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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 25, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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hitting the texas coast. but also the news of the president's first par douchb the controversial sheriff joe arpaio from the state of arizona. sebastian gorka deputy assistant to the president, controversial, out. fired from the white house. and a whole lot more. time to turn over to cnn's don lemon and "cnn tonight." >> announcer: this cnn breaking news. >> there is breaking news. a lot of it. just fasten your seat bechlts the first one of. millions in the path of a monster storm, bearing down on the texas coast. and the white house, dump maze jr. breaking news tonight. right in the middle of all of this. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. thank you for joining us and staying with us four hours we are on live for you at least this evening into well into saturday morning. first, the storm. the eye wall of hurricane harvey. one of the most powerful hurricanes in years, beginning to move onshore. the storm surge, and heavy rains are already pounding the coast
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and could continue for days. national weather service in houston warning parts of south texas, could be uninhabitable for weeks. or months. the president says he signed a disaster proclamation for the state, hurricane warning in effect for about 1.5 million people. with another 16 million under a tropical storm warning. many have evacuated. in the city of rockport, officials are advising residents if you refuse to leave, to write your names and social security numbers on your forearms. and any victims of the storm, can be identified that way. as the hurricane bears down on texas. political storm in washington. president from pardons former sheriff joe arpaio. and sebastian gorka is out tonight. we will have the latest on this very busy night of breaking news. right here on cnn. again, thank you for staying with us. thank you for joining uh us.
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our reporters are in the middle of the storm along the texas coast. cnn chad myers in hurricane headquarters. so, we get to chad in a moment. cnn's martin savage is in corpus christi, texas. martin, understand you are in full frontal assault. what is happening where you are? >> you are right. seems that every hour i keep telling people that they is, couldn't get worse. and yet, every hour it does seem to get worse. and now, it's, about the wereest we have seen so far. the way -- weather is not just howelling, not blowing, it is blasting. it is like standing in, in behind a 747 and trying to remain on your feet as a struggle. the rain that comes at you is coming at you horizontally. it stings on every part of your exposed skin. visibility has been reduced. obviously by darkness. outside of the immediate lights here. all along the water front it is, it its pretty much, lights out.
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hard to find areas, not a lot of light. a lot of power outages. on the waterfront here. the wind gusts up to maybe, 100 plus, 145 miles an hour. now, naturally that happened, while i was standing here. i wouldn't be able to stay on tie feet. we have a building that is actually, helping to shelter us. and shelter is the key word. because, no one, no one, should be out -- trying to escape the storm now. warning from city officials there. saying, there is no chance of escaping, stay where you are. that also goes for people and their pets. they put that warning out as well. it is life or death if you try true travel on the streets. stay where you are. stay hunkered down. wait for it to go by. the problem, don, when will it go by president? wind they subside by tomorrow, some what. but then -- then we have the rain. and the rain is considered to be
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even a greater danger than what we are facing right now. with this category 4 storm. don. >> martin, you cover a lot of these, as well as, and being down from the south, and louisiana, having trouble hearing me. but i want to ask you -- >> i lost you. >> can you hear me at all. you got your earpiece in, martin? can you hear me now, sir? >> i go out. sorry, don, there is so much feedback mine ear. >> we understand. let me be simple now. tell me about this voluntary evacuation in corpus christi. how many decided to ride this thing out? >> the number of people that have left. we haven't heard. we saw yesterday, as we drove in, it was an incredible line of traffic. northbound on 37 south pound. we had, the highway practically to ourselves. but northbound, a steady stream. one thing is clear, that even though the storm blew up quickly. people here took the warnings very seriously. a lot of people did get out of the storm's way. but there is also a lot of
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people that stayed behind. the authorities know that. they also told them that hey if you get an emergency tonight there is no way they can respond because they would risk their own lives. life or death, they'll make it, on a call by call basis. but, it's hard to imagine any person trying to got out. because they're going to be needed as soon as this dies down. that is for certain. >> uh-huh. the only folks who should be out in this emergency workers and people, like martin who are covering it, and when if ever the conditions get too bad, martin will half to go in. martin, can you hear me? >> sorry, don, just so much feedback on the line right now. i can't. i can hear your voice. it's reassuring. but, i can't hear what you are asking. >> martin, we will move along. stay safe. martin savage in corpus christi, texas. let him go. get out of the elements. martin is down there covering it. unless you have to be out in this, you should not be out. what is, interesting to me, is
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chad myers, is that, in one city there, they're telling people if you decide to stay and ride this thing out you, need to write your name and social security number on your forearm. how serious they are about this storm. >> that town right there, don. see that yellow dot i put right there. serious as a heart attack. i have been watching pair scopes, streaming video past couple hours. unbelievable now, the eye wall is on shore. the not eye. this has not made landfall yet. you need the center of the eye to come on shore before we call landfall. but, there has been, hours now of pounding, rock port, all the way done to port aransas, couple wind gusts over 125. reent why marty is getting more, more heavy rainfall when this storm, should have been up here by now, it actually has turned slightly to the left. and now it is getting closer and closer to marty. now that you can't see it. there its marty right there. there is the storm coming in right through here. it is getting closer.
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it is in fact getting to be a point where marty is going to see, more, more heavy wind from the north all night long. and i think this storm is really slowing down, don, i think we are done to 5 miles per hour right now. the storm still very intense. hurricane hunter in there. soon as it gets on land, hurricane hunters don't fly through them anymore. we'll be done with that. right now still category 4. 130 miles an hour. sustained wind in the eye wall. only in that one little area. the rest of it is going to be storm surge. and a storm that, refuse to move. talk about spaghetti plots all the time, don. this does truly look like spaghetti. all of these models should all be going in the same direction. the models have no idea where this storm is going for now. what that means it? is going to sit there. it is going to rain. for five days. >> wow. slowing down, not a good thing. that is, the storm surge. only, worse, chad myers. chad, we are going to let you
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go. get all your information. again going to be on the air covering this thing live for you, this category 4 hurricane along with chad myers and the rest of the cnn staff. chad, thank you. thank you to martin savage. as well as the folks out there. need to turn to other breaking news. the white house aide, sebastian gorka out. president trump pardons, joe arpaio. pleased to inform you i granted a full par done to 85-year-old, american patriot, joe arpaio here, kept arizona safe. alexander marquadt has more, there are big breaking news announcements the storm barreling towards texas. the pardon of sheriff joe arpaio. the president tweeted, thank you@realdonald trump, for seeing my conviction for what its. a political witch-hunt by holdovers in the obama justice department. what do you know, alex? >> don, really no coincidence that all of this is coming out
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not just on a friday night on a night when so much of the country and world's atonetion is on the massive storm, barreling towards the southern part of the country. we knew the president was considering pardoning, sheriff joe arpaio. could come soon. we had no indication this would happen tonight. arpaio is a deeply controversial sheriff from, from maricopa county, arizona, a staunch supporter of president trump's on the campaign trail. he was convicted of criminal contempt, for refusing to stop racially profiling latinos. we're told by a spokesman for the justice department that the president exercised his lawful authority and we respect his decision. in other word, don, the justice department had no role in arpaio's pardon. a source telling cnn this is the president's pardon. there was some speculation that the president would announce a pardon for arpaio, earlier in the week when he held a rally in phoenix. he didn't that night. but he, he did tease the crowd saying that arpaio wutd be fine.
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indication that this was almost certainly coming. >> i want you to listen, alex, the audience as well. then get you to respond to it. this its what president trump said at the rally in phoenix earlier this week. >> was sheriff joe convicted for doing his job? he should have had a jury, but you know what -- i'll make a prediction. i think he is going to be just fine, okay. but i won't do it tonight because i don't want to cause any controversy. the white house must know how controversial this would be. why do this as his first par done, why now, alex? i was at the rally in phoenix. you could tell he wanted to announce it. he all did but announce it right
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there. he had given the big speech on the new strategy in afghanistan. the white house didn't want to step on that message by turning around and doing something so controversial. the president showed restraint and didn't make announcement tuesday night. a lot comes back to the timing. white houses since long before trump dumped bad news friday night when fewer people are paying attention. tonight the huge hurricane baring towards texas. barreling towards texas. as the the president's approval rating slipped. he repeatedly played more and more to his base. this pardon plays directly to his supporters. so that's probably a big part of the calculation. how it goes over on a more macro level remains to be seen. the mayor of phoenix put out a statement tonight saying that, that arpaio received a fair trial and justifiable conviction and there is nothing the president can do to change the awful legacy and the stain he left on our community. >> alex, another extremely controversial white house adviser has gone. yet another friday. with a big resignation.
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or firing. this time, sebastian gorka. he is out. >> he is out. yes, conflicting accounts about his departure. did he get fired? did he resign? a was official saying that sebastian gorka did not resign. they're confirming he is no longer with the white house. so that sound pretty close to a firing to me. a source telling my colleague, sarah murray this was a call by john kelly who really tried to get the house in order, since he took that post. anthony scaramucci, and then bannon, and gorka. from the bannon camp. when bannon left it was seen that gorka's days were numbered. one thing kelly was trying. trying to figure out what people actually did in the white house. what their portfolios are. and even though gorka was technically a counterterror official not clear what his job was. so when kelly looked at grorka and came up with nothing. his answer, presumably time to go.
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>> finally, finally, as of now, who knows in a couple moments. could be something else. very serious topic. one so controversial. this transgender ban. that was first announced on twitter. the white house made that much more concrete tonight. what can you tell us about, and, about this and, what happens now? >> right. after that big announcement by trump on twitter which took even military advisers by surprise. this announcement was made quietly with very little fanfare, no signing ceremony, in fact the president wasn't even at the white house. he had just left hours prior to camp david with his family. it was an unnamed senior administration official on a conference call with reporters who made the announcement. what the trump administration is doing. rolling back overturning what the obama administration, obama administration did at the end of his term. under this new directive. transgender people will not be allowed to join the military pending a longer study on, on military effectiveness, unit ke heegs, and cost. now, in the meantime, a lot of
7:14 pm
leeway is being given off to the department of defense, and the department of homeland security, over how to implement this order. specifically what happens to transgender troops who are currently in active service. we don't know the answer to that. secretary of defense, james mattis has six months to come up with a plan. in the time, a lot of questions that tonight, have not yet been answered. >> don. >> alexander, thank you very much for that. appreciate it. more breaking news tonight. reaction to president trump's pardon of joe arpaio. senator chuck schumer tweeting this as millions in texas and louisiana are prepping for the hurricane. the president using the cover of the storm to pardon a man who violate aid court's order to stop discriminating against latinos and ban, courageous transgender men and women from serving our armed forces. the only reason to do these right now its to use the cover of hurricane harvey to avoid scrutiny. then ran to camp david. so sad. so weak.
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>> lots to cover as i said at the beginning of the show. when we come right back. more breaking news on two kind of storms tonight. the latest. hurricane harvey takes aim at the texas coast. more on the storm over president trump hae pardon of sheriff joe arpaio. the white house aide who downplayed the threat from white supremacists. sebastian gorka. he is out. we, the people, are tired of being surprised with extra monthly fees. we want hd. and every box and dvr. all included. because we don't like surprises. yeah. like changing up the celebrity at the end to someone more handsome. and talented. really. and british. switch from cable to directv. get 4 rooms with hd, dvr, and every box included for $25 a month. call 1-800-directv.
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that is corpus christi, very windy. corpus christi, texas. as this category 4 hurricane is about to make landfall sometime in the coming hours. the storm bears down on the texas coast tonight. a different kind of storm hitting the political world though. president trump's adviser, sebastian gorka is out. the president pardoning controversial sheriff joe arpaio of conviction for criminal contempt. time to bring in my panel. a very busy news niegtsght. what happened to slow friday news nights. i tweeted out early, a time gone by. laura, a handful of big stories i want to talk about.
7:20 pm
we need to start with president trump's pardoning of joe arpaio. very controversial share ricir resporiff -- sheriff responded. thank you,@donaldtrump. what are your thoughts on this pardon, holdovers? >> no, i don't think this was a political prosecution. and it is a political pardon. but to suggest that, in a prosecution that began with a 10-year review, of his conduct of racial profiling, of latinos, in his home state, and flouting the fourth amendment, ignoring it, in over a series of different years, deciding not to, follow the instructions, of a court that said that he had to adhere to this little thing called, the fourth amendment, should surprise a lot of people, that would be called a political witch-hunt or political prosecution. i have heard commentators this
7:21 pm
dus th as a witch-hunt, you have arpaio saying it is, but its not. a confirmation this president does not seem to understand either the constitutional premesis that are, that, that force us to look at how police conduct should be viewed in this country. or the sepp raegs of powaration you must respect the rule of law and in particular an order by a judge that says you have broke in a law. that would be a very, very easy thing to do when you, in fact, have been a sheriff who served for 24 years in that particular state. in your final bid, seventh bid, did you lose office when this prosecution happened to commence after a ten-year review of your conduct. >> interesting assessment. interesti interesting. we'll get to all that. anna, i have been wanting to talk to you. i want to know the message of
7:22 pm
pardoning -- what that says to latino community and the country as a whole. >> i would tell you that for the vast majority of latinos a slap in the face. it is painful. it is hurtful. it is -- an act that makes us, indignant. mad as hell. just tells a lot of latinos that donald trump does not have your back, does not care what you think or what you feel. and if you wail law ill allow m. reading the statement put out by the latino elect owed officials, several republicans, prominent republicans on the board. represents over 6,000 latino elected appointed officials. what they say, a pardon of arpaio is an endorsement of racism from the highest office in the land. signaling to americans that discriminatory behavior and a blatant disregard for the judicial process is acceptable. that kind of act is an extra ordinary intervention in our justice system. they go on to say by pardoning
7:23 pm
arpaio, president trump is turning his back on the values we hold dear as a nation and continuing a pattern of behavior that demonstrates a profound disrespect for the significant contributions of latinos and immigrants that, that made to this country every day. i think that is a lot of latinos feeling that way tonight. including my sself. >> i want to get your response. a lot of people including republicans are saying though the president's pardon power is to, is his to exercise, this pardon goes against the rule of law. what is your reaction to that? >> well, you know, look, i don't really know the facts of this case, don, well, i can't really comment on it. i am, you know the other big story that you were talking about is, sebastian gorka leaving. that's something that concerns me a little bit. because if you think about, steve bannon leaving. gorka leaving. these are people that a work with, on the campaign. and, they were people, kind of with trump at the beginning.
7:24 pm
it is interesting how the white house now is being kind of, hollowed out and the people who are with trump from the start. when you have -- so many of the people leaving the new crowd coming in. >> why is that concerning? why is that concerning? >> buzz i think, you know there is a lot of people who want from to be trump. and, and, want trump to be true to the kind of voters who, elected him. and, the promises that he made. and so far i think by the way he has a good score, on that, in that regard. >> how does sebastian gorka play into this? >> don, i am not a foreign policy guy. sebastian is. what he, what he did, i think very effectively was, he was a, very strong voice in the war against terror. one of the reasons he is well respected by conservatives. >> but he had no real foreign policy experience. the criticism of him. he was sort of seen as a mouthpiece, some one who was, very controversial, and, and,
7:25 pm
you know, wore something that resembled a sort of nazi thing on his pendant on his coat. on occasion. >> well, look, i got to know him very well. again, not a foreign policy expert the but boy, i think he really knew his stuff. i think he was, very -- aware of what was going on in the middle east. i think he was an expert on the war on terror. he will be missed. i don't know the circumstances, don of why he was replaced. i know some of the people, who have been -- removed from the white house. people who were leakers. don't know if he was falls in the category. all i can say he is somebody i really came to respect having worked with him on the campaign. >> mid i ask steven something. >> go for it. >> steve, you and i are friend. you and i have worked for years, decades on immigration issues. >> sure have. >> trying to pass comprehensive immigration reform. you got asked to respond to a joe arpaio pardoning.
7:26 pm
you deflected to gorka. i know your heart. you know what joe arpaio means to latinos in the country. you know what he means to up grants. you know he has racially profiled. i know you are against that. so i am asking you today, not to leave me alone here as a republican, being the only one condemning it. i know you for years. come on, steve. >> well, you know i am very pro immigrant. i am very pro hispanic. i've thing that latino immigrants who come to the country, the vast majority of them are great contributors to our country. the reason i can't comment on this frankly, don, i just don't know that, the facts, of the case. so, it's hard for me to, to, to pass judgment on, on, you know what he was -- >> all these years you have been around. hold on. anna, i will let you jump in. all these years you have been around. you are a very learned man. you know about sheriff joe arpaio. you know about the pink underwear. you know about what happened with immigrants. you have worked with anna as she
7:27 pm
said. and as the only, other conservative, on the panel, i wanted to get your response. presidents usually par done people on the way out. not on the start of their presidency. >> you know, i am just hesitant to, talk about it. i will simply say this. that i think anna raises a good point about, you know, trump has to -- there is a lot i admire about donald trump. one of the things he has to do as president is learn how to expand this base and talk more sensitively to blacks, hispanics. if anna is right about this, that he is, toxic. to the hispanic community. then it may have been a big political mistake. again, i just, have to say, i don't know the facts of what he was charged with. and in fact we were talking about this in the green room. before, and i didn't even though. >> and what about the time -- and the building the wall, and -- muslim ban and all of that. >> i am for the wall.
7:28 pm
the reason i am for the wall is because i think that's become a precondition, anna may have a different opinion on this. i think building the wall is a precondition, to getting -- if graduation reform don. so we can get more legal immigrants to the country. i think the conservatives come around. we can let in more workers who will be so ben fshl eficial. until the wall is built. americans feel like the border is secure. i just don't think there is the political will to expand our legal immigration system. >> i have got a theory and proposition about the wall i will share later. anna. aawe do don i have to say this. i know the facts of this case, i know them quite well. the facts of the case important to understand not about whether or not there was actually legal or illegal immigrants who were at the mercy of, of sheriff arpaio. there was a sheriff who took it upon himself, to decide that he
7:29 pm
alone could decide what was valid under the fourth amendment for a search, stop, or a prolonged patrol action. and he decided to ask people, whether or not they fit his description of what a legal immigrant looks like, sounded like. walked like. talked like, looked like. on that basis alone he, was engaging in racial pre filing. when the courts repeat lead told him, to remind him there is a 4th amendment, you cannot racially profile under any circumstances, he said, i will do what i want, and i will not allow the federal government to interfere with my objective. that being to constitutionally undermine any bed's rights in his home territory. now the people of arizona, already decided he was not worthy of re-election. not based on a politicalization of whether or not you should build a wall to oust legal or illegal immigrants. it was about, a very, very specific and nuanced fact. which is, the fourth amendment. either you aappreciate, and will
7:30 pm
follow it, or you will not and should not be the mayor, sheriff, president, senator or anything else. >> julia. what do you make of all this tonight? >> i'm watching a hurricane 4, cat ger 4, coming towards texas. and we're talking about donald trump. it's just, it's remarkable to me, as someone who has spent a career in homeland security and public safety, that, that as we are looking at, at a time when we need government to work, we need our president to focus. we need the homeland security and emergency management on the local, state, national level to work together and coordinate and to be led by someone. a president, we are talking, not insignificantly. these are huge stories. but we are talking about -- you know, the pardoning of a, of a racist. just no better word for the sheriff. it's not a legal term. just, just read the newspaper.
7:31 pm
gorka didn't have a clear docket. for those in counterterrorism. he was exceptionally, divisive. when it came to -- to muslim and arab issues. i do think he did have some impact in that regard. taking a step back. it is just remarkable to me that, that, we are -- that we are facing a crisis that trump ought to be leading. and that, you know, sort of just want to say, where is john kelly. where is he. where is the -- the leadership. the organization. and the focus that we need right now, from, from a white house at a time when this nation is, is abut about to face or facing tremendous threat to, to those who are -- in the, in, in the eye of the storm. literally. >> all right. stand by. everyone. lots more to talk about. stick with me. when we come back. much more on all the breaking news tonight.
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back now with my panel. so, laura, let's continue to talk a bit about the pardoning of sheriff joe arpaio. because, and how unprecedented this is. because joe arpaio. most people presidents pardon have been sentenced or served time. they commute a sentence. what about the rule of law here? and sentence fod for the convicn in october of this year. and the contell cha contempt ch months. compare that to commutation, the president is trying to reduce time served. with barack obama and chelsea
7:37 pm
manning when he did not pardon meaning to erase the crime and erase the conviction itself and instead said this person has served time. we are going to reduce it, much longer than anyone had served for having leaked information in that particular way. so you have that sort of novelty factor here the president of the united states has intervened before a sentence has even been handed down. and a real possibility, frankly for an 84-year-old man who has been in the public service for as long as he had. never a prior conviction. probably would not have been even serving jail time. so now you have a president, pardon, prior to a sentence and prior to a person ever having even probably had the hint of serving a six month stint. >> what happens to -- to trump support, anna, among the latino community? in your estimation, because of this? >> look, there is certainly some latinos particularly in places lieks here. where i am. in miami.
7:38 pm
who are very supportive of trump. cuban-american, certainly. they're very happy with the policy change he announced a couple month as ago on cuba policy. vast majority of latinos do not like donald trump, do not feel well represented by donald trump, it is a huge issue for latinos because joe arpaio racially profiled for latinos for years, the community particularly in arizona has felt attacked by him. he is a lightning bolt for the latino community. i would tell you he probably has close to 100% id in the latino community and vast majority of us see him as a very, bad, bad character. but i think it is more than latinos. when we take a look at the last ten days, the last two weeks of this president he stood with neo-nazis, equivalence between protesters protesting for the right things with those who are protesting for the wrong things. he banned transgenders.
7:39 pm
he has now pardoned a racial profiler. shame on him! shame on him! and shame on republicans who think differently and don't have the speen ine to condemn him strongly. not only ruining the party, ruining the country. pitting american versus american. for those republicans who fought to make the tent bigger you are standing by idly and silently while he kicks so many out of the tent. steve? >> can i pick up on what anna said. >> steve, go ahead. >> oh. >> let me say one thing. to say that he stood with neo-nazi is is preposterous, a crazy statement. >> come on, steve. you know better than this. you have a huge heart. and such a huge brain. >> these charges have been made, over and over again. it is nonsensical. i spent a lot of time with donald trump. i want to his rallies. he is not a nazi. he is not a racist. and, he did not apologize. >> i don't know what they're
7:40 pm
putting in your water. >> he did not in any way apologize for, for their behavior. he has condemned, in every speech he has given. every public comment he has given since charlottesville he deed n denounced the racists and kkk. >> he said there were good people in the protest. >> you know what do you think there were good people? >> do you think good people would have been in the protest in a ku klux klan protest without the hood. come on, steve! >> he said there were bad people on both side of that clash in charlottesville. it was true. there were bad people on both. i'm not equating the two. >> do you think you should equate, equivalent? >> i think there are some really bad people on the left. got to till you. i just wrote my column this week on this. you know that, that, you know, i was on cnn about a week ago, don. i said something like, you know that i didn't think they should take the, the confederate statues down. i have been, the hate mail that i have gotten from people on the
7:41 pm
left. i have gotten death threats. i mean, there are some really bad actors on both seed of thid. we have to de-escalate. >> steve, i am going to go into gofund, crowdsourcing and ask people to please donate so that i can hire some private hostage rescuers to come and rescue you and republicans doing the same thing. >> do you think it is easier? here is my question. do you think it is easier for people to min mieimize effect o hatred and white supremacists when not on the receiving end w it. i know some people who are not discriminated against. they have big hearts and understand ee kwquivocating, pe are coming from different places. it's not two equals, evil, evil, equals of, of evil on both side.
7:42 pm
not the same. there are bad people on both sides. it's not the same thing. not the same thing. as some one that wants to exterminate and extinguish you as a race or religion. then wanting to stamp out something that is evil. the people wanting to stamp out ideology of that or thinking. >> they're horrible people. they represent .001% of the conservative movement. they're a fringe group of pop that are not part of the, of conservative movement. and any possible way. i have been a -- identify themselves as conservatives. said, called themselves the alt-right. >> pardon me? >> they call themselves the alt-right. >> they are, a fringe right-wing group. but what about, look, i have not heard on cnn, in the last two, three weeks, anybody denouncing these groups like, like, the-- the anti-what do they call themselves, antifa, groups like
7:43 pm
that. that are basically now encouraging violence in the street against, against. >> there are people that come on denounced. plenty of stories about who they are. we're not going to equate the two. >> other people have come on and denounced. >> liberals are encouraging their action. i predict, on the show that you are going to see in the course of next. >> i haven't seen any liberal come on, steve. >> ak naw i don't think it i say. democrats, liberals come on all the time. say their tactics are not right. they don't agreen wi with the violence. to say they're fighting for the alt-right, white supremacists, not the same thing. not the same thing. >> surely anyone. >> don. >> i've could say something. i just want to look at tis from perspective of leadership of a president. what happened with the pardon?
7:44 pm
every law official. sheriff. cop. police department. police chief. is that -- the president has set the conditions for appropriate behavior. and that is essentially that he will forgive. he will forgive behavior like the sheriff. now i have spent a life in law enforcement or public safety. so i know -- most of them. look at this, with the same amount of horror that, that, i do. that, that this is not the message that you want to give for the safety and security of our entire nation. because the it doesn't just have to do with hispanics in arizona. it will have to do with woman in california, or muslims in deerborn, michigan or african-americans in new york city. so what you want from a president -- is, not to equal the playing field. you actually want a president to elevate the appropriate standard by which law enforcement and public safety will act. so, while on the ground in the political debates. you might say there is violence
7:45 pm
on the left. that's actually. just a strawman. i mean the truth its, we're talking about the standard the president sets. >> why? why? >> i'm not, not going to be interrupted. not going to fight with you. making my point. >> why is that a strawman to say that there is a lot of vief lent acts by people on the other side? >> because i was just saying, if you would hear actually the totality of what i was saying, was actually, that the president is not -- the president is the president of the united states. who sets the standard, who ought to set the standard of leadership for who we want to serve in public safety and security. to protect us. so if he defend or he pardons the sheriff. it sets a standard. so, we -- we are mere civilians we can debate violence on the left, right, whatever. i just believe -- and will continue to believe who, ever holds that office, you know, people say we don't, you know the office isn't respected.
7:46 pm
it is respected. and your hope is, that the president would use the pardon power to respect the good will and good nature of most of law enforcement which its they would never behave this way. >> i have got to go guys. thank you all. a fascinating conversation. violence of any sort should not happen. >> amen. >> one side sfifighting against and the other promoting it, it is not equal. coming up. the monitor hurricane bearing down on the coast. president trump signing a declarati declaration. is texas prepared for hurricane harvey? ♪ ♪ not if you want your phone to work. let me guess, you can't livestream your lobster roll. and my mobile pay isn't connecting and i just got an unlimited plan. right plan, wrong network. you see verizon has america's largest most reliable 4g lte network and now unlimited plans start at $40 per line, you know what i am saying? (laughs.) oh this is your seat.
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breaking news. live pictures. you can sigee, man, the wind is really howling there in corpus christi, texas. is the state prepared in that's the big question. we hope they are. joini joining me is james lee whit. thank you so much. it's a critical time for the folks in texas.
7:51 pm
as a former fema director, what's your biggest concern right now? >> well, uryou know, the thing it is, texas has a great sis continue in place and has had tor years. president clinton appointed a very good director or administrator of fema, brock long. he's the former state director of emergency management. he is very smart. and i think his leadership with fema and between fema and the state and providing the resources to the state and the local communities, they will do a good job in responding to this. my concern is what is the long-term effect in rebuilding and the housing and how many weeks and months it may take to get people back in their hopes. >> that's to come. we have to see what damage it does. it's going to do some damage, a lot of damage. we just don't know how much and exactly where. i've got to ask you, it's never
7:52 pm
a good idea, i'm sure that's the advice you give pieople to ride these storms out. we've been hearing about a lot of people who refuse to leave their hopes. how much does that complicate the response smo >> it really, really does complicate it a lot. fema has deployed search and rescue times. and you look back to catrina, and 1500 people did not evacuate, and it did cause serious problems. you can always replace things, material things, but you cannot replace things that can be lost, lives. and i think it's important for people to heed the evacuation warnings and get out of the way. this is a deadly storm and lives will be lost in this storm. it's very serious. people need to heed the warnings from the local officials.
7:53 pm
>> here's thing. i i think it's probably too late now. if you ride thing out, what should you be doing in. >> you should be in the highest place you can get, securest place can you get and everybody, all the years i've been in in busine business, you always prepare for 72 hours of water and supplies to be able to sustain you until people can get into the area to rescue you. it a it's always a problem when people decide to stay in place and try to ride out a storm. this is a category four hurricane. this is serious. it's been 12 years since wife' had something like this. and people need to heed those warnings. it's a life and death situation.
7:54 pm
let's talk about the resources. do you think there are sufficient enough resources to help those who stayed behind and may need rescuing? >> if they had not planned for the resources that they need for at least 72 hours, it could be problematic for them. because this storm, everything i' i've seen, the flood and the wind could last up to five days. >> they think it's going to sit. because it's moving slowly now, and it may reverse course and go back out and make landfall again. go on. >> that's true. they better have the supplies, and they better be in a safe place that's going to protect them from 145-mile-per-hour winds and a serious storm surge. if they haven't prepared for it, they could be in trouble. >> the national weather service is saying that parts of texas may be uninhabitable for weeks
7:55 pm
or months following this hurricane. how do you plan for that? for the aftermath? >> well, the good thing about it is that the state and fema and local governments have plans in place, particularly r recovery s that can help them mitigate some of the losses, but it's going to take time. and i've always found, don, that expectations of peep in the federal government in replacing everything that they've lost is not there. you know, fema is there to help, with the state to help them to get through the initial r recovery. you look at katrina. it's been almost 12 years, and they're still recovering. north ridge earthquake went on 13 years in california. this is a long-term vapt. and peep are going to have to
7:56 pm
understand that. and people will have to understand that the federal government cannot and will not be replacing everything they lost. and if people in those low-lying areas did not have flood insurance, it's gaing oing to b difficult. fema can offer temporary housing and family grants and so forth, but it's mott going to be enough to replace ieverything they've lost. thank you so much for your tyim, sir. >> thank you, don. >> we are tracking the hurricane bearing down on texas. plus a storm on the white house. the controversial pardon of joe arpaio and the departure of sebastian gore ca. there's nothing more important so when i need to book a hotel,
7:57 pm
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megan's smile is getting a lot because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. this is cnn breaking news. >> so here is the breaking news on a busy friday night. a monster storm pounding the texas coast. i'm don lemon. hurricane harvey, one of the most powerful hurricanes in years, taking aim at the texas coast. the national weather service in houston warning that parts of south texas could be


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