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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  September 6, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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with the chance to avoid and confront irma should take it and we wish the best for anybody riding it out. the coverage continues throughout the night and into the days and probably weeks ahead. we go now to don lemon and "cnn tonight." it is major breaking news. look at your screen, a monster hurricane, her name is irma slamming through the caribbean right now, taking aim right at florida. thousands and thousands of people fleeing before it is too late. this is "cnn tonight," i'm don lemon. thank you for joining us. the core of this category 5 storm north of puerto rico. mandatory evacuations begin in florida. this is one of the strongest hurricanes ever in the atlantic. to get an idea of its power
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listen to the sound as irma hit the caribbean island of st. martin. powerful. and on barbuda, the prime minister says the island is literally rubble. my goodness, look at those pictures. up to 37 million people at risk tonight. and that's just the beginning. there are now three hurricanes in the atlantic. irma, jose and katia. our reporters are live tonight throughout the region. cnn's tom slater's in the weather center for us. tom, this is a monster of a hurricane plowing throughout caribbean right now. what's the latest on this? >> you've said t perfectly, don't. we're running out of add jaefs to scribe it. when a meteorologist run out of
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those it's time to pack up. we've seen 32 straight hours that the system has been churning with winds at 180 miles per hour or greater. this is the strongest to ever impact the leeward islands. last night we were concerned about barbuda. in fact 1:00 in the morning, the prime minister said st. martin -- the foreign minister said the tallest buildings on the island are completely destroyed. we haven't heard from an gil la yet. if there's any good news i can find in the last couple of hours, we're not looking at a major landfall in the near future so we got maybe another 24 hours without one, it's pulling away from puerto rico. it's 70 miles away now. it's been undergoing an eye all replacement cycle. as it starts to strengthen again we're going to watch this system make its way towards cuba then
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north ward. they moved it 60 to 70 miles than it was last night. anyone in this area still the omgs are unknown. we should know in the next 24 to 48 hours. >> and also tom, irma may not be the only ones ahead. jose and katia as well. katia is in the gulf of mexico right now. >> yeah that one popped up this morning. by this evening they named it a hurricane, as well as jose. we knew jose was going to be a hurricane. it is interesting, don, there is a cold front sweeping down through the southeastern u.s. it's too bad that cold front isn't moving in on friday because that'll push irma out in the ocean. i think this cold front is going to push katia down towards ber cruz mexico. for those in texas and louisiana, do not fret that one's not moving anywhere. i am concerned about jose, it's a hurricane as well. for the most part it's going to come pretty close.
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you'll see the pattern of rain fall for irma and you'll see a little spike and maybe a major hurricane. it'll be nice to see that one move into the open waters. >> tom slater in the weather center. thanks so much for that. i want to get out to leyla santiago, she's live for us in san juan. i've been watching your report all day, the weather in puerto rico has deteriorated as the hours tick by. what are you seeing right now? >> reporter: we are still seeing raining and heavy wind gusts. a lot of people on this island breathing a sigh of relief. this is not initially what is expect expected, this was expected to be a catastrophic event here. that is what a lot of people are saying on a social media call i have made. government officials and emergency management officials are saying don't let your guard
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down now. even if this, this rain and this wind that is in what we saw earlier is the worst of it, we still have a lot of problems coming as a result of it. let's start with power, more than 900,000 households right now without power. don, authorities have already said, this will be a matter of days. it could be days, possibly months before the power is back and restored for the folks that lost it tonight. then there is the flooding. that is going to be an issue already on the eastern part of the island. rescue crews had to go in and save dozens of people from floodings in homes as well as in cars. flooding and power are big issues and of course tomorrow damage assessment begins the fema directors here saying they'll begin damage assessment soon football. don. >> thank you leyla.
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joining me by phone is the mayor on the island. tell us what it was like when irma hit? >> well we woke up 3:00 in the morning after a little cat nap and the winds were howling, sort of beating on the door of our back any. we couldn't see anything until 530 or 6:00 this morning. then there was the most weird blue lights we ever seen with the rains smashing into the sliding glass doors. we're on the sixth floor so we didn't have any water come up but the way that everything's -- in the room it was coming between the doors, and basically flooded our room. we had a couple instances of water on the ground, in the living room, and thebackny was
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just a swimming pool. it's been a terrifying experience but we're all okay and we're glad everyone's safe. >> you were capturing video during the hurricane, let's take a look at it. . >> notice the moving on the door. >> still have wifi. >> my goodness it's coming through sounding like a fire hose. >> yes, everything was shaking, it was scary. we were hoping the doors didn't
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crack and have glass flying at us. once we realized the door was shaking it's really hard. and the rain was just really really coming down. we hid out in one of the bathrooms and kind of barricaded ourselves. we had candles and kind of waited it out until the eye of the storm was passing over us. >> i got to ask you something. i've been trying to get in touch with someone who is on st. martin and i'm wondering how you're able -- i can't get in touch with them they're phones are not working. are you on a cell phone or landline? >> i'm actually on a cell phone. we lost power last night and lost water, we still don't have water right now. the cell phones just started working so we've been able to contact our family and friends back home. >> lauren, are you on the french side or the dutch side of the island? are you near the airport?
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>> we're on the dutch side so we have a view of the airport. we're about 15 machines arou ma around the corner. i think that's why even though this part of the island looks very damaged to us, parts of the -- you know were more devastated by the wind and the rain and everything blowing around. >> were you able to get out or are you staying close to the hotel? >> we got out today once the storm had pretty much past. >> what does i look like? >> it's horrible, it's awful. this island was beautiful, it was a tropical paradise. me being here, you know, with the intention of hosting a retreat, and we brought 12 other people with us. half of them made it on the plane and half of us are still at the hotel.
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but, it's awful. roofs have blown off, there are cars flipped over. the back windshields have been ripped out, bumpers ripped off. >> and you're used to hurricanes because you're from south florida right? >> yes, on the west coast a little bit below tampa. my family lives in braiding ton on a bayou. >> allow does this compare? >> we've never seen anything like this. this w this was insane. there's a piece of balcony flew off which is where the other people were staying before they caught the flight out. it's hanging on by a threat. our balcony, it's really scary because it came down at one point while the rain was blowing so lard. we were nervous it's going to
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blow through our doors, through our units and i'm not sure what we would have done had that happened. >> lauren, you be safe i appreciate it. thanks for joining us here on cnn. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> unbelievable. miguel marquez is in miami tonight for us and he joins us live. miguel, you heard, she says she's from florida, never seen anything like it. dav dade county has issued a mandatory evacuation. set the stage for us there, gas, water shortage, what's happening? >> you can express the concern that floridians have. we went by walmart, public supermarket, target, walgreens they are all out of water. they are getting more in, walmart telling us their delivering some 1300 trailer trucks filled with water. gas as well, you can see they're
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filling up everything, their cars, gas cans getting ready for storm. we've been at this place most of the day, they've delivered tens of thousands of gallons today. look at the lines, it's almost 10:30 at night the giant line. it's gotten much better. if you come around this way, this is u.s. 1, this is the main route from the keys that's already under evacuation where traffic has been steady all day. but given the concern that people have, the uncertainty of this storm and the strength of there storm, traffic going this way is going to get much worse in the hours and days ahead. four shelters already open in mime, dade. they started taking people tonight. the number there is are likely to grow. don. >> be safe we'll check back with you as well. joining me now on the phone is roman guest, the administrator
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of monroe county, florida which includes the keys. thank you for joining us. 28,000 people has already been evacuated from the florida keys. do you expect everyone will be able to get out in time? >> we do. thank you for having me tonight. whether you looking at the images and videos of what the affected islands are going through and the thought we might be going through that in a few days is outright scary and concerning. as you mentioned we have one road in one road out. keys residence are very connected to the weather and know when to take thing seriously. they've been taking this very seriously for the last two days. i broke down -- key west which is about a 50 mile drive and there is nobody in the keys. there's very little amount of people in the keys. i drove around key west i knew i have going to be on your show
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and wanted to give you a report. probably 99% of the businesses are closed. there's still a few spraglers but i think the folks are taking this seriously. >> i'm glad you said that because that one road way in and out can get clogged. what are you expecting in terms of damage, roman? can you assess right now? >> well, i'm looking at damages that you're showing on t.v. and it's outright scary. i lived in south dade during hurricane andrew and this is much more powerful and bigger than andrew, and you know the damage we got there. the thought that an andrew-like and months by more can come through the keys is outright scary. i'm hope g if it does come through the keys it's not more powerful and don't have much to it. as you know the keys are 140 miles long, we have bridges and many islands.
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and it depend on what's going to happen. it's outright scary. >> so, the florida national guard coordinating with the international guard. can you tell us about that? >> that's what we need to do, they were here today. they're in our operation center, we're coordinating with them. depending on where the storm hits we'll move korgd cordially. i'm in key west and the it's going to hit here i'll be moving up to marathon, or margot or the mainland depending on where it hit. if the bridges go out we will utilize basically air bridge system. and repracticed that and talk about that all the time. hopefully we won't have to implement that. 42 bridges and all it takes is one to go out. it could be weeks or months before that bridge gets repaired. >> well, you stay safe and
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again, we know your busy. thank you very much we'll check back with you later on this evening or tomorrow here on cnn. you guy haves your hands full. please stay safe. >> we're just getting started here on cnn. we're going to be covering this throughout the duration. when we come back much more on this category 5 hurricane heading to the u.s., and the two more bind it. firms tracking for the storm. they'll join us next. f every da. tempur-pedic helps you recover every night. tempur material provides up to twice as much pressure relieving power... so you won't toss and turn. through september 17th, save up to $500 on select adjustable sets. tempur-pedic sleep is power.
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will love you just the same. . we're back with our breaking news, hurricane irma category 5 storm. take a look at this incredible video. it's shot from a plane inside the eye of a storm. look at that, massive. everything seems calm right. unbelievable there. so, on the phone joining me is greg carbon he's a chief or the forecast operations break. joining us now. greg, this storm battering the caribbean, where is hurricane irma right now? >> yeah, good evening, don. hurricane irma is north of the island of puerto rico this evening as we've seen on
11:20 pm
satellite. catastrophic hurricane now moving away from the island of puerto rico. >> and heading where next? >> well, basically remaining over the warm water, and that's crucial. that'll probably allow the hurricane to maintain intensity over the warm water as they move just to the north of the island. there are hurricane warnings there and it looks like it will remain out over the water, the most destructive portion of the eye, probably offshore of els spanol. >> with you walk us through the possibility of where in the continental u.s.? >> we're seeing relatively consistent information coming out from the national hurricane center and also the commuter models, both the large scale global models and higher resolution models that hand hurricane, and a very high resolution that this will continue to move forward the
11:21 pm
straits of florida, near the keys of florida by saturday night before making a turn to the north. and probably impacting a portion of southern florida. whether it goes west or east of the peninsula it's just to the east of miami. it'll move just up to east coast of florida and eventually up into portions of the carolinas late in the weekend. >> when do you expect landfall again? >> well that's a little sticky. it may remain offshore just east of miami, not necessarily making landfall but the track is just grazing the coast of southeast florida. it's not certain whether landfall will occur in florida or further up the coast into south carolina and georgia. a lot of uncertainty as we get out in three days. all along the east coast need to keep an eye on this. it's a dangerous storm. >> thank you very much.
11:22 pm
greg carbon we appreciate that. the powerful storm was going to stay in florida in the coming days so i want to check in with admiral peter brown in miami. he joins us by phone as well. admiral thank so much for joining us. what is the coast guard doing right now to prepare for this hurricane? >> thank you, don for the opportunity to explain what the united states coast guard is doing. i'd add that being responsible for florida i'm also responsible for the operations in puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands dealing with the storm. we have hundreds of people in puerto rico right now who are hunkered down as others are. we are ready to be able to respond as soon as the sun comes up tomorrow. we have health continues that will remain in puerto rico to be able to provide rescue as
11:23 pm
needed. >> so, my question is how are you protecting that rescue fleet right now in. >> our helicopters are on a reinforced concrete hanger in a southwest corner of puerto rico which was only brushed by tro tropical storm region during the storm. ships sailed out of the way of the storm and to the south. as soon as the seas allow us to return we'll be moving back quickly to the puerto rico and virgin islands. >> what are you hearing from your folks in the field? >> i got a report from our second commander in san juan earlier this evening reporting that they were experiencing tropical four storm winds. there was a power outage in san juan. that's consistent with what we've experienced there. no major damage reports and i
11:24 pm
believe that when day break occurs tomorrow we'll be able to get the helicopters out of the hangers, provide the danger assessment and life rescues as needed. >> what's your number one concern for a storm of this magnitude? >> for a storm of this magnitude it's the combination of catastrophic winds, we heard 185 miles per hour and possibly 140s or 50s when it makes landfall in florida. that combined when it rives in colorado state with the storm surge which innone dates coastal regions that produces life threatening damage. as long as with civil authority such as monroe county who you had on earlier and the governor of the state we're very concern that people heed the evacuations orders, move away from the coast zone and get out of the way of the storm.
11:25 pm
there is no stopping on damage that it can do. >> thank you, sir, appreciate that. joining me now is marlon car of cbs radio of antigua and barbuda. you flew to barbuda today to access the damage of the residence. tell me about that. >> we lost contact with bar bowie soda just about the time the eye passed over barbuda so we decided we had to fly over to get -- assess what happened over there. when we got there we saw catastrophic effect of hurricane irma. 90% of the homes there were totally destroyed. most of the people, the population there or homeless. it's going to take a long time
11:26 pm
things to get back to normal in barbuda. >> my goodness. you grew up in this area. and you describe some of the people as tieing themselves to parts of their homes because they -- do they understand how powerful this storm was? >> well, we've had strong storms here before, so, a lot of them thought that they could ride it out in their house because they thought their house was strong enough. but, it was really really strong winds and when it was too late, some people had to go into their cub bard, had to go into the bathroom for shelter. what i noticed is most of the people there said that because the eye passed over barbuda that saved them. when the eye passed it was calm
11:27 pm
enough for them to get out of there of their makeshift shelter and run to something more secure. >> can you -- can help can you gets supplies in on the island, water? >> tomorrow is more than likely when we're going to start sending supplies. it was pretty rough today still because of the storm. so, tomorrow we'll be sending over boats and helicopters and stuff like that to carry supplies over to assist. >> and mostly for the people there, it has to be devastating to see people tieing themselves to their home and having to run to safety after the eye passes over. >> yes, we are an christian nation so a lot of people whether you talk to them they talk about their faith. they say thanks to god for
11:28 pm
saving their lives because that was the only thing that could have explain what happened. because, for the amount of destruction that happened there, only one life was lost so far that we know of. that in itself is a mirk miracle. if you saw the footage you'd understand, from the houses looks like a grenade went off. it's total destruction there. >> we're looking at it now. as we understand the prime minister as you guys flew over said 90% destruction. it's going to take a long time to rebuild, do you think you can do it? >> we are resilient people so you we can do it. we're thinking of evacuating some of the population to antigua. we have jose on its way now and it may pass over there. so we may evacuate some people
11:29 pm
to the mainland and get them there safely to ride out jose. >> marlon carr thank you so much. we wish you the best of luck. when we come back mandatory evacuation orders in place throughout florida. some are staying behind. two storm chaser who are staying in south florida joins me next.
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we're covering the breaking news of hurricane irma, one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the atlantic, packing sustained winds of 185 miles per hour. this is what it looked like as it barrelled into st. martin with winds so strong the storm sounded like a freight train. that's what may hit florida in the coming days. on the phone with me again tonight is mike tie yas, he's a
11:34 pm
hurricane chaser whose in florida for us. mike good evening to you. you chase storms but have you ever seen a hurricane like irma? >> no i haven't. in fact the la tilast time we talked not a lot as changed. it's sad to see the images coming out of the caribbeans but this is what a storm like this will do. >> we spoke to someone who was in the keys and checking thing out and saying he didn't see much activity. what are you seeing in keilar goes? >> same thing. people are boarding up and a lot of people have left already. i believe the residence, tomorrow will be the day they go ahead and get out of here. this thing comes across the island at this force it's going to be a complete catastrophe and you don't want to be here for something like that. >> mike, are you by yourself?
11:35 pm
>> i'm going to be teaming up with rick and between the two of us we have tools we are going to place along the boarders of the keys and we're going to collect data with it. there is 42 bridges and that's the big concern. we will get to a safe building but getting out of here might be a long time. this is my home, i grew up here and i know it very well. i feel like staying is what i should be doing. >> okay. so that was my next question, even though it takes a big hit. because you know the keyes are not protected mike. even if it goes across the keys you're going to stay there? >> you know what, if it's a category 5, at its strength i will leave. i'll make that decision tomorrow. channels are i will stay here. i know locations i can stay
11:36 pm
there with complete solid concrete, rebar, we can go up several floors. i'll tell you, don, i've never seen anything like this. i've never chased one of this caliber so we are entering the world of unknown. >> stay safe. we'll check back with you, mike. i want to bring in reed, he's a shortly chaser and meteorologist. he joins us now zero ja skype. hey reed. i understand you're at a gas station. are you pumps shut down or are they pumping gas? >> this gas station here is completely shut down. there's another gas station on i-95 that i stopped at and killed up with gas that was chaos. they had to redirect traffic there, people going in and out. lines extending out at the gas station. several cars extending out of every single stall.
11:37 pm
gas is a scarce commodity out here. it's a good thing people are taking this seriously. there's a long stream of traffic heading north on i-95 as well. major evacuation. that's very important because this is a very very powerful storm, 185 miles per hour winds you definitely don't want to mess around with. >> listen, we just talked to your partner mike, and he is on keilar goes, he says he thinks he's going to stay and wait and assess the situation. do not recommend that for the average person, something this powerful you need to get out. >> yeah, very important to get out of the way. it's a very deadly storm, the wind as well. in addition to that and also the storm surge it's deadly as it can get. a similar quote as we're heading down towards harvey and this one
11:38 pm
is much stronger than harvey in terms of the pressure and wind speed its producing. it won't be moving as slow as harvey but it will be making that northwest turn, the times which is pivotal. if it does turn north and move up the spine of the peninsula or along the eastern shore there'll be devastation along the island. we're prepared though, we got gas tanks, 25 glan glans of gas. we also have supplies to survive a week or two if we do get trapped anywhere. and i have my instrument probe as well in the back of the vehicletal be recording the treasure fall and the wind speed and record data inside the hurricane. and harvey -- excess of 140-mile-per-hour and we expect this one -- if it does take a direct hit on florida the winds can't be much higher than that.
11:39 pm
>> man, you guys are committed. thanks a lot. when we come back irma only days after harvey wreaked havoc on houston. is the governor ready for yet another monster storm.
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11:42 pm
here's ore breaking news tonight, hurricane irma barrelling through the caribbean. this is a satellite imagery from nasa, the eye of the hurricane. joining me now is miguel, he's a director of management for browa broward county, florida. the county has issued some evacuations the latest in terms of preparations. >> thank you for having me with you this evening. right now we're under the county emergency so we're operating out of the county emergency center. today we've been focused on preparing for evacuations and mass care sheltering issues.
11:43 pm
we wanted to allow our residence and the public to begin voluntary evacuations so they could begin getting out of town and aleaveuate some of the traffic moving up the coast. so, we did and some to stay within the county, some staying with family and friends was probably the best bet within the county. we have two evacuation zones with a total of 150,000 population. tomorrow we've issued a mandatory evacuation for that area along our bearer islands and low lying areas around the county. we're focused on ensuring the public is safe and safely evacuating out of the evacuation zones within our county and also setting up shelter operations. we're going to have 14 shelters open by noon tomorrow and the
11:44 pm
mandatory evacuation begins at noon tomorrow and authorize. >> so what about the elderly and people who need medical treatment, what's the plan to take care of them if the storm hits hard? >> yes, we -- the state of florida has special needs registry in broward county, we maintain that registry. right now we have about 2,000 people that we're doing a call down and ensuring they're able to make it to one of our special medical needs shelters which will also be open tomorrow thursday to get them out of harm's way and ensure they're safety. we also have vulnerable population registry in broward county. we work in collaboration with our 31 municipalities to ensure they know their vulnerable population that may decide not
11:45 pm
to evacuate, they may be in a high-rise building and may have a disability, a frailty or other health issues. for those reasons they may not be able to evacuate. we want those cities to know where those individuals live and post-landfall, they can go and check up on these individuals. i might also mention that today we -- past two days we have been focused on a phase region evacuation within south florida, starting with monroe county, down south. and as this evening, miami dade issued their evacuation and broward county again will be initiating or mandatory evacuations tomorrow on thursday. >> okay. thank you, mlg. we appreciate your time. good luck to you. up to 37 million people could be affected by hurricane
11:46 pm
irma. joining me now, lieutenant russell who was a member of the task force ka centukatrina. general thanks for joining us. this storm is a monster, maintaining speed and power. what more should officials be doing to prepare more right now? >> continue to repeat the message, don. the more they encourage people to evacuate. one of the downside of florida's so well organized at this point and time, the governor's been messaging, the county and people. one of the down sides of the culture in florida, is people whether you talk to them on the street is, well i can take a category 3 storm.
11:47 pm
if it's harder than 3 i'll leave, if not i'll stay. every message that coming out from government is clearly stating it's time for people to leave, then they should adhere to that. the other piece that you were talking about, florida has taken some extreme measures to help their people be prepared. it's one over the only state with a generator law, that require certain gas stations along the evacuation routes to have generations in case they lose power. the program that you're talking about with the elderly and disabled, that is a funded program in florida. i was down there about 2 years ago, there's a retired marine colonel for the advocatesy for the disabled residence and make sure they're organized to evacuate them. we must not take conflict in the preparedness of the state, because this is again, don, if it come into a category 4 or 5
11:48 pm
in miami, we'd lose the first quarter by design. the wind, the water, we're going to lose the first part of this. people will lose their lives, infrastructure will be broken. people need to adhere to that and evacuate now based on what the local officials are telling them. regardless of how prepared the state and government is, it is the damage that will come from the storm and people's lives will be on the line and they need to adhere to the instructions given to them about evacuation. >> generous l we appreciate it. when we come back, facebook says they sold ads to a russian troll farm during the last year's election. we'll tell you what this could mean for the investigation into russian election interference. i should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico can help you save money on your homeowners insurance too?
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allergytry new xyzal®.ou have symptoms like these for relief is as effective at hour 24 as hour one.
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so be wise all take new xyzal®. facebook told congress today to a so-called russian troll farm that was looking to target american voters. jim sciutto is here. cnn political analyst april ryan here as well. and bob cusack, editor-in-chief of the hill. thank you all for joining us this evening. jim, today facebook told congressional investigators that it sold ads to the troll farm or inauthentic accounts. what more can you tell us about this? >> don, this is interesting on a number of levels. first, the basic details. 3,000 ads, $100,000 over the time span from june 2016 before the election right up until may of this year. now those numbers not particularly big in a billion dollar campaign. but you know how social media works. facebook, 3,000 ads can have many times the number of
11:53 pm
impressions, perhaps up into a million if eyeballs that actually saw these ads. that's key to note. too the fact that it continued up to may this year, months after russian interference in the election, including the intelligence community not just calling out russian interference, hacking dnc e-mails, et cetera, but they found evidence of russia using troll farms to spread fake news around election time. so it had been known for some time for facebook to take months to discover that is interesting. the final thing is this. they didn't say all of these ads were targeted at particular districts, but some of them were. and i spoke with two members of the house, one of the house, one at the senate intelligence committees today that said at a minimum, that will raise questions about when these ads were argued the. was there help in the u.s. to help them target those ads? to this point, there hasn't been hard evidence of that. but it raises those questions again. >> what are the legal
11:54 pm
ramifications here? >> facebook didn't do anything illegal here. it's perfectly legal to sell those ads. and they're doing their part now for by doing the forensics to trace where the ads came from. so no legal ramifications for facebook. i mean certainly in the investigations of russian interference, it raises questions like i just brought up. was there help on the u.s. end as russia, russian troll farms were buying these ads, targeting particular voters in particular districts. that's a fair question for investigators going forward. also, a question as to why it took so long to track these down, and why these troll farms were able to buy these ads up until may this year. >> interesting. april, this all coming on the eve of donald trump's closed door interview with the review committee. russia is front and center again. >> yeah, russia is front and center. two things. don, you have to remember when
11:55 pm
donald trump goes before this committee tomorrow, there are questions about his credibility. is there has been a lot of omission, or what i recall. so that's one thing. but going back to this report about facebook, this just confirms and flushes out even more so what we heard during the obama administration when they were saying that russia had made attempts at trying to influence the election, even though these ads or these news stories, these fake news stories did not talk about hillary clinton per se, it dealt with certain issues for certain groups of people targeting certain groups of people, particularly if the rust belt, race, the lgbt community and gun sales or guns. so it's very interesting how all of these pieces are in the air and starting to, i guess land. the puzzle pieces are starting to shape the borders are starting to shape. so tomorrow will be very interesting to see what happens and what is said by donald trump
11:56 pm
jr. as well. >> bob, i want you to take a look at this picture of the president and chuck schumer. today the president backed a deal by the democrats to attach hurricane relief to a shorter term bump in the debt ceiling as well as keeping the government open. when that deal was floated to speaker paul ryan a few hours earlier, listen to what he said. >> i think it's ridiculous and disgraceful that they want to play politics with the debt ceiling at this moment when we have fellow citizens in need to respond to these hurricanes so that we do not strand them. >> and all of the sudden things change. and dana bash is reporting by the way the republicans were shellshocked at the deal trump made. what is behind this deal, bob? >> well, a couple of things. it's a tough day for paul ryan. the white house just released its schedule for tomorrow, and ryan and trump are having dinner to maybe get on the same page. because they were not on the same page today. i think part of it is trump being trump. he gave a lot of power to ryan
11:57 pm
and mcconnell to get health care done. didn't happen. so this way he decided i'm going to go my own route and work with democrats. this is a very different approach that we've seen from donald trump. i don't think you can see a lot of bipartisanship coming out. but republicans had they tried to pass the relief bill with a long-term debt limit bill, democrats would have been forced to support it. so this really shocked them. >> april, what does this mean for democrats? >> well, democrats are taking advantage of i guess the angst that's going on right now within the republican party. democrats have somewhat of a win. it's strange bedfellows at this moment. democrats are going to try to i guess use this for the moment. but we don't know what's going to happen because this president is very unpredictable. it all depends on who is in his ear, what he feels, and if he is mad at someone for day. and i can't wait to find out about what is said at this dinner tomorrow evening with
11:58 pm
paul ryan and the president after all that's happened when it comes to the cr. >> april, jim, bob, thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. when we come back, at least three dead as hurricane irma slams the caribbean. the monster storm now taking aim at florida. we're going to bring you live reports from the ground, next.
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