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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  September 4, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good to have you with us. the un security council back to begin it's emergency meeting on north korea. this is the un nuclear watchdog says the north possesses a global threat with the apparent successful test of a hydrogen bomb far more powerful than anything tested before. more powerful and apparently smaller and that is key. south korea says the north succeeded in building war heads small enough to fit on top of its icbms and expects another missile test any day now. president trump was due to speak moments ago with his south korean counter part for the first time since this crisis has
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most recently escalated yesterday. he accused the south of appeasement. he also told a reporter we'll see when asked whether the us is planning a preemptive strike. we're following all of these developments this hour. from the pentagon to the un to tokyo. let's go to tokyo as we wait for this meeting to get underway. that's where we find will ripley. what is your take given the access that you had to the regime. you have been there 14 times and just got back this weekend. what do you make of the latest rhetoric and also this test? >> well, the rhetoric is concerning. it's not necessarily what we think we haven't heard before but north korea has been following through on the threats it has been making because they have been talking about hours later they tested a nuclear device and launched an
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intermediate range missile and said future launches would be targeting the pacific ocean and aimed to contain the u.s. territory of guam and now you have south korea saying they believe we could be days away from another north korean ballistic missile launch possibly fired toward guam so north korea continues to make these threats. what we are seeing is tests that continue cross the red line in attack. and that needs to be pointed out. north korea had dangerous weapons capabilities for a long time and what they have done is tried to demonstrate their abilities as a deturnt against military action. i don't get any indication that north korea wants to start a war with the united states. i think it's the opposite but the fear is that this is so much provocation in the region and one misstep could cause this
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region to stumble into a war because that's how wars often begin. it's not an intentional act but you stumble into a war. like world war ii. that's the fear out here right now. >> will as someone who has had this access inside the country and in these meetings with some members of the kim regime he has been in power for six years. he's incredibly young, 33 years old and unpredictable. it's a simple question but important one what does he want? is that clear to anyone. >> a better seat at the table for his country. legitimacy, respect and leverage. that's why he is building these weapons of mass destruction because when you look at north korea and the united states the united states is more powerful and wealthy and influential. the united states has the advantage and yet what he has done is created this weapon and
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approach that they don't have a good answer to now and they're talking about more sanctions and they haven't been effective so far. >> they have not we will hear live from nikki haley. stick with us. thank you for that. it will be met with a massive military response. a response effective and overwhelming. >> those are the words from defense secretary james mattis. let's go to barbara star. you cover obviously all of this closely. what did you make of his remarks yesterday. >> he's putting north korea on notice but it's done differently. we have seen the president tweet and we have seen the secretary
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of state come out, the un ambassador seeing him with the chairman standing next to him is a very specific military message. these are two of president trump's top military advisers. this is not sort of the usual political side of the house if you will. they don't even like coming out in front of the tv cameras but they did it and they did it because he wanted to read that statement very precisely and send that message that there would be the us and short of that we may have shows of force if we have additional flights over the peninsula, or something like that but military options
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seems still very far off. mat gattis still very much hoping for a diplomatic solution. >> indeed. we'll see if that needle can be moved by whatever the un security council decides on today. we're waiting for that. barbara, thank you very very much. now to our correspondent that covered the u.n. for decades. it's nice to have you here. what is your take on this. this is the second emergency meeting of the security council in less than a week on north korea. they could step up sanctions. there's a lot of questioning this morning about how effective it could be. but what are we waiting for? >> you're going to hear speeches right now including from the us ambassador where the u.s. will certainly display it's latest anger more sanctions. there's still many more options. they always leave themselves open. you could go after textiles and
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oils. various ambassadors saying let's keep the pressure on but they know here very well that it may not be enough so you may be headed toward containment however north korea's actions are getting the attention of the security council for this urgent meeting here it's a lot of bad options on the table. >> never a good thing for anyone to hear on a monday morning. a lot of bad options. we'll see how they are dealing with it and coming together. thank you very much for that. joining me now is the lieutenant general and cnn military analyst and director of the korea working group at the harvard kennedy school of government. you just heard him use the words containment. and it's worked before.
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is containment the only answer here at this point? >> it's the starting answer and here's the thing, if you combine what he just said with what barbara star and will ripley mentioned about secretary mattis getting very precise language about what the threat might be and it's a threat to the writes and our territory and our allies and the continued tests give us additional time and we control the ball on this. that comes in the way of continued talks. what do they want? to continue the military strategy which is the military is the top of the line in terms
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of twhaer twhat they're trying . number two recognition throughout the world and number three they want to start improving their economy. there's other minor things associated with all of that but they want to be recognized and one of the key things is to see it from their perspective and not just our perspective. >> so seeing it from their perspective is important. if you are you kim jong un and you look at the united states this morning saying that it is drafting additional sanctions against any countries that do business with north korea, ie china and you look at what potentially they could do, the united states could do when it comes to sanctions on oil export which is are fundamental to the operation of north korea's
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economy and agricultural sector then what do you do diplomatically? >>dy plo m >> that's one part of it. when you look at situations of restricting supply into north korea it incentivizes smugglers and there is room to maneuver and this is a part of the expectations on the north korea's side. so you're look at a regime that planned in terms of these counter measures. if you look at the type of preparations on the north korean side we usually interpret a period of calm or quiteness as something that is good and they're receiving the message but you're looking at quite preparations and we have yet t another round of escalation. >> explain why because i think it's critical for everyone to understand that the united states and china do not have the same end goal here. of course no one wants to see
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nuclear war but china wants something very different when it comes to the peninsula than the united states does and that matters. >> well, we see a lot of the chinese statements pretty consistent about stability on the korean peninsula that any difficulties be resolved for peaceful means and so forth but the shared goal of denuclearization is a common one but it's the time line and tools that are different. we'll see a lot of resistance from china and russia in terms of economy measures that could tip the north korean regime and this puts the united states and japan on one side and china and russia on the other side when it comes with how to deal with this current crisis that we're in. >> we all remember when one of the president's former top advisers said not long ago, just a few weeks ago in the interview before he left the white house, there is no military solution to north korea's nuclear threats. forget it. is he right?
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>> that's an incorrect statement. it's some what amateurish for him to say something like that. he's not an expert in national security. there's always a military option but what you have to understand is a military option in north korea will result in massive escalation and humanitarian disaster crisis like the world has never seen before. not only from the standpoint of do you try to limit the objectives in terms of a military strike with precision like the president did in syria? that done happen because there's the potential for a massive overreaction on the part of north korea. remember the dictator seems to think we're trying to shun him from power and get him out of power so any attack on his regime would be seen as a last ditch effort for him to defend himself so that might result in massive artillery strikes in seoul. we talked about that in the
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past. if you go anything more than just precision strikes on a couple of key targets it could result in an all out war and when i tell you, from conducting war games on the korean peninsula, combat would be challenging, would be extremely difficult but i think what john just said that a humanitarian crisis and flow of people into china is what china is confused about. it would make what's going on in syria with millions of displaced refugees look tame in comparison and that's the problem of what's going on on the peninsula. >> thank you. we appreciate the expertise. you're looking at live pictures on the other side of your screen of the un security council getting underway in it's second emergency meeting in less than a week all about north korea. u.s. ambassador to the un will speak any moment. we'll see that live. stay with us.
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>> north korea conducted additional missile launches and it's second nuclear test. that lead to resolution 1874 which expanded sanctions including an arms embargo and cargo inspection obligations. in 2012 the deal failed and north korea conducted two new space launches. the security council responded with the adoption of resolution 2087. following the third test the council adopted resolution 2094 expanding sanctions to restrict financial, maratime aviation and diplomatic activities. by 2016 north korea conducted it's 4th nuclear test and another space launch. they followed that with more
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missile launches. in response the council adopted multiple resolutions expanding sanctions even further. targeting whole sectors of north korea's economy. this year the council got more serious. resolution 2356 designating high ranking government officials and strategic rocket forces command for individual sanctions we adopted the strongest sanctions we have ever imposed on north korea. that banned exports of coal iron and seafood and imposed several other measures that will significantly cutoff the revenues needed to fund their nuclear program. why did i take the time to go through this history? to make this point.
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the united states security council has spoken with unusual unity and consistency on north korea. that's a good thing. along the way there have been problems with implementation and the council has at times been too slow and too weak but this is not a situation in which we have allowed division among us to stop any action. still here we are. despite our efforts over the past 24 years the north korean nuclear program is more advanced and more dangerous than ever. they now fire missiles over japanese air space and now claim to have tested a hydrogen bomb and just this morning there's reports that the regime is preparing for yet another icbm launch. to the members of the security council i must say enough is enough we have taken an incremental approach and despite
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the best of intentions it has not worked. members of this council will no doubt urge negotiations and a return to talks but as i have just outlined we have engaged in numerous direct and multilateral talks with the north korean regime and time after time they have not worked. the time for measures is over. the time has come to exhaust all of our diplomatic means before it's too late. we must now adopt the strongest possible measures. kim jong un's action cannot be seen as defensive. he wants to be acknowledged as a nuclear power but that's not about using those weapons to threaten others. nuclear powers understand their responsibilities. kim jong un shows no such understanding. his abusive use of missiles and
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nuclear threats show that he is begging for war war is never something the united states wants and we don't want it now but our country's patience is not unlimited. we will defend our allies and our territory. the idea that some have suggested a so-called freeze for freeze is insulting. when a rogue regime has a nuclear weapon and an icbm pointed at you, you do not take steps to lower your guard. no one would do that we certainly won't. the time has come to resolve all diplomatic means to end this crisis and that means quickly enacting the strongest possible measures here in the un security council. only the strongest sanctions will enable us to resolve this problem through diplomacy we have kicked the can down the road long enough. there's no more road left. this crisis goes well beyond the un. the united states will look at
7:21 am
every country that does business with north korea as a country and the united states will look at every country that does business with north korea as a country that is givinged a to their reckless and dangerous nuclear intentions and what we do on north korea will have a real impact on how other outlawed nations that seek nuclear weapons choose to conduct themselves in the future. that's enough, thank you. >> i thank the representative of the united states for her statement. >> that was u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley speaking there saying that 24 years of diplomacy and work by the un security council to try to deter north korea's nuclear ambitions has not worked.
7:22 am
her words that freeze for freeze is insulting. also she said the time has come to implemented the strongest diplomatic measures and exhaust all diplomatic means. she also noted that the united states patience is not unlimited. he has spent an extraordinary amount of time inside north korea. there's a lot to unpack with what nikki haley said. what stands out to you the most? >> very powerful speech first of all she outlined the violations of u.s. revolutions over the past. several decades and made very specific comments so she positioned herself saying the freeze for freeze comment was one that really reached out to me because that has been north korea and others attempt, russia and china saying we should stop providing defense for south korea and as you know, south korea and north korea are still
7:23 am
at war they don't have a peace treaty. the other thing that i thought was important was when she said adopt all measures of sanctions. what she is doing and shooting across the bow of countries like china, like russia, like iran, like others that have continued to trade with north korea even though the united nations have repeatedly sanctioned north korea and said that they were going to have embargoes against many of those trade partners and she said if you do business with north korea you'll be seen ased aing them. that's probably the most important thing that's been said at the un regarding north korea and it will entail requirements for further coordination with diplomacy and economic means and informational means and she is trying to set up the potential
7:24 am
for future military alliances against north korea if it comes to it. >> will, to the gin rahal's point she was talking directly to president xi of china there. those countries that facilitate the ability for north korea's economy to churn are responsible and aiding north korea in this. so the question is what are the strongest diplomatic means? the strongest possible sanctions that have not been enacted but can be enacted that will move china's hand? >> well, the united states wants china to cutoff them completely. china has not done that r for a number of reasons. china isn't trading with north korea for economic reasons. they have more important
7:25 am
relationships around the world. certainly the united states being the greatest. and china continues to hold it's nose because they don't want to see anything happen that would destabilize the north korean regime and certainly don't want to see a u.s. allied reunified korea with the presence of u.s. military troops at china's doorsteps. that's not something they're willing to allow unless north korea were to fire the first shot and then the u.s. in-turn responded. but if the u.s. were to stage a preemptive strike there have been editorials in chinese state media calling on the chinese media to step in and intervene and keep the geopolitical dynamics of the region in place and if china were to do everything that the u.s. asked that north korea would implode. i keep making this point that north korea has been through very difficult times in the past. there's been predictions that
7:26 am
they would collapse and they managed to defy many people's predictions so when i was in the country last week and i have spoken repeatedly with officials and citizens and talked to them about what if china were to stop allowing you to import cars and consumer goods and all the things that improved the living conditions for at least the elite and caused the economy to grow by 4% last year i said what if that were to stop? they said they'll still develop these weapons and launch missiles and test nuclear devices because they believe these are the ticket to their national survival. certainly the ticket they believe for keeping kim jong un in power. >> that's the lynch pen to all of it.
7:27 am
>> he just outlined why china has not wanted to cooperate on the sanctions or cutoff all the oil supply and doesn't want to see a unified peninsula with american troops. sees that as a threat to china. so when nikki haley says this and when the treasury department is preparing for possible sanctions against china, any country that does business against north korea is there any indication that it will move china's hand? >> one thing we have to take into account is there's different interest groups in china. there's an effort to implemented sanctions but with respect to the local players on the chinese side there's something of a co-existence. trading with chinese provinces in the border area. one thing we have seen, we see
7:28 am
similar type of phenomenon with the movement of goods and people for the localized economies there but the important thing here is with this statement coming out of the un security council resolution we have elevated risk. if you do business with the north koreans you will be in the cross hairs but for those with the appetite for the marketplace they could charge more commission fees from clients and others. it's lead to more efficient mechanisms for the regime. >> appreciate it. thank you all very much for jumping on that breaking news out of the united nations. we will of course keep an eye on the security council meeting as it continues. ahead, the president is expected to scrap the ddaca program that protects children brought into the united states illegally by their parents. an update on that ahead.
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tomorrow president trump is expected to announce the end of daca. it protects undocumented ill grants brought to this country illegally by their parents. let's debate this. they're here and cnn contributor. so it's very nice to have you all. this is according to multiple sources that no, the president is saying at this point in time he will end daca. this executive order put in place by president obama. this comes in the face of a number of republican leaders saying that's the wrong call but
7:34 am
the president is going to do it anyway. your take. you have to have been in the united states before the age of 16. you have to work or either be in college and i also know of the 800,000 individuals that have been approved only 1,500 have seen their daca status removed because of criminal activity which is less than 1% so when you think about this in totality these individuals are people that are as american as you and i. some of them don't even speak spanish for example. now look i do understand the president's concern and the promise he made to his base as it pertains to immigration and if you want to address that issue there's ways you can do
7:35 am
that but rounding up people and saying you have to go back to a country that isn't familiar to you is not good or right so i side on the side of republicans that say no let congress try to figure this out but we should not be in the business of removing people that are just as american as you or i. >> i would caution there's no indication that this will be a mass deportation or a priority for the president, right? he told the associated press a few months ago look they're not my priority. however he made this promise, immigration reform, you know, removing undocumented immigrants from this country is a key part of what he ran on and he could have said i'm ending daca. he is not doing that. it's going to end so congress this is on you.
7:36 am
how do you see it? >> i'm interested to see what he says about it tomorrow. it's been apparent how does he address the dreamers. tomorrow is key and how he lays this out and what his vision is. and the republicans when they were in power and the democrats when they were in power. president ball balm did an executive order and i'm not of course sure if i understand if that's true or not but i think that tomorrow is important and what he says tomorrow and how he wants congress to go forward i think are what we should be sort
7:37 am
of anticipating and seeing how it goes from there. >> so the words that are chosen tomorrow are important and they certainly are because he has said i want to deal with dreamers with heart. he said, you know, i love children talking about this, he has said before they don't need to be too concerned or too r worried. at the same time you have this cnn poll from march of this year and it shows 60% of americans right now when asked which immigration policy goal should the governments top priority be, 60% say let undocumented immigrants with jobs stay in this country and become residents and eventually work toward citizenship. he is is work against some tough numbers here, is he not? >> he is but i think that's been his consistent approach to public policy since he began his
7:38 am
office. he's taking issues designed to appeal to his base and not the broader american public and this issue plays well for his base. he is correct in his analysis of what's going on with daca but that perspective unfortunately is only a small part of the republican party perspective. at the same time the president is perfectly willing to send mixed signals to people and that's what is so disturbing about this. you can't tell people that they should rest assured i'm going to take care of you and i'm going to deal with you with compare and heart and at the same time pursue a policy that's incoherent with the message of comfort that you're communicating. >> but what about those that would argue, the counter argument could be look this was not legislation passed by congress. it failed to pass the senate in 2010 so you have an executive order by president obama that can easily be overturned by any president that disagrees with it. some would argue this is president trump putting it on congress to settle this once and for all and to give some
7:39 am
answers, final answers to dreamers like the young man we just had on the program. is that a fair argument? >> well, given his failure to succeed with repealing obamacare it's unlikely that his threat to paul ryan and mitch mcconnell in congress is going to have any significant impact in moving the ball forward. it would be better if the president could sit down and have a negotiation and discussion about how we can collectively in a bipartisan way reform policy that pursues daca's outlines but the challenge here is that donald trump does not like president obama and everything he is doing in office seems designed, almost everything, seems designed to erase president obama's legacy. so instead of sitting down with congress and republican and democratic leaders to come with a solution he would rather just sign an executive order or create a new policy initiative to erase president obama's
7:40 am
legacy and create his own legacy. that's not the way leadership should be. >> i had a follow up for selena. i can't ask it because we need to get to the un. you're looking at china's ambassador to the united nations speaking on north korea. >> translator: disregarded the provisions of the security council conducted once again the nuclear test. the chinese government opposes and strongly condemns the nuclear test in violation of the un security council resolutions. achieving the denuclearization of the korean peninsula and maintaining the system and peace and stability in northeast asia this is the firm stand of the chinese government and also the general aspiration of the international community. we strongly urge them to face up squarely to the firm will of the international community on the issue of the denuclearization of
7:41 am
the peninsula and earnistly abide by the why that they are strong and deteriorating the situation and not in line with it's own interests either and truly return to the track of solving the issue through dialogue. the situation on the peninsula is deteriorating as we speak falling into a vicious circle. the peninsula issue must be resolved peacefully. china will never allow war on the peninsula. the parties concerned must strengthen their sense of urgency, take responsibilities and play their dual roles and take practical measures and make joint efforts together to ease the situation and restart the dialogue and talks and prevent further deterioration of the situation on the peninsula.
7:42 am
the proposal by china and russia of a two-track approach which promotes the denuclearization of the peninsula and establishment of a peace mechanism in parallel the suspension initiative which calls for the dprk to spend it's nuclear and missile activities and for the united states and the republic of korea to suspend the large scale military exercises and the step by step conception from russia are the basis on which both countries joinlt jointly proposed a road map. this joint initiative is practical and feasible and addressing the most urgent security concerns of the party concerned easing the tension as soon as possible preventing the escalation of the situation round after another round achieving through dialogue the
7:43 am
denuclearization of the peninsula and maintaining the peace and stability of the peninsula and the region. we hope that the parties concerned will seriously consider this and actively respond to it. china calls upon the international community to jointly and comprehensively and fully implemented the relevant resolutions of the security council on dprk firmly push forward the goal of denuclearization of the peninsula and firmly maintain the peace and stability of the peninsula. thank you mr. president. >> there you have china's ambassador to the united nations. china a key player in all of this following the strong comments from the u.s. alabama ba -- u.s. ambassador to the un. president trump just ended his phone call with south korea's president and we don't have a read out of the call yet but we do know it lasted up to about 40
7:44 am
minutes. what's significant here is this is the first time that the u.s. president and south korean president have spoken and it's been 30 plus hours since the hydrogen bomb test by north korea. first time they have spoken since that. >> that's right. that has not exactly gone unnoticed here in south korea. as you can imagine one of the focuses as well was the fact that the u. s. president had spoken twice in 24 hours to japan's leader shinzo abe and there were questions as to why the south korean president was not being spoken to as well but certainly that has now been rectified. we did hear from senior white house officials telling cnn that plflt tru mr. trump had frustrations with president moon on his stance on north korea. feeling that he was too soft on north korea. certainly he has called for dialogue in the past but we have seen a stronger reaction from him since the icbm test.
7:45 am
since the nuclear test as well on sunday. but we did see that quite remarkable tweet from the u.s. president yesterday saying about the appeasement and certainly that it didn't exactly go down well here either. some questions whether or not that is the correct way to talk to an ally. so certainly there are a few in south korea. the officials are not going to say that's the case. i spoke to some people on the streets and they were all questioning why talk to the japan leader twice and not once to the south korean leader. we're hoping to get some kind of a read out as to how that phone call went and of course how much of that phone call was dedicated to the free trade agreement which mr. trump has said he wants to scrap with korea. >> just going to say that. you have to believe that that came up and that that was a tense part of the conversation. thank you so much for the reporting. we have a lot ahead.
7:46 am
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president trump is expected to announce an to end doca tomorrow that, is the program that protects undocumented immigrants brought to the united states as children. that leaves 800,000 so-called dreamers facing possible deportation. critics say the decision wro destroy the lives of thousands of these children. supporters stha is just the president following through on his campaign promise to crack down on illegal immigration. one of the supporters joins me now, dan stein. he is president of the federation for american immigration reform. dan, nice to have you. let's just listen to what the president said about these young people, these dreamers back in february. >> we are going to deal with daca with heart. i have to deal with a lot of politicians, don't forget. i have to convince them that
7:51 am
what i'm saying is right. and i appreciate you're understanding on. that but the daca situation is a very, very -- it's a very difficult thing for me. because i love these kids. i love kids. >> so, dan, is ending daca dealing with heart? >> look, donald trump is basically saying to congress it's time to grow up and actually start legislating good public policy on immigration. and if some kind of daca resolution is part of something broader that helps implement donald trump's campaign agenda, remember he won on the immigration issue and trade. and that he has laid out really some very important components whether it is building the wall and enforcement and funding sanctuary cities, cutting down the levels of migration, e-verify, all sorts of things. the democrats said, look, we're not going to meet him half way. >> dan. just to what i asked you. the president said -- all right.
7:52 am
i think everyone agrees that immigration reform is needed in this country. you know, some of the adolescents and teenagers and people in their 20s that are so-called dreamers want answers. i mean they don't want this just by executive order. but my question to you is, is it dealing with heart as the president promsised he would do? >> there are ethical issue that's are difficult. but remember that president obama said for four years he didn't have the legal authority to do. this president obama to help harry reed in 2012 gave now 800,000 people work documents, american jobs who had no right to be here. >> all right. that's not what president obama said. >> well, president obama for four years, 2008 to '12 said i didn't have the legal authority to do daca. he did it right before the election in to 20 12. he was concerned that harry reid needed to get out the vote campaign. hillary clinton used the same
7:53 am
thing. we have a political polarization. and daca as an issue is being impaled on the polarization and the willingness of the democrats to come forward and look for reasonable solutions to mixing our immigration system. >> listen to a sophomore at columbia university. he is a dreamer. here's what he just told me he thinks should happen. >> well, i don't think that mass amnesty is the right way or solution to this, i don't think that mass deportation is also the right way. there should be more systemic -- i would support immigration where immigrants that have contributed or very likely to contribute to some type of the u.s. or those that have first priority to say. i don't think everybody should be asked to leave. i think shows with skills should be promised to allow to stay. >> is that a compromise? that you could live with? >> everybody who is weighed in in favor continuing daca with the possible exception of paul ryan, they favor hillary clinton in this campaign, donald trump
7:54 am
made commitments to his base -- >> dan, i asked you this is a dreamer who said he doesn't believe in complete amnesty. this a dreamer who just told me he thinks that there should be some who can stay and some who can't. that it should be merit based, who helps this country move forward. that is a compromise and what i'm asking you is that a compromise that can you live with. >> that's not a compromise to us. fair is bringing the wisdom of 40 years of hindsight looking at recommendations from commission after commission, reason yz we're in this mess in the first place. true reform is to examine how we got where we are and make changes to prevent it from happening in the future. and this is what trump's base, there is what manufactuy of the republican base and democratic base want which is the kind of immigration reform that will stop future illegal immigration and prevent the kind of problems we're dealing with here now. donald trump laid out a plan and in the end is there any obligation -- what bull the americans who didn't get into school because daca beneficiaries took the spots? what about all the jobs american
7:55 am
kid didn't get because they got the jobs? these issues are not so clear cut. what we're looking at -- >> so will this country be better if dreamers like santiago are removed from this country? >> some people are going to have to go home. but donald trump is made it clear he wants to use the daca thing as a daca component as a carrot to see if he can move the democrats to the table to basically -- this is called the art of the deal. the horse trade. the democrats are going to give donald trump anything that he wants, that he promised his base in this campaign snt immigration issue is the main pillar of the canal pain. it's why he won along with trade. there san obligation to meet him half way. >> all right. i'm out of time. let's see what the president says if, that is part of what he says when he is expected to announce this move tomorrow. dan stein, appreciate you debating it. thank you. >> thank you. we're following all the latest developments of course of united nations and security council meeting still underway right now after those strong
7:56 am
remarks from u.s. ambassador nikki haley on north korea. also houston's mayor says the it is ji drying out after hurricane harvey. now the recovery effort and the fight to fund it continues.
7:57 am
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hello, everyone. begging for war. that's how u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley described north korean leader just moments ago at an emergency meeting of the security council. listen to this. >> his abusive use of missiles and nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. war is never something that the united states wants. we don't want it now. but our country's patience is not unlimited. >> what exactly does that mean? this comes a day after the rogue nation conducted the most powerful nuclear test so far. that blast set off a chain reaction of concern and come dem nation around the world as well as serving to increase tensions among allies. the latest developments and there are a lot for this, regime made new threa


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