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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  August 22, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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beloved member. she's been my producer, making me and this network much better and along the way she made all of us smarter as well. she is moving to new york, on to new adventures in her work and life, getting married in just a few days. we wish her every happiness. you'll always be part of our situation. thanks for watching. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. >> breaking news, president trump about to hold a major campaign rally. protesters out. what is his message tonight? and more breaking news, trump and mitch mcconnell reportedly haven't spoken in weeks. angry phone calls, private bad mouthing. mcconnell now casting doubt on trump's ability to salvage his
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presiden presidency. a democrat calls for trump's removal from office. why she says he is mentally unfit to serve. i'm jim sciutto in again tonight for erin burnett. president trump arriving in phoenix, arizona moments ago ready to speak to thousands of supporters at a campaign rally. that's right. this is an official campaign event for 2020, paid for by the trump/pence election campaign. also greeting the president tonight angry protesters fired up by mr. trump's widely criticized remarks following events in charlottesville and making a stand despite triple digit temperatures this. this as mitch mcconnell privately doubts that trump can save his presidency. as the two are increasingly locked in a bitter political and personal stand off. trump's fight with his own party is particularly pointed in
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arizona. tonight he will be joined by kelly ward, a conservative running against senator jeff flake in this state. we have reporters covering this with the protesters. we begin tonight with sara murray standing by for president trump. sara, who are we expecting to see tonight, the president from last night or that more fierily president we often see at campaign rallies like this? >> that is a great question. there are tell prompters set up behind me. but we know at least one thing is off the table. sarah huckabee sanders says president trump will not pardon controversial sheriff for violating a judge's orders in a racial profiling case, so that is not coming tonight. but that leaves open the question of whether he's going to show up spitting victory over his fellow republicans. as you pointed out, one of
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flake's challengers that president trump lavished praise will be here in the arena tonight. >> interesting. one of the questions is whether he's going to take a harsh line against republicans. the president was supposed to visit the u.s./mexico border today but that was canceled last minute. do we know why? >> reporter: that's right. so she was hoping when he was making this stop to go about 20 miles to the border and do a tour of the u.s./mexico border. sources tell us that that had to be scrapped because of security concerns. now, they're not giving any details of the nature of that security threat, but obviously a blow for the president, who was hoping he could go there and have another talking point as he comes and prepares to talk about immigration. now he still did the stop in yuma. he toured border enforcement, but not the border trip the president was hoping for.
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>> still seeking money for that border wall. also in phoenix tonight, among the many protesters there, what is the scene there and what are you hearing from the protesters gathered? >> reporter: anger, in a word, jim. let me show you what's going on here. you have 30, maybe 40 protesters here who have come here to taunt the president's supporters as they file into the convention center. right between them are the police and they put up barricades as well. the police are in a difficult situation here. they want to ensure everyone's first amendments rights, but they also want to maintain safety. there are several groups. certainly anti-trump groups, mexican groups, all gathering at different ends of the city right now. presumably they will all march in this direction. many say they are self-organizing and have come to this area, basically, to challenge the president's
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supporters as they file into the convention center. the police here are treating this as sort of a very large event, the super bowl or the world series. they are on all hands on deck effort here. they have coordinated with several different law enforcement agent scieagencies, the national guard. for the most, you have about 30, maybe 40 anti-trump, anti president trump people out here who are challenging the people coming in. there were angry words being exchanged. but so far that's it. >> let's hope it keeps no violence there. thanks very much. mark preston, our senior political analyst, malia ma lee ka anderson. and remarkable about this crumbling relationship between trump and mcconnell, according
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to people who have spoken to the senate majority leader. he has expressed a sense of bewilderment about where mr. trump's presidency has been headed and has mused about whether he could lead the republican party into next year's elections and beyond. that's remarkable from the majority leader to doubt whether the president can salvage his presidency. >> extraordinary, jim. i cannot recall any time in my career having seen relations so bad between members of the same party, one, living in 1600 pennsylvania avenue and one working right down the street in capitol hill. i'm not surprised, though. the fact is donald trump hasn't really done a whole lot to help congress get these major bills passed, whether that be health care and now as we're heading into infrastructure, the infrastructure bill as well as tax reform. i think what we're seeing right
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now is a level of frustration starting to boil over and really what knocked the lid off is donald trump's remarks down in charlottesville that really allowed these republicans who have been frustrated with donald trump to now start to express some anger and we're starting to see this being leeked out to sources. >> very publically leaked out. the relationship between the president, majority leader, crucial to get the many things the republicans want to get done in coming weeks. infrastructure, tax, even the basics of getting a budget passed. can the president and the republican-led congress do that if you have the two leaders, in effect, battling each other so openly here? >> it's already clear that is hard because they've only got the 52 seats. not a big majority. we have seen so far what happened with health care. and now that trump is so openly feuding with mitch mcconnell, it is hard to see what they're
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going to be able to do. it is imperative in many ways for mitch mcconnell's job in terms of wanting to remain the senate majority leader. it is imperative they have some legislative accomplishments. it is imperative also for donald trump, if he wants to be a good president and deliver on this promise of his election, his campaign promises, he's got to figure out a way to work with folks on the hill. his colleagues, right? i think this was a huge, you know, push back that we just haven't seen from republicans so far, and they're basically saying to donald trump, you've got to straighten up. you can't be going after republicans who he needs to get stuff done. >> it is remarkable and republicans have control of all three -- both houses and the presidency and to have this kind of division boiling over really remarkable. sara, you have been traveling with the white house there. are white house officials pushing back on this sort of
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apo apocalyptic description. >> reporter: they're basically saying it is august. it is not out of the ordinary, perhaps that president trump and mitch mcconnell have not spoken. they said it is not going to be a huge hurdle. that seems like an optimistic view. you ran through a laundry list of big priorities on the table as soon as they get back from this recess. it seems like that might be something that the president wants to talk to the majority leader about on the senate. but if president trump comes out here and decides to unleash yet again on jeff flake or lavish praise on kelly ward, that's just another thing that's going to stick in mitch mcconnell's krau. >> yeah. this is not just about vacation,
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staying out of touch. "the new york times" describes a phone call where they were exchanging expletives on the phone. of course trump's attacks on sitting republican senates tonight. the president expected to go after a republican, arizona. senate jeff flake, the president called hims toic. he tweeted support for kelly ward and we hear she's going to be there in the audience tonight. here is a portion of the anti-war ad put out by the senate majority leader. have a listen. >> embarrassing behavior. dangerous ideas. no wonder republicans rejektded her just one year ago. kelly, not conservative, just crazy ideas. >> they are noting she ran against mccain, of course, and lost that race. why would the president dig in on this fight? >> because for all the success he had in winning over the
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electorate and winning in november defeating hillary clinton against all the odds, he's not very political. he doesn't have a very smart political bone in his body. that's why i think that if we are going to see some kind of battle build up between mitch mcconnell and donald trump, my money is going to be on mitch mcconnell because he has seen presidents come and gone. mitch mcconnell is a quiet person that our viewers don't know a lot about because he keeps to himself. but he's a street fighter and he fights to win. i cannot imagine that mitch mcconnell is going to shirk away from my kind of battle with donald trump. and the battle donald trump seems to be taking on is taking out incumbent senators. mitch mcconnell does know how to win, so we'll see how this plays out. when you look at it politically, it is a problem. when you look at it legislatively, as we talked at the top of this segment, that's
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a bigger problem. >> nia, when we have seen public disputes become public between the president and his advisors, whether reince priebus or steve bannon, those are people the president can ask to leave. he cannot ask the senate majority leader to leave. >> right. and mitch mcconnell enjoys the confidence of his conference. republicans like -- or republicans in the senate like mitch, right? that's what we've seen, support. we of course have seen some real anti-mcconnell fervor on the far right, sort of the bannon breitbart wing of the party. i was looking at the website today and they talked about mitch mcconnell and the low approval rating. i think donald trump looks at this and feels this is a fight he could win and a way he won the nomination, going against the establishment. so i think we're seeing that again in terms of how he's
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winning this fight. he thinks he's more popular an mitch mcconnell and he might be. his approval might be higher. but again mitch mcconnell is key to donald trump's success as well and something that donald trump doesn't seem to get at this point. >> what do they say about military commanders fighting the last war, right? not always the successful thing to do. thanks very much. next breaking news, the reporter who broke the story on that deteriorating relationship between the president and the majority leader is hearing from more republicans since his article posted. we will have the latest. plus, a cnn exclusive, breitbart punked by a phrase that exposes the dirty work it is willing to do against white house insiders, including the president's daughter ivanka trump. we've got those revealing e-mails. and the treasury secretary's wife is apologizing tonight. is she washington's marry an twon net? helping keep shoppers safe.
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the new 360 smart bed is part of our biggest sale of the year where all beds are on sale. and right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus free home delivery. ends saturday! breaking news, stunning new details tonight about the deteriorating relationship between the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and president trump. the republican leader questioning whether president trump can salvage his presidency. that according to "the new york times," which is reporting that the relationship between the two leaders so frayed, the two men have not spoken to each other in weeks. outfront tonight, jonathan martin who first broke the story. just incredible details in here, including about phone calls, breaking in expletive discussions. how bad did you find the relationship between mcconnell and trump here? >> we talked to dozens of people very familiar with both men and i think it's safe to say that
4:18 pm
senate leader mcconnell, who has been in the senate since 1984 has been on the receiving end from someone at this level of politics from his career in the united states senate and certainly not from a president. president trump was furious at senate mcconnell. the pretext was the health care bill. but he quickly started talking about the russia investigation, intimating that senate leader mcconnell should be doing more to protect president trump on the russia investigation. the information quick lly dissolved, cushions ensued. >> it is truly remarkable for the gop, the senate majority leader to question a republican -- whether a republican president can salvage his presidency at this point.
4:19 pm
what's behind his judgment on that? >> there are a couple of issues. first of all, the failure of the health care bill and the president's unwillingness to get involved in either the salesmanship of the health care bill or really knowing the basics about the bill. that's the first thing. the second thing is the open warfare this president stages against republican senators, whether it's senate mcconnell, flake, graham, senator mccain. when you are the leader of a party and you openly attack members of your own conference with a two-seat majority, those things can get the leader of the senate pretty angry. the last thing is what happened in charlottesville and the president's response to the unrest in charlottesville and the death in charlottesville, i should say. and i think what that did is created something on a breaking point where a lot of senators who were upset over the first two points i mentioned, the health care bill and these open attacks against senators, this was kind of the last straw for
4:20 pm
some folks, including senators who don't usually go after the president, who have just had enough. and i think senator mcconnell's frustration reflects a lot of folks in his conference. i had a senate call me tonight after the story was published on the peb wweb who said the presi acts erratically, is consumed in the russia issue and this senator said it is imperative that president trump learn more about the tax reform issue that's going to be front and center this fall. this senator telling me that president trump cannot get this tax reform bill unless he uses the bull y pulpit and notes the president's vocabulary was ten words total and that can't be the case on tax reform. >> it is interesting to have republicans raise hard questions about stability, truly remarkable. speaking of russia in particular, you write that he was even more animated about
4:21 pm
what he sintimated was the senae leaders to protect him from russian interference in the election. how much is this specific to the russia investigation and affecting that relationship with republicans? >> oh. i think that on president trump's end that's a huge cause of frustration. you have two committees looking at the president's connections to russia. i think that bothers president trump to no end. he is consumed with this issue, but he believes that he the focus on the russia story is not about his ties to the russians or putin, but it is about trying to delegit miez his victory last fall. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks, jim. >> former republican congressman jackand jack bates.
4:22 pm
jack, i want to start with you. i know you have been speaking to the white house tonight. are they pushing back on this description here or defending the president's position? >> i think what they're pointing out is something we all know, that this is "the new york times," the number one critic -- institutional critic of the president in the country who one more time is writing an article based on anonymous sources. i think it would really be a story if jonathan martin was saying this is what the chief of staff told me or this is what the president told me. but it's always "the new york times" with these -- >> we're not quoting republican sources here. >> well, i -- >> keep in mind, that's where his description is coming from. >> well, there are a lot of people out there who claim to be republicans and want to, i guess, win a chip with the new york times and talking off record.
4:23 pm
but really i got to say it means something when they go on record as somebody who was in republican leadership -- >> the fact is mcconnell and trump have very publically gone after each other. the president was saying, do your job, witmitch, via twitter. this kind of disagreement is not confined to a new york times story. i'm curious, jack, if you are saying there is no deterioration in the relationship. >> i think there is no deterioration. i think there has been some elbowed that have been knocked around a little bit. but i have been with president trump when he's been on the phone with leaders and he can be a tough guy. but that's part of draining the swamp, bringing a different culture to washington and frankly i served for 22 years. i think that washington does need to be shook up a little bit. and sometimes you got to break a few eggs to make an omelet.
4:24 pm
you have to convince me that expletive filled phone calls will bring that relationship along. but you know senator mcconnell a long time. you worked with him a long time. do you believe that this is the truth of the relationship from mcconnell's perspective? >> i think "the new york times" article saying that the entire republican agenda is threatened because these two guys had a couple disagreements, i think that's totally overblown. for mcconnell, it's rarely ever personal. it is about winning and he and president trump agree on 90% of the republican agenda and 90% of what was on the ballot last year and i think the idea of the fact they have had conflict or heated conversation somehow jeopardizes that agenda is simply wrong. >> let's look if we can, first your thoughts, the men have traded verbal jabs at each other. here are a few of them that have come out in public. >> the president has of course not been in this line of work
4:25 pm
before. and i think had excessive expectations of how quickly things happen in the democratic process. >> [ inaudible ]? >> well, i'll tell you what, if he doesn't get repeal and replace done and if he doesn't get taxes done, meaning cuts and reform, and if he doesn't get a very easy one to get done, infrastructure, then you can ask me that question. >> so that's not an unnamed source there, jack, who was not expressing -- far from expressing support for the republican majority leader. in fact, he was saying if he doesn't get this stuff down and repeal and replace didn't happen. why is this in the president's interests to fight this battle with the leader of his own party in the senate? >> you know, i think mitch mcconnell is right. there has been some expectation in the white house that not
4:26 pm
everybody is an old hand in washington. but i think on the other hand, the president's point is, listen, we promised people for seven years we are going to repeal and replace. we promised them tax reform and infrastructure bill. we promised to build up the military and i've got to say every republican since 2005 has talked about building a border wall or clamping down on border security. so the way i look at it, jim, is sometimes the wide receiver and the quarterback don't necessarily have to be the best of friends to score the touchdown, but they both understand the importance of winning the game and what that touchdown means. as a republican, i tell you, we have got to get some points on the board. >> it helps if they are not throwing punches at each other in the locker room, too. hunter, if i could ask you, to be fair again, and this is not going to unnamed sources here. it is not just mcconnell that trump appears to be alienating. you had public comments from the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee questioning
4:27 pm
not only the president's competence but stability. that is a fairly, you know, festering wound you might say within the republican party to have that kind of public disagreement and questioning. >> look, in terms of leader mcconnell and president trump, i don't think disagreement over tweets and timing and tactics affects the fact at the end of the day they will come together in september and lock arms, raise the debt ceiling, fund the government and go and achieve and accomplish what republicans haven't achieved in a generation to put money back into the pockets of hard working families. there is way too much attention paid to the tweets and conflict that at the end of the day these two guys know they have to have each other to succeed. and i think that's the important thing to take away from all this. >> we'll see whether they can when they come back to recess. thanks very much for joining us tonight.
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4:32 pm
from trump blames both sides for the violence there. >> this president was clear in the aftermath of the tragedy in charlottesville, that we denounce bigotry and hate and violence in all of its forms. >> i had a personal conversation with the president and i will leave it at that. but i will tell you that there is no room for hate in this country. i know the pain that hate can cause. and we need to isolate haters and we need to make sure that they know there is no place for them. >> i do believe that he messed up in his comments on tuesday when it sounded like a moral equivocation or at the very least, moral ambiguity when we need moral clarity. >> outfront jason miller and simone sanders. simone, if i could start with
4:33 pm
you. you just heard the vice president there, the ambassador to un and the house speaker. did they go far enough? >> look, i think the vice president and even nikki haley had stronger comments on charlottesville from the outset than the president of the united states. i think that it is very dangerous for folks to try to brush this aside as this is something that can blow over in a week or so. what donald trump did is he did morally equate white supremacists with protesters and people there to protest against the white see pr supremacists. that is disgusting. what i heard from paul ryan was actually kind of making it seem as though this was normal. nothing about this is normal. >> jason, what's your response? >> well, ultimately what matters is what president trump has to say here and i like what
4:34 pm
president trump had to say last night with denouncing bigotry and hatred. i was glad to see him announce this on the top of his remarks last night. but this is how the country is going to move forward and heal as we continue to talk about the racial divide we have and the challenges that are facing us. and, look, tonight in phoenix i think give it is president another opportunity to denounce bigotry and hatred. again, particularly in a state like arizona that has had a lot of challenges on this front, we all saw the explosion of the mlk holiday and the way that was bungled. but i think for president trump, if he stands there tonight and again denounces bigotry and hatred, that's a clear signal and only then can we move forward. again, this is, you know -- we elected donald trump to get out there and lead and i think he has a good opportunity to do that this evening.
4:35 pm
>> this is what president trump said last night to try to move on from the charlottesville comments. >> when one part of america hurts, we all hurt. and when one citizen suffers an injustice, we all suffer together. loyalty to our nation demands loyalty to one another. love for america requires love for all of its people. >> simone, were those the words you needed to hear and the country needed to hear from the president? >> look, i think it was a start. what we didn't play was that the president also said that it's time to move past race in this country. as a communications person, i would like to say that under no circumstances would the words move past race in anywhere make it into any speech that a principal i worked for was giving because it denotes that the person or people who are handling this speech are ignorant of the real
4:36 pm
implications of race in this country and the state of race e relations. this is not enough. we know that tell prompter trump cannot be trusted. >> tonight might be an opportunity for that. >> tonight might be the night. >> moving on if we can to another story. steve ma knew chin's wife is apologizing tonight after some real backlash on the web after an instagram post where she tauted her wealth by tagging a series of designers like hermes, tom ford. you can see one instagram user replied, glad we could pay for your little get-away. she fired off her lengthy response which included, have
4:37 pm
you given more to the economy than me or my husband? i'm curious, jason, should she have known better than that? >> well of course. and i think as we saw from the apology that she knows that she should have known better there. while i don't know her as well, i certainly know the secretary, having worked very closely with him during the campaign during the transition. i have seen him show people grace and compassion. i don't think they reflect who they are as individuals. i don't know if it is the stress or i can't really speak to why she said that, but i was glad to see her apologize. you can't stay stuff like that and i think she knows it and i'm sure nobody is beating themselves up more than the two of them. i have seen the way he's interacted with people and he's a very kind man, and i just, you know -- my heart goes out to him
4:38 pm
because i think they know this is a mistake hereby. >> when you look at some of the internet reaction, it reflected for some a division, the haves and have-nots, the 1%, all those images. but the fact is there is an apoll tonight. do you accept that apology on this. >> i think it's great that she apologized. i think after the social media backlash, i think she had to take a hard look at what she said. but i think this is indicative of a larger people that there are lots of people in this country that don't understand what's wrong with hashtaging hermes and displaying the things they have. i love the good bag as much as the next girl, but we are living in the most polarizing times for wealth in this country and that is what played out last night. >> simone, jason, always good to speak to both of you. next, the top lawmaker on why
4:39 pm
she is increasingly worried about what she calls trump's mental instability. congresswoman jackie peer is my guest. and breitbart duked. how far the website is willing to go for him and his agenda against the white house. neighborhood ny chils do not graduate from high school. the kids after school, they are alone and they have nowhere to go and we tried to solve that problem by having this wonderful place where they can be children. wtef is the washington tennis and education foundation. we help the kids with their academics, and we teach them tennis. we have retired teachers doing the tutoring and they're here every day. wtef is the sole beneficiary of the citi open® tournament. since citi® has become the sponsor of this tournament, citi® has helped us raise more funds.
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breaking news, you are looking at live pictures out of
4:42 pm
phoenix, arizona. prodecember totedecemberer -- p waiting to greet trump after his much criticized response to charlottesville. but a leading member of congress now pushing to remove trump from office. in part because of his response to charlottesville. jackie spear becoming the first member of congress to say that trump should be removed through a never before invoked section of the 25th amendment that lets the vice president and a majority of the cabinet declare him unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. she recently tweeted, quote, potus showing signs of eradic behavior and mental instability that places the country in grave danger. time to invoke the 25th amendment. and congresswoman spear is joining me now. thanks very much for taking the time to join us. >> thank you, jim. >> so explain to us, our
4:43 pm
audience, what exactly you are basing this on. what specific examples can you cite as evidence that the president is not stable enough to fulfill his job? >> well, there are actually a growing mountain of evidence that the president has been very eradic, has shown a mental inability. it was crystallized last week with a combination of his comments about fire and fury that he offered up against kim jong-un and north korea and how we would take him out, followed by his back and forth on charlottesville and how he really became almost abusive in calling people out when he was really telling from his soul what he thought about the charlottesville incident. and i think the combination of those, coupled with the fact
4:44 pm
that there has been a lot of people behind the scenes talking about his instability in congress for some time now, if you go back in time like six years and watch interviews that he gave then where he could put a whole sentence together, but now tends to put a few words together and then goes off into another sentence unrelated to the first. it is an indication to me that there is some trouble there that is more than just a one off. and i am concerned for the american people. i am concerned about him having his finger on the button that could send nuclear warheads around the world. >> let me ask you this because some of this can be attributed to perhaps a distasteful personality or a style that some would find distasteful, but the standard of mental instability
4:45 pm
or an incapacity, you though, to carry out the duties of office, that's quite a high standard to me. >> well, first of all, if it has been invoked before, george w. bush, it was put in place when he had a colonoscopy during his presidency and then, you know, he reestablished his presidency after the test was done. >> that was temporary, as opposed to a continuing inability to do the job. >> well, that's why i'm suggesting that it's really in the court of the vice president and the majority of those members of the cabinet to make that determination at this point whether or not that incapacity is preventing him from doing his job. >> you mentioned there some of the requirements to meet the standards set by the 25th amendment. just in brief, we'll lay them out because the audience may not be aware. but you need the vice president and a majority of the president's cabinet, of course, he appointed his cabinet
4:46 pm
secretaries. so you have that. or congress or a body appointed by congress and then a later stage to make this permanent if the president were to protest you need a vote of two-thirds in the senate and the house. you have a republican vice president, of course, in mike pence who recollects hhas been supportive of the president throughout. and you still have a majority in both the senate and the house. do you see those as hurdles that practically could be met to reach the standards of the 25th? >> i think that the ball is in the court of the vice president and the members of the cabinet. clearly, the congress is not going to move on the 25th amendment or impeachment. the numbers aren't there and meanwhile, we are hearing members on both sides of the aisle talking with great
4:47 pm
consternation about the instability of the president of the united states. at some point, we've got whispering about this and talking in terms we can all understand. if the emperor has no clothes, then it is time for not just the child to speak up, it is time for members of congress who serve on behalf of the american people who speak up. >> congresswoman spear, thanks very much for joining us tonight. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> and outfront next, breitbart editors thought they were e-mails steve bannon, but they were instead writing to a prankster posing as the boss. what were aplthey plotting. and the 21st century version of the queen? last minute doesn't have to be expensive. just go to priceline. it's the best place to book a flight a few days before my trip
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4:50 pm
new tonight, breitbart duped. top editors fell victim to a pranker the posing as their boss. the just fired white house chief strategist steve bannon, and what they say was extremely revealing about the new site's intentions. exclusive new details about what staffers were plotting to please someone they were certain was bannon. jake, you spoke to the prankster involved. what did he tell you that this breitbart editor told him? >> this prankster we should point out, he's pretty good at it. he's done this to top bankers and top white house officials. this time he posed as steve bannon. again, this is not steve bannon. this is a bogus bannon.
4:51 pm
and he sent an e-mail to the editor in chief. so do you think you'll have them packed and shipping out before christmas, a reference to jared kushner and ivanka trump. and the editor wrote, let me see what i can do. i don't know what motivates them if they are semi normal, then yes, they out by end of year. and another reference by the editor in chief said of the globalists, aka ivanka and jared, i spooked them today. did five stories on globalist takeover, positioning you as only hope to stop it, beaning bannon. you need to own that. just have surrogates do the dirty work. we have been waiting for this. that's a reference to several other breitbart employees. and what they're saying there, what alex marleau, the editor in chief of breitbart is saying, he and three other breitbarters will do the "dirty work" of
4:52 pm
viciously attacking jared kushner and ivanka trump to help steve bannon and his nationalistic views and to portray him as the savior of that movement. >> it's revealing because they weren't reluctant answers. are steve bannon -- is breitbart denying or defending what they told the person behind the pranks? >> they are not at all. they're admitting that they got hoodwinked and saying that we're covering this because we're obsessed with breitbart because they're effective and you don't have to read their private e-mails to find out they're against the globalist agenda. one of the other things that the editor in chief of breitbart, alex marlow, did was smear ivanka trump with something we're not going to share with our viewers. a personal, uncorroborated, unfounded smear of the private life of ivanka trump.
4:53 pm
and breitbart were unapologetic about that. >> i mean, it raises questions about what they're being to do to get this agenda across. >> you mentioned it's not the first time this prankster pulled this in the past pranking white house staffers. what is the motive of the prankster here? >> clearly he is liberal in his politics. i think he's also kind of bored and finds this as an interesting challenge. it entertains him. as we noted, he was able to convince some top white house staffers, including anthony scaramucci, that he was reince priebus. and he sent e-mails to scaramucci when scaramucci was at the white house, as we saw some really vicious back and forth there. so he's able to get into situations and get revealing information from people, deceiving them, hoodwinking them. >> and e-mails live on.
4:54 pm
jake tapper, thank you very much. >> thank you. next, when flaunting wealth comes back to bite you. jeanne moos on the backlash against the treasury secretary's wife. artificial ingredients. kind never had to. we choose real ingredients like almonds, peanuts and a drizzle of dark chocolate. give kind a try. ♪ i needed something more to help control my type 2 diabetes. my a1c wasn't were it needed to be. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's suppose to do, release its own insulin. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen and i may even lose a little weight. trulicity is a once-weekly injectable prescription medicine to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes
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did the treasury secretary's wife have a marie antoinette moment? jeanne moos has the story. >> reporter: she once played marie antoinette, and it didn't end well. the former actress and current wife of treasury secretary steven mnuchin is being zinged for acting like the french royal in real life. >> i don't feel very well. >> reporter: she posted this photo of the mnuchins getting off a government jet to visit ft. knox, kentucky. she tagged the photo with luxury brands she was wearing. which so annoyed zwren eed jennn oregon mother of three, that posted back, glad we could pay
4:59 pm
for your getaway. >> it was a weak moment for me. it was the first time i ever posted on instagram. >> reporter: the treasury secretary's wife responded with a rant. ah, did you think this was a personal trip? adorable. do you think the u.s. government paid for our honeymoon, our personal travel? lol. have you given more to the economy than me and my husband? you're adorably out of touch. the post was adorned with blown kisses. miller's reaction -- >> a little bit amused, a little bit horrified. >> reporter: it's a little let them eat cake, don't you think, tweeted the former cia officer valerie blame. linton deleted her tirade. and now she says, i apologize for my post on social media. it was inappropriate and highly insensitive. the mnuchins are reimbursing the
5:00 pm
government for the travel. in the past, she's played a creepy deputy and a reporter. >> you're hot. >> reporter: but when she came off sounds like the character she played in "csi: new york" she was clearly in over her head. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> thank you for joining us tonight. i'm jim sciutto. "ac 360" starts right now. good evening. the president is in phoenix tonight, and he has company. protesters gathering now to meet him with the final number expected to be in the thousands. the city's mayor, a democrat, sayi ining he shouldn't have co after his remarks on charlottesville. on top of all that, there's new reporting breaking tonight into "the new york times" suggesting that the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is unsure the president will be able to salvage his own presidency. turns out, they haven't talked