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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 22, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> this is cnn breaking news. >> it is breaking news and we are live in hour from new york and we are live in the 1:00 a.m. eastern hour here on the east coast. president trump delivers a speech unlike anything we've heard from the president of the
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united states. this is cnn tonight i'm don lemon the president is angry, e deviciv devicive, blasting the fake media again and again and again while defending his shocking charlesville comments last week and failing to mention a lot of thing. many omissions tonight. here with us is our panel including breitbart spokesman thank you all for joining us. i got to get your reaction. first. what do you think about the president's performance tonight and what he said brian. >> first many trump supporters enjoyed and appreciated the president's performance doesn't
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mean his worded weren't poisonous. i think his anti media rhetoric and against institutions are like a slow-acting poison. the words in the people's minds. that kind of poison we've heard before. a lot of what trump was doing tonight was a repeat from his campaign trail, best lines from past presidential rallies this is his eighth rally as preds of the united states which in and of itself is unusual. you and others are asking about fitness tonight because he steps it up every single time going further earnharvery time and hi love it but gives others to doubt about his very fitness. >> i would love as a friend help to take you guys, take you down to rehab and check you in for the most ridiculous over reaction that i have seen by
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people saying he is unhinge. at what point do you just sit there and look at the president and say i may disagree but no one is a doctor tonight and everyone's trying to diagnose him, the president of the united states is unfit to be the united states, he's unfit to be commander-in-chief. by implying it you are trying to under mine the president of the united states because you don't like what he said in his speech tonight that he is somehow unfit to be commander-in-chief that's the most ridiculous over reaction. [ overlapping speakers ] >> everybody stop. you are asking people to pretend they didn't hear what happened did you watch the speech? >> i watched the speech. there are people who love looking at what donald trump says and immediately oh, my goodness the president's unhinged. the president tonight was very much like the president was at
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almost every one of his rallies. >> unhinged. >> you may not like it, but doesn't mean he's unfit to be commander-in-chief you want to talk about overreacting. >> what do you say former director of national former of intelligence. >> i disagree with him. i'm not going to say he's unhinged or unfit to be former man of the krerks ia. cia. you can disagree with someone politically. i'm not going to say clapper is not fit for national tv because he's obviously crazy, i disagree with him doesn't mean he's unfit. >> nobody said -- >> so many people have been implying somehow because they don't like what the president says. i think it is incredibly irresponsible to say the president is unfit. >> you think bob corker is fit.
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>> i know bob corker, he's my senator from tennessee for a long time -- let my finish -- >> you think republicans who whisper off camera the same concerns off scenes you think it is inappropriate and who don't have the guts and back bone to come on television and say it publicly. >> i will say this about bob corker, i think bob corker and many establishment rhino republicans don't have the guts to come out and say it publicly. if you are scared grow up you're a united states senator don't be a child and under mine the president. [ overlapping speakers ] let me finish. >> one at a time. quickly make your point, please. >> i don't need a blanket tonight. i don't need someone to put me to bed tonight. i'm a grown adult. brian, brian, you're saying aren't you scared. >> because many americans are. >> look i'm not scared, majority
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of americans are not scared. you are trying to make this into something it's not. bob corker has never liked donald trump. he's always hated donald trump. there's a lot of republicans that cannot stand the fact that the -- >> okay -- >> -- this is an important point. >> no filibustering. >> there's one person against like nine. but my point is it's about bob corker. of course he's going to rip on the president. he's never liked the president. bob corker is completely -- >> you said that before it doesn't mean that bob corker doesn't have a brain. >> not saying he doesn't but be man enough to come out and say what you do behind closed doors. it's cowardly. >> it's not only about disagreements but policies i a disagree with policies but we have standards based on what previous presidents did. is it is inconceivable that george w. bush or ronald reagan
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would have gone up in a rally and said journalists don't love america as donald trump did. it is inconceivable that reagan or bush would have said washington post is simply a tool for amazon. it is inconceivable. will talk about liberating cities. what donald trump is doing is completely anathema to the standards republicans senators have set. and there's not a senator republican who would have said the things about journalists that donald trump said that's why it is different. >> it's inconceivable to have journalists come out here. [ overlapping speakers ] i am responding you just don't like what i'm saying to you. >> no actually you're missing the point. >> you think the media and people should have pretended ronald reagan wasn't in the
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latter years of all timer. people have the right to assess behavior without saying it is partisan. this is not partisan. we're assessing the behavior of the highest office of the lanned. >> why didn't you say it for the rallies that we carried for months. for months. you thought he was unfit until this rally. >> i thought he showed he's shown exactly the same unfitness. no other republican candidate came anywhere near saying the bigoted lies he said day after day. he's in a different category and always has been. >> i've said from the beginning donald trump is unhinged and unfit to be president because of the rhetoric he's used throughout his entire candidacy and presidency you of e i'm sorry but words do matter. you can't sit here and tell the world this is normal.
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this is not normal. i refuse to participate for you to try to normalize this craziness, it is not normal for thoim say they are trying to take away our culture. who is the they an what did is the culture. it's not normal to literally back a known racist who has been convicted of being a damn racist when white supremacyists killed someone in this country last month. so it is now the time to put up shore shut up. >> that means? >> that means you either care about the republic or the democracy of this country or more about having political majority in congress having the white house. that's exactly what this is about. >> it doesn't necessarily mean
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impeachment or driving him from office it means restraining him. getting him to -- go ahead david. >> couple of thoughts, don, to your point about restraining him. congress is co-equal garabranch government currently controlled by the president's party. their credibility is at issue how they will act moving forward. and they will obviously be judged on that. let me say two things about tonight's speech. one, it's important to get this in, the president is the commander-in-chief and passed on the opportunity to say something about the sailors on the uss mccain who are either missing or died at this point. he is their commander. their lives are directly in his hands and he passed on the opportunity to speak about that right at the top of his speech. also glazed over the death of
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heather hire and troopers bates and cohen from the state police. one more point as ben is saying thinks the bridge is going too far to diagnose the president or even i hint -- >> -- because it is. >> -- let me finish even if it is a bridge too far to talk about the president's mental stately say this, what we did see tonight is someone turning a campaign rally and at least for the first six months of his campaign, excuse me of his presidency. his campaign. hard to tell the difference. into this sort of area of grievances. don't want to make a joke but it's like the festival of grievances presidency. i think about an article written by tv critic for the new yorker who wrote in january who said this election was about who controls the microphone and he
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controls the microphone. as we get month after month into this president is i and we've got more than three years to go possibly more than seven years to go, as we get month after month into this presidency the president's response and the response of the people who support him suggest to me this was less about health care or jobs and more about who controlled the microphone and who could stick it to washington. >> mike shields, we are not sitting here diagnosing the president, we are analyzing a speech no one is giving a medical diagnosis of this president. >> i beg to differ, there was a conversation at the beginning about ten to 15 minutes long people were literally saying he is insane we got to get him out of office. rick wilson and maria were going so far. here's kind of my point. bear with me on this, i believe that we're having a national conversation about race, right, and as a republican i believe we
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have to look inwards quite often. we get accused of being things i don't think republicans are we have to ask our veselves why wo anyone believe that about us what have we done as a party that they would think that for a minute. that's being accountable. what i ask of the media if the president of the united states will lambast the media what's the media done for 10 to 15 years to believe what he's saying. why not look inward, why not ask themselves we've been coming from a left-hand side. let me caveat this, don lets me criticize the media with don so i give you full credit, and we always have a robust conversation. that's how you get to a place. many people in the media feel personally attacked. for the president to do that why
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would anyone believe him. [ overlapping speakers ] >> the media doesn't call him insane. no such thing as the media, individual commentators, rick wilson hates trump has for two years, they may say things, doesn't mean the media says it or cnn or if i a news organization is saying it but the president called the press liars, sick people, and crooked. said they don't like our country. that's not presidential. you know george w. bush wouldn't have done that. >> i agree but let me ask you a question. there's poll now showing a huge number of republicans over 80% distrust the media. >> right. >> over half democrats distrust the media didn't happen. >> we have to did more soul searching. >> i don't see that. >> when the americans are forced to choose between the press and
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the president, more americans trust the media over president trump. he has a fantastically problematic low approval rating. >> so to your point, answer for me because brian answered your question, you said republicans need to do soul-searching why would people think they have done racist things or have racist policies. same thing why would people think that of the president that he's not fit for office and that maybe his actions point to how you may not feel about him being racist. talk about republicans first and then the president. >> no, i mean, look, i was on with you the other night and said i disagreed with his tuesday infrastructure speech where he did thisse kwif indicating. i agree with paul ryan. i don't believe that's in his heart. tonight people don't like that he conveniently left out parts he didn't want to talk about but was still talking to a
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republican based rally about race and saying the right things, rereading the parts of the speech that were really important things for the president to say i don't think any alt-right people were listening. >> here's the difference he wasn't doing it for the betterment to bring people together he was doing it to defend himself and in defending himself he left out a lot and there's lying by omission. so i ask again, why would people think that trump supporters or republicans or president may have racist tendency because you said why don't people believe the media that we have soul-searching what's the soul-searching on that side? >> no, look, like i said, i'll say it again, i criticized the president for the things. >> not just you -- talking about the president, republicans, and supporters. >> yeah, look, we need to be better as a party. we need to look inward, zarktly
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exactly what the speaker said last night. many republicans said. i said it. i was chief of staff rns when we took the growth of opportunity report and hired staff to go in the neighborhoods to make them carry the republican message into communities that for far too long we've not campaigned to. i think we have a lot of work, we are making tremendous proc s progress. i think the president has a lot of work, he wants to do the right thing but damaged himself with his words and is trying, he mentioned it in the speak last night on afghanistan and again tonight. >> what should he do? >> he should keep talking about it. he should never say i moved past this, i shouldn't talk about it any more. in fact would do a huge favor if charlesvilotettesville if he ke
10:18 pm
talking about. >> he didn't do that tonight when will he start. >> look he re if he wants to come on at 5:00 in the morning he can do that but he has not done. >> he reread it. if i was writing the speech for the president it wouldn't have come across the way it did. i'm not saying it was perfect communication and the way he should have done it. i think it's worth acknowledging that the president of the united states stood in front of his own base supporters at a rally and reread the important good things he said about racial healing and denouncing the kkk.
10:19 pm
nothing he said tonight would make sprooewhite supremacist ha >> is first of all bigoted -- the line about they're trying to take away our culture and history. come on you're not that naive. who is they. and what our. there was lots and lots of stuff there that was at least a dog whistle to folks actually who like donald trump and voted to donald trump. [ overlapping speakers ] >> richard spencer tweeting tonight saying trump has never denounced the alt-right nor will he. go on and respond. >> look, i denounce the
10:20 pm
allertot-right alt-right. i encourage the president to denounce the alt-right i believe he said something negative about the alt-right before i hope he will continue down that path. don't put me in a place that says i'm defending everything the president said because i'm trying to have a conversation with you and should balance our focus on some things that he did that's my point. it's a far cry from calling the man insane and saying he is unfit now we're having a balanced conversation about good and bad things he had in his speech which is the way i think americans should talk about something. >> at the same time you say he should continue doing this how many chances do you give him. >> don, can i push back on something mike said for a second. >> soak. >> >> okay. >> mike i understand what you're saying, but here's the thing we
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all watched the speech, the president read the transcript with more gusto than the first time. we can go back and look at the video. >> don't we want a president when he gets it wrong, many criticizers saying he got it wrong i was one that said he had to do better moving forward. [ overlapping speakers ] >> he got wrong on saturday and then monday came out and gave a very half-hearted statement and tuesday had that epic blowup in front of the media. >> therefore, does better, you can't admit because you don't like the president. >> it's not that. >>. [ overlapping speakers ] >> with that low credibility on issues of race then gender if he wants people to change their perception of him has to lean in right away two saturdays ago and make it plain how he speaks. >> let me make it clear, i
10:22 pm
didn't defend what the president said, i'm not saying the president of the united states doesn't have to get it right, he has to always get it right, you don't get a redo. that said -- >> wait you're talking about the first speech the president gave on saturday. >> i'm talking about when he came out and gave the speech the first time. i even said -- >> actually you were rereading his speech saying you thought he hit the right mark and had the right tone. >> no i said very clearly is that when you have a conversation about race in general and that there's something that happens that deals with this you have to make it very clear that you denounce it clearly. you have to make it clear every time. this is what i'm saying about the president. the president came forward tonight, read some of the lines many say he should have been more clear on. he uses words to his core audience tonight who people said
10:23 pm
he would not be able to did this to. they said he would not be able to learn from his mistakes. >> and he read the speech and said you will never hear that in the media when in fact we ran it live. and he said they're cutting the cameras off and we were still running it live as he was talking trash about cnn. ben you're making excuses for something that's not there. >> i'm not making excuses i'm saying there's a certain point you have to look at it and say okay there's people who are criticizing the president because they literally can't stand him even when he uses the lines they say he should be using more often. [ overlapping speakers ] >> i think the problem here is the president's credibility and consistency on the issues of race in this country. remember donald trump didn't pop up on the scene yesterday this man led the charge against the
10:24 pm
birther movement which -- >> i denounced that. >> this is who donald trump is. please don't act that the same man who took out a full page ad in the new york times saying that the central park five did it and suggesting they be thrown in jail when there was no clear evidence and now they've been exonerated let's not pretent donald trump doesn't have issues with credibility when it comes to race, understanding that you can't say he read a statement got it wrong the first time came out with a new statement that was better, today he could have emphasized other points. no folks need consistency, clarity, honesty and credibility because people are literally dieing. prz people are dieing. >> how many chances, how many excuses can you make for someone especially as you go back and look at his history on this subject from decades ago.
10:25 pm
it just didn't start two saturdays ago. >> how hard is it to be against white supremacist, racial profiling, it should be most simple rhetorical things any president should do. yet we repeatedly are saying maybe he meant this. it's worth noting after he regurgitated charlesville statements otettesville statements any wonder why people think people are racist i don't see a lot of republicans go out and say it's wrong to racially discriminate and profile people. where is speaker and mitch
10:26 pm
mcconnell and members of congress. >> the president tonight, listen. >> do the people in this room like sheriff joe? [ cheers and applause ] so was sheriff joe convicted for doing his job? he should have had a jury, but you know what i'll make a prediction, i think he's going to be just fine, okay. [ cheers and applause ] but -- but, i won't do it tonight because i don't want to cause any controversy. is that okay? all right. >> does this help.
10:27 pm
>> no again this makes the point i was making earlier about the difference between principle conservative that would get up and say immigration is too high rngs tougher enforcement, all kinds of debates about immigration totally legitimate that you can have. but joe is among latinos to be today's bull connor that's the reputation he has among latino folks among the country especially arizona part of the reason the guy is in legal jeopardy. to talk about him like that let's not be naive. donald trump knows exactly what he is doing and can get a huge roar because there's few latinos in that crowd. that's different than taking a conservative position on immigration. >> we're live right now. a break. we'll be right back.
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back live on cnn and dissecting the president's speech he gave in phoenix, arizona, a president that seemed very angry, backed in the corner, if you will, and hitting the press who he believes are his enemy. republicans mostly, he hit more than democrats. i want to play this, this is him talking about senator john mccain who is suffering from brain cancer and also the other senator in arizona watch this. >> we were just one vote away
10:31 pm
from victory after seven years of everybody proclaiming repeal and replace. one vote away. one vote. one vote away. we were one vote away. think of it, seven years, the republicans, and again you have some great senators but we were one vote away from repeal. [ crowd chanting ] >> but you know, they all said
10:32 pm
mr. president your speech was so good last night, please, please mr. president, don't mention any names. [ laughter ] so i won't. i won't! no i won't, one vote away, i will not mention any names. very presidential. very presidential. and nobody wants me to talk about your other senator, whose weak on borders, weak on crime so i won't fwauk him. talk him. nobody wants many he to talk about him. nobody knows who the hell he is and now, see i haven't mentioned any names, so now everybody's happy.
10:33 pm
but we are going to get rid of obamacare, i will never stop. one vote! i will never stop. we're going to get rid of obamacare. >> a lot to unpack there. he's -- everybody should be happy. all of his advisors said do note mention anyone by name specifically john mccain but everyone knew who he was talking about and one vote really stuck in his craw. >> it really stuck in his craw. it's almost like throwing string to a kitten, right, if someone tells him not to talk about them it's perfect tip off for him to start talking about them without mentioning their names that's a rhetorical device the president used over and over and clearly enjoys it and uses it to great in effect to his supporters. in terms of health care the president should reflect on last few months and everybody can
10:34 pm
agree part of what caused the problem with the loss on health care is you have senators who are not afraid to vote against him on inauguration day had 45% approval rating now in the mid 30% that says i can afford to disagree with president trump, republicans that is. they will not impeach but says to john mccain if i don't have to vote for this bill i don't have to pay for this bill. that's what the president is dealing with. >> maybe i could have worked harder when it comes to health care and i'm going to work harder as it comes to health care and not going to let it slip through the cracks. we're still going to work. i'm fighting a lot of people in washington. maybe it's my fault it didn't work. just give me a chance and i'm
10:35 pm
going to do it. wouldn't humility go a long way rather than it's john mccain's fault. >> and in addition, i think it's inappropriate to criticize john mccain considering his health condition and not only do i think it's inappropriate all of them in senate will think it is inappropriate, it's very emotional for colleagues in the senate, he was like a hero when he came back to senate floor to vote, these are personal friends of him even others who may or may not agree. so i don't think it's effective to talk about our art pio when you want to get immigration bill done either. don't think that helps his cause. would rather see him fly in april doand do a rally and try to get second
10:36 pm
half agenda passd. >> can i ask about the mitch mcconnell reporting about an angry phone call week ago and they've not spoken and mcconnell concerned that the president may not, again i'm paraphrasing, he said not sure frtrump can save s presidency now. >> yeah, so, look, mitch mcconnell is someone who has a secure senate seat. he won his last election by 15 points over his opponent. he delivered for donald trump. his only clear major win. he left that supreme court vacancy open so president trump could nominate justice gorsich he is saying behind the scenes mitch get it together by his first name not certainty leader
10:37 pm
mcconnell but mitch. he is thinking he still has to leave the republican party why go the extra mile on president trump when doesn't agree with specific agenda. >> i don't think he would ever do that period because didn't like him from the beginning. >> took away nomination from republican obama so another republican could fill it. >> that's about who will be in the white house republican or democrat that makes sense and is a smart game plan for mitch mcconnell that's completely irrelevant to this conversation. many americans, there are them that can't stand mitch mcconnell. >> this is a new talking point i thought it was nancy pelosi. >> crazy. >> it's not crazy if you actually listen to what i'm saying and then you can say it's
10:38 pm
crazy because i'm a conservative and you don't like me but let me finish. >> first of all, no, i'm sorry, that is an inaccurate characterization of what i think what you're saying is crazy. don't try me today. >> said moments ago maybe the president of united states should have said maybe it's my fault or should have done more, donald trump doesn't have a vote in the senate. every republican said they would repeal and replace obamacare if senators made it personal and chose not to fight, it's america, you need to look at your voters and say i'm a child -- >> -- did he engage in the process. >> i think he did engage. >> did he understand health care. >> i think he understood health care pretty well got him to the white house, obamacare is one of the core thing that's got him there. >> what he's said about repeal and replace has not happened. >> because republicans literally
10:39 pm
put their own personal feelings towards the president and the ones that don't like him. >> no that's not what happened. >> again the voters that voted for these republicans wanted to repeal and replace obamacare. >> nope. >> and they let down the voters. [ overlapping speakers ] >> simone, hold on. hold on. members of the senate were asked to vote on a bill they said they didn't want to pass. by their own admission was a bad bill and some saying why am i going to do this when they weren't even sure they were going to put this ball in. >> which is why a lot of republicans can't stand people like mitch mcconnell because they had plenl plenty of time to do this. saying our bill is a bad bill, can't blame donald trump for that. >> donald trump repeatedly contradi contradicted himself. demanded the republicans in
10:40 pm
congress do completely different things at different moments. and finally got behind a bill that had like less than 20% support in the country as a hole. >> these are representing people. >> and before that set an artificial timeline. >> didn't do their job. can't blame the president for republicans like mitch mcconnell and john mccain and others would say it's a bad bill, well, you're in congress, do your job and get a better bill. n cat criticize donald trump he didn't write the bill. >> clearly i'm not here. to defend donald trump or any of the republicans currently today. >> trust me we all know. >> i just want to be clear. but why i say it's crazy is donald trump the president of the united states not understanding health care is as complicated as it could be words from his own mouth put an artificial timeline to pass a
10:41 pm
really hard bill. when took up health care there were hearings and debate and donald trump didn't do that. but i want to be clear that what i'm saying is crazy is the fact donald trump said artificial timelines goal posts for the republicans. >> only did that one time and it back fired. >> no donald trump said we're going to get health care done x. >> because bill agreed on it. >> there was no bill. you clearly don't understand how congress works. >> where is the humility with this president and as any other president will tell you, as ronald reagan, george w. bush, george w. h. bush and president obama all said the buck stops with them. with donald trump the buck stops everywhere else but the highest office in the land. tell you what if he had gotten
10:42 pm
obamacare repeal and replace he would be taking credit for it. >> absolutely he would have been. remember this is a person that campaigned the art of the deal, going to be the best negotiator. get so much done. so many legislative successes and has nothing to show for it right now. i interesting instead of owning up to that he doubles down and spends more time attacking republicans than democrats rather than working to get more votes to get something done will rather go to home state of two u.s. senators one who is battling brain cancer and attack them. how is that a recipe for success. how's that going to get anything done? >> hold that thought. i got to get to a break. let's put kurt back up in the box, i got to say, can we get him by himself. i like your st. jude's pin. >> thank you very much. >> we are talking about cancer
10:43 pm
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back now we're analyzing the president's speech in phoenix, arizona. the president talked about the media not playing his words, taking him out of context. he's very, i think he's media-savvy but does he realize everything he says is on camera. here's what he said tonight, but he left out some things. here's what he said tonight. >> here's what i said on saturday. we're closely following the terrible events unfolding in virginia. this is me speaking. we condemn in the strongest possible terms. this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence. that's me speaking saturday right after the event. >> so here's what he actually said. we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious
10:48 pm
display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides. >> on many sides. he didn't mention that at all. that was omitted. then he talked about the statement that the white house released, not specifically from the president but the statement the white house released the next day and then after that the president is said this, didn't say anything about tuesday but this is what he came back and said on tuesday, didn't mention that on his speech tonight. here he is doubling down. >> you also had people that were very fine people on both sides, you had people in that group, excuse me, excuse me, i saw the same pictures as you did. you had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of, to them, a very, very important statue and the renaming of a park from robert e lee to another name. >> so take it out of order.
10:49 pm
let's play what he said. he did talk about tuesday let's play it. >> the last one, on tuesday, tuesday, i did another one! we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence. it has no place in america! [ cheers and applause ] >> can we play, and then let's just play it again. now we did it out of order what he didn't mention was the very fine people part here's what he actually said, again. >> people that were very fine people. on both sides. you had people in that group excuse me, excuse me, i saw the same pictures as you did. you had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of to them a very, very important statue and then renaming of a park from robert e lee to another name.
10:50 pm
continued this with both sides talk. didn't say both sides explicitly. did talk about far right, excuse me far left wing folks who go out, some of them provoking violence in these protests. brought up antifa by name which far lester just like some of those white supremacists cause chaos many charlottesville. so bringing up the antifa the president continues and the news is going to love that. but what's he doing don, he's attacking the public, media and a lot of folks because he knows he's loadsing some republicans that voted for him. this is a president in survival mode. >> how many times are we going to say survival mode?
10:51 pm
are you going to say it in a year, two years, three years? >> being optimistic. mitch mcconnell has never been a friend of the president, i don't think he likes the president -- >> does anybody like the president? >> i don't. >> every time someone criticizes the president you say this person doesn't like -- you didn't like him. >> during the primary he was not -- obviously very clearly on his show. i don't know why people are laughing -- >> i'm laughing because it's true. >> during primary people support many different people. the sellers crap when he comes out and goes for somebody. >> but carmen sellers -- >> what are you saying? >> you didn't give him credit. you didn't -- >> marco didn't vote for hillary clinton. >> that's my president and you
10:52 pm
give him hell about it. >> you make no sense because those people did not reflectively support the person because they were democrats. that's a big difference. let me go back to what brian said, he's in survival mode. >> because it's true. >> no it's not true. >> so stop stop stop so then why make the speech if he's not in survival mode if he's not trying to -- >> because he went out and rally his base. >> to i knock late himself -- >> that's your opinion. let me respond because i'm probably the one person who would be a conservative on this panel. the president is not in survival mode. you just don't like the president i think you want him to be in survival mode. have you ever said about another president when their approval went low. did you say that when bill
10:53 pm
clinton had a lower approval ratings which we did. >> we weren't on cnn then. >> the president of the united states right now is donald trump. >> right. >> so let's not -- >> how many points. >> hold on listen, i'm older than you, i remember bill clinton, monica lewinski and all of that and there were times that this president said he was in survival mode. and what did he do, he didn't attack the media, he made friends with the republicans, he got thing done. he didn't go on television and said everybody who criticized him didn't like him. -- >> but he did survive the american people -- >> absolutely. >> and he was impeached. >> yeah he was impeached. so what is wrong with saying this president -- go ahead mike. >> i was going to try and attempt to get back to your actual question coming out of the break --
10:54 pm
>> thank you. >> when was why he left those thing out. even though we've all seen the video and know what it said, he know that is too obviously right. let me state from the beginning, there are no nice people that are white supremacists, you can't equivocate those things. i completely disagree with his characterization there. so tonight, he knows that he said on saturday, something he admitted today and then the subsequent tuesday, something he admitted tonight. i think what he was trying to do was to say everyone focused on the bad things i said and not the other things i said so let me go and read all the things -- he said the media didn't cover it and you pointed out it was covered live. i think what he men to say was the media didn't focus on all these strong things i said. i think they didn't focus on it because he made these mistakes and said the other things. just to answer your question, i believe that's why he did what
10:55 pm
he did tonight. >> so, we're supposed to say the president did not denounce nazis but he did say -- people would be questioning our sanity. >> let me clarify. what i'm saying is he was trying to explain, hey i said all of these thing, i said one bad thing, and the rest of his speech therefore got overshadow requested he sort of attempted tonight to leave out the bad part and try to get everyone to focus on the other part that he said. i don't think that's an effective thing to do because you have to speak with moral clarity and that's not the way he was doing it tonight. but to answer your question, i believe that's what he was sort of trying to do. >> that and revision -- >> but he also had tuesday to explain himself clearly and he didn't he doubled down. go ahead mike. >> no, you're right. i mean, look i -- i disagree with how he handled it. we have so many days to talk
10:56 pm
about here. i disagreed with lim on saturday, i like him monday and i disagreed with tuesday and yesterday was another monday. i liked both mondays so i wish he would stick to that. i was answering your question i think that's what he was trying to do. he was saying can we try to focus on the other good thing that i said. >> real quick, mike just did the best possible job i've ever heard a president trump clean up almost ever but it was that last little thing. the president -- one, the president knew actually what is he was leaving out and why. and the second thing is for second monday, yeah he shoe horned in an apology excuse for himself on top of a speech that was built as a nationwide address about afghanistan. piggy backing on the racial diversity of the military, not going to give him a lot of credit for that. >> thank all. it's been a very interesting
10:57 pm
night. we came on we thought we were going to be here three hours and we've been here four hours. it was an interesting moment for the country. let's see where we are when we wake up tomorrow. thank for joining us everyone i'll see you back here tomorrow. live coverage continues next with john boston and eye sasse say in los angeles. . that doesn't sound like jack. actually, jack would say, hey mate, just cool it to minus 160 and we're set. good on ya. oh yeah. that's jack.
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