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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 25, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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of the leading choice as the federal reserve chairman. i think it could very easily be -- and he wants that job he might have realized i'm losing the chance of getting one of the most powerful when it comes to the committee. >> eyes ton prize. >> the question is would it anger the president enough that he could say, oh, yeah. i'm not going to make you the fed chair because you criticized me. he has done far more rash things than that. i wouldn't be surprised if it set him off that way. >> all right. we'll see about his future. >> sorry for the attack on yale. i know you're open minded. >> just go have some pizza there, steve and you'll change your whole -- >> pretty good in connecticut. thank you so much.
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let's talk about this hurricane once again here. top of the hour. >> all right. category 3 gaining strength with every passing power. harvey is expected to make land fall. whether i know the hits it is projected to be the most devastating hurricane to hit the u.s. in 12 years. hurricane harvey moves towards texas so too does the extreme flooding threat. that includes major u.s. cities austin, houston, san antonio, days of sustained rain expected to bring more than 3 feet of water. fema is already on the ground. they are bringing in huge generators as back up.
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hurricane harvey is expected to be the first natch rl disaster on president trump's watch and the world will be watching. president trump will be in camp dav david. >> texas is about to have a disaster. >> their window to do so is closing. if they ri fuse to heed the warning that's on them. >> just to put this in perspective there are initial comparisons. is this like katrina or not? we are looking at the language here from the national weather service. if you go back ahead of hurricane katrina's land fall this was the language. most of the area will be
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uninhabitable for weeks. persons exposed will face certain death if struck and water shortages will make human suffering incredible. that is an early similar warning to what we are seeing today. this is the actual language. locations may be uninhabitable with roof and wall failures and widespread power and kplun cases outages. that is a comparison people are making with the language ahead of this hurricane galveston was hit very very hard. are people heeding the warnings and getting out? >> here you haven't really seen that much of an exitous.
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most seem content to ride out the storm. we'll be on the eastern edge of the storm here. one of the strongest bands we felt blew through a few minutes ago. if you look back here it is looking back towards the east a little bit. this one usually takes about five minutes or so to make their way towards we are. we are bracing for that here. this is looking back towards the west. these are coastal areas between here and corpus christi that will be of such intense concern here in the coming days as emergency crews have prepositioned people in preparing for swift water rescues. not necessarily everyone has evacuated. once again, you often see that not everybody leaves.
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it's not just people living along the shoreline. as this storm comes on shore it will me ander and they expect it to stall out dumping more and more water. not everybody is taking it as seriously as they should be taking it. it is really hard to evacuate given the amount of time that is left. a little while ago they were saying that the time to evacuate, that window is closing very rapidly here along the coast. you put yourself in far more danger. the winds pick up and bridges will be shut down and driving in those conditions is far more treacherous. on top of all of that here there is a tornado warning in effect. it is supposed to last another
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ten minutes or so. it's not just the rain or wind but here creating the possibility of tornados which is another horrible thing to have to worry about. we'll continue to monitor that as well. >> the double whammy, how long it sits and churns i know you'll be in the middle of it. let's go from ed over to nick in corpus christi. i see some of that water beneath you, maybe not quite as crazy as the pictures but that i know will change. >> reporter: yeah. it will change. that's what officials are concerned about. they have been stressing to local residents all morning long, get out of town while you still have time. we have been keeping an eye on this as it has been creeping up. earlier that water was not
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flooding but now it is. one of those heavy bands of rain is starting to slowly work its way over corpus christi. the wind has been the story really though all morning into the early afternoon. that wind just starting to pick up as i said that. it is only an order for voluntary evacuations here. local officials i have been speaking to earlier said they hope they don't regret that later. this storm is expected to come midnight into noon saturday. that's the worst part of it. that's the expectation. people have decided if you can believe it, to stick this out. this is an area that has been accustomed to getting hit, coastal texas. we talked about long-time residents taking it back to 1970
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heavy winds starting to pick up. even know there are till people here who decided to come out and check out the water to see what this storm is expected to bring. >> seems okay for now not to be doing that later. let's go straight to tom who is at the scene getting all of those national weather service updates. i see it bright purple and red churning on the screen. what's ballpark land fall? >> it's a great question. the latest coordinates put it 75 miles from corpus christi. 75 miles and it's moving at 10 miles per hour. if we do the math this is no longer going to be after midnight into the wee hours. it could be as early as 9:30, 10:00, 11:00 p.m. local time. do not wait until the last minute. we saw the winds kick up. a few hours ago it was a
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pressure drop. it takes a while but it would happen. it is a major hurricane. tropical storm force winds. we have power outages already. keep this in mind. when you get closer to land fall you start to think that the computer models will start agreeing more. it's not really happening. what we know for sure, the winds will increase. already we are getting gusts 44, 56 miles per hour. that's enough to snap tree limbs. that is occurring. we still have our track, still making land fall which down could be a strong category 3. tracks it back into the water and then takes it north into galveston and the houston area. i want to show you another model. it does very well when we talk about systems like this. i will put it into slow motion for you. it moves in near corpus christi
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for you. it moves in. take a look at what it will do here in the next couple of days. slides up in san antonio. heavy rain in austin. drops back down. where is it on wednesday? the same location, it made land fall tonight. it continues to spin up and around the houston area. this is looking a lot like the american model which last night and even today wanted to push it into texas and keep it in texas until saturday. that's problem we are talking about. it's not the all focusing on the land fall at a category 3. it's focusing on what happens after landfall. if you do not have a steering current what's going to happen? it backs it back up is not the only model that brings it back to regenerate in the warm waters of the gulf. it's not the only model to give it a second land fall. what this tells us, what's going to happen here? who knows? we know it's stalling.
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that's all we need to know right now. as we go through the process and hours ahead we'll get a better idea of the current but right now we could be looking easily at houston with 22 inches of rainfall. that's over half the annual rainfall. corpus christi could see their entire year's worth of rain in a couple of days. that's the problem. >> that's a huge problem if we are talking 22 inches in houston. thank you. we'll stay in close contact with you. i'm sure david is watching this closely as well. he was appointed to lead fema in the days after hurricane katrina. the federal government responds there. we have pictures of fema sending generators to texas. we know the president has been briefed by fema and homeland security officials. nice to have you on. with what we know about this hurricane so far, can you put yourself in the shoes of brock
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long, the current fema chief, what would you need from the president right now? >> yeah. they have their hands full. you have a great emergency management. you have general kelly in the white house. you duke and homeland security. we have good people there. i would be telling the president we need to move early and move fast and strong. that's what they are doing. those are changes we put in place. we learned it simply doesn't work on a catastrophic event. the fact that what we just heard is hurricanes are probably going stall in eastern texas. that does not go well for the people who decided to stay and did not heed the warning to evacuate. >> if we are talking stalling, let's just spell this out, stalling means increased chance of flooding. what can people do, those who
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are there now to, i don't know, make for a better situation on the back end of this? >> you know, we saw what happened in katrina. people did not have the opportunity to evacuate and stayed in their homes. we lost over 1,800 people. this is a devastating storm now. there is no big levy to break. still, you're talking about 2 or 3 feet of rain in a very short amount of time. this thing could lats 18 rngs 24, maybe 36 hours. they need to make sure they stay in as safe a place as possible. if they have time to evacuate my advice would be to pack your car up and go north. >> we know that of course we were briefed by the white house and the homeland security adviser that seemed totally on it with regard to this hurricane. the president did tweet that he talked to the governor of texas and governor of louisiana. for historical contacts
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president obama held a press conference to caution everyone ahead of sandy. president bush held one to warn against katrina. how much does it matter that the president does or doesn't address the nation or the fact that he is going up to camp david or not? >> i think president needs to hear from their elected leader. they need to hear they understand what's going on and understand they will have the supplies and support they need to get through this catastrophic event. >> what about the nation hearing from him ahead of it? he might go to texas next week. does he need to address the nation? ? i'm sorry. i couldn't understand the question. >> does the president need to address the nation? >> here is the deal.
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i think it is important. >> i think it's important to see that. >> forgive me. please continue. i'm pleased to see they have done that. i'm pleased with the governor being proactive. i'm comfortable that everything that can be done will be done tweeb the local and state and federal government to make sure that we handle this storm as best we can. >> yes. >> it lab tough storm.
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whyou're not thinking clearly, so they called the fire department for us.
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i could hear crackling in the walls. my mind went totally blank. all i remember saying was, "my boyfriend's beating me" and she took it from there. and all of this occurred in four minutes or less. i am grateful we all made it out safely. people you don't know care about you. it's kind of one of those things where you can't even thank somebody. to protect what you love, call 1-800-adt-cares all right. back to our breaking story, this hurricane harvey upgraded to a category 3 hurricane just churning off the coast of both texas and louisiana. let's go to the white house to our correspondent there, kaitlyn is there. we were hearing from tom bo
12:21 pm
bossert. the president is leaving for camp david momentarily which he assured everyone is 45 minutes up the raid. >> the president left a few minutes ago. he is tweeting about the hurricane. he said he encourages everyone mt. path of hurricane harvey to heed the advice and warnings of local and state officials. that is also what we flaerd tom bossert a short time ago. he said the president is being regularly briefed. we know he received a full briefing. the president is tweeting and encouraging everyone to stay safe. the white house issued multiple statements on it. the president will spend the weekend monitoring the storm. he also said the president will stay in regular contact with greg abbot and the governor of louisiana. we know greg abbot requested that declare it a national
12:22 pm
disaster already. it would allow federal funds to go aand -- ahead and go to places most effected. he warned it will be a storm that doesn't go away quickly. he is telling people to heed the advice and now is not the time for them to loose trust in their government. it is the first time to deal with this natural disaster test. it really was 12 summers ago when hurricane katrina hit. a lot of people said his administration botched the response to that. we see them trying to be proactive with this. >> i understand that the vice president will be staying behind in washington monitoring the storm from our nation's capitol. who else is going with the
12:23 pm
president to camp david? >> john kelly will be with him along with melania trump and his family. they are just 45 minutes away. presumably the president will be able to do from camp david what he would be able to do from the white house. we also heard sarah huckabee sanders saying they are planning on a trip early next week. it will likely depend how serious this storm is. >> let's listen in.
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>> okay. i think that was good luck everybody when asked what's your message to those in texas. good luck everyone. general honoray, it has been a moment since we have spoken. given the situation it sounds like from the white house they are most concerned about the rain and storm surge. what is your advice for the president as he heads off for the weekend? >> well, if i was given him direct advice i would tell him to stay in the white house. >> why? >> well, we have 16 million people waking up tomorrow
12:25 pm
morning and possibly sunday morning going into sunday afternoon with water at their front door and in their homes. we went through this in katrina with our president on vacation. i know camp david. i have been part of the national command structure before. but again, we got a message of the president going to take a weekend off while 16 million people don't know if they will wake up tomorrow morning and have a roof on their house in the next two or three days. my recommendation would be to stay in the white house. that's why it's built to have all of the convenience in the world and command the nation. number two, i would not wait on the governor of texas to wait for a decision. it's like they are going tlau checklist of how you do this listening to the lawyers. the president could sign that without any request from governors just like president bush did before katrina.
12:26 pm
this should be done. it's the 26th of the month. a lot of working people have no working money left. if he signed that more shelters could be opened before the communities flood. >> let me stop you there. i think people don't fully understand the significance. this is all about money, right? it is opening up the copper. >> right. it's about money. >> go ahead. >> to get ready. when you see fema shipping generators to texas it's like going to alaska to take ice. there are generators all over texas. it's a symbolic move. it's an old move. some times you need to do it in areas that don't have support. texas has an enormous industrial capacity. if the governor of texas was authorized to preinstall generators on places that they already know they need them but
12:27 pm
those small town mayors will not request generators until after the disaster because if they do it before they have to pay for it. so we need to tweak the response plan again because every time i see fema has generators headed to texas or some part of louisiana on interstate 10 i say here we go again. we have enough generators in texas to sink a battleship and we are sending generators. the el vaevation in core put christie is 7 feet. they say they will have a 12 foot surge. why don't they have mandatory evacuation? contrary to what the white house spokesperson said, he does not have to wait for the governor to request it. it should have been done a day before so more people could get ready and more could get
12:28 pm
generators plugged up for when the lights go it. >> i understand. i think his word was we are going to lean into it. maybe it means it will happen. we'll wait and see. i have a feeling we'll be in close contact with you as this hurricane is hitting in the aftermath. it's always a pleasure. thank you so so much. >> we hope for the best and everybody is working hard at it. this is a move we could make without a request from the government. >> i got it. >> the president has the authority to do that. >> thank you. copy. >> p foot elevation in corpus christi. >> copy. life threatening flooding as hurricane harvey closes in on texas. also ahead, one of the president's top advisers breaking silence on charlottesville remark, why cone prepped a resignation letter. that's coming up next.
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xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to bottom of the hour you're watching cnn. we'll get you back to breaking news. category 3 hurricane barrelling towards the coastline. the white house reacted to one of the top advisers. cnn learned gary cone was ton brink of resigning over president trump's controversial remarks in the wake of charlottesville. he was condemned for standing there last week in silence while the president said what he did. cone telling the financial times that the administration can and must do better to condemn hate
12:34 pm
groups. moments ago sarah huckabee sanders said she thinks no one was surprised since he and the president have spoken openly about this very issue. it shows this near resignation is certainly news making in an interview that is supposed to make news on tax reform. what did you make of that? >> the president doesn't have a reputation for being very tolerant and i think that's why this particular case so open and so brazen from such a senior representative of his administration really stands out. i think it speaks well of gary cone that he said what he said but at least he said it now and maybe the president hears him because nobody, no rational person could dispute what he
12:35 pm
said. >> one of his very own, you know, a gang of six considered bowing out because of him. >> i would be surprised. i have no inside information. the reports are that he has already had a private ward with the president in the aftermath of charlottesville. my hunch is he knew it was coming. it probably speaks to the value that president trump places on gary. i dent know how many others in the administration could do so muchless would do so. >> okay. let me ask you, i am looking at pictures of hurricane harvey churning off the coast of texas the president is already in route to camp david. he said it's not a good look for
12:36 pm
president not to be at the white house when it's very possible. >> do you really think it's possible? i have never been one to criticize for being on vacation. i think the office follows them where ever they might be. the optics, brook, i really appreciated the candor. i listened with great interest. he has the credentials and expertise. i'm more of the political animal. my own reaction is the same as his to say i think you want to stay right where you are and let the cameras show you in the situation room hunkered down and monitoring everything.
12:37 pm
>> let me ask you about lots of tweets this morning. the president is pouring gasoline. this is the president tweeting strange statement considering that he is constantly asking me whether or not he should run in '18. tennessee not happy. you know, here he is, the president getting ready to hit the road. he is heading to missouri next week to sell his tax reform agenda, an agenda he needs republicans to get it passed. do you see this as counter productive? >> i think the reason he got his goat is that there's a whisper campaign afoot. it is louder than a whisper campaign pertaining to the 25th amendment and whether president trump is unable to perform his duties. in a month when a book by two dozen health care providers is released and they cast on his mental health it will grow even
12:38 pm
louder. corker represents the first person of any stature within the president's own party to use a word like competence in doubting his leadership. i think that's probably is reason that it really ticked off the president. >> yeah. good to see you. we'll wake up and see you tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. thank you, my friend. >> thank you. >> speaking of this hurricane, let's get to harvey. now upgraded as category 3 childrening towards texas. we'll talk to the mayor of texas next. you're watching c nnn special le coverage. for your heart...
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one of the cities that is expected to be hit the hardest
12:43 pm
is corpus christi, texas. with me now i have the mayor of texas and i believe we also have the fire chief. mr. mayor, first you have quite a job on your thanhands, sir. what is your concern? >> our concern and our goal is really in this situation with no fatalities. that's our goal is life saving and protection. we think we have done the steps necessary. the emergency planning between the fire chief, emergency management people between the city and county practiced and practiced and practiced and had dr dress rehearsals. they have their game face on. i am very confident that
12:44 pm
anything that was within our control will be taken care of. mother nature is a different source. but if we can keep people out of the low lying areas and out of the way of the flood waters i think we'll achieve our goal. it doesn't mean we aren't going to have some damage to buildings and property, but that can be replaced an recovered. i feel very good with what we have put in place to deal with situations like this. >> what is your message to folks riding it out? >> there is no reason to be on the streets at this point until the storm is over. working my way from city hall to my home i haven't found a business that is open yet. th there may be one. you can't spend your money any
12:45 pm
where. there is no place to get fast food that i have seen. stay at your house. avoid anything that looks like it might be water over the road. it may have a smooth surface but there could be a hole 10 feet deep under that water. you never know because of erosions and collapsing of soils underneath. so just stay home, try to relax rediscover the art of reading a book or watching tv or listening to music, whatever, be patient. be planning what you're going to do for after the storm. be prepared if we lose power that means that in september -- in august and september are our hottest months in corpus christi. we have no power it's going to be hot. it's going to be humid and just begin to practice patience.
12:46 pm
we are going to get through this and the plan we have in place will be a good one for us. >> thank you for pulling over on the side of the road between city hall and home. you have a night ahead of you, sir. thank you so much to the mayor of corpus christi. i have the fire chief with me. i will bring you on. we heard from the white house and their priority safe the i of public and first responders which is you o'aly'all. you are the ones that get out in the worst of it. how are you all preparing? >> we are at ground zero here in the city of corpus christi. we are a few hours away from category 3 strike. we have taken a lot of time preparing for moment. we have trained, exercised, worked together with all elements of government from
12:47 pm
local, county, city, state and federal we have elements of texas department of emergency management that are ready if needed to do water rescues, high angle rescues, any kind of work that needs to be done by firefighters i believe we are ready to do. >> we need you and are grateful for you as first responders and up and down texas and louisiana as well. thank you. good luck. powerful wind and rains. the bands are starting to hit the coast. we are there live. this is cnn special live coverage.
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the president's war against his own party is getting worse. he has just lobbed yet another attack against another republican senator. this time it is bob corker from tennessee, making him the 11th republican senator the president has now targeted. and now a well-respected veteran
12:52 pm
and stalwart of the u.s. senate is calling for his party to essentially disown the president. former senator john danforth, who was once vying to be the vice presidential nominee, just wrote this in the "washington post." here's a portion. writing, the fundamental reason trump isn't a republican is far bigger than words or policies. he stands in opposition to the founding principle of our party, that of a united country. we are the party of abraham lincoln and our founding principle is our commitment to holding the nation together. john danforth, who served three terms in the u.s. senate and is an ordained episcopal priest, joins me now. senator, nice to see you. welcome. >> thanks a lot. >> so tell me why you don't think president trump is a real republican. >> the history of the republican party sholdi ings holding the n together. that was the basic principle at the beginning of our party.
12:53 pm
we're the party of abraham lincoln, we're the party of the union, and it's been the fundamental mission of the republican party from the beginning. and trump is absolutely the opposite. he is the opposite of what a republican is. he's a divider, he set one group against another, he makes people hate each other, resent each other, treat people as though they're not really part of the country. so he is the opposite of what a republican is. he's the opposite of what the country is all about. and it's very important for republicans to make it clear that donald trump does not speak for us, we are not like him, we do not talk like him or act like him. >> but, senator, if you look at it from a different way, i mean, i don't need to tell you the man was elected. obviously his base still loves him. the latest polling shows 77% of republicans approve of the president's job performance. but mitch mcconnell and paul ryan have taken a, how shall i
12:54 pm
call it, a soft approach to criticizing the president? i mean, shouldn't this stronger stance you clearly embody and are calling for start at the top? >> i hope it's pervasive. i hope this is a general message by an awful lot of republicans, and i hope we make it clear to the american people. because the threat is that donald trump will be associated in the public mind with republicans in general. and if the public feels that the republican party is donald trump, that we're anything like donald trump, then we have a very, very bleak future. it's true that he has a corps of strong believers, but what is the corps, maybe a third of the public, less than that? and you can't win many elections with 30-some-odd percent of the vote, so it's really the future of our party. and the importance of having a
12:55 pm
conservative political party in our country, we have to have it. the republican party is very important to our country, and to let it just be destroyed by this guy, but the underlying problem is the divisiveness. that's the question. what's the point of being in politics? what's the point of being a leader? is it to try to further divide people or is it to try to bring us together? and he's made it clear what he's trying to do. he's the most divisive president we've had in the history of this country, and republicans have to make it clear that that is not what we believe. >> i understand. i understand. i want to ask you about some other news of the day, senator, as i have you. the national director that is jewish, breaking with trump on his handling of charlottesville, saying the administration, quote, can and must do better in
12:56 pm
consistently and unequivocally condemning hate groups. the "new york times" says he even drafted a letter of resignation, though he told the ft he was reluctant to leave his post. try to put yourself in his shoes, senator. is that the right thing, you know, serving the greater good? >> every individual is different, and whether it's better to stay in the cabinet -- i think it probably is. i think particularly the national security people should stay put. i mean, that gives me some assurance that we're going to have soundness in the making of defense policy, defense decisions and national security decisions. so i wouldn't advise people to just walk out and leave. >> former missouri senator john danforth, thank you, sir. meantime, love, loss, fairy tale and tragedy. princess diana lived a life in the public eye, but two decades now after that tragic car crash
12:57 pm
that took her life, there are still compelling questions about how she lived and how she died. cnn's clarissa ward explores little known moments about the life of the people's princess in this new cnn special report, "diana chasing a fairy tale." >> reporter: the most famous and photographed woman in the world. a princess with style and substance. a loving mother. >> diana was absolutely born to be a mother. >> reporter: a passionate advocate. >> i'm trying to highlight a problem that's going on all around the world. >> reporter: through it all, her every move scrutinized and scandalized. >> she was followed everywhere. i think she found that time very difficult. >> reporter: behind the flashbulbs, a life marred by loneliness. >> she wanted her freedom, she wanted a life. >> reporter: the tragedy that took her life -- >> princess diana, at the age of
12:58 pm
36, has died. >> reporter: -- left the world devastated and in disbelief. 20 years later, what do we know? >> she went to her lawyer and said, they're going to kill me and here's how. >> reporter: friends, family, those who were there speak out about diana. a woman who transcended celebrity and transformed a monarchy. >> clarissa is with us for all the details. my mother has read every book on the planet that you could ever read. she's probably watching and say, yes, brooke, i did, on all things princess diana. but it's so interesting the difference in her private life versus public. >> i think everybody wanted so much to buy into the fairy tale, this incredibly beautiful young woman from an aristocratic background marries the most eligible bachelor in the whole u.k., if not the entire world,
12:59 pm
and you sort of wanted them to skip off into the sunset. of course, as we all know, that's not what happened. spending time with a lot of her friends, some of whom have never spoken before, you realize that in spite of being the most a dord womado adored woman, this beautiful woman, this fashion icon, diana was incredibly lonely, and her life in many parts of it was extremely difficult, extremely painful, and extremely sad. >> there are still, though, conspiracy theorists out there and who say, it wasn't a car crash, that's not how she died. how do you respond to those people? >> watch our documentary, listen to all the facts. it's all going to be laid out for you and then make your decision. there are definitely some bizarre things and some questions out there, but watch the facts and they will tell you that this was a tragic, tragic accident, brooke. >> clarissa ward, thank you. nice to see you, and we will all be tuning in to the cnn special report, "diana chasing a fairy
1:00 pm
tale" ." it premieres this sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. a large category 3 storm barrelling off the coast of texas and louisiana. live pictures up and down the texas coast. heed the warnings. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're going to start with breaking news in the national lead. harvey is now a category 3 hurricane and closing in on the texas coast. forecasters say harvey will be the strongest hurricane to hit the continental u.s. in 12 years when it makes landfall overnight. the outer bands of the hurricane are already stinging the texas coast. authorities warn that in some areas, it is already too late to get out of dodge. forecasters expect harvey to be a slow mover withay