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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 28, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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we're out of the woods here in louisiana. >> all right, billy nungusser, lieutenant governor of louisiana, we'll be thinking about you over the next 48 hours. we appreciate your time. that's it for me. the special storm team coverage of hard voovey continues right . stay with us. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn special coverage of the storm that make landfall as a category 4 hurricane and now has turned huge parts of texas including houston into an inland sea. and the threat from this storm rose with each and every passing hour. the rain from harvey continues to batter southeastern texas and now threatens the state of louisiana. this storm front isn't going anywhere. this is what we're hearing from forecasters, that it could dump 15 to 25 more inches of rain on the upper texas coast by friday bringing totals in some places to more than 4 feet.
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and many of the folks are shocked from how the situation went from challenging to life-or-death crisis. perhaps, no more so than a nursing home just outside of houston. >> that was the first indication something was going wrong. and water started coming under the door. within 10 to 15 minutes, it was waist deep. within 10 to 15 minutes between enter and waist-deep water. >> and as the rain continues to fall and the floodwaters continue to rise, so, too, do the challenges emerging in the event already catastrophic by any measure. not long ago, fema came out with a direst ma estimation that 30, people will spend today in shelters. more than 2,000 people have been rescued from the flooded homes thus far in the city of houston. hundreds more in galveston.
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and in the devastation, and in the rising floodwaters, we are witnessing the worst of nature and the best of humanity. a lot of the boats saving people from hatheir homes are voluntee. and help is needed. >> helping texas overcome this is going to be far greater than fema coordinating the initiative of the federal government. we need citizens to be involved. texas, this is a landmark event. we have not seen an event like this. >> we have reporters spanned out all across the ridge. we began with scott maclaine there in houston. look at that water to your knees. now, i hear the u.s. army corps of engineers started control release of water for two dams. how is that effective in the neighboring areas?
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>> reporter: we are in bexar creek where parts earlier this morning were dry. i apologize, we don't have a great shot because the photographer doesn't have a view finder because it is hard to keep technology dry when you have this kind of weather and this kind of rain coming down. but before we were able -- we parked our car down this way, you couldn't park it there anymore. we have had to move it. there were also people this morning trying to get out of their homes here. you can see just as this truck is coming here, brooke, you can see how much water is being displaced. and a lot of these people, their homes are -- let me get out of the way here, excuse me, these people, the water is right up to their doorstep. so this guy displacing so much water, and almost knocking us over here. that's going to push more water into these homes. and this is an area this area has been dry for the last 40 years here.
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you mentioned the reservoirs, there are two in this area, brooke, one is called the barker reservoir and the other is called the addison reservoir. they are at their peak in the surrounding neighborhoods. and this is one of them. they did release water from those last night and early this morning. a little earlier than expected, but even that isn't doing much to help the situation here. >> i realize the truck passing you, people need to get places, but that's the picture of what you are not supposed to do. my goodness, scott mclane, thank you so much to you and your photographer son's viewfinder. let me go to rosa flores at the houston convention center. rosa harks are y rosa, what are you seeing there? what are the story from those getting rescued? >> reporter: we moved a few streets down from the convention center, brooke, but i want to set the scene because you can see the houston skyline behind me. this is an urban scape, but
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right now take a look, it is flooded by water. now, the headline where i'm at is the rising and the receding water and how quickly it happens. yesterday i couldn't stand here because i would have been submerged in water. you see that minivan over here. that minivan was completely submerged in water. and as we make our way in this direction, you'll see this is the onramp for i-45 north towards dallas. take a look to my right, there's a refrigerator. beyond that, there's furniture, there's all sorts of debris all over. again, this overpass was not passable. i would have been completely under water if this were yesterday. you can see the debris flowing through here hitting and also mangling a lot of this debris.
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and then the power of this water and the force in which it is running. take a look, this is buffalo bayou completely over its banks and flushing out towards the bay and into the gulf of mexico. so when we talked to people being rescued and describe this as apocalyptic, this is the type of waters they have been seeing. these are the type of waters they have been rescued from. and it is unbelievable and mind boggling to think. and you know how first responders say it's very dangerous, you can't trust water, as we look at more of these pictures of mangled debris, take a look beyond that overpass. so this is the ramp that would normally take you north towards dallas. it is completely underwater. water's still raging through from all over as it creeps through and meanders through the
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different bayous. brooke, the other really bad news that you mentioned at the tonight of the show, we're expecting more rain. 15 to 20 more inches. and take a look around, everywhere that you look here in this area of downtown houston, it is complete lly covered in water. some of people rescued that i talked to said their experience was apocalyptic, that's how they described it. when you look at these pictures, you can relate with some of the stories that we have been hearing. >> that leads to some of the questions for no evacuations. rosa flores, thank you for that. rosa mentioned a lot of the people getting rescued. houston officials say 2,000 people have been rescued so far and many are sitting there watching the water rise and waiting for help. and one of them is good enough to hop on the phone with me, she lives on the north side of
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houston and took some photos that will pop up on the screen just to see how high that water is. she has 11 members of her family all waiting for rescue, including four kids under teenage of 6. latis, thank you for taking a minute with me. how are you all holding up? >> hi. we are still here. we saw some people but they said, we'll come back. we are still waiting. it is tough to be asking the neighborhood for help, too. >> so hold on, you're seeing rescue boats floating around your neighborhood, and i'm assuming you're yelling, please rescue us. are they able to communicate with you? why aren't they coming?
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>> yes, they actually have said, another boat is coming to get you. so i don't know anything. >> how long have you been waiting? how long have you been holed up with the water rising in your home? >> yes. the water was raising up yesterday at 6:00. we called 911 because we didn't have transportation. then we talked to the fire department and they put us on the waiting list. and we were told they would be here at 3:00 in the morning and nobody showed up. and then we -- we are still waiting. they said the coast guard and the people are going to come, but still nothing has happened. >> let me ask you,leidys, we
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are told that if you're waiting for rescue, just like you, hang a towel or a sheet prominently so they can find you. because apparently addresses are hard to spot. have you all done that? >> definitely. i got a big white sheet hanging up with a sign "help" written on it. we have white towels and the people, some of the people saw us, but they are still not doing everything. >> you are doing everything right. >> we were expecting water but it is not what we were expecting. we were expecting conservation, helping people get out, it's getting dangerous here. the water is deep. we can't even swim. and we have little children, so it's more difficult. >> of course. we said you have four itty-bitty
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ones under the age of 6. the water is three quarters up to the top of the garage door, how high is it now where you are? >> i've been here -- how high do you think it is? >> is it into your second floor? >> it is not on the second floor, but it is getting close to the second floor. inside the house, it is about 6 or 7 inches, and outside it is about -- i'm sorry, 5 feet, maybe 7 feet? and outside it's about 10 feet. >> myne goodness. and how are you on food, on water? i assume your kitchen is totally submerged. >> uh-huh, yes. it's flooding. we haven't eat anything. we got a few gatorades and a little water.
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and we are hoping to get access to a good lunch today. >> how old is your baby? >> we don't have access to lunch. he hasn't eaten anything at this stage. >> how old is me. >> 1 year old. >> 1. 1. forgive me, but do you have access to a toilet? is that functioning? or is that long gone? >> the power is off, the power is gone. >> okay. and you, from what i understand, katrina, i know katrina was 12 years ago tomorrow, you survived katrina, is that correct? >> yes. yes. i do, uh-huh. >> and came to houston. and the biggest difference, i understand, is that you were forced to evacuate there.
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this was a different situation. >> katrina, yes. they told us, many times to evacuate, so we were one of those who evacuated new orleans on time. but this time they didn't -- they told us, it will be okay, just stay inside your house. but look, we have the water and it is very stressful. >> are you frightened? >> i'm sorry? >> are you frightened? >> am i what? i'm sorry. >> are you afraid? >> oh, yes. basically, i'm afraid for my baby and for my children. i do. but i tried to also keep them calm. because i know, you know, we get it, but my only concern
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overnight is to get out of here. so we can have, we can have a different meal. and i want to make sure we are safe away from the water. >> of course. leidys, here's my last question and then i'll let you go, i'm talking to the mayor of houston in a couple of minutes, is there anything you would like for me to ask him? >> yes, is he -- just let him know that we don't have enough rescue boats. maybe the people who are helping, people need to come and get their loved ones. but i only see one person working for the police and the fire department. and they say they will come back. but i don't see anybody around. i see cows outside the houses. we have people screaming for help and are concerned about them. and also we are concerned about our own life.
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so we definitely need help. >> so you can get out and get to safety, you and your baby and all the kids. >> and be in a safe place. >> yes, leidys shull, thank you so much. i'm talk to the mayor about you and we'll stay in close contact to make sure we get you out of there. leidys is on the second floor of her home and trapped. thank you. south texas is bracing for more water as 50 inches is forecasted before the rain stops. just to get a sense of what this looks like, look at this. 50 inches would mean if you had water up to the neck, if you're a 5-foot woman. and also enough to completely flood a volkswagen beetle, just for perspective there. and the rain just continues to fall. meteorologist chad myers is in the weather center. we talked over the weekend, we worked over the weekend, you said people would be waking up
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sunday morning and there would be, it would be bad, but it just, it isn't stopping. >> it isn't. because the storm isn't moving. brooke, the storm right now, the center of the storm is only 70 miles from where it came onshore in roke pockport on friday nigh. so it meandered, got to san antonio, stopped and turned around to the gulf of mexico. 40 inches now, 39.72 in dayton, texas. that's the new high number that i've seen. waller in harris county, 34 inches. league city about the same. it's still raining in atlanta, it's still raining in houston, it's still raining in new orleans. this is now a very large storm. this has brought its wings back out again, because it's out over water. it's not going to gain strength to be a hurricane again, but it's gaining humidity. it's gaining moisture. it's gaining everything we need to make for heavy rain and more flash flooding.
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every red box is a flash flood warning going on right now. still have these things that could possibly be a tropical threat. tropical storm warnings are going on because the storm is moving offshore and then it will eventually move back onshore very close to beaumont, port arthur. but that isn't until wednesday. i mean, we're talking from here to here, about 100 miles in 48 hours. i can do that math, that's t2 miles an hour. brooke? >> that's mighty slow and a mighty stall going back over the gulf and getting juice, moving back inland, what is your biggest concern or question with regard to houston? we're talking to the mayor coming up? >> well, actually, i wanted to be able to chime in on this. i'm afraid that there are submerged cars under those 15-foot walls of water that, some of these roads are 15-feet deep. i also am more concerned that only 100,000 people are without power. why would you say only? because that means 2.3 million
11:18 am
people still do have power. where is that power going to go when the water comes up? that power is going to go in the water. electrocution hazard is tremendous. if you know the water is coming up, and you can't -- you're not standing in watt yert, aer yet, can turn off your breaker box, turn off the electricity than when the water gets to the first outlet. >> we'll talk to the mayor about that. we're glad you brought that up, chad myers. we'll check back in with you. it is president trump's first major national disaster. how he and the white house are responding and what we are learning were the president's plans to visit the region tomorrow. also, just dramatic stories of rescue, some unfolding before our very eyes, including this moment. a cnn crew, jason morris there, the producer and ed lavendera jumping in there. what are his concerns as the
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welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin here. talking about texas, we have the unprecedented flooding. it's not just about capturing the stories and images, but also about rolling up your sleeves and helping your neighbor when needed. while navigating through a flooded neighborhood in dickinson, texas, just outside of houston, one of our cnn crews heard a voice, heard the cry for help and that is when cnn's ed levendera and his crew swooped
11:24 am
in to rescue the elderly couple from their flooded home. the raw, stunning moment played out live on air. >> we were about to leave this neighborhood, there was a woman who had flagged us down that her and her two elderly parents were still stuck inside the home. so i'm going to put the mike down and we're going to help them try to get back into the boat so we can get them out of here. so i'm going to put the microphone down while we help them get into the boat. how are you doing, sir? >> let me see if i can get something to help you. >> reporter: do you want to give me your hand, sir, and i can try to pull you up? how are your arms feeling? jason, you want to come up here and help? >> i can help lift if that's
11:25 am
okay. okay, you ready? >> reporter: one, two -- here you go, sir. got it? >> yeah. i got it. get that foot in there. >> reporter: not too bad. just sit wherever you feel like is the most comfortable for you. wherever you feel like moving, go ahead. it's from the rain earlier today. we kind of bailed some of it out. you all right? long day? >> yeah. >> reporter: all right. hang on, we've got this
11:26 am
gentleman's wife and their daughter that still need to be pulled out of here. so austin seph, the volunteer here, i tell you what, we were about to leave and just happened to hear this woman. so she was asking for help. so that's -- they have two little dogs here as well. come here, little fella. they are trying to get her out. >> my goodness. ed, that was incredible. that was incredible. we have all watched that multiple times over, how are they doing? >> they are doing well. we checked with them last night, they were trying to make their way to pam jones, her daughter and her daughter's husband had come to pick them up on the side of the road. it took them a while navigating the roads throughout a lot of the communities has been rather difficult. so they are fine. pam jones' mother was treated, had a couple cuts on her leg,
11:27 am
and she was treated there in the boat before they were taken away, but they are doing better. much, much happier now that they are not inside that house that is flooded out. >> tell me where you are and what is going on? >> reporter: we have teamed up with a group out of dallas known as the wolf pack. they are making their way through various neighborhoods. but what is interesting, they are trying to figure out, how to load up one of the big trucks, one of the big bed trucks being used to pick up evacuees and to move them to higher ground and to shelters. what is interesting is that we have probably made it to three or four different neighborhoods. and what we're seeing, which is good news, is that a lot of the neighborhoods around dickinson, league city and frenchwood, these are all subdivisions, large subdivisions with thousands of people in them, but it sounds like a lot of them have already been cleared out of
11:28 am
all the people who want to be cleared out. that's the vast majority of them. there are still people who didn't want to be evacuated, but it sounds like, for the most part, that a lot of these communities and neighborhoods, people have been taken out of their homes. that is in large part thanks to austin seph that you saw there in the clip, who we were riding with yesterday, essentially, these volunteers, people with boats and literally just launching the boats out into the neighborhoods and bringing people back to safety as quickly as they can. so many people have done that. you can just see when we're driving through the neighborhoods of high water, boats are criss-crossing back and forth all over the place, so it has been amazing to see. we're about to leave here with this unit, this national guard unit, and make our way back into dickinson, not too far from where we are now. we are expecting to pick up more evacuees and take them to shelters. so that work continues, but what they're hearing every time they
11:29 am
get to one of these places, that the majority of people have been taken out of a lot of the subdivisions here in the southern part of the houston area, that we have been trolling through over the course of the last two days. >> well, we need the lady rescued, she and her 1-year-old baby, we talked to them a minute ago, still some people are trapped. and i'm going to let you and the wolf pack go. you have bigger work than talking to me here on tv. so ed, thank you so much there in the pouring rain in texas. we'll check back with you. ahead here on cnn, president trump and the first lady are set to head to texas tomorrow to see firsthand what exactly the seat is dealing amid the catastrophic flooding and so much more rain on the way. if you have medicare
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tais really quite simple.est it comes in the mail, you pull out the tube and you spit in it, which is something southern girls are taught you're not supposed to do. you seal it and send it back and then you wait for your results. it's that simple. at holiday inn express, we can't guarantee that you'll be able to contain yourself at our breakfast bar. morning, egg white omelet. sup lady bacon! fruit, there it is! but we can guarantee that you'll get the best price when you book with us. holiday inn express. be the readiest. we are covering the storm harvey and one of the prominent
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texans is covering this. president george w. bush responds, laura and i are moved by the heroic work of the first responders and volunteers who are putting themselves at risk to save others. the devastation breaks our hearts but we are confident that those strong communities will recover and thrive. he also urged many to help those in need. president trump and the first lady will head to the area tomorrow. he is speaking words about the joint news conference with the mayor of finland. president trump tweeting, historic rainfall in houston and all over texas. floods are unpress dent and more rain coming. spirit of the people is incredible, thanks.
11:35 am
let's go to jeff zeleny. ahead here of the big trip to texas, do we know where he'll be going, what he'll be doing tomorrow? >> well, brooke, good afternoon. the white house has their eyes very much on the storm as it's evolving. so they have not yet set an exact schedule for where he'll be going. we do expect him to fly to corpus christi. was it the center of the first ring of the hurricane damage from the weekend. and then he is likely to go elsewhere. the city will likely head to austin for the state emergency command center. all this is fluid and flexible. but brooke, we are told that he's not going to houston. he's not going to flyover houston, he's not going to visit houston. of course, any president here as they certainly have a very fine balancing act between going and being involved and in charge of the first natural disaster of his presidency, but not being in the way. you read the statement earlier from president bush.
11:36 am
every president since him have responded to national disasters, hurricane katrina on his watch there. this president is trying to be deeply involved, but there are questions about whether it is stoon for h too soon for him to visit, but i'm told he'll stay out of the immediate hard-hit areas where, of course, this natural disaster as we have been watching all day is still very much unfolding he here. so the white house is keeping an eye on it. the president and first lady will be traveling with him tomorrow, brooke. >> explaining with everyone else, it comes with security and bringing all the rings of people necessary so they don't have to disrupt the rescue efforts underway. jeff, stay with us into a broader conversation here. as i tell everyone, the white house is accused of using harvey as a string of controversial moves all released on friday night. that is right as the nation watched harvey just about to
11:37 am
make its entrance as a category 4 hurricane. this is what happened, the president pardoned former sheriff joe arpaio, convicted for defying a court order to stop racially profiling people there. white house advisor sebastian gorka left, he quit. the white house disputes that. and the president signed a directive banning transgender military recruit, all the while we know all the news outlets were focusing on this hurricane. so i've got dana bash who is back from vacation. and jeff is still with us as well. dana, as jeff is reporting, the president will be in texas tomorrow. he's been tweeting up a storm from his perch at camp david. how has he handled this so far in your opinion? >> reporter: so far so good in that it is the very beginning of something that is a major, major crisis. the first nonmanmade crisis of
11:38 am
his presidency. as i said earlier, manmeat, madt meaning the president, so much of the crisis we have seen have been from within the walls of the white house. this is nature and this is the most unpredictable natural disasters that, unfortunately, many presidents and even in recent history have had to deal with. so it is really going to be, so far, you certainly have the republican governor and other local officials, many republicans, saying that the federal government is doing a good job. to be fair, if the republican governor didn't get what he needed from the federal government, republican or not, it would be hard to imagine that he wouldn't be screaming from the rooftop, no matter the party. but i think that the jury is out in terms of the more -- the less tangible kind of leadership, brooke. certainly, he's been tweeting, but let's see how he frames things and how he phrases things
11:39 am
when he speaks this afternoon. let's see the way that, you know, he kind of rises to the occasion on the whole question of people seeing this disaster and looking to the commander in chief to be the person who tries to rally, help rally support. so far, again, it seems to be going okay considering. but it's unfortunately for the people of houston and the surrounding areas, is the beginning of this crisis. >> yep. we mentioned the more controversial news items that got slipped into the ether friday night. here's the quote from the senior editor of "the atlantic," david fromm. he said, president trump timed his pardon for when a compulsive tv viewer would require as maximum stealth, for a time when the imperatives of viewer ship demand non-stop coverage of the drama, the great storm, then will come the aftermath, the heartening stories of loss, the
11:40 am
harrowing stories of survivalship, then the storm will pass and the unintelligible work of rebuilding will commence and it will be next week. and soon after that back to school-end time for the president to generate throunew things. >> david frum is no fan or supporter of the president, even though he's a republican that worked in previous administrations. his criticism should be put in that context. there's one school of thought he was definitely trying to bury this news in the natural disaster unfolding on friday. david frum's suggestion was to get maximum exposure to get people the see the arpaio news. the former arizona sheriff, joe arpaio, was pardoned by the president. this is something the president had signaled that he was going to do. so that is something that probably would have come with or without the storm, the timing, might have been related, it's
11:41 am
not unusual to put something out on a friday in august. we have seen so many staff changes. but brooke, the bigger point here is that this is the first test as dan was saying of him as president, his leadership, but it is also his first time experiencing why some people will need their government. they will need their government in terms of spending bills, in terms of other things, to repair the gulf coast there. and we are still seeing this unfold here. this is going to be a massive crisis. so in terms of rallying the people behind that, this is a period when they need their government. he campaigned on a limited form of government. so this is a different moment for him in the sense that people need fema. people need these rescuers here. he's been a blow-up the government and institutions here. this is the time where they are very much needed, that's different. >> go ahead, dana. >> reporter: just to take that further, it is kind of when i mentioned the idea that this is just the beginning, it's the people need their government and that this whole area is going to need federal financial help. there's just no question about
11:42 am
it. and we saw from experience about what happened with katrina and even more recently with hurricane sandy. and that there was a fight, a fight inside republican party about whether or not the money that the federal government was spending for relief would have to be offset. and it's hard to imagine that fight not happening again, and it's going to happen just as it has in the past, because it is hurricane situation that butts up against budget season in washington. and we're boing to see a fight about whether or not it should be paid for, which is probably going to be folded into, it will be folded into the whole question of whether the government is going to be running or not or shut down. and again, that is another big, big test of the president's leadership, vis-a-vis how he's going to navigate the federal dollars for all this. >> right. well, enjoy a quiet washington. we come back next week, we'll stay tuned to that point. dana and jeff, thank you both so
11:43 am
much. ahead here on cnn, people in one smaller community just outside of houston are bracing for record flooding. they have been told to grab what they can and leave immediately. we'll take you there, next. and the trump administration is rolling back obama-era rules that bans local police from receiving military-grade equipment. why this is significant, you're watching cnn. hey you've gotta see this. c'mon.
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all right. we are back with breaking news. we have been reporting one death over the weekend in rockport, one death over the weekend in harris county. that number in harris county is now up to six.
11:48 am
we have six suspected flood deaths. this is according to the republican information from the forensic county of sciences. one small town near houston is desperately trying to evacuate. authorities have ordered everyone who lived near the river in richmond texas, the brazos river, should get out of there. the river could top 56 feet breaking the record from last year. rescue crews along with volunteers are searching the potentially deadly waters looking for stranded families, children, you see being loaded onto rafts and carried away to safety. make-shift shelters have been set up across the area to help people who just can't escape. a furniture store chain in the area is helping at least 200 people alone seeking shelter. cnn's paul sandoval is live in richmond covering this for us.
11:49 am
and paolo, tell us about some of the evacuations you're seeing. >> we have deteriorating conditions here in texas. i can tell you the winds in the last hour have picked up considerably, the wind again pelting us. it's like, yet again, we're in this storm that we experienced about 48 hours ago when the eye of the hurricane at the time a hurricane swept through parts of victoria. still, nonetheless, these conditions are making evacuations difficult. officials here in richmond are concerned about the brazos river. it shattered a record last may when it hit 54 feet. today it is expected to hit 58 feet according to the national weather service. there are evacuations along the
11:50 am
brazos river bank. i talked to one gentleman who has a home there who experienced flooding last year. he said you did not have to tell him two times, he quickly packed up and moved out. what is happening here now, brooke, people are preparing for what could be the next major flooding event. the county judge here says that he expects an 800-year-flood that will test the levees you just mentioned. and he used the word overpower. he's afraid the river could overpower the levees. that's why, if you live near the brazos river, you should not be at home anymore. >> polo, thank you. polo sandoval in richmond. we'll check back with you. coming up, president trump is set to roll back obama regulations and to stop police from receiving grenade launchers and armored vehicles and other types of military-style gear. remember this after the time in
11:51 am
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with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. we are getting in live pictures, here we go. it looks like they are about ready to roll. the press conference getting lined up for the governor of texas to brief, of course, concerned texans who are stuck because of the rising floodwaters in the wake of the hurricane and tropical storm harvey. we'll be briefed by the governor of texas momentarily. we passed along the breaking news from harris county, the county that encompasses houston, six suspected flood-related deaths there. oh, do we have him? eyes on him? let's go to corpus christi.
11:56 am
thank you all for being here. we had a terrific meeting with local leaders, including the county judges, mayors, members of congress, members of the state legislature, texas house and senate. we have some intermission music here. candidly, i love to pause because i'm feeling, oh, lord, why is this happening? but a great exchange learning about what they need and about what texas and the federal government can do to address their needs. but also focusing on their response. and i got to tell you, the way
11:57 am
that the leaders of the coast and the state of texas responded to this horrific hurricane is immeasurable, courageous and heroic. i'm proud of the way they responded. i'm grateful about the way they were enabled to evacuate so many people and minimize the loss of life. the most important thing we have are our lives. and to be able to get through the storm the way we did, and to save so many lives, is nothing short of remarkable. in the meeting, the mayor was called away by a call from the president of the united states. and he asked me to pass on to these local leaders his gratitude and how impressed he
11:58 am
was with the way they responded to the hurricane. so thank you all very much for your unparalleled leadership. a great big round of applause for these great leaders. [ applause ] there is a reality that we have to come to grips with. and that is that we are just beginning the process of responding to this storm. we are still involved in the search and rescue process. the goal is still protecting and preserving life and rescuing every person that we can find. our second goal is to ensure that our fellow texans have access to necessities, flood, water, supplies and power. the during our meeting, we were
11:59 am
able to get confirmation that power is in the process of being restored in areas that desperately need it. these are the early stages. it still may be a day or two, but -- the responses that are taking place are happening very swiftly. we understand that one of the biggest needs is taking care of the power outages. without that power, many can't function. so we are pressing forward constantly to make sure that the power is restored. we also want to ensure that the basics of food and water will be provided to everyone who needs it. we have points of distribution that are set up in every county. and the county judge and leaders in that county will be in charge of all the points of distribution for that county to ensure that the water and food that we are providing will reach
12:00 pm
every citizen who really needs it. we also know that there are other needs, i heard specifically about growing needs for port-a-potties. i was told to tell you that they will be arriving tomorrow. we are so proud to see that the water supply for corpus christie is either back up and running or shortly will be. i know that tcaq worked with corpus christi as well as the other water providers to make sure that can happen as quickly as possible. we are still involved in search and rescue missions in port aransas. we are grateful in those locations and elsewhere for all that walmart, lowes and soon-to-be home depot are doing. so there