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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  September 16, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> did he say he was sorry? >> no, he's not sorry. kendall myers is not sorry about anything that he did. he is completely unrepentant. he's do it all over again. >> cnn films presented by volkswagen. >> there's a colonnade here. it leads to a sort of side door
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to the president's office where he invited us in on a winter washington day. mr. president, thank you very much for letting us come in today. >> pleased to do it, dave. >> let me know when you have speed. >> speed. >> speed and shoot. >> out of the way. >> you're the only movie actor i know of that ever got elected to a high office. do you learn anything as an actor that has been useful to you as president? >> well, i'm tempted to say something here -- i'm going to say it. >> go ahead. >> there have been times in this office when i've wondered how you could do the job if you hadn't been an actor. ♪ >> we haven't had a better
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all-around president who had more vision, more courage, more character and has done more for humanity of this country than ronald reagan. [ applause ] >> our aim is to increase our national wealth so all will have more. not just redistribute what we already have, which is just a sharing of scarcity. >> i think reagan-onomics with its tight money and loose budgets have given us a worse time. >> the personality of reagan is going to endure. >> i think that he has captured the imagination of the american people because of his ability to communicate. >> to be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving the peace. >> according to a recent abc news "washington post" poll, a plurality of americans believe the chances of a nuclear war
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increased since ronald reagan became president. >> he was always out of touch. he was never in charge. >> the reagan administration will be remembered for majoring in public relations. >> together we'll make america great again. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> say what you will about ronald reagan, he has the capacity to inspire, to lead, but to lead us where and into what? when we finally reach that shining city on the hill, will it be real or just a vacant hollywood set? ♪ >> okay. recording. oh, you are? >> yes. >> okay.
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>> people -- >> speed. >> action. >> i'd like to speak to the people of new hampshire about two issues facing their state, two issues i know something about, government spending and taxes. there are those who say that state governments can't balance their budgets and there are those who say that higher taxes are inevitable. it doesn't have to be that way, but the current governor of new hampshire hasn't learned that lesson yet. unless new hampshire changes governors, a state income tax or a sales tax is an inevitable as new england's trees changing colors this fall. that's why new hamhireeeds john sununu as governor to solve the state's fisc problems without raising taxes. i know john sununu, i respect him. he'll be a governor new hampshire can be proud of. >> cut. >> i hope i said his name right.
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i'd never said it -- sununu? maybe we better do it again. ain't nothing worse than -- >> okay. >> all right. >> sununu. sununu. all right. that's why new hampshire needs john sununu as governor, to solve the state's fiscal problems without raising taxes. >> cut. >> sununu, sununu. i knew i said it wrong. why isn't his name [ bleep ] -- >> that's why john -- >> cut. >> john hampshire needs sununu. sununu. oh, hell.
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♪ >> i know john sununu. i respect him. he'll be a governor new hampshire can be proud of. ♪ >> there he is right there. take him in with the governor. >> oh, not near the post. >> yeah, that's where the corn is supposed to be. >> the post. >> get him away from the post. >> that's the way the corn is supposed to be. >> well, it still kills the picture. it just doesn't cut it, i mean. >> got enough of the pole -- >> the right or left or -- >> maybe some shots of driving a tractor. >> your right. >> yes. >> thank you, jim. that's it.
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>> the orchestration of television coverage absorbs the white house. they provide pictures of him looking like a leader, confident with his marlboro man walk, a good family man. >> the white house has become more and more of a stage, a theater, and the question has become are the television networks going to manage that theater, are they going to manage that stage or is the white house going to do that. >> what we try to do is find a -- a background that matches the topic that we're trying to push that day. >> oval office, we read you loud and clear. >> discovery, oval office. roger. stand by for the president. >> thank you, yes, sir. thank you, it is a pleasure to meet you.
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>> thank you. [ cheering ] ♪ >> mr. president, good to see you. [ laughter ] >> look, i had a chance to shoot a bunch of you the other day and didn't. hello there. i think i maybe came in too fast. >> it is nice to see you again. you spoke at our convention. >> yes, 1979.
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>> yes, in san diego. >> yes, sir. >> i was going to tell you about my little son yesterday afternoon. we were riding to the airport -- >> is this between us or you want them to -- >> no, no. we were riding to the airport yesterday afternoon and my mother was talking about in arkansas they were trying to pass a law to pay people staying in their homes instead of going to the old folks home. i made the comment, i didn't think we should give anything, we should take care of our own. that's my feelings. my little one i thought was asleep in the back seat. he raised up and said, granny, that's why ronald reagan is the president, to stop all of these give-away programs. >> tell me, you had the experience, mr. president, at one time of auditioning for film roles and then when you ran for governor and president you were auditioning in front of the public for office. which is more difficult? >> well, what i have to say to this one is you have to -- well, you not only have to get the part, you have to write the script.
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♪ >> strike! [ cheering ] ♪ >> the people of show business are different than the rest of us, which is probably why we pay admission to see them. i doubt if the rest of us would buy tickets to see each other. ♪ >> get away from him! >> she's staying where she is. ♪ ♪
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>> you wanted law and order in this town, you've got it, and you're going to keep on having it as long as i'm marshal. i give you my word, i'll shoot the first man that starts for those steps. >> he's bluffing, boys. let's get him. [gunshot]. >> the next one gets a load of buck shot. any takers? >> so it isn't enough just to be a good president, you have to look like a good president. >> well, i think looking obviously in a appearance is very important, but it is also staging, how you stage the message. it is a game, barbara. >> in the 35-year history, the hands of the doomsday clock created by nuclear scientists to
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dramatize the threat of nuclear war have moved ten times in a year. >> they moved it from four minutes to three minutes till doomsday, nuclear war. >> seven out of ten americans believe nuclear war could breakout between the u.s. and the soviet union. >> you know, you think about your children, your family, the people up the street. i mean, you know, what does washington know about these people? they don't care. >> these crazy people want to destroy this entire world and all of us in it. >> their new missiles on their side of europe, our new missiles on our side. two implacable opponents who know little more of each other than what they see on their tv screens. >> let us be aware while they preach the supremacy of the state, they are the focus of evil in the modern world. [ applause ]
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>> sound. and action. ♪ >> this is an abc news speal report, an address by the president of the united states. here is correspondent ted coppell. >> the president is about to speak on the balance of power between the united states and the soviet union. here now from the oval office is president reagan. >> my fellow americans, thank you for sharing your time with me tonight. the defense policy of the united states is based on a simple premise, the united states does not start fights. we will never be an aggressor.
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we maintain our strength in order to deter and defend against aggression. let me share with you a vision of the future which offers hope. it is that we embark on a program to counter the awesome soviet missile threat with measures that are defensive. >> the president said he was launching a massive research effort to develop space-age weapons that would bring down or incapacitate soviet missiles before they reach the u.s. >> what if free people could live secure in the knowledge that we could intercept and destroy strategic ballistic missiles before they reached our own soil or that of our allies? >> this, the president claimed, would secure the u.s. against nuclear attack and eventually make nuclear weapons themselves obsolete. >> call it the strategic defense, call it as most of the world does "star wars."
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suddenly the farce was with us. >> star wars. >> the star wars program. >> mr. speaker, the only thing that the president didn't tell us last night was that the evil empire was about to launch the death star against the united states. >> in my opinion the president is carried away by his own scenario, but it is a scenario that belongs in hollywood. >> we have in ronald reagan a trigger-happy president who is all too prone to use force, who looks upon force as the first resort, not the last resort. >> the president tonight didn't make clear just why the soviets should not view his proposal with alarm. for in the nuclear game one man's defense is another man's danger, and moscow may see tonight's address as both destabilizing and provocative. >> mr. congressman, a press conference demanding i cancel the underground nuclear test, that's due today, isn't it? >> supposed to take place at
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11:00 our time. >> well, it has taken place already, because when i got the call during dinner last night i said, "shoot the bomb." >> right on. >> right. >> there are continuing doubts about mr. reagan that boil down to whether he really runs the government. there are charges he relies too much on his staff, that he's too when he finishes his current trip to california, he will have spent one day in six as president on vacation. >> even when he's working top administration officials
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describe a disengaged president who spends one-third of his time shaping policy, two-thirds on ceremony and public relations. >> i think he has a very good mind when he chooses to use it. unfortunately, i don't think he chooses to use it. he lives unfortunately in a world of norman rockwell and the readers digest and a world of 40 years ago he remembers nostalgically, and it is not the real world today. >> testing one, two, three. we're at the ranch in santa barbara, california for -- the president's going to ride horses and chop wood. >> i got stepped on. oh, boy. >> this is not for me, honey. oh. >> there we go. there we go. there we go.
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super! all right, great. >> i've got an idea for another picture. just one more. i've got the chain saw. no, and you're blocking me off, stopping me from -- don't just stand there. you're supposed to be saying no. i'm not going to start the saw. >> no. >> mrs. reagan, some people have suggested that you have been the driving force and that you wanted the presidency more than he did. >> yeah, i know. i've read that, too. not true. i -- i thought i married an actor. [ applause ]
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♪ >> it appears to an observer that after 33 years of marriage you two are still absolutely nuts about each other. explain it. i mean it seems to be an extraordinary relationship. >> well, how do you explain it? we're happy. >> why does it work so well? >> i think we work at it. >> a wife who has made it her business to take care of her husband, whether by coaching him on what to say about the russians -- >> doing everything we can. >> doing everything we can. >> or worrying about his rain coat. >> you should have worn a rain coat. you should have worn a rain coat.
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>> i think what people get mixed up in this whole thing, my pushing, pushing him, they don't understand that if he decided to go into the shoe business, i'd be out pushing shoes. >> as far as i could say is i think clark gable once said the line to someone, he said, "there's nothing more important than approaching your own doorstep and knowing that someone on the other side of the door is listening for the sound of your footsteps." >> and are you sitting there waiting?
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♪ >> you kids come in here right now! >> an estimated 100 million americans watched last night as some of the horror of a nuclear bomb attack on the united states was portrayed in a tv movie. among those watching was president reagan. ♪ the fire returns, returns, returns ♪ >> "the day after" had a special meeting for the people that live in kansas. it was their town that was destroyed in the movie. after the movie ended, some 500 gathered on a hillside.
7:26 pm
>> i have strong feelings about the kind of world we live in. i would like to continue to live in it. >> laurel and her mother had been extras in the day after. last night they watched themselves die on television. watching the movie was hard for laurel. being in it changed her outlook. >> more than half of the people will probably just die right away, and that's what i want to happen. i don't want to survive. ♪ >> the moment the kremlin is spending on defense means less money for other things. >> the soviet union is not performing. it is not able to sustain simultaneously increased consumption and defense. >> leaders from around the world gathered in moscow to pay their
7:27 pm
last official respects to the soviet leader and have gone to shake hands with the new leader, mikhail gorbachev. >> there's interest in the new leader, mr. gorbachev. this picture appeared prominently on all papers today. >> i want him to fight for peace. >> enter a bear smiling, but why is he smiling? he won over the british press, which may be something to smile about. he won over britain's iron lady, which is certainly something to smile about. >> i like mr. gorbachev. we can do business together. >> and he seems to be exploiting a potential division in the western alliance, and that is something to make him smile back to the kremlin. at 53, this rising star exudes charm, smiles easily, has a keen sense of humor and an attractive wife. >> the soviet government has gone to great lengths to portray gorbachev as the voice of
7:28 pm
reason, the man trying to prevent an arms race in space. >> mr. president! what do you think of gorbachev? >> what do you say? >> did he up stage you? did he upstage you? >> the strategic defense initiative has been labeled "star wars," but it isn't about war. it is about peace. in that struggle, if you will pardon my stealing a film line, "the force is with us." >> privately, nato foreign ministers expressed deep missgivings about president reagan's pursuit of the star wars defense concept. >> russian spokesmen say their armed forces must be kept equal
7:29 pm
with the americans. >> and that means another round of the arms race say the soviets, who insist they're being dragged into this competition by ronald reagan. >> i read it this morning, in particular "the washington post," and as far as i'm concerned they're for gorbachev. they're not on our side. >> they've chosen sides. >> the allies publicly broke ranks. on television france's president criticized president reagan's research program for space weapons. mr. reagan's staunchest european supporter, prime minister thatcher, stated her opposition to a new arms race in space. >> one does not want to go into a higher and higher level of armaments. >> ronald reagan, he's no good! send him back to hollywood! >> hollywood! >> you feel like you want to throw the phone and everything is going wrong. instead doing that or kicking the desk. you take this, you grasp it
7:30 pm
firmly by the legs, and then you go -- [ laughter ] >> that gets rid of all of that. >> any president, particularly an older president in his second term begins to say "how will history think of me." >> his legacy in the field of foreign policy is he called them an evil empire. that's not something that's going to standim in good ste with anyone. but if his legacy is that he helped reduce nuclear weapons and make it a safer world -- >> that means a summit, signing arms agreements, the ultimate photo opportunities, a public relations man's dream. >> again, to your right. ♪ >> thank you, david. >> hopes, fears, expectations for this summit. an expectant world keeps
7:31 pm
wondering about arms and the men and the issues. in brookline, massachusetts, school children hope the summit will assure peace. parents around the world wish it were so. >> we only want peace. we've got to try, please, please, pleaded this russian grandmother. >> 40 years of cold war suspicions have not thawed. >> i'm very, very afraid of them, and i think they've infiltrated our country. >> we don't think they're overly trustworthy. >> my fellow americans, good evening. in 36 hours i will be leaving for geneva for the first meeting between an american president and a soviet leader in six years. ♪ >> i know that you and the people of the world are looking forward to that meeting with great interest. my mission stated simply is a mission for peace. it is to engage the new soviet
7:32 pm
leader in what i hope will be a dialogue for peace that endures beyond my pridency. ♪ >> out of sight of the press, the president and mrs. reagan drove to the villa, site of the first day of summit talks. and mr. reagan tried out the chair he will use to conduct his get-acquainted-101 with mr. gorbachev. according to an aide, mrs. reagan sat down in the chair reserved for the soviet leader, and the president said, "well, you're much prettier than i expected." it is that kind of personal chemistry that could make this summit a success.
7:33 pm
>> we haven't given them a script, let me get that straight at the start. the man knows what he's talking about. if there's an occasional slip, anyone can slip on a fact or two. it is the principles, he'll never slip on principle. >> 3,500 accredited reporters to cover all of this, speaking all languages. using the latest technologies. ♪ >> it's been an issue all of ronald reagan's career, whether he's a strong leader able to sell his vision of the future or whether he's just a salesman with plenty of style and little substance. >> more than the motorcade. [indistinct chatter]
7:34 pm
>> they shook hands in the driveway, the first moment of meeting for the 74-year-old american president and the 54-year-old russian leader. >> will you pose again? >> pose again! >> can you stand there and pose again? up at the top, sir. >> then they posed for pictures on the back terrace. >> over here, mr. president! over here! >> where's your overcoat, gorbachev must have said in russian. i left it inside, the president seemed to say in english. no matter the language barrier, as they posed for the press, the interpreters were present. >> he said of you, you have a nice smile but iron teeth, i guess meaning you're tough. what do you have to say about that.
7:35 pm
>> translator: yes, you have confirmed. as of now i'm still using my old teeth. >> what is this, 20th? this is november the 20th, 1985. this is in geneva for a reception for gorbachev. i forget his title. what is gorbachev's title? >> secretary general. >> secretary general of the people's republic -- socialist -- >> socialist -- >> the union of socialists socialist, communist russia. [speaking foreign language]. >> how's it going? mr. reagan, how's the meeting going? >> we haven't started. >> how did it go yesterday? >> fine. >> are you getting along? >> you can see that, can't you? >> that's a picture. tell us. >> gorbachev seems to be most
7:36 pm
confident that he can outperform ronald reagan. he's feeling comfortable, he's feeling good about the way things are going, and he thinks that he should be able to strut his stuff as well on the world stage. >> it is gorbachev who is very vocal with the press, talking, laughing, smiling. it is mr. reagan sitting back speaking monosyllabically. why isn't mr. reagan coming forward in the way we've seen in the past. >> gorbachev is trying to win through public opinion what he doesn't get at the negotiating table. if he can gain leverage with the united states through propaganda efforts, he can win something at the table. >> so the stage is set for mr. reagan and gorbachev to report on their summit. by every indication they will call it a succs. bend the smiles and rhetoric, the question is whether they've done something to make the world breathe easier. >> mr. president, do you have good news tonight? >> yes. the news is so good we're going to hold it till tomorrow.
7:37 pm
>> we've come to the end of the meetings -- [speaking foreign language]. >> we -- i said and i'm sure others did -- [speaking foreign language]. >> -- that this summit was a beginning, not an end. tom payne said, "we have it in our power to start the world over again." ♪ [ applause ] >> i guess you know that i've just come from geneva and talks with general secretary
7:38 pm
gorbachev. in the past few days, the past two days we spent over 15 hours in various meetings with the general secretary and the members of his official party. approximately five of those hours were talks between mr. gorbachev and myself, just one-on-one. that was the best part, our fireside summit. there will be, i know, a great deal of commentary and opinion as to what the meetings produced and what they were like. there were over 3,000 reporters in geneva, so it is possible there will be 3,000 opinions on what happened. [ applause ] >> maybe it is the old broadcaster in me, but i decided to file my own report directly to you. [ applause ] >> we had good meetings, and
7:39 pm
even where we disagreed we were disagreeable. >> i watched him very carefully and you said a great line, you know. you said, as an actor you could see when somebody's acting and reacting. but you know what i loved? he might have acted, but you know what happened? because you're a good actor, you had him react a couple of times. [ laughter ] >> could i just hold this up, presenting this to the president? >> thank you, mr. president. >> thanks. >> good afternoon and happy new year, everyone. this new year begins with an important demonstration of the renewed communications between the soviet union and the united states. president reagan and soviet leader gorbachev are exchanging new year's messages that will be broadcast directly to the soviet and american people. this will be the first direct address to the american people by a soviet leader since 1973.
7:40 pm
♪ >> translator: it is reality of today's world that it is senseless to seek greater security for one's self through new types of weapons. at present every step in the arms race increases the danger and risk for both sides and for all humankind. i wish you a happy new year. to every american family i wish good health, peace and happiness. >> check. is the mic on? >> yes, it is. >> oh, all right. >> a few words. >> okay. good evening. this is ronald reagan, president of the united states of america.
7:41 pm
got no history books over there, no things? i am pleased to speak to you on the occasion of -- >> are you okay? >> good evening, everyone. this is ronald reagan. president of the united states of america. i am pleased to speak to you on the occasion of the new year. on behalf of the american people, i wish you all a happy and healthy new year. let's work together to make it a year of peace. there is no better goal for 1986 or for any year. let us look forward to a future of -- for all mankind. thank you. [speaking foreign language]. >> you say it better than i do, but it sounded as if you had a "t" in it. as if you said netva. >> netva. shistia netba. >> stand by. >> let us look forward to a future of shistia niaba for all
7:42 pm
mankind. thank you. spasiba. >> cut. >> we'll have a postscript. now, how does that figure with all of that crud they've been feeding you? >> i think i told you the story of an old woman who said she wouldn't leave the kremlin until she saw him. he said, "bring her in." he said, "old mother, what do you want?" she said, "i want an answer to a question. did a scientist or politician create communism?" he said, "a politician." she said, "that's explains it, a scientist would have tried it on mice first." >> we could do that tape over. >> i think that's a good idea.
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[indistinct chatter]
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>> the soviet leader mikhail gorbachev made what looks like a dramatic proposal, a plan to eliminate all nuclear weapons by the year 2000. >> the american side was surprised and upstaged by gorbachev's sweeping proposals. >> it is a bid for public opinion and, of course, the seriousness of it would have been highlighted if it had been tabled first in geneva. >> by offering his timetable for the elimination of nuclear weapons, mikhail gorbachev has clearly challenged president reagan, but by holding to their condition that space weapons be banned, the russians have shown that the major obstacle to the spirit of geneva still exists. ♪
7:48 pm
♪ >> you and gorbachev had been eye-to-eye before. >> yes. >> would you trust him with your wallet? >> with my wallet, yes. but in discussing such things as weapons and so forth and arms agreements, i must say i did say to him at one point, i'm not a linguist but i did know a proverb i could say in his language. [speaking foreign language] trust but verify. [speaking foreign language] it means trust but verify. [speaking foreign language]
7:49 pm
>> oh, i remember that one. >> [speaking foreign language] >> trust but verify. ♪ >> around the craggy fjords, across the snow-capped peaks, here as in other parts of the world people are eager to know whether mr. reagan and mr. gorbachev will take a step this weekend that will make the world a more stable place. >> the people believe because iceland has an american airbase they likely will be soviet targets in event of a nuclear war. >> there's so many nuclear bomb in the world that accident might happen. >> this is only the size of canton, ohio, but finding a place here for the two most powerful people on earth to meet has been a problem. both moscow and washington want
7:50 pm
something modest, intimate, suitable for one-on-one meetings. both have already rejected the icelandic government's first choice, a big hotel, because they felt it was too big, too slick and might give the impression that the summit was a media event instead of a low-key working conferenc >> are you going to suggest a date when he comes to the united states. >> i'm not going to predict.
7:51 pm
>> mr. president. >> do we have an agreement, mr. president? >> do we have an agreement, sir? >> will you meet again? >> have you agreed on anything? >> did you set a date? >> will you meet again before -- >> there's a great sense of disappointment that at least at this meeting a tremendous amount of headway was made but in the end we couldn't quite make it. it became more and more clear that the soviet union's objective was effectively to kill off the sdi program. >> gosh chaff failed with
7:52 pm
putting weapons into space. >> it became clear that american came to -- having nothing in their hearts. >> the president didn't want him to leave, but the reaction of the advisers was to portray the summit as anything but a failure. >> believe me, the significance of that meeting was not that we didn't sign agreements in the end, the significance is that we got as close as we did. >> a great many people are still trying to figure out what if was that they almost agreed to. the reagan administration has not done a great deal clear up the confusion. >> why are you hiding him? show yourself. >> president reagan today gave yet anotherersion of what he says he said and understood about arms control proposal made
7:53 pm
at the iceland summit and it sounds like what gorbachev has been saying. >> we're talking about arms reductions possibly complete elimination of ballistic missiles from the face of the earth. >> this language is nothing knew for ronald reagan and in this case it doesn't matter. but in this case the president is telling the public that relations with the russians are closer than before. >> the reagan white house has come up with all sorts of ways to protect the president from reporter's questions. the usual method, keep the press corps far away and a helicopter close by. so you see a lot of ronald reagan marching back and forth across your tv screen just out of question range waving a conjean yell hello and that's it. >> over the years the president's men have also come up with variations, such as plunging the leader of the free world into dark sons cameras can
7:54 pm
barely see him. the first lady once saved her husband from a question about the budget with a birthday cake. >> and we are holding up to 7%. >> reporters who cover the president say they know he makes them look stupid and the chaos helps him avoidancing any questions at all. >> tell us about it. >> but the question here bears directly on the prospects for arms control and whether at this point they're real or just campaign rhetoric. >> i think there is great reason for hope, ultimately to get rid of nuclear missiles all over the world. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> we've got two more songs. the children will escort you over there, we've got two more quick songs.
7:55 pm
♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> mr. president, you can tell them about the summit prospects? >> let me just say that i feel very good, but i also am a little superstitious. i don't want to talk about things until they happen. [ applause ] "grandma! grandpa!"
7:56 pm
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does your sleep aid leave you groggy? switch to drug-free midnite®. its specially formulated to work with the body's sleep mechanism to promote natural sleep. try midnite® tonight. [applause] mr. president, do you have a deal going with iran? >> no comment. >> good evening. it is taking shape as one of the most controversial foreign policy developments of president
8:00 pm
reagan's years in office. the reports of a secret white house operation to ship iran military supplies in exchange for help in freeing three american hostages. >> mr. president, you have stated flatly and you stated flatly again tonight that you did not trade weapons for hostages and yet the record shows that anytime an american hostage was released, there had been a major shipment of arms just before that. are we all to believe that was just a coincidence? >> your arms shipments had no effect on the release of the hostages, then how do you believe the release of the hostages? >> how do you assess the credibility of your own admition in light of the deception of congress and the public? >> the polls show that a lot of american people just simply don't believe you, that the one thing you've had going for you more than anything else in your


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