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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  September 8, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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credit freeze. two words. >> credit experts are saying perhaps you should go to the major, three major credit agencies and put a freeze on your credit. if you're not going to open up a credit card in the near term, not getting a car or house loan, freeze them. >> listen to this lady. "early start" continues with the latest projections on irma and the two hurricanes right behind her. the storm has the potential to catastrophically devastate our state, and you have to take this seriously. >> projections show homeowner -- show hurricane irma on a path that could potentially devastate florida. overnight, new warnings for coastal areas. two other hurricanes in the atlantic are gaining strength. a brand-new update from the national hurricane center is moments away. good morning, everyone. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. it's friday, september 8th. 5:00 a.m. in the east. we'll also update you on a
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massive 8.1-magnitude earthquake off the coast of mexico near guatemala. we begin with the national hurricane center issuing a hurricane warning for southern florida which extends from jupiter inlet on florida's east coast, southward around the peninsula to bonita beach and including the florida keys and florida bay. >> storm surge warnings also being issued in coastal communities. those surges could reach ten feet. mandatory evacuation orders for broward county, palm beach county, low-lying parts of brevard county, and monroe county. that's the keys. >> it's not just florida bracing for irma. georgia governor nathan deal ordering a mandatory evacuation for everyone east of i-95 including savannah along with chatham county and other low-lying areas. in south carolina, a mandatory evacuation order takes effect saturday morning at 10:00 eastern.
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coastal counties including charleston. >> a new read on how strong is. moments ago the hurricane downgrading it to a very powerful category 4. by no means does this signal the storm is weak. slammed turks and caicos overnight. it's now hitting the bahamas. karen maginnis is tracking the monster storm from the weather center. that 5:00 update, the update we've been watching for all night showing 155 mile-per-hour sustained winds. still a very deadly storm. >> yes, it is still considered a major hurricane. category 3 and above. this stayed at cot gore 5 for the -- category 5 for the better part of three days. you would expect variation in intensity, pressure and movement. indeed we have because it has interacted with the various land masses.
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still, just staggering in its appearance as we look at it on the enhanced satellite imagery. 155 miles per hour winds. gusts up to 190 as it barrels across the southern edges of the bahamas. now we've been looking at the european models. the north american model. i want to show you those. they both have updated. they both are giving us different pieces of information. let's draw a line through the center of florida and see what happens with the european model. goes in right around the florida keys, toward the everglades and just to the western edge of the center of florida. it tweaks toward the left as opposed to the american model which brings it in toward miami. dade county, 2.5 million people there. up the coast, two million people. up toward palm county, palm beach county.
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so this brings it in just to the east of the center of the florida peninsula. so who has to worry about it? everybody from coast to coast. from the atlantic to the gulf of mexico. 75 miles from the center we're looking at the category 4 hurricane-intense winds. we bring it in late saturday, the early morning hours of sunday as a category 4. then nowhere that you travel across the florida peninsula will you escape this major hurricane. and the window, i've been asked repeatedly, is it too late to leave? it's not too late if you aren't worried about gas or food or the winds or flying projectiles. if you're in a highrise where the wind is going to be considerably stronger, 20 to 30% depending on how high up you go,
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then toward georgia, the impact here. my beloved south carolina, the impacts are possible here, as well. and charleston, savannah, toward jacksonville, into georgia, columbus, all the way up toward atlanta as a tropical storm. we have to talk about katia and jose, both strengthening. we have three systems to talk about. >> matter. >> folks, if are you in the florida keys and decide to call 911, no one will answer the phone. keep that in mind when you are trying to heed the evacuation warnings. >> and ambulances gone. thanks. millions of people in florida, in irma's path. that number higher than it has ever been. last year the three-county area that stretches from miami to palm beach topped six million people for the first time. we have time-lapse video of the region showing rapid grow since 1992 when hurricane andrew hit the area.
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the governor, rick scott, warning people to get out fast. >> we cannot save you when the storm hits. just remember this -- once there's an evacuation order, get out. we can't take care of you in the middle of a storm. >> all state offices and schools are closed through monday at least. isa soares live in miami with the latest. we know hotels have told customers to leave, to evacuate, and not taking any reservations until at least the beginning of next week. >> reporter: absolutely. you know, authorities have been saying just evacuate your home, leave your home because your homes can be rebuilt. your lives cannot. and the majority of people seem to be heeding the advice and leaving. though some of those have been leaving miami altogether. we have seen long lines of people getting out of miami --
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lots of traffic and food that may not be perishable. but also gas. they've been wanting gas. we've seen long lines of people trying to get out of miami but also long lines of people waiting for gas. and in order to facilitate that, what authorities have been doing, they've been bringing in police with -- with these petrol tanks really that have been following the tanks and taking them to the key areas so that the flow of petrol can move much, much quicker. and that's what they want that to happen now. they've seen the lines and want people to get out as soon as they can. hence why police are facilitating with that. but also petrol stations, police telling workers there leave will remain in place, do seek shelter or go elsewhere.
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people going north in the next 36 to 48 hours. people seeking shelter. important to point out that more than 650,000 people have gone to the shelters. more than 13 additional shelters have put in place here in miami to help those as they face this horrific and phenomenal storm. >> isa soares, stay safe. i isis ishurricane irma movi the coast. and we have flower where winds are -- more from where winds are just picking up. what do you see there? >> reporter: good morning, we're seeing the first effects of this powerful storm that is arriving on the eastern end of the
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island. cuban officials are telling people that this powerful storm will have an impact on the entire island. in coastal areas like the one we're in, there have been evacuations carried out, tourists encouraged to cut their vacations short. cubans have been taken to shelters. some built during the cuban missile crisis. anywhere where they can get away from the storm surge and wind. the train service has been cut off. the storm is expected to rake the northern coast of where we are before continuing on to florida. and even if cuba avoids a direct hit, the storm is expected to have a devastating impact here. >> thank you very much. ahead, despite evacuation orders, storm chasers are heading to florida hoping to capture irma in realtime. we'll speak with one of them next. i use thas it colors.protects excellence haircolor by l'oréal with pro-keratine complex.
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just moments ago hurricane irma was downgraded to a category-4 storm. this is still considered a major hurricane. this is not a significant wea n weakening. one person not evacuating is storm chaser james reynolds. he joins us by telephone from miami. 155 mile-per-hour sustained winds. a major category 4. still the largest we've seen likely to make landfall in florida in years. in decades really. what drives you to stay there when everyone else is being told to get snout. >> -- get out? >> caller: good morning, it's good to be with you. my primary aim is to document in as much as possibility the entire of the storm. while most people will be leaving, you know, i intend to stay and document the lead up to
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the storm. and unfortunately what is looking to be a very unpleasant aftermath. i feel it's important to cover this as best i can and get the images out as quickly as possible as the situation unfolds. >> how do you document one of the most dangerous storms we've ever seen on record and keep yourself safe? >> a huge amount of planning has gone into this. i've been pouring over maps, looking at potential places that are too unsafe to ride out the hurricane. you know, the storm surge threat, the extreme wind threat. i've been using a lot of time figuring out what areas will be safe enough to ride out the storm and scoping out buildings and safe places to keep okay as
2:16 am
the storm hits. >> we're talking about a cardigan-4 -- category-4 hurricane when it plays out. i rode out a tropical storm with firefighters in a sheltered area in louisiana a few years ago. i'm telling you tropical storm-force winds can still kill you. things flying through the air. how in the world will you find a safe place if you have 100 mile-per-hour-plus winds? >> caller: i will be enclosed in plenty of concrete. i will not anticipate moving on the streets or anything like that in the storm. it's far too dangerous. as you said, even a category 1, winds are extremely dangerous to move around in. we're talking about a 4 here. the worst of the storm hitting, i'll be in survival mode and making sure i'm safe and surrounded by as much as concrete as possible. >> james, you've documented natural disasters all around the world. what to you stands out about this from where you see it? >> caller: this is such a
2:17 am
vulnerable part of the world. you know, florida, huge population growth. so many people living on the coast. it's flat, it's low lying. you've got the storm surge that -- very large area that's going to be impacted by extremely damaging winds. it's just a very, very unfortunate coming together of all the factors. you know, the disaster managers have been waiting for this for years, and it's about to unfold which is very unfortunate. >> james, i guess one of the perils of doing the work you do and the work we do when standing out in a hurricane is that the public thinks it's safe or okay for them to ride it out. we think we're documenting the news, taking pictures for posterity. sometimes that encourages people to think they can ride it out, too. what is your message to people who think they want to be an amateur photographer and stay home and document this?
2:18 am
>> caller: it's extremely dangerous. i'll going to say it as it is. it's a very, very hazardous environment. there are small things you might not anticipate as being dangerous. windows blowing in, trying to open the door even in the middle of the storm can be an extremely difficult and very dangerous thing. you know, it's the little things that people might not think is obvious but can cause big problems. >> you could be killed by a shingle that trial in off of a roof. that's the bottom line. a shingle could kill you. >> james does this for a living. this does not mean you should do what he's doing. james reynolds, appreciate it. we look forward to the video in the days ahead. some breaking news now. powerful 8.1-magnitude earthquake in southern mexico off the coast near theguatemala.
2:19 am
the strongest quake in mexico in a century according to president nieto. power outages reported 600 miles away in mexico city. the quake triggering a tsunami. the threat appears minimal this hour. guatemala activated security protocols, police reporting some damage along their border with mexico. breaking news, one of the biggest security breaches in history. there's a good chance your personal information is part of it, and you may never have heard of the company that was hacked but it has your information. equifax says personal information of 143 million of you has been compromised. that's more than half of the adult population in the u.s. 209,000 people had their credit card numbers stolen. hackers exposed personal identifying information of another 182,000 people involved in credit disputes. equifax is one of three companies that track and rate
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the financial history of u.s. consumers. if you have a loan, if you have even one credit card, you could be affected. equifax is only contacting those whose credit card numbers or dispute records were accessed. you have to enroll in free credit monitoring before you'll be told if hackers took your info. go to the website and submit your last name and six digits of your social security number. after that, you can receive a message indicating whether you're been affected. experts say putting a freeze on your credit, especially if you don't think you'll be opening new credit cards or taking out new loans. >> i think a credit freeze -- something i'm learning about now, sounds like sound advice. >> i get so frustrated. your information is in so many places that you have no control over. clearly the company is using your information and selling your information have no control either. >> and you have to reach out to
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allergytry new xyzal®.ou have symptoms like these for relief is as effective at hour 24 as hour one. so be wise all take new xyzal®. with hurricane irma bearing down on florida, college football teams across the state canceling games. >> andy scholes has more in this morning's "bleacher report." good morning, guys. you know, this weekend's always one of the biggest weekends for football. the nfl getting started, and week two for most college football teams. the nfl making the decision earlier this week to move the dolphins/bucs game. many canceling games. florida not going to play
2:26 am
northern colorado tomorrow. the gators' athletic director saying it's become obvious that playing a football game is not the right thing to do. the focus of our state and region needs to be on evacuations and relief efforts. 21st ranked south florida's game with uconn also canceled. same goes for florida state and louisiana/monroe. the nfl season kicking off last night. new england, roger goodell on hand in foxboro. fans greating him with plenty of boo -- greeting him with plenty of boos and shirts and towels that had a red clown nose on them. things started great for the patriots. they dropped the super bowl 51 banner. took the quick 7-0 lead. the night would not go as planned. after fumbling, chiefs' rookie running back went on to have the most yards ever for a player in their debut. he ended up with 246 yards and three touchdowns. the chiefs stunned the patriots 42-27. we knew it would be an all-american final on the women's side at the u.s. open. now it's set. sloane stephens advancing to her
2:27 am
first ever final, beating serena williams. she had been injured most of the year and was ranked 957th in the world just last month. stephens in the midst of a great run. she's going to face madison keys who also will be playing in her first-ever grand slam final. guys, for the first time since 1998, we'll have a womens american champion not named williams. >> terrific. that patriots shocker, can't get over it. can't believe it. thank you. >> all right. >> the bigger they are, the harder they fall. hurricane irma downgraded but still deadly. people trying to get out of florida's coastal areas. we'll go live to miami with an updated look at the storm's track and strength next. mike and i are both veterans, both served in the navy. i do outrank my husband, not just being in the military, but at home. she thinks she's the boss. she only had me by one grade. we bought our first home together in 2010. his family had used another insurance product but i was like well i've had usaa for a while, why don't we call and check the rates?
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this storm has the potential to catastrophically devastate our state, and you have to take this seriously. >> get out while you can. that's the message from florida officials including the governor. new data just in from the national hurricane center on irma and two different hurricanes gaining strength. one in the gulf, another in the atlantic. we're live in miami. welcome back to "early start," everybody. i'm dave briggs. >> i'm christine romans. let's begin with the national hurricane center issuing a hurricane warning for southern florida. irma now a category 4, powerful category-4 storm. this is a deadly system. officials say it is packing life-threatening winds and storm surge. the warning extends from jupiter
2:32 am
inlet on florida's east coast southward around the peninsula to bonita beach and including the florida keys and florida bay. >> storm surge warnings also being issued in coastal communities. those surges could reach ten feet. mandatory evacuation orders now in place for parts of miami-dade county, broward county, palm beach county, low-lying brevard county, and monroe county, as well. >> it is not just florida bracing for irma. georgia governor nathan deal ordering a mandatory evacuation for anyone east of i-95 in georgia. that includes the city of savannah, along with chatham county and other low-lying areas. and in south carolina, a mandatory evacuation order takes effect saturday morning at 10:00 eastern in coastal communities, coastal counties including charleston. >> there is the track. irma slammed turks and caicos overnight. meteorologist karen maginnis tracking this monster storm from the cnn center. she tells us when and where
2:33 am
florida might expect her. good morning. >> good morning. yes, we expect landfall the next 36 to 48 hours. maybe late into the day on saturday or sunday morning. the latest from the national hurricane center, category 4. a strong category 4. we were looking at 185-mile-an-hour winds. we saw it go down to 160. and now 155 with gusts up to 190. moving to the west/northwest at just about 16 miles per hour. so it's really moving. but it's a really big hurricane. and now it is affecting the southern bahamas, this is going to move in a fashion pretty much like this -- not a straight line. typically we see fluctuations, and especially if it's trying to reorganize that eye recycling period that takes place. we will see fluctuation as the
2:34 am
eye as it interacts with land. this isn't the only system we have to talk about. we've got several other ones that are also across the gulf of mexico and another on the heels of irma. although it looks like jose, we're looking at it trekking further north. irma has churned up cooler waters, perhaps. there is still a track not exactly in line with irma. nonetheless, it is now a category-3 hurricane. let's tall you more as to what's happening in regards to irma. there are hurricane warnings out for southern counties of florida. two different computer models, the ones we rely on the most. this is the european one. and kind of a difference. i'll tell you what that is. we'll go through the spine of florida and see what the european models does. moves through the florida keys, to the everglades, and west of
2:35 am
the center of the spine of florida whereas the north american model perhaps less refined. not as much data that goes into it, still a reliable model. it affects florida, and for the miami-dade county area, 2.5 million people. there are mandatory evacuations. if you have mandatory evacuations, something happens, you may not get the help you need. unless you're doing okay without electricity or there's wind damage to your home, wherever you think is security, it looks like late saturday into early sunday still at a category-4 hurricane. lots to keep you updated on. >> a major, dangerous storm. karen, thank you very much. >> get out. thank you. millions of people in florida are in irma's path. and that number is even higher today than it's ever been. last year the three-county area that stretches from miami to
2:36 am
palm beach topped six million people for the first time. we have time-lapse imagery. it shows rapid growth since 1992. that's when hurricane andrew hit the area. >> the governor, rick scott, warning people to get out fast. >> we cannot save you when the storm hits. we can afternoon -- remember this -- once there's an evacuation order, get out. we can't take care of you in the middle of a storm. >> all state offices and schools closed through at least monday. cnn's isa soares live in miami with the latest. good morning to you. 300 highrises there in miami, making it the third-tallest skyline. you said that's what struck you when looking at miami. how dangerous does it make that city? >> reporter: very much so. good morning to you. arriving in miami, seeing the highrises as you were driving in, it's peppered with new
2:37 am
buildings. fabulous architecture, too. it does beg the question of whether they can sustain the winds, the hurricane that's quite a powerhouse as karen maginnis was outlining there for us. one of the hotels said they're not taking any more reservations. they're just closing up shop pretty much. they are hunkering down. they're putting wood all over the main windows and doors and plastics all over the tablewares and chairs, taking this seriously. the majority of people heeding the warnings because officials are saying, look, we can rebuild your homes. we may not be able to rebuild your lives. people have been listening to that advice and have been packing up the trunks of their cars with food that is going very fast, may i add, in the supermarkets, water, per pitchable goods. the only things that you can --
2:38 am
you can buy at the moment. they are heading north. not only facing huge lines of traffic but traffic to get petrol, to get gas. that's a huge problem. that is why the police have been brought in to patrol the huge gas tanks, to facilitate and mitigate the problem so we can get people heading north much quicker, away from the eye of the storm. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much for that. stay safe. 36 hours until landfall. we're expecting before the storm reaches florida, the last chance to slow down it cuba. hurricane warnings remain in effect for parts of the island nation. irma is expected to move along the northern coast in just a short time. we have our correspondent, patrick oppmann, there live in cuba with more. when i look at the transition ecotree, i see a -- trajectory, i see a dangerous storm that
2:39 am
will rake the eastern part of the this island nation for many hours. >> reporter: absolutely. it's going to come across the eastern part, then the northern coast where we are before feeling off and heading north to florida -- before peeling off and heading north to florida. the cuban government told basically every person on the island expect to be affected in some way or another. it's such a big, powerful storm, and there's really nowhere to run. what is happening here -- coastal areas like this one where i am, they're being told that international visitors, tourists need to leave the area. cubans here are being urged to evacuate. sometimes being taken to shelters from the cold war, up to caves in the mountains. hundreds of thousands of people right now being moved all over the island to try and keep them safe. the railway system has been closed down. schools on about half the island have been shut down. we expect for the next several days. so the cuban government has a lot of experience with
2:40 am
hurricanes. they've never faced a hurricane quite like this one, even if it just has a glancing blow along this northern coast. it could lead to devastating impacts for cuba. >> absolutely. all right. we know you'll be following it for us in the hours and days ahead. patrick oppmann in cuba. thank you. irma moving over the bahamas at this hour. part of other islands in the atlantic already left in ruins. hurricanes jose and katia also gaining strength. we're live in the bahamas next. we just got to take it one game at a time. next question. odell! can you repeat everything you just said? my livestream won't load. (blows whistle) technical foul! wrong sport. wrong network. see, you need unlimited on verizon. it's america's largest, most reliable 4g lte network. it won't let you down in places like this. even in the strike zone! it's the red zone. pretty sure it's the strike zone. here, use mine. all right. see you on the court, champ. heads up! (vo) when it really, really matters, you need the best network and the best unlimited.
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four people have died in the u.s. virgin islands used to hurricane irma. that brings the number of storm-related deaths to ten. hurricane warnings are in effect for parts of cuba, the dominican republic and haiti. this is part of the devastation. a bridge connecting the dominican republic to haiti washed away by category-5 storm. >> certainly the last thing haiti needs. a hurricane warning issued in turks and caicos are conditions rapidly deteriorated overnight. the governor warning everyone on the islands not to test mother nature. >> hunker down. stay where you are. you can't go out because the winds are far, far too strong. nobody can get to you either. >> the governor tells cnn 15 roofs have come off, and there's damage to part of the roof of the hospital, as well. new on two other hurricanes, as well. the national hurricane center says hurricanes jose and katia,
2:46 am
one in the atlantic, one in the gulf, getting stronger. irma downgraded to a category-4 storm, churning across the southeastern corner of the bahamas overnight. a hurricane warning in effect as irma takes aim at the central bahamas today. our journalist now on the phone from the maps. what are conditions like, and what are people doing that need to evacuate? >> reporter: good morning. we are on the phone -- the wind is coming in -- [ inaudible ] things getting worse here by the hour compared to the early hours of today. we can understand -- we can feel irma winds arriving. people here have been evacuated from the southernmost archipelago of the bahamas and are seeking shelter on the island where we are, the island of nassau in the northernmost part of the archipelago, where the captain lays.
2:47 am
here we expect to be a little bit more protected from the brunt of irma. we've got most of the people taking shelter, trying to stay safe. now the conditions are really getting worried. >> stefano from nassau, in the bahamas. stay safe. >> be kamp out there. -- be careful out there. major concerns for the energy concerns. the nuclear station south of miami in homestead is shutting down. the st. lucie nuclear power plant is 150 miles up the coast on a barrier island in jensen beach. both are right in the predicted path of the storm. florida power and light says the sites are among the strongest in the u.s. they are designed to withstands heavy wind and -- withstand heavy wind and storm surge. nuclear reactors survived a
2:48 am
direct hit from hurricane andrew in 1992. suffered $90 million in damage at that time. a number of gas stations are also shutting down because they run out of fuel. at least 42% of gas stations are without fuel according to gasbuddy. panic buying is causing long lines throughout south florida. south florida governor rick scott trying to ease gas shortages by directing state police to escort fuel delivery trucks. he's urging gas stations to stay open as long as possible before the storm hits. a senior republican aides says the house will vote this afternoon on a $15 went 2 billion hurricane harvey relief -- $15.2 billion hurricane harvey relief package. it will fund the government for the next three months. meantime, all five living former presidents joining forces to help all hurricane harvey victims. >> hurricane harvey brought terrible destruction, but it also brought out the best in humanity. >> as former presidents, we want to help our fellow americans
2:49 am
begin to recover. >> our friends in texas including presidents bush 41 and 43 are doing just that. >> people are hurting down here. as one texan put it, we've got more love in texas than water. >> we love you, texas. >> president trump not included in the public service announcements, but he tweeted support saying he's proud to stand with presidents for one america appeal. some breaking news now. at least five people dead in a powerful 8.1-magnitude earthquake in southern mexico just off the coast near the border with guatemala. the strongest quake recorded in mexico in a century according to the president there. a hotel has reportedly collapsed. power outages now being reported 600 miles away in mexico city where people were running into the streets barefoot in their pajamas. forecasters continue to warn about the possibility of hazardous tsunamis off the coast of mexico with waves over ten
2:50 am
feet possible near the epicenter. guatemala has enacted security protocols. police reporting damage near the border with mexico. more than 60 aftershocks in this monster quake. >> all right. one of the largest hacks ever, 143 million of you, 143 million of you could be affected. coney island has been around for a long, long time. reminds me of how geico has been saving people money for over 75 years. hey, big guy! come on in! let me guess your weight! win a prize! sure, why not. 12 ounces! sorry, mate. four ounces. i've been taking the stairs lately. you win, big guy. sorry, 'scuse me! oh, he looks so much more real on tv. yeah... over 75 years of savings and service.
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ditch verizon. keep your phone. we'll even pay it off when you switch to america's best unlimited network. as if hurricanes harvey, irma, jose, and katia aren't enough, south korea expects the north to launch another intercontinental ballistic missile sometime saturday to mark the 69th anniversary of the founding of the democratic people's republic of korea. will ripley in pyongyang. he's the only western journalist reporting from north korea. you have been there more than a dozen times. does it feel like another launch is imminent? >> reporter: it's so interesting, dave, because we -- we landed just a couple of hours ago. as we were driving through the
2:55 am
city, there is kind of a celebratory feel here. people are still buzzing from north korea's sixth and largest-ever nuclear test this past weekend. and so you saw people out preparing for this big national holiday, the north korean foundation day tomorrow. they were putting a fresh coat of paint on the public spaces. they were rehearsing their dance moves for what we expect could be a large celebration in kim il-sung square or other areas in the city. if you look at statements out of north korea the past couple of days, they're issuing stark warnings to the united states, to japan, to south korea that if these countries push forward as they say they will do with yet another round of sanctions to punish north korea for the nuclear test, they are threatening, in their words, unimaginable consequences. and so it would not be surprising if after north korea demonstrated that they have the capability to create a very large nuclear explosion, they say it was a hydrogen bomb, if
2:56 am
they then try to demonstrate that they can launch a missile, an intercontinental ballistic missile perhaps or a submarine-launched ballistic missile, that could carry this kind of warhead to a target like the mainland u.s. you know, we expect a launch. will it harm tomorrow, we -- will it happen tomorrow, we don't know. north korea is intent on demonstrating to the united states and the world that they have these weapons of mass destruction, they continue to get more advance. they say if the world continues with the strategy of imposing sanctions and putting pressure on this country, that their response will be only to develop the weapons faster. they warn of a situation that could escalate quickly and become dangerous. so if they launch a missile tomorrow, where will it go? tell fly over japan again? will they aim it toward the u.s. territory of guam? those are questions we don't have the answers to. that's why we're on the ground here, to monitor every development as it happens, dave. >> and yesterday, president trump was asked about shifting to a containment strategy of a nuclear-armed north korea, said he would not negotiate on that with the media. will ripley live in pyongyang.
2:57 am
thank you. now a cnn exclusive on the russia investigation. special counsel robert mueller's team approaching the white house to interview staff members who were on board air force one when the initial misleading statement was written about donald trump jr.'s meeting with a russian lawyer. mueller wants to know how the statement was crafted, who was involved. those questions could go to the issue of intent during an ongoing obstruction incentives investigation. on thursday, donald trump jr. told staffers he did not recall the details of white house involvement in the public response to his 2016 meeting. many of you woke up shocked to this -- the nfl season opener. the kansas city chiefs ran wild over the new england patriots, knocking off the super bowl champs 42-27 in foxboro. chiefs' rookie running back kareem hunt fumbled on his first carry, then went nuts. three touchdowns, 239 rush yards
2:58 am
in his pro debut. a record for a rookie. 42 points the most scored against the pats since bill belichick took over as coach 17 years ago. stunning in foxboro. this was not surprising -- commissioner roger goodell booed loudly by patriots' fans when he stepped on to the field an hour before kickoff. goodell clown shirts seen in the background. let's check cnn "money stream" this friday morning. u.s. stock futures pointing lower. investors got a lot to process. the weakening dollar, threat of north korea, hurricanes, and mixed signals from the european central bank. all of that factoring into global stock markets right now. shares in europe lower, asian stock markets closed mixed. shares of equifax tanking 13% in premarket trading after the company disclosed a huge data breach that could affect 143 million of you. another 209,000 people, your credit card numbers were stolen. another 182,000 of you, if you were involved in credit disputes, that data was also
2:59 am
compromised. the stock had been a strong performer this year, up 20%. the company will not be contacting you. instead, you have to sign up for the free credit monitoring to find out if your info. was among that that was stolen. really a big data breach there. i say call the credit agencies, put a freeze on your account. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts now. chris cuomo reporting live from florida. we'll see you next week. . all right. welcome to you in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." it's friday, september 8. 6:00 here in miami. we are following breaking news, of course, and all eyes are on hurricane irma. she is coming right to where we are at this hour. the storm is scarring every place she touches in the caribbean. cuba is next in its


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