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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  September 7, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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to evacuate. the bahamas evacuated. this is a devastating storm, causing historic destruction. the category 5 storm passing dominican republic and haiti today. a red cross official told us on the island of barbuda, the island is decimated. look at the pictures. in puerto rico, 1 million people without water, 56,000 without water. >> irma already killed nine people. life-threatening winds. we are beginning to see the largest mass evacuations in u.s. history. 25,000 people, according to the governor have fled the florida keys. while irma's exact track is unknown in terms of where it might strike the united states specifically, a significant impact is expected in the state of florida before this hurricane
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may turn north to georgia and the carolinas. we are tracking all the developments. let's begin with our chad myers. what can you tell us, chad? >> into some very warm water near the bahamas. that's why they are evacuating the islands. here is the latest cone. i'll get a new cone in 55 minutes or so. the cone has land fall in south florida. this is the problem. there's a chance it goes on this side of the cone, 5% over here. there's a 5% chance it's on this side of the cone. there is a 60% chance we are somewhere in the middle. the middle ends up being south florida, miami-dade and the like. here are the computer models, we talk about them all the time. to the east of miami for the american model and the european model. here is how the european model
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and the gfs, the american model differ. here is what they look like now all the way to saturday, overnight saturday, almost sunday morning, coming straight into key largo, ocean reef into biscayne bay. this is worst case scenario. the worst would be slamming right into miami proper. there's the storm right there. we are going to have so much storm surge water pouring into miami, pouring into biscayne bay and ft. lauderdale and the like. there could be 20 feet of surge. if your house is less than 20 feet above sea level -- tearing up the entire coastline and all the houses. 140-mile-per-hour storm. it's like an ef-3 or 2.5 tornado that sits over your house for 30 or 40 minutes.
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that's what you have to think about. that's how strong the winds are, plus the surge. the american model, happier here. somewhere between the bahamas. if we could keep it here, not hitting the bahamas or the east coast, we would have winds of 100, but not 140 or 150. as the storm continues to the north, to the west palm beach area, it's not slowing down. it's still 140. then it makes aim somewhere near the coast of georgia, south carolina or north carolina and still a category 4 or category 5 hurricane. that's the rub with this storm, there's nothing that we can do to make it hit nothing. this is so big, we are going to get damage somewhere. i just want you to notice, i don't know if this is true or whether it's just slightly a wobble, but if you look at the last couple frames, right there, the storm turned to the north a little bit. that was not in the forecast.
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we'll see if this is a meaningful change or just a wobble and it goes back on its path. we'll know probably in an hour or two to see what this is going to do to see if it does change path a little bit, which would make the forecast different. by 11:00, you will know. >> chad myers, we'll check in with you, as always. >> unbelievable, watching the path of that storm. we want to go to haiti. the storm is passing the dominican republic and haiti as we speak. paula newton is there. paula? >> reporter: given what chad said, a move to the north is ig nif cant where i am standing on the northern coast of haiti. even if this is not the category 4 or 5 because you are outside the cone, a category 1 or 2 can devastate this place. we are started to see in the last 24 hours the government telling people who live in homes
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made with tin roofs to go to evacuation centers. as you see this storm move off haiti, the danger here remains. why? because of the dangerous mudslides and the flooding that is unknown at this time. a severe rainstorm here can wipe out homes and kill people. that is why people here on the island are terrified. they have not seen this kind of impact here for several years. they are all wondering what it will do to people who really have no way of coping in terms of evacuating anywhere where they will have supplies and water or dealing with the devastation that is surely to come. a reminder, they are trying to get over hurricane matthew. it struck the south of the country, killing hundreds of people. >> those of us who have been in haiti and seen what their homes are made of, it is terrifying to think what this could mean for a lot of haitians. we'll keep an eye on it. let's go to florida. you have traffic building up there. many florida residents are
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trying to flee irma's path. rosa, what is the latest you are hearing? >> reporter: since we last talked, poppy, two new developments. miami-dade opening four more shelters. that increases the number of shelters to eight. there's at least one pet friendly shelter. american airlines are winding down operations tomorrow, with operations cancelling through the weekend. this is because the giant storm is heading this way and everybody heed the warner in south florida. when it comes to evacuations, our friends in monroe where 25,000 people evacuated are all heading north. here in miami-dade, there are new evacuations starting at 7:00 a.m. that includes zone "a," a lot of coastal areas, the island to the south of me, all the barrier islands. i'm standing in one of them. this is miami beach.
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it includes everyone that lives in a mobile home. now, as we move further north to broward county, folks are heeding the warning. they are also under a mandatory evacuation. here are the areas under mandatory evacuation. anyone living in a mobile home or east of u.s.-1. that includes ft. lauderdale, hollywood, pompano beach, deerfield beach, they are all making their way out of florida. the only way to get out of this peninsula is to go north. you can't go east or west that is why the highway patrol is seeing increased volume. that is a good sign. people are heeding the warning, finding hotels or gracious family or friends that are willing to take them in and hopefully to higher, safer ground. poppy? >> rosa thank you very, very much. one of the things the governor did note is you can get to safety without going all the way
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north, out of florida. there are places in each and every county to stay safe. governor rick scott wanted that message to get out. check with officials to find out where shelters are, if you need one. this storm already caused huge, historic devastation. our next guest traveled around that island with the nation's prime minister to see the damage. joining us is marlon karr, a photographer who took the photos you are looking at now. marlon, if you can hear us, we are looking at the photos. tell us what you saw. describe what it looked like. >> caller: um, it looks like garbage disposal. there was rubble and roof galvanized all over the island. it looked like some of the houses looked like they were imploded on. the rubble stayed in the same
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position the house was, but it was flat, completely flat. >> what did you hear from people on the ground there because we are also looking at pictures of the team that you traveled with. you were there, again, with the prime minister, who went hours after the storm passed to survey the damage because there's been no communication out of the island to reach you by telephone. what did the residents say? >> caller: most of them, the other thing they experienced is like something you saw on a movie. it was people running from house-to-house to get shelter. they saw 40 foot containers flying, animals flying. there were some who, you know, stayed in their home and the house started going piece by piece until they had to shelter in their bathroom. it was one lady said she had to
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put three kids inside a cupboard inside the bathroom. now, she doesn't know how they did it but they got in there. after the eye came over and the place got calm, she took her kids and they headed for more secure area. it was like a total movie thing that you see on tv, but you would never think of experiencing. >> as we are looking at this picture, it's hard to imagine where to begin to recover from something like this. what is your sense of the most urgent need as of this morning? >> caller: well, i think the basic needs, water. medical supplies, stuff like that. that's what the immediate need is. but, what we have decided to do here is evacuate the island as much as we can to bring the
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people to the mainland because there's no infrastructure in place down there for them to live a normal life. there's no phone. there's no communication at all. there's no electricity. there's basically no running water. so, it is uninhabitable at this moment. most likely, they will be evacuating most of the people to antigua. >> a near total evacuation of this island, more or less completely destroyed. marlon car thank you for showing the world what happened to barbuda. >> they have another hurricane churning in the atlantic. we'll keep track on that and the people of barbuda. in washington, happening on capitol hill, donald trump jr. is facing senate investigators. hurricane irma headed toward florida as we speak. stay with cnn for continuing
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for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. happening now on capitol hill, donald trump jr. facing senate russia investigators. he just gave his opening statement, we are told, describing meeting he had with a russian lawyer. that lawyer promised damaging information on hillary clinton. >> manu raju is on capitol hill. you had a number of lawmakers who wanted to see this testimony as originally agreed upon in public, it is not know. it is behind closed doors.
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>> reporter: it will be public is something senator dianne feinstein said. he thooz come publicly, otherwise, they are prepared to subpoena him for his appearance. but, today, going to lengths to avoid being seen using entrances to get to a secure, classified briefing room, which the public cannot access. he has not been seen on the hill. he is in a session behind closed doors meeting with staff of the senate judiciary meeting asking about the trump tower meeting as well as any other contacts he had with officials. senators are attending. some are dropping by, but they are not allowed to ask questions. chris coons of delaware and dick durbin of illinois said he gave an opening statement, ten or 15 minutes worth. questions are expected to go for a long time. when will donald trump next?
7:18 am
i had a chance to speak to mark warner, the top democrat on the senate intelligence. they want to move forward in questioning donald trump jr., but they want to ask questions first to a number of other people in the room in that meeting from june, 2016, including the russian operatives that he did not have a time frame when. that is how they are proceeding at this point. clearly, donald trump jr. is behind closed doors today, but it's not the last time he will be on capitol hill. >> manu raju reporting as the meeting is under way with donald trump jr. >> moments ago, the president took to twitter, for all those daca concerned about your status in the six-month period, you have nothing to worry about. no action. let's discuss with hillary, rebecca and rick santorum. senator, can you help us understand that? i mean the president makes this
7:19 am
highly controversial move that pleases the base, ends daca, then goes out of his way and bends over backward to say don't worry, don't worry, nothing is happening. >> the bottom line is daca is more than just -- it's not just removal. i think what the president is saying is no worry, no one is -- we are not going to target you as a priority to be removed. you know daca does more than that. it allows people to go to work, have a drivers license, social security number. those things could change. it all depends on what the administration does. if they are not enforcing it, if daca is removed, those things are going to be pulled back. i, frankly, don't understand what the president said. >> there is a message of complacency that is misleading. if the president and the administration fall through, there are people that need to apply to renew their daca status. no action for them, taking no
7:20 am
action could have dire consequences. that said, hillary, a lot of people are looking at this as the president is trying to bend over backward to please his friends, chuck and nancy, as he refers to them. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi with whom he struck the deal yesterday. owe were on the democratic side of the aisle. this is a deal democratic leadership wanted. are you encouraged the president is moving in the way of democratic leadership on these issues? >> first, let's talk about daca. obviously, there was a huge blowback to president trump's desire to kill daca and human consequences were all over tv for days. he was, i think, upset at seeing the reality.
7:21 am
you are playing with people's lives here, people who make plans, live with their families. just jerking these people around the way he is doing out of politics. it is just worse than cruel. you know, i think democrats just want good policy, so, when chuck schumer and nancy pelosi went to the white house and said we have been trying to pass an immigration bill for a long time, republicans resisted because they don't want legitimate folks who have been in the country to stay here, maybe donald trump heard some of that. who knows. what he did hear, though, is the politics of division and destruction that the republicans were looking to jam things through was not going to work. that's why he made the budget deal on the debt ceiling with the democrats. >> two moves in the last 24 hours to please democrats, right? this tweet we just discussed and second of all, agreeing to this three-month extension on the
7:22 am
debt ceiling so they have to fight it out in mid december. there's an interesting column in the "washington post," the headline, a president who believes nothing. fair? >> well, this was the criticism we heard throughout the election and throughout the republican primary and into the general election that donald trump was id logically fluid, go wherever the wind is taking him. really, what happened yesterday and what is happening today, again, in regards to the president and democrats is what republicans feared in the republican primary, what ted cruz and others warned about in the republican primary because they had seen donald trump over the years go from being a registered democrat and supporting democrats to a republican supporting democratic positions to republican positions and we have seen that consistently from donald trump in the white house as well. what guides him is a political sense, his political gut. he wants to get his approval rating up. he wants to show his supporters and his detractors he is getting
7:23 am
something done in washington. it's possible the deal he brokered with the democrats, though very upsetting to republicans including congressional leaders could show them that he's trying to make progress here. >> guys, just in the last hour or so, cbs released some sound from a 60 minutes interview that steve bannon did that is going to air sunday night. a lot of news in this interview with the former senior strategist from the white house. listen to how he talks about white house staffers who have been critical. >> you can tell him, hey, maybe you can do it a better way, but if you are going to break, resign. if you are going to break resign. the stuff that was leaked by certain members of the white house was unacceptable. if you find it unacceptable, resign. >> who are you talking about? >> gary cohen and other people. if you don't like what he is
7:24 am
doing and don't agree, you have an obligation to resign. >> gary cohen should have resigned? >> absolutely. >> not much subtlety in senator santorum. that's what we call stabbing in the front there, steve bannon to gary cohen. senator, your reaction? >> the point that if you don't agree with the president, you should resign, i suggest there's gra good day to that. depends on what you disagree on. if it is foundational and you can't support, you can't be quiet about, then you probably should step away. if it's big enough and violates your principles enough that you don't feel you could continue to serve, step away. i think that's what he is trying to say. look, no staffer is going to agree with what the president does all the time. the question is, your obligation
7:25 am
is not to counter the president. you are there to serve the president. as part of his staff, you should keep your disagreements between the two of you, not try to do it publicly. that was the second point steve was trying to make. >> hillary, you are chuckling, why? >> it's ridiculous. steve bannon makes his views as well known as gary cohen. the fact this is a white house personality, not a white house of good, thoughtful policy, reflects the fact that donald trump does not have an ideology that benefits american people. let's not make too big a deal out of this democratic deal. we are still accomplishing nothing for the country. we did end up paying for needed hurricane relief but we are still not moving forward. nothing is getting done and that lays at donald trump's feet and the infighting. >> we have a moment of bipartisanship, which is rare. for years, i think we need to
7:26 am
acknowledge that it's happening, even if it only lasts three months. >> the three-month extension on the debt, which should not be political anyway. come on, that's not getting something done. that's saying we tactically agreed with democrats instead of tactically agreeing with the republicans. come on. >> we have to leave it there. i think for people, this means more hurricane relief to. >> it's important. >> it's getting something done for them. i take your point. thank you. >> we are minutes away from a new forecast on hurricane irma. very important forecast to tell us where this storm may be headed. stay with us. you don't let anything lkeep you sidelined.
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hurricane irma remains an extremely dangerous category 5 storm in the dominican republic and haiti bracing for the worst after this storm tore through and devastated the island of barbuda yesterday. >> chad myers is there to give us the latest sense. chad? >> i'm seeing a slight wobble to the right. it's a wobble in the eye that a computer model can't predict. it's too broad of a model, compared to the mesoscale or microscale. there's the eye of the storm. we zoom right in. notice the last couple frames, how it tries to turn to the right a little bit. does it turn back to the left? likely. is it enough to miss one city or maybe hit another? we'll have to see. this is still now, obviously, a
7:32 am
developing story, 72 hours away from land fall, a category 4 land fall around florida running up the east coast to south carolina, north carolina and maybe georgia. notice where we are, we have not and cannot rule out the west coast of florida. it's much more likely, look at the distance here, compared to here. more likely to miss to the right than the left or more likely through the middle somewhere, a 60% chance of the middle of that cone being valid. here is the model. i want to take you to a couple models here. the united kingdom model has been way over here in key west. the euro model has been along the miami shoreline. the american model is here. why? why does that happen? it's because the way the models are designed. it's the levels of the atmosphere that these models can breakthrough or look through or
7:33 am
try. obviously, the number of layers of the atmosphere is infinite. you can't put an infinite number into the computer because it doesn't stop. it keeps going and going and going. we break the models down to as simple as we can to get them to run in time to give us a decent forecast. there's the european model over key biscayne, over ft. lauderdale, up to west palm and still 130-140 miles per hour. now, the american model. not simple, but just different. it goes to the east of miami. tens of billions of dollars in damage different in just 30 or 40 miles. we are saying why are they so different? they are not so different when you talk about 72 hours. that's a good forecast being 40 miles one way or the other. how does it make a difference for miami? let me show you this. if we are going to get
7:34 am
145-mile-per-hour wind gusts in miami, we are talking miami being a tall city, some buildings are over 700 feet tall. 174 in the middle, then above that, 189 miles per hour at the top. in fact, that's such a significant difference with the power in the force of the wind that it's not just a straight line. so, earlier today, they took a drop which is like a weather balloon, but they drop it out of the plane and found 140-mile-per-hour wind at the surface. 600 feet up, they found 206. if you are in a high-rise in miami and this comes toward you, you need to get out. >> chad, we just heard, i mean that's just remarkable, by the way to hear the wind speeds. we heard the governor of florida, rick scott talk about andrew and said, look, this thing turned in the last 45 minutes. when do you think you will be
7:35 am
able to tell us, tell our viewers, people in florida, there's a 90% certainty this is going up through miami? is there a time when we are going to know that? >> no. there's not. that's why you have to leave now. you have to leave early. all the models are doing this, this, this, this. then, right there is the turn. now, if the turn is here, that's grand bahama. that's nassau. that's significant damage here. if the turn is here, a little late, we have moved it 50 miles or 100 miles one way or the other. still, at this hour, the hurricane center will tell you the average error is still 150 miles one way or the other. think about what 150 does either side of that line. such a significant difference. that's why you have to get out now if you are told to. that's why the evacuation notice is out there for some people. the rule of thumb is, hide from the wind, run from the water. you have heard this over and
7:36 am
over and over. you almost need to run from 150. i mean, if this is truly the story, where do you hide from 150? that's why they talked about andrew. andrew slammed into the u.s. coast at 150. the people that died in homestead and coral gables, they tried to hide. it was tough. all those houses were knocked down. the building codes were different, but older homes are still standing. >> listen to the officials in florida. do not wait. get out if you are told to. chad myers, an important warning from you, really appreciate it. 6 million people in south florida bracing for the possibility of that direct hit chad explained. residents trying to stock up on food, fuel, water. broward county, which includes ft. legal causauderdale are ope shelters. some parts of the county under mandatory evacuation that
7:37 am
is beginning in an hour and a half. noon eastern today, the florida state senator, gary farmer jr. will join us on the phone. he's a democrat from the 31st district. thank you for being with us at such a busy time for your community. when you look at a map, so much of ft. lauderdale, broward county is just, you know, three feet or less aboveground. it's a huge risk for the storm surges, sir, we keep hearing upwards of 20 feet. what are you telling your residents? >> caller: thank you. thank you for having me on. i echo what your meteorologist, chad, was saying. we need -- that's a message we have been delivering. i map to live in an evacuation zone. they are in mandatory evacuation zones. we have already left. we are on our way north,
7:38 am
stopping in orlando. you are exactly right. these storms can be unpredictable. we don't know where it is going to occur. the downside of guessing wrong is devastating and life threatening. so, please, please, everyone, keep the warnings, take this very seriously. >> senator, you were born and raised in florida. you know what can happen in florida. we keep hearing that irma is bigger, faster, more powerful than hurricane andrew. the reason officials are saying that is because it means something to floridians. when you hear that, what does it mean to you? >> caller: well, it's scary. i did live through hurricane andrew and that was a devastating storm. you bet it right, this is bigger, stronger, faster than andrew was.
7:39 am
i worry a little bit that floridians have a sense of complacency. we have been fortunate until wilma, which didn't affect too much of florida directly, we didn't have a storm for ten years. a lot of concern out there for some folks having gone ten years without a storm. they have gotten a little complacent. that's why we are urging people to take this seriously. i think we have seen in the last 24-36 hours an increased sense of urgency. people are stocking up, have been stocking up monday and tuesday on gas, water, et cetera. we need more supplies down here. i know the governor is working with companies to get more supplies, more fuel, more water to south florida. we just want to urge people to take it very seriously. don't gamble because that gamble
7:40 am
could cost you your life. >> quickly, what about the people that cannot afford to evacuate? they can't afford a hotel room overnight? they don't have family to stay with? they can't afford the gas, what help is there for them? >> additional shelters are being opened in broward county and south florida. there are evacuation guides in place or evacuation routes. if you cannot evacuate, take shelter. schools are being opened as shelters. the key is you have to get hunkered down. find your location. when you are doing that, make sure you have supplies and benefits. the governor allowed for refills for prescription medication even if your prescription is expired. gather enough water or food for at least three days. importantly, if you own your home or rent, make sure you take pictures. take pictures of your
7:41 am
belongings. record what you have. insurance companies sometimes are not cooperative when claims are made later on. there are going to be a lot of claims made. you need to take those precautions as well with. it's unfortunate you have to think about that when preserving life and safety. take video and picture so you have a record of what you have. >> senator gary farmer from florida, from broward county. thanks for being with us. stay safe in the days ahead. >> caller: thank you very much. thanks for your coverage. also, this political development just in to us. we are waiting for nancy pelosi to hold her weekly press conference. a democratic aide just told us that she spoke with the president this morning on the phone and she asked him to tweet essentially what he just tweeted in the last hour about
7:42 am
d.r.e.a.m.ers. you will recall, the president wrote for all those daca concerned about your status you have nothing to worry about. no action. she, according to an aide, did not tell him exactly what to tweet, just a general message. why does it matter? in the last 24 hours, the president seemed to have done a lot the democrats wanted. >> with a deal on the harvey funding and the three month clause. not all democrats love the wording. it isn't true that nothing will happen to the daca recipients. if they do not renew their status, they could be in trouble and lose their protection. the idea that he responded to nancy pelosi noticed in the house speaker's office. >> chuck and nancy. >> don's best friends. >> our top story is hurricane irma. we are all over this.
7:43 am
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megan's smile is getting a lot because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. as we speak, florida hospitals are closing their doors. some are doing air and ambulance evacuation. all the way down in the florida keys, as we speak, evacuations under way. how is it going, sir? >> well, the evacuation process is going smoothly. we have two hospitals in the florida keys. one is 100 miles south of miami, in marathon, fisherman's hospital. we shut that down as of 7:00
7:48 am
a.m. this morning. we transferred patients out of miami or discharging them if appropriate. we moved the staff out this morning. some of them went up to mariners hospital in key largo, the other facility there, which is still currently open. the last inpatients were discharged out of there last night. we expect that we'll close down about 7:00 p.m. and evacuate the final group of employees to get the nurses out of there. >> what about the people that are in such delicate condition, you know, babies in the nicu and elderly people in such a state they can't be transported. what happens? >> these two hospitals are critical access hospitals, meaning they are small, more primary care oriented. patients that were more critical and delicate, as you are
7:49 am
mentioning, had previously been moved out and taken out by helicopter or stable enough by ground transport. so, at this stage, all those patients have been moved, unless we have a patient come into the emergency department in mariners in key largo in the next six or seven hours, then the hospital will remain empty. patient comes in like that at this stage of the game, in all likelihood, we helicopter them out. >> one of the concerns from governor rick scott is this is so big, there's no completely safe place to be in florida. the hurricane winds can be felt from east to west and well up the peninsula. are you concerned you are moving people to places that will still be in the hurricane zone and what do you do about those hospitals? >> all of our hospital assets are located in south florida. we spend a lot of time on emergency preparedness. we spent many years since
7:50 am
hurricane andrew hardening the facilities to make sure we have generator power, all the medical supplies, food, everything we need. we can be self-sustaining for a good, solid week, probably two weeks if necessary, before help arrives. we are in good shape. the staff is planning to be here for the duration. we have our teams coming in to relieve them. we drill all yearlong for incidents like this. the governor is right, this is a monster storm, unlike anything we have seen since andrew, but the degree you can be prepared for it, i think we are in good shape. >> thank you for joining us and for what you and your teams are doing. we know they are going to be working throughout the day and night around the clock. appreciate it. good luck to you guys. the national hurricane center will give us an update on hurricane irma, the path,
7:51 am
intensity and what it means. stay with us. yan. i'm proud to make dog chow in davenport, iowa. dog chow's been a part of my family's life for over 40 years. my grandfather made it and now i'm making it. as a micro-biologist i ensure that dog chow leads with high quality ingredients.
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7:54 am
michael bennet speaking out after he says police held a gun to his head for no reason. andy scholes has more. this is getting a lot of attention. he was attending the fight with mcgregor, then the crowd heard loud noises like gunshots. he tried to run for cover and was targeted by police. tmz obtained video of him being obtained. he said they pointed their guns at me and pointed me out for being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time. the police describe a different version of events. they say his actions appeared suspicious. when more security emerges, the officer will be exonerated. he spoke about the terrifying experience. >> i'm just lucky to be here to be able to speak about it. any moment, i could have made
7:55 am
the wrong decision to move or felt like i was resisting or doing something wrong and the seahawks would be wearing a patch with the number 72 on it. i try to tell my daughters every day that they matter. >> bennet retained a prominent attorney and is considering a civil rights lawsuit. he has sat during the national anthem and will continue to do so. >> a lot of people are expected to head north and evacuate. the speedways in alabama and georgia are opening their gates for anyone who needs to stay. if you have a camper or tent, you can stay on the ground. both speedways are equipped to handle thousands of campers. the dolphins and panthers offered their stadiums as staging sights. the dolphins and bucks have had their game scheduled for sunday move to week 11 because of the
7:56 am
storm. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. let's go d.c. and listen to nancy pelosi speaking live it was revealed she asked donald trump to tweet what he did about daca. >> we don't want to call it climate change, but we can call it earth, wind and fire. how about that? does that work for you? it's how we mitigate against thing that is are predictable and more intense as we go forward. north korea, my concern about north korea is mainly it has been for years. i went to pyongyang in north korea, one of the few members of congress who has been to north korea. when we were there, we talked about many things, p.o.w.s, m.i.a.s, the starvation of their people and also their testing of missiles at the time. they said, you know what? we want to sell them. you want to buy them? we'll sell them to you. this idea of north korea as a
7:57 am
plpo lif rater is one they talked about 15 years ago. that's what i'm concerned about. i think what the president of north korea is doing is about to turn. i think it's also, i think it's also about a road shut. you can sell not only the technology, the scientific know-how. you can send scientists, the missile, the delivery system. i don't think he would proliferate it. that's for him. what all the resources that are available to him were not indigenous. some of them came from other places. this is a very dangerous situation in many ways, including the north korea could be a plif rater. again, our hearts go out to the families of everyone affected by these storms and as we are
7:58 am
preparing to pass a bill for harvey, as you know, we had a meeting at the white house yesterday. preparation for the meeting, we met with our members and decided we were not going to be agreeable to an 18-month lifting of the debt ceiling. it was just -- just destroyed any negotiating leverage that we would have. we talked about it. we talked to our colleagues about it, the leadership colleagues about it. then, yesterday morning, the republicans put out they were going to insist on 18 months, so we put out the three-month proposal we had. it was a lively debate. i told my caucus before we went, this is what the proposal is. it was a lively debate. we had not intended to talk about c.o.r. but, of course that
7:59 am
came up and strengthened our hand for three months because we made it clear we would not do any longer debt ceiling than we had of the continuing resolution. is this more on the subject than you want to know? stop me if it is. >> we want to know more. >> the technicality of c.o.r. and debt ceiling. intelligence and appropriations is my focus. but, the -- as the conversation went forward, if we are not going to take anymore time then what the cr is, we can have six month or the department can't live with that. the fact they brought up the cr strengthened our hand in lifting the debt ceiling. the impression was given to us that something we know, we voted to lift the debt ceiling many
8:00 am
times, many of us. but, we were kind of lectured on the importance of lifting the debt ceiling to the markets. we know that. we know that. we have been lifting the debt ceiling. if you have, you know, it's wall street. here is the currency of the realm. the votes. no discussion. we don't have the votes. three months. so, that's how we got to that. we made it very clear in the course of the conversation that we would, the priority was to pass the dream act that we wanted to do and obviously, it has to be bipartisan. the president said he supports that, he would sign it. but, we have to get it passed. that's a high priority. that's why when we left the meeting,


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