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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  September 8, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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evacuate those areas to make sure. right now, we believe that there will be maybe three areas where we are doing some rehab and there will be water that flows over the top. they don't believe the dike is there. >> will people in communities that have been evacuated, will they be forced to stay away from their homes longer, out of concern the dike may breach in the week or two after this storm? >> so, the way -- we are going to get people back to their homes as quickly as we can. the the most important thing is, as everybody's life and safety. what happens is, there's a constant -- the corps will be reviewing the dike to make sure it is safe. i got a brief this morning about their inspections. as the water would rise in the lake, they will do more
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inspections. but, at this point, we are there expecting a category 4 to hit. we are expecting 10-12 inches of rain, possibly 20 inches. this is what they believe, they don't believe we will have anything but water. [ inaudible question ] >> the corps is going to have a briefing at, i think 1100. they will be able to answer that. anybody else? evacuate. keep everybody safe. bye bye. okay. all right. florida governor, rick scott there just finishing up a news conference. he is in west palm beach with a message to really all of south florida. 6 million people, if not more in the peninsula. the message is, you are running out of time. hurricane irma is going to hit as a category 4 storm. maybe up the center of the
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peninsula which means people on both coasts are in the direct impact zone. a storm surge upwards of ten feet. they are very concerned about that. again, on both coasts. the area where i'm standing will be flooded, badly, all the way up to the buildings. you can see behind me, we won't be here as of tomorrow. the wind gusts north of 150 miles an hour. yes, irma is a category 4 storm. don't think for a minute it is not dangerous. it is extremely dangerous, extremely deadly. mandatory evacuations have been ordered for hundreds of thousands of people in florida and the governor there pleading with folks in this state to heed those warnings. get inland. get to safer ground and do it now. do it today. by tomorrow morning, it will be too late. he reiterated the points he made before. there are no tolls on the roads.
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if you have to drive on the shoulder to get where you are going, do that, too. get to safety. the governor provided all kinds of numbers you can call if you need help to get where you need to go. again, hurricane irma on the way to florida right now. the first impact should be felt here on miami beach around 2:00 tomorrow. even after all the devastation it caused up to this point. poppy? >> if you are one of the people looking for the emergency numbers, if you missed it from the mayor, or the governor, rather, excuse me. 1-800-345-3557. that's if you need help evacuating, if you can't get fuel. the governor saying we will do whatever we can to get you out. all floridians should prepare to evacuate. get your family ready, get your car packed, in case you have to go. right now, the bahamas and
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central cuba are bracing for irma. it is making its way west. many are calling it a once in a generation storm. that's how big it is. at least 18 people are confirmed dead in the caribbean because of irma. red cross estimates 1 million people have been impacted. we are covering the hurricane from all angles. let's begin with chad myers in the severe weather center in atlanta. the two models, chad, what do they tell us this morning? >> they now agree. yesterday that was important. the gfs, the american model us up the east coast, skimming, doing almost a matthew kind of thing. the european model was in the middle of the state. now, the american and european have agreed on the european version of what's going on. why is the storm losing strength this morning? it's not, truly. it's going through an eyewall replacement cycle, not to go too
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far into meteorology, for a while yesterday, we had an eyewall 26 miles across. then another eyewall built on the outside of that. that cuts off the power to the ideas ring. the inside ring dies and the outside takes over. that's where we are now, 50 miles across. eventually, that 50 miles across will get smaller and the speed goes up. think winter olympics. a lady on one skate with arms out, spins slowly, brings the arms in and spins closely. later today, it will bring its arms in and regain strength or maintain. cat 4, cat 4, cat 4 making land fall in the keys. somewhere around key colony beach in marathon. to the right of there is the
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major storm surge. that is key largo. also, pouring water into key biscayne as well. here is the wind model for the rest of the week. here is saturday, 6:00 a.m. just getting breezy. just the blow across. you will see white caps on the ocean. by 3:00, you get wipds around 50. now the wind is pushing the water on shore. there's a bubble of water heading into the keys that i'm very concerned with. some of the keys are eight to ten fetal. the water goes over them if it can't get to the cuts in time. then the wind in naples, 60 to 70 miles per hour. notice the center of the eye is over the everglades. that's not land. that's very warm water. the storm gets bigger as it makes land fall. that doesn't usually happen, but because it's the everglades and not dry land, we get 100-mile-per-hour gusts across the state. they move up to orlando as well.
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ocala, leesburg and the like. something else, water blowing on shore here making coastal flooding. water blowing on shore here making flooding. the entire state going to be affected with hurricane force wind and 70-mile-per-hour wind gusts in atlanta, jacksonville, up to myrtle could see flooding. the storm surge is 10-12 feet and could wash over areas. just to the south, john, that's where that will be. that's the surge we are worried about. the surge also gets to where you are because the water blows in with the wind so much in key biscayne. miami and cutler bay and down toward homestead, the elevations under 10 feet need to leave because of the surge. waves, 20 feet on top of that. >> chad myers for us. where i'm standing, three feet
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above sea level. if the storm surge is ten feet, that means the water is here, which is why there's a mandatory evacuation where i am right now. the florida governor said 20 million people should be prepared to move if they need to. the very first place for mandatory evacuation orders were issued for the florida keys. that is where we find be in key largo. bill, some of the people you were talking to last night said they were going to stick it out are having second thoughts. >> reporter: it's interesting how the liquid courage fades in the sober light of day and the size of that monster storm, which is 100 miles right over there. as chad talked, a storm surge here would put the waves well over my head and the groves you see there. well over snappers beach bar where we are, an iconic place where people come to relax. a sun shower, a tiny taste of
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what's to come. the last greyhound left key west heading north. the municipal 301 bus line will keep going as long as the roads are clear and the winds allow. there's no excuse for those who want to leave to not get out of here. here comes the rain as well. these are the keys. these are fiercely independent, stubborn folks. thousands will ride out the storms. some hunkered in their boats, some in the strongest buildings they could find. we are going to the prison. one of the strongest structures, 400 prisons, sheriffs deputies, a bunch of animals are there. the decision to get out is now. we're going to see how many people heed that call. >> we will. bill, thank you for your team and your entire team for being there reporting in what is a mandatory evacuation zone.
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we appreciate you bringing us the story. right now, there's a rush to get out. you heard bill say the last greyhound bus left where he is in key largo. many people in miami trying to get out at the airport. the line you showed us last time at customer service was unbelievable. now, you are with another family dealing with this. >> reporter: you know, it's not just those lines, poppy. people are wandering the airport trying to figure out what to do, they have cards that have a phone number for them. this is leyla and her fiance. they are from argentina. they have never gone through a storm. this is actually her wedding dress. she came to miami to purchase his tuxedo and your wedding dress. tell me about what you are hearing. is american airlines giving you hope there will be a way out of miami? >> no, they didn't give us any
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answer. they say they can do nothing. since yesterday, we are trying to change our flight. we want to leave miami, anywhere. we don't have an answer from american. i don't understand why they don't have more planes to take all the people out of here. it has to be a priority to take the people out from miami. >> reporter: you said you have never gone through a storm. how difficult is it for you to grapple with the fact a storm is coming this way? >> we are terrified. we don't know what to do. we are now staying in the district in front of the bay. we don't know what to do. we don't have hurricanes or earthquakes in argentina, so we are terrified. we don't know where to go, what to do, what to expect. >> reporter: thank you so much for sharing your story, we appreciate it. john, we are trying to get
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answers from the airport and where they are going to send this couple and other foreigners stuck at the airport. some slept here overnight. we are hoping fo get those answers and get them to you as soon as we can. >> the answers are important to a lot of people. rosa, thank you so much. joining me now is republican member of congress of florida, of miami. representative, thank you for being with us. >> my boarded up part of the district. >> you love this city more than any human loves any city. my question to you, what's your message to 100,000 people to miami beach, 2 million of miami-dade. >> get ready, it's coming, there's nothing we can do about it. don't think you can ride it out. miami beach is boarded up. it's a major economic loss, but the loss of life is important. i represent the whole coastline from miami beach to south dade and it's terrible, the number of
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people who won't leave. >> it's terrible because a lot of people haven't left. i was here for andrew. i was here for wilma. this is different. this is bigger. >> i was here for all of those. this is a whopper. i totally understand, you don't want to leave your home. this is everything that you have. i understand that. in places like miami beach, tough leave. you maybe think you can ride it out, but here, this is ground zero. look at where it is. that beach is right there. turn to the right, there it is. it's going to flood. i mean, we get rainy day flooding, climate change, it's real. all of this, you know, whether you agree it's human, manufactured or not, look, it's happening and we have to be careful. we have to be ready. the shelters are open. if you haven't evacuated, do so now. >> let me ask you a specific
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question. after the tsunami in japan, the fukushima power plant was flooded. you have been concerned about the plant here. what is going on. what do you think? >> well, we heard from the governor, he says -- and we heard from, of course, the industry officials, they say they are ready, they can with stand any impact from irma. trust but verify. let's see what happens. we have to make sure we have more oversight because the health of our citizens is pa paramount. they say they are ready, they are ready for the worst. we are going to be fine with the nuclear plant. >> where are you going? no one loves miami beach more than you. >> i'm here for cnn and for you. i'm going to ride it out. we have a home in the southern part of our area, around south miami.
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>> inland? >> inland. you never know. what happens during andrew, miami beach was evacuated and they went to kendall in the west and that's where andrew went. the predictions are better. the science is more precise. i think we know it's going to wallup us anywhere it goes. >> the storm predictions are horrific. a ten-foot storm surge that could flood blocks and blocks and blocks west that way. >> absolutely. the science is better. it's more precise. we can forecast it. miami is ready. i mean, we have had days to prepare and we saw through cnn what happened in houston. people are ready. those who don't want to leave their houses won't leave their houses anyway. but, everything is functioning fine. this is so much better, the response than it was during andrew. in andrew, everything fell
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apart. katrina, another mess. this one, with irma, we are ready. we are as ready as a community can be. >> representative, thank you. this city, state will need your spirit. thank you in advance. >> appreciate it. >> great to have you here. we are keeping a close eye, obviously, on what hurricane irma is doing. we have a live shot of downtown miami, where some people are headed. it looks nice right now. this is going to be very ugly. really, in just a few hours, less than 24 hours, that is why the governor of florida says get out now. time is running out. cnn on the evacuation route right now. we have pictures on i-95, just north of ft. lauderdale, on the move right now. we are watching this for you. stay with us. my checkups go well, but i want awesome! so my dentist told me about this... go pro with crest hd.
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across florida, gas shortages, jammed highways as residents try to flee, evacuating irma's path. i want to go to ed lavandera. he is on the road driving north through palm beach county. give us a sense of what you are seeing. >> reporter: good morning, john. an interesting sight along interstate 95. we have driven through miami county, broward and ft. lauderdale, now, we are in palm beach county. as you look out here in the vehicle on interstate 95, you can see how wide open the road
7:22 am
is, for the most part. probably a lot of people wondering why aren't more people evacuating? when we drove in yesterday, we saw the traffic along this stretch of road rather packed. i think the roads get more congested once you get into the northern parts of the state around orlando and north of orlando as well. here in southern florida, there aren't that many routes to take, northbound routes to take to get out of the hurricane zone here. that is something people need to take into consideration. there's a handful of ways to get out of these areas, the roads that take you north, compounded by the fact the hurricane is shooting straight up, south to north through this corridor here. that is why the urgency to evacuate is on now. if this is any indication, you look around on the roads this morning and see how wide open the traffic is here on interstate 95. that's good news. people made good time and want
7:23 am
to evacuate. this is what they are seeing here along interstate 95 this morning and a sign a lot of people started taking advantage of this or there's a good number of people and i have seen a good number of people who decided to ride the storm out in miami proper itself. this is the scene we are seeing here this morning. one other interesting note to pass along here, toll road charges here in the state of florida have been suspended. costly to drive north. the toll road charges have been suspended. john? >> ed lavandera, most people have left. let's hope it means a lot have left. as ed knows, there are a lot of people here. look, the roads, there's plenty. there's plenty of room and there is still time, not much time. if you leave now, you can get to where you need to go to evacuate. as you can see, i hope people
7:24 am
are watching right now, there is not bad traffic. now is a great time to get to safety. ed lavandera, thank you so much for showing us that picture. a very important thing to see right now. poppy? >> we have some breaking news out of washington. lest you forget hurricane harvey reeked havoc on the state of texas a week or so ago. right now, on the house floor, lawmakers are voting on an initial relief package of under $8 billion for the victims of hurricane harvey. this, of course, is tied to continuing resolution on raising the debt ceiling for three months. this is the grand agreement that the president came to amid the republicans. this is what the president agreed to with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. they are voting on it right now. we'll keep a close eye on it for you.
7:25 am
it means a lot to the folks in texas there. meantime, red cross says irma affected 1 million people and poses a threat to millions more in the path. let's bring in robert from the american red cross. robert, so nice to have you. thank you for all you and your team are doing across the state of florida right now as we await irma. the florida governor, rick scott, we just heard from him and said all floridians should evacuate. do you have the shelters for them to do that? >> we do. we are proud of volunteers and thankful for donors who allow us to do that. we have the availability to shelter up to 120,000 people. we have hundreds and hundreds of volunteers operating from all corners of the country to help volunteers from south florida. we are extremely thankful. >> one of the things you know
7:26 am
that is important and surprised me is people going to the shelters need to come prepared, meaning they need to bring three days worth of food and water, supplies for pets, et cetera. that won't be there for them? >> that's right. i'm glad you gave me the opportunity to tell this. it's a safe place for you and your family to come where you can meet red cross volunteer that is are going to help you weather the storm safely. you need to bring your emergency kit. bring your water, one gallon per person, per pet, per day. bring your food. medicine for seven days. clothing, bedding. bring a sleeping bag. those items that you need to be comfortable for a minimum of three days, maximum of seven. i heard ed encouraging people to hit the road. that's the kit to put in your car if you are going to get on
7:27 am
the road. you have to assume you will have to shelter on the road and you need that kit with you an the road as well. >> unfortunately, there are two more hurricanes brewing in the atlantic right now. you have jose and katia. should they turn toward florida, are you ready for that on top of whatever irma brings? >> we have 150 years of history providing help and humanity. we are a global network. we help each other out. if there is a need to evacuate, we have the ability and capacity to expand. yes, we are ready to help. >> roberto, we know you and your team won't get much sleep for the next 72 hours. thank you for all you do. for everyone who wants to help and donate to red cross. right now, miami in the eye and center, what could be the eye passing over bracing for irma.
7:28 am
chad myers is live in the weather center with more. chad? >> as it gets closer, all of florida will be impacted, not just the east coast or west coast or the center. it's just that big. it's wider than the state is. as it drives up the middle, we'll see both coasts get affected. we have the cuban radar in guantanamo bay. we'll have the forecast in a few minutes. this red is for the fiery. the passionate. feria power red by l'oreal. multi-faceted, shimmering hair color... goes beyond bold. this feria has an extra shot of pure dyes. live in color. live in feria power red by l'oreal hair colorist/paris
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only a dignity memorial professional can celebrate a life like no other. find out how at john berman here back in miami beach. this is a city of 100,000 people. everyone has been ordered to
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evacuate. this is the mandatory evacuation zone. the storm surge of 10 feet sea level. they expect this area to flood and flood badly. people have been told to leave. i'm joined by a family that has chosen to stay. scott abraham is here with his son, age 4. scott, why are you staying? >> i have been here 15 years and been through so many storms. we have been told so many times to evacuate but, i feel like same kind of situation. i don't think it's going to hit us directly. if it does, i think we are safe. we have food. we have supplies. we have everything we need. we live on the 11th floor. i think we are okay to stay here. >> let me tell you what the experts say and your governor says. your governor says that the entire southern part of florida is in the direct path of this storm. >> right. >> he says if you are in the mandatory evacuation zone, please listen.
7:34 am
you are running out of time. most importantly, he says this storm isn't like the ones before. this storm is so much bigger than andrew was. so much different than wilma was, which crossed the state. this is going up the entire state. is there anything the governor could say or anything i could say to change your mind? >> i would consider going out. we are running out of choices. the airlines are full. to get on the road now is probably too late. i think we are pretty much -- >> we did show pictures, ed lavandera up in palm beach county, the road is empty going north right now. there is plenty of room. the governor said before, the mayor saying there are shelters in the area. we could put you in touch with them, getting on a plane probably too late, but getting to a shelter, we could help you do that if it is something you would reconsider. >> i guess i would reconsider if i talk to my wife and see what she wants to do. otherwise, we are ready to rock
7:35 am
'n' roll with the storm. >> if we can convince you otherwise, but if you stay, what is your plan? >> the plan is to be at home. we are on the 11th floor. we have lights. we have water. we have food. i think we'll ride it out. we have new storm windows and i think we should be okay. >> miami beach, in all likelihood will be cut off from the rest of the city. you are going to get a storm surge here of 11 feet. ten feet, all the way to the waterway, the bridges washed out. you may not be reachable for several days? >> i don't know what we may need in the next few days. i think we are pretty much got everything under control. >> can i talk to alexander for a second? how you doing? >> good. >> you scared at all about hurricane irma? >> no. >> why not? >> because i'm not afraid. >> alexander, you are one brave guy. i hope you can convince your father to change his mind over the next several minutes.
7:36 am
again, scott abraham, thank you for being with us. you rode out hurricane andrew? >> no, i wasn't here. >> go talk to anyone that was through it. go talk to your wife. again, you have a baby, a 1-year-old as well. maybe she can change your mind. we will help you if you need it. if you stay, be very, very careful. >> will do. >> thanks so much. >> poppy, we play the governor, every news conference he has. we keep talking to city officials because we want to get the message out this storm is different. hopefully people will hear that. >> you are a good salesman. i think you got him to consider to talk to his wife. i think they will go to a shelter. we hope they do, they have two little kids. >> we have breaking news out of washington, d.c. we told you about the continuing
7:37 am
resolution on the debt ceiling. matters particularly to the victims of harvey and texas. it pass zed overwhelmingly in the house 316 to nine. again, 316 to 90 votes. this will extent the debt ceiling limit, if you will, for three months, until december 15th. it also is tied to $7.85 billion in federal aid for the victims of hurricane harvey. meantime, let's go to the severe weather center where we find chad myers. you heard that family say, we have been warned so many times to evacuate. we have never needed to. we are going to hunker down, we have storm windows. they live on the 11th floor. we are talking winds over 100 miles an hour. >> right. they say they have been there 15 years. when is the last time a storm like this has hit? hmmm. not 15 years ago, not 14 years
7:38 am
ago, not 13 years ago. here is the deal, i live on the tenth floor in atlanta, if you have winds 100 miles per hour and you get up, all of a sudden, you are 174. i don't know how big the building is, but even if there are floors above him with windows that are breaking, some buildings in miami are 700 feet tall. if you go higher, you are 189 relative to where you are in the hurricane. then you realize when the storm finally does go away that, unfortunately, all the streets are flooded, you can't get out. you don't have power or air-conditioning, you are stuck and no one can come get you. john keep talking. sell that guy to get out of there. i wouldn't want to be anywhere above the second or third floor as the winds go up. plus, the elevators don't work. if you want to go down and back up, that's 11 stories. for me, an old guy, that's a lot. back out here to the hurricane.
7:39 am
we have a category 4 hurricane going to make land fall in the keys. that's a done deal. all the models are assuming to almost key largo. i'll zoom in to show you where it is. 150 miles per hour. right now, it's di- integrating with an eyewall replacement cycle, the water is very, very warm. then it gets to atlanta and the winds around 75. by tomorrow morning, we are still not blowing hard, yet. by tomorrow afternoon, the keys are blowing 50. miami is blowing 45. then you watch this white part. that's the eye. that's the 100-mile-per-hour or more greater wind gust around the eye of the storm. the eyewall on the right side of the eyewall from key largo, that's where the heaviest wind damage will be. the storm surge will be as well. now you put the center of the hurricane in the everglades and think, oh, it's over land. it's going to die.
7:40 am
there's no land there. that's still water, very warm water. the storm actually expands when it hits the everglades. winds where john is at 100 miles per hour, at least 120 possible. both sides of the peninsula, both sides of florida are getting the wind well over 75. everybody gets a hurricane wind when you have a hurricane this big. poppy? >> indeed, chad myers thank you for staying on top of it. on the phone is the director of the miami-dade police department, juan perez. thank you so much, sir, for being with us. let me get your take on emergency response, okay? a lot of people that are going to ride out the storm are saying, you know, we don't think it is going to be as bad as they are predicting. if it is and they call 911 in the middle of the storm, the governor says you are not going to be there, right? >> caller: after some point, we are mobilized. a minimal 12-hour shift and
7:41 am
much, much more during this storm. after a certain point, it becomes a risk for first responders to be out there and utility workers and so forth. we will have to hunker down as well. there will be a point where 911, we are not going to be able to get to you at the time you make the call. as soon as the storm winds decrease, we can go out safely again, we'll try to get to you. >> we just heard from a father, who spoke to john down there in miami with his 4-year-old son and his 1-year-old daughter. he and his family live on an apartment building ton 11th floor. they are going to stay. they are not heeding the warning of the mandatory evacuations. what is your message to families like that. >> caller: that's unfortunate. you know, i not only lived through andrew, i worked it and i saw the catastrophe that occurred firsthand. i think a lot of folks, unfortunately, are taking that stance and, you know, they
7:42 am
looked at the size of the storm when it was 185 miles per hour and they were mesmerized. now it dropped 30-35 miles per hour and it's at 150. for some odd reason, they feel that that is much better and it's not. you know, we are talking cat 4, but it's a high. it's a few miles away from being a category 5 again. andrew came at that speed and it was catastrophic back then and this will be now. they should heed the warnings, seek shelter. there's plenty of shelters available and only a small number of people are taking advantage of the shelters to this point. hopefully today we get a lot of folks into the shelters. if they are not going to go to a shelter, go somewhere safe. a friends house, family, relatives that have shelters and the appropriate measures have been taken and the necessary supplies to carry over for at least three days while the storm hits.
7:43 am
>> officer perez, what do you need right now? the governor spoke of how florida can always use more volunteers in a situation like this. what does your department, especially miami-dade need right now? >> caller: right now, we don't need anything. post storm we will make the assessments and communicating with the state run by the governor. he's already contacted us, he's been down here a few times. we have the communications of what the capabilities are of the state to assist us. unfortunately, with hurricanes, we have a few down here, with hundreds, you don't know what they bring. so, we are prepared and we are ready. that's what everybody asks, are we ready and prepared? prepared for what, we don't know. we are ready for the unexpected. we don't know if this is going to be -- once it hits if it's a surge situation or a combination of a lot of rain, wind and structural damage. it's a wait and see game,
7:44 am
unfortunately. that's the build up of anxiety. once we shelter up, we don't know what's going to be outside when we open those doors and hit the streets again or what the catastrophe is going to be before us. once we make the initial assessment early on after the storm, then we'll be able to make those requests whether it's volunteers, more law enforcement, more firefighters or utility trucks. >> expect the unexpected. director perez, thank you so much for joining us and good luck. >> thank you. >> leave now while you have a chance. when you call 911, you will not get an answer. that is an official's answer. you heard it reiterated by the miami-dade police department there. we will speak with the mayor of miami beach about how the city is preparing next.
7:45 am
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7:49 am
zone. some 100,000 residents have been told to leave. a lot of people asking why we are here. we are not going to be here tomorrow when the storm hits. we couldn't be. where i'm standing will be covered with water. joining me is the mayor of miami beach, philip levine. we are expecting a ten foot storm surge. where is that relative to our height and how much will it cover? >> we are a barrier. we have the ocean to the east and west. we could expect a significant storm surge. it will start from the ocean and go across to the bay. we hope not. there are no generators that can push out that water with those. the most important message is for residents and visitors to get out. leave miami beach, go to the mainland, go to shelters.
7:50 am
there's many of them. >> we talked to a man who said he's riding it out. he seemed to be waivering. he lives on the 11th floor of an apartment building. good enough? >> not at all. even if he thinks the windows are hurricane proof, this is massive, powerful. i call it a nuclear hurricane. we have seen the devastation it's caused throughout the caribbean. he should be getting off the island and going to the mainland to a shelter. if you have a pet, we have shelters that allow you to keep your pet. there's no reason to stay. we don't want heroes, we want safe people. >> we are looking at the roads. the roads are clear. there is time to get out today. tomorrow, it might be too late. i have seen pictures of you walking in miami beach on a sunny day when it's flooding. you get sunny day during high tide. this is low lying. the storm surge has to be the biggest area of concern.
7:51 am
>> no question about it. we have been able to raise ours. sunny day flooding, sea level rise, we are able to work and rectify. there's no ability to handle or stop water from flooding from a hurricane, let alone a massive, historical one like irma. >> what happens to the people who do stay? i was trying to explain to the man, maybe he rides it out, but is miami beach going to be cut off? >> absolutely. first of all, let me say, we have buses, we have trolleys coming to pick people up. we will take you to the shelters if you don't want to get there on your own, we will take you. when the storm hits, first responders are bunkered down. a shelter on miami beach is our operation center. a lot will be in the mainland coming back here when it's safe. it will not be services for these people. they have to understand that. that's why i recommend, i urge, i demand they please leave miami beach. >> again, after the storm, the
7:52 am
bridges, who knows what status the bridge will be under. what will be the response after the storm? >> after the storm, we have an entire protocol in place. we need to clear the roads. we must clear the roads. that allows the first responders to survey the city and do what they need to do and talk to people that may be in need of help. from there, we make an assessment. of course, when it's safe, we allow residents to come back in like vendors and contractors. >> that is after the storm. during the storm, nothing you can do. >> absolutely. >> the message is, get out, get out now. mayor, great to have you with us. you have been on cnn a lot of late because we want to get that message out. >> we want to keep you alive and safe. >> thank you. we are hoping people hear that message. back to you in new york. >> they demand they get out. hopefully they heed that warning and the demand from the mayor who knows best. we are moments away from an update on the latest path and
7:53 am
intensity of irma. take a look at this. this is a live picture coming up of miami beach. looks perfectly sunny, beautiful now. do not let it confuse you. things are about to get ugly. we are keeping an eye on it. john is there live. we have team coverage all day long and all night long. we have breaking news i want to update you on. at least 29 people are dead after the powerful 8.1 earthquake shook mexico. the quake, which mexico's president is calling the strongest, several buildings, look, rescue workers on the scene of a collapsed hotel say there may be four people trapped inside, still. the quake was so big, it rattled parts of mexico city, 600 miles away from the epicenter of the quake. highways off the coast of mexico and central america in the wake of this. we'll keep an eye on this and track hurricane irma as she
7:54 am
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when heartburn hits fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum tums chewy bites. hurricane irma headed to florida right now. you have college football teams across the state cancelling their games. corey is in south carolina, which could be in the path of the storm, depending on which way irma goes. what is going on with that game? >> reporter: hi, poppy.
7:59 am
auburn versus clemson. clemson is four hours from charleston. so far, the game is scheduled as planned. they should get this in before irma related weather could get here. they are monitoring the storm's past. state troopers may not be on hand. as you mentioned, there are college games that have been canceled. university of florida not playing colorado. in a statement, it's become obvious that playing a football game is not the right thing to do. south florida's game with uconn canceled as is florida state versus louisiana monroe. they said there are quite a few players from florida whose families have left to be out of harm's way. some have come to clemson to be with their sons and plan to stay in this area as long as they must. >> thinking of their families in
8:00 am
florida, for sure. thank you for joining us. i'm poppy harlow. john, you will be there all weekend moving away from the evacuation zone. >> that's right. we will be in places to stay safe. two pictures to remember, the cone over the entire state, it will hit florida, maybe all of it. number two, the road still clear. ed lavandera still on clear roads, plenty of time to evacuate. i'm john berman in miami beach. at this hour with kate bolduan starts now. thank you both so much. hello, i am kate bolduan. hurricane irma closes in and millions of floridians brace for impact and race to get out. the chilling warning from the state's governor today. everyone in florida, the entire state, needs to be prepared to evacuate. here is why. that huge swirling cloud of power. that is irma. it is


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