration is in charge and republicans are in charge in washington right now, they absolutely have to reassure the public that our homeland security apparatus has a handle on these situations. i was pleased, frankly, today very little or no violence occurred it inn boston. that was a great thing for this situation. >> david, in your washington
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postop ed you argued donald trump doesn't want to be president. you point to charlottesville as proof and you write this, rather than speak for the nation the preside president's, job, he spoke for trump rather than applied shared value he apportions blame. as you argue that the president should just quit, how does that solve the problem? >> well, it doesn't solve the problem that you started the segment with which is the long and difficult history of race relations in the united states, that's been a struggle from the beginning that the country is dealt with. it's been an aspiration to have all people created and treated equally but an aspiration that we've also fallen short of. what would be solved is that we presumably would have a person in the oval office who took the responsibilities of the
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presidency seriously. what we've seen this past week is that mr. trump, president trump, doesn't really want to do the job. it's more important to him this past week to try to win some arcane argument as if he's sitting in a bar at closing time rather than do the job of a president which is to bring us together, to remind us of our shared values, to calm difficult situations rather than stir them up and that's the job. i'm not positive when he ran a year ago that he really expected to win. he's not a man whose spent a long time absorbing the history of the united states. so i'm not sure he really knew what the job was. now he does and he doesn't seem to want to do it. >> he has said that jobs are the key to solving america's race problem. let's listen to what he said in that news conference on tuesday. >> what people want now they want jobs. they want great jobs with good
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pay and when they have that, you watch how race relations will be. >> will jobs solve racism? >> we heard this comment and i thought what data could i start to pull that's going to prove this. this is squarely within the issues i look at. let's take a look back at the 1990s. at the same time that that was happening and i will say that we have seen an increase in black americans overall income and wealth and education across the years but we aren't seeing, in the 1990s there was a wage growth and people had jobs but there was also the era of mass incarceration. that was the area of the war on drugs. so while we saw increases in income and wages for black americans, we also saw a huge percentage of that population being incarcerated and caught up in these unfair drug policies. so we need to look at these things in context.
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let's fast-forward today, jobs and wages for black americans versus white americans and what we're finding is, even when you have the same experience, the same education, if you're black you're probably going to be paid less than your white counter parts. when we talk about jobs, what are we talking about? good paying jobs, equal paying jobs? >> it doesn't sound like there's equity right now. that's another area of progress we need. the white house says president trump and the first lady we're now learning are not going to attend the kennedy center honors in december because they didn't want to create political distraction. among the honorees this year, norman leer, are saying they were going to boycott if the president was going to be here. it remains a deservingly special moment for these honorees. the fact that the president is being pulled out what does that tell you? >> this president has rough
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relationship with hollywood. that's not new. that's been going on since the campaign. i suspect it's going to continue. some of these hollywood folks are opposed to his priorities, to him personally and they're exercising that right now. so i'm not surprised that they're taking that posture and frankly i think maybe the president made the right move to go ahead and announce that he's not going to go so this doesn't turn into a larger inspectle when it doesn't have to be. >> i want to show everybody the magazine covers this week that make powerful statements. several prominent magazines depicting the president associated with nazis, with kkk symbols. this is time," the new york"the" what does that say? >> the president had an opportunity to make a clear statement right after charlottesville about what had happened and what it did or did not say about the united states
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and he missed the chance, then he came out the next day and he attempted to resolve that with a statement that he didn't really seem to have his heart in, then the next day when he was supposed to be talking about infrastructure and jobs, he decided instead to have a bit of a tantrum about how he had -- he was really right all along and the rest of the world was wrong. the moment that we're at is that this is a real danger. hate groups have endangered human populations from the dawn of time, mass hatred is the most dangerous movement in the world in history and we need to denounce it when we see it. it was a failure by the president, he still has a chance, i suppose, to get on the right side of this issue, but he
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needs to take his job seriously. >> we'll leave it there. everybody thank you. we appreciate it. one week after those violent and deadly protests in charlottesville, hundreds gathered in virginia today to honor virginia state trooper. they were killed last saturday when their helicopter crashed while they were patrolling the clashes between white nationalists and the counterprotesters in charlottesville. virginia governor was at the service today and he gave an emotional eulogy for the man who had flown him and his family for the past three years. >> today we lost a member of our family. dorothy and i are heartbroken. it will never be the same when i step into that helicopter and not see jay in that front right seat with cullen on the back of his helmet. >> trooper cullen was just 48 years old. he was married with two sons.
12:16 pm
governor mccall love also spoke yesterday for trooper birk bates. he leaves behind a wife and twins. coming up, confederate statues and monuments across america are being defaced and vandalized as the president weighs in on a debate getting even more intense. >> so, this week's robert e. lee. stonewall jackson is coming down. is it george washington next week? and is it thomas jefferson the week after? you really do have to ask yourself where does it stop.
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or if you're allergic to insulin. get medical help right away if you have a serious allergic reaction such as body rash or trouble breathing. don't reuse needles or share insulin pens. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which can be life threatening. it may cause shaking, sweating, fast heartbeat, and blurred vision. check your blood sugar levels daily. injection site reactions may occur. don't change your dose of insulin without talking to your doctor. tell your doctor about all your medicines and medical conditions. check insulin label each time you inject. taking tzds with insulins, like toujeo®, may cause heart failure that can lead to death. find your rhythm and keep on grooving. ♪ let's groove tonight. ask your doctor about toujeo®. ♪ share the spice of life. welcome back. the debate over the removal of confederate monuments is growing increasingly ugly and criminal. vandals have struck a number of
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memorials across the country in just this morning, in fact. duke university made the decision to remove a statue of general robert echt lee that had been defaced while the fight is nothing new it has been given new life in the wake of the deadly violence in charlottesville. >> reporter: it's not just in the south. this week across america symbols and monuments to the confederacy were either taken down or vandalized sparking the fight over several hundred confederate monuments and symbols and brooklyn, new york, grounds keepers outside the st. louis johns's church removed two flakz. they were expected to be relocated to a church museum. reactions were mix. >> because of this man, 300,000 americans were killed. >> at some point you got to move on and you can't do stuff like this. this is crazy. >> reporter: earlier in the week, in durham, north carolina,
12:22 pm
demonstrators toppled the statue of a confederate soldier. seven protesters were arrested. out west in arizona, state and local officials woke up thursday to an extensively damaged confederate monument along the jefferson davis memorial highway. >> that's my family there. >> reporter: people like david mcallister are trying to protect monuments like this one. he leads the group called save southern heritage. mayor mitch landreau thinks those who support them endorse oppression. >> these monuments celebrate a confederacy ignoring the death and the enslavement and ignoring the terror that it actually stood for. >> reporter: last week's deadly violence in charlottesville, virginia, magnified the issue again and in the wake of it all, the president's comments seem to only widen the gap between opposing sides.
12:23 pm
>> is it george washington next week? and is it thomas jefferson the week after? you really do have to ask yourself where does it stop. so let's bring in douglas brinkley for a more in-depth conversation on all this. these monuments they will always be a part of american heritage but as a historian what do you think is a accomplished by taking them down? >> well, nothing's accomplished by taking them down illegally like what happened in durham and you're seeing all these people getting arrested for vandalism and defacing the monuments. don't do that. however, we've hit a point in the 21st century where we have to do some deconfederatization. they did it after world war ii and germany the denazi movement to get rid of swastikas and the like. we've seen confederate flags going down after charlottesville. the right way to do it was with
12:24 pm
duke university did. they did it in a way that was calm and appropriate and it's gone now. the showdown as i see it however on this issue, states in the south aren't going to be taking down their confederate statues on their lawns next week but i do think the u.s. capitol has confederate statues and barbra lee and new jersey senator corey booker are starting to move to get rid of those out of the u.s. capitol. that's going to be a significant fight. we'll see how that unfolds. >> the president has made clear where he stands on this issue. he tweeted about it this week. you can change history, you can't change history but you can learn from it. robert e. lee, stonewall jackson, whose next? washington? jefferson? so foolish. the beauty that is being taken out of our city's towns and park will be greatly missed.
12:25 pm
when president trump says things like is george washington next, not that there is a direct parallel here between the president -- former president and a general, is he playing on people's fear that america's history is at risk or of being rewritten or erased? >> i think what he was playing on was to change the subject of his week handling of the crisis in charlottesville. he wanted to shift the topic away from his seeming quasi sympathy to neo-nazis or equating them to peaceful protesters so he went this monument route. george washington, thomas jefferson are not going to be coming down right now. were confederates anti-american? they essentially committed acts of treason and it is now being used and these monuments that he calls historical were put up in the 1920s when the kkk swelled to 4 million people and dw
12:26 pm
griffith did the horrific proclan movie birth of a nation and putting jim crow laws in place. some of these statues remain and it's understandable why people of color find them offensive. we need to do it barack obama. stonewall in new york. not in my opinion just going confederate mania. it's like the president did by praising lee and jackson. >> you brought up the president obama and you bring up his history and what he did in response to spectacular situations and he tweeted this week and clearly a lot of people in this country were looking to him for his response, here's what he tweeted out. photo of him smiling at four young children along with the nelson mandela quote. no one is born hating the other person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion. this is now the most liked tweet
12:27 pm
ever, so obviously president obama made history as the first black president but his post presidency role remains undefined. what do you make of the strong reaction to that tweet of his? >> you see it in the boston protests cnn's been covering all day. peaceful protesters, people of all mixed races and ethnicities, trying to be march against hate and so president obama represents far more people than the fringe group of neo-nazis and kkk white supremacist groups. he just quoted nelson mandela and the world cheers. right now the united states is being looked at as weird and strange that we're having an argument over saving the symbol of confederacy which was about slavery and it's such a bizarre moment but i'm afraid the trump movement seems blinded to it. so i hope the south and cities
12:28 pm
like austin where i'm at, university of texas took down their jefferson davis statue, that some of these start coming down and hopefully the state governments will recognize it's not worth keeping them in the long run. >> thanks as always. we have an incredible discovery to tell you about this afternoon. the uss indianapolis lost on july 30th, 1945 after being hit by a japanese torpedo has just been found. we have pictures, incredible pictures of the wrejage, the first time anyone has seen this ship in more than 72 years. the cruiser was found more than 18,000 feet below the ocean surface by a team of civilian researchers. the ship was immortalized by captain quinn's famous speech in jaws. it had finished delivering parts of the atomic bomb.
12:29 pm
roughly 800 of the 1,200 sailors survived the thinking. after four to five days floating on the sea, only 316 were found alive when they finally got help. coming up, steve bannon fired, already making stunning headlines saying the trump presidency that we fought for and won is over. so what does the trump doctrine look like now? experience unparalleled luxury at the lexus golden opportunity sales event before it ends. choose from the is turbo, es 350 or nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months if you lease now. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. it survived 4 food fights,ew but old, home: a one-coat wonder named "grams", and rolled with multiple personalities. number one rated marquee interior. behr's most advanced one-coat hide paint. only at the home depot. and the wolf huffed like you do sometimes, grandpa?
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>> can i have my desk back? >> yes, of course, mr. president. i'll go sit at my desk.
12:34 pm
>> the puppet master and even as the brain behind trump. steve bannon is out as white house chief strategist. i want to thank steve bannon for his service. he came to the campaign during my run against crooked hillary clinton. it was great. thanks s. sources now tell cnn bannon believed he put the pieces in place to put -- downplayed concern about his eminent firing telling associates he would return to his quote, killing machine breitbart. late yesterday we learned he did just that. bannon telling the weekly standard, quote, i feel jacked up. now i'm free. i got my hands back on my weapons. i'm definitely going to crush the opposition. there's no doubt i built a [ bleep ] machine at breitbart and i'm going to go back knowing
12:35 pm
what i know and we're about to rev that machine up and rev it up we will do. joining me now is reporter oliver darcy. even though he was forced out, bannon saying he's going to go to war for the president. what are you learning now about the plans he and breitbart may have moving forward? >> one person at breitbart told me they're already starting the motion of going to war for trump as steve bannon says by basically targeting the individuals that bannon clashed within the oval office. you're looking at jared kushner, ivanka trump, dina powell, general mcmaster. those are the people i think we can look forward to in the next few weeks as breitbart will start zeroing in on them and taking the battle to them. >> you really think that he is going to continue to defend the president. he doesn't have it out against him. >> i'm not sure we'll see him defend the president or target the inner circle or i am ply, at
12:36 pm
least, that trump's being misled, these are the things that trump campaigned on and we want him to follow through with his promises. these people maybe not the best advisors. i think that's the picture and we'll target jared kushner and gary cohn and those individuals saying they're not giving him. >> advice. >> on the one hand we have bannon thinking his agenda is going to live on but he also said this to the weekly standard, the standard we fought for and won is over. we have a huge movement and we'll make something of this trump presidency but that presidency is over. it'll be something else and it'll be all kinds of fights and good days and bad days but that presidency is over. so that emphasis on it is over, what does that mean? >> i think there's a breitbart editor of the day that was on the tv and he was saying that there's no real conservatives or populists in the white house any more. if you look at the white house, certainly little left leaning. a lot of former democrats are actually in the white house.
12:37 pm
what bannon's saying is trump was elected to this populist and the people he's surrounding himself with don't hold those views. >> trump makes the decision as we all know. how often is he listening to all the people around him. he's the decision maker. really interesting when you look at a picture taking very early on in this presidency, this is back in january in the oval office it shows the president's original circle. take a look. all of them with the exception of the vice president there, mike pence or gone. every white house we know has some turn over. how remark i didn't expect this much turn over. i didn't think -- particularly in the beginning it seemed like banning had a lot of power and he's installed himself on the national security council. he seems to be implementing the muslim ban, et cetera and it's
12:38 pm
just forced him out of the white house as most of the original staff is gone. >> a total turnover. thanks so much. >> thank you. coming up here in the "newsroom," disturbing new video. it shows an officer beating an african-american driver after what seemed like a routine traffic stop. the story behind this and the fallout ahead. finally takingn that schwab billboard. oh, not so fast, carl. ♪ oh no. schwab, again? index investing for that low? that's three times less than fidelity... ...and four times less than vanguard. what's next, no minimums? minimums. schwab has lowered the cost of investing again. introducing the lowest cost index funds in the industry with no minimums. i bet they're calling about the schwab news. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. badda book. that's it?. he means book direct at for the lowest price on our rooms guaranteed. plus earn free nights and instant rewards at check-in.
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about to see progressive's new home quote explorer. where you can compare multiple quote options online and choose what's right for you. woah. flo and jamie here to see hqx.
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flo and jamie request entry. slovakia. triceratops. tapioca. racquetball. staccato. me llamo jamie. pumpernickel. pudding. employee: hey, guys! home quote explorer. it's home insurance made easy. password was "hey guys." breaking news into cnn. a second police officer who was shot in florida last night has died. sergeant sam howard sue coupled to his injuries a few hours ago. they were responding to a call in the area and shots were fired. just one of the three separate police incidents overnight. there was a second one in florida just north of jacksonville. two officers shot while responding to an attempted suicide call. the officers exchanged gunfire shooting and killing that suspect and on the same night in pennsylvania, two-state troopers were shot the suspect was
12:43 pm
killed. this time in ohio a recording capturing the violent beating of a kblak man by a police officer right outside one woman's window. this video is graphic and disturbing. >> what he doing? >> mommy, what's he doing? >> oh, my god! he's punching him, though. >> more than 7 million people have watched this video on facebook and listen to that sobering conversation happening off-camera between that mother and child. cnn's bran jean grass has the story. >> he's punching him, though. >> reporter: blow after blow. >> why is he still punching him though. >> reporter: that's a police officer on top of 25-year-old richard harbor the third, this
12:44 pm
is hubbard's arresting photo. his face swollen from those punches. >> reporter: the scuffle was also captured on police dash cam video obtained by the news herald and happens two and a half minutes into a traffic stop. officer said in a written statement, he pulled over because the license plate showed the car's owner had suspended license. he didn't own the car but the person driving with him did. then in an official statement he explains what he says happened in the video, quote, richard quickly pulls his left arm from my grasp and in front of his body out of my control and view. i attempted two knee strikes on richard both had missed. he was attempting to hold on to my legs as i did so. the suspect continual called us weak. he's now on paid administrative leave from the department while
12:45 pm
the incident is under review. record shows he resigned from a different cleveland area police department three years ago after an investigation found he lied about a traffic stop. but for this case, his union is sticking by him, saying, quote, we hope that people will not rush to judgment but rather will understand the literally split-second decision and response required of our police. the video has gone viral. highlighting tensions between police and the public. hub burden didn't want to make any comments to cnn but the aclu and naacp were appalled by the brutality. he released a statement on his facebook page apologizing for his delay and also saying they'll be a thorough investigation. ana. >> thank you. let the countdown begin. what you need to know before that once in a lifetime event in the sky.
12:46 pm
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get 0% apr financing for 63 months on all new 2017 outbacks. ends august 31. . when a terminally ill dog ends up in a shelter it is likely it will be euthanized. but this week's cnn hero could not stand the idea of these poor helpless animals dying alone so she dedicated her life to make sure they know love and comfort before they pass. meet michelle allen. >> this hospice is in our home. and when i say in our home, in every single room of our house. this is the last stop for these dogs. >> come on, sweetie. >> i don't want them missing out of anything because they didn't get adopted.
12:51 pm
>> to see more of the nonprofit monkeys house, go to cnn and nominate someone you think should be a cnn hero. coming soon to a sky near you it's t-minus two days. this spectacular phenomenon will be visible across a large swath of north america from oregon to south carolina, as long as the clouds stay away. those in the path of totality are in for the awe inspiring spectacle as the moon blacks out the sun. allison chinchar is showing us what to expect and how to stay safe. >> ana, everyone is excited, two days away now from the big solar eclipse. its no wonder people are -- it's no wonder people are excited because this is a rare event. so here's what we can expect. the moon basically sits in between the earth and the sun,
12:52 pm
creating a shadow on the earth. the larger shadow called the penumbra gives folks a bit of a glimpse at the eclipse but the tighter shadow called the umbra, this is the key zone. this is the zone we talk about for people in totality for example. it's the line that basically stretches from the oregon coast all the way over to the south carolina coast in the eastern portion of the united states. if you fall in this path, this is where you have the best chance to see a total solar eclipse. meaning everything lines up perfectly. we have several cities that will be in that specific spot. including caspar, wyoming, kansas city, greenville, south carolina. but more specifically with some of those particular locations, even if you aren't in this main blue line here of totality, even some of the cities outside of it. say like cincinnati. memphis. even around oklahoma city or atlanta, you'll still be close enough to get a decent enough view to actually see the eclipse. it just won't be perfect.
12:53 pm
now, with that said, if you have plans to go outside, make sure you don't stare directly at the sun. make sure you have specialized glasses for protection so that you don't end up causing damage to your eyes. >> looking good there, allison. in this week's fit nation, a transgender cyclist makes history. cnn's sanjay gupta has her story. >> cycling has offered me a sense of stability in my life. i work through every life situation on my bike. >> reporter: julian bearden is an elite cyclist. her ride is not easy. >> i was born male, as jonathan paul bearden. having this identity going on in your mind, you struggle on a daily basis. >> reporter: to cope, gillian turned to cycling and began to compete in the male circuit but her struggle with her identity persisted. >> i was contemplating suicide. to want to kill yourself when you have children, when you have a wife that's a hard decision to
12:54 pm
make. but that's how dark it is. >> reporter: gillian decided to tell her family and she began transitioning. joanne worked with officials at usa cycling and after months of talks and hormonal testing they granted her a race to race as a female. >> i was finally on that woman's team that i always longed for. >> reporter: now she's about to compete in her first professional cycling race as a woman. the colorado classic. >> this race is important. because i'll be the first transwoman athlete in the united states to race in the pro field. >> reporter: the colorado classic is a two day cycling event that draws the top professional cyclists in the world. >> when you have 83 other riders hitting speeds of 42 miles an hour it's a crazy thing. >> reporter: gillian finished in time to qualify for the second race. a grueling 32 mile course in breckinridge, colorado.
12:55 pm
racers climbed 3600 feet uphill at an elevation already of almost 10,000 feet. >> it's going to be intense, it's going on the really hard. but i'm just i'm really blessed to be able to participate in this. >> reporter: the steep hills proved tough. and gillian fell behind the pack. still, she pushed through to the end. out of 74 riders, gillian came in 34th. >> it felt amazing. i won the race already. i'm alive. i am my true self. that's the best race there is. fit nation, around the world in eight races, brought to you by -- with shpain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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thanks for join us this weekend, i'm ana cabrera. demonstrators and counterdemonstrates taking to the street one week after the deadly racial violence in charlottesville, virginia. today this is the scene in boston. thousands of counterdemonstrators turning out in protest of a self-described free speech rally. boston's police commissioner william receivens is expected to recap today's events at 4:30 eastern. we'll monitor and bring you updates. police say the march and rally was mostly peaceful. but there were some tense moments. at one point, police moved in to separate rally participants from the counterdemonstrators. at least eight people


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