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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 22, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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and by the way, would have been great health care for arizona. would have been great. so the democrats have no ideas, no policy, no vision for the country other than total socialism and maybe, frankly, a step beyond socialism is from what i'm seeing. your taxes will double or triple. your services will diminish and yourboarders will be left wide open for everybody to come in and enjoy our country. obamacare is a disaster. and think, think. we were just one vote away from victory after seven years of everybody proclaiming repeal and replace. one vote away.
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one vote away. we were one vote away. seven years the republicans and again you have some great senators. but we are one vote away from repeal and replace. but you know they all said mr. president, your speech was so good last night, please, please mr. president don't mention any names. so i won't.
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i won't. no, i won't vote. one vote away i will not mention any names. very presidential, isn't it? very presidential. and nobody wants me to talk about your other senator, whose weak on borders, weak on crime. so i won't talk about him. nobody wants me to talk about him. nobody knows who the hell he is. and now, see i haven't mentioned any names, so now everybody's happy. but we are going to get rid of
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obamacare. i will get rid of obamacare. every day we're keeping our promises and that includes our promises to our great, great veterans. who's a veteran here? it's getting better. getting really good. nobody's been able to do -- and remember i'm only here for less than eight months. when they talk about obamacare, it was years. when they talk about hillary clinton spent eight years trying to get -- eight years trying to get health care.
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well, it's obvious that we won the state of arizona. do you agree? pretty obvious. and we won it by a lot. and i hear we're winning it by even more right now. but if you think about it, clinton, they spent eight years they weren't able to get health care. other administrations spent all of their time, weren't able to get it. obama, what he did to get it, including the guy, gruber, did you see he got fired yesterday? he got fired because he defrauded somebody or something. something very bad happened. check it out. something happened. grouper who lied about obamacare, who called everybody fools for believing it. obamacare is gone, it's a disaster. it's gone. premiums in other states are going up in numbers that are
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even higher than the state of arizona. insurance companies are fleeing and it's gone. so we're going to -- i really believe that the republicans and maybe we'll get a couple of senators that think they're going to lose their race on the democratic side. maybe. but we'll get it fixed. one vote, speak to your senator, please. speak to your senator. we're reforming the va to insure our veterans have the health care they so richly deserve, including choice. in other words, if you have to wait for seven days and not feeling well, you go see a doctor and we pay for your doctor, isn't that good? and we got legislation approved that everybody said was impossible. it's called va accountability.
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if somebody treats our veterans badly, we can fire them. we say you're fired. get out of here. everybody said -- everybody said you couldn't get that. they've been trying to get that passed for 40 years. we got great legislation. you ever hear these liars back there where they say but trump hasn't got legislation. i think we've got more in a short period of time, in this seven months. i think we've got more than anybody, amcluding harry truman, who was number one. so we got va accountability so that you can fire people treating our veterans badly or aren't doing their job. we've also obtained historicing increase in defense spending to prevent and deter conflict.
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we believe in peace through strength. we're building up our military like never before. thousands and thousands of brave americans have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. now it's up to us to preserve and protect their legacy. last night, as you know, i laid out my vision for an honorable and enduring outcome in a very tough place, a place where our country has failed, afghanistan. this is a place where terrorists are trained, where you have people that are not exactly united states fans. can i say that? and i will tell you that what we're going to do with our incredible military, they're going to make unbelievable sacrifices and they've already made in some cases the ultimate
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sacrifice. but we're fighting for them. our war fighters deserve the tools they need and the trust they've earned to fight and to win. fight and to win. and you see what's going on in north korea. all of a sudden -- i don't know. who knows. but i can tell you what i said, that's not strong enough. some people said it was too strong. it's not strong enough. but kim jong-un, i respect the fact that i believe he is starting to respect us. i respect that fact very much. respect that fact. and maybe, probably not, but maybe something positive can come about. they won't tell you that. but maybe something positive can
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come about. every american deserve as government that protects them honors them, defends them and fights for them. and by the way, speaking of that, you have three congressman in the audience and your governor who met me at the plane and he's now inside but he said i want to spend my time outside on security. i said i think that's a great idea, governor. but not that many people showed up, so i don't think it should be much of a problem. but you have a great governor. and we have three congressman, a friend of mine who has been so great to me. where's congressman frank? where is he?
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congressman, congressman andy bigs, get up here. >> thank you, folks. thank you. never let them go, folks. never let them go. don't ever lose them. thank you, fellas. so in washington we're taking power out of the hands of donors and special interests and putting that power back into the
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hands of the people that voted for us. okay. for us. the same failed voices in washington who oppose our movement are the same people who gave us one terrible trade deal after another, who gave us one foreign policy disaster after another, who sacrificed our sovereignty, our wealth and our jobs. we don't needed a vice from the washington d.c. swamp. we need right now to drain the swamp. that's what's happening too, believe me. washington is full of people who are only looking out for themselves. but i don't come to washington. i've had a great life. i've enjoyed my life.
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most people think i'm crazy to have done this. and i think they're right. but i enjoy it because we've made so much. i don't believe that any president -- i don't believe that any president has accomplished as much as this president in the first six or seven months. i really don't believe. including, including a great supreme court justice, justice gorsuch. i came to washington for you. your dreams are my dreams. your hopes are my hopes and your future is what i'm fighting for each and every day. it's so important.
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our agenda is the pro worker agenda. we've accomplished historic amounts in a short period of time. we've signed more than 50 pieces of legislation. they said we've signed none. none. we've signed 50. appointed justice gorsuch. nominated 31 new federal judges with many more on the way. so important that we have aggressively canceled job killing regulations and we're unleashing job creating american energy like we've never unleashed before. we've ended the war on beautiful, clean coal and it's just been announced that a second brand new coal mine where
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they're going to take out clean coal, meaning they're taking out coal, they're going to clean it is opening in the state of pennsylvania. and the state of a wawhich was way behind and lagging was in terms of gdp increase second last quarter to the state of texas. how about that? west virginia. and they have a great governor in west virginia. governor jim justice who just quit the democrats and joined the republican party. in the proud tradition of america's great leaders, from george washington -- please
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don't take his statue down, please. please. does anybody want george washington 's statue? no. is that sad? is that sad? to lincoln, to teddy roosevelt, i see they want to take teddy roosevelt's down too. they're trying to figure out why. they don't know. they're trying to take away our culture, our history and our weak leaders, they do it overnight. these things have been there for 150 years, 100 years. you go back to a university and it's gone. weak, weak people. we are going to protect american interest, we are going to protect the american worker. no longer will we allow other countries to close our factories, steal our jobs and
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drain our wealth. we are building our future with american hands, american labor, american ier, aluminum and steel. we will buy american and we will hire american. i immediately with drew the united states from the disastrous transpacific. . would have been a disaster. and we have begun formal renegotiation with mexico and canada on nafta. and i must be honest and i've
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been talking about nafta for a long time and i'm sorry it's taken six months but you have oo see this. you have to give notice and after the notice is given, then you have to wait along time. we started two days ago. personally, i don't think we can make a deal. because we have been -- i don't think we can make a deal. so i think we'll end up probably terminating nafta at some point, okay. probably. but i told you from the first day we will renegotiate nafta or we will terminate nafta. i personally don't think you can make a deal without a termination but we're going to see what happens. you're in good hands i can tell you. we are unleashing american energy and i with drew the
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united states from the job killing paris climate accord. people have no idea hour bad that was for this country. we were lieks the lap dog. great for other countries. our country was so behind. since i took the oath of office, we've added far more than 1 million jobs in the private sector. unemployment is at almost a 17-year low. wages are rising. the stock market is at its all-time high in history. and economic growth has surged to 2.6%. remember everybody said you won't bring it up to 1%. you won't bring it up to 1.2%. and we just started. those regulations that we've
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gotten rid of -- and we're go having to some regulation but it's going to be sensible regulation. those regulations are unleashing our economy. so we have a gdp we're shocking about two weeks ago it was announced for the quarter 2.6%. remember i said we're going to try to hit 3%. we're already at 2.6. maybe i'll have to increase my offer. and you know the economic counsel, when it got a little hot with the lies -- but people are now calling me. people that have been like we'll take a pass. don, can we get together for lunch? let's do it privately instead of through a counsel.
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these people just don't get it. they're calling and saying how about getting together privately? why should they be on a counsel? that's the way it is, folks. that's the way it is. to bring more jobs and industry to our shores, we are committed to passing the first major tax reform in over 30 years. now we need the help of congress, please. ok okay. we need the had help of congress and we really could use some democrat help. we're giving you the biggest tax cut in the history of our country. the democrats are going to find a way to obstruct. if they do, remember they are stopping you from getting a massive tax cut. just remember that, okay. america's business tax is a self
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inflicted economic wound. we have one of the highest business tax rates anywhere in the world, pushing jobs and wealth out of our country. that is why we are going to lower the tax on american business too, bring back those companies, bring them back to america. we want more products stamped with the letters "made in the u.s.a." we also want every day americans to be able to keep more of their own money. especially in the states where i won by 20 and 30 points, i really hope you're going to come over to our side because when you're 52 republicans, if you lose like two, that's the end. as good as something is, it's hard to get 51 out of 52. so i hope some of the democrats that are going to lose their
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election will come over and give everybody a big beautiful tax cut, which is going to be great for the economy. it's time to pass a tax cut for the middle class families. we will make america the best place in the world to hire, grow and start a business again. we want to lift our people from welfare to work, from dependence to independent and from poverty to prosperity. we are going to do an infrastructure bill. our greatest creations, our most incredible buildings, our most beautiful works of art are just waiting to be brought to life. american hands will build this future. american energy will power this
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future. we have become an energy exporter for the first time ever just recently. and american workers will bring this fucher to life. we are the nation that duck r -- dug out the panama canal, put a man on a the moon and defeated communism. we can do anything, we can build anything and we can dream anything. it's time to remember what our brave soldiers never forgot. americans share one flag, one home, and one glorious destiny.
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we live according to the same law, raise our children by the same values and we have all made by the same almighty god. as long as we remember, as long as we have enough strength and curage in our souls, then there is no challenge too great, no task too large, no dream beyond our reach. we are americans and the future belongs to us. the future belongs to all of you. this is our moment. this is our chance. this is our opportunity to recapture our diynasty like nevr before, 2to rebuild our future too, deliver justice for every forgotten man and woman in child in america. freedomal will prevail.
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our values will endure. our citizens will prosper. arizona will thrive. and our beloved nation will succeed like never, ever before. so to americans near and far, in cities small and large, we say these words again tonight, we will make america strong again. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, arizona. god bless you. thank you. thank you.
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>> well, what do you say to that? i'm just going to speak from the heart here. what we witnessed is a total eclipse of the facts. someone who came out on stage and lied directly the american people and left things out that he said in an attempt to rewrite history, especially when it comes to charlottesville. he's unhinged, it's embarrassing and i don't mean for us, the media because he went after us, but for the country. this is who we elekded president of the united states. a man who is so petty that he has to go after people he deems to be his enemy, like an imaginary friend of a 6-year-old. his speech was without thought, without reason, devoid of facts, devoid of wisdom. there was no grav toss, no sanity. he was like a child blaming a sibling on something else. he did it. i didn't do it.
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m he certainly opened up. the race wound from charlottesville. a man clearly wounded by the rational people abandoning him in droves, meaning the business people and the people in washington now questioning his fitness for office and whether he is stable. a man backed into a corner it seems by circumstances beyond his control and his understanding. that's the truth. if you watch that speech as an american, you had to be thinking what in the world is going on? this is the person we elected as president of the united states? this petty, this small, a person who who's supposed to pull the country together? certainly didn't happen there. let's break it down.
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and republican strategist luke wils wilson. what did you think? >> i thought that was a president totally unhinged. there's little doubt about that. for anyone watching. i do think you get at point. this is the evidence that backs up bob corker questioning his stability for office. this is the evidence as to why susan collins, another republican senator isn't so sure he may be around to run for reelection in 2020. this is evidence as to why the republican leader -- and i'm only referring to people from his own party. why mitch mcconnell, the leader of his own party is telling associates 24 s he's not sure t presidency is going to fill out the duration of the term. questioning whether or not his presidency is permanently off course. this is the evidence that it is so severely off course you can't
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see the course. it's hard to see how he's going to get back on. and the fact that the president of the united states came out tonight -- and as you said, it's not about attacking us. that's fine. although we in the press are going to be the last people to take lessons from donald trump on truth telling and facts because that's absurd. but the fact this is one night after he appealed to the country about unity, about coming together, about peace and love, these were the words he used last night at the top of his speech before he got the afghanistan section because he was still trying to do some clean up on charlottesville and really tried to talk about the notion of love and peace and unity and this was nothing but a speech of division tonight. he has -- i think he's sort of thrown up his hands and decided to the job he was elected to do is one he does not at all seem
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interested in doing. >> he's more interested in getting the accolades from the crowd. he keeps going back that election and as i said lying about what he said to the american people regarding charlottesville, as if there is no videotape. as if these things are not on record, leaving out the many, many sides and there's so many notes that i took here. after a while i said we'd have to be on air in order to fact check him for 10 more hours. which i'm shur other shows on cnn will do throughout the evening. but it was unbelievable watching. and we don't really care in the media. we expected him to go after us. people are wondering why did we run this? we want people to see their president and they got good glimpse of him now as somebody not widening the tent, but shrinking his tent and shrinking the people who support him. among the general public and certainly in washington.
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what did you think, april? >> don, i was in disbelief but mostly for the minutes he spent on charlottesville. last night i was at fort meyer with the president when he spoke to the military service men and women about afghanistan and again at the top he talked about charlottesville. but tonight, tonight, 44 minutes. this is saying something that this is still weighing on him. this is a huge issue. and you said the word lie. i don't like the use the word lie but i think back to when president barack obama was in the well of the house and congressional leader jumped up and said you lied. well, you know if we say the word lie for this president, he's lying by omission because he omitted a lot of facts in his details, his details, on the
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layout of what he said and did not say. he totally omitted the alt-left issue. he totally omitted talking about both sides are at fault. this president has a very different grasp of reality. but it's also interesting that he brought in dr. ben carson to be on that stage. also the niece of dr. martin luther king jr., he brought her in. >> call her bernice by accident? because bernice king is tweeting saying i'm not there tonight. >> bernice king is the daughter of dr. king. but this is the niece. he couldn't even say the word gram. i was like wow. and if you're going get on the stage -- i find it interesting
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armstrong williams just last week in martha's vineyard, he denounced the words of this president. armstrong williams is very close to dr. ben carson. so there's a lot going on here when it comes to the issue of charlottesville. this issue of charlottesville is the alba traus away from the it neck. it's -- and he talked about twitter, talked about us. but i'm looking at how deep charlottesville is. because he kept going on and on. he's trying to change history. we have the tapes, the transcripts and it lives in infamy on social media. so people can see for themselves what he said. it's not about fake media. you can check it for yourself what the president actually said. if you want to say the word lie, he lied by omission. >> he lied tonight. let's flat out say it. he lied. he is the president of the
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united states, right? >> and he blamed barack obama. >> of course he did. >> he's obsessed with barack oba obama. hillary clinton and loretta lynch. the bromance is over. >> what got me is he painted himself ass the victim, as the president of the united states is supposed to take the high road and set an example. when the only victim in charlottesville was heather heyer. she is the victim in all of this. you're not a victim here at all. heather heyer is the victim. people you spoke out about are victims. >> we did not hear the love. during the campaign speeches i didn't hear this over arching theme of love.
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i heard more rhetoric to divide a nation. >> he almost did the same thing tonight when he said we're safer in here because we have bigger people that can beat you up. >> and how did that person get in here? if it's about love, everyone should be invited. this is not a private event anymore, or is it? >> he lied about the size of the crowds and protesters outside. >> don, listen, this was a castro escspeech in length. it was an astounding chain of lies by a man who obviously is mentally unstable. i'm not joking or being a smart -- this is a man who is not well, not qualified or mentally or morally fit to be the president of the united states and tonight was one more proof of it. this is a guy who went back and
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tried to revise history and tried to alide the fact that he essentially -- he just happened to forget the many sides part of this. he forgot the actual impact of the speeches he gave wasn't to reprimand or to chastise the altright, but let them all nudge each other and go he's still dog whistling. it's cool, guys. he alterinated between being a whiney 6-year-old who's had his nintendo taken away and being the cranky old mann condemning everyone. it was an astounding moment in our history and i know the 25th urmendment is a remote possibility, but if people around him don't think he's bat crap crazy, they're mistaken. >> i need go to miguel. i understand there's
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something -- a crowd outside the convention center and chaos. >> reporter: police are now deploying gas. there were a couple of bottles of water thrown at police. they immediately began putting out. there goes another bottle at police now. they immediately began with pepper spray. you can see them -- whoa, whoa whoa. these are, for the most part gas canisters. you can see this person picking it up and throwing it back at police now. this is the situation. that's a flash bang grenade trying to get the crowd to go home and disperse them. they sat out here, several thousand people t seemed for most of the day. they began to maybe go home during the president's speech, some of them but for the most part they have stuck around. they are putting up very heavy gas right now .
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looking for my colleagues, making sure we're all together. and the police in very heavy gear. they have helmets, gloves. clearly they are deploying smoke grenades and pepper spray as well. you can see another canister as well. they're also using flash bang grenades. >> miguel, are you okay? if not, we can go to gary tuckman. >> reporter: this gas does not appear to have any sort of effect on the individuals. they're now attacking the barricades here. this gas doesn't appear to have any sort of effect. the barricades have been broken where we are, which is going to concern police. they have taken great care to make sure the barricades stay up. you have most of, if thought all of the phoenix police force out here. this is an all hands on deck situation.
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oh. now they're -- now they are deploying a much heavier gas. >> miguel, why don't you stand by. >> reporter: i have gas in my eyes. >> keep your camera up as long as you can. we'll come back. we're going to go to gary tuckman. so stand by. gary tuckman, what are you seeing there? >> reporter: just what miguel was saying. the police have deployed tear gas and some concussion ordinance that has startled people here. there hasn't been any violence so far and that's the good news but the tear gas is very acute. most people have left. you can see there's riot police wearing their shield, their helmet but all of our nass are burning, our throats are burning. why did happen? i don't know. but there were water bottles thrown at police and the next thing we felt was burning tear gas. during donald trump's speech,
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you haven't mentioned this just yet the very first thing he said wasn't very true that there weren't many out here. there were thousands of demonstrators out here. and the speech went on for an hour and 15 minutes. for the last half hour of the street, people were streaming out. people were streaming out while he was talking about not many people being here. no violence so far. as the police have gone into action. don. >> all right. thank you. keep your picture up. i want to get your response. when he said unite the country and he's supposed to humble himself and two critics and if there is a rough time in america, supposed to listen to everyone. this is not bringing people
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together. he did not -- nothing he said brought people together. and this is an indication. if you see what's happening outside. >> i'm going to respond to this as a political strategist and i will tell you i think the way they see it is tonight's event was a campaign speech. last night's event was a speech to the nation. tonight was a speech the core group of people that have kept them afloat since the beginning. i think they're probably looking at opinion polls that show him slipping. and they thought this might be a good time to go back to what worked for them during the campaign next year. if you were looking at it through the lens of raw political strategy and holding the coalition together that has brought you to the presidency, this is exactly the kind of speech he would give. he finally started ticking through the agenda items they think is go toing to keep republicans together as they
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move forward. one more thing. he is now the president. so he doesn't have an actual named opponent. last year it was crooked hillary. he called it the crooked media. so they've clearly decided to go all in on turning the media, cnn, whoever, the media into this year and next year's hillary clinton. that is the opponent right now for them. there is no leader of the democratic party to attack. so they're going to use the crooked media as the embodiment of everything that his coalition of supporters don't like about what might be going on. >> as an american and i would like to have heard something tonight about the tin soldiers on the ship but none of that. instead he's just going after settling scores and not from -- this is through his no fault but
8:43 pm
his own. he should understand how washington d.c. works. he's got a republican house, a republican senate, a republican in the highest office in the land and he has no major legislative accomplishments, he cannot get one of his signature campaign promises across and that is the it repeal and replacement of obamacare. that is not the media's fault. that's his fault. that's people in washington who he cannot work with or cannot galvanize and then he talked about the wall. we're going to build a wall. he didn't say -- guess what he left out tonight? that mexico's going to pay for it. lies, omissions and blaming people for his own issues. if you're watching this, i understand the strategy behind it it. whether it works or not, we'll see. but this is what we've come to in america. this person as our leader. come on. >> i'm not comfortable with a lot of his strategy. i want to give crow the best
8:44 pm
political analysis i can give you. i've struggled with the president the last couple of weeks and some of the things he's done. i think the biggest news, frankly is that the trump administration is prepared to shut down the government to pay for the wall. >> are you comfortable with that? >> no, i don't like government shut downs no matter who's in charge. i was looking at my twitter feed and a lot of folks were wondering where would i start? that's exactly where i would start because obviously he's got to get together with the republicans in congress and he's pushing the possibility of a government shut down, which we'll see how the markets react to that tomorrow. but that to me was the news of the night. urrar professional news man but to me that was the news tonight. >> bacar, i, is it time to start discussing a 25th amendment? >> i mean we're going to have discussions about the 25th
8:45 pm
amendment no doubt. i think the president is unfit, unhinged but many of us have known that for 18 months/19 months and we're still here now. what we haven't seen along this path while we're talking about the character and fitness is elected republicans show any leadership or fortitude. there were two things that stood out about the speech. the first is in charlottesville there was only one victim and that was heather heyer, not donald trump. he went on lying and lying and lying, not uplifting the spirit of protest and freedom and speech and all those things that embodied the life of heather heyer. he was really small and petty but we know him to be that. the president of the united states had more kind words for
8:46 pm
the leader of north korea than he did for a war hero senator who was fighting brain cancer. i mean that literally jumped out at me. the way that he attacked john mccain who served our country admiralably, who's fighting one of the tough battles of his life in his own home state. it was cowards, petty and beneath the office. i don't know why people expect donald trump to stand up when we need someone of some moral character. i don't know why they expect him to fail void of leadership. he's morally vamper. i think what we're starting to see is the moral consciousness is awakening. he's one of the best twitter followers out there, but until we get some of the same type of curage we had had, we can just sit around and talk about this
8:47 pm
all day. the direction of our country is not going to change. >> and i've been one to say, maria, that it was a pipe dream, he's going to go to there for four years. but he's given oxygen to racists. he hasn't really denounced the alt-right. he is clearly trying to ignite a civil war in this country. he has not tamped down race. if he was on my team in this news room and said those things, he would be escorted out of the building by security. i asked bacari about the 25th amendment and she said the only possible defensible explanationing for trump's unpresidential, narcissistic
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behavior would be early on-set dementia. some people have been saying that for months. he is -- has he shown that he's fit for office? >> no. ab solutely not. but this is something the majority of urmarecamericans wh not vote for this man understood how unfit he was to told the oval office. tonight was historic on a couple levels. yes, i believe after tonight a lot of people are going to be thinking that he's not just completely unfit, that he's just completely ill equipped to hold this office but that he might be psychooughtically demented and ill of the mind in order to take this office and in order to continue on with this office. in fact, congresswoman jacky
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spear was on cnn talking about the 25th amendment and whether it's time to invoke that. my question after tonight's speech is where are republicans on this? are they proud of their president tonight? are they proud this is the leader of the republican party? speaker ryan, are you going to stand by this man? mitch mcconnell, are you going to stand by this man who has now insulted you up and down? tonight, don, america's enemies are laughing and america, the country, is weeping and we need do something about it. >> scott jennings, i mean if you fact check the speech this is a person divorced from reality. the facts don't add up. the media won't show you that. we took his press conference
8:50 pm
live. look, they're shutting off the cameras. we're on live. it's either he's divorced from reality, he doesn't care or he's just a flat out liar. scott, come on, brother. i mean, what is -- what are republicans going to do? what do this is crazy. >> well, i hear what you guys are saying about the speech and i'll just be honest with you. the speech i saw tonight didn't look all together that much different to me than the campaign rallies of 2016 that led up to him winning the election or the rallies of 2015. >> big difference, scott. he wasn't the president of the united states then. hold on. i'm going to be more presidential than any other. >> you're talking about tossing a guy out of office who isn't any different than he was. he hear you, he's the president now. >> why should we be surprised? when someone shows who they are, believe them. everyone who said he's just
8:51 pm
doing that because he wants to win, he has to say that, everybody does that on the campaign trail, no, this is the same madness from the campaign trail that is now in the oval office. and him saying oh, well, i invented the term, what was it, the term that he invented, extreme vetting. do you see how many people had to be fired or let go from the white house? did he extremely vet those people? if he invented the term, then he should understand what extreme vetting mean. he's had so many people who had to be fired for either lying or possibly doing some sort of nefarious behavior. yet, he is the inventor of extreme vetting. scott, can i please get an honest moment from you? this is lunacy. >> i hope you don't think the moments we have together are typically dishonest. i try to come on and give you my honest strategic opinion. tilled just tell you again, i think this peach speech was not aimed at you, maria.
8:52 pm
this speech was not aimed at you, rick. this speech was aimed at a specific audience. he's the same guy today what was the audience. >> the same guy he was a year ago. >> scott. >> he believes that this is how he's going to hold his coalition of supporters together. we'll see if he's right. i don't know if he's right. >> scott, tell. >> the theory that. >> scott, tell us the audience. please define his audience, scott, please. >> well, i think the audience is the 81% of republicans who say in the polling that i've seen in the last couple of weeks that are still with this guy. >> so i have a question for you, scott do you think it's smart strategically if he is trying to shore up his support from republicans for him to insult a war hero, john mccain, for him to insult jeff flake, for him to insult the whole republican senate? that is a great wait to get
8:53 pm
republican support, right? >> that's an interesting strategic question but -- but let me say this real quick and then you go. but look, donald trump has higher numbers among republican partisans right now than the republicans in congress. do i think it's smart strategically if you're trying to pass bills? no, do i think somebody looked at polling and said you have more weight with republicans than they do. they judged for him it might be better. is it going to help him pass byes? no. they are not aiming at a legislative agenda here. >> mitch mcconnell has made some significant statements tonight in that phone call with donors, donors to the republican party who are very upset. he said this man may not serve out his term. his first term. mitch mcconnell is coming, that says -- that speaks volumes. >> that "new york times" story,
8:54 pm
that "new york times" story was a book end to this speech. that story tonight was one of the most devastating things i've seen in a pretty long political career. the fact of the matter is the smart political response in the broader sense as a president is that you know, you're not just the leader of your party and not just the leader of the faction of your party that fan natcally supports. this is a guy tonight, every eye in the senate and house is on him wondering can he pull off another night like last night. they're grasping at desperate little straws and saying maybe he'll stay sean for another 24 hours. tonight they saw a guy so wild and so lunatic and they're thinking also, he has control of nuclear weapons. this is a good thing. no, it's not. they're terrified of this guy. >> let david chalian in. >> i think rick is making the point that is, scott, i agree with you. we saw a lot of this on the campaign trail.
8:55 pm
what i think we saw differently tonight and where i think it went off the rails is we see how much his negative news coverage is under his skin right now. to spend 20 minutes, he knows it was so clear watching him, he knows his comments over charlottesville over the last week and a half now have been problematic. >> he spent over 40 minutes on charlottesville. he spent over 40 minutes on charlottesville. >> he was still trying to clean it up today. yes, this time by bashing media and the coverage. he understands that is infecting his presidency. that was very clear tonight. >> go ahead, bakari. >> just from a 50,000 foot view talking about the speech, what the country needed right now was a presidential moment. what donald trump and his staff and whomever his strategists attempted to give us was a campaign moment. what they did, it made sense on its face. you put donald trump in his arguably best setting a campaign rally with all his supporters in arizona with the likes of sheriff joe arpaio probably down
8:56 pm
the street somewhere empty back room somewhere and he will flourish. that is the thought process. you even put ben carson on stage with him and the niece of dr. martin luther king jr. and he starts out talking about love and unity and bringing people together. the problem with donald trump is donald trump has been unhinged since he came onto the political scene. this is nothing new. and as he's going through and as david brought to light, he's dealing with all of these political hurdles. when you become president, it doesn't make you someone else. it literally shows who you are. what we're doing is seeing someone like donald trump who is having so much trouble dealing with the mantle and the weight of the expectation of the presidency. >> i got to get to a break. i got to get to a break. i have to say scott, i'm not trying to beat up on you. you are taking the brunt for all the republicans in washington and everyone who has questions about donald trump. they're looking for scott
8:57 pm
jennings pore some answers tonight. so we're going to be backing with scott and the rest of the panel. we're on live for at least two more hours. the question is, was bob corker prescient this week when he said this? because now everyone is talking about it. much more ahead right here on cnn live analysis of the president's speech tonight in arizona. we'll be right back. knowing where you stand has never been easier. except when it comes to retirement. at fidelity, you get a retirement score in just 60 seconds. and we'll help you make decisions for your plan...
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this is cnn breaking news. >> here's a breaking news. president trump delivers an angry divisive speech in phoenix and explosive protesters erupt in the streets. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. in the midnight hour here on the east coast. the president after one of the worst weeks of his presidency surrounding himself with his supporters. blasting what he calls the fake media again and again and again. while defending his shocking charlottesville comments last week, but


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