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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  September 14, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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she was scheduled to travel to new york next week. she has cancelled that trip amid mounting crisis. she'll address the nation. those waiting to hear if it is a place that will ever be safe for them to return to. jake. >> thanks, that's it for the lead. i'm jake tapper. now to the sit room with wolf blitzer. happening now, breaking news, reigniting controversy, president trump returns from a show of support for florida disaster victims and immediately overshadows it by reigniting the controversy over the racial violence in charlottesville. the president repeating his claim that both sides were to blame. a stunning new report says that after the president learned a special council was reported in the russia probe, he berated and humiliated the attorney general of the united states jeff sessions.
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saying sessions should resign. what's the deal? to protect young immigrants while boosting border security. but is he still insisting on a border wall? the far right is already outraged. house of horrors. search warrants in multiple investigations into the death of eight residents of a florida nursing home. new details on the shocking conditions inside. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in the situation room. this is cnn breaking news. breaking news, president trump is back here in washington after getting a firsthand look at the damage left behind in florida by hurricane irma. but the president now faces a political storm largely of his own making.
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repeating the claim that both sides bear responsible. this were very bad people on the other side of the white supremacist rally. and the president spent the entire day explaining as talks with democrats on the deal to protect dreamers. the 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the united states as children. top democrats say the president agreed to protect the dreamers in exchange for tougher border security, but not including a border wall. arriving at the white house the president said an agreement on the dreamers would come first and the wall later. he stresses an agreement would not include citizenship or amnesty. the president is facing a revolt on the far right right now with some declaring that he has destroyed his base. but the president says many republicans agree with what he is doing. and following north korea's recent nuclear test. there is violent new rhetoric from kim jong-un's regime which talks of reducing the u.s. mainland to, quote, ashes and
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darkness and threatens to sink japan into the sea with a nuclear bomb. democratic congressman joaquin castro of the intelligence committee and correspondent specialist and guest, they are all standing by with full coverage. president trump now back at the white house after visiting the florida disaster zone. let's begin with our senior white house correspondent jeff zelny. the president used his trip back to the white house to create even more controversy on multiple fronts. >> reporter: the republican senator of south carolina, the only african american republican in the senate met here at the white house with the president to talk about this very matter.
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this is what the president said a short time ago on air force one. >> i think especially in light of the advent of atifa, if you look at what's going on there, you have some pretty bad dudes on the other side also, and essentially that's what i said. now because of what's happening since then with that antifa, you look at really what's happened since charlottesville, a lot of people are saying in fact, a lot of people have actually written, gee, trump might have a point. i said, you've got some very bad people on the other side also, which is true. >> reporter: again what the president saying there is that both sides were to blame, it revives a comment that drew condemnation from members in his own inner circle, business executives to distanced himself from the president.
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this is what senator scott had to say. that's who he is of the president. to assume that immediately thereafter he's going to have an epiphany is just unrealistic. now all of this is coming as we were learning more about another rift inside this administration. that is what the president and his attorney general jeff sessions. we've known for several months they've been at odds with each other, wolf, a new fascinating bomb shell in the "new york times" is reporting more inside details about what led to this explosive relationship? it is all back to the may meeting in the oval office when the special council robert mueller was appointed to oversee the russia investigation. people close to the attorney general are telling the "new york times" that the president berated him. accused him of being disally. the attorney general, of course, a long time senator from alabama, republican senator said he had never been humiliated like that in decades of public life. he offered a face to face resignation with the president. that, of course, was declined.
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i am told the relationship was repaired somewhat, wolf, but this is an incredibly interesting new detail about what angered the president so much about one of his long time supporters. one of his first supporters in the republican senate, jeff sessions. explosive new details in a in that "new york times" report. >> it says it wasn't just a one on one meeting in the oval office, there were other aids president when the president berated him. jeff, the outcome of the dinner they had last night, the president and chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, certainly has stunned a lot of washington. what's the latest information you're getting? >> indeed, wolf, this is the second time in two weeks time that the president has leaned toward reaching a deal with democrats. this one is over dreamers. those 800,000 or so young undocumented immigrants, the president as we know, had that private dinner here in the white house and they essentially
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reached an agreement to do something on a daca before the border wall or other things. i am told by a white house if i believe that the president believes that the dreamers and the so-called daca legislation executive action by president obama takes priority over the wall, but conservatives expressed outrage over this as the day wore long. this is what the president said in florida. >> without looking at citizenship, we're not looking at amnesty, we're looking at allowing people to stay here, we're working with everybody. republican, we're working with democrat, i just spoke with paul ryan, he's on board, everybody's on board. >> reporter: so this of course consumed much of the day here at the white house as well as on capitol hill before the president decided to hold a wide ranging news conference, essentially on air force one about this new strategy of working with democrats. but wolf, in those comments too, reporters as he flew back here to washington. he also defended this very new strategy here at the white
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house. he said this of republicans. he said, i'm a republican through and through, but it's not always working this way. we'll have to get help from the democrats. so wolf, taking all this together here. a lot to have digest, no doubt. there is a new strategy here at the white house and the president has a new priority on those dreamers. it is something that he wants to focus on before he moves on to building that wall he promised so long ago. that's what some conservatives tonight are quite upset about. >> potentially very, very significant shift on the part of the president working with the democratic leadership. thanks very much. let's go to florida right now where the president met with storm victims and saw some of the damage, even as this new controversy was kicking up back here in washington. our senior white house correspondent jim acosta is in naples, florida, this was the president's third trip to a disaster zone up until a few moments ago, the day seemed to be going pretty well for him.
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>> reporter: i think that's right, wolf, when it comes to the storm. he did come gays to face with storm victims here. you can see some of the damage behind me that the president visited earlier today. he will not turn his back on them when it comes to recovering from irma. >> we love the people of florida. and they went through something i guess the likes that nobody's ever seen before. they've never seen a category like this coming. because it came in really at a five. all of to do is look what happened in the keys. we love these people and we're going to be back and we're going to help and the job that everybody has done in terms of first responder and everybody has been incredible. >> reporter: now the dpth make some comments about the storms that have been hitting florida and the golf course.
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as you know in the past he believes air force one earlier today. >> if you take a look, we had storms over the years that have been bigger than this. you'll see storms that were as big or bigger. sf are if you go back to the 30s and 40s, back to the teens, there were storms similar and bigger. >> reporter: almost a few hours
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later talking to reporters on air force one trying to make a case that there was a stronger storm in the '30s and '40s. the scientific community believes there is a strong likelihood there is a connection between climate change and these hurricanes. these violent storms that we're seeing not only here in the united states, but around the world. earlier this week, you saw the discussion in the briefing room where the national advisor to the president really didn't to want answer that question. this remains a tough issue for this white house where you have he hasn't changed his mind. apparently he still believes it's a hoax. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me, wolf. >> let's begin with a stunning new report just published in the
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"new york times" about president trump's deep anger at his attorney general, jeff sessions for his recusal from the russia probe. the subsequent appointment of a essential counsel. let me read a quick passage. accusing sessions of disloyalty, he released a string of insults. ashen and emotional, mr. sessions told the president he would quit and sent a resignation letter to the white house according to four people who were told details of the meeting. according to to the times congressman the president also called sessions an idiot, said he was choosing him as the attorney general was quote one of the worst decisions he had made. what's your reaction to this? >> well, first, you know, early on, i was one of the folks that said that because of conflicts
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of interest that jeff sessions should not be made the attorney general of the united states we of course if the media skt true and jeff sessions tried to tender his resignation. i don't know why the president didn't accept his resignation based on the way that he's treated him. based on the way that he hasn't backed up the attorney general on so many things now. and also why jeff sessions would continue to stay on in this capacity. there were reports that maybe one or two weeks ago from now chief of staff kelly that indicate the same thing. he was basically dressed down and treated like a child basically it's a very strange dynamic for these men to stay on there when they have a president who's completely disrespecting
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them professionally and personally, yet they continue in those roles. >> yeah, doing that, according to to the "new york times" in front of other staffers, not just privately one on one, could be a pretty humiliating moment for someone along the lines of the attorney general or the white house chief of staff for that matter. what does it tell you about the president, congressman, that he expects, quote, loyalty from his attorney general? >> that he basically pulverizes people. he pulverizes the people close to him. and it's probably hard to have an equal relationship with him where he regards somebody else as an equal. i don't know that there's anybody over at the white house that he regards that way perhaps he has friends in his life or others that he regards as equals, but if he does, i certainly haven't seen it in any media accounts. >> let's turn to other important news. president obama's former national security advisor susan rice testified in front of your community, the intelligence
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committee about her role in unmasking members of the trump campaign last year. sources tell cnn that lawmakers, even republicans, were satisfied with their testimony and concluded she didn't do anything improper. i want your response though to president trump's comments just moments ago in which he again said this, he said, and i'm reading specifically, direct quote, she is not supposed to be doing that, what she did was wrong. >> i don't think the president of the united states understands the concept of unmasking here. and he's basically grasping for something, i can't specifically speak about her testimony, of course, but i can say when she left the room, i think from what i could tell, all of us were convinced that she had acted professionally and well within the law. >> and your republican colleagues agreed? >> based on what i could tell from their questioning and their
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reactions, yes. >> let me get your reaction also to the president's comments just now. just a few minutes ago about the iran nuclear deal. do you believe the president is going to walk away from this agreement? he says the deal was awful, one of the worst deals i've seen, certainly at a minimum, the spirit of the deal is atrociously kept. the iran deal is not a fair deal he said to the country. it's a deal that should have never been made. what's your reaction to that? >> that it's probably rhetoric. that he probably won't walk away. he would be stupid to walk away. he would basically be setting us back. you have another country just as north korea is pursuing an all-out nuclear program, iran would essentially start doing the same thing again. i don't think he'll walk away. i think it's rhetoric, but it's his decision. >> so far twice in this administration he's had the state department say the iranians aren't complying with the iran nuclear deal and secretary of state tillerson twice had to sign documents that
2:17 pm
the iranians aren't complying. it's going to come up again in october. let's turn to another important development today. based on what you've heard, do you support the president, the deal that the president apparently reached with the democratic leadership last night over dinner which would protect the so-called dreamers and at the same time, strengthen border security, although not approve a new ball? >> i saw the rathers last night and indicated there was a deal, then early today the president of course said there was no deal. and so, it seems to be an agreement to come to a deal at some point. look, i'm optimistic and hopeful about the possibility that we can reach an agreement that will allow these 800,000 hard-working young people to live and work and stay here in the united states. their home country. so i'm hopeful about that. and of course there are no details on what this would look like. remember, wolf, that the
2:18 pm
comprehensive immigration reform bill in 2014, of course, had two anchors to it, first a path of citizenship, in other words, legalization, the other thing was increased border security. so, the outlines of what they discussed are consistent with that 2014 legislation, although, of course, it won't be on as large a scale because you're not dealing with as many issues. >> congressman castro, we're getting new developments, new information on the overall russia investigation right now. the russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election, i've got a bunch of questions for you. i've got take a quick break. we'll resume our conversation right after this. how do we say that this fall, our guests can earn a free night when they book at and stay with us just two times? fall time.
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president reignited controversy on multiple fronts after what should have been an impressive visit to storm victims of florida. we're back with democratic congressman joaquin castro of texas. he's a member of the intelligence and foreign affairs committee. congressman, i want to dig deeper into the overall russia investigation into u.s. presidential election meddling. it's being conducted by your committee as you know, facebook now admits that they didn't know how that they -- they don't know really how many advertisements were purchased by russia. russia-backed groups during the campaign. based on the intelligence you've seen, how aggressive was russia's social media effort in meddling in the 2016 presidential election? >> based on everything i've seen, i would say it was pretty aggressive. and remember, this is basically a problem of first impression for companies like twitter and facebook, because social media's only been in bloom basically the last decade. and so, you know, facebook, i'm sure has never faced this
2:24 pm
problem before. foreign government or it's agents very extensively trying to influence an american election, you know, and all of this is of course based on public reporting, but it's going to be a problem that we're going to have to really tackle and solve in earnest. and i hope that facebook and twitter and other social media platforms will be willing to work with the congress to fix this to make sure that we cut off these fake accounts, that we cut out russian bots on twitter that are trying to get common messages across and do everything we can to take out outside influence. >> are the russians, as far as you know, you're on the intelligence committee, still actively pursuing disruptive tactics on social media? >> well, you know, our intelligence sources have said that in open session that russia basically has active campaigns against the united states and tries to continuously tries to influence the politics of the united states.
2:25 pm
>> congressman joaquin castro of texas, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, more on our breaking news. president trump reignites the controversy over his comments on the charlottesville white supremacist rampage. once again, suggesting that both sides bear responsibility. and a stunning new report says that after the president learned a special counsel was in the probe, he berated and humiliated the attorney general of the united states, jeff sessions, before other aids in the oval office. stick around. you're in the situation room. duncan just protected his family with a $500,000 life insurance policy. how much do you think it cost him? $100 a month? $75? $50? actually, duncan got his $500,000 for under $28 a month. less than $1 a day! his secret? selectquote. in just minutes a selectquote agent will comparison shop nearly a dozen highly rated life insurance companies, and give you a choice of your five best rates.
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we're following multiple breaking stories including president trump aboard air force one on the trip back from viewing storm damage in florida, repeating his controversial remarks, blaming all sides for last month's violence during a white supremacist demonstration in charlottesville, virginia. also breaking, the "new york times" reporting the president called the attorney general of the united states jeff sessions an idiot and disloyal after learning robert mueller had been appointed special council. let's bring in our specialist, gloria, it's a stunning report really in the "new york times," humiliated he felt jeff sessions. let me read a couple sentences from the story. accusing them of disloyalty, he unleashed a string of insults. ashen and emotional, mr. sessions told the president he
2:31 pm
would quit and sent a resignation to the white house according to four people who were told detail us of the meeting. mr. sessions would later tell associates that the president's demeaning tone was the most humiliating experience in decades of public life. he called sessions, according to to the times an idiot, said the selection of the sessions as attorney general was one of the worst decisions he said he had made. what's your reaction to that? >> well, let's give this some context, of course. this is because the president discovered during that meeting that a special counsel had been appointed and that was special counsel mueller. he learned this news, he didn't want a special counsel. he didn't think jeff sessions should have recused himself and so he went into a rage. first of all, i have to say that jeff sessions is the most loyal person the president had during the campaign, he was the first person to endorse him in the senate, and he remains a
2:32 pm
cheerleader for this president. but, the language he used and the way he flew into a rage reminded me of something else in "new york times" reported, which was about general kelly. general kelly got chastised loudly, apparently, in the same manner after the president wasn't happy with the crowd at the rally in arizona this past summer. and he did the same to general kelly who said that in all of his years of public service, he had never been addressed like this. so now we have a couple of folks here, both of whom are loyal, and sessions in particular who has gone out of his way to support this president and this is the way they've been treated. this is the way the president behaves. >> you would think after these, these men were humiliated like that, in front of others, they would quit. >> you sort of would, except, being the attorney general is
2:33 pm
clearly jeff session's life goal, my guess is he never thought he would get there because frankly if any -- literally any other republican had won, jeff sessions probably isn't in the cabinet at all. he's certainly not attorney general. with general kelly, and i think probably with jeff sessions too, there is an element, wolf, i think of, you know, i'm serving the country. i'm not necessarily serving -- yes, i'm serving donald trump, but i am serving the country more broadly. it is important that i be there. gary kohn said that in the wake of the charlottesville back and forth. that, you know, it's important that i do this job at this time. now, of course, we are all replaceable at some level and we all like to think we are not, we are. i think some of that's the motivation, quickly. this is to gloria's point. this is who the guy is. you knew if you were jeff sessions what you were getting into, you didn't think that donald trump was barack obama in terms of temperament and demeaner. you kind of knew who he was.
2:34 pm
if you're john kelly, you certainly knew who he was given that he had run through -- doesn't excuse the behavior. >> how do you see it? >> he was upset about being investigated for obstruction of justice. one of the good rules is if you don't want to be investigated for obstruction of justice. don't obstruct justice. >> i'm going to write that one down. >> don't fire the fbi director whose been investigating you. don't send your people out to lie about why the fbi director was fired. i mean, this is a problem that trump brought on himself. steve bannon with charlie rose on 60 minutes was exactly right when he said that this was the greatest political blunder in recent history. it may also be a crime. so, you know, he can yell at jeff sessions all he wants, he can yell about rob and bob, the problem here is what donald trump did to end -- try to end this investigation. >> one more thing about jeff sessions. jeff sessions came into this administration to change
2:35 pm
immigration policy. he has called daca unconstitutional. after today, on daca or last night on the deal that may or may not have been forged, we'll see, imagine how jeff sessions is feeling today. >> because according to to the "new york times," one of the reasons he decided to stay, even though he was -- >> immigration. >> is because of immigration. he thought he could achieve what he wanted. >> don't kid yourself, jeff sessions is having a big impact on not doing criminal justice reform, on, you know, so making sure people have longer prison sentences, forfeitture of, you know, seasoned criminals or alleged criminals property. he's doing a lot as attorney general. and so he gets scaled by donald trump, big deal. >> he's been undercut by the president was my point. >> absolutely. >> he absolutely has. >> but look -- >> he's going to have a lot better days ahead. >> and that's his calculation. it essentially is yes, i'm going
2:36 pm
to get embarrassed sometimes. let's not forget, this "new york times" report is remarkable, but donald trump repeatedly attacked jeff sessions on twitter, publicly embarrassed him. >> called him weak. >> right. >> this is not new that he does those things. >> yeah, and i'm sure jeff sessions was unhappy. wants to strengthen him from his perspective where the president tweets, does anybody really want to throw out good educated accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? >> attorney general. >> really? >> right. exactly. you know, the attorney general's called it unconstitutional. he's not happy about this deal, i guarantee you. although we have not heard from him about it. >> but can we also focus a little bit on, you know, donald trump is talking about these daca people as if they're the most wonderful people in the world. so why did you revoke daca? you know, he didn't have to revoke daca. some claim it's unconstitutional which is highly controversial, it may well be -- >> because of jeff sessions. >> exactly. the idea that donald trump is so in love with the dreamers all of
2:37 pm
the sudden, why are you -- why did you take away their legal protection with the stroke of the pen? >> during the campaign as we've played on this air many times, donald trump called this an unconstitutional and illegal act by the president obama. i mean, that's -- >> he said they would have to leave. >> that's hard to walk back. everybody stick around, we have more coming up. including the latest from the hurricane disaster zone in florida. investigators are getting new information about that deadly breakdown that left patients dead at a sweltering nursing home. also, new threats coming in from north korea. kim jong-un's regime says it will turn the united states into ash and darkness. (vo) dogs have evolved, but their nutritional needs remain instinctual. that's why there's purina one true instinct. nutrient-dense, protein-rich, real meat number one. this is a different breed of nutrition. purina one, true instinct. won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company.
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that advice was never meant for you. i like you. you want to show me your swing? it's too soon. get advice that's right for you with investment management services. right now new details about what happened inside a florida nursing home where patients died in sweltering conditions after hurricane irma hit the state. let's get the very latest from our national correspondent miguel marquez, he's joining us from florida right now. what are you learning? >> reporter: this is a massive investigation on many levels. the city of hollywood issued search warrants and interviews with people in that facility. the state is -- the agency responsible for it is also looking at that facility. there are calls for the federal government to get involved, this as people who had loved ones in that facility are speaking out. search warrant in multiple investigations into the deaths of eight people at an elderly
2:43 pm
care facility. key questions, when did the power fail? when did the air-conditioning go out? and why did no one raise the alarm until too late? >> the initial investigation has determined the facility had some power, however, the buildings air-conditioning system was not fully functional. portable ac yunlts were being used. >> reporter: police say the first call went out wednesday morning, 3:00 a.m., a patient in cardiac arrest. an hour later, a second call, a patient suffering respiratory failure, minutes later, a third call. only then did emergency workers and staff from memorial hospital start a mass evacuation. >> when i initially walked in the door with my colleague as well as fire rescue, we saw a very, we saw a bunch of staff and they were extraordinarily stressed and panicked. >> patients critically ill, patients not living any longer, upstairs on the second floor when we entering the building.
2:44 pm
there were a number of sick patients there and number appeared dehydrated and in respiratory disstressed. >> reporter: three were deceased. then investigators discovered another person died at the facility tuesday, their body already moved to a funeral home. >> as we began this investigation we were made aware of that death and we went to the funeral home, the medical examiner went to the funeral home and did claim that body and that is now part of this investigation. >> reporter: in all, 145 elderly patients evacuated, 39 admitted into memorial hospital facilities, many suffering from the effects of the heat. >> what should happen to them? um, whatever the law allows. and then some. we saw our elder will aaway. they're a cash crop. it's not necessary. that's my mother. that's somebody's mother, somebody's sister, somebody's father. it's not -- they're not dollar
2:45 pm
signs. >> reporter: the deaths, underscoring the seriousness of irma caused power outages across five states. still more than two and a half million households without power. in the hard hit keys, frustration among residents unable to survey the damage to their homes as supplies and relief only starts to trickle in. >> i've been here for 15 years, i watched this whole thing on the news with dallas and houston and the response here has been nil. >> reporter: across the caribbean where irma destroyed entire islands, the death toll continues to rise as the scope of the disaster begins to come into focus. now the agency for health care administration here in florida, that regulates these facilities, says that they were on conference calls with all of their facilities. they had multiple opportunities, the rehabilitation center here had multiple opportunities
2:46 pm
before the storm, during the storm, and after the storm, to raise their hand, raise the alarm, they never did they say. the company will only say that they were talking to the florida power and light company about trying to get the electricity restored to full power. that never happened. but why you would call the light company when you have a 911 emergency is the giant question here. wolf. >> heart breaking story. miguel, thank you. for updating, miguel marquez in hollywood, florida. coming up, amid signs north korea is getting ready for another missile launch. kim jong-un's regime issues a new round of threats aimed at united states and now japan. we just got to take it one game at a time. next question. odell! can you repeat everything you just said? my livestream won't load. (blows whistle) technical foul! wrong sport. wrong network. see, you need unlimited on verizon. it's america's largest, most reliable 4g lte network. it won't let you down in places like this. even in the strike zone! it's the red zone. pretty sure it's the strike zone. here, use mine.
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into tonig tonight, threats from north korea that seem even more ominous because of new information coming in about the explosive power of kim jong-un's latest nuclear weapons test. brian todd is in "the situation room." there are all sorts of signs that another missile launch could be imminent? >> that's right. south korean officials say that we are within a window of another test of a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile and this shows how powerful kim jong-un's last nuclear test was. the dictator now has a bomb with more explosive power than he's
2:52 pm
ever had before. kim jong-un's state media issues blustering new threats, saying japan should be bombed until it sinks into the sea. >> translator: let's reduce the u.s. mainland into dark and ashes. >> reporter: after the latest nuclear test appears to be more powerful than estimated, perhaps 17 times of hiroshima. >> obviously the blast was much larger than previous ones. the data is showing that the size of the blast was in the range of 250 kilotons. >> reporter: strong enough to create a crater in the mountain for the first time. activity is continuing at the test site and even spreading to a new location. >> there's a truck in front of the tunnel entrances and what's important is that there hasn't been activity at this particular location for over a year.
2:53 pm
and so what it's telling us is that it may be the north koreans are going to activate this part of the test site for future tests. >> reporter: south korean officials say the north could be preparing for another test of a intercontinental ballistic missile. in spite of the u.n. hitting kim's regime with another new round of sanctions that squeeze its access to cash and cap the oil import. >> sanctions will take a bite out of north korea's cash flow, no doubt about that. is it enough to get the north koreans to stop racing towards the finish line of a deliverable intercontinental ballistic missile with a warhead that could potentially hit the u.s.? probably not. i think the north koreans are close enough to the end zone that they are going to keep muscling through and force us all to negotiate. >> reporter: another potential pressure point on north korea, moving weapons into south korea is also off the table. the president of the south korea tells cnn.
2:54 pm
>> translator: to respond to north korea will not maintain peace on the korean peninsula and could lead to a nuclear arms race in southeast asia. >> reporter: analysts warn of what the north koreans could do once they achieve a nuclear icbm. >> they will tell us to end our nuclear umbrella, to pull troops out of korea, stop sanctioning and act like a gangster driving through the plate glass window of a neighborhood store and demand things for us not to be threatened by them. >> reporter: and tonight, top members of the american military seem to be acknowledging that kim jong-un now has the most powerful of nuclear weapons. air force general john heighten was quoted as saying of north korea's last nuclear test earlier this month, "i have to make the assumption that what i saw equates to a hydrogen bomb." that would mean, wolf, kim
2:55 pm
jong-un now has what the five main nuclear powers have, the u.s., britain, france, russia and china all have hydrogen bombs in their arsenals and now it appears north korea might as well. >> and also now more than ever, the u.s. and south korea have to be on the same page, brian, but there are serious questions tonight over whether or not they are. >> they are, wolf. and president trump has recently tweeted that south korea's talk of appeasement with north korea will not work. well, today in a cnn interview, south korean president moon jae-in down played any rift with he and mr. trump saying that the allies have to act together and take a firm stance against north korea but they have to be on the same page now that kim has these hydrogen bombs. >> back welcome back, brian todd. >> thank you. a quick programming note, tune in for our exclusive documentary, "secret state:
2:56 pm
inside north korea." will ripley had access to pyongyang. "secret state: inside north korea" premiers tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. a show of support for florida disaster victims and president trump overshadows that by reigniting the kobt vercontrf the white supremacist rampage in charlottesville. we'll be right back. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies, and data without insights. and fragmented care, stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list. at optum, we're partnering across the health system to tackle its biggest challenges.
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