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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  September 4, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing your day with us. an emergency meeting at the united nations. tough talk from the trump white house after north korea escalates and already dangerous showdown with a massive nuclear test. >> kim jong-un's action cannot be seen as defensive. his abusive use of missiles and nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. >> plus, congress gets back to work this week. a down payment on a giant package, agenda item one. >> we have over 5 million people affected by this. it's not just the flooding in houston. it's the hurricane swath from corpus christi over to beaumont,
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and so it's going to require even more than what was funded for katrina, which was about $120 billion. >> and on this labor day, the president makes the case tax reform is a great way to help american workers while democrats look for ways to win back blue collar voters who help split blue states to red last year. >> the american people are asking, how does it happen that most of the new jobs being created are low wage and part time? how does it happen, since -- that since 2001 in america, we have lost over 60,000 factories? >> we begin the hour with emergency consultations at the united nations security council. troubling new evidence north korea is anything but swayed by global condemnation of its latest provocation. north korea state media celebrating what it says was a
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successful test over the weekend of a hydrogen bomb and threatening the united states if presenting any military response. south korean officials report new activity as north korean missile sites and believe another ballistic missile launch is in the offing. at the security council, the united states, japan and south korea are demanding new sanctions although all three governments privately conceive past sanctions have will hill to no effect on pyongyang's be behavior. nikki haley called for swift action and warned they will harshly judge nations that continue to do business with north korea. >> our country's patience is not unlimited. we will defend our allies, and our territory. the idea that some have suggested a so-called freeze for freeze is insulting. when a rogue regime has a nuclear weapon and an icbm pointed at you, you do not take steps to lower your guard. no one would do that. we certainly won't. the time has come to exhaust all
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diplomatic means to end this crisis, and that means quickly and enacting the strongest possible measures here in the u.n. security council. >> cnn completing his latest visit days ago and with us live from tokyo. a lot of tough talk at the xu security council. and no evidence of tough talk, yes, but not a path to a solution here? >> reporter: absolutely right. it's really disconcerting to view in this part of the world where people are increasing lly frightened about this situation escalating to a point of a misstep triggering an accidental war, a war that would be by all accounts pretty much unspeakable in terms of the consequences if there was an all-out war on the korean peninsula. millions of people died, most of the cities on the korean peninsula flattened dealing with conventional weapons. now you have a nuclear north
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korea who just tested their most powerful warhead to date and officials told me in pyongyang repeatedly last week sanctions will do absolutely nothing to stop weapons testing and accelerate them and motivate to work harder as sanctions have over recent years. north korea's economy grew by almost 4% last year according to south korean central banks in large part because of relationsrelations with china. the reason china trade with north korea is not because of economic benefit that they gain. it's because they view north korea as a strategic buffer between the u.s. ally forces and south korea and the last thing china's going allow is a shift in the geopolitical balance. they have intimated as up many times. plus new threats from north korea. read you a little from kcna. every time the u.s. goes crazy talking about sanctions and war, our will of vengeance becomes 100,000 times stronger.
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the state news agency in north korea. and they talked about a recent missile launch saying "this steft a meaningful prelude to restrain qualm, the outpost of invasion in the pacific." guam. and according to intelligence, making preparations to launch nor missiles, potentially an icbm possibly towards guam and so this continues to escalate with no solution in sight at the moment, john. >> will ripley in tokyo. we'll keep in touch. watching to see what north korea does next and as president trump weighs options one thing is clear. kim jong-un repeatedly ignored trump administration warnings and this nuclear test comes not long after the president says the united states was "locked and loaded" and we respond with "fire and fury" if provoked. he was briefed yesterday. michael hayden says it's critical the commander in chief not let this become personal or a test of manhood. >> mr. president, this is not a
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manhood issue. this is a national security issue. don't let your pride get ahead of wise policy here. >> cnn military analyst and retired rear admiral john kirby knows firsthand military options range from bad to worse. admiral, we talked yesterday in the wake of this. you just heard will ripley talk ash americans forget the korean war, a long time ago. in any table-top exercise you remember from days at the pentagon or at the state department, a lot of americans are saying, take out a missile site. take out a testing site. use american power to send a message. if the united states did that in any simulation, is the reaction every time that north korea then launches an artillery barrage on the south? >> without talking about classified war gaming, i can tell you there's no good option here. if you use military force to try to prevent or preempt -- not saying you should ever take that off the table. we have an obligation to defend ourselves and allies but you
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have to expect that north korea will respond as well. and what they will do is put many of the people of seoul in direct jeopardy and direct danger. there is no easy way to solve this militarily. frankly, john, there's no easy way to solve this at all and no one-path success. i listened to you talk to will ripley. you need a comprehensive set of options ahead of you designed to try to get the north back to the negotiating table. i think the administration is doing the right thing in terms of trying to put in place stronger sanctions. key there, implemented by everybody. you don't want to starred a trade war with china to do it. we need other options for china. in the region. using the word defend is appropriate. definitely making it clear that we're going to -- military options are going to be defensive in nature and not offensive and lastly, you've heard secretary tillerson talk about this. we're not interested in regime change. they need to make it much more
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clear to pyongyang that's not what we're after. china does not want a unified peninsula. they worry about a violent regime change that will send thousands if not millions of ref jis into chinese territory and potentially put american troops camp ud out on the other side of the river. last point john, talked about the war it's being forgotteni agree. a lot of americans don't remember that war. but remember, it's not technically over. there's only an armistice in place. we never solved that war. that might be something worth putting on the table. >> we'll see if putting it on the table, if -- if -- you get to negotiations. appreciate your help and insights with us to share reporting and insights, our panel. the president's options are horrible here. i want to -- listen to one of them. this is general michael hayden, former cia director. now cnn contributor. one of the big issues here is the united states says it will negotiate but wants north korea
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to say the negotiations are about giving up its nuclear program. its missile program. north korea says we won't do that. how do you get to the table? general hayden says if you get to the table the united states probably will have to make a pretty big concession. >> talk to the north koreans. it's just, conditions under which the talks will begin. and frankly, i think it's a sad reality that the talks will be about limiting, controlling, perhaps making more transparent, a north korean nuclear program. not dismantling that program. >> is there any way, and this is not an issue you need to press to president trump. both george bushes went through this, president clinton, president obama. is donald trump, president trump, the trump administration willing to concede north korea as a nuclear power? the military position is it will not be. do they want to give that away?
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>> probably the answer so far has been no, absolutely not. certainly privately there seems to be a broad recognition that north korea has calculated based on libya, what have you, every nuclear power aspiring nuclear power has had policies one way or the other that -- that the continuation of their efforts in the program is the only thing that gives them any leverage for anything. there's no white house official i talked to, no north korea expert i talked to who thinks that whatever you call it, whatever you say out loud, whatever the u.s. acknowledges, the pros will be it's realistic north korea would actually abandon its ambitions. >> the president moments ago had a call with president moon of south korea. there was a big dust-up over the weekend when the president tweeted, got in the face of an american ally, sensitive and delicate moment. happen to live late to across the dmz saying your policy of appeasement is wrong. had a call the south korea government was highly
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productive. united states willing to lift restrictions on ballistic missile size. warhead size on south korea. productive call now but took more than 30 hours for it to happen. a lot of talk in the neighborhood, in the region there, what was that about? >> the timing. i mean, timing of a lot of that was so peculiar about trade issues. thing thats that weren't a surprise in terms of policy but timing was given tensions over there. so i think there probably is an effort to smooth that over, but, again, it's president trump's twitter account versus sort of his advisers getting in, intervening and orchestrating a call. >> and this call to -- president moon in south korea which is on the peninsula which has the most to lose in any military strike, comes after president trump talked twice to japan's leader, shin-s shinzo abe, and in the span of two days, a one-two punch where president trump said he was
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going abandon the trade agreement with korea that was negotiated and accepted by two presidents, republican and democrat, and bipartisan congress, more republican votes, and then that using the word appeasement" which is so loaded, to say that anyone let alone an ally is appeasing anyone after the weight that war took on prior to world war ii. >> to piggyback off that, this call trying to smooth over relationships with south korea i can tell you from my perch on capitol hill i was hearing a lot of concern from lawmakers, because of that tweet. this is a time where the united states needs to be drawing on its allies and really to push back on north korea and in unity, world unity, it's extremely important to lawmakers. so we sort of saw this on capitol hill where trump attacked republican lawmakers he needs to do tax reform, get this stuff done. now knocking south korea and an ally he absolutely needs in this fight right now. >> the punch instinct seems to
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be counterproductive but an instinct we see from the president frequently. and listen to ambassador haley, strong statement to the united nations. this part reminiscent after 9/11 when george w. bush stood up to the world and said you're either with us or against us in the fight against terrorism. the united states will make stark choices. listen to nikki haley wants the security council to pass sanctions and the united states will view harshly any country a direct message to china and degree to russia, any country that continues to do business with north korea. >> the united states will look at every country that does business with north korea as a country that is given aid to their reckless and dangerous nuclear intentions. >> that following a tweet from the president and statement from the secretary of treasury saying the united states is working on %-po start a trade war with china? sorry. don't tell us what to do about our economic relationship with north korea. is this administration willing to back up those words and have
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essentially, say we won't trade with china? >> not those -- it would be devastating for us. it's not in our interests. the problem with this is that not only -- it's so easily seen as an empty threat that it undercuts the credibility of the president k president, which is already a problem as rachel alluded to. members of congress are worried the president's words are carrying less and less waceight. empty threats made, no weight at all. >> and how will this affect the u.s. economy if we stop all ties with china? congress isn't going to back this willy-nilly. serious repercussions on every american and the financial situation here. i don't see congress getting behind this one bit. >> and a whole array of tools between robust trade and no trade. right? complaints, and wto complaints, if you believe in the wto. >> that takes months and months and months. the president's needs chinese help now.
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a debate between pyongyang and the united states how china steps in and frames negotiations that will happen. >> and two different livers. o li levers. do it because a global imparentive. reached a boiling point, much further ahead than anyone wanted to be and it's difficult for china and changes your balance of power on the common or the region, or whatever, but the world expects you to do this is a fundamentally different case to make to a partner in a situation than do it or we're going to get into a trade war with you. >> we'll see. continue to watch developments of the nations and see how it plays out. whether diplomacy san option. moving on, the president end protection for the so-called dreamers and giving congress time to pass a law that would let them stay. plashing! wait so you got rid of verizon, just like that? uh-huh. i switched to t-mobile, kept my phone-everything on it- -oh, they even paid it off!
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endless shrimp is back at red lobster and we went all out to bring you even more incredible shrimp and new flavors like new nashville hot shrimp drizzled with sweet amber honey, and new grilled mediterranean shrimp finished with a savory blend of green onions, tomatoes, and herbs. feeling hungry yet? good, cuz there's plenty more where these came from. like garlic shrimp scampi, and other classics you love. as much as you want, however you want 'em. but hurry, endless shrimp won't be here long. welcome back. president trump apparently on track to end the so-called
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dreamers program. that's an obama era plan also known at daca protecting young undocumented immigrants brought to the united states as children protecting them from immigration now. sources telling cnn the president will abolish daca with a six-month delay allowing congress to pass a legislative fix. in limbo, though working or living here in the united states. this is the president back in february. >> we're going to show great heart. daca is a very, very difficult subject for me. i will tell you. i love these kids. i love kids. i have kids and grandkids. and i find it very, very hard doing what the law says exactly to do, and you know the law's right. >> it's an understatement to say this issue fractures the republican party. this is senator james langford of oklahoma. the white house is responsible for immigration enforcement and border security not immigration policy. it's right to be consequences for those who intensely entered this country illegally however we as american do not old
9:21 am
children legally accountable for actions of their parents. others are pushing for an immediate ends to the program saying, ending daca now gives a chance to restore rule of law. delaying so republican leadership can push amnesty is republican suicide. the debate the president will launch into full volume with this decision tomorrow. in the sense that if you're a hard-line immigration voter who supported the president, this is a promise he said he would do day one. it's seven months later. doing it. however, isn't he also sending a green light to congress? you pass a fix, the white house hasn't said they would veto. nothing on the issue. the president's essentially saying, obama did this the wrong way, executive orders. i'm ending it. if you get your act together and walk the hill every day, send me a legislative plan that says they can stay, they can stay. what would that do to the trump base? >> sounds like, yes. that he's open to that. especially getting border wall money to go with it. however, if congress' pass
9:22 am
actions on immigration reform is a prologue, dreamers are in big trouble and have a completely busy fall, raising the debt ceiling. avoid a government shutdown. tax reform. huge legislative things. right? so i just don't see how we do all this this fall. yes, i've heard republicans on the hill talk about a potential deal. wall money for basically codifying daca, but democrats have said that they're not giving an inch on the border wall. even if it's like 20 feet worth of physical structure, they said they'd put down their foot. maybe people are hopeful thinking there's middle ground. certainly tough. no doubt about that. >> and wonder if there's a smaller fix of just addressing daca? i mean, we've seen the comprehensive immigration reform battles in the past. >> votes are there for that, if you count democrats. would speaker ryan do that to his own conference? that would set off, i don't want to use the words on polite
9:23 am
daytime television within the party. big chunk on the right, ignoring you and cut a deal with democrats? and mike kaufman has legislation, get it on the floor. paul ryan looks weak not being able to stop that but it comes to the floor and use democratic votes to pass something like that. >> congress doesn't have the time or the space and the time that's left this year to do the things they have to do. the budget. the debt limit. harvey aid. to layer on daca as well, for the president, if he's going to end the program, announce he's ending it tomorrow, but with a six-month delay to get congress to act is as much as ending it, period. they're not going to add in that time frame and where's the leadership? he could have done that. february, ran the tape in february how much he loves dreamers. where's the -- could have -- if a leader would propose legislation to congress, i -- decades of covering congress and the white house. i was thinking about this before
9:24 am
i came to the program today. when have i ever seen a president try to have it both ways? i love dreamers but an ending the program? i can't think of another. >> a pun without a doubt, to your point. we'll talk more in the next segment about harvey aid, debt ceiling, all the thing congress has to do. the people watching, so? my kid is sick. got to get limb to school, refinance my mortgage, might have just had a flood. i have to do all that. why can't congress do all that? >> right. >> the point, part of the president, signature issue for the president among republicans. blue collar issues and trade helped him with wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan and the like. the score card of president on his sig ker issue. end obama executive orders? some progress. still a work in progress. big decision tomorrow here. build the border wall? mexico pays for it? no progress not really. committee action in congress. the department of homeland security looking at prototypes if they ever get the money. not progress there. active travel ban? some progress.
9:25 am
remove criminal undocumented immigrants a good deal of enforcement progress there and federal funding for smpg canctu cities. court battle and nothing big. we're in the eighth month. signature issue for this president. not a great report card. >> right. so the question with daca becomes, however he exactly does it, if what he's doing tomorrow is, in fact, to say this administration does not recognize this policy anymore, until congress acts or if congress never acts, the ball is then in the trump administration's court. how do they enforce it? work permits expire, say that's how it happens. tuesday next week, all of a sudden you don't have a reason to be here anymore. what happens? enforcement mechanisms? sort of aggressively against individuals? or is the administration going to continue a policy of prioritizing people with criminal activity? what's that threshold, for
9:26 am
criminal activity. it's likely in the absence of quick concrete action by congress or a court, create a new enforcement kind of dilemma or framework question from this administration. >> and create chaos within the trump administration. sessions or miller push for enforcement long promised it but a lot of conservatives, the base feel, especially breitbart nationalist base with steve bannon gone, jared, ivanka, they called manhattan democrats in the trump white house would push the president letting go? >> opposite direction. >> then the worries of a lot of republicans now is the images of 800,000 -- regardless your feelings about immigration, the most sympathetic of immigrants here legally, kids, people in college, people trying -- haven't broken the law. being deported. those images i think are what a lot of republicans are concerned about. >> more than 50,000 of those daca, they're in the -- houston area. one of whom died volunteering to
9:27 am
do rescues. >> and the speaker came out with a strong statement over the weekend. shouldn't do that. doesn't he put his own credibility on the line? knowing full well how difficult an issue with his group? >> divides the congress and puts the speaker in a tough wigs. you have to also look at this in the frame of september. ryan, paul ryan, is about to put a bill to raise the debt ceiling through his conference that works with democrats, does not include spending cuts. his conference is already really ticked at him. talking to some leadership folks last week who before this decision has been, was reportedly made, were saying, i really hope he doesn't do this, because it's going to poison the well with democrats. we know we cannot raise the debt ceiling or avoid a government shutdown. they say we won't vote for this, how do we get it done? could demand things on daca to take tough votes for paul ryan
9:28 am
and mitch mcconnell. >> and keep that thought. develop it in the next segment. congress getting back to work. back to school, congress back to work. before diving into tax reform and the budget, first up, emergency relief for harvey victims. can they pass that without a big fight? and some use it to sleep their best. the beautyrest black hybrid provides exceptional support and unique conforming feel. exclusively at mattress firm. exceptional support and unique conforming feel. super-cool notebooks, done. that's mom taking care of business. and with the "25 cent event", office depot officemax takes care of mom! now, all this just 25 cents each! ♪ taking care of business we believe in food that's anaturally beautiful,, fresh and nutritious. so there are no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives in any of the food we sell. we believe in real food. whole foods market.
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welcome back. congress returns tomorrow after a summer reez with a long list of things to do and not much time to do them. top of the list, money for victims of hurricane harvey. congress asked to approve quickly $8 million. most to fema's disaster relief country. just a down payment on a bill that could surpass $100 billion. there's bipartisan support for relief funding. yesterday the treasury secretary steve mnuchin wants to attach to a much more controversial item lifting the government's debt
9:33 am
ceiling. >> the president and i believe that it should be tied to the harvey funding that our first priority is to make sure that the state gets money. it is critical. and to do that we need to make sure we raise the debt limit. if congress appropriates the money but i don't have the ability to borrow more money and pay for it, we're not going to be able to get that money to the state. >> how much more money are we talking about? greg abbott says easily the most expensive natural disaster in american history. >> the pop p population size an geographic size is far larger than katrina and i think sandy combined. we have over 5 million people who are affected by this. it's not just the flooding in houston. it's the hurricane swath from corpus christi over to beaumont. so it's going to require even more than what was funded for katrina, which was about $120 billion. >> now, is congress prepared for
9:34 am
that? seem nos question, a vote sequentialed right way. tomorrow morning the house gets started on the first installment just short of $8 billion. no disagreement they'll move quickly on that. the bigger question, mark walker republican from north carolina, yes, assist those impacted by this great flood but past time the swamp waters in d.c. begin receding as well being compassionate and fiscally responsible. these two principles are not at odds. the congress sman sman and many friends, mick mulvanie, of course we have emergency aid but spending $50 billion. cut some else. what's going to happen? >> interesting you bring up that quote. i was talking to a republican from texas. not a freedom caucus member at all, saying, you know, these two issues should be separate. not only seeing conservatives balking about combining the debt ceiling and harvey money.
9:35 am
also you'll see texans who don't want to do this. and republicans in particular who want to vote for this emergency package but not vote for a debt ceiling and ticked if they get jammed on this. sounds like leadership sources say that's what they'll do. >> a switch from the administration. having the finance secretary say that. both the president and fema director says we want them to be separate. >> in the house, that's certainly true. i think as the white house did its homework on this idea, they came to realize quickly, the senate is the most likely place for these two to be coupled if that indeed ends up happening. look at something like daca plus the wall, that's like interesting, but a controversial move. you can see how it could go off the rails. this is really different. not the white house trying to hold harvey aid hostage for a debt ceiling increase. this is the white house assuming republicans understand they need to raise the debt ceiling and need political cover to do it and this gives them a way to do it and gives everybody else a
9:36 am
way to sap the debt ceiling is an unpopular vote to raise but have to raise it. harvey is something everyone wants to vote for. >> you made a logical argument. this happens to be washington, d.c., though. you can ask the former speaker john boehner and current speaker paul ryan. the debt creeling in recent years became quicksand. quagmire for republicans and fisk's conservatives ran on it. people rolled their eyes. take it here, cut it here. we have to do this. a quagmire. the question is, is the bipartisanship at least for the first installment of harvey enough to get through there? >> where i think -- that's the big question of the cuts to this. you're already seeing that play out internally within the party where people like peter king are criticizing ted cruz and john cornyn for when hurricane sandy hit, they insisted on cuts and voted against it. and now playing it in a different way to protect their
9:37 am
home state. that's the debate that plays out. >> and this came up earlier. this is a conversation, again, out in the real america, roll their eyes at those in washington. the question is, not just walking and chewing gum. look at the list. harvey leaf, a budget bill, debt ceiling, flood insurance reauthorization, children's health insurance, defense reauthorization act. faa reauthorization. some of the things, to the seven, you have a different issue put others on the list as well. 12 legislative days left on the official calendar and americans say, work more days. we'll get your job done. that doesn't translate here in washington. what falls through the cracks? or can they do all this? >> absolutely not can't do everything. they'll do the must-pass things. this is one of them. >> not easily. >> right. by attaching debt ceiling potentially a short-term spending bill with harvey, leadership thinks we can sort of clear the deck chairs here and focus on tax reform. focus on a broader spending deal coming later in the fall, but
9:38 am
it's just not going to be easy in and of itself to do. they get back. house will pass this harvey bill next we're. hearing the senate will then attach the debt bill, send it back to the house to get it through, but -- fema is running out of money right now. we're hearing that they need this money now. is there enough time to negotiate these thicks in one package, get fema the money they need in the next couple days? >> and the ultimate score card for a first-year president. come back, do harvey, get it done. one or two other things on the list gets done. is this president going to end the year, look at the score card here, obamacare repeal and replace? no. tougher trade deals, nothing legislative through. tax reform, starting gate. infrastructure not even at the starting gate. is this the final year report card for the first-year president? >> looking at basic requirements of government. keeping the lights on.
9:39 am
funding, preventing a government shutdown, raising the debt ceiling, bread and butter. >> and i thought when republicans ran everything would be better? >> exactly. we're replaying the debates we saw under divided government. president obama, a democrat, facing a republican-controlled congress and they're facing just as many challenges if not more under complete control by the republican party. >> and 2011-2012 told us, a difference between a spending fight and going over the fiscal cliff on the debt ceiling. the trump white house is saying we understand there were republicans who really would feel better if there was a government shutdown. can we please have it over a less kwesconsequential thing? deals with markets. president trump's biggest sell, other than neil gorsuch, gain in the stock market. the gain in those numbers that he can look at month after month, look how great things have been since i took office.
9:40 am
take that away to a billionaire real estate investor's minds, that's a problem. the legislative accomplishments may be slow. may have to put daca stuff out now to show they're moving ground on something, but if you start messing with the markets, really got a problem. >> we'll see. get a down payment when we see the house come back tomorrow and debate the harvey bill. see if they stay in peace or if that immediate tdetear yates. and up next, labor day, helping turn blue states red, last election. i switched to t-mobile, kept my phone-everything on it- -oh, they even paid it off! wow! yeah. it's nice that every bad decision doesn't have to be permenant! ditch verizon. keep your phone. we'll even pay it off when you switch to america's best unlimited network. (con artists...) they'll try anything to get your medicare card number.
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reminder this labor day. donald trump is president because he flipped blue states like michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania and did that in part with promises to blue collar workers who traditionally vote democratic. some promises from the president during the campaign? infrastructu infrastructure, renegotiate trade deals, rebuilding u.s. manufacturing. stopping companies from shipping jobs overseas. talks about this a lot.
9:45 am
remember in the campaign, the big unions? overwhelmingly with hillary clinton. the president has small union support. law enforcement, people involved in border protection security. the big labor movement heavily behind the democratic candidate. no surprise. these number as surprise. look at the vote union households, president obama, 18-point advantage over mitt romney in 2012. only nine points for hillary clinton in 2016. those numbers explain pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan. more blue collar voters backing donald trump including voters from union house holholds. democrats know it's a problem and can't win unless they change that. here's bernie sand earns at a labor day event. >> why in the wealthiest nation in the history of the world has the middle class of this country been in decline for the last 40 years? why is it that in new hampshire and in vermont we have tens of thousands of people who are not
9:46 am
working one job but they're working two jobs or maybe three jobs to bring in enough income to pay the bills? >> no question, democrats see the problem. donald trump does have a lot of support among blue collar workers. people who work with their hands, at dpt saonald trump say. democrat have a problem dpop th. do they have a solution? >> elizabeth warren came out with a 20-page report why donald trump is bad for the country. they haven't come up with the right solution. >> you've heard a lot from democrats saying the president hasn't kept promises on trade. said he would label china currency manipulator. rip up nafta. now renegotiating. we don't know where it ends up. enough? can we know the answer to the
9:47 am
question until we get back into a re-election cycle? >> said he'd have a trillion dollar infrastructure plan never produced and now looking to dong to do it and they're luke warm at best and everyone inner did like the idea. medicaid, he was promoting a plan that would have cut hundreding of billions of dollars over time, which a lot of these people benefit from it, but, in the dwindling number of union households who mostly have employer-provided insurance, a lot of people benefiting from obamacare. medicare for opioid treatment and prevention and the budge cuts. congress isn't helping his plan. the budget put out earlier would have slashed up to 30% from any number of programs that go to social services for job training and education and the like. this is one area where i think in terms of getting to the blue collar workers, i'm from toledo, ohio. a lot of people i know still back home, he is going to have
9:48 am
to show results. 25% of trump supporters who say he could just about do anything, as he said himself, and they would still support him. but there are a lot of working-class american whose want to see results. >> feels like groundhog day sort of. doesn't it? having the same conversation about democrats and it's really who is the new face of the democratic party? what is -- what leadership kind of structure is the democratic party coalescing around? going to be the liberal base elizabeth warren, more established leadership? a younger face? or maybe even irrelevant of age, someone who is centrist or maybe not. maybe left of center but can appeal to the left of the center or those who appealed to donald trump. until then they're just running against donald trump. it's hard for a group to maximize its own potential if they're just running against something and not running for something. >> midterm elections give an early test.
9:49 am
we may see democrating debates about the sides of those big republican debates the beginning of that's cycle. >> yes. and on cnn tonight "the reagan show." the return of ronald reagan. i'll never find a safe used car. start at the new show me minivans with no reported accidents.
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9:53 am
good evening. this is ronald reagan. president of the united states of america. is that in history books over there? i'm pleased to speak to you on the occasion of the new year. on behalf of the american people, i wish you all a happy and healthy new year. let's work together to make it a year of peace. >> that was watching that, president ronald reagan reading part of his 1998 address to the soviet union. a deep dive into the great communicator's presidency. what makes it great, can wait to watch the outtakes, recording
9:54 am
messages you saw the actor ronald reagan. a very funny man. saying things. can't wait to see it. play one more. one signature thing about ronald reagan, this relationship with first lady nancy reagan. take a peek. >> got an idea for another picture. just one more. i've got the chainsaw. and you're blocking me off. stopping it from -- don't just stand there. you're supposed to be saying, start the saw. >> no. [ laughter ] >> just a reminder, preinternet, presocial media. ronald reagan so conscience of the public image. out at the ranch in santa barbara showing the loving relationship with nancy throwback. >> and both come up through hollywood when that was very much a part of what hollywood studio systems would have wet
9:55 am
whether through magazines or film reels, candid shots of our starlet at home. just moved on to a different stage. >> wearing her flotus cap. >> and remember one more? donald trump likes to be unpredictable. ronald reagan something like that. >> i feel very good and also am a little superstitious. i don't want to talk about things until they happen. >> don't hear anyone say this. i wish i were a little older. got here the last three months of the reagan administration. i wish i was there earlier. the stories and things he did crack you up. >> interesting, the medium of tv and reagan's ability to use that and trump today certainly using twitter in a unique way. they have differences, obviously. but sort of changing the way presidents communicate. >> and the reaganites don't like the comparisons of the two. reaganites don't like it one
9:56 am
bit. thanks for joining us. jim acosta in the chair after a quick break. the world is not flat. you can't just pinch it, swipe it, or scroll it. sure, you've seen the mediterranean. but have you? how warm is brazil in february? what color is dusk in san francisco?
9:57 am
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hello. i'm jim acosta in for wolf blitzer's 1:00 p.m. in washington and 2:00 on tuesday in seoul and tokyo. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks for joining us. starting with strong condemnation of north korea following their latest and strongest nuclear test over the weekend. new threats from north korea, the security council holds an emergency meeting. some of what we heard from u.n. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley. >>


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