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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 6, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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we are being very aggressive in our preparation for this storm and every floridian should take this seriously and be aggressive to protect their family. if you're told to evacuate, get out quickly. >> these are the images of the massive storm from space. right now it's bringing staggering wind gusts of up to staggering wind gusts of up to 185 miles per hour. -- captions by vitac -- >> there's a new and seems to be record-breaking hurricane heading toward florida and puerto rico. we'll see what happens. we'll know in a very short period of time but it looks like it could be something that will be not good. >> we have our reporters fanned out across the affected region in cuba, in miami, also in puerto rico. i want to begin, though, at the cnn weather center, which is where meteorologist allison chenchar is tracking this storm. tell us what you're seeing, allison. >> right, so we take a look at the current statistics for irma. it is still a very powerful, category 5 storm. winds right now 185 miles per
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hour. gusting to 225 miles per hour. movement is west northwest at about 16 miles per hour, taking it just now to the north of puerto rico. again, they've already been experiencing heavy rainfall due to some of those outer bands and that's likely to intensify in the coming hours. now, in the short-term, we know the track is going to continue taking it west over places like the the turks and caicos all of the models really keep it at a pretty consistent track. it's during the right-hand turn where things start to tooedevia little bit. some models make the turn earlier, which makes a latinafall closer to georgia, north carolina, or south carolina. but some other models are slower to make that turn. in doing so, it makes up ending the landfall over portions of florida. to so this becomes where the
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tricky part is. now, in terms of historical data, we look at some of the recent category 4 and category 5 storms. we all remember hurricane harvey from just a few short weeks ago but we've listen looking at hurricane andrew, hurricane charlie and hurricane hugo and those had impacted around florida. the biggest storm to really impact florida was wlairhurrica andrew back in 1992, over $26 billion in economic loss. we had over 60 fatalities with this one and the storm surge was 17 feet but this path took it straight over the gulf and up towards louisiana. that's not what we expect irma to do. in fact, irma could take a path early similar to hurricane matthew from just last year. matthew, if you recall, skirted just along the eastern coast of florida before actually making landfall. matthew had economic losses slightly under that of andrew at $15 billion but still high enough. the fatalities were the bigger
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difference. the majority of the 585 fatalities came from haiti but they weren't all there. we did have other fatalities with that and storm surge for this one was 26 feet. so again, these are not irma. but there are similarities between the two. but the thing to note is that this is a category 5 storm. this is incredibly strong. which is why we have hurricane warnings out for areas like puerto rico, dominican republic, and the turks and caicos and areas like the bahamas and cuba are looking at hurricane watches. some of those might get released for florida and other states when we can finally narrow down that path. but the take wa is, regardless of where the u.s. landfall is, whether it's florida or the carolinas, all of those states need to begin their preparations ahead of time. >> and as you said, and i was wrong before i tossed you, 185-mile-per-hour sustained winds, gusting, as you said, up to 225 miles per hour. i mean, just staggering. and thanks for the update.
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we know you're going to keep watching this for us. now, puerto rico is under a state of emergency right now. there is a mandatory evacuation in the florida keys. george howell is in san juan, puerto rico, for us. miguel marquez is in miami. i want to go to you first, george. it has been nearly a century since puerto rico was hit by a storm of this magnitude. so, tell us about the conditions, and i know you said we're looking towards, i think, the 8:00 p.m. hour. how have things fared here since we talked to you an hour ago? >> reporter: right, so, the conditions here will get worse and worse and worse each hour that we reconnect here to show you what's happening and i want to give you a look at the land here to see. you can see there the white caps. that is an indication of how choppy and rough the waters are right now and the palm trees tell the story as well. however, we're kind of in between, if you'll believe this or not, in between the stronger wind gusts. let's break this storm down into the different phases that we expect. when it comes to the winds, when it comes to the rain, the
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flooding and then the aftermath. with regards to the wind, i spoke with a meteorologist here with the national weather service, felix castro, who said the island experienced about an hour ago an 86-mile-per-hour wind gust. keep in mind that the eye wall of this storm, much closer to puerto rico than earlier expected, so now about 30 miles off the north shore, so we will be closer to that more intense churning, the wind gusts that get anywhere from 185 miles up to 200-plus. we could experience a little more of that here on the southern side of this storm. when it comes to the rain, the rain comes and goes. but we've seen some strong rain bands come in. we're expecting much stronger rain as the night progresses. with flooding, i'm told that the storm surge could be anywhere from 2 to 3 feet but here's the thing. the storm swell would get anywhere from 25 to 30 feet, could go up to 2 to 3 stories of water that comes in at any point here along the part of the
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island that's affected. and the aftermath. there's confection here. you have to keep in mind that puerto rico is an island that's dealing with a great deal of debt, a debt crisis, $70 billion in debt, goods and services more expensive as of 2015 for locals here. they're concerned about what it looks like to recover, but again, 8:00 p.m. is when things get a lot rougher. the monster that lurks in the dark will get more intense at that hour. >> all right, george, thank you. and i want to go to miami now where miguel marquez is. mig miguel, you are at a gas station. what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, two things. gas and water are in very short supply today and i think water might be a little more expensive than gas right now because everywhere we have gorgeone, th city seems to have run out of it. you can see on the -- in the right lane, all those cars, all the way back, it's dozens and dozens and dozens of cars. they're not waiting to turn right.
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they're waiting to get into this gas station here and fill up. if you come around this way, jordan, you can see this is what happens here at the intersection. they're also waiting in this line to get into the same gas station. we have reports that people are waiting as long as two hours to get gas, not at this one but at different gas stations around places. other gas stations are just out of gas for right now. across the street, this is u.s. 1, all this traffic coming up on the other side of the street that we're next to here, that's coming from the south to the north, people getting out of the keys. we saw some video earlier in the day of people getting out of the keys. it was one-way traffic. every single car going north. no one going south. we expect, as the storm gets closer, that traffic going that way will get only heavier. brianna. >> well, let's hope, all right. miguel marquez in miami. thank you, sir. one person in the eye of this
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storm willingly is a hurricane chaser and mike, you have chased down 40 hurricanes in the past 30 years so for the people who are at home and may be undecided, you're looking at this historically powerful storm. what are you expecting to endure? >> well, if we take a direct hit in the keys, it will be catastrophic. i mean, you do not want to be here with direct hit. and right now, there's a lot of models that show that. there's a lot of models that show up the east coast, up the west coast, right up the keys, so you need to assume the worst. you do not want to be stuck here with this kind of a storm coming over the keys. it will be catastrophic. >> when you say catastrophic, i mean, speak to the specifics of that. what would that look like in a place like the keys? >> well, if that ring of thunderstorms, which is the intense eye wall, goes right over the keys, the wind will come off one side of the ocean, go across the island, right to the other, and it will just clean things off -- it will be really bad. anything that's not concrete
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will probably be destroyed, and even concrete structures are going to be extremely compromised be w th compromised with that kind of wind. we don't have anything to compare it to hardly at all in recent era of what kind of damage it can cause. so this is equivalent to an ef-3 tornado. it's like being in a tornado for two to three hours if you're in that intense eye wall so this is nothing to mess around with at all. >> so how are you going to handle this? >> well, i'm sort of watching every update that comes out and you know the track keeps shifting to a point where i haven't locked in a location just yet but it's going to be anywhere from key largo, key west, or just go right up the east coast of florida if it happens to come in there. of course if it's just to the west, i'll be going there. normally i have a location pinned down much sooner, but because of the angle that it's coming in, this is a -- we're entering the world of unknown. all we know is it's coming this
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direction and eventually it's going to turn north but the question is when is that going to happen. we need to be prepared, wherever you live, you need to assume that it's going to hit you if you're in that cone. if you're in the national hurricane center cone, don't pay attention to that center line. just the cone area. if you're in that area, anything's possible. >> pay attention to that wide swath, very good advice, mike theiss, thank you very much, sir. we are going to be back to storm coverage in just a moment but we must go now to breaking news from the white house. president trump is going against his own party leaders, siding with the democrats over the debt ceiling. he just told reporters that he essentially reached an agreement with congressional leaders to raise the debt ceiling and pass a short-term spending bill. here's audio of what he said moments ago. >> we had a very good meeting with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. we agreed to a three-month
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extension on debt ceiling, which they consider to be sacred, very important, always will agree on debt ceiling. automatically because of the importance of it. >> the deal would include a three-month extension on the debt ceiling. it's the very thing that house speaker paul ryan spoke against this morning. >> we've got all this devastation in texas. we've got another unprecedented hurricane hitting -- about to hit florida. and they want to play politics with the debt ceiling? sth that will strand the aid that we need to bring to these victims of these storms that have occurred or are about to occur and they also want to default on our debt. i think that's ridiculous and disgraceful. >> let's talk about this now with cnn chief political analyst gloria borger, david catonese and jeff zeleny. do we have any sense of whether
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republicans in congress were given the heads up or were they just completely blindsided? because you have paul ryan saying what he said and then it's a few hours later, it turns out, actually, no, there's a deal and it doesn't include you blindsided. >> i'm told by three republican officials at the white house and capitol hill, the republican leaders were absolutely taken aback by this. they were undercut. and not only them. the treasury secretary, steven mnuchin, was arguing for a longer-term deal and he was given assurance. the president apparently, i'm told by people familiar with the meeting, said, we're done talking about this. and one person said the president was in deal-cutting mode. so he simply wanted to get that done. and mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader, confirmed that basically when he came to the cameras on capitol hill just a short time ago and said, you know, the president reached a deal with democrats, basically, so i believe that this is, you know, one of the most fascinating and mysterious and interesting things the president has done in office so far with the congress. >> okay, so david, deal-cutting,
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but is it a good deal? >> well, it's a good deal for him because he wants a win. he wants a deliverable in the near-term and i think he started to see conversations from republicans, conservative republicans in the house freedom caucus saying they were going to have a fight, that they didn't want, they were going to have a fight over the debt ceiling and he saw pelosi and schumer, oddly enough, as allies. and i just think it means that trump is an essential deal maker but has married to no political parties. he's a man on his own island, and i think this also goes back to the health care debate where he didn't feel like the republicans came through for him. i don't think there's real trust between him and mitch mcconnell or paul ryan, so he said, hey, maybe i can get something on the other side here. >> well, look, he just spent half the summer dissing mitch mcconnell on twitter. and now he's done the same to republicans who didn't want this deal, and so if you're a
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republican, and you're saying, well, will this guy have my back if i go out on a limb for him? the answer would be, no. so, the -- this will impact tax reform, i believe, going down the road. and also it means that they have to vote yet again on extended the debt ceiling. >> in a few months. >> and what do republicans and democrats hated to vote on the most? the debt ceiling. >> sorry to interrupt, gloria. stand by because rick scott is talk right now about the hurricane. let's listen. driver hours are helping to move fuel so we can get to it you very quickly. we're doing all we can to streamline fuel delivery but you may see lines and yeah, even some outages. in the keys, we're doing everything possible to get gas to everyone as quickly as possible. but we're going to do everything we can to get everybody out of the keys. if there's an evacuation, we'll do everything we can to get people out. we're looking at all possible avenues to ensure everyone gets
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out. for everyone across the state, if you go to shelter in your county, please take only enough fuel that you need. if you don't need to fill your tank to the brim because you're going to stay in your county, don't fill it up. i spoke to u.s. department of transportation secretary elaine chao today and she's been very supportive. the federal d.o.t. has lifted federal regulations of fuel to get gas to florida as quickly as possible. all reports are open. and operating to bring fuel and supplies in. evacuations. right now, there is mandatory evacuation in effect for all visitors in the florida keys. tonight this order will go into effect for all residents. we estimate that about 25,000 people have already evacuated from the keys. listen to your local officials for evacuation orders. they will tell you if and when your area needs to be evacuated. so listen to the locals. if you're told to evacuate, don't wait. get out quickly. if you look at what happens f you wait, that's when we end up with the lines on the highways.
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when local officials tell you to evacuate, they do so because it's not safe to stay. we can expect additional evacuations in the storm continues so near to our state. everyone must listen to their local officials. individuals with special needs started being evacuated from miami this morning, and miami-dade county, officials are also advising residents living in low-lying areas to start evacuating today. there are volume tear evacuations being ordered in collier county, broward county has issued voluntary evacuations of mobile homes and low-lying areas today. i cannot stress this enough. do not ignore evacuation orders. we rebuild your home but we cannot rebuild your life. realtime traffic inspection is available at all tolls have been waived across florida roadways. this could help families evacuate quickly and safely. we are preparing for irma to directly impact our state and while it's still too early to tell exactly where the storm will go, it is incredibly
12:17 pm
important that all floridians keep an eye on this incredibly dangerous storm. do not sit and wait for this storm to come. it is extremely dangerous and deadly and will cause devastation. get prepared now. regarding the florida national guard, i just activated an additional 900 members of the florida national guard. by the end of the day, there will be a total of 1,000 guard members to immediately begin assisting with ongoing hurricane irma preparation. the florida national guard is incredibly important to executing an emergency preparedness and response actions across the state. and i will continue to activate more members as needed. these members will be in place to help with evacuations and shelters, sheltering as well as coordination of search and rescue with the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission. national guard members will also be assisting utility companies as they respond to return power to homes and businesses. i've directed the remaining 6,000 available members of the florida national guard to report for duty no later than friday morning. in addition, 13 helicopters,
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high water vehicles are on stand by. the florida national guard is coordinating with other states and the national guard bureau to ensure approximately 30,000 troops, 4,000 trucks, 100 helicopters, and air evacuation crews are ready to support our state. the florida fish and wildlife conservation and preparing search and rescue teams. fwc has more than 200 officers standing by for the first wave of response based on potential storm impacts. 30 teams with supporting resources such as trucks, coastal and river patrol boats, atv and solid rock boats with preparing for evacuations or any additional needs. the florida department of law enforcement, fwc, the department of highway and safety, and other partnering agencies are identifying resources for deployment and response. the florida highway patrol is monitoring road and traffic conditions to ensure roadways are clear. ftle has established 18
12:19 pm
emergency response teams for deployment to impacted areas and seven logistics and planning teams. each ftle region is staffing its regional law enforcement coordination team in advance of this storm to assist local law enforcement with any needs. utility providers. >> all right, that is governor rick scott of florida as we are looking really down the barrel of hurricane irma coming towards potentially all the way up the east coast of his state. he said the highway patrol is keeping the roads clear. he's urging people in the past of this storm to evacuate. we have another update coming from the national hurricane center here around 5:00 p.m. and we'll bring that to you as well. we are going to go back to our breaking news on president trump reaching a deal with democrats. we're also learning that ivanka trump came into that oval office meeting, one source saying that republican leaders were visibly annoyed. we're going to talk about that after a quick break. we believe in food that's naturally beautiful and fresh. delicious and powerful, and full of nutrients.
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we are back now with some very intriguing breaking news coming out of the white house. donald trump has sided with democrats when it comes to increasing the debt ceiling. he had a meeting with congressional leaders, and i have a picture that we just have to show you. this is of the top democrat in the senate, chuck schumer there, talking to the president and coming out of this meeting, schumer, much more happy than the top republican in the senate, mitch mcconnell. you can definitely be sure of that, but just take a look at their faces here. very happy with this agreement that has the president bucking his own party and siding with democrats. i want to bring my panel back in to talk about this. all right, gloria, i mean, here you've got this new york meeting of the minds going on there. >> well, what were the faces of the republicans that we didn't see? because i guarantee you -- >> probably sullen, right? >> sullen because this was a
12:25 pm
deal, as senator ben sasse, called it, the pelosi, schumer, trump deal and we know there were people pushing an 18-month debt limit, others floating 6 months but it was the democrats who were floating 3 months and the president just made a unilateral decision, as he can do, to say, okay, i'm going to take the deal that chuck schumer offered and i think the republicans were beyond annoyed. >> what's the matter with this, david, though, if he's just -- even if he is just kicking the can down the road for three months, what's the matter with not having this fight right now and putting it off? we've seen congress have smaller extensions on whether it's the debt ceiling or it's government funding, we've seen these thing. >> well the argument against is they are going to have to go through all of this again in december, right around the holidays, a nice holiday present for the gop which has sort of become an annual event with the republicans but white house aide
12:26 pm
just e-mailed me and said, look, there's too many important things on the agenda, republicans will pass another debt ceiling when push comes to shove, they want tax reform, and also, a short-term deal allows funding for what you're covering today, another catastrophic hurricane that is going to pulverize this country. and we just saw the last week what the people of texas and louisiana are going through, the white house is arguing, get this off the table, keeps the government open, so we have funding for victims of hurricane irma. that's going to be their case. >> i think this is very much, you know, perhaps the biggest example yet of on the job learning as president. presidents like every other job learn on the job and the president has power. the president does not have to outsource everything to the house or senate. he can sort of make things happen. i think that's an example of this here. look, but i think i'm told the president was affected by what he saw in the aftermath of hurricane harvey.
12:27 pm
we obviously see what's happening in florida, some of his personal properties are involved in this. he knows what's going on. he does not want washington to be at each other's throats over this. the question is, it probably will come in december, but he does have, you know, more leverage here, but i think this is a sign that he's -- it's what some republicans and conservatives worried about, that picture of senator schumer and the president, at the very beginning in january, this seems like a million years ago, conservatives thought he's going cut a deal with schumer on infrastructure. that, of course, didn't happen. and this may be a one-off. even some democrats are suspicious about sort of all of this. but certainly very interesting. >> some other intrigue in this meeting, gloria, ivanka trump walks into the meeting, takes part in the meeting, and cnn has some reporting that republicans seemed to be dismay bed by her presence there. >> there is some pushback on that as jeff is also reporting. i think republicans were dismayed by what was occurring in the meeting, and so they may have acted like they were
12:28 pm
dismayed by ivanka. we don't really know the whole story yet, about whether she was in the meeting, apparently, to talk about child care, tax credits, et cetera, and she may have provided some relief to republicans who didn't like what was going on. >> i think there's also a question, just among republicans, on how much juice ivanka has. there's all this palace intrigue, constantly, about how much influence she has over the president, right? she's the most powerful adviser in the white house. but when push comes to shove, she doesn't land on the same side as the president on a lot of these issues and i think that's a constant conversation, i think, a washington conversation about is she just in the room as a symbol? or does she really have some pull and influence over the president. >> we know that she is a very committed to this issue, that she was in there to talk to leaders about, and this is the first time we are in september, the first time that these four leaders have sat down at the white house with the president. that's sort of unusual. but i'm told as a fuller picture this comes together as gloria was saying earlier, republicans
12:29 pm
were annoyed in general. i'm told that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was a bit more annoyed by ivanka trump perhaps, but by the whole picture. speaker ryan as said in a statement he was not annoyed by her at all. >> thank you to all of you. next, president trump says that he's ending the program, which protects undocumented young people brought to the u.s. by their parents who really know no other country other than america. then he tweets that he might revisit this decision. then today he insists he's not sending mixed messages. one of the state attorneys general who threatened to sue over that obama-era program is going to join me live. it's time for the biggest sale of the year with the new sleep number 360 smart bed.
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today, president trump says he is not sending mixed signals and that he doesn't have second thoughts about ending daca, that program that protects undocumented immigrants who grew up here in the u.s. >> no second thoughts. >> mr. president, are you confident in congress to do something for daca recipients. >> i hope they do. >> but last night, the president tweeted that he would revisit the issue if congress cannot reach an agreement on daca in the next six months. the trump administration had until yesterday to make a decision on the program's future or else face a lawsuit by the attorneys general of nine states, and my next guest, arkansas attorney general leslie rutelege is one of those who is pushing for a decision.
12:35 pm
thank you so much for joining me on this, and i'm wondering what you think about what the president has said here, where he may be revisiting this issue. >> well, i commend the president for rescinding daca in a very responsible fashion, that we need certainty for these individuals, for these d.r.e.a.m.ers. we need certainty for america. we are a country of laws. i don't think the president is sending mixed signals in any form or fashion. he rescinded the attorney general came out yesterday and rescinded daca. again, in a very responsible manner and giving congress time to act, and it's time for congress to act on immigration, and that's what the president is asking them to do. >> attorney general rutledge, if congress doesn't act, he's leaving open this possibility that he's going to revisit it which seems to take some of the bite of really pushing it into their lap to deal with it. >> well, actually, i read that tweet as the president
12:36 pm
encouraging congress, listen, it's time congress for you to do your job. and that's what i'm encouraged by as a state leader is that it's time for congress to act on immigration. for far too long, we have an immigration policy in flux because of president obama's action on daca. that is why the states attorneys general, why we sent that letter to this administration, was saying, listen, it's time to act. it's time to get a legal immigration policy in place and that's what i believe the president is sending the message to congress to, let's get this job done. it's time to get the job done on time and under budget, as he likes to say. >> you've stressed that you're not asking the government to remove any person covered by daca or rescind permits that are issued, but in guidance sent from the white house to the hill, it says the department of homeland security urges daca recipients to use the time remaining on their work authorizations to prepare for and arrange their departure from the united states, so while that may not have been your intention, it appears that may
12:37 pm
be the result of this. no? >> well, again, the letter that we sent was not asking the government to remove any individual. however, what the government has done now is said, yes, those individuals who have license in place that we're not going to renew those, however, they can stay through those license, through their approval time, they can, if you haven't -- if it's expiring before march of next year, it's time to get those renewed, turn that in by october 5 th of this year, so this is a responsible plan. and i think that's what america needs is a responsible plan to give these d.r.e.a.m.ers -- >> this says arrange for the departure and even if you're saying that you're not talking about removing someone, advocating to remove a protection, even if there are issues with how president obama put this in place, advocating to remove the protection of, of course, has the result of someone perhaps being removed from the u.s. >> well, yes, and i believe that
12:38 pm
these -- the d.r.e.a.m.ers that i have met with, these young individuals, that it's imperative that all of us are prepared for situations and prepared for what might come. here, the government has said, here are the time frames, here are the renewal process, take care of business and -- but let's also put the pressure back on congress to take care of business. so, these individuals, i encourage them to be prepared but not to be panicked because again, we have a responsible plan in place from this administration to try to correct the wrong that was done by the previous administration. it was, again, the previous administration that did this -- made these illegal, unauthorized actions, putting us in this uncertainty, and so now, we're looking for certainty for all of these individuals that are impacted. >> attorney general, you say prepare but don't panic. if you were preparing to potentially be deported, would you be panicking?
12:39 pm
>> no, because these individuals, i know their status, now they know the time frame from which they can properly apply to work toward certain goals, and again, these -- the individuals i have met with are so encouraging, bright, talented individuals, but again, we are a country of laws, and that's why their parents came to this country is because of all the great things that the united states has to offer. again, we're a country based on laud laws and we must adhere to those laws and we must have an administration that adheres to the laws and the executive branch putting pressure on the legislative branch is all that is happening here. we are simply seeing the president of the united states tell congress, congress, it's time to act, let's get some legislation passed and address immigration reform. and quite frankly, there are senators and congressmen already with bills in place or in the drafting process, arkansas's own senator tom cotton. >> but john cornyn said they're not -- he said -- here's what he
12:40 pm
said. there's no way it's going to be a stand-alone and he basically said there's no way they're going to address this in, you know, soon. so, there may be bills that are out there, but i mean, that's the buck kind of stops there, right, with the top republicans in the senate. >> pell wewell, the buck stops e american people and the american people need to tell the men and women that they have elected to the united states congress, house of representatives, and the u.s. senate that it's time to get some legislation passed, that as the attorney general of a state, as the executive office, we don't have the option to kick things down the road. and so we're now asking congress to pass some reasonable immigration reform to address this issue and other issues. >> all right, well, attorney general leslie rutledge of arkansas, we'll be watching as well. certainly congress hasn't inspired a whole lot of confidence in passing
12:41 pm
legislation recently but we'll be keeping an eye on that. thank you, ma'am. we appreciate it. and next, hurricane irma is already battering the caribbean. it's 185-mile-per-hour winds right now, sustained winds, gusting up to 225 miles per hour as people in florida are scrambling to secure their homes and stock up on supplies or get out of the state altogether. we are going to be live in miami in just a moment. how do we say that this fall, our guests can earn a free night when they book at and stay with us just two times? fall time.
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ask your doctor about victoza®. megan's smile is getting a lot because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. this is a monster. it eerily has very similar track to andrew, and you remember what that was like 25 years ago. >> whether you're in the eye of the storm or 50 to 75 miles away from it, it is going to be nasty and you've got to be prepared for that. >> florida senators marco rubio and bill nelson there warning their constituents about the danger of hurricane irma. it's a storm that has prompted
12:46 pm
mandatory evacuations in the florida keys. it has a nation on edge just days after the destruction that we saw from hurricane harvey in texas. and if this is any indication, people appear to be heeding the warnings of state and local officials in florida. we're seeing massive lines at gas stations, in miami-dade, as many people are preparing to leave south florida. cnn's rosa flores is joining me live now from miami, so rosa, there are long lines there for gas. are there any concerns that the supply there could run short? >> reporter: you know, the latest from governor scott here is that he is making sure that supplies can come into the state unrestricted. he's also suspended all tolls in the state of florida to make sure that people can flow in as much ease as possible. now, brianna, i want to set the scene for you right now because it sounds cliche, but this really is the calm before the storm. you can see it's beautiful miami scape today, it is hot, it is
12:47 pm
humid, it is wicked, but it is nice and clear here, just a slow sway in those palm trees, but don't be fooled by this beautiful scape. people taking irma very seriously, as you mentioned, a lot of folks flocking to grocery stores and hardware stores to get supplies, food, plywood, to patch their windows, and they're also going to gas stations. we've seen very long lines in some areas and some gas stations going out of gas because everybody's flocking to get resources that they need. monroe county, which includes the florida keys, is under mandatory evacuation, fiu has been determined as a shelter for them. and brianna, just north of us in broward county, 43 shelters are ready to go, and they could house 33,000 people, but as you know, millions of people are in the path of this storm, and everybody looking and hearing to see what local officials are going to do to give them next
12:48 pm
steps as irma approaches. >> all right, rosa flores in miami, thank you so much. fema teams are already in place to respond to irma. we just heard that from the governor of florida, just minutes ago. but there are concerns about funding, especially after harvey devastated texas. fema's disaster relief fund has just over $1 billion in it but only about half of that money is immediately available. renee marsh is joining us now. so are renee, the house just aproved an initial $8 million disaster relief package for victims of hurricane harvey. but when you look at the big picture here and the resources that fema has, is this enough as it's looking at irma coming its way. >> short answer is no, it simply is not and speaking to that, we heard from senator marco rubio as well as bill nelson, essentially calling on congress to act on additional aid. this is even after the house passed that $7.8 billion relief bill there for harvey victims. so no, it will not be enough.
12:49 pm
in actuality, that $7.8 billion will probably last only a couple of weeks, and as you point out, irma is on its way to florida and they don't even know -- they can't even begin to estimate what that damage is going to cost. so, it's a drop in the bucket compared to what they will need. >> as we're looking at people trying to get out of the area that could be affected there in florida, we've seen a lot of people who have been looking at flights and they're seeing that the prices jumped astronomically especially from monday to tuesday. they feel like there is price gouging happening. do you know anything about that? >> you know, we have seen a lot of those reports. we reached out to both the department of transportation, which would be in charge of ngting investigating that sort of thing. we also reached out to airlines like american airlines. that airline operates the most flights out of the florida area, because that is their hub there in miami. and they say they have not changed their algorithms, and they have not changed how they do their pricing. what people are seeing is there is this demand, you oftentimes
12:50 pm
will have one seat left and many cases, the flights are sold out, and what people are seeing are last-minute prices. the prices are really high. a lot of consumers don't seem to believe that. but again, if there is any gouging happening, you got to believe the federal government will know and find that out, because there would be an investigation. but the airlines all telling us, look, the demand is so high that this is just how it works. it's a very complicated structure when it comes to >> we'll see what the department of transportation says. rene marsh, thank you so much for your report. just in, the white house revealing what charities are getting the president's million-dollar donation toward hurricane harvey. the donation is spread out between charities. the most charity is from the salvation army. and there are a number of other charities, including the
12:51 pm
portlight inclusive disaster strategies and team rubicon. moments ago, president trump saying he spoke with president xi about new threats from north korea and his party is very much in favor of a denuke. we'll have reaction live, next. at holiday inn express, we can't guarantee that you'll be able to contain yourself at our breakfast bar. morning, egg white omelet. sup lady bacon! fruit, there it is! but we can guarantee that you'll get the best price when you book with us. holiday inn express. be the readiest. super-cool notebooks, done. that's mom taking care of business. and with the "25 cent event", office depot officemax takes care of mom! now, all this just 25 cents each! ♪ taking care of business
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12:54 pm
top republicans are raeeactg to president trump's side deal of bucking his own party. he agreed to a governme government shutdown and it would
12:55 pm
increase the debt ceiling. the pelosi-schumer-trump deal is bad, says senator ben sasse. president trump said he just had a, quote, very, very frank conversation with the president of china today over the intensifying nuclear threat from north korea. the rogue nation this week boasted it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. here's what president trump said while speaking with reporters on air force i. >> we had a very good conversation with president xi of china. it lasted for about 45 minutes. he's very much in favor of the denuke of north korea. >> joining me now is someone who has had to directly handle the north korea threat, former defense secretary william cohen who served under president clinton. secretary, thank you so much for joining me. >> good to be with you. >> you heard what he said there, that president xi is very much for the denuke of north korea. there are many people who say
12:56 pm
you just have to live with the fact that this is where north korea is. so is there an avenue for a denuclearization. >> if china really joins the united states and we sit down with china and discuss with them an overall plan, in other words, what should a united korea look like 15, 20 years from now, maybe even a shorter time frame? we can't do that without having china as a full partner. so the first thing we have to do is, once china gets through its plenum and resolves its own political challenge, to sit down with president xi and his strategist and say, how do we solve this problem? because a nuclearized north korea poses the potential for spreading that to south korea, japan and others. none of us want that, so how do we deal with it? i think that's possible. >> it was a frank conversation that they had, but where do president xi and president trump need to be -- what do they need to be talking about, besides,
12:57 pm
obviously, what you described, this 15, 20, 25-year plan? >> they need to be discussing what our relationship is going to be with china. right now it's unclear. what are we going to do vis-a-vis china. china is a growing power. you've got this imbalance taking place for the existing power being confronted with a rising power history has not been very positive on that. of the 16 studies thavsh dot han done, 12 of those studies looked at past history. 12 of those instances involved war. we're trying to avoid that, if at all possible. with respect to north korea, the north koreans have been basically showing contempt not only for the united states, the united nations but also for china itself. china has its principal benefactor. if the principal of china says time for a change here, i think
12:58 pm
the president of north korea has to wonder what will happen to his regime. >> you saw vladimir putin with the south korean president today and he said the north korea situation may be, quote, impossible to resolve. what do you think of that? >> president putin said a couple things. he said sanctions don't work. if sanctions don't work, why is he so interested in getting them removed from russia? he's been desperate to have those sanctions removed from him? he said, well, north korea is different. they'll eat grass. i don't think so. if north korea understands, they could have a cobb salad as opposed to texas beef. they might decide to overthrow the regime from within. that's the difference, and i think that's something we should contemplate. we should send the signal in an information campaign to say you're not going to be so secure when your people find out what you've been doing to them compared to what's happening in south korea. >> you support talking about regime change.
12:59 pm
why? >> i talked about it in the sense of if you're not going to stop the course of your regime of nuclear weapons and threatening everyone, then we have to consider having a regime change. hopefully that would come from within. if you have a number of generals saying we could be doing better than we're doing now, life could be more prosperous, they might consider removing him. >> you see it as a motivating stick, right? >> i do. i think it's an incentive -- a stick that we should use, i should say, to hit president kim with. >> any dangers in that? >> obviously, he may feel that he has to respond militarily. that's why we have a great defense and deterrent. i think he would be in a very difficult position if his generals decide their lives would get much worse eating grass as opposed to eating well. >> it is a difficult problem.
1:00 pm
senator cohen, we appreciate your insight on t. thank you very much. we're just an hour away from the path of irma. and "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're going to start with breaking news in the national lead. a nation embracing for hurricane irma, an explosive category 5 in the atlantic. right now irma is flooding power lines. there has been no communication from that island since it hit, and right now irma is headed for the united states where millions more are in its path. florida, population 20 million, are bracing for impact. official evacuations started there today. in order to put this hurricane in perspective, governor rick scott warned that irma